South Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits

South Lake Tahoe Police watch

Police Chief Brian Uhler pictured.South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar fabrication, falsification and corruption.

Lake Tahoe cop watchersSouth Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits and fabricating false DUI arrests.

Stay tuned as this story develops and as we await comments from South Lake Tahoe Chief Brian Uhler and El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson to see if criminal charges will be filed against the perpetrators Officers Laney and Wilson.

South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar conduct.

In 2013 the South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson were the subject of a protest and a series of negative…

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Reward for arrest in stolen sign caper in South Lake Tahoe


I am providing a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever did this. Any reports can come to me or the police department.


Letter: Reward for arrest in stolen sign caper

To the community,

In the past two weeks I have had 10 campaigns stolen from various locations around town. The latest was last (Sunday) between 6 and 11:30pm.

Austin Sass

Some were located on individuals front yards and six of the 10 off of locations on Highway 50. At some of these locations, there were signs from other candidates that were not disturbed.

Four on Highway 50 were large signs (3 feet by 3 feet) and were zip tied to metal stakes. It took considerable effort to cut these signs off and whomever did it was very bold to be doing such right on the main thoroughfare in town. I believe this is a targeted effort.

I have filed police reports.

I am providing a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever did this. Any reports can come to me or the police department.

Thank you,

Austin Sass, South Lake Tahoe City Council candidate

South Lake Tahoe Community College trustees approved a one-year contract to bring SnowGlobe, a popular three-day music festival, back to the campus this year.

snowglobe 2014

Lake Tahoe Community College trustees approved a one-year contract to bring SnowGlobe, a popular three-day music festival, back to the campus this year.

Lake Tahoe Community College trustees approved a one-year contract to bring SnowGlobe, a popular three-day music festival, back to the campus this year.

Before the decision was made at Tuesday’s board meeting, staff spoke to trustees about the festival and how they believed last year was a success.

“We felt like we had our staffing allowance up to a level that covered our costs. That snow removal allowance (was) in there,” said Jeff DeFranco, vice president of administrative services. “So we actually felt like last year was a pretty effective year.”

SnowGlobe draws more than 10,000 people to the college each night of the festival, which takes place on the adjacent South Tahoe Community Play Fields. Similar to the past three years, the event is scheduled for Dec. 29 to Dec. 31.

DeFranco said LTCC’s current contract provides clearer direction to SnowGlobe organizers, such as when equipment must be off school property, among other things.

“But from a financial standpoint,” he said, “we felt like last year covered any and all of our direct out-of-pocket costs.”

District staff will monitor the college’s property and provide support during the event. Again, SnowGlobe will cover those costs.

Board President Roberta Mason praised the festival for its year-to-year improvements.

“I have to say they really have made improvement over the prior year, with certainly trash receptacles and better lighting and signage,” she said.

In March, South Lake Tahoe City Council approved a three-year agreement with SnowGlobe, which included a contribution of nearly $34,000 of in-kind services. The city also agreed to take care of about $4,500 in bus route costs, $7,750 in garbage collection costs and provide a $25,000 cash payment to help sponsor the event.

Some councilmembers have said the expenses are a small price to pay for a festival that raked in an estimated $6.2 million in economic impact last year.

As for the field SnowGlobe takes place on, the city said it plans to assess it in spring 2015. However, a replacement is not confirmed at this time.

If it is determined the field does need replacement, funding would come from the Joint Powers Authority. A parks manager with the city estimated earlier this year that it would cost about $500,000 to replace the field, which is 10 years old and outside of warranty.

On Tuesday, SnowGlobe Producer Chad Donnelly said the ability to work with the same people year after year has really improved the festival since its inception in 2011.

It is expected the festival will release the artist lineup later this month. Pre-sale tickets are already sold out.

More officers on duty as Tahoe PD responds to increase in crime

– See more at:

A new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after another SLTPD situation

tahoe cop watch

fvck youA new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after a situation where South Lake Tahoe resident calling himself Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith was beat up for video recording South Lake Tahoe,  California police illegally crossing State lines into the Stateline, Nevada casino district using canine (“K9”) dogs to search patrons of a place called the Raw Bar near the Montblue casino.

