Protester threw a pink dildo at a high-ranking politician to voice dissent against the recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

On Thursday, a protester in New Zealand threw a pink dildo at a high-ranking politician to voice dissent against the recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The multinational trade deal has drawn severe criticism around the world for what many say is the codification of corporate hegemony.

New Zealand’s economic development minister, Steven Joyce, was attending an event celebrating New Zealand’s upcoming Waitangi Day, a holiday to commemorate the creation of the nation. When he was talking to the media, a female protester launched the sex toy at the politician, hitting him square in the face.

That’s for raping our sovereignty. That’s for raping our country, because of the TPPA and selling away our rights and our freedom,” she said as she was carried away by police.

The TPP has been thoroughly condemned by activists and industrial, environmental, and labor organizations. The agreement, which includes “Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, most critically Japan and potentially Korea,” the Washington Post notes, has been accused of providing protections for a wide range of industries. The text addresses pharmaceutical companies, financial services, and even sanitary standards for food.

TPP has also been condemned for its attempts to strangle internet freedom in favor of copyright protection for media giants. It it also scorned for overlooking Malaysia’s immense human trafficking trade to include it in the deal.

One recent study found the deal could cost the United States 446,000 jobs, while another analysis concluded it will increase income inequality. Even the world bank has admitted the TPP will provide negligible economic benefits to the United States, Australia, and Canada.

The text of the TPP was kept secret over five years of negotiations, and the negotiations themselves have also been conducted without the public’s participation. The text was only released in November, and member nations signed the agreement in Auckland, New Zealand, this week. However, the TPP must undergo a two-year ratification process, and activists have vowed to continue fighting the bill’s final passage.

The deal has prompted ongoing protests, from Argentina, Chile, and Peru to Malaysia, Japan, United States, and New Zealand.

Steven Joyce, the minister hit with the pink dildo, has defended the TPP negotiations. “You can’t have a negotiation in the public domain without causing problems for the path of the negotiation,” he said.

He dismissed the woman who launched the dildo at him, making light of the situation. “We actually thought it was a little bit humorous at the end of it all … new experiences in politics everyday, it’s the privilege of serving,” he said, seemingly taunting the millions of humans around the world who understand that he and other politicians like him are, in fact, serving corporate privilege.

About an hour ago, representatives from 12 different nations officially signed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) agreement in Auckland, New Zealand

Countries Sign The TPP... Whatever Happened To The 'Debate' We Were Promised Before Signing?

About an hour ago, representatives from 12 different nations officially signed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) agreement in Auckland, New Zealand. The date, February 4th (New Zealand time) is noteworthy, because it’s 90 days after the official text was released. There was a 90 day clock that was required between releasing the text and before the US could actually sign onto the agreement. The stated purpose of this 90 day clock was in order to allow “debate” about the agreement. Remember, the entire agreement was negotiated in secret, with US officials treating the text of the document as if it were a national security secret (unless you were an industry lobbyist, of course). So as a nod to pretend “transparency” there was a promise that nothing would be signed for 90 days after the text was actually released.

So… uh… what happened to that “debate”? It didn’t happen at all. The TPP was barely mentioned at all by the administration in the last 90 days. Even during the State of the Union, Obama breezed past the TPP with a quick comment, even though it’s supposedly a defining part of his “legacy.” But there’s been no debate. Because there was never any intent for an actual debate. The 90 day clock was just something that was put into the process so that the USTR and the White House couldpretend that there was more “transparency” and that they wouldn’t sign the agreement until after it had been looked at and understood by the public../ Of course, the signing is a totally meaningless bit of theater. The real fight is over ratification. The various countries need to ratify the TPP for the agreement to go into effect. Technically, the TPP will enter into force 60 days after all signers ratify it… or, if that doesn’t happen, within two years if at least six of the 12 participant countries ratify it and those six countries account for 85% of the combined gross domestic product of the 12 countries. Got that? In short, this means that if the US doesn’t ratify it, the TPP is effectively dead. The US needs a majority of both houses of Congress to approve it, similar to a typical bill. And that’s no sure thing right now. Unfortunately, that’s mainly because a group of our elected officials are upset that the TPP doesn’t go far enoughin helping big businesses block competition, but it’s still worth following.

