Election 2014: Krueger, Woodbury square off in Carson City District Attorney race

A key issue in the battle to become Carson City’s next district attorney is a high staff turnover rate in the office.

“Over the past few years, I’ve just been kind of watching what’s happening in the DA’s office and it struck me Carson City could be better served,” Jason Woodbury said in an interview this week.

He said since 2007 the 21-person office has had 39 people leave.

“Some turnover is inevitable but this alarming rate means something is wrong,” Woodbury said. “The truth is Carson City has lost a lot of good people because the District Attorney’s office has not been a healthy place to work in recent years.”

He pointed to what he termed “bickering” between the DA’s staff and the state Public Defender’s office saying that would come to an end if he’s elected.

Assistant DA Mark Krueger, who is seeking the post being vacated by Neil Rombardo, said Woodbury is completely misreading the reason for the turnover in the DA’s office.

He said 10 of the 39 people left when the office closed down the child support unit. He said two lawyers went on to become judges including Justice of the Peace Tom Armstrong and one — Gerald Gardner — to become chief of staff to Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Several others went to Washoe and Douglas counties or the Attorney General’s office for higher pay and broader opportunities. A half dozen more moved out of the area, he said.

“Most of them left for better and different opportunities,” Krueger said, adding nearly all of that happened before he was hired two years ago.

Krueger said Woodbury seems to be running against Rombardo, not him.

Asked about that, Woodbury said Krueger has been assistant DA for a couple of years now, “long enough to give you an idea what an office under his leadership would look like.”

“Neil’s the DA but I think Krueger owns as much of the issues at this point,” he said.

In good part, the friction between the State Public Defender’s Office and the DA’s office is the fact Rombardo recommended essentially firing the state PDs and having the county set up its own public defenders staff.

Woodbury said Rombardo shouldn’t be offering an opinion about that.

“I think it’s completely inappropriate for the DA to take a position on how defense services are provided to indigent people in Carson City,” he said. “He’ll get asked a legal question in a meeting and he’ll start giving policy advice.”

Rombardo said he brought the issue to the Board of Supervisors because his office, like the rest of Carson City’s departments, was being asked to cut the budget 10 percent, and “I looked at the Public Defender and they were asking for a budget increase.”

Rombardo said a consultant confirmed his belief Carson City was paying a disproportionate share of the state PD’s budget and could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting rid of the state PD. The state PD office is funded by the counties that use the service.

The Board of Supervisors rejected the idea but it didn’t make for good relations between Rombardo’s staff and the Public Defender’s staff. Those relations are bad enough members of the PD staff have volunteered in Woodbury’s campaign, even manning his booth at events.

Both men have about the same amount of legal experience although Woodbury’s is mostly in the private sector and Krueger’s as a public lawyer.


Krueger has practiced law 15 years beginning as law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Bill Maupin, then as clerk for District Judges Mike Fondi and Bill Maddox. He was in the Attorney General’s office from 2001-2008 mostly handling civil litigation, then assistant DA in Lyon County for six years before coming to Carson as assistant two years ago.

He said he has extensive criminal experience — 40 jury trials including some of Carson City’s biggest in the past two years — a half dozen years of civil experience at the AG’s office and, through Lyon County, experience in handling the budget of a DA’s office.

“When I went into being the Assistant DA in Lyon County, I saw what you can do for the community to help protect it,” he said. “What it means to get justice. It means something to victims, means something to witnesses. At the end of the day when we get a resolution for them, they feel comforted.”

He said the DA has to be willing to prosecute cases and not let them slide through the cracks. He said David Stone, convicted last week of raping a 12-year-old boy, was first brought to the DA’s attention in 2006 before Rombardo was in the office when a mother complained her son was a victim.

“Had this office in 2006 just filed charges on the first victim that came forward and reported it, we wouldn’t have had four other known victims,” he said.

Krueger said he’s proud of the office’s victims and witness services program, which he said he has helped expand since arriving in Carson City.

“What I feel I’ve been able to accomplish in the last two years is bringing the whole office together as a team and really making it so that we try cases as a team, make decisions about prosecutions and how to help people as a team,” he said.

He said the office has “become a really happy place to work — people are excited about their jobs.”

Krueger said part of that is the training he has implemented — including having a team prosecute cases.

Krueger said he also has worked with sheriff’s investigators particularly to improve their interview skills.

He said he wants to further develop the business protection program to help the community stop embezzlement and other such crimes from happening in the first place.

Krueger said there will be changes if he’s elected: “I think the structure is good for the most part. But as the economy changes, your needs for your clients change. The needs of the supervisors, the city manager, department heads. You have to be flexible in the needs for your clients.”


Woodbury has practiced 16 years, beginning with the Carson DA’s office from 1999-2003. Since then, he has been primarily in business litigation.

He said he sees things in the office, “that need to be improved.”

“I want to talk to the folks there and find out what is in that office that’s making good people leave,” he said.

