Corruption festers in Nevada courthouses reeking with B.S. “commission” on Judicial Discipline does nothing

judge tatro fuck youDavid F. Sarnowski – and the rest of the commission pull your head out of your ass.

We’re filing a “public records act” to see your meeting minutes. This commission should also comply with Nevada Open Meeting laws. We know, you want to keep your corruption private but were going to shed some light on this corrupt commission.

We thought that David F. Sarnowski the corrupt scumbag running the Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline had faded off in the sunset when he announced his retirement last March. Scumbag Sarnowski was supposed to be out his job by June 30th, 2013. Instead this creep keeps doing what his handlers tell him. We understand Sarnowski should be out by the end of July. The Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline is a bullshit secretive commission that hold “secret” meetings that do not comply with open meeting laws. Here, the criminals conduct their pow wow to cover up and hide, delay and dismiss claims against their friends and good ‘ol boys and girls that perpetuate their bullshit in courtrooms across Nevada.

Instead of disciplining Nevada  judges that commit wrongdoing,  Scumbag Sarnowski works diligently to cover up and delay findings of fact and disciplining corrupt Nevada  judges that commit wrongdoing. Judge Tatro head up his ass

The Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline has dodged my complaints by not sending out notices and just completely telling me lies concerning complaints against corrupt Carson City Judges like John Tatro and James E. Wilson.

judge john tatroThe Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline lied to me when they told me to fax over evidence on July 02, 2012, yet the closed the complaint against Tatro prior and issues a form letter saying the commission met on June 12, 2013 to consider case 2013-059 (John Tatro)…. Then why did they tell me my case had not been reviewed on July 02, 2013 and ask me to send information.

The Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline and David F. Sarnowski can go to hell along with John Tatro. The only way for a person to get justice in Nevada is to expose this trash to the people and get justice “the old fashion way”.

Everyone knows Nevada is ranked one of the worst States in the Union for Judicial corruption and the Judges in Nevada are ranked very low yet paid very high.

Biographical Sketches of Commission Members and Staff

(To read the biography of the individual Commission member or staff member, simply click on the desired name.)

Regular Commission Members and Staff

Karl Armstrong, Esq.
Wayne Chimarusti, Esq.
Honorable Mark R. Denton
Doug Jones, Chairman
Mary Lau
Honorable Jerome Polaha
Gary Vause , Vice Chairman
David F. Sarnowski, Esq., General Counsel & Executive Director

Alternate Commission Members

Honorable Leon Aberasturi
Honorable Rodney T. Burr
Honorable Patricia “Pat” Calton
Clifford Cichowlaz
JoAnn Elston
Bruce C. Hahn
Laurence Irwin
Honorable Patricia Lynch
Honorable Janiece Marshall
Honorable Richard Wagner


 In 2009, legislators asked David Sarnowski, the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission’s executive director, why it took so long for the commission to decide whether to dismiss a complaint against a judge or file formal charges.

Sarnowski said he halts investigations toward the end of every year, when the commission runs short of money. Another cause for delay was scheduling all the commissioners, who are busy people with busy calendars.

That didn’t explain why a complaint filed six years ago against Family Court Judge Steven Jones has gone through so many evolutions but hasn’t resulted in a formal decision to file charges. A proposed charge was submitted in July.

Because that is an issue before the Nevada Supreme Court, Sarnowski is expected to address the delay in a response he files in December.

I decided to look and see how long some high-profile cases took from start to finish.

Sarnowski said he couldn’t tell me when complaints were first filed, making it impossible for me to calculate exactly how long these cases dragged out. Now, after a case becomes public and is resolved, why would the date of the first complaint remain secret?

Lucky for me, the date of the alleged offense often is known.

Nevada corruption report card 2012

Nevada corruption report card 2012

Some cases seemed simple and easy to resolve, yet still took years. In two of those cases, voters tossed judges out before the commission acted.

In the 2004 election, District Judge Lee Gates donated money to two judges in violation of the judicial canons. It was all there on campaign finance reports. So why did it take over four years to resolve it with an apology by the judge?

Family Court Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio was formally charged Feb. 8, 2008, and he was disciplined Nov. 6, 2008, a speedy resolution. It involved a sexual relationship with his former stepdaughter, when she was his executive assistant, and racist and sexist comments to staff and attorneys.

Commissioners removed him from the bench, concluding his behavior violated the judicial canons of ethics.

However, voters acted faster than the commission did, throwing him out in the August 2008 primary, three months before the commission acted.

