Is A Protest A Criminal Act Because It “INTIMIDATED” A Federal Employee?


What if a federal court employee on the fourth floor of the courthouse was intimidated by a protest outside the courthouse by NRA supporters all carrying firearms? Would that make the protest a criminal act because it “intimidated” a federal employee?

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kill em all mother fucker

U.S. Government Panics After Hearing Pete Santilli’s Latest Message

U.S. Government Panics After Hearing Pete Santilli’s Latest Message

Pete Santilli Tells Judge Navarro — The Federal Government has no claim to Clark County Nevada —

This is what the Las Vegas Review Journal reported Pete Santilli said while being led out of the courtroom:

After the hearing, as Santilli was led away in chains by deputy U.S. marshals, he cried out, “I’m a journalist. This is what they do in China.”
He told his supporters in the courtroom gallery to “stay strong” and keep up the fight with the government. He also vowed to appeal Navarro’s decision to keep him in custody.

This is what he actually said:

“I’m a journalist. This is what they do in COMMUNIST China.”
“Stay strong” and keep up the fight — the government is wrong and corrupt. I will appeal this immediately — This is a travesty —
The last thing he said was this to Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Myhre who is, ashamedly a FORMER United States Marine — Semper Fi Myrhre — I will see you again!

From Deb — I sat in that courtroom and could not believe the corruption that was displayed in open court by both the Judge and the prosecution — blatantly this Judge led the prosecution during his rebuttal and was not in the least concerned about her display of outright contempt toward Pete Santilli and the United States Constitution —


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Steve Wynn says Las Vegas should get ready for Raiders

Billionaire Steve Wynn quietly has been taking on a power-broker role to help bring the NFL to Las Vegas.

Addressing his involvement for the first time during a red carpet event Friday, Wynn revealed he’s met with Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis and two influential NFL owners, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Stan Kroenke, who recently moved his St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles.

Wynn said Las Vegas has to be ready if the opportunity presents itself.

“If the NFL says, ‘If you want to move to Las Vegas, Raiders, you can,’ then we’ve got to spring into action and we’ve got to come up with a program.

“I just thought it would be a great thing for the town, don’t you agree?”

Word of Wynn’s interest recently surfaced. At a Thursday news conference at UNLV, Davis confirmed he met with Wynn. Rob Goldstein, president and chief operating officer of Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp., credited Wynn with initiating the domed stadium conversation in a meeting with Adelson and Goldstein about three or four years ago.

“This very idea came out of his mouth,” Goldstein said at the news conference after he and Davis appeared before the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee.

Las Vegas Sands operates Adelson’s empire of hotel-casinos. Sands is a partner with Ed Roski’s Majestic Reality in pledging private financing for a proposed $1.4 billion domed stadium in the Strip resort corridor.

Davis on Thursday told the SNTIC, an advisory panel appointed by Gov. Brian Sandoval, that he would provide $500 million toward the construction of the 65,000-seat stadium if a public-private financing plan is approved by the Legislature.

I asked Wynn if he was partnering with Adelson.

“Well,” said Wynn, “Sheldon and I are both very strong supporters of it, and how it plays out is something we’ve got to see.

“We haven’t been down to the nitty gritty of it because, first of all, do the owners believe this is OK?” he added. “Their attitude toward the relationship with sports and gaming has changed. They’re having two games in London, where the entire audience can bet play by play, and the NFL is going to London and the audience is participating in that.

“So there’s been a sea change in the NFL’s attitude, at least based upon the London games,” Wynn continued. “It’s not hypocritical. I think they’re in a state of change. How that plays out with us is interesting.”

Wynn emphasized that “the one thing that Las Vegas should have in its arsenal that’s missing is a great stadium and an NFL team,” he said.

Davis “is dying to do it. He came to see me and Sheldon (Adelson). He made the rounds. He wanted to make sure there was local support.”

“Now financing these puppies is no small thing. How that plays out. … I went to dinner last week with Jerry Jones and Stan Kroenke and got into the conversation how Jerry did Cowboys [AT&T] Stadium.

“It’s a lamination of several different types of layers of financing,” Wynn said, “and we’re going to have to focus on that if there’s local support. Let me put it this way: If there’s a will, there’s a way.

“The question is if you can get 24 of 32 owners to agree,” Wynn said of the league support required to relocate an NFL franchise. “So there’s two strategies here: to get the others to think it’s OK, at least 24 out of 32, and secondly develop a strategy for financing,” he said.



Oregon StandOff: Cliven Bundy Will Not See Trial In Nevada Until Feb 2017, Is This A Death Sentence?


Chief cunt “judge” Gloria Navarro fucks with Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy Denied Counsel of His Choice, Again

Judge Again Refuses to Allow Nationally Known Attorney to Defend Cliven Bundy…


Cliven Bundy new Kangaroo Court date and Sabotage on the Bundy Ranch !

Ancient Giants & Nephilim COVER-UP: Shocking Proof They Really Existed in NEVADA

Shocking proof of Ancient Giants and nephilim existing in history. Evidence of Rephaim Anakim Annunaki and giant human skulls found.

Top 4 reasons why giants lived among us in ancient history.

# 1- Evidence of Giants found, and the mystery of giant human skulls.They are present in nearly every culture worldwide. From Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa to the United States.

Not only mentioned in many religious texts, such as the Bible and the Torah, for example King Og, written about in Deuteronomy, who was said to have been at least 12 feet tall.

Many ancient historians, such as Herodotus and Pliny the elder, also described them in great detail in their works as well.

They were written about in the legends of people worldwide. From the evidence of Goliath to he Paiute Indians, for example, of Nevada spoke of a race of red-haired giants, called the si-te-cah, that were 7-10 feet tall. They were said to be cannibals that preyed on the native population.

That is until, according to their history, they chased them into a cave, the same cave in which their remains were found centuries later, and lit a very large fire at the mouth of that cave to suffocate them inside. All of the skeletons found inside had long red hair.

# 2 – Giant Bones Found:
The bones are also found worldwide. Hundreds of skeletons have been found all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East as well as the United States.

Some ranging in height from 7-12 feet tall. And some even possibly taller. In the late 1950’s a 15 foot skeleton was found in Turkey. Whose skull alone was 3 times the size of a normal human skull.

While other, even larger skeletons have been unearthed, though little physical evidence still remains for the skeletons found in the Middle Ages, some reports put them at around 19 1/2 – 26 1/2 feet tall.

Although, the remains of 2 separate giants that stood around 36 feet tall were found in North Africa around 2500 years ago.

But how does this all tie into the great pyramid? Take a moment and do me a favor and hit the subscribe button.
Maybe it was these Giants who helped build the pyramids. The enormous blocks to us must have seemed like footrests to these gigantic humans.

In May of 1912, around lake Delavan in Wisconsin, giant bones were unearthed that stood 7.5-10 feet tall. They were even put on public display before they were taken down and “lost”.

# 3 –
The amount of bones found show that the extreme height was not an anomaly.
Most people today that are extremely tall have problems that are directly related to their height.

The tallest person, Robert Wadlow, ever to live was nearly 9 feet tall but had many physical problems, such as weak bones and joints and was unable to do even the most basic things that we, average sized people do everyday.

Thousands of giant bones have been uncovered worldwide with at least 60 specimens alone being taken from Lovelock cave in Nevada, and another 18 from Wisconsin. And that’s just in North America.

There are even reports of giants being found in Greece that have only 1 eye socket, matching the legends of Cyclops.

We are still finding them even today with recent discoveries made in Croatia.

# 4 – Science cover-up carbon dating evidence
These bones have all been carbon dated, just like all the bones they find that they tell us about.

The difference is that, since these bones do not fit into the traditional timeline they are kept from the public. Locked away in the basements of many museums around the world.

These bones range in age from a few hundred years to several thousand years old. Carbon dating is only used when it fits the accepted timeline.

Unfortunately when fossils are found that don’t match up they just sweep them under the rug.
And keep them hidden from the eyes of curious minds.

Bundys, Pete Santilli and other defendants oppose long trial delay in Bunkerville standoff

The majority of the 19 defendants charged in the 2014 Bunkerville standoff — including rancher Cliven Bundy and four of his sons — indicated Friday they want to exercise their constitutional rights and go to trial as soon as possible.

The move appeared to surprise prosecutors, who told a federal judge that they had previously obtained the support of most of the defendants for an eight-month trial delay until February.

Many of the defendants and their lawyers announced in court that they had changed their minds, prompting the lead prosecutor in the case, Steven Myhre, to suggest some were “playing games” with the “extremely serious charges” they are facing.

All 19 defendants, who are in federal custody, appeared together for the first time. They were dressed in jail garb and chains and, with their lawyers, filled up the courtroom, including the jury box. A dozen deputy U.S. marshals were on hand for extra security.

Myhre said the trial delay was needed to give prosecutors more time to turn over to the defendants the massive amount of evidence authorities have collected since the April 12, 2014, armed confrontation with law enforcement near Bunkerville.

Most of the defendants are facing conspiracy, extortion, firearms and assault charges that could land them in prison for the rest of their lives if convicted.

Defense lawyers argued they needed to see the government’s evidence to make an informed decision about giving up their clients’ constitutional speedy-trial rights. The defendants have a right to go to trial within 70 days of being charged.

The defense arguments prompted U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen to order prosecutors to turn over a large portion of the evidence within two weeks.

Leen promised a written decision later on whether to declare the case complex and delay the trial into next year. She issued an order in the meantime putting off the scheduled May 2 trial without setting a new date.

She also ordered defense lawyers to let her know by next Friday their position on the government’s proposed protective order barring the lawyers from giving copies of key trial evidence, including government investigative reports, to the public and media. Prosecutors contend the order is needed to protect the safety of witnesses.

But many of the defense lawyers believe the proposed order is too broad.

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Bundy Ranch's photo.

Report: Nev. No. 5 for domestic violence homicide

domestic violence

By Marcella Corona, Reno Gazette-Journal

Nevada has the fifth highest rate of domestic violence homicides involving guns nationwide, according to a report released by the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence.

The report showed that Nevada women are 65 percent more likely to be shot and killed by their current or former partners than women in other states.

The report identified 46 gun homicides by intimate partners from 2010 to 2014, advocates said.

Read the whole story

Catherine Cortez Masto is Harry Reid’s hand-picked successor to his Senate seat. Her campaign will receive millions of dollars from Democrat mega-donors between now and Election Day.

Catherine Cortez Masto is Harry Reid’s hand-picked successor to his Senate seat. Her campaign will receive millions of dollars from Democrat mega-donors between now and Election Day. Click here Support Joe Heck.

CARSON CITY — The capital city’s main drag is a mess. The street is torn up and jackhammer noise fills the air.


CARSON CITY — The capital city’s main drag is a mess. The street is torn up and jackhammer noise fills the air.

But from the din and dust will emerge what many city officials hope will be a new, pedestrian-friendly downtown that will draw new businesses and encourage economic development.

It is an $11.4 million gamble, and the results of narrowing what was once a critical piece of the U.S. Highway 395 corridor should be on display by Nevada Day, Oct. 31.

A majority of city officials, including Mayor Bob Crowell, are betting that narrowing the street to one travel lane in each direction with some parking and a turn lane where needed, and widening sidewalks to allow for outdoor dining and a more comfortable pedestrian experience, will invigorate the downtown. The project runs from the Legislative Building at Fifth Street to William Street eight-tenths of a mile to the north. Bike lanes will also be added.

