SAM DEHNE OWNS YOUTUBE 4,500 Missions “Over” Reno govt meetings. And Still Counting. 

Sam DEHNE Uses His “Affluent” Brain to Explain Reno’s Effluent Water. Talks About New Police Chief

Sam Orders Reno to Hire Police Chief. Proves He’s Driving Force for Medical Marijuana. Boos

Sam DEHNE Hits 7 More Walk-Off Homers. Receives Spontaneous Smiley Faces and Accolades. Boos

DEHNE talks about Biggest Little Whorehouse in Nevada. Mustang. Tesla. Musk. giga-factory.

67,987views Sam DEHNE says he had a partner as Driving Force that brings Tesla to Reno

(765,098views)Legendary Watchdog DEHNE proves that Baseball brouhaha is smoke and mirrors.
Sam DEHNE says Reno Aces baseball settlement-brouhaha is stepping on pee-ants.

Sam DEHNE bets $100 that Reno council will approve the duplicated highway in Reno

Sam DEHNE Directs Reno to hire J. Soto as Permanent Police Chief. Save $100,000.

Sam DEHNE Watchdog does more for Reno in a Week that all Rest in month. (764,098 views)

drive forcePublished on Oct 7, 2014

764,098 views – DEHNE SPEAKS! “THEY” LISTEN!

What has Sam DEHNE succeeded in doing lately to add to his massive list of
govt Victories and Successes? (in no order of importance and not chronological)

1. Single-handedly saved Burning Man from being shut down or moved.

2. Single-handedly saved Nevada Air National Guard from extinction and/or transfer.

3. Driving Force in creation of Reno Discovery (Kids) Museum.

4. Driving Force in creation of Beer Crawls (now it’s time for a Sam Dehne Beer Crawl.. with Crawlers
pushing podiums down the streets)

5. Driving Force in hiring of Washoe and Reno County & City Managers
(some might not consider both of these as “successes”)

6. Driving Force in creation of Reno Kayak Course.

7. Driving Force force behind the creation of Jam On It Basketball tournaments.

8. Driving Force (starting last century [1998]) in creating the Reno Tahoe / Barracuda PGA Golf Tournament.

9. (2014) A Driving Force and Poster Child that brought Tesla battery factory to Reno. Only citizen who made myriad Public
Appearances with erudite testimony at Govt Meetings. (click here to watch some of DEHNE’s magnetic charm and gusto on Youtube)

(“Driving Force” means DEHNE was virtually the only person to go to govt Public Comment
at meetings and request or demand that bureaucrats obey his Directives on the Issues.)

Sam DEHNE The Driving Force for “Tesla to Reno” calls Nevada deal a Biblical Tragedy

Nasty Reno City Hall. They shut legendary govt Watchdog DEHNE’s microphone off again. This is not acceptable and a gross violation of Freedom of Speech. DEHNE has more to say in his 20m years of Watchdogging than all the other citizens added together. An honest attorney general would be incensed that this is happening.
And mayor Cashell’s demeanor captured on this video at the end is rather strange. And uncalled for.

Day-am, NOBODY knows as much about govt Watchdogging and exposing crooked media mouses as DEHNE

(754,876views) DEHNE reminds the “community leaders” why DEHNE is THE community leader. That govt and media mouses fear and envy.
DEHNE tells Truth about the State of Reno Report.. and media mouses.
150 (other) “community leaders” were at the gathering and not one got up to disagree with Sam. NOT ONE!
The fact that DEHNE is not mayor is bona fide
proof the vote stealing traitors are in control.

Dismantle the dishonest Reno Gazette cowards, Vote for CHAD DEHNE!

Published on Apr 8, 2014

(675,987 views) with its bogus anti-democratic attempt to manipulate and prostitute the Reno voting system. Despite the RGJ bullying tactics, DEHNE will be Reno mayor if there is and honest vote count.
Read about mayor DEHNE here:

See who’s leading Reno mayor debate ranking as of Monday

RGJ OpnionOn May 29, the Reno Gazette-Journal and KNPB will host two live televised debates with 10 of the 18 Reno mayoral candidates.

We are determining who will participate in those debates based on three equally weighted variables that will determine the 10 most viable candidates. Those variables are: the number of ballots cast in a candidate’s favor (you can get a ballot on page 2 of the Reno Gazette-Journal through May 20), the number of social media followers they have on their campaign Facebook and Twitter pages and the total level of campaign fundraising the candidate will report on May 20.

We will publish the rankings each day until we announce the top 10 candidates on May 21. (Until then, take our quiz on to see which Reno mayoral candidate you’re most like.)

Here’s how the candidates stood as of Monday afternoon:

1. Idora Silver

2. Robert Avery

3. Hillary Schieve (tie)

3. Eddie Lorton (tie)

5. Marsha Berkbigler

6. Raymond “Pez” Pezonella

7. Charles “Chuck” Reno

8. Sean Burke

8. Ken Stark

10. Ian Pasalich

———Cut off line for debate———-

11. Brian Lee Fleming

12. DeLores Aiazzi (tie)

12. Erik Holland (tie)

14. Chad Dehne

15. Tom Fitzgerald

16. Mark Markel

17. Larry Pizorno

18. Michael James Bertrand

Now, let’s break down that ranking, which is calculated by taking the average rank for each candidate in the three categories: ballots, social media and campaign fundraising (which won’t be reported until May 20).

