Hundreds gather to honor gang bangers, I mean Metro officers slain in 2014

Hundreds of people joined officers from law enforcement agencies across Southern Nevada on Thursday night at Police Memorial Park to memorialize those who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Las Vegas police added the names of officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo to the Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial, a stone wall engraved with the names of the fallen. The sunset ceremony is an annual event that pays tribute to the local law enforcement officers, numbering 34, who have died since 1905.

A multi-agency honor guard opened the ceremony, with bagpipes and drums playing the traditional, somber tunes often heard at officers’ funerals.

The families of those killed in service to the community walked along a path next to the stone memorial and took a seat, each holding a white rose that would later be placed in a memorial bouquet.

For those who knew Beck and Soldo, the wounds were still fresh.

The officers were gunned down while eating lunch on June 8. Their killers then continued on a violent rampage and took the life of good Samaritan Joseph Wilcox before they died in a standoff with police.

Metro Undersheriff Kevin McMahill spoke to the crowd about the price of service, of tears and gratitude.

“You can take a life, but you can’t take a legacy,” he said.

Never before had the community seen such a senseless, evil act, he said.

But the ceremony at the park near Cheyenne Avenue and Hualapai Way was not just about the newest additions to the memorial. Cops, FBI agents and corrections officers who lost their lives also were honored.

Like search and rescue officer David Vanbuskirk, who died in a tragic accident after rescuing a stranded hiker on Mount Charleston in July 2013.

“Every time I’m out here, my heart breaks,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said, adding that the community needs to make sure that none of the officers died in vain.

“We will not tolerate any more the anger and the hate that’s out there,” she said.

Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony, a former cop himself, said it takes courage to do police work, to protect the innocent and face hardened criminals. To say goodbye to your family in the morning knowing that you may not come home at night.

“God knows they chased evil in this world, and they are being rewarded in heaven,” he said.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told the families of officers who were killed, whether long ago or recently, that the brotherhood of the police community extends to them as well.

An American flag lowered to half-staff billowed as the Leavitt Middle School choir sang “America the Beautiful.”

The sky grew dark, and youths from Metro’s Explorer program released 34 white balloons with lights inside, representative of the light the officers brought to the community.

They rose high into the sky and looked like flying doves in the distance.

Las Vegas SWAT team responding to northwest valley neighborhood

A Metro SWAT team on Sunday afternoon is responding to a garage in the northwest valley.

Police were called to a neighborhood in the area of Sterling Silver Street and Old Oxford Avenue, near North Torrey Pines and Peak drives, Metro Lt. Patrick Charoen said.

A male who is possibly armed with a knife is refusing to come out of a garage, Charoen said.

Details on how the situation began were not immediately available.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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More scandals at the notoriously corrupt Carson City Courthouse – This time corrupt Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”

The Carson City DA Rombardo and Kruger caught removing Judge Tatro’s court files in the Ty Robben cases!

judge tatro is corrupt

Ty Robben produces the “missing” documents! This is straight out of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia…

Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW censoring the news again?

carson city courthouse

More scandals at the notoriously corrupt Carson City Courthouse – This time corrupt Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”

The local newspaper Nevada Appeal and are not following-up now that Ty Robben is “wining” and exposing the massive rampant corruption that has occurred in the retaliation scheme  orchestrated by corrupt DA Rombardo, Krueger and Judge Tatro. I am sure glad I started a blog a few years ago so my side of the story gets out.

The corruption never stops!  This time corrupt Carson City DA and Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”. This is on top of Tatro earlier intentionally not filing other papers in this case!

Last week Ty Robben protests his former defense lawyer William Routsis after it was discovered that Robben’s lawyer sold him out, conspired against him, and engaged in removing files on the record, not turning in papers on time,  back room deals with the Carson City DA and corrupt Judge Tatro – and of all other things, being too drunk and high to write the court motions for Robben’s cases!

