Are we close to an end to this standoff or is this only the beginning of a a civil war?

The occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge enters its 41st day, the situation is heating up and the standoff between the FBI and Militia members. Are we close to an end to this standoff or is this only the beginning of a a civil war?

There’s been a national call sent out by the Militias United Facebook:


Arguing That You Don’t Care About The Right To Privacy Because You Have Nothing To Hide Is No Different Than Saying You Don’t Care About Free Speech Because You Have Nothing To Say

By WashingtonsBlog
May 22, 2015
Washington’s Blog

Most Americans value privacy and oppose mass surveillance.

The minority who don’t – and who think spying is okay because they have “nothing to hide” –  aregrossly misinformed (and don’t know that spying is meant to crush dissent and consolidate powernot stop terrorism).

Edward Snowden noted today in a Q&A on Reddit:

Some might say “I don’t care if they violate my privacy; I’ve got nothing to hide.” Help them understand that they are misunderstanding the fundamental nature of human rights. Nobody needs to justify why they “need” a right: the burden of justification falls on the one seeking to infringe upon the right. But even if they did, you can’t give away the rights of others because they’re not useful to you. More simply, the majority cannot vote away the natural rights of the minority.

But even if they could, help them think for a moment about what they’re saying.Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.


DUI Attorneys Challenge Legality of DMV Administration Suspensions – The suit contends that allowing a DMV employee to serve as prosecutor and judge in the administrative suspension process violates the constitutional rights of Californians

Lawsuit accuses DMV of unconstitutional practices. If the lawsuit prevails, the Nevada DMV may also be sued for unconstitutional practices.

DMV SuspensionMany Californians don’t realize that the DMV has the power to take away their drivers license following a DUI arrest via a procedure called an administrative suspension. Though the suspension can be challenged at a special hearing, in most cases drivers don’t even realize they need to take this step.

Ignorance of the law combined with what many consider unconstitutional DMV policies often lead to unfair and undeserved license suspensions.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LAWSUIT: SDSHH-Challenges-Constitutionality-of-DMV-Suspension-System

Last month, the California DUI Lawyers Association filed a lawsuit against the DMV. The suit contends that allowing a DMV employee to serve as prosecutor and judge in the administrative suspension process violates the constitutional rights of Californians. It also claims that the DMV pressures employees to decide cases against drivers rather than considering cases objectively.

It is certainly true that there are issues with the process. For example, while an acquittal on DUI charges will bring a revocation of the administrative suspension, license suspensions will not be revoked in cases whether the criminal case was dropped.

dmvTake the case of Thuan Ha. Ha was arrested for DUI, but never convicted. The DMV still suspended his license for four months as per usual for an administrative suspension.

Why? Because though Ha was not found guilty, he was not found innocent either. Instead, the charges against him were dropped after the judge ruled that officers had obtained his blood test illegally. This case shows that there are different standards of proof for DMV hearings and criminal trials. Indeed, often DMV employees will revoke a license based on nothing stronger the arresting officer’s statement that the individual was intoxicated.

According to DMV data from 2012, at least 135 individuals had their licenses taken away via the administrative suspension despite having either never been charged in criminal court or had their cases dismissed due to lack of evidence.

We will be watching the progress of this lawsuit carefully to see whether any positive changes in the administrative suspension process that better protect the rights of the accused will result.


In a challenge to the way the Department of Motor Vehicles handles some 150,000 administrative license suspension hearings each year, a lawsuit has been filed alleging that the Department’s “Administrative Per Se” (“APS”) hearings are unconstitutional. The crux of the suit is that by design the DMV “Hearing Officers” who decide whether or not a person’s driver’s license is “administratively” suspended have a conflict of interest because they are also prosecuting the case on behalf of their employer, the DMV. The Due Process clauses of both the United States and California constitutions require that in “adjudicative administrative proceedings” a decision-maker such as these Hearing Officers must be a “fair and neutral arbiter”.mexiforniadriverslicense

