INFOWARS.COM covers the Reno Monsanto Protest featuring our world famous CRIME SCENE BANNER!!!

We made the Nightly News on INFOWARS.COM

INFOWARS.COM covers the Reno Monsanto Protest featuring the massive INFOWARS banner and our

world-famous CRIME SCENE BANNER!!!

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Pictures and Videos – Over 1,000 people protest Monsanto in Reno, Nevada

Pictures and Videos – Over 1,000 people march and protest Monsanto NO GMO in Reno, Nevada
Monsanto protest in Reno Nevada complete with chemtrails in the sky

Monsanto protest in Reno Nevada complete with chemtrails in the sky

We made the Nightly News on INFOWARS.COM

Reno monsanto protestThe local “newspaper” RGJ said “dozens” protest Monsanto in Reno! This corporate news rag is a joke. If you’re going to report the news, report the truth! Maybe they got there late. Channel 2 news got there late too, but they got some good footage, see the story and link below. We estimate there were over 1,000 people at the peak when the march started at the Reno Federal Courthouse and snaked through downtown Reno to the plaza on the river. A fair number seems to be 350, but it seemed like a thousand during the march. Infowars covered the media blackout and false reporting across the nation. Reno News 4 covered the Reno Monsanto protest story. Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe pictures and video are below.

Thank you to the Reno Police for traffic control and keeping everyone safe. No problems occurred and the weather was beautiful. Lot’s of cars honking and positive feedback from the wonderful people of Reno, NV.

Here are the real pictures and videos. Note:  Please share this page on Facebook, email, twitter or whatever. Also see more pictures below and on Flicker.

Learn more:Label genetically engineered food – It’s our right to know!

Reno Monsanto protest

Reno Monsanto protest

Must see video of the Reno Monsanto protest featuring the
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Worldwide and Nevada ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protests Planned for May 25th 2013

March Against Monsanto

See Pictures and video of the Reno, NV March Against Monsanto protest here:


monsatanSee Pictures and video of the Reno, NV March Against Monsanto protest here:

Nevada ANTI Corruption will march in Reno, NV on May25th. The protest info is listed below:

For Nevada protests see : and

United States Nevada Las Vegas

Label GMO Nevada will take part in the March Against Monsanto in Reno on May 25. Label GMO Nevada founder Kiki Corbin said in a statement, “We’re pleased to sponsor this important event in our community. We encourage people of all ages to participate in this peaceful march. Bring signs, wear costumes or a green shirt.”

The Reno event will start at the Liberty Street side of the Bruce Thompson Federal Building at 400 S. Virginia St. at 10 am. At 11am — the same time events will take place all over the country — marchers will then proceed to the Reno City Plaza at First Street and Virginia Street to hear several brief speeches and partake in a rally for labeling GMOs.

Countless individuals will soon assemble in small and large groups around the nation and the globe alike in protest against Monsanto’s genetic manipulation of the food supply. Organized under the May 25th movement known as the ‘March on Monsanto’, the massive new rally reveals how the grassroots public has truly had enough of Monsanto’s monopoly on the many staple crops that have quickly been sucked into Monsanto’s genetically modified tycoon.monantoland

It’s virtually impossible these days to enter a grocery store, even one bearing the title of ‘natural’, and not encounter at least a few items that contain genetically modified ingredients. And for quite some time, this fact was not even known to the large majority of the United States public. Many simply did not even know what a GMO was, or what it could potentially do to their bodies (or the bodies of the children who they were feeding with genetically engineered processed food).

This, of course, stems from the fact that the FDA and Monsanto have decided that you aren’t allowed to know if your food contains GMOs. Even despite the fact that peer-reviewed research has pegged Monsanto’s best selling herbicide Roundup (which is a key part of Monsanto’s Roundup-ready GMO crops) to around 37 associated diseases, the FDA says it’s perfectly safe. So safe that it’s not even necessary to label in your food. So very safe that the only study that ever examined how Roundup and GMOs affect rats throughout their lifetime found that the rats developed tumors so large that it impacted their very ability to move.

gmogeneticallymodifiedorganism_4e9c7babad9bb-1It’s madness that has been identified for a long time by alternative news writers and readers, but thanks to the success of Prop 37 and other initiatives it has now hit the general public — and they’re not happy.

The Grassroots Will End Monsanto

Now enter campaigns like the March on Monsanto, which is slated to happen around the world on May 25th. It’s a grassroots event that has turned into a major organized movement thanks to countless local activists. The event is going on in major cities like San Diego and New York City, to small towns and even rural areas. It’s all being organized online via an open Google Document, where you can find the protest nearest to you and be a part of it. There’s also many open slots for organizers and speakers, so if you’re interested in that be sure to check that out as well.

“Monsanto and government merge into one”

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