Ty Robben had to type up and research the law because his attorney was inebriated most of the time on alcohol and meth. Robben was a witness to the troubling behavior and demanded his $4,000.00 dollars back. See that story here: Protests target corrupt Reno lawyer William Routsis for “ripping off” & “selling out clients”, back room deals, fraud, ineffective legal counsel, threats of extortion, meth use, binders on booze being to drunk to return calls, and more!

This week  Ty Robben successfully appealed a trumped-up false charge of “disturbing-the-peace” orchestrated by the corrupt “cho-mo” judge John Tatro know for his breathier-before-the-bench by the folks in Carson City.

Also, this week, Ty Robben also beat back the Carson City assistant DA Mark Krugers fruitless attempt to reinstate bogus felony criminal charges that were dismissed earlier this year by “special prosecutor” Douglas County DA Mark Jackson

In doing so, Robben discovered various “missing” filings and JAVs audio/video of court hearings that were supposed to be on the court files on appeal that includes a disputed “contempt-of-court” charge that Robben asserts was an illegal order.”

“Judge Tatro issues a clear verbal and written order that never included a daily check in with DAS or house arrest” said Robben. 

“There are numerous missing items that were in fact in the damn file” said Robben.

judge tatroIn particular now is a missing “stipulation” by the Carson City district Attorney, former Deputy DA Travis Lucia and Robben’s previous lawyer Richard Davies, that shows Robben was never ordered on “house arrest” or “DAS daily check-in”. missing papers

Judge Tatro, know for being drunk in the courtroom, “never ordered house arrest and a daily check-in, the record is clear and even the DA agrees” said Robben.

Now in order to overturn another false claim of “contempt-of-court” Robben seeks the paperwork from the court files that mysteriously is now missing after it was there.

“I had a copy of it and I find it very suspicious that the Carson City Sheriff “searched my house” for 5 days and removed various paperwork related to this case.” said Robben.

This is straight out of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia… this is just the “new world order police state” mentality being carried out in Carson City by a very, very corrupt law enforcement and shitty scandalous judicial system.


The missing stipulation has been found – Robben not on house arrest!


Here is the 09/21/12 (note Tatro calls it 09/20/12 in the order below) entry of the “stip” on the Carson City court docket report:


Here’s the first page of the  “ORDER” where is the “Stipulation”:

order tatro


Robben gained local attention to a Carson City court “backdating scandal” in 2012 that was covered in the local news.

KRNV investigates Nevada Attorney General & Carson City District Court BACKDATING SCANDAL

Carson City 911 NV NDOT Dir. Susan Martinovich HIT and RUN and Sheriff COVER-UP

See more on the Hit and Run scandal involving formed NDOT Director Susan Martinovich here:

Stay tuned,this story is developing…

See More Here: Carson City’s history of courthouse corruption and retaliation


fbi protest reno

Ty Robben protested the FBI in Reno demanding an investigation into the corruption in the Carson City courthouse

Gyll: ‘The Douglas County Sheriff department is in a tailspin’


Michael T. Gyll

Publisher’s note: Lake Tahoe News asked the three Douglas County sheriff’s candidates a series of questions. The responses are running in the order they were received. All but one question is the same.

Name: Michael T. Gyll

Age: 44

Occupation: Retired Nevada state police officer, Nevada Department of Public Safety, investigation division, headquarters commander.

What groups, nonprofits, other civic involvement are you part of outside of work?: Douglas County Parks and Recreation coach, Carson Valley Little League, National Rifle Association, Veterans Administration.

In Tahoe during the morning commute there are often multiple deputies out on Highway 50. How is enforcing speed the best use of limited resources?: Having patrols on the streets during commute hours is not just about enforcing speed limits. Officer presence is a deterrent. Those citizens who would not normally drive erratically, or push their driving abilities and their vehicle’s abilities are much more likely to do so during commute hours due to being late for work or that always important meeting. When citizens drive beyond their ability they become a serious hazard to those who have planned their day accordingly. During commute hours vehicle crimes are not the only crimes that occur. Having deputies patrolling the highways also puts them in areas which would reduce response time to calls for service because they are already mobile and in the area.

