RIM Fire Cover-up: US Forest Service Started the Fire – Citing that two key witnesses recently passed away, the federal government has filed a motion to dismiss the charges against the man accused of starting the Rim Fire.

The fire was stated by US Forest Service when a marijuana fire got out of control and covered-up with Keith Emerald as the patsy.

Keith Emerald, Rim file

The fire was stated by US Forest Service and covered-up with Keith Emerald as the patsy

Sonora, CA — Citing that two key witnesses recently passed away, the federal government has filed a motion to dismiss the charges against the man accused of starting the Rim Fire.

33-year-old Keith Emerald was accused of accidentally starting the fire in August of 2013 while bow hunting. One of the witnesses interviewed during the investigation, an acquaintance of Emerald, died in a workplace accident in February. Another witness was the initial helicopter pilot that responded, and he died of cardiac arrest in March.

Prosecutors claim that the witnesses were expected to provide testimony at the trial. A press release from the US District Attorney’s Office states, “These witnesses prior statements are inadmissible hearsay and cannot be used as evidence at trial.”

The initial federal indictment argued that Emerald caused the Rim Fire and made a false statement to federal investigators regarding the origin of the fire. Emerald had pleaded not guilty to the charges and his attorneys argued that he was coerced into admitting to starting the fire because of pressure put on by federal prosecutors.

The Rim Fire burned 257,000 acres.

Internal investigation shuts Lemmon Valley Fire Station

Internal investigation shuts Lemmon Valley Fire StationLEMMON VALLEY, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) – A fire station operated by the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District and staffed by volunteer firefighters, has been shut down this evening due to an internal investigation. According to TMFPD Chief Charles Moore, the locks were changed at the station today after attempts to reach the stations volunteer chief were unsuccessful.

According to Moore, upon inspection of the station earlier this afternoon, he found the station in a state of total disarray. According to Moore, thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment belonging to TMFPD was unlocked and exposed, making the equipment vulnerable to theft. Moore tells News 4 that for the past six months he has made multiple attempts to reach the Lemmon Valley stations volunteer chief, Lance Chantler, via text, phone call and email. Due to the fact that the Chantler has been “unresponsive” he was left with no choice but to shut down the station temporarily and launch an investigation. According to Moore, all of the TMFPD trucks remain at the station and that there is no plan to relocate them at this time, though it is not uncommon to move trucks from one station to another based upon need.

Moore says that a new temporary chief will be assigned to the station tomorrow and that the residents of Lemmon Valley will be fully protected in the event of a fire; TMFPD stations in Stead are fully staffed and prepared to assist the residents of Lemmon Valley. The Lemmon Valley station is not staffed on a regular basis due to the fact that it is a volunteer station.
News 4 reached out to Lance Chantler who says that he had no advanced notice that the station was going to close and that no explanation was given. Chandler tells News 4 he plans on meeting with Chief Moore on Thursday.

Stay with News 4 and MyNews4.com for the latest on this developing story.

Nevada U.S. Attorney sees rise in number of corrupt Nevada lawyers prosecuted


Las Vegas Review Journal - Tonja Brown "The Nolan Klein Story"

Nevada ranks number one in the Country for the most corrupt attorneys… We need to clean up the corruption within our judicial system and it starts with arresting and prosecuting the corrupt attorneys and judges!

Massive CRIME SCENE at Nevada attorney General Office in Carson City because of the rampant corruption in the CORRUPT Nevada Courts 
LVRJ News source: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/crime-courts/nevada-us-attorney-sees-rise-number-lawyers-prosecuted

bad lawyers judges

Prosecutors have noticed an “alarming” number of lawyers convicted of serious crimes in federal court in the past several years.tatro corrupt

A total of 23 lawyers, mostly from Las Vegas, have been convicted since 2008, according to the Nevada U.S. attorney’s office.

Since 2011, the number of convictions have increased nearly five times over the previous three years, records show.

There were four convictions between 2008 and 2010, but 19 between 2011 and this year. Eight attorneys either pleaded guilty or were convicted by a jury in 2013 alone.

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Dan Bogdenusdoj“In the last several years, the number of lawyers charged with federal crimes has increased dramatically,” U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden says.

“Although we cannot speculate as to the reason for the rise in numbers, we can say that it is embarrassing and sad when lawyers violate the very laws they have taken an oath to uphold.”

