CORRUPT Gov. Sandoval: Decision About Political Future Coming ‘Very Soon’

brian-sandoval-bongNevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he plans to decide “very soon” on the next step in his political career.

The widely corrupt Republican has been saying he was laser-focused on getting a $1.1 billion tax plan and major education initiatives past state lawmakers. He scored a major victory when the Republican-dominated Legislature approved a tax hike and budget before closing down their 120-day session on Monday.

Sandoval’s name has been discussed as a potential candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Harry Reid, or as a vice presidential candidate.

The governor told reporters on Tuesday that he’s been ignoring outside political interests asking about his career prospects, but said an announcement will come in the near future.   (AP)

VIDEO: Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks has been arrested in California

Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks has been arrested in California (warning graphic)

BARSTOW, Calif. (AP) — 04/02/2013 Authorities say a former Nevada lawmaker who has had repeated trouble with the law is due in a California court after police say he led them on a freeway chase on the road from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Continue reading

Nevadagate by Guy Felton – Ombudsman for Nevada

Nevadagate a youtube series exposing Nevada government corruption  by GuyFelton – Ombudsman for Nevada.  These youtube videos dig into an array of Nevada government corruption, conspiracies and cover-ups. Guy Felton has helped the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement in his protesting efforts and his unique abilities to convey corruption in our youtube videos and his new series called Nevadagate. Please see Guy’s work below and visit his website

Guy Felton is WAS running for U. S. Congress in 2011. Hooray! In this video, Guy discusses the controversy and conspiracy  surrounding the former University of Nevada Reno (“UNR”) President Milton Glick who allegedly died of stroke at 73 – but was it really a suicide or murder?

Uploaded on May 28, 2011

Guy’s background includes: Marine Corps Reservist, Intelligence Operative, Police Officer, Classroom Teacher, Head of Negotiations for Nevada State Education Association (now having 27,000 members), Newspaper Columnist, Newspaper Photographer, Executive Jobsearch Consultant (Listed in “Who’s Who in America”), Volunteer Ombudsman for the People of Nevada (the latter resulting in being wrongfully arrested and jailed three times for legally challenging corrupt public officials in Washoe County including Commissioners Humke, Weber, and Larkin ~ as well as Washoe Manager Katy Simon, and Deputy D.A. Melanie Foster.)

Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption


Nevada government is permeated with a culture of corruption. Members of the state legislature meet for only 4 months every other year. This does not permit anything close to proper administration of the public affairs of Nevada’s 2.7-million residents.  Members of the upcoming 2013 legislative session are asked to answer tough-but-fair questions which might force changes for the better.
Part 2 of at least 3 intended parts

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Part 1 of at least 3 parts.
Questions are raised on this video regarding Nevada government’s dismal report card grades issued by the State Integrity Investigation, and about Nevada’s Hell-hole prisons Continue reading