When the South Shore is busy rental units often have so many vehicles they spillover onto the streets to create a problem for locals and pose a safety issue. Currently, nothing is being done about this issue. What do you think should be done to address this ongoing issue?: Discussion/awareness town hall meeting with property managers and/or owners about the issue. Having grown up in South Lake Tahoe I understand the need for tourism and the effects it has on “locals” daily routines and lifestyles. The challenge is this; how do we create an environment that is safe and effective for visitors and locals while continuing to thrive as a tourist destination. When emergency response is hampered because of this issue, immediate and swift response should occur. If it is a nuisance issue, then discussion, time and understanding will have to be sought by all parties involved. If a solution or compromise is not realized then enforcement should take place. But all attempts to remedy the situation should be attempted prior to contacting law enforcement. To have law enforcement respond to non-emergency issues pertaining to parking would not be the “best use of limited resources.”

Do you believe it’s better for the head of a law enforcement agency to come from inside or outside the department? Why?: There are pros and cons to both. Pros could be the fact that the person has intimate knowledge of the department’s capabilities, personnel issues, department resources, etc. The cons are a high potential for “good ol boy” or nepotism scenarios. This is always an issue with smaller departments. There is also the issue of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” attitude. This attitude comes from individuals who have no vision for the department or community. Just because something works, does that mean it’s the right or only way of conducting business? No. Just because it has been working for the last 16 years does that mean it works for law enforcement in the 21st century? No. Lack of vision and a status quo attitude will not survive in the arena that current issues have with law enforcement. An insider that lacks vision will cause a department to fall further and further behind. An outsider will bring new perspective, a fresh set of eyes and enhance the department’s capabilities. You have a lot of qualified personnel within these types of departments that find it hard to advance because of the negative issues described. An outsider will eliminate roadblocks to a qualified person’s advancement by having that fresh perspective.

Why do you want to be sheriff?: I believe in this community and love the county I reside in. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that call Douglas County home and have their business here as well. So when I retired from the state of Nevada, I became more active with those acquaintances and was overwhelmed with the lack of trust they had in their sheriff’s department. Most sited bad experiences with the administration. As time went on, discussions were had about what can be done, then it happened, they started asking me about the possibility of running for sheriff. I continually dismissed their advances until one night at the father-daughter dance I found myself surrounded. I wasn’t able to dance a single dance with my daughter. That night I thought about what had happened and wondered if there was any thing I could really do. I discussed it with my family, weighing the pros and cons and we decided that since we had so many friends at the sheriff’s department and in the communities that my running for sheriff might be the right thing to. It’s our community, our friends, our children’s future, why not be the loyal resident and invest in our community? That’s when I knew it was right and just and that this is what is needed for all.

Why should someone vote for you over someone else?: I have the training, experience and knowledge to move the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department forward in a new direction. With a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, the sheriff’s department will find harmony with the changing demographics Douglas County is experiencing. For far too long the sheriff’s department has been steered into the 21st century with 20th century administrative views. With my experience, I can offer the deputies an opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities far beyond their current allowable limits. As for the citizens and communities that make up Douglas County and are served by the sheriff’s department, I offer strength and vision as an administrator that has not been realized by an administrator for the sheriff’s department in at least 16 years. I started my career as a state trooper, through training, hard work and determination, I was promoted and transferred to the investigation division. I have conducted and/ or supervised many investigations which involve, but are not limited to: illegal/ illicit dangerous drug crimes, officer involved shootings, murder/ homicide, suicide, crimes against children and the elderly, and crimes against public trust. I have supervised sworn police officers and civilian employees, I have had the privilege of hiring well-qualified personnel, and relieving personnel of their duties using progressives steps in discipline which had included termination of service. I have the experience, knowledge and loyalty that the citizens of Douglas County deserve.

