A former Tuolumne County deputy district attorney was formally disciplined Thursday by the California State Bar Association.

clint parish is a scumbagBy Abby Divine, The Union Democrat February 11, 2015 02:28 pm

A former Tuolumne County deputy district attorney was formally disciplined Thursday by the California State Bar Association.
Clint E. Parish, now in private practice, was publicly reprimanded for making false statements during a 2012 judicial campaign in Yolo County. His campaign falsely accused his rival, Judge Dan Maguire, of various legal and ethical violations.

Among the actions cited by the bar: False allegations that Maguire was involved in bribery and corporate fraud, and, while working for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, helped soften the sentence of convicted murderer Estaban Nunez, son of Schwarzenegger ally and then-Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez.

All of these statements were false and made with a “reckless disregard for truth,” according to the State Bar.

The disciplinary action will be effective Feb. 26 and posted on his attorney profile on the State Bar of California’s website, according to Laura Ernde, State Bar spokeswoman.

Parish was also ordered to complete training within one year and pass an exam at the State Bar’s Ethics School, according to court documents.

Parish formerly worked as a deputy prosecutor for the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office and left on Nov. 16, 2012.

Shortly after Parish lost the 2012 election, he was hired as a deputy prosecutor for Tuolumne County District Attorney’s Office. He left the office in November 2013 after he failed to pass a one-year employment probation period.

Parish was admitted to the State Bar in 2000 and had no prior record of discipline.


Judicial candidate Joseph Scalia reprimanded by Nevada Bar

A candidate for the bench in Clark County Family Court Department B has been publicly reprimanded by the State Bar of Nevada for problems with his client trust account.

The reprimand was filed July 11 against attorney Joseph A. Scalia II, about a month after the primary elections, for 12 violations of professional conduct rules in two separate cases. It wasn’t the first time Scalia has faced disciplinary action from the bar. He also received a letter of reprimand in February and another one in June 2012 in different cases.

Both letters of reprimand were for violations of rules of professional conduct in connection with grievances filed against Scalia by former clients.

“I made a mistake, I owned up to it. and I fixed it,” Scalia said last week of the July reprimand. “I got my accountant to resolve all of these things. It was an accounting problem, not a legal problem.”

Scalia, 50, is running for the open nonpartisan Family Court seat against attorney Linda Marquis.

On or about Nov. 28, 2011, Bank of Nevada notified the State Bar that Scalia’s trust account had become overdrawn by $1,529 when a check for $2,601 was presented for payment, the public reprimand said. The State Bar investigated.

“The investigation revealed that, from approximately November 2011 through August 2012, you failed to properly maintain funds in your client trust account,” the reprimand reads. “Your initial response to the State Bar’s letter of investigation did not explain the issues for the overdraft and, further, the trust account issues were not resolved until well after the State Bar began its investigation.”

Scalia later told the State Bar that he was dealing with family issues and acknowledged that he had not properly supervised the management of his trust account, according to the reprimand. During the time period at issue, he said he had reduced the number of hours of his accounting staff from 30 hours per week to 12 hours per week, and because the settlement funds from his personal injury cases amounted to less than 5 percent of his business, his trust account did not receive the attention it deserved.

For that, Scalia violated rules of competence, safekeeping property, supervision, and bar admissions and disciplinary matters and misconduct, the reprimand said.

Scalia said that is when the economy was slow and he had to lay off staff.

But he added: “We really never did a lot of personal injury work to begin with.”

The reprimand also said that attorneys and staff assigned to a client repeatedly failed to communicate with the client and repeatedly asked the client to resubmit documents the client had previously provided Scalia’s office. Scalia’s office also failed to timely handle the out-of-state divorce decree in this client’s matter with the Eight Judicial District Court. The application was rejected twice as Scalia’s office failed to follow the appropriate filing procedures.

On May 7, 2012, the client asked for a refund, but it wasn’t until after the State Bar performed a status check in February 2013 that the client received a refund. In this case, Scalia violated rules of competence, diligence, and communication, among others.

The February letter of reprimand said that Scalia violated three rules of conduct after taking eight months to provide a client with a copy of his file.

The June 2012 letter of reprimand was about a grievance for an opposition to a motion that wasn’t filed until a day before the hearing on the motion. An attorney working for Scalia’s firm admitted that he failed to file the opposition to the motion, according to the letter.

In this case, Scalia violated rules of diligence, communication and supervision, among others.

Scalia on Tuesday said the issues in the two letters of reprimands were because of “mistakes of inexperienced attorneys.”

At the time, he said he was helping an attorney get his business back on track. He also was helping an attorney who had been disbarred, and he had hired an attorney who claimed he was experienced, but wasn’t. That resulted in things getting off track.

Scalia said he has since made changes and instituted more oversight.

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Protests target corrupt Reno lawyer William Routsis for “ripping off” & “selling out clients”, back room deals, fraud, ineffective legal counsel, threats of extortion, meth use, binders on booze being to drunk to return calls, and more!

william routsis protest

Lawyer Mr. William Routsis, ESQ. of Reno, NV claimed on the court records he was “ineffective counsel”

Reno criminal defense attorney William J. Routsis, got a taste of revenge after a former client, Ty Robben protested outside Mr. Routsis’ office at 1070 Monroe St. in Reno which happens to also be Mr. Routsis’ home.