As for the office’s civil duties, he said: “When the supervisors ask a legal question or need legal guidance they should get it.

“We need to do a better job of giving the Board of Supervisors legal guidance and leave the policy decisions to them.”

He said he think’s its important the DA be someone with private practice experience.

“I think the judgment you get from representing big business, small business and individuals out in private practice is incredibly valuable in making the decisions you have to make as district attorney.”

He said despite his relatively brief tenure with the DA’s office, he has experience handling criminal cases including child sex cases and a murder case as well as cases before the Nevada Supreme Court.

“I don’t have any burning desire to be in politics,” Woodbury said. “If the DA’s office was running smoothly and things were going along well and I thought they were serving the community well, I wouldn’t run. But that’s not the case.”

He said everyone needs to follow a professional code: “When they’re just bickering because they don’t like the person on the other side or don’t respect the person on the other side, we’re just wasting effort on things that don’t have any place in a professional office.”

“In conjunction with retaining good people in the office, I think you’re going to see significant improvement in the work quality within the office,” Woodbury said.

He said the current office “has got good people.”

He also said Neil was “a good change” following a long tenure as DA by Noel Waters. But he said he thinks electing him would be another good change.

“I think he has done a number of admirable things with the office,” Woodbury said citing the victims and witness services program. “I think the office needs improvement but I will say I’m not going to change things just for the sake of changing them because there are good things that have happened.”

Early voting begins Saturday. The district attorney’s office is a nonpartisan office. The winner will serve a 4-year term.

source: http://www.nevadaappeal.com/news/13396108-113/office-woodbury-krueger-carson

Don’t get Kieckhefer’d again. Vote for the authentic conservative candidate, Gary Schmidt.

On April 20, 2010 on the Sam Shad Show (Nevada Newsmakers) then candidate Ben Kieckhefer said he will not vote to extend the sunset on the “temporary” $600 million tax hike that was passed in 2009.


Then Senate-candidate Ben Kieckhefer promises not to raise taxes in 2011. Kieckhefer specifically says he will not vote for extending the “sunset” taxes.

Original video from the April 20, 2010, edition of Nevada Newsmakers.

In fact, in spite of his promise (above), Ben Kieckhefer voted FOR extending the sunset TWICE — in effect, VOTED FOR A HUGE TAX INCREASE twice — once in the 76th session (2011)  immediately after his promise never to do so, and again in the 77th session (2013) of the legislature.
Instead of discussing the issues, instead of running on the issues, his ads consist of infantile personal attacks:
Whom is this silliness supposed to convince? Do his handlers really think they are talking to low information voters in s REPUBLICAN primary? How low is their opinion of REPUBLICAN primary voters?
Here are two new Gary Schmidt radio spots running on five stations, in response.
Gary R. Schmidt – Republican Candidate for Senate District 16
Southern Washoe County and Carson City
Click Here for the Nevada Appeal Story
Campaign Speech at Conservative Talk Luncheon (YouTube video)
Ben Kieckhefer “Had my first NASCAR experience today in Las Vegas with a few good friends.”
Many northern Nevada Republicans (Douglas, Carson, Washoe) went to our Republican Conventions Saturday, working tireless throughout the day, all the while our elected good-ol-boys had a grand time playing with cars and Tweeted this wonderful picture.
Kieckhefer works for Lobbyist/Law Firm (audio)
What Kieckhefer stands for VS What I stand for (audio)
Summary of \Issues and Stances (audio)
Gary speaks to North Shore Tahoe Community (YouTube Video)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio) 60 seconds

Links To Important Nevada Documents

Nevada State Constitution NRS 239 Nevada Public Records Law NRS 241 Nevada Open Meeting Law NRS 281A Nevada Ethics Law Nevada Ethics Commission Web Site
I Believe in:

  • Limited Govenment and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Strong Supporter of “Right to Bear Arms”
  • Local and Parental Control of Education
  • Eliminating Overly Burdonsome Regulations
  • Promoting Agriculture and Rural Tourism

  • I will NOT be a party to Elitist Special Interest back room deals
  • I will stand at the door of Governance & Welcome ALL THE PEOPLE
  • I will at all times respect the WILL & WISDOM of the PEOPLE
  • I will at all times Honor the Open Meeting Law & the Public Records Law & work diligently to strengthen & expand them
  • I will NOT GO ALONG just to GET ALONG
  • I will be a Representative OF and FOR ALL of the PEOPLE
ELECTED OFFICIALS MUST STRIVE TO WELCOME, ENCOURAGE, AND FACILITATE CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN THE REGULATION AND CONTROL OF THEIR GOVERNMENT!The process of Government is broken and we are in financial crisis. Most residents have little or no confidence or respect for Officials, whether elected or bureaucrats. Without immediate and corrective measures our quality of life will continue to plummet out of control. At the same time we have the pressures of increased taxes, fees, costs, & deficits.
It is not to late to take corrective actions, but it is the eleventh hour, and WE THE PEOPLE must move immediately to begin to resume control of OUR government.