What is your stand on medical marijuana?: I believe that the path has been paved for the formal acknowledgment that medical/medicinal marijuana is here to stay. I believe the actual use of marijuana for the treatment of aches and pains is not justified. But I do believe the use of marijuana to enhance appetite and healing for cancer patients is warranted. If it is proven to help with treatment and it was my loved one, I would condone its use.

What kind of enforcement issue would that present for the department?: Medical marijuana is currently lawful in the state of Nevada. Enforcement is already being addressed and implemented for some time.

What do you believe is needed for a good relationship between the sheriff’s department and county commissioners?: Open door access and complete transparency. There should not be administrative secrets between the sheriff and county commissioners. We should all be working to the same common goal, safety for our citizens and visitors to Douglas County. This can be achieved by open and frank communication. Barriers such as egos and personal agendas have no place in the Sheriffs administration.

If the commissioners cut your budget by 10 percent, what program or people would you cut? Please be specific.: None. First of all a 10 percent budget cut is unrealistic. If any cuts to the budget are made, I would reallocate resources, seek additional funding through OCJA and ensure that prevention, enforcement and presence in not diminished.

What is your relationship with businesses at Lake Tahoe that work with the sheriff’s department on various events? If anything, what would you consider changing?: I would have to decline this answer due to the fact venues are always changing and effecting Lake Tahoe differently each and every time. I must take a fluid stance and let it be known that every venue in Douglas County will be carefully scrutinized to ensure the safety of all who attend and/ or participate.

The sheriff’s department has always refused to make the New Year’s Eve celebration at Stateline a sanctioned or permitted event. The casinos have asked for this and have wanted to expand the festivities, but DCSO says no. Do you believe this is a good policy? Why or why not? And how would you address it?: For those of us who remember the ’80s and ’90s celebrations, I believe New Year’s should have been a sanctioned or permitted event. But today’s attendance numbers and the economy the way it is, it would be difficult to justify the additional expenses and personnel costs. If the casinos wanted to expand, where would they expand to? I think the enhanced outdoor venues during spring, summer and fall should give county commissioners an excellent perspective as to what would one additional venue really matter. If the county commissioners and the residents want to move forward and look at sanctioning or permitting the event, then I to would be willing to readdress the issue. If you stand back and watch, a lot of what happens at Lake Tahoe should be addressed during the 4th of July arguments that are up coming.

The sheriff is a political position, something you don’t have experience with as a trooper with the NHP. What do you see as your biggest challenge and how will you overcome it?: First of all, I started my law enforcement career as a state trooper employed by the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Highway Patrol Division. After working hard to attain all that I could as a state trooper, I promoted to the rank of detective and was transferred to the investigation division which is still under the Nevada Department of Public Safety. After a time of working undercover as a narcotics detective, I was promoted to sergeant and was the administrative and operational supervisor. I was charged with the coordination of a local task force which consisted of state detectives, detectives from three counties, agents from DEA, and agents from the Office of the Military and a traveling narcotic task force which was staffed with state detectives and assisted any of the 17 counties in the state of Nevada with trouble areas that a local detective or team would be unable to accomplish enforcement activities. I was responsible for the budgets, grants, training, equipping and evaluation of all personnel and responsible for all operational issues. I was then promoted to lieutenant and headquarters commander for the investigation division. I directly supervised two multi-agency task forces, the major crimes unit, the polygraph examiners unit, the Nevada Threat Analysis Center, administrative personnel assigned to headquarters, NTAC and Fallon. I was responsible for statewide budget as it pertained to training, travel, vehicle procurement, supply procurement, uniforms, salaries, fringe benefits and emergency deployments and/ or events such as air race crashes, floods, fires, active shooter incidents or any requests from other federal, state, local or municipal law enforcement agencies. So I know I have the experience, training, knowledge, demeanor and loyalty it takes to be the sheriff of Douglas County. I know I have the skills and abilities to perform those duties of the Douglas County sheriff. I have the political experience and more to be a very effective Douglas County sheriff. Task forces and threat analysis centers are very political and are watched closely from the executive branch of Nevada government.