The project also includes turning one intersecting street, Third Street, into a pedestrian mall with various amenities, and improvements to Curry Street, a parallel street one block west.

In an interview at City Hall, Crowell, a Tonopah native who grew up in Carson City from grade school on, said the goal is to make downtown a comfortable place to visit.

The project was made possible with a new freeway bypass around Carson City, which is expected to be completed by 2017. Diverting through traffic will allow the changes to Carson Street downtown.

“With the development of the freeway we are probably going to see another 20 percent drop in car traffic downtown,” Crowell said. “So we’re pretty sensitive to the idea that downtown needs to be a place to drive to and not drive through.”

Crowell said the idea is to let visitors enjoy the capital city’s many historic structures without fear of being run over on Carson Street. The street has for years been a busy four-lane with truck traffic and many vehicles exceeding the 25 mph speed limit. The sidewalks are too narrow and uncomfortable for pedestrians, he said.

The zoning downtown is mixed use with efforts underway to attract residential, office and commercial development.

“We need to make sure that it is a place people want to visit,” Crowell said. “You either have a four-lane highway designed to carry traffic through your city, or a place to carry traffic to your city.”

Similar projects have succeeded in Durango, Colorado, and Bend, Oregon, said City Manager Nick Marano.

The Carson project is the culmination of 10 years of planning, but he said it will likely take another decade to finalize the vision.

“My favorite part of Las Vegas is the downtown,” Marano said. “It’s got a cool vibe, new restaurants and a lot of interesting retail establishments.”

The Carson City project has a similar goal.

But not everybody is convinced that the project will achieve the results its boosters envision.

Bob Lamkin, owner of Bob’s Shell service station on Carson Street, said his business has not been substantially harmed by the construction underway. Lamkin said his loyal customers have helped his business remain viable even with the new freeway bypass siphoning off some traffic through town.

But he remains opposed.

“I have been against this thing forever because I don’t think it is good for Carson City and I don’t think it is going to be the salvation the downtown business owners think it will be,” he said.

Lamkin, who has run his business for 38 years, also said Carson City voters should have been given the opportunity to weigh in on the project.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 last fall to proceed with the project. The board also previously voted 4-1 to increase the sales tax by one-eighth of a percent to fund a number of projects around town, including a portion of the downtown beautification project.

Funding for the project is coming primarily from the sales tax, redevelopment funds and water, stormwater and sewer funds.

“You have 50,000 people in this town and they decide that they are going to let 12 downtown businesses and the Board of Supervisors decide what is best for them,” Lamkin said. “I think that’s wrong.”

Doug Cramer, owner of Mom & Pop’s diner on Carson Street adjacent to the Third Street pedestrian project, is betting that the improvements will boost his restaurant’s business.

Cramer said he is proceeding with plans to open his diner during evenings, expanding from the breakfast and lunch hours offered now. The 10 outside tables will double to 20, he said. He will also seek a liquor license.

“We have to change our philosophy,” Cramer said.

The key is to offer family-friendly events to bring people downtown in the evening hours, he said. A farmers market and an outdoor movie night would be big draws, but Cramer said he has to drum up support to purchase a $21,000 projector system.

There is some private-sector investment underway in the project area already. An old Citibank building on Curry Street has been leveled and a multiuse project that includes homes has started construction.

But there are vacant buildings along the main drag, including a former brewery. Other storefronts are occupied by offices, including some used by lobbyists who work at the Legislature during session.

And what could be a major anchor for the renewal project, the Ormsby House hotel-casino, remains vacant on the corner of Fifth and Carson streets. The once popular casino and its restaurants closed about 15 years ago, and although sporadic work is done on the building, there has been no sign it will reopen soon.

A referendum of sorts on what the community thinks about the downtown revitalization project could come this election cycle as Crowell runs for a third term as mayor. He faces three opponents.

Years ago, one of the top amenities for a community was golf courses, but not anymore, he said.

“I personally think that what is happening with Apple, Tesla and Switch is that there is a brand change going on in Northern Nevada and we have to stay current with that brand change,” Crowell said.

Contact Sean Whaley at or 775-461-3820. Find him on Twitter: @seanw801

Nevada’s chief federal judge Gloria Navarro has refused to let nationally known conservative lawyer Larry Klayman join Cliven Bundy’s defense team.

Nevada’s chief federal judge has refused to let nationally known conservative lawyer Larry Klayman join Cliven Bundy’s defense team.

In a three-page order, Gloria Navarro questioned Klayman’s candidness with her about the outcome of professional disciplinary proceedings against him in Washington, D.C.

She said his disclosure in court papers that no disciplinary action has been taken and the proceedings were likely to be resolved in his favor was “misleading and incomplete.”

Klayman can reapply to represent Bundy if he submits documents related to those proceedings, as well as disciplinary proceedings against him in Florida and clashes he had years ago with two federal judges who banned him from their courtrooms, Navarro said.

Late Friday, Klayman insisted there has been no final resolution to the case.

“There’s no imposed discipline in D.C.,” he said. “The proceedings are ongoing, and I said that in the application.”

Then, he added, “We’re going to obey the judge’s order. Whatever information she’d like is not a problem.”

Klayman, the founder of the Washington-based public interest groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his tenacious pursuit of litigation, mostly in support of a wide range of conservative and libertarian issues.

His troubles with the Washington bar stemmed from three separate alleged conflicts of interest in litigation involving Judicial Watch after he left the organization as its legal counsel, according to court documents.

Klayman agreed to a public censure in the disciplinary case in June 2014, but Navarro said he did not give her a copy of the “petition for negotiated discipline” and an accompanying affidavit he signed.

“These documents were not provided by counsel, and they are admissions of three separate incidents of stipulated misconduct that were not clearly disclosed in Klayman’s petition,” Navarro wrote.

Last week, Klayman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the Bundy family had asked for his legal help. Bundy, 69, who is in federal custody, is facing criminal charges stemming from the April 12, 2014, armed standoffwith law enforcement near his ranch in Bunkerville.

Bundy is now represented by Las Vegas attorney Joel Hansen, who is active in the ultraconservative Independent American Party of Nevada.

Hansen filed court documents Thursday urging Navarro to let Klayman participate in Bundy’s defense.

The case is “proceeding on a fast pace” and Bundy “wants and needs” Klayman on his defense team to avoid harming his constitutional rights, Hansen wrote.

The Bundy family has been trying to raise money to pay Hansen and Klayman.

Joe Heck, Catherine Cortez Masto, or a tax revolt?

Nevada Margins TaxJoe Heck and Catherine Cortez Masto offer voters a choice between different types of crimes carried out as a matter of policy. As for me personally, neither of those two are capable of debating me, nor would they represent me, and they would rather not even acknowledge me. The two parties leave me no choice but tax resistance. In this commentary, I explain why you should choose tax resistance as well.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

I never thought I would see a day when support for the Bill of Rights would be considered radical, or even “anti-American”. Many people support one part of the Bill of Rights (e.g. the First or Second Amendment), while neglecting or even sabotaging another part. This thinking rests upon the fallacy that rights can be separated and traded, and that man can be fragmented into separate compartments. The government can somehow violate one sphere of a man’s rights, while still leaving the whole of the man intact.

The Bill of Rights is one of the most adroit documents crafted in the history of humankind. It is my contention that every amendment in the Bill of Rights is equally important, with each serving as an important firewall in the defense of liberty.

That we can safely exchange social liberty for economic liberty, or vice versa, is a ruse. In truth, there is an inextricable nexus between social liberty and economic liberty. One implies property rights and the other implies the right to self-ownership.

The right to own and control property and the right to self-ownership is the codification of human rights. There can be no human rights without property rights and the right to self-ownership. The essence of slavery is the deprivation of property rights. Rights are not collective, but belong to each and every individual – black, white, latino, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, gay, heterosexual, asexual.

Theft, arson, vandalism, and fraud have traditionally been considered to be crimes. This is because they violate property rights. Rape, kidnapping, and murder have traditionally been considered to be crimes. This is because they violate the right to self-ownership. Thus we can conclude that any violation of property rights or the right to self-ownership is a crime. If the government enacts and enforces a law that violates property rights or the right to self-ownership, then the government is behaving criminally.

Therefore, as lovers of life and liberty we must support every person’s unmitigated right of self-ownership and property rights. The refrain you might hear is this: “But some people would abuse these rights and harm other people.” What does harm imply? Somebody might violate another person’s property rights, or the right of self-ownership? These rights, absolute and unmitigated, preclude the right of trespass.

Not only are dollars physical pieces of property, but it is through the acquisition of dollars that one achieves a command over property. There is no objective difference between the government taking your cow, or taking your money so that you can’t buy the cow to begin with. Thus we can conclude that taxation can best be summarized as the confiscation of property.

Suppose the government taxed 100% of everything to do with, say, newspapers. How long would newspapers be in business? Without property rights, one can’t have the printing press. Without the printing press, one can’t exercise their First Amendment rights. Without property rights, one can’t eat. If one can’t eat, they can’t live. If one can’t live, they can’t exercise their First Amendment rights. Civil rights are a corollary of property rights. By exercising civil rights, one is also exercising property rights. It’s impossible for the government to encroach upon economic liberty without also encroaching upon social liberty.

As Lysander Spooner distilled what Caesar saliently articulated 2,000 years ago, money and soldiers mutually support one another. With money the state can hire soldiers, and with soldiers the state can steal more money. The first use of money by the state is to hire soldiers to subdue and kill all those who refuse to give the state more money.

The government doesn’t sustain itself by satisfying consumer demands (i.e. earning its income). The government sustains itself with compulsory taxation (i.e. coercion, or the threat of a jailhouse and bayonet). This is why problems inhere with everything the government inserts itself into. Joe Heck doesn’t understand this, as he believes the VA can be fixed by hiring more people. He hasn’t figured out that injecting healthy cells into a diseased patient will not cure the patient.

When it comes to the government, the consumer has no ability to punish misfeasance by taking their money elsewhere. That’s why the only reliable quality control mechanism is having to meet a profit and loss test on the free market. The problem is the nature of government itself.

Libertarians recognize taxation for what it is: the confiscation of property through force. But not only that, taxation is used to empower the state even further. Paying taxes is tantamount to placing a sword into the hands of a monster. If taxes are the price of freedom, then why is there an inverse relationship between the amount of taxes paid and the amount freedom we have? For this reason, all lovers of life and goodness should despise taxation.

The Declaration of Independence makes clear that when a government becomes destructive to the ends of liberty, we have a right to alter or even abolish that government. How do we have the right to abolish the government if we don’t have the right to cease rendering that same government aid through compulsory taxation? Politicians have no natural right to rule over us, nor does that government in Washington have any natural right to exist.

You say that we all must pay our “fair” share of taxes. The exact inverse of paying taxes isn’t not paying taxes (i.e. being a non-taxpayer). The exact inverse of paying taxes is consuming taxes (i.e. being a tax consumer). As John Calhoun explained with the taxpayer-tax consumer dichotomy, for every dime in taxes paid by one person that’s a dime of tax consumption by another person. Government employees pay no taxes at all. That they do is a bookkeeping fiction. They are, in fact, tax consumers.