To Email me click here gary@reformnevadapolitics.com or call me at 775-622-4670HOME


CARSON NOW: Carson City sheriff’s candidates square off on Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

With early voting in Nevada’s primary election beginning Saturday, Carson City residents learned more about some of the philosophies of candidates in the contested races during Wednesday night’s candidate forum hosted by the Carson City Chamber of Commerce.

The Performance Hall of the BAC was a full house for the forum, with hardly an empty seat found for the first segment where the candidates for sheriff were questioned. The audience was reduced to about half after the sheriff’s candidate portion ended.

During the forum the four candidates for sheriff squared off on topics such as staffing, drugs, and budgets. There was one agreement among candidates when it came to the city’s intense crackdown with gangs over the past four years.

Ken Furlong, up for re-election as sheriff, said four years ago the city was facing issues with a growing number of gangs in town. Gang activity has since been virtually non-existent and it was the department and the support of Douglas and Lyon County law agencies and community organizations that were responsible for the success of the crackdown.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


“When was the last time you heard about gangs in Carson City? The answer is four years ago,” said Furlong.

Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.


Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.

A question was posed about how the budget has been justified given that the crime rate is going down.

Candidate Deputy Don Gibson said 12 positions were lost in the 2010 budget, and that the administration should have cut into administration more to pay for line level officers on the street instead of promoting a captain.

The money for the captain’s salary could have been split to pay for two patrol deputies, said Gibson. He said the nearly $16 million budget is a sufficient amount for the department to run on, but that he would allocate the money more wisely by hiring less administrators and more line level employees.

Candidate Sgt. Daniel Gonzales said he would not fill assistant sheriff positions if elected and would instead use the savings to pay for costs associated with the department’s aging fleet of vehicles and new technology. He said the administration side of the agency has become “top heavy” and that he would use the budget more creatively for better patrol vehicles and more officers on the street. He said he would look for creative ways to make cuts so that both middle schools would have police officers assigned to them.

The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

Ty Robben Excellent idea by Dan at 31:24 to have the CCSO Deputies wear body audio/video cameras to help abate the rampant, wholesale corruption by some bad CCSO Deputies… They should also wear these in the jail too. Too many beatings and planted evidence and stuff like that with the CCSO. The cameras have help in notorious corrupt police departments like New Orleans and the LAPD. The CCSO has a corruption problem as Dan and the other candidates have discussed and the community is concerned about the police state, rights being violated and the cost of the lawsuits.

Ty Robben The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

At 30:55 Daniel Gonzales talks about inmate processing fees – what is this? why would an inmate pay a fee Mr. Gonzales? Where does all the money go from the $1.09 top Ramen you sell in the commissary at a 1,000% mark up along with the other junk food inmates have to buy to keep from starving? Lorne please bring this up, the CCSO makes big money off the inmates. The CCSO also get federal money or inmates too.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out the CCSO is operating a very, very low to no standards to the services and accountability and CCSO needs better transparency at 22:55

Ty Robben Don Gibson points out CCSO Deputies have low morale under Furlong at 20:50

Ty Robben Furlong covers up crime in Carson City and does not report “gang” crime. This is a fact, and lets criminals of the hook like they did when let let Keith urr of the hook for running meth or the “gangs” along with a felon in possession of 60 loaded AR15 and AK47 machine guns. Just Google Keith Furr on Carson Now and the Appeal and read and then see my story on Nevada State Personnel WATCH by searching for Keith Furr. Furlong also does not go after drug (meth and heroin) dealers because he makes money from this according to inside sources, or shall I say confidential informants. The jail is poorly managed, inmates do not get their meds or proper medical care. There are problems with the food and water and inmates have been poisoned there. This is unacceptable. Lorne Houle knows this first hand and should use his platform to expose the corruption the others candidates will not.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out “we need to bring back the trust in the community” at 13:54 – This is a good point as trust in the CCSO is very low. Please see my website Nevada State Personnel Watch where I point out some serious concerns about the CCSO under the current regime. As many Carson City residents know i was recently released from 6 long months in Furlongs jail where he had me in the “hole” or trumped up charges against his friend Judge John Tatro. All charges against me were dismissed by the Douglas County DA after the Carson City DA Mark Krueger was kicked off the case since I have filed FBI complaints against him and I am currently in Federal Court with pending legal action against them. The list of concerns with the CCSO under Furlong are too long to add here, so please see my website and vote for anyone but Furlong.

lorne Houle Very well spoken candidates!!! When I went up on stage, I couldn’t remember what to say… So instead, I kept saying “ummm” and “you know” WAY too much… lol. Great questions although I couldn’t answer some of them since I’m not yet part of the Sheriff’s Department and not privileged to “department drama”.

Candidate Lorne Houle said he would cut his own salary by half if elected, with cost savings to go toward more energy efficient police vehicles. He also noted there could be a cost savings in the department if cuts were made at the jail, placing more people on house arrest for non-serious crimes, thus freeing up jail staff salaries.

