Assemblyman Jim Wheeler talks to the Storey County GOP Central Committee in Lockwood last month.

Assemblyman Jim WheelerAssemblyman Jim Wheeler talks to the Storey County GOP Central Committee in Lockwood last month. Cynthia S. Kennedy photo By Cynthia S. Kennedy Virginia City News Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Storey County Republicans met on Saturday, August 10th, at the Senior Center in Lockwood, for a report by Assemblyman Jim Wheeler. He started with the opinion that,

“We did a pretty good job being in the minority there. Got a couple bills through that were good for us, but we need to take on the chairmanships of the committees as they’re run by Mason’s Rules in which the Chairman is king.” Wheeler went on to discuss AB 123, “This is one I didn’t like, the NV Energy Bill, it went through. Rates may go up 30 percent because of this. I voted against it.” On SB221, “I’m one of the biggest 2nd Amendment supporters in the Assembly.

The Governor didn’t sign this bill. The way the bill was written, my 12 yr old grandson would have required a background check to inherit his grandfather’s .22 gauge rifle, and had to have paid a user fee, or tax.” He went on to relate that there was good background check verbiage in the bill, but it was impossible to separate the positive from the negative.

He did remark that, “The biggest divide is not Republicans and Democrats, but north and south.

Las Vegas wants everything and they don’t care about the rurals!” Wheeler also included mining, wild horses, homeowners associations, Washoe County’s possible increase in property and sales taxes, and many more topics.

One surprise is that he and State Senator James Settelmeyer are going to try to introduce a bill to make Clark County into a district separate from the state. Wheeler talked with California Congressman, Tom McClintock about the issue, and said that,

“They (California) could have Vegas, and we’d get all of Lake Tahoe!”

Wheeler spoke for more than an hour.

Storey County Republicans’ next event is a potluck BBQ, planned for Saturday, Sept. 21st, at noon in the Highlands. Commissioner Bill Sjovangen is invited for a Q&A session, and all are invited — Democrats and Independents are welcome! Please RSVP for details and location to Cynthia Kennedy, at 847-9847 or

NV Senator James Settelmeyer receives Legislator of the Year award from ALEC

James Settlemyer

James Settelmeyer

SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE  MINDEN NEVADA– Several Nevada legislators just returned from Chicago, where the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, just held its 40th annual meeting. While there, Senator James Settelmeyer was selected with seven others to receive one of ALEC’s top honors, Legislator of the Year.

The Legislator of the year award is given to legislators who have demonstrated a dedication to the ALEC principles of limited government, federalism and free market principles.

ALEC National Chairman Representative John Piscopo of Connecticut said while presenting the award,  ”This award is given to legislators who have gone above and beyond their call of duty, who exemplify the principles of a leader and who others look to as pillars of hard work and honesty.  Leadership isn’t easy, and we should celebrate and support those lawmakers who are shining examples of strong leaders. The American Legislative Exchange Council created the Legislator of the Year Award to recognize those who have made the choice to courageously take the helms of leadership, who have embraced the strong principles that built America and who have found that intersection of happiness and moral duty.”

Senator Settelmeyer update;
From: Settelmeyer, James Senator <>
Sent: Sun, Aug 18, 2013 11:20 pm
Subject: CCW forum this Tuesday 9 am.

Senator Settelmeyer update,
The Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association will be holding a forum on conceal carry weapons permits this Tuesday at 9:00 am., in Carson City at the Legislative building room 1214.   This meeting will be video conferenced  to the Grant Sawyer building in Las Vegas, room 4401, as well as to Great Basin College in Elko, room 137.  To me this forum provides for a discussion on CCW permit issues, specifically changes the legislature has passed in the previous session.   That way people can stay informed on the newest laws on point.
9:00 AM
Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association Carry Conceal Weapon Permit Holders Forum
·         Room 1214 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, NV.
·         Videoconferenced to Room 4401 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV.
·         Videoconferenced to Room 137, High Tech Center, Great Basin College, 1500College Parkway, Elko, NV

Carson City and Douglas County Department of Alternitve Sentencing violated civil rights of pre-trial Defendants


Carson City DAS is Corrupt as hellEarlier we did a story on how the Carson City (as well as Douglas County) Department of Alternative Sentencing (“DAS”) is a fraud.

Here is an update to this DAS scandal:

Defendants under supervision by the Carson City, Nevada and/or Douglas County, Nevada DAS prior to July 01, 2013 were illegally deprived their Constitutional rights since DAS acted outside their jurisdiction pursuant to NRS 211A. Pre Trial Defendants were not defined as “Probationers” and DAS legally had no jurisdiction.

The 2013 Nevada Legislature passed SB101 which was signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval and made effective July 01, 2013. SB101 was to protect their asses, however the law is not retroactive i.e. ex post facto.

We have discovered that many people, pre-trial Defendants,  who were awaiting a trial (pre trial release) were illegally supervised by DAS prior to July 01, 2013 may have civil recourse in the federal courts under Title 42, Section 1983 for civil rights violations against the DAS, the State, the Judge, the county and individuals for acting under the color of law outside their jurisdiction.

The leading case on this matter is United States v. Scott: Should a Pre-Trial Releasee Be Subject to Fourth Amendment Searches and Seizures Based on Probable Cause or Reasonable Suspicion?
By Gina M. Muccio

The Ninth Circuit affirmed the United States District Court for the District of Nevada’s suppression of a shotgun and statements made by defendant, Raymond Lee Scott (Scott), as a violation of Scott’s Fourth Amendment rights.

The court held that the government may not conduct a search of an individual released while awaiting trial, based on less than probable cause even when his Fourth Amendment rights were waived as a condition of pre-trial release.

FEBRUARY 11, 2013
Referred to Committee on Judiciary
SUMMARY—Revises provisions relating to departments of
alternative sentencing. (BDR 16-464)
FISCAL NOTE: Effect on Local Government: No.
Effect on the State: No.
EXPLANATION – Matter in bolded italics is new; matter between brackets [omitted material] is material to be omitted.
AN ACT relating to departments of alternative sentencing;
authorizing a department of alternative sentencing to
supervise certain persons who are released from custody
before trial or sentencing; and providing other matters
properly relating thereto.
Legislative Counsel’s Digest:
SENATOR JAMES SETTELMEYER1 Existing law authorizes the governing body of each county or city to create a department of alternative sentencing for the purposes of supervising certain persons convicted of misdemeanors and serving suspended sentences or terms of residential confinement. (Chapter 211A of NRS) This bill: (1) authorizes a department of alternative sentencing to supervise persons charged with or convicted of misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors or felonies who have been released from custody before trial or sentencing, subject to the conditions imposed by the court; and (2) provides that such persons are generally subject to the same statutory provisions as the other persons currently supervised by a department of alternative
1 Section 1. NRS 211A.050 is hereby amended to read as
2 follows:
3 211A.050 “Court” means a court having jurisdiction over a Continue reading