Full Text of TPP Trade Deal Revealed — and Critics Say It’s Even Worse Than They Thought

Inevitably, there will be some debate during the ratification process, though there are enough rumors suggesting that no one really wants to do it until after the Presidential election, because people running for President don’t want to reveal that they’re happy to sell out the public’s interest to support a legacy business lobbyist agenda. But, even that debate will likely be fairly limited and almost certainly will avoid the real issues, and real problems, with the TPP.
Either way, today’s symbolic signing should really be an exclamation point on the near total lack of transparency and debate in this process. The 90 day window was a perfect opportunity to have an actual discussion about what’s in the TPP and why there are problems with it, but the administration showed absolutely no interest in doing so. And why should it? It already got the deal it wanted behind closed doors. But, at least it can pretend it used these 90 days to be “transparent.”


The TPP Has a Secret Clause to Limit Free Speech Online – Shocked?


As we head into what is “scheduled” to be Obama’s final year in the White House, it pains me greatly to say there will be days ahead when many bloggers and alternative news sources like myself will have the opportunity to say, “See, I told you so,” multiple times in a single day as Obama plays faster and loser with the law. If Drake, the whistleblower in the post titled,  Greatest Military Coup Ever Could Now Be Underway In the U.S., is correct with everything he said, or even most of it, the country is still going down in flames economically, but we might be able to salvage something. If he’s not right, God help us all. 

So many people, present company included, did countless articles on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the effect it is going to have on Amnesty and jobs. If you are someone who was upset about Obama’s illegal amnesty, the TPP doubled the number of illegals coming in to about 10 million people. They will be coming from poorer nations too, like Vietnam, and be willing to work for less, driving wages even lower. More Americans will lose jobs, those with jobs will find themselves working twice as hard as they used to for less money. 

Today, Obama and the team of clapping seals that follow him everywhere are working diligently to find new ways to take our guns. If you have ANY doubts Obama is coming for the guns, try reading,Let’s Make Something VERY Clear: They ABSOLUTELY Are Coming For Your Guns OR Michelle Obama Promises To Confiscate All Firearms Before Leaving the White House. Do you STILL doubt HIS ressolve? You might want to look in the mirrow. HIS resolve is in peak form. Read them now, while you can, because as Net Neutrality Really Kicks in, Along with the Hidden Restrictions for Online Free Speech in the TPP, all there is to say, is YOU WERE WARNED! The article below by Intellihub goes over what some of the new restrictions will look like. As you read them, remember who all this is designed for: Bloggers. 

Did you read the post where the Pentagon Officially Classified Journalists as ‘Belligerents’ Who Can Be Shot on Sight? I assure you no one will be shooting Bill O’Reilly. Every television show, radio show, newspaper, magazine, you name it… they are all owned by SIX companies… EVERY SINGLE ONE. Back in the 80’s there were over 50 media companies here in the U.S. Now there are SIX. Do you get it yet? Government can control SIX companies and the narratives that come out of them. It’s the bloggers they cannot control, so they need to go. 




In the first video below, watch Senator Christine Milne of Australia fight for YOUR rights more than YOU were willing to. She references the Trojan Horse Clauses that are embedded within the TPP and a RAGING threat to Democracy.




In the second video, the hosts refer to the TPP as the WORST thing to happen to the PEOPLE of the planet EARTH second ONLY to the Fukushima radiation leak pouring into the Pacific. The TransPacific Partnership (TPP) is the biggest ‘free trade’ (actually corporate-managed trade) agreement in the history of the world. It threatens the democracies of the 12 nations that might sign onto it, utilizing secret tribunals to enable corporate challenges of any law in the USA or Japan or any of the 12 signing-on countries. 