Furlong said in the last six months the sheriff’s office removed a captain’s position and back filled it with two deputies. It had an assistant sheriff retire and that position was not filled and a forensics position went from a sworn position to a non-sworn position. The agency has already done what the candidates are saying should be done, Furlong said.

He noted the Sheriff’s Office runs efficiently around 3 percent below what is allowed in the budgets. Furlong said the fleet of vehicles the department has have been maintained, saying “sometimes it is better to hold off a year,” when purchasing vehicles, because money could be better spent elsewhere.

Candidates were asked about what changes they would make to the department.

Gonzales said he would enhance what the agency has and take it to the next level. He said he would utilize the sheriff’s reserves more and noted that if the department is running 3 percent of the budget annually, than it ought to have better equipment. He noted that recently a canister of pepper spray that was used in the jail and had a stamp on it that said use before 2003. “We should be providing employees equipment to serve you better.” He also advocated the need for technology upgrades including body cameras.

Furlong noted changes are already being made at the department for next year. Management has been rolled back, due to retirements and attrition, countering a criticism earlier that administration had become top heavy. He said that half of the cuts from 2010 were not from the front line and that the supervisors do work as patrol officers as well. He noted the agency is running as lean as it can and will continue to run lean.

Gibson said he would like to see staffing go to 7 deputies on the street instead of the minimum level of 4 deputies. He said he would pay for the additional officers on the street by cutting adminstration-level officer positions. Gibson also said he would eliminate a numbers based management philosophy where there is a mindset that officers need to be writing more tickets, saying “it turns the very same people who we serve and protect into the victims of our production.”

Houle said he would strengthen the relationship in the community between the agency and the officers on the street. He said there are two groups of people, those who are friends of the department and those in the community who are nervous and skeptical of the agency. He said he represents those who are skeptical, and thinks officers give too many tickets and are policing the wrong people, including low level drug users. He said that drug users are not criminals but are treated like them, saying there needs to be more services for drug addicts instead of throwing them in jail.

Though there wasn’t a direct question posed, there was disagreement on the way the Sheriff’s Office special enforcement team is being run. Gibson, a former SET officer, noted the agency spends too much going after the low-level drug users instead of focusing on the bigger problem, the drug dealers themselves.

He noted that the department ought to be targeting drug suppliers because of the assets they have that can be seized. By taking the assets such as homes and vehicles, less taxpayer money would be spent on drug enforcement because the assets from drug dealers would pay for the SET team.

Gonzales said he would add another officer to the SET team. He said the SET philosophy is that the low-level drug offenders are typically the ones breaking into homes and businesses to pay for their drug habits and therefore it is essential to work to get them off the streets. He said the Tri-Net task force, which handles the high level drug sellers, needs to be held accountable for going after those with large sums of drug money.

“We know the drugs are coming in, let the people who focus on that do their job,” he said.

The candidates were asked about mental health and law enforcement issues. Furlong noted the city as well as the state and nation are dealing with issues of mental illness and policing and actively working on crisis intervention, which is being done in Carson City with mental health now incorporated into response plans. “We are working collaboratively with every agency we possibly can,” said Furlong.

Gonzales noted that he is a trained Crisis Intervention Instructor and he teaches staff. He said he would work to take the CIT program to the next level with mobile health units to better address suicide calls. Houle noted that drug addiction and mental illness are illnesses and that they should not be treated like criminals. He said mental health subjects should not be kept in jail but put in group homes where they can be given the help they need.

GOOD IDEA: Carson City Sheriff candidate Daniel Gonzales suggests CCSO deputies wear audio/video cam recorders

ImageCarson City Sheriff candidate Daniel Gonzales suggests CCSO deputies wear audio/video cam recorders at the Carson City Chamber of Commerce forum May 21 2014.

Excellent idea by Dan at 31:24 to have the CCSO Deputies wear body audio/video cameras to help abate the rampant, wholesale corruption by some bad CCSO Deputies… They should also wear these in the jail too. Too many beatings and planted evidence and stuff like that with the CCSO.

We think this is a very, very good idea, but they will still tamper with the audio/video like the did with Mike Weston.

Can Cop-Worn Cameras Restore Faith In CARSON CITY like they did with the  New Orleans Police?

Lt. Travis St. Pierre, of the New Orleans Police Department, shows off a body-worn camera during a press conference in January.

Lt. Travis St. Pierre, of the New Orleans Police Department, shows off a body-worn camera during a press conference in January.
Brett Duke/The Times-Picayune/Landov

These days, the department is trying to rebuild the public’s trust — which is where the body cameras come in.

Officer Johnny Brumfeld, responding to a call in the French Quarter, has one of the cameras mounted on his chest. He’s supposed to record almost all interactions with the public: “Whenever there’s a call for service, right before I engage in contact with the party that calls or any self-initiated contact,” he says.