When the government imposes a tax this inevitably divides the community up into two distinct groups: taxpayers and tax consumers. If everybody paid taxes, then that would mean nobody is a tax consumer. If nobody were a tax consumer, then that would mean the government isn’t spending any money. If the government isn’t spending any money, then that would make it an incorporeal entity that exists only on paper. To the contrary, government spending has been metastasizing. This means there’s actually a much smaller tax base carrying a much bigger burden for a larger subsidy base. The entire process of taxing and spending creates tax consumers. It’s impossible to be a taxpayer with revenue derived from taxation.

Joe Heck and Catherine Cortez Masto do not pay taxes. They are, in fact, tax consumers who seek to expand the tax consumer class (i.e. the subsidy base). They both endorse turning others into tax consumers (e.g. prosecutors who themselves pay no taxes) to carry out acts of violence against those who merely wish to remain free without having to aid and abet such violence.

Because of everything above, I have concluded the best thing I can do for my country is to kick off a tax revolt. Forget about Clinton. Forget about Trump. Forget about the nastiness and the violence. It’s time to stand for peace. It’s time to vote with our dollars by kicking off a tax revolt. I invite you to join with me in getting the tax revolt started.

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Mark Alvarez
Expose 9/11

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Moonlite Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof files for Nevada Assembly seat

bunny ranchDennis Hof, who owns several brothels around the state including the Bunny Ranch just east of the Carson City line, filed on Friday for the Assembly District 36 seat currently held by Republican James Oscarson.

Hof filed as a Libertarian saying it’s time to elect a businessman to the Legislature.

He said he was filing in District 36 based on his residence in Crystal, Nevada.

He originally announced plans to run for the state Senate seat vacated by Greg Brower in Reno but said rural Nevada is a better fit for him.

“Some people call it rural Nevada,” he said. “I call it real Nevada.”

Hof said the commerce tax portion of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s tax package must be repealed.

“Anybody that voted for the commerce tax needs to be fired,” he said.

Hof said he hasn’t calculated the tax’s impact on his businesses yet but, “we’d pay a whole lot.”

He said he also wants to work on controlling and eliminating sex trafficking in Nevada.

“It’s out of hand and the politicians don’t want to deal with it,” he said.

He also objected to the Public Utilities Commission changing the rules on solar power and net metering saying they did so after encouraging hundreds to buy and install solar power.

“Why not make it easy for people to have solar,” he asked.

Hof owns legal, licensed brothels in several Nevada counties including Nye, which is represented by AD36.

Yesterday Shelly O’Neill was so outraged at us for protesting in front of her office that she came out and grabbed the white sign and through it out into the street claiming “you are trespassing”.

judge Shelly ONeillYesterday Shelly O’Neill  was so outraged at us for protesting in front of her  office that she came out and grabbed the white sign and through it out into the street claiming “you are trespassing”.

Mike Weston went out into the busy street to retrieve his sign and we continued to protest.
Mike Weston made the sign however, he misspelled Nolan Klein’s last name.
He handwritten in pen ??? After the word judge.
Shelly committed the perjury during Nolan Klein’s 1991 post conviction hearing.  In 1992 Nolan filed  a  perjury complaint against Shelly O’Neill and sent it to DA Dorothy Nash Holmes.  Holmes sent back Klein’s complaint with a large red X marked on each page of his complaint.
I then filed a complaint a perjury complaint in 1992 with the Reno PD.  The Detective believed she committed the perjury and he sent it to the D A’s office where it sat there by ADA Karl Hall until the Statute of Limitations ran out.
When Gammick got into office I received a letter from him saying that even if their office felt appropriate to charge O’Neill  with perjury they could not because the statute of limitations had run out
In 2005 our book To Prove His Innocence came out  Shelly was given the opportunity to make a comment. She received the manuscript and returned it without comment.   She did not dispute that she had committed perjury.
Shelly actions resulted in Court Order’s being written.  The the court’s did not know she had committed committed perjury during their decision making.
Did Shelly contact any if the courts and inform the courts that  she had lied during the 1991 post conviction hearing?  No she did not!  She kept her secret that kept an innocence man in prison
In March 2007 Shelly O’Neill was being interviewed for the Washoe County Alternate Public Defender Conflict Unit position.
I spoke against her and presented the evidence of her perjury and a copy of the 2005 book.  She did not get the position.
Did Shelly contact the courts and inform the courts that she lied during Nolan Klein’s 1991 post conviction  hearing?  No she did not!  Her non-actions left him to remain in prison.
In 2009 Judge Brent Adams ordered DA Dick Gammick to turn all of the evidence in Nolan Klein’s case.  When it was turned over there were over 200 documents mostly exculpatory evidence that was hidden by ADA Ron Rachow.
Had Rachow turned it over the exculpatory evidence there would have been no doubt that Klein would have found not guilty. Especially since the jury had been deadlocked to begin with.
Shelly never received this evidence but in in 1991  lied to the court that she had seen it.  She couldn’t have because it  is established by the handwritten notes found in Klein’s file that the ada Ron Rachow had defied the 1988 court order by Peter Breen to turn over all if the evidence.
After this 2009 discovery Mr. Klein’s attorneys were getting ready to file their motions for new trial and bail for Nolan Klein when they received word that Nolan Klein had just died in prison.
Nolan Klein spent 21 years incarcerated for a crime he did commit. In part, of his wrongful conviction was the ADA Rachow withholding the evidence from the defense and the perjury that Shelly had seen it when she couldn’t have because Rachow had never turned it over.
There is no doubt that Shelly’s lies to the court, public and to the press resulted in Mr. Klein remaining incarcerated and dying in prison.
In 2011 I found the Sparks Police Department’s prime suspect whose theory was this prime suspect committed the crime Nolan Klein Was convicted of in 1989.
The 2005 book To Prove His Innocence is about to be re-released with all if the new developments.
Shelly O’Neill the next a Reno Municipal Judge?  Not on my watch!
Tonja Brown

LVRJ: Nevada’s most-reversed federal judge Rober C. Jones should call it quits


It’s time for Senior U.S. District Judge Robert Clive Jones to retire.

I mean really retire. He took senior status in February, so he’s still hearing cases.

He’s the most-appealed and most-reversed federal judge in Nevada, according to the legal research service Westlaw.

The Reno-based judge should be ashamed of his reversal rate over the past 12 years. When 44 percent of your cases are appealed and only 55 percent of those appealed are affirmed, it’s a sign you’re not doing a good job.

Out of 321 cases heard by Jones since late 2003, 38 (12 percent) have been flat-out reversed, the highest rate among all Nevada federal judges. An additional 35 cases (11 percent) were affirmed in part and reversed in part, also the highest rate among the 12 U.S. District Court judges in Las Vegas and Reno.

To answer my query about which Nevada federal judge is reversed the most, Westlaw ran reports starting in 2003 until the present for Jones, who was a bankruptcy judge for 10 years. Other judges’ reports were based on their length of service with 2000 as the earliest available year.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently thwacked Jones for the sixth time.

“We have in the past expressed concern over the district court’s handling of a number of cases that have reached this court, and we unfortunately must do so against here,” the appellate judges wrote.

The 9th Circuit’s most recent reversal of Jones was a First Amendment case brought by Black Rock City, the company that runs the Burning Man festival, against Pershing County officials. Filed in August 2012, it was close to settling in November 2013.

At the settlement hearing, the appellate judges said, “Judge Jones excoriated and mocked counsel and offered lengthy criticisms of the settlement agreement despite counsel’s repeated statements that the parties were not seeking the court’s approval.”

“Among other things, Judge Jones noted his own laughter on the record, repeatedly lobbed accusations of malpractice, described counsel’s comments as ‘mealy-mouthed,’ and suggested that counsel return to law school.”

The appellate judges also wrote, “The fact that parties have entered into a settlement agreement does not render this appeal moot. Where district courts have issued wrongful orders, this court has exercised the party to vacate them.”

The four-page opinion went beyond the case at hand, listing the five other cases in which they previously had expressed concerns about Jones.

The appellate judges haven’t issued such sharp slap-downs in every decision to overturn a Jones ruling, but those six cases since 2012 raise doubts about Jones’ abilities.

He seems to be growing increasingly rude, increasingly wrong and increasingly anti-government, at least in the 9th Circuit’s opinion. Certain cases seem to be decided on his philosophy instead of the law.

Jones did not respond to a request for comment.

I last wrote about Jones in July, after two of his cases were reversed. In one, he was told to stop his practice of barring out-of-state U.S. attorneys from appearing before him.

In the second, he injected himself into a plea agreement, which was not his job.

The appellate judges said they wanted to “offer guidance” to Jones. Their guidance: Stop it.

In another case, involving Nevada’s unique “None of These Candidates” ballot option, he was bashed for playing politics because he delayed action on his ruling, clearly hoping that stalling would prevent its reversal before the 2012 presidential election. Backers of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney thought the “None of These Candidates” option would hurt his chances by giving hard-line conservatives an opportunity to cast a protest vote against Romney. Jones took their side, declaring the option unconstitutional less than three months before the election. The appeals court took that case away from Jones and left “None of These Candidates” on the ballot.

“Such arrogance and assumption of power by one individual is not acceptable in our judicial system,” the judges wrote.

In January, the 9th Circuit reversed Jones’ ruling in favor of the late Wayne Hage, one of the leaders of the Sagebrush Rebellion, saying the Hage family openly trespassed on federal land and that Jones’ ruling “plainly contravenes the law.” Jones’ legal theory was dismissed as idiosyncratic.

Hage’s trespass? He grazed his cattle on public lands without paying fees.

Sound familiar?

Presumably, in light of such serious setdowns showing Jones’ antipathy for federal officials and federal laws, the lifetime appointee should ask himself whether it’s time for him, as the most reversed federal judge in Nevada, to do the right thing and quit.

He’d still get a generous retirement for the rest of his life.

But he wouldn’t be wasting taxpayers’ money and the time and resources of the court and the people involved in civil and criminal cases before him.