So far, 952 ballots have been counted.

Here’s how the candidates rank in the number of ballots cast in their favor as of Friday afternoon.

Robert Avery (354 ballots)

Idora Silver (279)

Raymond “Pez” Pezonella (276)

Marsha Berkbigler (228)

Eddie Lorton (213)

Hillary Schieve (212)

Ian Pasalich (193)

Ken Stark (187)

Charles “Chuck” Reno (156)

Chad Dehne (115)

Erik Holland (113)

Sean Burke (106)

Tom Fitzgerald (103)

DeLores Aiazzi (101)

Larry Pizorno (85)

Mark Markel (74)

Michael James Bertrand (54)

Brian Lee Fleming (45)

And here’s how the candidates rank in terms of social media followers on their Facebook and Twitter campaign pages:

Hillary Schieve, 3,118 social media followers

Eddie Lorton, 1,457

Idora Silver, 1,295

Brian Lee Fleming, 875

Robert Avery, 817

Sean Burke, 759

Charles “Chuck” Reno, 754

Marsha Berkbigler, 673

DeLores Aiazzi, 570

Ken Stark, 556

Raymond “Pez” Pezonella, 436

Erik Holland, 389

Ian Pasalich, 362

Chad Dehne, 204

Mark Markel, 178

Tom Fitzgerald, 126

Michael James Bertrand, 122

Larry Pizorno, no known social media presence

The last metric we’ll use to rank the candidates will be their May 20 campaign finance report. Until then, there’s no ranking for this metric.

Sam Dehne tells Reno he saved Burning Man

“They” wanted to obliterate Burning Man.  Sam said “No”.  They didn’t.  The Burners owe Sam.  The RGJ fears Sam

Burning Man is an annual festival that began in 1986. Tens of thousands of people gather at the ‘Playa’ in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create a temporary wooden city dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. They depart a week later, leaving no trace whatsoever. Let it burn!

Sam Dehne chastises career politicians, the vote stealers who gave “them” Sam’s votes, and marijuana

Published on Aug 15, 2013

Here’s more of what that Air Force Academy Graduate/retired Fighter-Bomber pilot told them.
In the measly 3 minutes of Freedom of Speech the career politicians allow:…
And Sam’s been exposing govt mendacities for 20 years.. lots more (click):…
All of it extemporaneous and philanthropical.

Amazon names Reno one of the most patriotic cities, but San Dehne is the true Patriot

TreasonAmazon named of Reno, NV as most patriotic according to flag sales throughout the past two weeks.

The ranking is based on sales data of American-themed flags from Amazon’s Patio, Lawn & Garden Store from June 19, 2013 through July 2, 2013 on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents.

The number two and three cities were Alexandria, VA and Pasadena, CA, respectively.

Sam rules the podium where ever he goes. He’s extemporaneous and syncopated.
No teleprompters, makeup, or re-takes. Just the in your living room up close and personal TRUTH.
All he needs is one of those career politicians.. who is usauabout a “patriotic” as a flag and fireworks.. to get his adrenalin flowing. And that is not hard to do.

Sam Dehne = outspoken critic of Reno government and Nevada election vote fraud

Our local outspoken critic of Reno government is the one and only Sam Dehne. Sam brings his guitar to every single Reno City Council meeting and speaks out about the good, the bad and the ugly. Sam has run for government office and witnessed voter fraud. Please see Reno AM 1270 KBZZ the “BUZZ” the interview with radio host Panama.

Sam has also been harassed by the Reno police for speaking at the Reno City City Council meetings and on at least one occasion in 2009 Sam had guns pointed to his head by the Reno police! Please see the video where Reno Mayor Bob Cashell asks Sam if  “He got the message?”


PROOF of the “Vote” Stealing (click)

The Nevada vote counting freaks were able to calibrate and synchronize their secret computers to ensure that Sam received just about (for all practical purposes) the same 10% of the votes in each and every one of those 16 different, and far-flung, Nevada counties that were 100’s of miles apart.


And nobody should believe that a couple of relatively unknown political novices could possibly receive more votes than the erudite,  savvy, spunky, and charming Sam Dehne.
And even after the petty and contemptible prostitution of the Sacred voting system, the vote-stealing counters had a hard time figuring which of Sam’s opponents should get the votes they stole from Sam.


Sam posts each of his appearances at the city meetings on youtube. See Sam’s youtube channel.

Here are some of our favorite videos from Sam Dehne.

Uploaded by  on Aug 25, 2009 Sam Dehne went to the Joint meeting of Reno area gvmts…
and told them he was very upset with the Reno police pulling him over right in front of Reno city hall,
brandishing their guns, and pointing them at his head…. suggesting that Sam was in a stolen car.
The car was his own car.  And “this” short video portrays the gist of what happened.

Sam Denhe on the Panama radio show explaining his motivation for speaking and standing up to the rampant wholesale corruption in Reno, NV.  Sam covers the voter fraud and also brings his sense of humor and of course, his guitar.

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