An ‘Unvarnished’ Record Of Events

The department brass want the public to notice the cameras.

“It’s just a win-win,” says Ronal Serpas, New Orleans’ superintendent of police. He’s trying to convince a federal court that the police department has changed — that it’s reformed enough to get out from under a federal consent decree. The cameras are one way of demonstrating the department’s spirit of transparency.

“The body-worn camera can help us have that unvarnished re-creation of what happened,” Serpas says. “It’ll give supervisors an opportunity to say something along the lines of, you know, ‘Mrs. Smith, our officers did not treat your son poorly, and we actually have evidence to that now.’ Or, ‘You’re right, we did not do a good job.’ “

But what happens if an officer stops recording — say, right before Mrs. Smith’s son gets roughed up? The chief says that kind of “selective recording” won’t be tolerated.

“Clearly, if an officer was to interrupt that by their choice and they didn’t do it any other day that week, they haven’t done it any other day that month, it’s gonna raise a lot of suspicion,” Serpas says.

The department’s body camera rules do not spell out the penalty for failing to record, though Serpas says a cop can be fired for being untruthful.

Continue reading

The Nevada gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014, vote Brain Sandoval out!

The Nevada gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014. Incumbent Brian Sandoval (R) is running for re-election.[1] The winner of the election will serve a 4-year term in office.vote

Nevada has a closed primary system, in which the selection of a party’s candidates in a primary election is limited to registered members of that party.


Note: The following list of candidates is not official and will continue to be updated until the 2014 candidate filing deadline. Candidates will be added as we come across them prior to the deadline. If you see a name of a candidate who is missing, please email us and we will add that name. As the election draws closer, more information will be added to this page.

Brian Sandoval with his bong

Brian Sandoval with his bong

Race background

Sandoval won election in 2010, a year when Republicans were trending to the far-right, leading to the election of controversial GOP governors such as Florida’s Rick Scott and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker. Two years into Sandoval’s term, meanwhile, he remained mostly out of the national spotlight due to his pragmatic, low-key approach and willingness to work with both sides of the aisle. With the national Republican Party in rebuilding mode, Sandoval offered an example in contrast to the more aggressive approach taken by the GOP in recent years.[6]

See also

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2014 Candidates for Carson City Sheriff elections


See related story: Jason Woodbury announces 2014 run for Carson City District Attorney against Corrupt Assistant DA Mark Krueger

Corrupt Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong will seek re-election in 2014, there are three other options listed below to consider first.

Carson City Republican Central Committee Candidate Forum February 27, 2014, Part 1

Carson City District Attorney: Mark Krueger & Jasson Woodbury (9:00)
State Treasurer: Dan Schwartz (28:25)
State Attorney General Adam Laxalt (19:00)
Carson City Sheriff: Kenny Furlong (43:30), Don Gibson (50:30) & Daniel Gonzales (54:00)

Kenny Furlong 2014 candidate for Sheriff

Corrupt Kenny Furlong 2014 candidate for Sheriff

In Nevada you can still vote for “none of the above”.


Kenny Furlong is not open and transparent. In fact, Furlong’s office is directly not returning calls to the media about the judge John Tatro shooting incident where the shooter made a jailhose confession.

He said the sheriff’s office has faced some significant events during this term in office — chief among them the shootings at IHOP. He said he thinks his leadership has enabled the department to meet those challenges “with efficiency and extreme effectiveness.”

Furlong said his tenure has featured programs designed to target gang activity and drug use as well as underage drinking.

He said he has maintained an open administration, frequently patrolling the streets and listening to the needs of the community. Furlong said he has worked closely with city government to achieve results and helped create critical data systems to base resource allocation on factual information.

Furlong said he believes strongly in public contact, saying, “the continuous exchange of information serves as a basis for an effective and efficient law enforcement agency.”

He said programs such as Drug Abuse Resistance Education, citizen academies, anti-gang and expanded regional cooperation have all have helped with crime prevention, as have events such as Cops and Kids Dinner, Open House Kids Street Fair, National Night Out and the Extreme Motor Challenge.

He said he wants to begin new initiatives he hopes will being more benefits including giving those with mental health obstacles a stronger protective role in Carson City schools and creating a permanent fixture in the sheriff’s office for alternative juvenile discipline and beginning a rural open space patrol.

Furlong, a Carson City native, graduated from Carson High in 1975. He retired from the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations in 1998. He was a detective sergeant with the Department of Public Safety’s Major Crimes Unit before being elected sheriff in 2002. He is seeking his fourth four-year term.

Furlong is married and has two children and two grandchildren.