Review-Journal Data Editor Adelaide Chen contributed to this report. Jane Ann Morrison’s column runs Thursdays. Leave messages for her at 702-383-0275 or email Find her on Twitter:@janeannmorrison



Local NBC Channel 3 broadcasts fabricated Kirstin Lobato hit story

Kirstin Blaise LobatoNBC Channel 3 (KSNV-TV) in Las Vegas broadcast Death in the Desert during its 11 o’clock news on February 29, 2016. Reporter Marie Mortera’s story was about the Kirstin Blaise Lobato case.
Ms. Lobato was convicted in October 2006 of charges related to the July 8, 2001 homicide of Duran Bailey in the trash enclosure for a west Las Vegas bank. Ms. Lobato asserts she is factually innocent, in her habeas corpus petition that is being reviewed by the Nevada Supreme Court.
There are many gravely serious problems with Mortera’s story. Those problems include:
—She fabricated non-existent “evidence” against Ms. Lobato in at least three instances;
—She made a number of misleading and/or deceptive statements;
—She spliced together audio from different parts of Ms. Lobato’s police statement to make them appear contiguous;
—She completely disregarded Ms. Lobato’s new evidence supporting her factual innocence; and,
—She neither reported on, nor questioned, Ms. Lobato’s prosecutor, William Kephart, during his interview relating to the evidence he has known about for more than 14 years, regarding Ms. Lobato’s innocence and his criminal conduct and extensive prosecutor misconduct detailed in Ms. Lobato’s petition. (Kephart is currently an Eighth Judicial [Clark County] District Court Judge.)
More than two weeks before Mortera’s story was broadcast, the Las Vegas Tribune reported in its Feb. 12-18, 2016 issue that the Clark County DA’s Office and Metro PD have known since 2001 that Ms. Lobato was not guilty of Bailey’s homicide.
Ms. Lobato gave an audio-recorded police statement at the time of her arrest. She described that prior to mid-June 2001 she used her pocketknife to fend off an attempted rape at a Budget Suites Hotel on Boulder Highway in east Las Vegas.
The following are eleven “problems” with Mortera’s story, in the order they were broadcast. The “Problem” following each excerpt summarizes what is wrong with Mortera’s commentary or Kephart’s statement.
1. Lobato statement: “I got out of my car, and he came out of nowhere and grabbed me from behind.”
Mortera commentary: “The recording is of then-18-year-old Kirstin Blaise Lobato describing to Metro investigators how a methamphetamine fueled trip to Las Vegas ended in mayhem.”
Problem: Misleading and deceptive. There is no evidence that methamphetamine had anything to do with the Budget Suites Hotel assault, or that Ms. Lobato was on a “trip to Las Vegas” when it occurred.
2. Lobato statement: “He came out of nowhere and grabbed me from behind. I cut his penis, I remember that.”
Problem: Deceptive. Viewers weren’t informed Ms. Lobato’s two sentences were spliced from different parts of her audio statement to make it appear they were together.
3. Lobato statement: “He was …he was crying.”
Mortera commentary: “‘He’ was Duran Bailey, a homeless man, brutally killed.” Problem: Complete fabrication. No evidence in Ms. Lobato’s statement or presented at trial stated that Bailey was the man who assaulted her at the Budget Suites Hotel.
4. Mortera commentary: “Lobato told police Bailey tried to sexually assault her near Boulder Highway in 2001, and to defend herself she pulled out a knife and cut him in the groin.”
Problem: Complete fabrication. Lobato did not tell police Bailey was her assailant; he didn’t physically match the description of her assailant, and she did not recognize Bailey when she was shown a photo of him.
5. Kephart interview: “I am given a task to present evidence that we have, uh, there, there certainly is no evidence that was, you know, uh, manufactured or anything like that. We just present what we have to the jury, and give the jury an opportunity to decide.”
Problem: False statements. Kephart’s lack of honesty could have been exposed by Mortera’s confronting him with the evidence in Ms. Lobato’s habeas petition, showing that the trial transcript documents Kephart used misstated evidence and used manufactured non-existent “evidence” during his opening statements and rebuttal argument to the jury.
Given the gravitas of Kephart’s position as the spokesperson for the State, the jury would be expected to rely on his falsehoods as true.
6. Mortera commentary: “Lobato’s tearful words were described as a confession.” Problem: Complete fabrication. Ms. Lobato’s statement was not “described as a confession” during Kephart’s opening statement.
ADA Sandra DiGiacomo’s closing argument; Kephart’s rebuttal argument; There was no testimony during her trial
that it was a confession.
7. Mortera commentary: “[Michelle] Ravell is Lobato’s surrogate mother and believes Kirstin was back in her home town at the time of Bailey’s killing, not in Las Vegas.”
Problem: Misleading and deceptive. It is not a partisan belief by Ravell that Ms. Lobato was “not in Las Vegas” when Bailey died. Ms. Lobato’s habeas petition includes new forensic evidence unrebutted by the State that Bailey died after 8 p.m. on July 8, 2001, a time when the State has publicly admitted she was in Panaca.
8. Mortera commentary: “So what could get Lobato, now in her 30s, out of prison? Proof of a different killer.”
Problem: Misleading and deceptive. Mortera doesn’t inform viewers that Ms. Lobato’s habeas case pending before the Nevada Supreme Court is seeking a new trial or dismissal of her charges. Her petition includes new forensic evidence proving it is physically impossible for her to have committed Bailey’s homicide.
Mortera’s statement is factually inaccurate because the actual perpetrator was identified in only 9 out of 300 known exoneration s in the U.S. in 2015 — 3 percent of cases.
9. Mortera commentary: “After a decade of courtroom motions, arguments, denials, reversals, and appeals, an offer from the Innocence Project to test DNA from the crime scene, along with a public petition demanding the use of DNA technology, is raising hope for freedom.”
Problem: Misleading and factually incomplete. The Innocence Project offered to pay for DNA testing more than five years ago. Judge Vega sided with the DA Office’s vigorous opposition, and denied Ms. Lobato’s petition for DNA testing in July 2011 — more than four years ago. The petition that DA Steven Wolfson ignored was submitted to him almost three years ago in May 2013.
10. Kephart interview: “I stand behind what we did, um, I have, I have no qualms about what happened, and, and how we prosecuted this matter. I believe it’s completely, uh, justice.”
Problem: Deceptive and misleading. Ms. Mortera didn’t confront Kephart with the incidents documented in Ms. Lobato’s habeas petition of his alleged criminal conduct, his lying to Judge Vega, his misstating of evidence and manufacturing of non-existent “evidence” for the jury, and his serial misconduct that Ms. Lobato asserts deprived her of a fair trial.
11. Mortera commentary: “Lobato, her family, and supporters believe otherwise. They say DNA testing of evidence from the scene, such as a piece of gum that had blood on it, could lead investigators to someone else. All this as Lobato’s appeal moves its way through the courts.”
Problem: Deceptive and misleading. There is no basis in reality for Mortera to create the impression that Ms. Lobato is depending on DNA testing for her exoneration. Regarding “Lobato’s appeal,” Mortera’s story doesn’t make a single mention of Ms. Lobato’s habeas petition pending in the Nevada Supreme Court, which details why she asserts she hasn’t received “justice.” Mortera’s story could have had substance by reporting that Ms. Lobato’s petition includes: new evidence by more than two dozen witnesses supporting Ms. Lobato’s factual innocence; exculpatory evidence Kephart concealed from her during her trial; ineffective assistance of her trial and appellate lawyers, and it documents more than 160 instances of prosecutorial misconduct by Kephart during her trial.
The foregoing starkly demonstrates that Marie Mortera had scant regard for reporting the truth in Death in the Desert. Mortera’s fabrications have earned her the distinction of standing alongside Stephen Glass who produced stories with fabrications at the New Republic, and Jayson Blair who produced stories with fabrications at The New York Times.
Both Glass and Blair were terminated for their conduct. NBC Channel 3 (KSNV-TV) assisted Mortera by choosing to broadcast a story so divorced from the truth, that not even a gossip tabloid like the National Enquirer would have published it in print.
Hans Sherrer is President of the Justice Institute based in Seattle, Washington that conducted a post-conviction investigation of Ms. Lobato’s case, and promotes awareness of wrongful convictions. Its website is,

Carson City Courthouse receives $18,900 grant for improvements

carson city courthouse

carson city courthouse

The Nevada Supreme Court has awarded $106,500 in grants to fund security and technology needs in the state’s lower courts.

The grants include $26,600 worth of security improvements, the majority of which goes to the Carson City courthouse to remodel the front lobby so visitors to the clerk’s office also will be funneled through a metal detector. That grant is for $18,900.

Virginia City’s courthouse will get $3,700 to install a metal detector at the entrance.

Finally, Washoe County will get $4,000 to develop training for court employees.

Finally the 11th Judicial District will get a $6,500 grant to buy a high-speed document scanner for a planned electronic file management system.

Three-quarters of the grant funds will pay to improve audio-visual equipment in several different court operations. Reno Justice Court will get $25,200 to upgrade audio-visual equipment and White Pine County $18,200 to upgrade its Jefferson Audio Visual System (JAVS) system. Bunkerville Justice Court will use $20,000 of the cash to purchase and install a JAVS system similar to that used in the Carson City courts. Finally Argenta Justice Court was awarded $10,000 to complete installation of a system in its new courthouse.



Date of discovery: May 2010, updated video.
Location of discovery: Nevada, 3rd dry lake left of Area 51, USAF base, USA
Google Coordinates:  36°55’35.30″N  116° 0’25.41″W

This is an updated video I made about the 30 meter UFO found at the base I believe to be area S4. Bob Lazar said in an interview video that Area S4 was the third dry lake bed from Area 51…that is here! But others seem to spread disinformation that this is Area S6. Lately I read on the news that they just now noticed this Area S6 on Google map, wondering what it might be? LOL, figures. I believe that people were told they were being taken to Papoose Lake, but were actually being taken to the next dry lake bed as seen in these photos. Remember, Lazar was riding in a bus with blacked out windows. He only heard where he was going, he could not see out the windows.




I actually found 3 UFOs in the area, but I only care about this one…its magnificent and its huge. If you want to see all three, look at my old 2010 video at the bottom of this post.

I’ve known since 2010 what it might be…a climate controlled hanger that holds a 30 meter disk. The hanger was built around the disk and apparently they had difficulty flying it in the beginning, so they built the hanger around it with 180 degree doors to open allowing it to leave when they fly it. The renewed the airport runway here and all the structures, and there are often 2 or more new small passenger planes to carry scientists in and out secretly.

Warning: you will not find this UFO if you do not follow the instructions of how to turn the clock back on the google map photos! So watch carefully please.
Scott C. Waring







1st video below I made this week. Newest.  
This 2nd video below I made back in 2010.


Check out more contributions by Jeffery Pritchett ranging from UFO to Bigfoot to Paranormal to Prophecy

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was ordered Thursday to remain behind bars as he awaits trial on a slew of criminal charges tied to the April 2014 armed standoff with law enforcement near Bunkerville.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was ordered Thursday to remain behind bars as he awaits trial on a slew of criminal charges tied to the April 2014 armed standoff with law enforcement near Bunkerville.

Following a brief detention hearing, U.S. Magistrate Judge Bill Hoffman found that no conditions of release could be fashioned to ensure that Bundy would appear for his May 2 trial.

Hoffman said the serious nature of the charges against Bundy, the weight of the government’s evidence, and Bundy’s history of disobeying court orders all figured in his decision.

The judge said the government spent 22 months investigating the April, 12, 2014, confrontation and obtained one of the most detailed indictments he has seen. He added that it appeared there was “no serious question” that Bundy was the leader of the armed uprising against U.S. Bureau of Land Management officers.

Outside the courthouse afterward, Bundy’s wife, Carol Bundy, criticized the judge’s decision.

“This just proves the federal government is totally out of control,” she said. “Where does it say in the Constitution that the federal government has jurisdiction over a sovereign state of Nevada?”

Bundy’s lawyer, Joel Hansen, said afterward that he would ask a district judge to overturn Hoffman’s order. The case has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro.

In court, Hansen argued that Bundy was not present during the Bunkerville confrontation and did not participate in the alleged conspiracy against the federal officers.

Hansen said 33 letters of support he obtained from Bundy’s friends, family and neighbors demonstrated that Bundy was a man of honesty and integrity and deserved to be set free.

Bundy and 18 others — including four of his sons, Ammon, Ryan, Melvyn and David — were charged in a federal indictment in Las Vegas earlier this month in connection with the Bunkerville showdown.

The Bundy patriarch faces 16 felony counts, including extortion, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer, assault on a federal officer, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, and using and carrying a firearm in a crime of violence.

