Report: Former official ignored Ethics Committee and state law

nevada potCARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — There is new information in News 4’s On Your Side investigation into the cloud of secrecy regarding Nevada’s medical marijuana program.

Ralston Reports Producer Dana Gentry is reporting that Marla McDade Williams, former head of the state’s medical marijuana program, was told by the State Ethics Commission that she could not work for medical marijuana companies for one year after leaving her post.

There is a one-year “cooling off” period mandated in state law. The law says a person must wait one year to work for a company that has pending issues being looked at by their previous state agency.

McDade Williams resigned from her position in June, but was mentioned in a lawsuit earlier this week, claiming that she worked as a paid consultant for companies vying for licenses a short time after leaving the state.


Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline does little to STOP Corruption

Judge James E. Wilson Jr. Carson City corruption

Judge James E. Wilson Jr. Carson City corruption

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline does little to STOP Corruption. I filed a complaint about Carson City District Court Judge James E. Wilson Jr. (a Mormon) and his involvement with the backdating scandal from 2012.The scandal included fabricated and withheld evidence, edited transcripts, perjury and more.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and her crony named Ann McDermott from Las Vegas along with the court clerk are implicated in the scandal.

Reno KRNV News 4 covered that story here on a “Fact Finder”. See it here.

As usual, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline failed to mail my response to the correct mailed address and coverup the scandal for their cronies.

We feel the “public concern” is paramount and we’ll take the issue to the streets exposing this corrupt Judge and the  corrupt Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline cover up. Look for new signs exposing these scumbags…

We feel the Nevada Supreme Court is the premier location for these protests with the current Legislative session going on and TV news crews all over the place.

Catherine Cortez Masto

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The above video is the KRNV TV news 4 Fact Finder on

James E. Wilson Jr. Backdating Scandal

This video on youtube shows the rampant corruption in the court systems.  This is a brief preview of an incomplete documentary about the abuses of America’s Justice system, particularly in the family courts