See Furlongs Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com/reelectkennyfurlong

See more on this fella here: https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/carson-city-sheriff-kenny-furlong-needs-to-be-asked-the-real-questions/

Carson City Sheriff Kenny furlong needs to be asked the real questions. This guy and his deputies arecorrupt as hell and the Sheriff is one big RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) operation. Please read the circa 2006 Topox called “Corrupt Law enforcement in Carson City Nevada” by Patty Pruett, Dayton Nevada.  We’ll post some of the text at the bottom of this story.  We also uncovered a Grand Jury investigation suggestion ALL CARSON CITY SHERIFF personnel should be DRUG TESTED.

Some of this may seem outlandish until you remember these things happened in 1989 South Lake Tahoe when thecity mayor named Terry Trupp was busted for a major cocaine trafficking cartel and just recently Johnny Poland of the SLTPD was hooked up on charges of obstructing justice, evidence tampering and aiding and embedding the “Mexican Moffia” in South Lake Tahoe.See our other website at http://SLTPDwatch.wordpress.com

Kenny will you do a show with us and our video cameras? …And why did you come into my cell two times and give me a “stink eye” death look? Is it true what you deputies are saying about you?

Published on Mar 26, 2013 Watch Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong answer important questions from some influential women in our community

Kenny Furlong stated his position on “gun control” where he did elaborate that because of the Ihop shootings, he would be compelled to confiscate firearms in Carson City, NV. Although, he believes it won’t happen and he was primary focused on multi-round auto and semi-auto firearms.

Gun Control at 20:00 – Kenny wants to ban weapons (at least assault style weapons) because of the Ihop incident. In that case a Norinco MAK90 was modified from semi to fully auto. Other Sheriff Associations from around the State of Nevada and the rest of the union are fully supporting the US Constitution and 2nd amendment rights, Sheriff Furlong is not.

Below are Nevada Sheriffs that support gun rights:

  1. Ed Kilgpore Humboldt NV
  2. Benjamin D. Trotter Churchill NV
  3. Tony DeMeo Nye NV

methadoneSo, Kenny what’s the Sheriff’s role in alleged distribution with meth, heroin and other drugs and drug dealers in Carson City?

Is your daughter Kendra Furlong fully recovered from her battles with crank (meth) addiction?

kenny furlong

Sheriff Furlong and Kendra Furlong – Crystal Darkness

Is the Sheriff office under any investigations? Rumors are rampant that federal grand money is “missing”? We heard the FBI was investigation misappropriation of funds related to Kenny Furlong using the Carson City “credit card” to pay for friends vehicles impounds after DUI’s (which were covered up)… Is this true?

We hear of many “cover ups” and other “scandals” concerning the Carson City Sheriff’s department including last years incident with former NDOT Director, Susan Martinovich where it’s alleged the Sheriff covered up that factSusan Martinovich essentially was involved in a  “hit and run” and the victim was actually charged with trumped up charges that were later dropped. This seems like a blatant attempt to cover-up Susan Martinovich’s criminal involvement in that incident, correct?

Kenny Furlong, you did go to Carson City High School, correct (you talk about that in carson high schoolthe video).  Interesting thatSusan Martinovich and Justice of the Peace Judge John Tatro all went to the same High School and played significant roles in the hit and run coverup. What’s your take on that Furlong?

Kenny Furlong and Neil Rombardo gay?

In recent photo shots, you Kenny furlong seem to hanging out with Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo a lot. We’ve seen you dancing with the stars along with Neil Rombardo and giving blood with him as well. Are you gay? What exactly is your “friendship” with Neil Rombardo? Seems like there should be a better “separation of power” in such a small incestuous little city like Carson.

We hear of food poisoning and unsafe and inhumane conditions and treatment of inmates at your Carson City jail. We note that statistics show 20% of incarcerated people are actually innocent. Regardless of innocence or guilt, the facts show that there are a high number of alleged “suicides” hangingthat occur in the Carson City jail. Released inmates report tainted food with drugs including methadone. The showers have excessive mold and airborne insects and diseases like MRSA skin infection is rampant in the Carson City jailhouse. We hear that a medical malpractice and civil rights lawsuit is imminent against you and the Carson City court system including Judge John Tatro…

What exacly is Kenny Furlong’s position on gun owners rights? We understand he agrees with the Obama administration.

Finally, with all this controversy, what are your plan Kenny Furlong for the future? Do you plan on staying in law enforcement or are you getting your affairs in order to go to prison?

Women to Women interviews Phyllis Furlong, wife of Kenny

Daniel Gonzales enters race for Carson City Sheriff

Submitted by Jeff Munson on Wed, 01/08/2014 – 8:07pm



Carson City Sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel Gonzales announced Wednesday his candidacy for sheriff of Carson City.

Gonzales says he is running for sheriff with the goal of increasing integrity, transparency and accountability in the Sheriff’s Office, as well as restructuring the department to put more officers on patrol and use monies to better protect and serve Carson City and its residents.

Also in the race are incumbent Sheriff Ken Furlong and Carson City Sheriff’s Office Deputy Don Gibson.

