Area 51 Scientist Reveals Nibiru Timeline! DUMBS & More

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


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Author’s Note– Generally ANP takes Informer News updates with a grain of salt, but when listening to the video below and connecting it to a recent article  titled “Nibiru Incoming! -”Something Is Really Strange” – Quayle, Fletcher, In A Must-Listen To Hagmann And Hagmann Show!” where we visit Mr. Fletchers website and the overwhelmingly evidence he has provided on underground DUMBS, cities, tunnels and more, with Mr. Fletcher informing listeners that he went into his research convinced that Nibiru was simply “science fiction” and end up being convinced that Nibiru IS incoming, I decided this video should be seen because much of the information matches.


The original Hagmann and Hagmann interview with Fletcher will be shown below the Informer News video so readers can compare the information for themselves and judge accordingly.


Endtimes23 brings us this week’s Informer News where they claim that information passed on to them by an Area 51 Scientist & EX 2nd Lientenant in the Marine Corps, reveals a timeline for Nibiru aka Planet X’s closest approach to earth.


Also included in the video below, via the video details: “The Top secret Deep Underground Military Bases DUMBS unknown to most American s that where ordered to be built by the Elite so they could survive this coming Nibiru Event this construction of massive city like contructions has been going on for decades also The Horned Star and her escorts warnings from the ancients THE DESTROYER IS COMING and Bank Employees issued with SURVIVAL KITS.”


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