Judge Tatro a Child Molester?

 Yep. And you know what they say in prison about “cho mo’s” Right?

Father Beats Child Molester To Death — Good For Him

Child molesters should be killed.

tatro gonna die

CarsonCity judge tatro This fucker is dead

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judge tatro is gonna get whats coming very soon

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judge tatro cho moMost people around Carson City know Judge John Tatro has no law degree and has to breathalyze before taking the bench.

This so called “Judge” Tatro is a train-wreck also involved in other sex sandals that caused the shooting of his front door Like his butt buddy DA Neil Rombard who screwed his deputy DA and caused his divorce both these creeps need to go ASAP.


See the latest news on the corrupt court here – More scandals at the notoriously corrupt Carson City Courthouse – This time corrupt Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”

This piece of shit “judge” Tatro is nothing more than a liar,an alcoholic and recent statements from “confidential informants” claim Tatro is a “child molester”and had homosexual sexual relations with a young man he paid for sex.

We stand by the claim and even have the name of the victim. judge tarto sex offender

The CCSO knows who the informant is and the victim, they do nothing so we protested the FBI to investigate the mandatory complaint of “child molestation by John Tatro.

The CCSO (Carson City Sheriff) has the recording from the jail cell where the information and names were given to Ty Robben who has reported this crime but the CCSO just ignores Robben.

the local newspaper also has been failing to report the corruption: Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW censoring the news again?

tatro corrupt

tatro chomo

One thing “Judge” Tatro does is retaliate against people who criticize him. I was thrown in jail for alleged “libel”  by this corrupt mentally deranged son of a bitch.

The charges were dismissed because what I said was true including that fact Tatro needs to breathalyze before he takes the bench and he had an affair with a court clerk which led to the shooting of his front door.

The piece of shit Tatro filed a false criminal complaint as retaliation because according to his complaint, his wife is upset.

Good she should divorce you because you are a scumbag. Maybe Tatro should consider suicide? 

Ty Robben can assure the readers that this information is legit and he can back it up.

We stand by the claim and even have the name of the victim. 

judge tatro scandals
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Child sexual abuse
“Child sex offender” redirects here. For sex crimes committed by children, see Juvenile sex crimes.

kill cho mosChild sexual abuse or child molestation is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation.[1][2] Forms of child sexual abuse include asking or pressuring a child to engage in sexual activities (regardless of the outcome), indecent exposure (of the genitals, female nipples, etc.) to a child with intent to gratify their own sexual desires or to intimidate or groom the child, physical sexual contact with a child, or using a child to produce child pornography.[1][3][4]

Child sexual abuse can occur in a variety of settings, including home, school, or work (in places where child labor is common). Child marriage is one of the main forms of child sexual abuse;UNICEF has stated that child marriage “represents perhaps the most prevalent form of sexual abuse and exploitation of girls”.[5] The effects of child sexual abuse can include depression,[6]post-traumatic stress disorder,[7] anxiety,[8] complex post-traumatic stress disorder,[9] propensity to further victimization in adulthood,[10] and physical injury to the child, among other problems.[11] Sexual abuse by a family member is a form of incest, and can result in more serious and long-term psychological trauma, especially in the case of parental incest.[12]

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Corruption (Carson) City District Attorney Rombardo will not seek 3rd term – the corruption caught up with him

Neil Rombardo corrupt

Carson City District Attorney Rombardo will not seek 3rd term according to KRNV news http://www.mynews4.com/news/local/story/District-Attorney-Rombardo-will-not-seek-3rd-term/B-dlTQatUUy4JGpeKGZbPA.cspx

Here’s the story that helped Rombardo get the message to quit https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/carson-city-da-neil-rombardo-tries-to-justify-his-incompetence-against-complaint-this-extreme-virtually-unprecedented-delay-should-alarm-carson-city.neil rombardo scandal

Plus, the dude is getting divorced because he screwed one of his … See Wild wild west law here http://wildwildlaw.blogspot.com/2010/01/friday-open-thread.html.

And Carson City Judge John Tatro caught lying on the witness stand – DA Neil Rombardo caught giving Judge John Tatro a “hand job” during testimony! See http://wp.me/p2cFpU-Qd

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KRNV & MyNews4.com) — Carson City District Attorney Neil A. Rombardo will not seek a 3rd term as the District Attorney of Carson City. Rombardo intends to serve until the end of his term in 2014. He hopes to see the 5 pending murder cases through to completion.

neil rombardo is an fucked up asshole

I love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning.  …The smell of victory.

District Attorney Neil Rombardo isn’t running for a third term.

“I want to thank the people I work with in the district attorney’s office,” he said in a news release Thursday. “They are an impressive team of professionals dedicated to making Carson City a better place.

“I also want to thank the voters of Carson City for giving me the opportunity to serve the community. It has been an honor to act as their district attorney for the last seven years.”NEIL ROMBARDO TAKES IT UP THE ASS

He said he has accomplished many of the things he set out to do and that “after a lengthy discussion with my children, I’ve concluded that there are more effective ways that I can serve my family and the community.”