Federal prosecutors have pushed for Bundy’s continued detention, arguing he is a “lawless” and “violent” man.



Nevada high court orders new trial in $100M Vegas Sands case

A Las Vegas court will hold another trial on whether casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s company has to pay more than $100 million to a Hong Kong businessman for helping to secure business in Macau.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to support a jury award for Richard Suen in the 12-year-old case.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. said Monday it welcomes the decision.

Suen contends that meetings he arranged with Chinese officials helped Adelson’s company get approval to build lucrative casinos in Macau. Suen’s lawyer, John O’Malley, declined to comment.

The ruling came Friday after the billionaire’s company appealed. Juries in Clark County District Court found in favor of Suen in 2008 and 2013.

Penalties and interest have added at least $30 million to a $70 million judgment.

The Nevada Legislature gets to write the public records laws that compel state agencies and local governments to turn over emails and other documents upon request. But ask for the lawmakers’ own emails and documents, and you’ll hit a brick wall.

NEVADA STATE PERSONNEL WATCHLAS VEGAS — The Nevada Legislature gets to write the public records laws that compel state agencies and local governments to turn over emails and other documents upon request. But ask for the lawmakers’ own emails and documents, and you’ll hit a brick wall.

The Associated Press received a meticulously annotated, 28-page denial in response to a recent request for emails sent and received by four legislative leaders’ official accounts during the first week of February.

The AP was also rejected in its request for calendars detailing a week of appointments for the legislators: Democratic Sen. Aaron Ford, Republican Sen. Michael Roberson, Republican Assembly Speaker John Hambrick and Republican Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams.

Lawyers with the Legislative Counsel Bureau cited a buffet of reasons, starting with: the Legislature and its staff couldn’t be considered a “governmental entity,” and emails and calendars couldn’t be defined as “public books or records” under the state’s public records law.

They also argued that giving up such records conflicts with “legislative privilege and immunity,” a principle rooted in 16th and 17th century England when British monarchs used civil and criminal proceedings to harass members of Parliament who were critical of the Crown.

According to LCB, compelling lawmakers to disclose behind-the-scenes communications would “chill legislative speech and debate because Legislators might censor their remarks or forgo them entirely to protect the privacy of their sources from being revealed.”

“It would also allow improper inquiries into the motivations of Legislators,” added LCB, which provides information and assistance to lawmakers.

Finally, LCB lawyers cited a bill that passed on the chaotic final day of the 2015 legislative session, a little over 24 hours after it was introduced at LCB’s request. The bill, AB496, clarifies that immunity applies to every action lawmakers could take “within the sphere of legitimate legislative activity,” whether in session or out, and in any form — written, oral or otherwise.

Critics called the policy overkill, and said it prevents the public from evaluating the factors influencing legislation.

“I’m appalled by the breadth of the arrogance in this response,” said Barry Smith, executive director of the Nevada Press Association, which represents the news media and advocates for transparency in government. “The extent of the reaction makes you wonder, ‘What do they have to hide?’”

While the Legislature rejected the AP’s request, the executive branch provided specific documents in response to the same query. Gov. Brian Sandoval’s office released a detailed calendar of his week that included phone calls with legislative leaders and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, a “veteran of the month” ceremony and a private black tie dinner in Las Vegas.

Lawyers for his office pointed out a single retraction in the calendar — a flight confirmation number — and said they needed more time to meet a request for his emails.

Smith said the Legislature, which has wide latitude to make its own rules, is being hypocritical by holding others to a far higher standard of disclosure than themselves.

“It does say over and over again that we pass laws for other people to follow, not ourselves,” Smith said. “If the leadership of the Legislature actually agrees with this, I’d be very, very worried.”

Michael Schaus of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank, says constituents who send representatives up to Carson City have a right to know the business happening there. While voters can find videos of legislative meetings and copies of bills on the Legislature’s robust website, the more subtle backstory remains out of reach for most.

Without access to emails, calendars and other correspondence, constituents often don’t know why bills died, which lobbyists their representatives are spending the most time with and what bargains lawmakers cut to save certain bills and kill others. They can only find out if the lawmakers themselves voluntarily give up the information.

Tod Story, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, said he understands that lawmakers need some freedom to speak candidly about legislative matters. But he said their confidentiality protections need to be reined in.

“The exemption they have now is far too broad,” Story said. “Certainly anything in the direction of transparency would be welcome.”

US soldiers dropped over UFO Crash site in Nevada Desert ! March 2016

mufonUS soldiers dropped over UFO Crash site in Nevada Desert !

March 2016 – USA, Nevada desrt. US paratroopers dropped over UFO crash site. A large crater has been reported by soldiers. Click here to read the complete article :…

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Carson City sheriff’s log: Inmate who consumed hand sanitizer booked for assault, resisting

drunk judgeA Carson City jail inmate who allegedly consumed hand sanitizer, was booked Saturday on suspicion of gross misdemeanor assault on a police officer and resisting after he charged at jail staff in which a taser was used to stop him, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

The 33-year-old Carson City man also faces a misdemeanor charge of battery after allegedly spitting on a Carson City Fire Department member.

According to the arrest report, a deputy assigned to the jail was in the booking area when he heard screaming in the hallway. He saw the man with both arms extended and his hands clenched into fists. The man was cursing and moving closer to the deputy and another jail deputy.

The man was told to stop but did not respond to commands. A deputy removed a taser from its holders and gave commands for the man to stop and get on the ground. The man charged toward the deputies with both fists and appeared as though he was going to strike them. The taser was deployed into the abdomen of the man where he was detained and handcuffed.

The man appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. The deputy attempted to have the man provide a preliminary breath sample and was able to get a partial sample of .066. It was later discovered the man had consumed one bag of hand sanitizer that was obtained from a secured cabinet, the arrest report states. The hand sanitizer contains ethyl alcohol at 70 percent. He was taken to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center for treatment. Bail: $4,774.

Nevada legislators stand atop soapbox as Bundy backers

The Nevada legislators were vocal members of a group of approximately 100 that assembled to support Bundy and his fellow defendants, who face criminal charges after their participation in a 2014 standoff with the Bureau of Land Management. An increased police presence was noted, but officers kept an extremely low profile.

It was the kind of unthreatening protest that, in retrospect, Bundy may wish had taken place back when ham-handed BLM contractors unsuccessfully tried to round up his herd.

The challenge for legislators Shelton and Moore is whether they fully appreciate their responsibilities as public officials when it comes to discussing such volatile issues as the Bunkerville standoff and the takeover of an Oregon federal wildlife refuge in January that resulted in the shooting death of reactionary Arizona rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum. The politicians also were on hand in the final days of the Oregon standoff.

Here are two excerpts from their Thursday pronouncements:

“A man was murdered as well, Mr. Finicum, at the hands of the FBI, the Oregon State Police, and others,” said Moore, who often mentions his military service. “Contractors out of Idaho Falls, Blackstone I believe. It’s time that the federal government wakes up, responds to the needs of the people instead of overrunning our citizens. I did not fight in combat so that my government can murder citizens, treat us like dogs, and run us like cattle into jail, holding us in cages, like animals.

“… Our political prisoners must be freed. They are being held unconstitutionally.”

Shelton said, “God is on our side. This country was founded on God’s principles. And we have innocent until proven guilty. And we have to remember that. We have prisoners, in jail right now who are innocent and they’re being held without bond.”

Shelton, who often mentions God and prayer in her public speeches, said she’s heard stories of cruelty toward the defendants, including them being “chained to a wall for hours” and being denied phone access.

“You have rapists and murderers being treated better than our political prisoners,” Shelton said. “And for what? For standing up for liberties and our freedoms. And we need to stand behind them.”

The voices of protest in the Bundy case figure to remain strong, at least as long as that megaphone holds out.

HOOP HYPE: Look no further than this week’s Mountain West basketball tournament for a sign of how Las Vegas can benefit from sporting events even without its own professional franchise.

Take The Mirage, for instance. This week it looks a lot like the rooting section for the University of New Mexico. The Lobos’ boosters are headquartered there, and there’s even a Lobo Lounge near the sports book. There are pep rallies, giveaways, and drink specials.

More than 160,000 fans are expected to converge on the Mountain West, WCC, and Pac-12 tournaments, including diehards and repeats with 23,000 or so coming from outside Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Senior Director of Communications Jeremy Handel says. That translates into approximately $22 million in direct spending with a total economic impact of $36 million.

That’s just the college hoops. Once the NCAA Tournament cranks up, Las Vegas reminds the gambling world that it’s a sports betting mecca.

ON THE BOULEVARD: If someone hands you a leaflet on the Boulevard, it’s likely to be a card advertising outcall “girls to your room” or “exotic entertainment.” On Thursday, at least one protestor at the courthouse was issuing a copy of something called “The Constitution of the United States.” … Former Assemblyman Pat Hickey, the Republican conservatives love to hate, on Wednesday filed to retain his seat on the State Board of Education, a position to which he was appointed by Gov. Brian Sandoval in October.

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Leslie Parraguirre, Wife of Nevada Supreme Court justice Ron Parraguirre faces trial on misdemeanor DUI charge


Leslie Parraguirre, the wife of Nevada Supreme Court Justice Ron Parraguirre, is facing an April trial on a misdemeanor DUI charge.

Her attorney, Richard Wright, said she was arrested in late October after a minor traffic collision on West Charleston Boulevard in the Summerlin area.

“She’s embarrassed and deeply regrets the situation,” Wright said late Wednesday.

The attorney said she was driving alone the evening of her arrest. He said she was arrested on two misdemeanors, DUI and battery, but Las Vegas Justice Court’s online records show that the latter charge was dismissed on Feb. 4 after the state chose not to proceed.

Wright declined to comment on the battery charge.

Online records for the DUI case begin on Oct. 30 with a “temporary custody record” and show an “own recognizance release” on Oct. 31.

A criminal complaint was filed Dec. 15 but could not be obtained late Wednesday. The case lists a second misdemeanor charge of failing to “decrease speed or use due care.”

According to the online records, a plea of not guilty was entered Feb. 1, and a bench trial has been scheduled for April 7 before Justice of the Peace Karen Bennett-Haron.

Wright said he has not appeared in court on the matter with his client.

“The case is being handled by the district attorney’s office just like any other case, and we will continue to address it appropriately,” the lawyer said.

Leslie Parraguirre operates an interior design firm, Colours Inc., in Las Vegas. The business has been embroiled in litigation in recent months.

In a federal lawsuit, filed in November 2014, a California woman claims her former bookkeeper wrongfully transferred more than $180,000 from her bank accounts to Leslie Parraguirre, who is one of the defendants in the civil case.

Leslie Parraguirre has filed a counterclaim against the woman, Tonia Antonacci. According to the counterclaim, Colours hired the bookkeeper based on Antonacci’s “high recommendation.”

The bookkeeper, Roxanne Sparks, has admitted she made the wrongful transfers.

“I was trying to save the Parraguirre company and save everyone’s jobs,” she told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in January. She said she has not faced criminal charges.

When Sparks “abruptly left” Colours on April 30, 2014, according to the counterclaim, she had drained its corporate accounts and Leslie Parraguirre’s personal accounts.

“Some accounts were left with less than $100 and every corporate and personal credit card was drawn to its maximum limit as a result of Sparks’s unauthorized use and failure to pay the statements as directed by Colours and/or Parraguirre.”