Environmental laws, zoning laws, food standards, financial regulations, GMO labelling laws, etc., can be challenged in these 3-judge undemocratic behind-closed doors tribunals whose decisions cannot be appealed as there will be no higher court to appeal to, including our USA Supreme Court, as trade agreements supersede national laws and rules of any signing-on nation to the TPP. 12 nations involved are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, USA, and Vietnam.




(INTELLIHUB) — While proponents of the TPP say the deal is ‘good’ because it reportedly will phaseout some 18,000 trade tariffs–skeptics like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I/VT) say the deal is outright “disastrous” and for good reason.

But even more important to point out is a hidden clause, buried deep inside the deal [TPP], which may effectively restrict aspects of the Internet in the near future. That’s right, after more than 5 years of strategic, intense, negotiations Trade Ministers from 12 Pacific Rim Nations, including the U.S., just concluded the first major hurdle of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a move that may soon effectively change, limit, our use of the Internet as we know it. And believe it they know what they are up to. Although the plan still has to pass through a multitude of Congressional hoops Per sey–the Obama Administration still sees that the goal is within reach and will likely press hard in coming months to push it through.

The TPP, a deal, which blankets, a good chunk, nearly 40% of the world’s economy includes a few ‘controversial provisions’ recently outlined by Andrew Griffin below:

One particularly controversial part of the provisions make it a crime to reveal corporate wrongdoing “through a computer system”. Experts have pointed out that the wording is very vague, and could lead to whistleblowers being penalized for sharing important information, and lead to journalists stopping reporting on them.

Others require that online content providers — such as YouTube and Facebook — must take down content if they receive just one complaint, as they are in the US. That will be harmful for startups looking to build such businesses since they’ll be required to have the resources to respond to every complaint, experts have pointed out.

And it’s safe to say that Griffin’s analysis is spot on–even the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) previously warned us of the TPP as early as 2013.


So where is all of this headed?

Internet Police, Thought Police, bans on free speech, an Internet kill switch you name it, it’s coming. Especially if we keep heading down the path mentioned herein. Soon we will all be slaves of our own environments–unable to do or think for ourselves. I guess if you really think about it in some ways we already are.

They already have us all boxed in, cornered into vast metropolises where everyone merely puppets, mimics, what is force-fed to them, what they see around them. The latest fads, trends, etc.–they all mean nothing. It’s just something to keep us distracted with while the birds of prey, the powers-that-be, do their job–which is nothing more than swooping in on our freedoms, deindividualizing us by micromanage our lives.

In fact if you haven’t seen my latest film Shade, you must. I highly recommend it. And not just because I made it, but because of the cornucopia of information provided in it that literally covers the gambit, the entire spectrum in a sense, painting the viewer an overarching picture of how the world really works. And let me tell you–it likely doesn’t work the way you think.

Watch Shade, an Ambellas & Bermas film, for free on YouTube here.

Heads Up! Obama Puts A Gag On Any Talk About the TPP, Contains UN Gun Control

The Obama administration is feverishly working with foreign lawmakers and officials on a new Trans-Pacific Parternship (TPP) trade agreement. Yet what may seem like business as usual is anything but.

The President has made it a point to keep any details of the agreement completely secret, so much so that what amounts to a gag order has been placed on anyone who has anything to do with the bill. Even members of Congress are unable to discuss the contents of the bill with each other or in public, and anyone who is invited to discussions over the bill must leave cell phones and staff members behind. Since not even Republicans have yet to spill the beans about the details of the agreement, one can only assume that those attending the meetings are doing so under threat of criminal prosecution or worse if they talk.

This, of course, begs the question: What is so important to the Obama administration that it has to be kept secret from the American public until after the agreement has been passed?

What could possibly be so critical to national security that the purportedly “most transparent” Presidential administration in history says no one can talk about it?……