Bogden calls the growing rate of attorney prosecutions “alarming” in his 2013 annual report on the accomplishments of his office.

bad nevada lawyers

bad attorneys

He isn’t alone in noticing the increase.crime

“There’s been a significant uptick,” says David Clark, the chief counsel for the State Bar of Nevada, which regulates lawyers. “It’s a combination of economic realities and the increased vigilance on the part of federal prosecutors to go after lawyers.”

Clark says attorneys have struggled in the failing economy just like everyone else and have been forced to look for other ways to make money, sometimes landing in legal and professional trouble.

Of the 23 convictions since 2008, a total of 19 involved financial crimes such as tax evasion, bank fraud and mortgage fraud, records show.

Bankruptcy attorney Randolph Goldberg pleaded guilty to tax evasion last year and is now serving a 1½-year sentence in federal prison. Defense lawyer and former prosecutor Paul Wommer, who was convicted by a jury of tax evasion last year, is serving a nearly 3½-year prison sentence. Both are temporarily suspended and can expect more disciplinary action from the State Bar when they get out of prison.

psychopathUGjpg (1)

disbarredBusiness Woman Series 24Four Las Vegas attorneys — the late David Amesbury, Jeanne Winkler, Barry Levinson and Brian Jones — pleaded guilty to fraud charges in the federal investigation into the massive takeover of Las Vegas-area homeowners associations.

Amesbury killed himself weeks after he pleaded guilty, and the other three lawyers are cooperating with prosecutors and waiting to be sentenced.

Another attorney, Keith Gregory, is to stand trial in October in the HOA case, and one key target, attorney Nancy Quon, committed suicide before federal authorities could charge her.

Winkler was disbarred in 2011 for stealing money from her clients, and Levinson agreed to disbarment as part of the plea deal he struck with federal prosecutors earlier this year. He is currently suspended from practicing law.

kolo news coverage part 1

Other well-known lawyers have run afoul of the law:

■ Harvey Whittemore, a onetime political power broker, was convicted last year of unlawfully funneling more than $133,000 to the campaign of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat. He was sentenced to two years in prison and must surrender in August. Whittemore is temporarily suspended from practicing law while the State Bar considers further action.

■ Noel Gage, who specialized in personal injury cases, pleaded guilty in 2010 to obstruction of justice in a federal investigation into an alleged fraud scheme involving a network of lawyers and physicians. He was sentenced to three years probation. Gage is off probation and his law license is temporarily suspended until the end of July. He must apply for reinstatement.

■ Lawrence Davidson, caught up in a political corruption probe a dozen years ago, pleaded guilty to mail fraud, money laundering and several other charges, including those related to his unlawful flight to Israel in 2006 to avoid standing trial. Davidson agreed to disbarment in 2005 after he was originally charged. He eventually returned to Las Vegas and was sentenced in 2012 to eight years in prison.

■ Gerry Zobrist, once a part-time Las Vegas justice of the peace, pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud in a multimillion-dollar scheme to use straw buyers to unlawfully purchase homes in the valley. He was sentenced to seven years in federal prison. His law license has been suspended pending further disciplinary action.

nv judicial ethics


drunk lawyerThomas Pitaro, a respected criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing in Las Vegas for 40 years, says the stress of the legal profession likely has contributed to the rise in criminal prosecutions of attorneys.coke

“I think there are very few attorneys who steal for the hell of it,” Pitaro says. “It’s systematic of other problems — drugs, alcohol, gambling and living above their means.”

Pitaro also believes federal authorities are spending more time investigating white collar and financial crimes that have a higher probability of involving lawyers and other professionals.

Clark says his organization has stepped up its own vigilance of lawyers in recent years and has been working closely with law enforcement authorities.

“We’ve been sharing more information and developing more contacts with law enforcement,” he explains.

Clark points to the Levinson case as a prime example of the State Bar’s strong working relationship with police and federal authorities.

At one point, Las Vegas police, federal authorities and the State Bar all were working cases against Levinson at the same time, Clark says.


In his federal deal, Levinson not only pleaded guilty in the HOA fraud case, but he also pleaded guilty to tax evasion and embezzling more than $243,000 from his clients. His deal calls for him to receive no less than two years in prison. Any time behind bars he gets in state court on theft charges will run concurrently with his federal sentence.

Levinson’s willingness to agree to disbarment in his federal plea was a first for prosecutors and the State Bar. Goldberg last year agreed to a two-year suspension in his federal plea agreement.