Douglas County sheriff’s deputies make less than South Lake Tahoe police officers and El Dorado County sheriff’s deputies. Does this hamper efforts to recruit employees? Do you believe deputies should be paid more? Why or why not? If yes, how would you go about getting them more money?: Of course I believe deputies should be paid more. When you are looking for a professional position as a deputy pay is only one part of the deciding factor to work or don’t work for a specific agency. If all you wanted was higher wages, you would move to Las Vegas and work for Metro or Henderson. But if you want quality of life for you and your family and know that you are being paid well for the work you are doing and can wake every morning, look out your windows and see the majesty in front you being the Sierra Nevada, Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe, then the reduced pay is worth it. When elected sheriff I will of course lobby the county commissioners for better pay and work with the association to ensure my employees don’t fall further behind in regards to pay and benefits. As for your comparisons, SLTPD and EDSO, it’s apples and oranges, California and Nevada, but when you compare salaries to other Northern Nevada counties, Douglas County deputy wages are comparable.

What is lacking in the department right now in terms of personnel or equipment or other resources? How would you address those needs?: Douglas County Sheriff’s Department with regards to personnel and equipment is as always lacking personnel. Equipment is always attainable, but qualified applicants are not. The department could stand to increase its number of sworn personnel, but that all hinges on the economy and county commissioners. As for other resources, well, we are professional law enforcement officers, we always want the newest and greatest tools to perform our duties, and wish we had resources available to us like major metropolitan police departments.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and how do you plan to resolve it?: Morale. The department is in a tailspin and the administration thinks it is fine so long as the administration can keep quiet the masses. The first issue I will broach is the morale issue and I will do this using peer and supervisor evaluation and review methods. If I was to start at the top, all I might get is smoke and mirrors and never get the core of the problem. I have found through my years of supervisory experience that most often the view of a suspected problem is less hazy and very real if you look at it from the line level personnel perspective. This goes along with my “new perspective, fresh set of eyes” platform. It’s time that deputies are again proud of not only the profession they have chosen, but the department they have chosen to work for.

What is one do-over you would like to have in terms of a professional decision you have made?: I would have become a fireman.

Tell us something about yourself that people might not already know?: I was raised between Lake Tahoe and Placerville. My father was an El Dorado County deputy sheriff and my mother worked for the casinos. I went to Meyers Elementary, Sierra House Elementary, Pinewood Elementary, and graduated from South Tahoe High School.


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TY Robben AKA “Top Ramen” Free At Last – All charges dropped

Special Prosecutor Douglas Co. DA Mark Jackson drops trumped up charges against Ty Robben accused of murder-for-hire plot against Corrupt Carson City judge John Tatro and other FALSE LIBEL/SLANDER/STALKING CHARGES filed by Judge Tatro 

My story Ty Robben v Carson City is very similar to this movie – Flash of Genius Trailer


hit man contract out for Judge Tatro

jp tatro ruthless and toothless

mountain democrat

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Charges dropped: DA protester out of prison

From page A1 | April 18, 2014 | 3 Comments

A man known for protesting the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office and charged with soliciting the murder of a judge in Nevada has been released from prison and his charges dismissed.

South Lake Tahoe resident Ty Robben was released last week after Douglas County, Nev., District Attorney Mark Jackson dismissed the solicitation of murder charge, along with a charge of criminal libel — a charge that is not used in California.

Both the criminal libel and solicitation of murder charge concerned Judge John Tatro, Robben said. But, Robben told the Mountain Democrat, he was exercising his 1st Amendment rights for the first charge, and he was not soliciting anything on the second charge. Rather, another prisoner — while Robben, known as “Top Ramen” while incarcerated on the libel charge — propositioned him with a $5,000 “roofing job,” Robben said.