According to the Colours website, the Las Vegas-based boutique design firm was established in 1988 under the leadership of Leslie Parraguirre, a lifelong Nevadan. Its address is listed as 500 S. Seventh St.

Ron Parraguirre has been on the Nevada Supreme Court since 2004.

Firebrand Fiore to jump into CD3 race

She may not be the biggest gun in the race but probably has the most guns. Second amendment advocate and controversial conservative Michelle Fiore plans to file in the race to replace outgoing Congressman Joe Heck in Congressional District 3.

Heck is giving up his seat to run for US Senate.”I’m taking the jump tomorrow,” Fiore told me by phone. First elected to the State Assembly in 2012, she’s leaving Carson City for a chance to head to Washington.

As of 5 pm Tuesday, two Republicans had filed: Dr. Annette Teijeiro, former congressional candidate, and Air Force veteran Kerry Bowers. Along with those two – and Fiore – three other GOP candidates are planning to jump in, former Congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian, the former head of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Andy Matthews, and State Senate leader Michael Roberson.

Of the 6, Roberson perhaps has the biggest target on his back. In 2015, he shepherded Governor Sandoval’s $1.1 billion dollar tax hike through the legislature, angering conservatives who felt the biggest tax hike in Nevada history was a repudiation of conservative principles. Roberson and the Governor have said the package of new or extended taxes was necessary to rescue failing schools and propel the state forward.

Roberson did not return my phone message and text for comment.

Fiore looks at the field and sees candidates who have run and failed or someone who pushed through a tax hike that would harm business.

“I want you to point out one of that six that continually fights for the people, whether it’s second amendment issues or whether it’s land issues,” Fiore told me, “not someone that’s claiming to be a conservative that raised taxes, not a horse that constantly loses races. We need a true conservative in DC, versus a ‘campaign conservative’.”

Fiore is controversial, with a capital “C”. She angered critics with her embrace of the Bundys, and her temperament in Carson City raised eyebrows. Critics and Democrats say she’s unfit for higher office.

The Brooklyn, NY native says bring it on. “What I say is look what I do and look what I did and I will continue to go down that path,” Fiore says.

As for the other District 3 candidates, they tell me they’re running their own races. Taxes are just one issue, but an important one, they say.

“I’ll do the complete opposite of what Mike Roberson did this past legislative session because it really isn’t anything what a Republican primary voter would want,” Danny Tarkanian told me as we stood on an empty basketball court at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy.

About that tax hike? “That’s just the most obvious one,” Tarkanian told me, spelling out his reasons for running.

“The thing that bothers me the most and I think what affected the voters the most is when you have politicians that campaign and promise something and then they go back to Washington or Carson City and do the exact opposite,” Tarkanian said. “I got a problem with Mike because, one, he promised not to raise taxes, then he went back and raised taxes,” he added.

The six Republicans in District 3 debated on March 3rd. As reported by the Las Vegas Sun’s Megan Messerly, Roberson said he passed some of the “most conservative legislative accomplishments” in Nevada history. He defended the tax hike, saying even Ronald Reagan voted to raise taxes.

“Well, you know of all the candidates, I am the most experienced,” Dr. Annette Teijeiro told me Tuesday after she and her supporters packed the candidate filing room at the Clark County Government Center.

“My family’s been here for 40 years non-stop,” she said. “I’ve worked in our casino industry. I’m also fully bilingual, bi-cultural, so none of my other opponents can say all those things.”

She sees her message going beyond a 2015 tax hike.

“If that’s all my opponents are going to talk about, I’m going to be talking about a lot of other things, too,” she told me. “Nevada actually has stayed fourth or fifth in unemployment. That’s not a good place to be.”

Candidate filing runs through March 18th. The next GOP District 3 forum is 11 am on April 26th at the meeting of the Southern Hills Republican Women.

Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nv., Thursday filed for his third full two-year term representing Carson City Congressional District 2

Mark AmodeiRep. Mark Amodei, R-Nv., Thursday filed for his third full two-year term representing Congressional District 2.

The district covers western Nevada including his hometown Carson City as well as most of northern rural Nevada.

Amodei faces two Democratic challengers so far: Chip Evans of Reno and Rick Shepherd. Evans, a longtime member of the Washoe Democratic Central Committee, has the endorsement of Sen. Harry Reid.

Asked whether this would be his final term since he has said numerous times he doesn’t like the “culture” of Congress in Washington D.C., Amodei said: “I don’t like the culture but the work is important.”

He said he would evaluate whether to seek another term if he’s re-elected this time when that term comes to an end.

He said he would like to see a different culture in D.C. than the past years of the war between President Obama and the Congress.

He said important to him is, “we need somebody to give a riff about the west.”

As an example, he pointed to “all the green energy push on one hand and, on the other, you can’t get a permit to do it.”

Amodei has been in Congress since September 2011 when he won the special election to replace Dean Heller after Heller was appointed to the U.S. Senate. He ran and won the seat in both 2012 and 2014 and filed Thursday for another term.

One surprise filing for Congress was Morse Arberry in District 4. Arberry is the former chairman of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, a post he held in the Nevada Legislature for seven sessions until he was term-limited out of that body in 2008. Arberry is one of five Democrats seeking to unseat first term incumbent republican Cresent Hardy.

Also filing on Thursday was State Sen. Pete Goicoechea, R-Eureka, seeking a second four-year term in that office. Thus far, he’s the only candidate to have filed for that post.

He said water issues are key in his largely rural district that spans the northern half of Nevada. But he said supporting and expanding four-year offerings at Nevada community colleges is also important to him.

In addition, former Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey of Reno has filed seeking election to the state Board of Education seat he was appointed to fill.

In Carson City, the only new filing since Monday is by Steve Reynolds seeking a second term on the Carson school board in District 5.

After 11 years of fighting, Mike Weston has bogus conviction overturned


On March 10, 2016 After 11 years of fighting, Mike Weston has bogus conviction of “obstruction of a peace officer” overturned by Reno judge Pete Sferrazza.
  1. The Washoe County District Attorney admits that the Nevada Highway Patrol edited dash cam video of Trooper Ed Bowers to falsely accuse Mike Weston of obstructing a peace officer.
  2. The Nevada Supreme Court recently decided obstruction citations are unconstitutional in 2015 SCOTT (WILLIAM) VS. DIST. CT. (STATE) case # 67331.
  3. The Washoe County District Attorney  (represented by former Carson City DA deputy Travis Lucia) had no objection to the court vacating and expunging the wrongful conviction and the refunding of fines, fees and costs to Mike Weston.

Nevada Highway Patrol corruption, dash cam tampering & retaliation – The Mike Weston story

Dick Gammick protest

Mike Weston’s fist protest against former disgraced Washoe Co. DA Dick Gammick at the Washoe County Courthouse in Downtown Reno, NV.

The Court Pleading that won the case:

Judge Pete Sferrazza

Comes now Michael Weston in proper person to move the Court to reconsider and have an oral hearing on the matter or in the alternative alter/amend the signed March 08, 2013, and oddly filed on March 07, 2013, order denying motion to vacate by Judge Scott E. Pearson since the Nevada Supreme Court has ruled obstruction and delay laws/ordinances unconstitutional in 2015 SCOTT (WILLIAM) VS. DIST. CT. (STATE) case # 67331 and the State does not oppose the relief requested by the Defendant and they also concur with setting an oral hearing on the matter.

Memorandum of points and authorities

The Nevada Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure (“NJRCP”) allow the court to reconsider and/or alter and amend an order pursuant to NJRCP Rule 59(E).

On December 31, 2015 the Nevada Supreme Court has ruled obstruction and delay laws/ordinances unconstitutional in 2015 SCOTT (WILLIAM) VS. DIST. CT. (STATE) case # 67331.v

The March 08, 2013 order denying motion to vacate by Judge Scott E. Pearson is based on the erroneous notion that the Plaintiff filed a legal “Opposition”No “Opposition” was ever filed by the Plaintiff in this instant matter in the timeframe allowed since Plaintiff filed a late answer dated March 06, 2013. The Plaintiff instead missed the time deadline by filed the Opposition as the record clearly shows.


The Plaintiff belatedly responded to the Defendants motion on March 06, 2013 and they make several concessions and concede to the Defendants requested relief. The Plaintiff states The State would not oppose the sealing of the Defendant’s record. Thus, if the relief granted is limited to that requested by the Defendant, namely vacating his conviction and returning his fees paid by the defendant without findings of fact or conclusions of law, the State would not oppose such relief. However, the Court may oppose the return of the fine.” This concession by the Plaintiff/State clearly conveys to the Court that the State does not oppose the primary relief of VACATING HIS CONVICTION that the Defendant is requesting!  The Plaintiff/State also concedes to returning the fees to the Defendant and they do not oppose returning the fine and instead leave that decision to the Court and even concurs that in may be appropriate for the Court to set this matter for a hearing to seek justice. See line 19-26.  

In the Plaintiff’s July 16, 2012 late Opposition they admit to editing the Nevada Highway Patrol (“NHP”) dash camera audio/video on page 2 line 20-12 where they state “Deleting portions of a video and leaving a timestamp to reflect such was done in not misconduct, let alone fraud.” The Court must understand that the timestamps show missing minutes and minutes that are longer and/or shorter than sixty seconds indicating intentional fraud. The edited dash cam video also shows a superimposed timestamp with no time stamp inconsistencies in an attempt to fraudulently show that there was no editing of the said audio/video. Clearly the NHP audio/video was intentionally edited to remove exculpatory evidence in an egregious and fraudulent effort to deny the Defendant his due process.  See the submitted DVD video.

The Defendant disagrees and asserts that the deleted portions of the audio/video were malicious and fraudulent.  The Defendant was disenfranchised during the original proceedings when the Plaintiff only showed 2 minutes and 8 seconds of the said dash cam audio/video.  Furthermore, the Defendant was never given a true and full copy of the said dash cam audio/video prior to his hearing.

The Defendant was also denied due process when he timely filed his appeal.


Defendant respectfully requests the Court to have an oral hearing on this matter and set a date.

Defendant respectfully requests the Court to vacate the original order upholding the charge of  NRS 197.190 and reimburse Defendant his $300.00 dollar fine, court fees and court costs in this matter. Defendant further requests that his record in expunged of this matter.

Washoe County DA Christopher J Hicks

Washoe DA Chris Hicks

The Plaintiff states “The State would not oppose the sealing of the Defendant’s record. Thus, if the relief granted is limited to that requested by the Defendant, namely vacating his conviction and returning his fees paid by the Defendant without findings of fact or conclusions of law, the State would not oppose such relief. However, the Court may oppose the return of the fine.” This concession by the Plaintiff/State clearly conveys to the Court that the State does not oppose the primary relief of VACATING HIS CONVICTION that the Defendant is requesting!  The Plaintiff/State also concedes to returning the fees to the Defendant and they do not oppose returning the fines to the Defendant.

Congressional Testimony: Mike Weston to Bill Windsor of Lawless America in Carson City, Nevada


mike weston
On June 19, 2005, Weston was run off Interstate 80 near the Keystone exit in Reno by two vehicles traveling at extremely high speed. When he returned to the road, he soon came upon a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser on the shoulder of the highway. Its driver, Officer Edward Bowers, had stopped a large pickup truck and was in process of issuing a citation to the truck’s driver.