Another quickie was the case against District Judge Elizabeth Halverson, elected in 2006. She was suspended from the bench in 2007 for various antics, including sleeping on the bench and abusing staff. Formal charges were filed on Jan. 7, 2008, and resolution by the commission was completed Nov. 17, 2008, after two weeks of hearings.

Again, voters gave her the boot and voted her out in the August 2007 primary, three months before the commission acted. Without the commission’s actions, she would have been able to file for office again, but the commission banned her from seeking another judicial job.

The case against Justice of the Peace Tony Abbatangelo had its roots in his Nov. 12, 2008, arrest on domestic battery allegations. He was convicted Feb. 25, 2009, and the case was settled in March 2011 with a public censure and an agreement he wouldn’t run for a judicial office for four years. Why the two-year delay between his misdemeanor conviction and the resolution?

Municipal Judge George Assad threatened a woman with arrest on March 31, 2003, when she showed up to explain why her boyfriend, the actual defendant, couldn’t come to court. There was a transcript of his inappropriate comments. He wasn’t disciplined until Feb. 8, 2007 .

The case against Judge Steven Jones recently made public by the Supreme Court opened allegations of improper and possibly corrupt behavior to scrutiny. But it also raises questions about how the Judicial Discipline Commission does its job.


Opportunity to move Judicial Discipline Commission has passed

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline will be looking for a new general counsel and executive director when David Sarnowski retires June 30, and the pay is a not-to-be-sneered-at $137,145, plus state benefits.

Plenty of Las Vegas lawyers might find that job worth seeking.

However, the office is in Carson City.

For decades, certain lawmakers have argued this office should be located in Las Vegas.

In the 1990s, when Chris Giunchigliani, now Clark County commissioner, was in the Assembly, she wanted the small office moved south. “Not every agency should be moved, but certain ones, including the Judicial Discipline Commission, should be here,” she said. “Where are the majority of courts? Where are the majority of attorneys? Where do the majority of the judiciary live? Here.”

As a state senator, Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin wanted to see the office moved to Las Vegas as part of his broader philosophy of bringing state government to where the population is. “In a system where judges are elected, you’ve got to know the players and the pressure they face,” he said.

The idea is one the Judicial Discipline Commission could and should consider, but my suggestion is coming too late.

Such a move would require a two-year planning process, Sarnowski said. Any move couldn’t be coordinated with his retirement because the costs of a move would have to be built into the pending annual budget of roughly $648,000, and it’s too late for that.

On Feb. 22, Sarnowski told legislators he would be retiring June 30 after nearly 32 years with the state, according to a Las Vegas Sun news story.

He told me Wednesday that date has nothing to do with the June 24 hearing involving Family Court Judge Steven Jones, especially because that hearing may be postponed. Jones wants the Discipline Commission action to trail his criminal case in federal court, now set for August.

While it seems as if the big cases such as those against Jones, Elizabeth Halverson, Fran Fine and others are based in Southern Nevada, my review of the number of cases made public over the past 10 years showed seven involved Southern Nevada judges and the other eight involved judges in Northern Nevada and rural Nevada.

There were 103 complaints received in 2011 alone. Because of the secrecy governing the commission, the public doesn’t know the resolution unless charges are filed.

Have commissioners considered moving the office? District Judge Mark Denton, a commission member, replied, “I don’t think that’s come up.

“For me, it doesn’t seem to be a problem” that the commission’s small office is based in Carson City, Denton said. The commissioners meet about four times a year in various places and use teleconferencing. Critics say more frequent meetings might move cases along more promptly.

“The only advantage I can conceive at this time, without a whole lot of reflection, is that it (moving the office) would open it up to a broader spectrum of applicants because there are so many more attorneys down here,” said Las Vegas attorney Don Campbell, a former member of the commission.

Frank Cremen, a defense attorney who has been hired by the commission to prosecute judicial discipline cases, including those against Gary Davis and Fine, said “it would make sense, and a wise move financially” to move the office south.

Leonard Gang, the general counsel and executive director between 1994 and 2000, said when Giunchigliani asked him more than 20 years ago about moving, that it was something that has to be looked at in the future, depending on the workload and where the workload was.

The workload is here and now. But the opportunity has been missed.

Las Vegas Sun Brian Sandoval Security beefed up

For judges who err, justice far from swift


Count Raul Saavedra among the courthouse regulars who say Las Vegas Municipal Judge George Assad got off easy in connection with the unlawful detention of a Las Vegas woman in the judge’s courtroom six years ago. Continue reading

More ethics violations charges filed against Carson City “Judge” John Tatro

Judge Tatro Corrupt as hellJohn Tatro you should give it up and resign now.

The original complaints filed against Carson City Judge Tatro (See: were expanded to include new violations of the Judicial Canons , Civil Rights and U.S. Constitution.