“It’s important that we have the best people protecting our families and children in Carson City,” said Gonzales in a news release. “I will make the safety of our community my top priority if elected to Carson City Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Office is not evolving, due to insular decision making and a lack of outside input and perspective.”IMG_20140426_124619

Gonzales said he would raise standards for training of deputies and reserve deputies, so they are better equipped to respond to all situations. Gonzales said he would raise hiring and promotion standards to insure the most qualified applicants serve the department.

If elected, Gonzales said he is committed to upgrading technology to make it easier to report crimes, investigate crimes and share information with the public; allowing for faster response times.

“We need to focus on integrity, transparency and accountability in Carson City law enforcement,” Gonzales said. “I support creating the Office of Professional Standards and Integrity to ensure this department and our staff are held to the highest standards because that’s what the residents of Carson City deserve.”

Gonzales said he is committed to increasing efficiency and will work to eliminate redundant and unnecessary positions.

“I have already identified over $600,000 in funds that I will reorganize in the budget to get more deputies out on the streets to keep our communities safe from drugs and gangs” said Gonzales.

With these re-allocated funds he would collaborate with the Board of Supervisors to create a new investigator position to focus on crimes against children, elder abuse and elder exploitation cases. In addition Gonzales said he is dedicated to making schools safer and providing safety education to students.

Among his plans for schools, Gonzales’ agenda includes adding two new school resource deputies to the middle schools with some of his re-allocated budget. The deputies sole responsibilities would be to serve at our schools.

Gonzales said he would also dedicate deputies to a full-time traffic management team, whose primary function will be traffic enforcement and education. Gonzales wants to implement a Teen Distracted Driving Program. This program is an opportunity to educate new drivers and their parents to clearly understand their responsibility when a teenager starts to drive. This class would cover traffic laws, the provisional license restrictions and safety education.

Gonzales has written numerous grants for the Sheriff’s Office which total more than $450,000, which went towards gang suppression, digital forensics equipment, Youth Alcohol Enforcement, youth services, drug interdiction operations and safety equipment, according to the news release.

Gonzales has a long history of excellence within the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and strong commitment to public safety having served the citizens of Carson City for over 10 years. He was named Rookie of the Year in 2005, Deputy of the Year in 2009 and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal in 2011. Gonzales has devoted his career to making Carson City a safer community.

Gonzales has been on the Department’s Gang unit, SET team, Field Training Officer, Explorer Executive Advisor, SWAT / Sniper, Detective, Hostage Negotiator – team leader, For 6 years Gonzales has written and coordinated the Department’s Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) grant.

According to the news release, he educates persons responsible for serving alcohol and reduces the availability of alcohol to our youth. Gonzales also conducts enforcement operations that include business compliance checks, targets youth DUI enforcement and shoulder taps. In 2009, because of his team’s efforts, the Department was recognized nationally as the Agency of the year. Gonzales also coordinates the Departments Crisis Intervention Team.

Since 2006, Gonzales has taught sheriff’s deputies and other local law enforcement agencies, crisis intervention training, known as “CIT,” this 45 hour program focuses on first-responder officers who receive specialized training geared to meet the needs of the mentally ill.

Women to Women, Meliah Gonzales, wife of  Sgt. Daniel

Meliah Gonzales, wife of Daniel Gonzales who is running for Carson City Sheriff in the upcoming June 10 primary. Meliah has her degree in Criminal Justice and serves as baliff in the Orange County judicial system. Daniel and Meliah are the proud parents of an eight year old and of a set of five year old twins. Mrs. Gonzales shares sincerely and candidly her opinions of her husband’s abilities and experience as a law enforcement officier. This is the second part of a three part series on the wives of the candidates running for Carson City Sheriff.

Gonzales currently coordinates mental health services in the detention center. He has developed a community resources guide and resource bags that all sergeants can use after hours, when a person may be in crisis. Because of Gonzales’ efforts and achievements he received the “Intervention of the Year” award from the National Alliance on mental illness.

Gonzales earned his college degree from Western Nevada College in 2008 and received his Advanced POST certificate in 2009. He has been married for over 8 years to his wife Meliah and they have three young children.

“I look forward to earning this community’s support, Gonzales said. “As this campaign continues, I encourage you to contact me directly” at 775-220-1195 or email me at Daniel@Danielforsheriff.com.

Elect Don Gibson Carson City Sheriff 2014

don gibson for sheriff



 My personal vision:

 To provide professional law enforcement service, one person, one neighborhood and one business at a time.

 My personal mission statement:


 Focus on a higher quality of police work rather than quantity.

  • Proactively recruit the finest employees to provide excellent service with professionalism.
  • Serve the community with compassion and commitment, giving our strength to those who are most vulnerable.
  • I am committed to providing our community with an administration that has integrity, character and loyalty to both the public and sheriff’s office employees.
  • I will have an administration that is highly trained in budget management and has defined skills in leadership, benefitting both the community and the department.


 Every resident is a part of our community, and is entitled to ownership in the community.