NHP1Weston stopped his car behind the trooper’s cruiser.

After waiting at least three minutes to observe the officer’s situation and to determine that the officer was not engaged in a threatening scenario, Weston approached Bowers to report that he had just been run off the road by two reckless drivers who posed a clear and present danger to other vehicles. Significant dialogue discussed during this exchange is not included in an audio-video tape as played during Weston’s trial; this proves that evidence was altered to undermine truth. The tape was shot by a camera onboard the NHP cruiser.

Moments later, Bowers recognized Weston as a person who had previously criticized him. Bowers’ focus shifted to Weston being a critic and he, Bowers, indicated no concern with Weston’s close avoidance of what might have been a fatal accident ~ nor with the clear and present danger to other vehicles posed by the two speeding vehicles Weston reported to him.

Without issuing a warning to Weston, as mandated by law, Bowers issued a citation to Weston for “obstructing and delaying a peace officer”. The audio-video tape mentioned above proves that Bowers did not issue a warning as required by law. Weston was fully cooperative with Bowers; the tape documents this.

On August 19, 2005, Weston found himself in a kangaroo court with “Judge” Fidel Salcedo presiding. During this scenario Weston was victimized by editing of the audio-video tape, complete with a doctored timestamp, and by Officer Bowers lying under oath (perjury). TIME STAMP IRREGULARITIES DISPLAYED ON ORIGINAL TAPE



Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Hour 5

Minute 11 Incident begins
Minute 10
Minute 09 Does not display
Minute 08
Minute 07 75 seconds
Minute 06 55 seconds
Minute 05 15 seconds
Minute 04 68 seconds
Minute 03 45 seconds
Minute 02 25 seconds
Minute 01 55 seconds

Hour 4
Minute 59 40 seconds
Minute 58 15 seconds
Minute 59 Displays again / 40 seconds / Different content
Minute 57 85 seconds
Minute 56 70 seconds
Minute 55 25 seconds
Minute 54 55 seconds
Minute 53 23 seconds
Minute 52 95 seconds
Minute 51 Does not display
Minute 50 80 seconds
Minute 49 40 seconds
Minute 48 40 seconds
Minute 47 55 seconds
Minute 46 40 seconds
Minute 45 Does not display
Minute 46 25 seconds
Minute 45 Does not display
Minute 44 25 seconds
Minute 43 55 seconds
Minute 42 25 seconds
Minute 41 Incident ends

Dozens of demonstrators stood in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas this morning to support rancher Cliven Bundy, who is facing charges related to a 2014 armed standoff with federal authorities.



Carol Bundy, wife of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, speaks to reporters in front of the U.S. Courthouse in downtown Las Vegas Thursday, March 10, 2016. Bundy is facing charges relating to an armed ranching standoff against Bureau of Land Management agents in April 2014.

Dozens of demonstrators stood in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas this morning to support rancher Cliven Bundy, who is facing charges related to a 2014 armed standoff with federal authorities.

web1_BUNDYPROTEST4.jpgThe demonstration featured a concentration of members of the Guardians of the Oath movement, a radical, anti-government spin-off of the Oath Keeper movement, known for disobeying laws members don’t believe fall under the U.S. Constitution.

Also present at the rally were members of the Three Percenters group, a militant organization that pledges to uphold the U.S. Constitution using force, if necessary. The group’s name comes from an estimated 3 percent of the population that fought in the American Revolution.

“Obviously the second revolution is on the way,” said Bobby Florentz, 64, a self-proclaimed member of both movements.

web1_BUNDY-MARCH-11-16bt04.jpgFlorentz, waving a sign urging passer us to “save the patriots from the oathbreakers,” said the federal government was illegally charging Cliven Bundy for trespassing on land it doesn’t actually own.

“Bottom line is it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to own land,” he said. “So how can they charge Cliven Bundy for being on their land?”

Waving the Gadsden flag, named after American Revolution Gen. Christopher Gasden and often associated with libertarian and tea party groups, self-proclaimed patriot Steve Adams, 36, of North Las Vegas said the federal government has gone too far in prosecuting “innocent patriots.”

“A rattlesnake doesn’t bother anyone unless you step on it,” Adams said, referring to the design on the flag, which features a coiled snake. “I think the government is starting to step too much on American ranchers.”

A message from Arden Bundy

LeVoy Finnicum’s daughter Thara Tenney, 32, and her younger sister stood in front of the courthouse and with megaphones and sang an original song met by loud cheering. “Are you, are you, going to stand with me?,” they sang.

Finnicum was shot to death by authorities in January when a vehicle was stopped after leaving a wildlife refuge in Oregon taken over by armed protesters. Officials said authorities opened fire after he reached for a weapon.

Cliven Bundy’s wife, Carol Bundy, meanwhile, held a sign that said, “It’s Simple: The Land Belongs To The People.” She said her husband is being treated like he’s already been convicted and sentenced.

The government is treating him like a “mass murderer” when he’s only a father, a husband and a grandfather, she said. She expects today’s hearing will be “short and, I’m sure, sweet.”

“This isn’t a fight for the Bundys,” she said. “It’s a fight for we, the American people.”

11:08 a.m. — About an hour into the demonstration, Metro Lt. Reggie Rader said there have been no confrontations among law enforcement and the roughly 50 protesters on hand.

“It’s just a normal day; we have no issues with this. We’re just here to make sure everyone remains peaceful,” Rader said.

Rader, who was with four other Metro officers outside the federal courthouse, said protests happen frequently and a small police presence is standard for such events.

“Usually these folks are very peaceful and respectful,” he said.

Leonard Siebert showed up to support the Bundy family. “That was a great day for America,” he said of the day of the standoff, because patriots stood up to the Bureau of Land Management and the government.

Siebert, who said he is part of the Oath Keepers, a patriot group that vows to defend the Constitution, and the Three Percenters, a patriot group dedicated to protecting constitutional rights, said he anticipated a peaceful demonstration.

“We’re not here to riot. We’re not here to complain. We’re out here to voice as we can with the First Amendment.”

Brian Enright of Southern California arrived at the courthouse with his wife, daughter and their dog.

He carried an American flag and said he was here to support Bundy and the patriot movement. He said the federal government is “out of control” when it comes to “state matters.”

He said he is not a member of any movement.

10:45 a.m.

Demonstrators carried anti-Bureau of Land Management signs and U.S. and Gadsden flags, but no guns were spotted. Law enforcement officials had anticipated demonstrators would openly carry guns.

The Gadsden flag, designed during the American revolution, depicts a rattlesnake and the words “Don’t tread of me.” It has been used more recently as a symbol of American patriotism and disagreement with the government.

Interactions between police ad protestors, meanwhile, appeared to be polite and friendly.

Randy Peck, 54, of Las Vegas held a sign reading, “BLM: Give Up Your Land, Give Up Your FREEDOM.”

He said he belongs to the patriot movement and is a Bundy supporter. He described Bundy as a “political prisoner.”

Peck said he came out to protest the overreach of the U.S. government and that he hopes Bundy is released.

Armed demonstrators expected for Cliven Bundy hearing

Demonstrators, some of them openly carrying guns, are expected outside the federal courthouse in Las Vegas today as Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy faces a hearing on charges related to a 2014 armed standoff with federal agents.

Bundy’s wife and other family members and friends said they want to show they’re keeping up their fight against the federal government.

“We’re a strong family and we stand together,” family matriarch Carol Bundy said. “I want the world to see that.”

Nevada allows the open-carrying of guns, and Metro Police and the U.S. Marshals Service said they expect some protesters will be armed but will remain peaceful.

“Our mission is to protect people’s right to peacefully assemble and protest,” Metro Officer Larry Hadfield said. “One’s position does not matter. We are happy to accommodate them.”

On April 12, 2014, an estimated 400 people engaged in an armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management as authorities attempted to round up and impound Bundy’s cattle over nonpayment of grazing fees on public land. Authorities eventually backed down.

The dispute dates to 1993, and BLM officials estimated two years ago that Bundy owed more than $1 million in unpaid grazing fees.

Bundy heads a list of 19 people — including four Bundy sons — accused of leading the standoff near his ranch in Bunkerville.

Bundy was arrested Feb. 10 in Oregon as he arrived at Portland International Airport to visit two sons jailed on charges that they led a 41-day armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge.

He faces 16 charges, including conspiracy, assault, obstruction and threatening a federal officer. Convictions could result in penalties up to life in prison.

While Bundy’s hearing isn’t set to begin until 2 p.m., the demonstration, organized via the Bundy ranch Facebook and Twitter accounts, is set for 10 a.m. outside the downtown Las Vegas courthouse at 333 Las Vegas Blvd.

The social media accounts said demonstrators planned on “filling the sidewalks” from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. before “filling the courtroom.” The posts, first reported Monday, were deleted from the accounts as of Wednesday night.

State agencies were told Wednesday they should plan flat budgets for the next biennium and to recommend spending reductions of 5 percent below that.

money blackholeState agencies were told Wednesday they should plan flat budgets for the next biennium and to recommend spending reductions of 5 percent below that.

The announcement came during the Sandoval administration’s first presentation on the next budget cycle and to veteran agency heads it must have felt a lot like deja vu — the same thing they were told during the depths of the recession.

“There is no intent to cut the agencies,” said Finance Department Director Jim Wells.

But he said revenues are coming in at or a hair less than projected and the state must be prepared to make reductions if necessary. He told a crowd of agency officials at the briefing it’s up to them to decide what programs would be reduced and, if necessary, by how much. He said preparing those decisions in advance would make things a lot easier and better than at the last minute if the Economic Forum tells the administration the money hoped for won’t be there.

He said hopefully no cuts will be needed but the administration doesn’t want a repeat of what happened when the economy collapsed in the fall of 2007, leaving the state almost no time to react.

Wells said the current General Fund budget of $7.3 billion will probably grow to $7.5 or $7.6 billion, but that doesn’t mean there will be room for enhancements.

“Any increase in revenues would be eaten up by the roll-ups,” he said referring to cost increases such as in medical services that are beyond state control. One big category in which there’s a projected decrease is the percentage of Medicaid the federal government pays. Even a fraction of a percent reduction there costs the state millions since Medicaid is the state’s largest single budget at $5.3 billion.

In addition, there are the ongoing costs built into the current budget that have to be paid next cycle including the employee raises and the 100 added officers at state prisons among others.

So Wells and Sandoval’s Chief of Staff Mike Willden said proposed budgets for the 2018-2019 cycle can be no more than twice the amount budgeted for fiscal 2017.

Wells emphasized his office doesn’t want across the board cuts but prioritized reductions targeting low priority programs.

Willden said the 2015 session was about fixing Nevada’s revenue system.

“2017 is going to be about cost controls, efficient government, those kind of things,” he said. “We’re looking for better ways to manage your resources.”

There are, however, exceptions to that limit including caseload growth, agency specific inflation, federal and court ordered increases and any enhancements authorized by the governor’s office. Generally, the caps apply to state General Fund and Highway Fund spending, not to federal and other revenue sources.

The budget plan also laid out a list of new and tighter deadlines for submitting budget plans and bill draft requests, most placed in statute by the 2015 Legislature.

The first of those deadlines is April 15 when agencies have to submit legislative summaries to the governor’s office. Non-budget bill draft requests are due August 1 at the Legislative Counsel Bureau and budget bills are due at the budget office September 1.