As the California Supreme Court has said, “When due process requires a hearing, the adjudicator must be impartial.” (Haas v. County of San Bernardino (2001) 27 Cal.4th 1017 at 1025.) As an advocate for one party against the other appearing before him or her, the DMV’s combined Advocate/Arbiter is by definition not “impartial.” The lawsuit challenges both the design and implementation of this biased administrative system. Given the consequential nature of the suspension of driving privileges in our contemporary society, whether one lives in a crowded metropolitan area or on an isolated farm outside of a small town, it is surprising that there have been no prior direct challenges to these flawed procedures. Lead plaintiffs are the California DUI Lawyers Association, an association of lawyers who defend individuals accused of driving under the influence in court and in DMV hearings.

Among its purposes “…the [Association] shall…seek the improvement of laws and procedures governing the prosecution of impaired drivers.” Plaintiff Steven R. Mandell is a licensed attorney in Santa Monica. His practice since 1972 has included representing persons accused of DUI before the DMV in APS proceedings as well in courts of law but is not a member of CDLA.

Community Policing: Challenges & More Tyranny for a new era

nevada is a police stateWASHINGTON ( & KRNV) — At the beginning of 2014, community policing was likely not on President Obama’s agenda; but with the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police, the conversation about police overreach became front and center.

According to the White House, the goals of the task force on 21st century policing are to strengthen community policing and strengthen trust among law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Philadelphia police chief Charles Ramsey is heading up the effort.

“It gives us an opportunity now to repair the damage and really move forward,” says Ramsey.

So far, there have been few criticisms of the president’s plan; only the question of what another task force really achieve.

Laurie Robinson is the co-chair of the task force.nevada police state

“These problems didn’t occur overnight and they won’t be solved overnight but we have to work on changing the culture in many police departments,” says Robinson.

Robinson says changing the culture could mean increasing the use of less than lethal weapons, as well as body cameras and new training.

It could eventually mean an overhaul of the entire system — more than 17,000 different departments in the United States.

“We don’t have a centralized police system in this country as you would find in Germany or France or England; and that’s the kind of system that we want,” Robinson adds.

The challenge, she says, will be finding a balance that keeps both community members and police officers as safe as possible.


Antithesis of Marshal Dillon assigned to destroy opposition to the state

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A retired Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, has told the truth about the role of law enforcement in America.

“It’s an oppressive organization now controlled by the one percent of corporate America. Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries,” Lewis said during a recent interview.

“In such divisive times it’s important for people to realize this isn’t a black vs. white issue, but a blue vs. everyone issue,” writes investigative journalist Jay Syrmopoulos. “When a former cop is willing to cross the ‘thin blue line’ in an attempt to help wake people up to the reality of the American police state, the least we can do is help him spread this important message by sharing his words of wisdom in hopes of awakening others.”
Mr. Lewis underscores the fact police have never served the public and are acting at the behest of fascist corporations and banks, the very institutions that have controlled the nation and ruled over its political system for decades.

“The American legal system is rooted in English common law, and the modern American policeman harkens back to English sheriffs, who were paid by and accountable to the government, not to the community,” writes Wendy McElroy. “The main purpose of the sheriff was to enforcement what were called ‘government decisions.’ Maintaining public order was also a concern, but ‘order’ was defined by the government.”

Government decisions are now made by transnational corporations and banks. This was admitted in 2009 by an exasperated Dick Durbin, the Senior Democrat senator from Illinois, when he said banks “frankly own the place” and are “the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill.”

Banks used mercenary cops to wipe out a misguided and muddled Occupy movement when it went after Wall Street. Homeland Security, supposedly designed to combat an illusive terrorist threat, coordinated the government response that ultimately destroyed the movement. JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest bankster operations in the world, showed its gratitude when it donated $4.6 million to the New York police.