Jackson confirmed he dismissed the charges due to lack of evidence and unlikelihood of conviction. He also noted that the Carson City, Nev., DA’s Office was originally on the case, but was taken off due to having been named in a federal lawsuit Robben filed against them.

Robben credits his faith with seeing him through his time in prison. “My faith in the Lord got me through the darkest period in my life and I pray that I can start to forgive these people for the unforgivable acts of government retaliation using the criminal justice system after I had filed a federal lawsuit in Reno two weeks before I was arrested in California.”

See original story here:


Discussion | comments

Fran DuchampApril 17, 2014 – 1:52 pm
Ty is this the end of this for you…for this subject? Are you moving on? Or are you still going forward with the federal lawsuit?


Carson City District Attorney Mark Krueger

Carson City District Attorney Mark Krueger

Tahoe Tribune story on Ty Robben

All charges against South Tahoe resident Ty Robben have now been dropped in jailhouse HIT MAN to kill corrupt Carson City Judge Tatro and Slander/Libel/Internet Stalking

Geoff Dornan

Ty Robben mug shot

Ty Robben mug shot

Douglas County District Attorney Mark Jackson, the special prosecutor named to handle the cases, previously dismissed libel and harassment charges.

He served notice Thursday that he was dropping the charge Ty Robben AKA “Top Ramen” (new ‘jail name’ obtained at the Carson City jailhouse since it sounds like his name) tried to hire a hit man to kill Justice of the Peace John Tatro.

Ty Robben AKA “Top Ramen” (new name obtained at the Carson City jailhouse since it sounds like his name)

Mark Jackson was brought in after the Carson City DA’s office was disqualified from handling the case.

“Based on a full and complete review of all the evidence and the existing constitutional, statutory and case law, I filed a notice of dismissal today in the Carson Township Justice Court,” Jackson said in a statement.

He said that means Robben’s $50,000 bail has been lifted, and all pending charges against him have been dismissed.

“It is my understanding that Mr. Robben is in the process of being released from the Carson City Jail,” Jackson said.

Robben stopped by the Tahoe Daily Tribune Friday and said he was hoping to restore his life and family. He thanked his attorneys for their work to get him released.

“Thank you to Mark Jackson for standing up and supporting the U.S. Constitution,” Robben said.

Douglas Co. Nevada DA Mark Jackson

Douglas Co. Nevada DA Mark Jackson

Two weeks ago, Jackson dismissed the other case against Robben, which accused him of libel and stalking and two counts of attempting to intimidate Tatro and his family.

He did so stating that Nevada’s libel law was “unconstitutionally vague.” The stalking charge, he said, simply didn’t have enough evidence to support it.

Robben has been battling the state and criminal justice system since he was terminated by the Taxation Department.

He was angry with Tatro for his conviction on charges of disorderly conduct centered on his attempt to — allegedly — serve papers on behalf of a friend on then-NDOT Director Susan Martinovich.

Robben said Judge Tatro and Assistant DA Mark “Freddie” Krueger must resign and criminal charges must be filed against Judge Tatro  for filing a false report against me!Judge Tatro Corrupt

Thank you Douglas County DA Mark Jackson for respecting the US Constitution and my 1st & 14th Amendment rights in these matters and the honor to respect the law(s) and look at the facts unbiased.

Tatro claimed Robben was criminal libel for a posting found here:

Robben also posted a story and photos of an alleged requirement for Judge Tatro to take a breathalyzer test prior to taking the bench everyday.

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

Special thanks Attorney  Jarrod Hickman and to the entire State of Nevada Public Defenders office including the folks behind the scenes answering my numerous phone calls from jail.

Are you aware of the ruling in Times v. Sullivan (1964) which states this, in part:

As Americans we have a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on Public Issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide open. And that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials. Continue reading