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe Facebook site:

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe YOUTUBE channel:


It was Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith’s belief that he had the right to take a video of the police officers, and we would concur. tahoe cop watchers

Mike simply took some video with his Iphone camera of what he thought was an odd situation of California police basically checking people in Nevada for drugs with a dog in a bar… We concur that this would be a jurisdiction issue  of California cops patrolling in Nevada and illegal search using Californaia  K9 units in Nevada with no probable cause.  this was not a SLEDNET operation and Douglas county is not associated with SLEDNET according to their website.

South Lake Tahoe Police (“SLTPD”) Officer Josh Adler assaulted and arrested Mike for “obstruction”  even though Mike did not obstruct anything, he was simply taking a video of Adler which he had the right to do with out the harassment, arrest and illegal use of excessive force.

Mike was actually arrested by the Douglas County Sheriff and he has a court date soon. In the mean time, the DCSO has his Iphone camera and has not provided Mike with his property or the video of the entire situation.

We’ll be updating this story as it develops.

Tahoe Mountain News covers part II of the Ty Robben vs. Justin Brothers Bail Bonds ‘Bounty Hunter’ case where criminal charges have been filed against agent Doug Lewis


tmn The Tahoe Mountain News covered part one of the story here:

and here:


ty robben bounty hunter









By Heather Gould March 2013, Source:

Ty Robben may be ‘radical’ – but he may also be right. Mt. News

Apparently Mr.Lewis also fails to have a current Nevada Business License! You can check on-line and see

 Entity Name  NV Business ID  Status  Type
NEVADA BAIL ENFORCEMENT, LLC NV20041305929 Permanently Revoked Domestic Limited-Liability Company

Bounty Hunter Douglas Lewis will face five misdemeanor charges in connection  with an October 18 incident at the Sierra Tract home of local resident Todd ”Ty ” Robben, in which he attempted to take Robben into custody on a misdemeanor contempt of court warrant out of Carson City. See

Robben’s door was broken down. he was “tased” at least twice, his tires were slashed and he had to bolt into a nearby field to escape, according to a South Lake Tahoe Police report. The charges against Lewis, filed by the EI Dorado County District Attorney’s office, include allegedly failing to obtain a California warrant for the capture of Robben, aggravated trespass for allegedly forcing his way into Robben’s home, alleged vandalism of a dwelling for breaking down the door, alleged battery for tasing Robben, and alleged damage to a vehicle for slashing Robben’s tires. Doug Lewis could not be reached for comment by press time.

Robben sought more serious felony charges and wonders why other individuals accompanying and assisting Lewis were not charged as well. He said he was nevertheless “relieved” that El Dorado County authorities had acted, and that his faith in the system had been restored somewhat after months of frustration over the handling of the case.

Robben protested in front of the South Lake Tahoe Police Department in late January. claiming the police were failing to take him seriously and investigate his case in a timely manner, due to his activism against government and a negative portrait painted of him by law enforcement in Nevada.

Hans Uthe, the Tahoe-based assistant district attorney. Said felony charges were not filed against Lewis largely because he had failed to get clearance from a California judge. “As a professional bounty hunter he should have known he had to do that. It would have been very easy for him to do.” And though Lewis was apparently assisted by others in his attempt to capture Robben, only he is being charged because he was the leader or boss of the pursuit, said Uthe. ” It was hi s decisions, his determinations how to proceed.” Uthe said. “We’re holding him responsible.”

In statements on the matter, police officials said they had made every effort to accommodate Robben, given time and staffing constraints. The police report was completed and released after the Tahoe Mountain News filed a California Public Records Act request.

Robben did compliment the police department for finishing the report when it did . The 164-page report contained 14 pages devoted to investigation of the alleged crimes and 150 pages of applicable statutes and legal precedents submitted by Robben.

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Robben has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the bail bond company, Justin Brothers Bail Bonds, that employed Lewis and has also protested in front of the their Carson City and Reno offices. Owner Dennis Justin said he had “no comment what so ever” about the suit or the charges filed against Lewis.


At the time of Lewis’s alleged crimes against Robben, Robben was out on bail on charges including assault after attempting to serve a subpoena for a friend on a Nevada state official named Susan Martinovich with the Department of Transportation. The friend had filed suit against the department, claiming he was fired for exposing wrongdoing. The suit is similar to one filed by Robben against the Nevada Department of Taxation, his former employer, which is currently on appeal. Robben calls himself a “supporter of whistleblowers.”