“It shows the evolution of our cooperation with law enforcement authorities,” Clark says.

nevada bar


Something else that is evolving is the State Bar’s approach to disciplining lawyers.

bad lawyers nevadaA Nevada Supreme Court rule says the State Bar can move to temporarily suspend a lawyer upon a “final judgment of conviction,” and the bar has waited over the years until a lawyer is sentenced. That’s when the federal courts, which see most of the criminal cases, recognize a final judgment of conviction.

But two criminal cases against lawyers, one in Clark County District Court and another in federal court, has Clark looking for temporary suspensions before sentencing.

The District Court case is against defense attorney Brian Bloomfield, who pleaded guilty in December to felony charges stemming from a fraud investigation into a sweeping courthouse counseling scheme. Bloomfield has continued to represent clients in court the past six months while waiting to be sentenced.

The federal case involves Brian Jones, who pleaded guilty in the HOA case more than two years ago and is also waiting to be sentenced. Jones has since moved to Utah and is not practicing law in Las Vegas, but his license remains active.how-our-courts-are-used-by-criminals

Last month Clark filed a petition with the state Supreme Court seeking a temporary suspension for Bloomfield while the State Bar prepares to file a complaint against him that could lead to his disbarment.

The State Bar counsel filed a similar petition last week to get Jones temporarily suspended.

Clark is hoping the Supreme Court will more clearly define the broad rule, which also allows the State Bar to seek a suspension after a guilty plea or jury conviction.

“In the past this hasn’t been so much of a problem because there hasn’t been a long disconnect between a guilty plea and a sentencing,” Clark recently said. “But lately, we’ve been seeing a greater delay.”


Harassment suit filed in September by Capitol Police Officer Alice Valde against Nevada Capitol Police settled $99,999.99 paid by the state

capitol police nevadaThe suit filed in September by Capitol Police Officer Alice Valdez charging five of her fellow officers of discriminatory, inappropriate and hostile conduct toward her has been settled.

The settlement agreement filed in Carson District Court resolves all the issues raised in her lawsuit, with neither side admitting to the alleged conduct.

In return, she will get a lump-sum payment of $99,999.99 paid by the state.

The agreement says, “plaintiff hereby completely releases and forever discharges the defendants of, and from, any and all liability for all claims asserted, arising from or relating to the disputes and the allegations and legal claims of the complaint.”

Valdez accused officers Christian Normandy, Bill Walker and Chris Aranyos as well as Sgt. Mike Rubio of marking a variety of hostile comments about her age, size and gender, as well as sexist comments. She is one of two women on the force older than 40. It accused Sgt. Rich Mraz of doing nothing to stop the alleged abuse.

Rubio was dismissed from the Capitol Police. Mraz, who for most of the period in question was on medical leave, was demoted. The other officers including Valdez remain on duty.

Under terms of the settlement, Valdez and her lawyer, Jeff Dickerson, agreed to move for dismissal of the complaint with prejudice as soon as the payment is received.

It was signed by Valdez, all the defendants and Department of Public Safety Director Jim Wright.

The sad thing about this story is that Capitol Police Officer Alice Valdez is a nice person from our experience with her at the 2012 ANTI Corruption protests outside the State Capitol buildings. In fact, all the Capitol Police personnel seemed very professional, non-hostile and polite. We even said thank you in a post  found […]

State investigating conduct of Nevada Capitol Police officers

Posted: August 29, 2013
By Cy Ryan (contact) Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013 | 1:45 p.m. Carson City —  A quiet investigation has been under way for about two months into the conduct of a group of Capitol Police officers, the governor confirmed today. Several officers, believed to be five or six, have been placed on administrative leave with pay […]

Former Nevada Capitol Police chief Tom Navin sues over dismissal

Posted: April 27, 2013 

We welcome Tom Navin to come out and protest in front of the State Capital with us next week and throughout the upcoming summer of 2013, Mike Weston will make a big sign for you!  Seriously, come on out, you were a nice fella most of the time. Nevada Appeal by Geoff Dornan Former Capital […]

Nevada Department of Public Safety – Capitol Police Division

Posted: March 29, 2013 

last summer we got to meet most of the Nevada Department of Public Safety – Capitol Police Division and our experience with them was very positive. These fellas (and the ladies) were all very professional when we did our protests and they talked with us and some got to know us and what we were […]

Under Brian Sandoval’s watch, capitol gets increased security

Posted: November 22, 2012

This Las Vegas SUN news story caught our attention because of the various innuendos including Governor Brian Sandoval’s comment that we feel may have been directed at us! The governor acknowledged there were no threats made in the past at these meetings of state elected officials. There may have been some nasty […]

Is the Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting after admitting that the alleged shooter confessed? Hell YES

carson city sheriff corruption

carson city sheriff cover up

Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting? HELL YES

Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting? HELL YES

Is the Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting after admitting the alleged shooter confessed? We think hell YES.