Ferguson Playing Into the Hands of the State

If the Ferguson movement sincerely wished to end mercenary cop violence and brutality it would expose this connection between the corporate state and the police.

As McElroy notes, the concept of an organized and tax payer funded police force was first introduced by the British in 1786 in Dublin for the explicit purpose of quashing what the state considered disorder. “In this as in other social measures, Ireland acted as a testing ground for what would later become policy in England,” McElroy writes.

“The modern policeman is, in fact, the antithesis of Marshal Dillon and an expression of the stereotypical British sheriff — a civil servant responsible only to government and governmental policy,” she adds.

The United States Constitution initially prevented the federal government from controlling state and local law enforcement, but this has changed over the last few decades as a centralized federal government has incrementally exercised its monetary influence over police, especially after 9/11.

Unwittingly or not, the activists and protesters in Ferguson are creating a situation that will ultimately result in a strengthening of mercenary police control over the citizenry. By engaging in criminal activity – much of it, such as looting, praised by white intellectuals – and promoting discord and violence along racial lines, the activists are forcing average Americans (who are denigrated as racists) into a position where they will ultimately demand police protection, although, as McElroy and others have noted, that protection is at best illusory.

Short of comprehending the true nature and role of mercenary cops – the protection of a corporate-fascist state and, most importantly, as a weapon against organized opposition – the Ferguson activists and their followers are playing right into the hands of the state.

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When is Revolution The Right Thing to Do? …The answer is to STOP the TYRANNY

vel·vet rev·o·lu·tion
noun: velvet revolution; plural noun: velvet revolutions
  1. a nonviolent political revolution, especially the relatively smooth change from communism to a Western-style democracy in Czechoslovakia at the end of 1989. 
translating Czech sametová revoluce .
[rev-uhloo-shuh n] Spell Syllables
noun overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of anestablished government or political system by the people governed.
2. Sociology. a radical and pervasive change in society and the socialstructure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied byviolence.

3. a sudden, complete or marked change in something:

the present revolution in church architecture.
4. a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point.
5. a single turn of this kind.
6. Mechanics.

  1. a turning round or rotating, as on an axis.
  2. a moving in a circular or curving course, as about a central point.
  3. a single cycle in such a course.
7. Astronomy.

  1. (not in technical use) rotation (def 2).
  2. the orbiting of one heavenly body around another.
  3. a single course of such movement.

Former California city of “Bell” officials convicted in corruption trial

We had to cover this California scandal in the small city of Bell California where former California city officials were convicted in a corruption trial.

by Alex Dobuzinskis and Steve Gorman

Five former Bell City elected officials, Victor Bello, Oscar Hernandez, George Cole, Teresa Jacobo (bottom R-L), and George Mirabal (top C) were found guilty of stealing public money by paying themselves extraordinary salaries, in a Los Angeles Superior courtroom March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Irfan Khan/POOL

– Five former Bell City elected officials, Victor Bello, Oscar Hernandez, George Cole, Teresa Jacobo (bottom R-L), and George Mirabal (top C) were found guilty of stealing public money

Former and current Bell city employees attend a bail reduction hearing in Superior Court September 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Pictured are (L-R) former city Manager Robert Rizzo, former assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia, former city Councilman Victor Bello and Mayor Oscar Hernandez. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor reduced Rizzo’s $3.2 million bail to $2 million. Pastor also made modest reductions in bail for Spaccia and the mayor. Bello’s bail was left unchanged.

Residents of Bell CA celebrate justice in the streets

Residents of Bell CA celebrate justice in the streets

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Five former elected officials from the scandal-plagued California city of Bell were convicted on Wednesday of misusing municipal funds by collecting exorbitant salaries in a case that drew national attention as a symbol of public corruption.