The woman being served said she felt threatened and was accosted by Robben and later received a restraining order against him. Robben said the situation was all turned around and that she assaulted him by driving over his toe. Eventually. All charges were dropped,  except one – disorderly conduct – which will be dismissed if Robben complies with court conditions for a year.

Robben does have two other restraining orders against him including one by his brother from whom he has been estranged for five years with absolutely no contact and who lives in Florida. The other one was issued under false pretenses to an employee in his previous place of work who was angry with Robben reported him for sending pornography over government computers, Robben said.

The contempt of court warrant was issued – in error by Carson city Judge John Tatro, says Robben – after he supposedly failed to show up for a court check-in. The matter was cleared up when he later checked in.

Amnesty International has classified lasers as deadly weapons.

Noted bail bondsmen and bounty hunter Leonard Padilla commented on the actions of the bounty hunters. The easiest way to catch a fugitive is to talk them into surrendering, said Padilla. Something the bounty hunters allegedly did with Robben for ten minutes according to the police report, before breaking down his door which is permitted, said Padilla. If one is 100 percent sure. not 80 percent sure. Not 98 percent sure, but 100 percent sure, that the fugitive is inside. He said tasers must be deployed with care so as not to cause undue harm. “Not everyone can go and buy a taser and s tart tasing people. You have to have special training” Padilla said. Amnesty International has classified lasers as deadly weapons. Finally, the slashing of tires perplexed Padilla. After nearly 40 years in business, he has never used such a tactic, which he called “childish” and “comical.” The best time to catch someone is when they leave a dwelling to go to a car, he said. Or as they drive off.

In the police report, the bounty hunters said they didn’t ‘t want Robben to drive in what they said was a fragile mental slat. Stating he had been under psychiatric care, an assertion Robben vehemently denies. He was put on suicide watch
while initially in the Carson City jail,  a tactic used to imprison him in solitary confinement. Robben wrote he has been “certified as sane … has no prior criminal record … has never been hospitalized for mental health! This is character assassination’ of me.” He earlier provided a letter to the Mountain News from the EI Dorado County Department of Mental Health stating he does not qualify for services, so is therefore of sound mind, said Robben.

Additionally. Robben contends, police officers stood by while the bounty hunters went about their allegedly illegal activities and did not intervene while he was attacked and pursued. The report does not note any action taken by South Lake Tahoe police and states an officer was in the area at the time.

Bounty hunters do have broad powers to pursue, capture and detain fugitives. The report also said police declined to assist the bounty hunters given it was a misdemeanor, non-extraditable warrant out of another state. The report said the South Lake Tahoe Police did briefly search for Robben after he ran to try and convince him to give himself up. South Lake Tahoe Police spokesman Lt. David Stevenson said he would not comment further. The report said the bounty hunters continued to search for Robben for five hours after he fled. Robben said he hiked to a friend’s house and furtively hid out in his RV so the friend would not be charged with harboring a fugitive. He then made his way to the Black Jack Inn at Stateline where he watched the Giants win the playoffs

Bounty Hunter Nevada Bail Enforcement agent Doug Lewis Charged with Assault/Battery March 2013. Doug Lewis stars in this National Geographic episode of Leonard Padilla “Bounty Hunter” filmed in Reno and Sparks Nevada.

See the full episode below or here:

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Read the story here:

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Victory for Ty Robben – SLTPD report released and given to the El Dorado DA for prosecution of the Justin Brothers Bail bonds company

Victory for Ty Robben – SLTPD report released and given to the El Dorado DA for prosecution of the Justin Brothers Bail bonds company “Bounty Hunters”  Stay tuned.

