Steven Horsford, a congressman from Las Vegas aka Harry Reid’s puppet on the scene, wants a federal probe into the militia that has been protecting Cliven Bundy

Steven Horsford

Steven Horsford telling lies.

By Susan Duclos

Steven Horsford, a congressman from Las Vegas aka Harry Reid’s puppet on the scene, wants a federal probe into the militia that has been protecting Cliven Bundy, his family and the residents of the town of Bunkerville. Horsfords’ claim is that his “constituents” in Bunkerville were complaining about the local militia’s presence, saying they feel threatened. Mr. Horsford provided absolutely no evidence to support his claim.

Gary Franchi interviews Pete Santilli, at the Las Vegas sheriffs department after dozens upon dozens of people filed their own criminal complaints against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for their actions at the Bundy ranch. Those charges included snipers aiming their weapons at Bundy supporters and Bunkerville residents and militia members, assault, blocking access to public land, and a variety of other charges.

Bunkerville also held a town meeting on Thursday, May 1, 2014, where one of Mr. Horsfords’ representatives was present at, and according to Santilli, who was also present at the town meeting, the meeting was standing room only and not one resident complained about the militia and, in fact, were thankful for their presence to protect them from the federal authorities and even asked for training to create their own militia so they would not have to be dependent on militia members to travel across the country to come defend them if the need arises again.

This “range war” and the actions of the BLM, under the recently appointed director, Neil Kornze, who just happens to be a former Harry Reid aide, has captured the attention of America, and careful research into the land and parcel units in that area has deeply implicated Harry Reid in some very questionable actions and provides motive for Reid to want Mr. Bundy forced off his land.

Read more about that at an article titled “Reid Bunkerville LLC Exposed: Is This Why Bundy Ranch Was Targeted?

As for Mr. Horsfords, it seems that quite a few Americans that had their attention captured, and have done their own research into some of the bills Horsford has presented in Congress, bills that appear to piggyback older bills presented by Harry Reid himself. 

BTW I came across some of Horsford bills. He introduced the following bills which it looked like it branched off of Reids bills. Involves the sale of parcels in the area of Mesquite City which isn’t too far from Bunkerville

(1) H.R. 1744: Multispecies Habitat Conservation Plan Implementation Act

(2) Sec 3. Extension of purchase authority and withdrawals
(full text)

“(c) The Secretary shall retain in Federal ownership the public lands in the Public Lands Retention Area, and is authorized to retain such other public lands within the city limits as which the Secretary determines it would best serve the public interest to retain in Federal ownership.” (The term “the Secretary” means the Secretary of the Interior which controls BLM) (Source- Comment section here)

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Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nevada to donate salary earned during shutdown


WASHINGTON — Members of Congress are continuing to accumulate their salary even as 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed and two million others are on the job during the government shutdown without a promise they will be compensated.

They can’t help it. The Constitution says lawmakers must be paid. But as the shutdown heads into the weekend, dozens of them have said they plan to refund or donate to charity the sums they earn while the government is closed.

Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev., said Friday he will donate his pay to Nevada’s Head Start Association and to Three Square, the Southern Nevada food bank.

“It is especially troubling to know that children in my state are being hurt by the shutdown because Head Start centers are struggling and food assistance programs are being threatened,” Horsford said in a statement.

Horsford’s $174,000 annual salary breaks down to $483.33 per day based on a 30-day pay cycle in the U.S. House. Lawmakers collect a check on the 30th of each month.

With the government shutdown in its fourth day on Friday, the Nevada charities were already better off by $1,933 due to Horsford’s decision.

Horsford is the only member of Congress so far to declare he will not accept a salary for the shutdown.

Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, who earns $193,400 ($537.22 per day) as majority leader, has directed his pay be placed in escrow, his staff confirmed this week. Senators get paid twice a month, on the 5th and on the 20th

Whenever the shutdown ends, Reid will decide what to do with the amount accumulated, according to his spokeswoman.

LIkewise, Republican Rep. Mark Amodei will decide on pay day how to handle shutdown earnings, his spokesman said.

Other Nevada lawmakers signaled they will accept their pay if federal employees end up getting paid, which appears increasingly likely.

The House is expected to vote on a bill this weekend that would retroactively pay government workers when the shutdown ends, including those who are furloughed.

Democratic Rep. Dina Titus “will not receive pay until all federal workers are paid,” according to her spokeswoman Caitlin Teare, who said “Congresswoman Titus is working hard to end the government shutdown and get federal employees back to work.”

Same for Republican Rep. Joe Heck, whose spokesman Greg Lemon said “will be treated just like every other federal employee — if they don’t get paid, he won’t get paid.”

If government workers don’t get paid, Republican Sen. Dean Heller would donate his salary to charity, according to his spokesman Chandler Smith. Otherwise, she said, “Senator Heller believes the same rules that apply to every other federal worker apply to him.”