He didn’t say what his plans are, but he said he intends to complete his term through the end of 2014, when his term ends, including prosecuting the five open murder cases working their way through the Carson City district courts.

Rombardo said his decision is best for his family. He has two children, both teenagers.

“I absolutely love the job, but I feel like it’s best for my family not to be on the campaign trail five-six days a week,” he stated.

He said prosecution of David Mitchell for murder in 2006 is one of his proudest accomplishments. That murder occurred in 1982 and was considered a “cold case” with little likelihood it would be solved.

Before his election as DA, Rombardo was a senior deputy in the Nevada Attorney General’s office.

The shooter of Judge Tatro’s door found? Judge Tatro caught in sex triangle revenge scandal?



Carson City Sheriff COVER UP – NEW UPDATE 08/10/2013:
Carson City Sheriff COVER UP

Carson City Sheriff COVER UP

We reported that a credible source presented credible information, a jailhouse confession concerning the shooter of Carson City Judge Tatro. Now the Sheriff confirms parts of the story and attempts to cover it up –  Is the Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting after admitting that the alleged shooter confessed? Hell YES

The Carson City Sheriff was informed of the information and conducted an investigation the first week of September 2013. The results of the Carson City Sheriff investigation confirmed that the information we provided was true, but that the target was a straw man judge because it was not Judge Tatro or any other Judge.

A person in the Carson City jail was bragging to others to be the shooter of Judge John Tatro’s front door in December 2012. However, the Sheriff is saying that this person made up the story and really shot into another Carson City Judges home with a BB gun. However, it was not one of the four Carson City Judges and the Judge was not named.

This makes no sense and is the typical “straw man” cover up.

This makes no sense and is the typical “straw man” cover up.  Who was the Judge? Was the person arrested and charged for the BB  gun shooting? No – There is no Sheriff report or court records. What was the motive? The Sheriff confirmed the shooters mom did work at the Carson City Courthouse and this supports the belief that there was some kind of sexual affair going on and the 19 year old shooter was upset and shot at the Judges front door.

The official Sheriff explanation is not credible. We have reported this the the local news and FBI to get real answer. We believe the story we presented here: The shooter of Judge Tatro’s door found? Judge Tatro caught in sex triangle revenge scandal?


judge tatro shooting

judge tatro shooting

The shooter of Judge Tatro’s door found? We hear they caught the shooter, a 19 year old who which

Judge John Tatro was caught in sex triangle with a Carson City court clerk? jp tatro ruthless and toothless

Developing story… Check back soon.

UPDATE: We have the name of the person and we’re investigating and trying to get the Nevada Appeal to cooperate.

There are conflicting stories, with the Appeal saying the Sheriff says the shooter has not been identified. Yet we have a people from Carson City who were in jail with the alleged shooter who told them and bragged he was the shooter and the reason why…. Tatro, the home wrecker,  ruined his family and slept with his mom. He was upset and shot Tatro’s front door and did other damage not reported (threw rocks in car windows). So is this a jailhouse rumor, or the real thing.

judge-john-tatro-end-the-god-damn-corrutionWe can’t make this shit up.

Now that we have names, we can get case numbers and figure this out. Tatro is also widely known to locals to have to take a breathalyzer before getting on the bench, as well as the former judge Roby Willis who is rumored to have also had to take a breathalyzer before getting on the bench.

Both Tatro and Willis never had law degrees or were lawyers prior to being voted justice o the peace. This is confirmed true and even noted on their bios on the court website. Or just look at the Nevada State Bar website and they are not listed because they don’t have a license to practice law!

Here’s the story from last December:

Carson City authorities ask for help in finding person who shot at judge’s home
Submitted by Jeff Munson on Tue, 12/11/2012 – 3:05pm

Carson City authorities continue to investigate an early Tuesday morning shooting in which Justice Court Judge John Tatro’s home was hit with gunfire.

judge tatro shooting videoFor video go here: http://www.mynews4.com/mostpopular/story/Home-of-Justice-Court-Judge-shot-at-in-Carson/Rtlbazy7GkOMSC72cGbHaw.cspx

A 911 call was made at 4:24 Tuesday morning where judge Tatro told dispatch that someone had fired shots into his home. When deputies arrived they were unable to locate any suspects but did find two bullet holes in the front door of the residence. Judge Tatro head up his ass

The bullets passed through the front door traveling out the rear window hitting the back fence. No one in the residence was injured. At this time investigators have not identified any suspects or motive for the shooting.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said there is no “solid suspect” at this time and is looking to the public for help.

“Somebody knows something about this that will lead to the shooter,” Furlong said.judge tatro sex scandal

Extra security has been placed at the Carson City Courthouse and at the residence of all the Carson City judges.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is asking the community for help in the matter.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2008.


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