Please see updates to the story at

Ty Robben Victory

Ty Robben Victory

Victory for Ty Robben


A certain measure of innocence Willing to appear naive A certain degree of imagination A measure of make-believe

A certain degree of surrender To the forces of light and heat A shot of satisfaction In a willingness to risk defeat
Celebrate the moment As it turns into one more Another chance at victory Another chance to score
The measure of the moment In a difference of degree Just one little victory

A spirit breaking free
One little victory The greatest act can be One little victory Continue reading

Ted Long, former Lake Tahoe city council member and foreperson of the El Dorado County Grand Jury – Says “Rights for one equals rights for all”

We were inspired by the local South Lake Tahoe Mountain News guest editorial written by Ted Long. Original story is found here  –

Ted Long, former Lake Tahoe city council member and foreperson of the El Dorado County Grand Jury – Says “Rights for one equals rights for all”

Ted Long

When you ask most people, “what is the Cost of freedom?” They will answer war, defending our country and our way of life.
While this is certainly true, it must be remembered that even a dictator will go to war to defend his power. Others mention taxes as the cost of freedom. While this argument may be defended. it is more accurate to say taxes finance the benefits and opportunity ties of freedom, and again, even repressive societies have taxes. If we examine history and the nature of freedom, it becomes apparent that freedom is really the ability of each of us to a life without fear from the very people we appoint or elect to protect us — the firewall between the citizens and the army  for example, with the elected president the commander-in-chief of the military.

In a very real way, our police, our district attorneys ,our judges and those others sworn to enforce the laws  – are a closer threat to our freedom.

Take the police. for example. If they could be used to arrest. and detain innocent people just because the official does not like them and is threatened by them or sees some opportunity for power. then the individual is really at their mercy. Continue reading

More MSM news outlets and bloggers covering our ANTI-Corruption & Lawless America Movement

Is protesting local, State and Federal corruption the new Occupy? We are a small ANTI-Corruption movement, but united with Lawless America one person can make change happen. People all over the Country can do what we are doing.  Always encourage local media and news blogs to cover you story and protest.

Residents protest South Lake Tahoe police


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Corrupt law enforcement in South Lake Tahoe?

That’s what some people believe. And they took to the streets Monday to make their feelings known.

Ty Robben organized the Jan. 28 demonstration along Al Tahoe Boulevard. Robben’s issues started last fall when bounty hunters busted down his door. He’s been waiting for the South Lake Tahoe cops to finish the report. He even went to the City Council meeting last week to plead the electeds to intervene to speed up the process.

By the end of last week the report was done and passed on to the District Attorney’s Office.

But Robben said he is having a hard time getting a copy of the report.

“I think this is the moment for Police Chief [Brian] Uhler to shine or sink. I think Chief Uhler seems like a nice fella based on my experience and I hope he’s legit. Perhaps some of the people below him are the problem,” Robben told Lake Tahoe News. “The PD does good things too and I would prefer to not be their critic or on their bad side.”

At the protest on Monday people were sharing stories of their run-ins with local law enforcement. Drivers honked their horns in support.

When an unmarked police vehicle went by and suddenly turned on its lights for no apparent reason one protester wondered out loud if that was to try to intimidate those who had gathered peacefully.

“I do think that the totality of my situation and others warrants some kind of future discussions. Most people are very, very intimidated to speak up or stand up for their rights because of retaliation by police, the DA or the courts. I have been retaliated against, but protesting is one thing I can do and I have certain control over that right. For some of us, that might be the only justice we ever get,” Robben said.

Robben hopes future protests are not necessary – but he said there would be more if he believes there is a need to raise awareness about what law enforcement is or is not doing.

The planning of the protest unintentionally coincided within less than a week of Officer Johnny Poland being arrested on five federal charges dealing with witness and evidence tampering. Robben was planning the protest before Poland’s arrest.

– Lake Tahoe News staff report     See Comments below: Continue reading

Brian Uhler replaces embattled Terry Daniels as Chief of Police in So. Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe hires police chief from outside department

He was on the force in 1989 when then Mayor Terry Trupp was arrested on a variety of federal crimes — mostly drug related in what the FBI called Operation Deep Snow. Trupp recently died after serving a number of years behind bars.


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Updated Nov. 2, 2010, 12:36pm. By Kathryn Reed

The first police chief hired from outside the department was sworn in this morning at the South Lake Tahoe City Council meeting.

Brian Uhler becomes the eighth chief, taking over a department that has had a rocky time of it in recent years, especially under the leadership of former Chief Terry Daniels. Capt. Martin Hewlett has been the leader of the department since the start of the year after Daniels left. Continue reading

ANTI Corruption protests coming to South Lake Tahoe Police Department?

