VIDEO: Cliven Bundy Speech Reno, NV – Cliven Bundy Tells HIs Side of the Story – Please Forward

Cliven Bundy speech in Reno, Nevada September 9,2014. Beginning of speech talking about property rights, State rights and sovereignty.

Cliven Bundy Speech Reno, NV Pt 1

Cliven Bundy in Reno Pt 2

Cliven Bundy in Reno Pt 3

Cliven Bundy Tells HIs Side of the Story – Please Forward

Published on Sep 5, 2014 Cliven Bundy talks with Paul Preston and company at the Liberty Tour Event at Win-River Casino, Redding, CA August 30, 2014. Bundy gets to tell his side of the story and what went on during the Bundy Ranch standoff last May, 2014.
This is the first Liberty Tour Event that will be happening throuout California. If you wish to attend one of these events, tickets are available through
During his talk Win-River Casino suffered a false alarm fire alert which lasted at least 20 minutes. This time has been eliminated from the youtube video.

Elvis Presley Suite, (Sahara, High Sierra,Horizion and Hard Rock) Lake Tahoe, NV

World’s Best Kept Secret – Elvis stayed in the Hard Rock at Lake Tahoe

Sue McCasland’s new book “World’s Best Kept Secret – Elvis live at Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe” cover the engagements of Elvis Presley in the resort area 1971-1976. The “Making of” explains everything about how this project was created

Elvis Presley My Babe 1971 in Tahoe

Elvis Presley ~ Trying To Get To You (Lake Tahoe May 25, 1974)

Elvis Presley – See See Rider at Sahara Lake Tahoe


Elvis Presley Suite, (Sahara) Lake Tahoe, NV

BIGFOOT: Possible Sasquatch Track-way Near Genoa, NV

SAS_Banner2 dark hilitesBIGFOOT: Possible Sasquatch Track-way Near Genoa, NV

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is long overdue. I have finally gotten around to getting this excellent report posted of a possible sasquatch track-way found in Genoa, Nevada. I want to thank J., and also apologize to him for taking so long to get this on here. I had him write his own description, since he has tracking experience, which he elaborates on, below. There are 15 different photos that were taken of the tracks he found. Please bare in mind that he returned a week later, to take the photos of the tracks, as he didn’t have a camera with him when he first came upon them.

As I usually do, I have XXXX out the location details, as I want to keep the masses from trying to locate the area which is just behind his house. Please appreciate that I do this for J’s family’s privacy, as well as the squatch’s. 

Hi Chuck.

Attached are the photos in sequence. You have my permission to use them on your “Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot” site. I did add a copyright to each photo, but I tried to position it so that it would not interfere with the visual. If you intend to use these anywhere else, please ask me first.

Here are some more details…

The day that I came across the tracks was September 22nd, 2013. It had rained the night before, so the ground was pliable. I recently had moved into Genoa and had never before been on this trail. My jog started by going up the XXXX XXXX until I found the XXXX Trail. That took me toward Genoa XXXX. There are two streams in that area. Shortly after where the trail crossed the second stream, the trail split. It saw a high and low trail that would come back together a few hundred yards away. I took the high road. 

Step Two (Click on photos to enlarge)

Step Two with comparison Continue reading

July 30 – August 3, 2014 Nevada State Fair in Carson City, NV

nv fairSave the Date–July 30 – August 3, 2014

The Nevada Sesquicentennial Fair will be a 5-day event featuring agriculture, carnival, evening entertainment and community showcase. there will be a 4H/FFA livestock show with an auction and small animal show; dairy cow and dairy goat show; horse show; numerous static events including sewing, baking and crafts.

The best of Nevada agriculture, mining and culture. Past and present.10253970-nevada-state-fair-august-2630-2009

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Corruption In Henderson, NV by Match Killon


Published on Aug 13, 2013

One of the petition links has been removed. Here is the new link:…
My original intention behind putting together this vlog was to bring my brother and I some sort of glory after the persecution we experienced. Now that he is gone, I only hope no family will experience anything similar in the future -Match Killon…

MONSANTO PROTEST – Nevada ANTI Corruption will march in Reno, NV on May 25th 2013

march_against_monsanto_skull_flyerSee Pictures and video of the Reno, NV March Against Monsanto protest here:

We were going to try and protest Monsanto in Carson City, NV the State Capital, but the Sheriff is harassing us… So we will join forces in Reno, NV instead.

Please see the information here and learn about GMO foods:

For Nevada protests see : and

United States Nevada Las Vegas

Label GMO Nevada will take part in the March Against Monsanto in Reno on May 25. Label GMO Nevada founder Kiki Corbin said in a statement, “We’re pleased to sponsor this important event in our community. We encourage people of all ages to participate in this peaceful march. Bring signs, wear costumes or a green shirt.”

The Reno event will start at the Liberty Street side of the Bruce Thompson Federal Building at 400 S. Virginia St. at 10 am. At 11am — the same time events will take place all over the country — marchers will then proceed to the Reno City Plaza at First Street and Virginia Street to hear several brief speeches and partake in a rally for labeling GMOs. Continue reading