Mr. Robben paid Mr. Routsis $4,000.00 dollars to represent him in court – He now wants his money back.

williamroutsisbadlawyer.wordpress.com is dedicated to this asshole.

Mr. Routsis claimed on the court records he was “ineffective counsel” to Mr. Robben by failing to turn in documents on time, making “back room” deals with the corrupt Carson City judge John Tatro and the DA Travis Lucia, Neil Rombardo and even working against Robben by conspiring with the Carson City Sheriff Detective Dan Gomes.

william routsis

At the protest July 15, 2014, Robben and a group of his “peaceful” protest posse expressed their 1st amendment rights in front of Routsis’ home/office on Monroe Street in Reno, Nevada. Neighbors looked upon the signs and people driving by honk their horns in support of Robben’s protest.

Mr. Robben linked the information together and connected the dots by listening to various audio CDs containing the hearings and other transcripts from the Sheriff. Mr. Routsis worked to make sure Robben got the maximum sentence in a disturbing the peace charge for serving a subpoena to former NDOT Director Susan Martinivich, who actually evaded service and ran over Mr. Robben’s foot when she took off in her SUV.

Robben prevailed on his appeal of the breach-of-peace in July 2014 based on his own legal arguments of withdrawing his plea. Robben had to write his own briefs and perform his own legal research because ‘Routsis does not know how to use a computer”.

Robben had to even file the pleading in proper person because Routsis was too drunk and high on dope.

Robben let the militia aside, and just made a few signs. “I want my money back for services not performed”.

At the protest July 15, 2014, Robben and a group of his “peaceful” protest posse expressed their 1st amendment rights in front of Routsis’ home/office on Monroe Street in Reno, Nevada. Neighbors looked upon the signs and people driving by honk their horns in support of Robben’s protest.

Routsis was not home at the time the protest started, but drove up on the protest near the end of day.

William Routsis

Disbar William Routsis

Routsis became enraged and hostile when he read the signs and allegedly called the Reno Police Department to file “criminal charges” against Robben for “extortion” and called Robben a “terrorist”  and Routsis then yelled “I have been working with CCSO Detective Gomes to tell them you are extorting money from me and you [Robben] are on the FBI terror watch list.”

Routsis then challenged Ty Robben to a fight right there on the public sidewalk. People from the neighborhood gathered around and watch William Routsis, a former boxer, tell Robben to “Man UP” and attempted to lure Robben onto his property for a fight!

Robben remained calm, and told Routsis that “You, William Routsis even admit on the court records that you failed to perform you legal duties and were ‘ineffective legal counsel’ for me [Ty Robben]”.photo(3)

Ty Robben’s cousin Jimmy Robben, a cowboy from the Mother Lode witnessed the mayhem and prevented Routsis from striking Ty Robben with his fists. “Ty was here to express his U.S. Constitutional rights and protest a bad business dispute, and William Routsis wanted to start a fist fight. Let’s be clear, Routsis challenged Robben who just held up his ‘Crime Scene’ sign to Routsis’ face while Jimmy Robben restrained Routsis from physically assaulting/battering  Robben.

Robben told Routsis to “get help and look into a 12-step program… and don’t talk to me until you get to step 9 Mr. Routsis”.

Robben said he will be filing a criminal complaint against Wiillim Routsis after this all settles down for terriost threats, assault and Routsis’ challenging him [Robben] to a fight. Robben will file a BAR complaint and even a civil legal malpractice suit against this clown named William Routsis.









Reno lawyer William Routsis cheats his clients and works for the “other side” to fuck over his clients

William Routsis

Reno lawyer William Routsis cheats his clients and works for the “other side” to fuck over his clients

Update: The CCSO admits William Routsis worked with them to undermine his client behind the seems to score points with the court . William Routsis threatened me with “criminal libel” for this post and told me to take down this post by midnight and not protest his corrupt ass as I intend on doing – So I created a website williamroutsisbadlawyer.wordpress.com dedicated to this asshole.

Be aware of Reno criminal defense lawyer William Routsis. This piece of lazy crap lies, and works bogus deals with the prosecutors and against his clients. I hire Mr. Routsis and needless to say, it was a complete waste of money. Mr. Routsis can’t even use a computer to  write simple motions. I had to do all the work because Routsis who claims to be Buddhist is actually a drunk and was strung out on meth. He even had the face picking syndrome going on when I witnessed him on on of his binders. He yells at his clients and tells lie after lie to cover up his incompetence.He tore into a yelling rampage against his secretary for allowing me to enter his “office”  (den indie of his home) when he was doing lines of meth and drinking beer with some street person.

William Routsis

William Routsis sucks

He runs his office from his home, but he uses his brothers (John Routsis) mailing address to appear legit.  Mr. Routsis sabotaged my case and worked with the DA to arrange a bogus “plea deal” to which fell apart and Routsis later acknowledged he was ineffective counsel.

We need to let every potential client in the Reno and Carson City areas that William Routsis is no good, he will steal your money and yell at you. He even threatened me and I had to call the Reno police about his behavior. We will protest this corrupt lawyer soon and file complaints with the State Bar and sue him for malpractice. A lawyer like William who fucks his clients is as bad as the worst judge and DA… At least we can have a profound affect of this fella by exposing the truth about his poor representation, lies and rip offs.