So-Lake-Tahoe-badge150The South Lake Tahoe police have been dragging out an investigation related to this writer since October 2012.  It’s going on 4 months.  The investigation centers on Justin Brother bailbonds (Justin Bros.) illegally crossing state lines from Nevada to Lake Tahoe, California to kidnap an alleged “fugitive”…

The SLTP and Sargent Josh Adler have until Friday January 25, 2013 to get the report done before we bring our famous CRIME SCENE banner to the South Lake Tahoe police Dept for an ANTI Corruption protest.

The “Bounty Hunters” failed to obtain a mandated California warrant pursuant to CA penal code 847.5 witch states:

If a person has been admitted to bail in another state, escapes bail, and is present in this State, the bail bondsman or other person who is bail for such fugitive, may file with a magistrate in the county where the fugitive is present an affidavit stating the name and whereabouts of the fugitive, the offense with which the alleged fugitive was charged or of which he was convicted, the time and place of same, and the particulars in which the fugitive has violated the terms of his bail, and may request the issuance of a warrant for arrest of the fugitive, and the issuance, after hearing, of an order authorizing the affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail.  The magistrate may require such additional evidence under oath as he deems necessary to decide the issue.  If he concludes that there is probable cause for believing that the person alleged to be a fugitive is such, he may issue a warrant for his arrest.  The magistrate shall notify the district attorney of such action and shall direct him to investigate the case and determine the facts of the matter.  When the fugitive is brought before him pursuant to the warrant, the magistrate shall set a time and place for hearing, and shall advise the fugitive of his right to counsel and to produce evidence at the hearing.  He may admit the fugitive to bail pending the hearing.  The district attorney shall appear at the hearing.  If, after hearing, the magistrate is satisfied from the evidence that the person is a fugitive he may issue an order authorizing affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail.

A bondsman or other person who is bail for a fugitive admitted to bail in another state who takes the fugitive into custody, except pursuant to an order issued under this section, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Continue reading

Corruption, underage sex, gang connections alleged in South Lake Tahoe police officer’s arrest

Next door to corrupt Nevada and just 30 minutes away from corrupt Carson City, NV lies the mountain resort community of South Lake Tahoe, CA.  We’ll be addressing the corruption pollution blowing into South Lake Tahoe, CA from Carson City, NV in an upcoming post.  At the time we’re getting ready to write the post, this story popped up in the local media:

Good to see the SLTPD cleaning up corruption.

Underage sex, gang connections alleged in police officer’s arrest:

Johnny Poland

Johnny Poland

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler discussed SLTPD corruption scandal

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler discussed SLTPD corruption scandal

Officer Johnny Poland, Tribune file photo

Original story:

By Adam Jensen

Police officer John “Johnny” Poland allegedly used his position of power to groom teenage girls for sex and provide sensitive police information to people connected to gang members, according to a criminal complaint filed this week. And when the police officer looked liked he might get caught, he told his sexual partners to get rid of the evidence, according to the FBI.
Poland, 44, was arrested at the South Lake Tahoe Police Department about 10 a.m. Wednesday while picking up paperwork, according to Police Chief Brian Uhler. Continue reading

Video raises concerns about South Lake Tahoe SWAT team’s actions

South Lake Tahoe SWATSOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KRNV & – A video obtained exclusively by News 4 is raising new questions about how law enforcement handled an investigation into the possible bribery of a South Lake Tahoe City Council member.

The home video from neighbors of bribery suspect Gino Dimatteo you can see at least 12 armed swat team members throwing a flash bang into his house while trying to execute a search warrant.

“If anybody would have been in the hallway approaching the door, it probably would have killed them,” defense attorney Ted Long said. “This is crazy. This is cowboy. This is wild west and citizens ought to be frightened.”

Long says officers knew the house was empty because his client was already detained at a separate search of another location. Long says he had the keys to the house and was offering to go unlock it.

“How are you going to justify this when you’ve got the suspect in custody and an attorney standing there with a key saying I’ll corporate with you. How do you justify this?” he said.

News 4 tried to get answers from the sheriff’s office, but they have not yet returned our request for comment.

Long is asking the El Dorado County Grand Jury to look into how this case was handled.