How the Legislature could affect your guns

thegunofthelord-344584by: Anjeanette Damon, RGJ

If you want to conceal a gun you carry in Nevada, you must get a permit and certify that you meet certain training and background check requirements.

If you shoot and kill someone coming into your home, you may have to prove that your life was in immediate danger and that you used only the force necessary for safety.

But after this legislative session, all of that could be different.

As it stands 10 proposed firearm bills are circulating in Carson City for consideration by the Legislature starting Feb. 2, with the promise of more to come as the session wears on.

Lawmakers will also consider an initiative petition that would close the background check loophole on private party gun sales — a petition that they can either vote up or vote down, but can’t amend. If they don’t pass it, it will go to voters in 2016.

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Think tank: Nevada ‘allegedly’ has eighth-highest rate of women killed with guns Ana Ley (contact) Ana Ley
Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015 | 9:10 p.m.

Nevada has the eighth-highest rate of women killed with guns, according to an analysis released Thursday by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress.
The short study, compiled by CAP with ProgressNow Nevada, analyzes data from the FBI and the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. The group found that women in Nevada face a higher risk of gun violence than men in the state — women were shot dead at a rate that is 38 percent higher than the national average, while the same statistic for men was 3 percent lower than the national average.

From 2003 to 2012, 40 percent of women murdered in Nevada were killed by an intimate partner, and of those, 50 percent were killed with guns, according to the group.

The study also concluded that 48 percent of women living in Nevada experience rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner during their lifetime.

The group criticized Nevada’s lax gun laws and called for legislation requiring background checks on all gun sales and barring people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms.

Boycott these places this Christmas – they want to take your guns away

The Second Amendment Check Boycott List

Shit, this is hard sine some of these places are stores we all like to go to, especially Costso, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Cal Pizza Kitchen, Chuck E. Cheese, Rolling Stone Mag, and most of the other joints. Wall-mart sells guns and ammo but they treat their employees poor and they destroy communities and local businesses. So pick some local stores who you can trust and support the local guys who support you community and the constitution.

All companies we boycott have received a 2ACheck rating of “F” for their lack of respect for the rights of gun owners.  Your experience with some of these companies will vary based on location, however, the boycott is based on the corporate policy toward responsible gun owners.

We believe guns in the hands of good people make everyone safer.  We encourage freedom loving Americans to boycott anti-gun companies until they improve their policy.  Please share this page.

We also strongly recommend everyone know the firearms laws applicable in their own state, and states they travel through.  We recommend something like the Traveler’s Guide to Firearms Laws.

Print this image and post it publicly for all to see, take it with you, give it to friends, etc.

Boycott List 2014.09.22

We are attempting to provide detailed rationale for the entries on this list.  Some, but not all have been provided.  We are working to get the rest updated ASAP.  Click on the name of a company below to learn valuable information about the company, its policy and other brands under the same corporate umbrella.

We provide you with contact information for every company on the list. We encourage you to contact them for the following reasons:

1) Verify for yourself that we have accurately described their behavior

2) Inform the company that they have lost your business

3) Encourage them to change their policy to be more respectful of the rights of gun owners if they want to earn your business.  Our long-term goal should be to try to influence them to respect our rights.  Never be rude.  Always be polite.


  1. A & P
  2. AMC Theatres
  3. BB&T Bank
  4. Bloomin’ Brands (Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill and others)
  5. Brinker International (Chili’s and Maggiano’s)
  6. Buffalo Wild Wings
  7. California Pizza Kitchen
  8. Carmike Cinemas
  9. CBL & Associates Properties (Shopping Malls)
  10. CBS
  11. Chuck E. Cheese’s
  12. Cinemark Theatres
  13. CNN/Time Warner
  14. Comcast/NBC Universal
  15. Costco
  16. Forest City Enterprises (Shopping Malls)
  17. General Growth Properties (Shopping Malls)
  18. Goodyear
  19. Groupon
  20. hhgregg
  21. Hooters
  22. Howard Hughes Corporation (Shopping Malls)
  23. IKEA
  24. Jack in the Box / Qdoba Mexican Grill
  25. Jo-Ann Stores
  26. Macerich (Shopping Malls)
  27. Modell’s Sporting Goods
  28. Paragon Theaters
  29. Peet’s Coffee and Tea
  30. Regal Cinemas
  31. Simon (Shopping Malls)
  32. Southern Theatres
  33. Sprouts Farmers Market
  34. Square
  35. Sterling Jewelers (Kay, Jared, Shaw & others)
  36. T.G.I. Friday’s (and all Carlson Companies)
  37. The New York Times Company
  38. Toy’s R Us / Babies R Us
  39. US Bank
  40. Value City Furniture
  41. Waffle House
  42. Walgreens
  43. Whole Foods Market

New blog sites to focus on Carson City Corruption involving Judge Tatro, DA candidate Mark Krueger and Sheriff Kenny Furlong



New blog sites to focus  on Carson City Corruption involving Judge Tatro, DA candidate Mark Krueger and Sheriff Kenny Furlong

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UPDATE:  May 24, 2014 They are trying to shut down the new blogs once again… Stay tuned… For now go here:


Are you aware of the ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court case Times v. Sullivan (1964) which states this, in part:

As Americans we have a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on Public Issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide open. And that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.