UPDATE 09-28-2013 – I spoke with the Carson City Sheri Kenny Furlong about the name of the 19 old male who confessed to shooting Judge Tatro’s house.

Sheriff Furlong at first said the name of the shooter was Jesse Richardson and then realized that the Jesse Richardson was the witness, not the shooter…

Levi Anthony Minor

Levi Anthony Minor

Furlong then said the 19 old male who confessed to shooting Judge Tatro’s house was Levi Anthony Minor of the west side BB shooting fame …But that Levi Anthony Minor didn’t really do it and he made the story up. The they issued a warrant for the witness Jesse Richardson (alleged probation violation) or is the warrant to get Jesse Richardson into custody to shut him up? We don’t believe the Sheriff Furlong story and still this issue as a cover up.

Jesse Russell Richardson

Jesse Russell Richardson

Have you seen Jesse Russell Richardson?

Have you seen Jesse Russell Richardson? If so, the CCSO issued a warrant or his arrest. Please have Jesse Russell Richardson call KRNV Newsroom: 775-785-1210 and tell his side of the story.

We reported that a credible source presented credible information, a jailhouse confession concerning the shooter of Carson City Judge Tatro.

We reported that story here: The shooter of Judge Tatro’s door found? Judge Tatro caught in sex triangle revenge scandal?

The Carson City Sheriff was informed of the information and conducted an investigation the first week of September 2013. The results of the Carson City Sheriff investigation confirmed that the information we provided was true, but that the target was a straw man judge because it was not Judge Tatro or any other Judge.



crime scene cover upA person in the Carson City jail was bragging to others to be the shooter of Judge John Tatro’s front door in December 2012. However, the Sheriff is saying that this person made up the story and really shot into another Carson City Judges home with a BB gun. However, it was not one of the four Carson City Judges and the Judge was not named.

This makes no sense and is the typical "straw man" cover up.

This makes no sense and is the typical “straw man” cover up.

This makes no sense and is the typical “straw man” cover up.

Who was the Judge? It was not Armstrong, Willis, Tatro, Wilson or Russell.

Was the person arrested and charged for the BB  gun shooting? No – There is no Sheriff report or court records.

What was the motive?

The Sheriff confirmed the shooters mom did work at the Carson City Courthouse and this supports the belief that there was some kind of sexual affair going on and the 19 year old shooter was upset and shot at the Judges front door.

The official Sheriff explanation is not credible. We have reported this to the local news and FBI to get real answer.

We believe the story we presented here: The shooter of Judge Tatro’s door found? Judge Tatro caught in sex triangle revenge scandal?

Carson City Sheriff cover up

Carson City Sheriff cover up

State investigating conduct of Nevada Capitol Police officers

ImageBy (contact) Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013 | 1:45 p.m.

Carson City —  A quiet investigation has been under way for about two months into the conduct of a group of Capitol Police officers, the governor confirmed today.

Several officers, believed to be five or six, have been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

Gov. Brian Sandoval confirmed that he ordered the investigation but declined to give specifics. brian sandoval

“There was a situation that was brought to my attention that I don’t know all the details of,” Sandoval said. “It’s a personnel situation and upon learning of it I asked for an investigation.”

Capitol Police provide security for the governor, elected officials and their staffs in the state capitol.

Other officers say they have been told not to discuss the investigation.

Sandoval said the concern came from the Department of Public Safety, which oversees Capitol Police.

Asked if the investigation concerned activities that would have put the safety of elected officials at risk, Sandoval answered: “Not that I am aware of.”

He said the investigation has been referred to Capitol Police and the Department of Personnel.

Asked if any officer had been disciplined, the governor said, “Once I asked for that investigation, I stepped out.”

Gerald Gardner, chief of staff for Sandoval, said one officer has been returned to duty but the investigation is continuing. He said Tuesday the results would be turned over to the state attorney general’s office. Continue reading