Also this time, LCB won’t accept “placeholder” bill draft requests — a blank request that doesn’t specify what would eventually be in the proposed legislation. He said BDRs must contain enough information to tell what the bill is going to be about.

Wells said since the governor only has 110 BDRs next time, they have to keep a tight rein on the requests for statutory changes.

The governor is also clamping down tighter on the portion of the budget cycle known as the “Agency Request” budget. The agency request budget came in at about $8 billion at the start of this current cycle, which Sandoval tried initially to keep from becoming public — and even from the legislative fiscal staff.

This time, he has set strict rules requiring agencies to get permission before including any enhancement above two-times-current-spending in their proposed budgets.

That will frustrate advocacy groups and government watchers for a long list of agencies who see the agency request budget as a view into what the agency believes it needs as opposed to what the governor’s office thinks.

Willden described the change as “formalizing the enhancement process.” He said the governor’s office would be providing “some pretty firm directions” as to the kinds of enhancements it intends to include in the budget.

Trump takes on the BLM in Nevada

In his One View column, Donald J. Trump attempts to make BLM the scapegoat for all the problems in the West [“Trump: Nevada, U.S. need president who obeys rule of law,” Voices, Jan. 30].

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s statements about BLM are factually incorrect.  The BLM does not control over 85 percent of the land in Nevada.  Public lands in Nevada are managed by several federal agencies, including BLM, the Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.  According to the Congressional Research Service, BLM lands account for 68 percent of the federal lands in Nevada.

Second, the BLM is not “reluctant” to release land in Clark County to help with affordable housing, as Mr. Trump states.  Section 7(b) of the 1998 Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Acts allows BLM to sell land up to a 95 percent discount for affordable housing.   Several affordable housing projects have been developed in Clark County as a result.

Candace H. Stowell, Carson City

Bundy backers planning demonstration at U.S. courthouse in Las Vegas

Bundy005Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s family and friends plan a demonstration at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas to coincide with his scheduled Thursday court date.

Wife Carol Bundy said Tuesday the picketing should show that backers are keeping up their fight against the federal government.

Carol Bundy tells The Associated Press her husband may hire a lawyer before his court appearance, but she’s not saying yet who that’ll be.

Cliven Bundy is accused of 16 charges stemming from an armed standoff with federal agents in April 2014 that stopped a roundup of cows from public land near his ranch in Bunkerville.

He was arrested Feb. 10 in Oregon as he arrived at Portland International Airport to visit two of his sons jailed during the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge.


Group protests death of wildlife refuge occupier at Nevada state Capitol


CARSON CITY — About a dozen people protesting the death of Oregon wildlife refuge occupier Robert “LaVoy” Finicum lined Carson Street in front of the Capitol grounds Saturday to bring attention to what one termed the murder of the Arizona rancher at the hands of overzealous federal authorities.

Marki Marius of Milford, Calif., who organized the Carson City protest, held a sign with Finicum’s photo and the statement: “Murdered by the FBI January 26 2016.”

“We stand strongly behind the ranchers,” she said as some drivers honked in support as they drove by. “We are trying to fight the overreach of federal agencies.”

Dozens of rallies were planned across the country in memory of Finicum, an armed occupier of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon who was killed by Oregon state police after he and others were stopped at a roadblock.

Finicum was one of the Oregon occupation’s leaders along with Ammon and Ryan Bundy, sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

He also participated in Bundy’s 2014 standoff with federal Bureau of Land Management authorities over the BLM’s attempt to remove the rancher’s cattle from federal land because of his refusal to pay grazing fees for more than two decades.

One of the goals of the protest is to get state and federal authorities to investigate how Finicum died.

Also at the Carson protest was John Vettel, state director of a group called Convention of States Action that wants state legislatures to call for a convention to consider amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The group wants to roll back federal authority to its original intent, limit terms of federal elected officials and get federal spending under control, he said.

Contact Sean Whaley at or 775-461-3820. Find him on Twitter: @seanw801

Defense lawyer Brian Bloomfield was sentenced Monday to serve 90 days in the Clark County Detention Center for his role in defrauding the court system.

Defense lawyer Brian Bloomfield was sentenced Monday to serve 90 days in the Clark County Detention Center for his role in defrauding the court system.

After hearing a lengthy appeal for leniency from Bloomfield, District Judge Jessie Walsh also ordered him to serve 19 to 48 months in prison but suspended the sentence and placed him on five years probation.

Bloomfield, 40, was handcuffed in court and hauled away by marshals after the sentencing.

Chief District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo sought lengthy prison time, arguing the entire legal community was harmed because of Bloomfield’s actions in the courthouse scheme.

But Walsh appeared more swayed by Bloomfield, who apologized and asked for another chance to become a productive member of the community.

“I’ve lost everything in my life, your honor, and I am humbled,” Bloomfield said. “I pray very hard on this knowing I’m going to have to meet my maker.”


Suppose, for example, that Trump nominated Brian Sandoval to replace Justice Scalia.

American ThinkerIf Donald Trump is a true conservative, then there is no danger at all in electing him to be president.  Trump might, in fact, introduce a new and dynamic electoral element to conservatism, as he noted when observing that he might carry New York and other traditionally leftist states in the northeast part of our nation.  If Trump is a true conservative, then he could be the best thing that happened to conservatives in America since Reagan.

Brian Sandoval with his bong

Brian Sandoval with his bong

His dealing-making prowess, his willingness to tweak the delicate noses of political correctness, his willingness to take on the Republican Establishment – all these are great advantages that Trump would have over most Republican nominees or Republican presidents…if Trump is a true conservative.  We all ought to hope that Donald Trump is just that – a conservative who cherishes the values of conservatives and wants to restore the moral greatness of America (the other so-called “greatness” of wealth and power don’t really matter).

What, though, if Donald Trump is not just a RINO, but a CINO – a “conservative in name only”?  What if Trump really does see the problems of politics today that we do not negotiate tough enough deals or that we do not manage government well enough?  What if Trump believes that he can save America by producing business growth (without also constraining federal courts, reducing presidential power, and re-asserting the only true greatness of our nation: its moral greatness)?brian sandoval proclamation

This does not mean Trump is insincere or phony, but just that he honestly believes that muscle and money make everything right.  What is the danger to that?  If Trump is President Trump, he is also the leader of the Republican Party, and Congress will have no real chance of stopping much of what he proposes.

Suppose, for example, that Trump nominated Brian Sandoval to replace Justice Scalia.  Sandoval is a “moderate” who would sometimes rule with the leftist side of the court.  What if Trump then appointed Chris Christie to the next vacancy?  The Supreme Court would move sharply left without any true leftist being appointed, and Senate Republicans could do nothing about it.

What if Trump, anxious to “get things done,” decided that the vast arrogation of executive power by Obama, while wrong in theory, was just what he needed to implement his agenda?  If Trump is “results oriented” instead of “rights oriented,” then, like leftists, Trump might take the attitude that the ends justify the means, and what, exactly, could Republicans in Congress do about that?

Furthermore, what if Trump intended to reform health care “sensibly” but still embrace a single-payer plan?  He might construct something better than Obamacare, but the underlying principle of keeping government out of health care would be lost, perhaps forever, in American politics.  In one sense, an Obamacare that is wildly unpopular is better, in the long run, than a Trumpcare favorably received.

This assumes, of course, that Trump really does fancy himself a conservative who joined the Republican Party recently as the best way of implementing his particular conservative program.  What if Trump is really more of a moderate who is trying to temper the conservative movement, even as he kicks out an incompetent and corrupt Democrat administration?

Talk of “bringing Americans together” is always scary stuff – very much the glop of true RINOs.  We need, instead, to split America apart and produce victory for conservatives over leftists and their tapioca moderate friends.  While trying to do the right thing, Trump may so divide conservatives and so splinter Republicans in Congress that we can do nothing, except what Trump feels is good policy, for at least four years.

Conservatives are always weakest with a Republican president like Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Bush, or Bush as the titular head of the only reservoir of conservative political power.  Except for Nixon, the other four of those Republican presidents were honorable and decent men.  But all were disasters for conservative policies in America.

Indeed, most of the awful programs since World War Two were brought to us with RINO presidents whipping conservatives in Congress into supporting their “reforms.”  The opportunity for good things if Trump is a true conservative are great, but the dangers to conservatives if he is not truly conservative are monumental.


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Carson City Board of Supervisors vote to discontinue Nevada Fair

10253970-nevada-state-fair-august-2630-2009Carson City is getting out of the fair business.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors voted Thursday to discontinue the Nevada Fair, a free-admission event focused on livestock and agriculture and put on in Fuji Park by the city the last two years.

The fair was losing money, according to Roger Moellendorf, director of Carson City Parks and Recreation.

Despite carrying over about $25,000 from 2014 to 2015 and turning a small profit of $5,000 last year, the event was dependent on seed money from the city, so far totaling $135,000, as well as donated time from city staff equal to about $73,000 in 2015.

And now a competing event is coming to town.

“I thought the fair was extremely well received. I never heard anything but good things about it. I do worry that as the world goes faster and faster, we lose sight of the value of going back to livestock, raising your own food, the things 4H and Future Farmers of America do. I am not opposed to closing the fair, but I’d like a sense from this board that what 4H and Future Farmers of America do is important to this community.”Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell

The Nevada State Fair, which has been dormant since 2010, is being hosted again, this time at Mills Park, June 9-12, about six weeks before the city was scheduled to put on its event.

“When Nevada State Fair LLC approached us I saw it as a good opportunity for us to transition out of the fair business. I don’t think cities do fair business well,” Nick Marano, Carson City manager, said. “We’re not giving Nevada State Fair any money or staff time. It is a purely privately-run affair.”

Initially, the city had hoped the Nevada State Fair would come to the capital, said Moellendorf. But when the event wasn’t revived for a few years, the city went ahead and hosted its own.

The events are not completely alike. The Nevada State Fair plans to feature carnival rides, a car show, the Rendezvous Civil War reenactment and a petting zoo.

The Nevada Fair, on the other hand, offered some of that, including Civil War re-enactors, but featured 4H and Future Farmers of America livestock shows.

Mayor Bob Crowell and other supervisors voiced concerns the livestock events would fall off the calendar if the city dropped its fair.

“I thought the fair was extremely well received. I never heard anything but good things about it,” Crowell said. “I do worry that as the world goes faster and faster, we lose sight of the value of going back to livestock, raising your own food, the things 4H and Future Farmers of America do.

“I am not opposed to closing the fair, but I’d like a sense from this board that what 4H and Future Farmers of America do is important to this community.”

Moellendorf suggested the city work with the operators of the Nevada State Fair to incorporate the livestock and agriculture events into future state fairs.

The supervisors voted to cancel and no longer hold the Nevada Fair and for staff to facilitate discussions with “interested parties,” that may include Nevada State Fair LLC, to find another venue in which to continue the livestock and agriculture events in coming years.

Reno police say a suspect escaped custody while being taken to jail.

reno 911RENO — Reno police say a suspect escaped custody while being taken to jail.

Authorities say detectives were transporting 30-year-old Javier Saldana to Washoe County Jail on Friday afternoon when he somehow was able to separate himself from them.

Police say Saldana fled in a vehicle, which has since been located.

Federal, state and local agencies are assisting Reno police in the search.

Police did not say why Saldana was initially arrested.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Reno police.