Supplement to Case # 2023-059 Robben vs. Carson City Justice Court Judge John Tatro.

July 03, 2013

Judge Tatro continued to violate the Nevada Judicial Code of Conduct:


A judge shall uphold and promote the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety. Continue reading

Judicial Ethics Complaint filed against Carson City Judge John Tatro by Ty Robben

nv judicial ethics

Judicial Ethics Complaint filed against Carson City Judge John Tatro by Ty Robben

Commission Case No. _______________________
(For Commission use only)
Carson City Judge John Tatro

Carson City Judge John Tatro



Part I: General Information

Date of This Form: April 06, 2013

Name of Person Completing This Form:  Ty Robben

Mailing Address of Person Completing This Form: CONFIDENTIAL

Daytime Telephone Number To Contact You: CONFIDENTIAL

Part II: Specific Information Regarding Complaint

Name of Nevada Judicial Officer (Only One Name Per Complaint Form): John Tatro.

Name of Court or Judicial District Involved:  Carson City Justice Court.

Case Number (Please Include All Letters and Numbers): 12-5139

This Case Is (Select One): _Pending In Trial Court On Appeal Not Pending or Closed

Nature of Complaint (Select One):   I Have Used The Standard Complaint Supplementary Form

Code of Judicial Conduct Section(s) Violated, If Known [(Example: Canon 3B(4)]:

Canon 1 Rule 1.1ComplianceWith the Law. A judge shall comply with the law, including the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Canon 1 Rule 1.2  PromotingConfidence in the Judiciary. A judge shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.

Canon 1 Rule1.3 Avoiding Rule Abuse of the Prestige of Judicial Office. A judge shall not   abuse the prestige of judicial office to advance the personal or economic interests of the judge or others, or allow others to do so.

Canon 2 Rule 2.2 Impartiality and Fairness. A judge shall uphold and apply the law, and shall   perform all duties of judicial office fairly and impartially.

Canon 2 Rule 2.3 Bias, Prejudice, and Harassment.

Canon 2 Rule 2.6 Ensuring the Right to Be Heard.

Canon 2 Rule 2.9 Ex Parte Rule Communications.

Canon 2 Rule 2.11 Disqualification.

Canon 2 Rule 2.14 Disability and Impairment. A judge having a reasonable belief that the   performance of a lawyer or another judge is impaired by drugs or alcohol, or by a mental, emotional, or physical condition, shall take appropriate action, which may include a confidential referral to a lawyer or judicial assistance program.

Canon 2 Rule 2.16 Cooperation With Rule Disciplinary Authorities.

carson city courthouse

carson city courthouse


The following is my explanation as to why the judicial officer named in this complaint has violated the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct or suffers from a disability.

I am [select one]: [X] one of the litigants

The judge did the following things that I believe constitute misconduct (please be as specific as possible about the event or action and attach additional pages, if required).

nevada crime scene

I am writing this judicial ethics compliant against the very, very corrupt and impaired Justice of the Peace (“JP”) John Tatro of the Carson City Justice Court. “JP Tatro is not a well man.” Says my lawyer William Routsis recalling an episode of JP Tatro yelling, frothing at the mouth and lunging over the bench at Mr. Routsis. The incident was caught on the court audio/video. JP Taro has a long history of judicial complaints and violations of the Judicial Code of Conduct (“NCJC”) including a similar complaint in 2006 against JP Tatro by activist Tonja Brown. Ms. Brown and I are both ANTI Corruption activists in Carson City, NV and have protested against the Carson City courthouse. Both of us have had negative experiences with courthouse Department of Alternative Sentencing (“DAS”) $$ A FOR PROFIT ENTERPRISE $$  The DAS is also known as the (“KGB”). Ms. Brown was abused and arrested by the DAS for alleged “trespassing” into the courthouse to refresh herself! The courthouse is a public building.

Judge Tatro Carson City Corruption

Judge Tatro Carson City Corruption

Both Ms. Brown and I have protested and filed complaints against JP Tatro for his flagrant disregard for the law, the constitution and the NCJC as well as using DAS and the Justin Brothers Bail Bondsmen and their “Bounty Hunters” to illegally cross the State line into So. Lake Tahoe, CA and acting in concert with DAS and JP Tatro to act under the color of law and “serve a warrant” for the Carson City, Nevada, Justice Court JP John Tatro and his DAS – illegally and with callous and total disregard for the law and my rights and the rights of others in the State of California.

Judicial ethics complaint filed against Justice of Peace Tatro

Geoff Dornan –  Appeal Capitol Bureau Continue reading