The trial stemmed from an explosive scandal in Bell, a small, mostly blue-collar municipality near Los Angeles, following revelations in 2010 that its city manager, Robert Rizzo, was paid a salary of $787,000 – or nearly twice that of President Barack Obama. Continue reading

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong will take your guns and support tyranny if called upon by Obama

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong will take your guns and support tyranny if called upon by Obama.  That’s right, Kenny Furlong does not support the second amendment and he fully support tyranny. This comes as no surprise. Time to get this tyrannical piece of shit out of office folks. Wake up.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Why The States Must Secede To Save America

Go here to sign the Nevada petition to Secede or just click the image below.

California has a petition to Secede along with other States.

We note that Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval would not be interested in leading the Nation of Nevada in this MSM news story from the Las Vegas Review Journal – Petition calls for Nevada to secede from union

Gov. Brian Sandoval, a former federal judge, opposes the secession petition movement. “Nevada is and will remain a state,” said his spokeswoman, Mary-Sarah Kinner.

The Reno RGJ cover it here – Petition to Obama: Secede Nevada from the Union

Nevada petition to secede the Union

Nevada petition to secede the Union

After reading and listening to this news from all different sources, we believe that The States Must Secede To Save America.
It is not our belief this “Movement to Secede” is not political retaliation against Obama for winning his second term as President.  Even if Romney won, we should still secede as States to peacefully topple the Federal Government control and corruption and then rebuild the Nation (restore the Republic) based on the true U.S. Constitution.  Many people from the Tea Party and the Occupy movements agree. Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians can all find agreement that our Country and our Government needs improvements on a wide range of issues. Alex Jones seem to have done the job explaining the situation on this video:

Continue reading

Wanted for TREASON in Nevada

Nevada retaliates against Nevada ANTI-Corruption Movement… The Movement will continue…

A Nevada Advocate and Activist against Nevada Government/Judicial Corruption was arrested with no Due Process in Carson City Nevada. Nevada has become a “Police State” in the New United States using new US law Senate Bill S.1867 where Americans can be detained without due process. In Nevada anyone can be detained without cause and held in the Carson City Jail for months until a trial is set by the judge, who can keep people detained for excessive amounts of time before their trial… And in Nevada, you will not get a jury trial for a misdemeanor.

We are becoming more like Russia – See Russia Expands Treason Law
AP News – November 2012: MOSCOW — Adding to fears that the Kremlin aims to stifle dissent, Russians now live under a new law expanding the definition of treason so broadly that critics say it could be used to call anyone who bucks the government a traitor. The law took effect Wednesday, just two days after President Vladimir Putin told his human-rights advisory council that he was ready to review it. His spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies Wednesday that Putin would be willing to review the treason law if its implementation reveals “some problems or aspects restricting rights and freedoms.”

Wanted for TREASON in Nevada are:

1. Governor Brian Sandoval

2. Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

3. Carson City Judge John Tatro

4. Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

5. Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo

“One may recall the pledge of allegiance, which states that we are supposedly “One Nation under GOD.”  Many of the current day government leaders  pledge allegiance to the flag, but have betrayed their pledge.  They have chosen to create “One nation under Gold” instead.  The love of money and power has corrupted many in politics, and when GOD and HIS truth become inconvenient, those in government  leadership will quickly violate their pledge.  This wicked and criminal act can be described in one word, TREASON.” As quoted by R. J. Collins

Definition of Treason in the state of Nevada.
In Nevada the definition of Treason is found in chapter 196 of the Nevada revised statutes. An act of Treason can be committed in three ways. The three ways include:

(a) Levying War against the people of the state;
(b) Adhering to its enemies; or
(c) Giving them aid and comfort

Specifically we will first take a look at the definition of “Levying war against the people of that state”. The definition states, “When persons arise in insurrection with intent to prevent, in general, by force and intimidation, the execution of a statute of this state, or to force its repeal, they shall be guilty of levying war.”

One simple way to prove that State Officials, State Judges, DA’s and Carson City and its Sheriff department are often times levying war against the people of that state is by comparing its continual promotion of sin to its responsibility under the law to promote Good Morals and Public Decency. Continue reading