  • Law enforcement will be an avenue for positive change.
  • I will develop and implement a special unit (Sheriff’s Community Youth Unit).
  • I will have an unmatched commitment to eradicating drugs and gangs in our community.
  • Bringing the community together, contributing every day, now we see that our responsibility and our potential for good – is even larger.

Published on Feb 23, 2014

This weeks show features Natasha Gibson – Wife of Carson City Sheriff Candidate, Don Gibson.
Mrs. Gibson is a native born Reno Nevadan. She was raised during her youth in Carson City where she graduated from Pioneer High School. She is the mother of two sons – Brandon and Dylan. Natasha is currently employed at Advanced Industries by Design. Natasha’s insights on her husband are note worthy, especially for voters. Do tune in!

My first meet and greet video. Please share with all your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Together, with your help, we can make a much needed positive change for the Carson City Sheriffs Office. This video has been edited down from its original 30 minutes to 15 minutes. 

Thank you – Committee to Elect Don Gibson

Don Gibson for sheriff

Don Gibson for sheriff

Don Gibson filed his candidacy Friday for Carson City Sheriff. He is a lifelong resident of Carson City and has seen positive change throughout the years.

Having been in law enforcement for over 16 years Gibson said he has the demonstrative ability and necessary leadership skills to administer the office of sheriff. His team would continue Carson City’s positive change and he will “always strive to improve the quality of life for all of us.”

Gibson said professionalism, compassion and sincerity are all paramount when handling community affairs.

Some of his goals are to develop and implement a special team (Sheriff’s Community Youth Team) to improve the communications and trust with Carson City’s kids and the Sheriff’s Department. To eliminate management positions and reallocate funds to the hiring of additional line staff.

Gibson said the line staff are the one’s responsible for handling the community’s needs. He said he will re-focus the internal drug unit to combat drug dealers using long term investigative tactics. He said he will implement a Sheriff’s Town Hall program so the residents of Carson City can bring concerns and solutions to his attention.

“If elected, you can be sure to see me throughout the community in an effort to stay in touch with you. I want to build confidence between the Sheriff’s Department and you by earning your trust and establishing a fair and honest reputation. I feel we need each other to get the job done the right way,” he said.

Gibson said he’s anxious to serve all residents to make a better community, now and in the future and that his door is always open.

“I intend to stay the person I am and obtain the faith of Carson City residents. I am someone you can count on, be sure about, and will proudly serve our community as a Sheriff we can all be proud of.”

Committee to Elect Don Gibson
Website: www.gibson4sheriff.com
E-Mail: gibson4sheriff2014@gmail.com
Address: P.O Box 22791 Carson City, NV 89721
Phone: 775-461-3273 or 775-721-0183


Elect Loren Houle Carson City Sheriff 2014

The Change We Need. The Voice We Deserve.

Mission Statement

Elect Loren Houle Carson City Sheriff 2014

Elect Loren Houle Carson City Sheriff 2014

Carson City Sheriff’s Department

My primary objectives of the Carson City Sheriff’s Department are to solve, reduce, and prevent crime and to build a unified and effective workforce and internal clarity of direction. An exploitation of acountability, consistantcy, and continuous improvement will always be a priority of Lorne Houle.

 Professionalism: We value dedication, highly trained personnel, and the committment to the standards of the law enforcement profession.



Carson City Corruption – Sheriff sleeping with a Tranny? Is it TRUE?

furlong and rombardo

Ken Furlong, his pink tie and his boyfrined…

We wanted to bring this controversial story back to the front page of the blog because the issue has comer up again.

furlong sleeping with a trannyWhen I was in the Carson City jail and people found out who I was, the gangsta blogger from NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH  they told me about this alleged transvestite named Adrian who had a fling withCarson City  Sheriff Kenny Furlong…

There are to many people talking about this.

Did the CCSO try and set me up with bogus info or is this true?

Kenny Furlong, please issue a press release and let us all know your side of the story…

is it trueWe present the questions in search for the answers. Presenting our new promotional tool called “Carson City Corruption – Is it TRUE?”…

We want to keep this site provocative and up-to-date with the rampant rumor mill in the “Dirtiest Little Town in America” named Carson City. Local’s call the place “Cartoon City” or even “Carson Shitty” and the people are called Carsonites.

Carson City- It’s a sunny place for shady people.  Really, the town has some good things to offer for Nevada like golfing, it’s near Tahoe, Virgina City and Reno, a new hospital and all the staple American big box stores… It also has whore-houses, and not just the world famous, Dennis Hof’s Moonlight “Bunny Ranch” made internationally know by HBO’s “Cat house” series on Nevada prostitution.

Speaking of Nevada prostitution, Carson City and Nevada politics… We have a strange list of names of who screwed who and which high-profile Carson City Sheriff and/or prior Sheriff candidate(s) is screwing a transvestite named “Adrian” !

and Carson City Sheriff  ____________ was caught screwing behind the old K-Mark building in Carson City, Nevada… Is this true?

Is it…