July 4th 2013 Carson City Rally Against Tyranny – Pictures and Video

bill of rights on fireThe second amendment (armed protest) and fourth amendment (anti government spying) converged at the July 4th 2013 Carson City Rally Against Tyranny.

Essentially, the rally, protest, march or whatever you want to call it was a success. RGJ News did a short story and produced a short video here:


Video – Armed March and Restore the Fourth Amendment rally in Carson City, NV

About 2 dozen people showed up at the second amendment (armed protest) and Restore the Fourth Amendment  movement (anti government spying) converged at the July 4th 2013 Carson City Rally Against Tyranny.

OBAMA... Our Money... Now our Guns...

OBAMA… Our Money… Now our Guns…

The armed march was an offshoot of the second amendment march that was originally planned for July 4th in Washington DC. However that plan was cancelled after the event organizer, Adam Kokesh was arrested prior to the controversial protest. Gun are not allowed in the District of Washington DC. Instead, Kokesh launched a 50 State armed march on State Capitols. Nevada is a State that still allows open carry of firearms.Treason

The Restore the Fourth Amendment protest was organized by Larry Rubald. Mr. Rubald stated in the press release “As I’m sure you’re aware, the federal government has been embroiled in scandal recently.  Not the least of which are the revelations about the extent of the federal government’s violation of our 4th Amendment rights.  In response, several organizations have sprung up to demand our rights back.  Mozilla (the non profit foundation that builds the open source Firefox browser) started the website stopwatching.us, and grassroots movements are popping up across the country to speak out. But there are many more actions that must be taken, and the person who can most make a difference is you.”

The “Worlds Larges Crime Scene Tape” was supplied by Mike Weston and Ty Robben who also made a massive banner that said “Wake Up America – The Endgame is Near” along with a massive banner promoting Alex Jone’s Infowars.com website.

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See more pictures below.

Don't spy on me




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INFOWARS.COM covers the Reno Monsanto Protest featuring our world famous CRIME SCENE BANNER!!!

We made the Nightly News on INFOWARS.COM

INFOWARS.COM covers the Reno Monsanto Protest featuring the massive INFOWARS banner and our

world-famous CRIME SCENE BANNER!!!

See more pictures and video here: https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/pictures-and-videos-over-1000-people-protest-monsanto-in-reno-nevada/

See our Infowars Operation Paul Revere contest entry here:

WAKE UP AMERICA + The “ENDGAME” is NEAR – Operation Paul Revere Infowars.com

We just updated and created a new video for the Alex Jones Infowars.com “Operation Paul Revere” Online Virtual Film Festival. Plus see our favorite videos from other contestants below.

Three (3) Cash Prizes will be awarded:
Grand Prize – $100,000 cash
Second Place – $10,000 cash
Third Place – $5,000 cash

Alex Jones made the challenge and we accepted the offer to make the most creative video that promotes awareness of Global, National and Local Government Corruption.

Two Residents of Nevada joined forces and created a grass roots revolt against State of Nevada Government, Law Enforcement and Judicial corruption. Mike Weston of Reno, NV and Ty Robben formally from Carson City, NV (now So. Lake Tahoe, CA) along with others including Tonja Brown have been victimized by rampant, wholesale government corruption.

Mike Weston designed and built the “Worlds Largest CRIME SCENE banner” at 150 feet long x 4 feet tall. Ty Robben met Mike Weston by viewing his website and noticing the one-of-a-kind CRIME SCENE TAPE displayed in front of the Reno courthouse. Ty Robben and Mike Weston united to form the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement and have held protests at the State of Nevada Capitol buildings since 2012.

A complete story is available at http://NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH.wordpress.com

Inspired by Alex Jones and http://www.Infowars.com – Weston and Robben have been tellings others to “Wake Up” and tune in to http://www.Infowars.com and http://www.PrisonPlanet.com at our protests in the Reno and Carson City, Nevada Capitol areas.

We have been using the Internet to get our stories out and keep the information from being spun in the wrong direction. We show the facts, evidence and videos, etc… Clearly, Alex Jones is a master at this kind of hard driving journalism and we we’re excited to hear about the “Operation Paul Revere” on-line video ‘file fest’ and we gladly entered this video featuring Mike’s new 100 foot long Alex Jone INFOWARS.COM banner proudly displayed in the Reno, Nevada area…

Music “Info Warriors” by the SOUND PIGS from South Lake Tahoe, CA and NV.

  • John Jay Huls on Drums
  • Geoff Valentine on Guitar
  • Alex Stevenson on Bass

See More about the contest here: https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/we-in-the-mix-for-115000-00-dollars-in-the-alex-jones-infowar-operation-paul-revere

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Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest – Song – They Want You Dead

Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest with Amanda Liberty

Portrait of a Soldier: INFOWARS.COM CONTEST: Operation Paul Revere

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We’re in the mix for $115,000.00 dollars in the Alex Jones InfoWAR “Operation Paul Revere”

alex jones paul rev

Online Virtual Film Festival

Three (3) Cash Prizes will be awarded:
Grand Prize – $100,000 cash
Second Place – $10,000 cash
Third Place – $5,000 cash

We can mix a video and tell our stories of how we’re using the Internet to expand out on-the-street protests against local and State corruption here in Nevada and California. The protests serve as a beacon and are “eye candy” to passers by.  The massive signs and CRIME SCENE banner  bring light to the issues and can’t be ignored when driving by the State Capital or the Reno and Carson City courthouses.

A protest comes and goes, but a “movement” stays and grows.”

We have a catalog of videos and documentaries and we’ll enter a mash-up including some new stuff and a very special surprise, a custom InfoWAR banner for Alex Jones and his crew for the Bilderberg meeting demonstrations. Here is some of out work and we’ll post out contest entries here very soon. Continue reading