The Anti-Defamation League on Monday called on musician and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent to remove a photo compilation posted to his Facebook page showing the faces of prominent Jews who support gun control.

Ted Nugent's anti-Semitic gun control Facebook post.

The Anti-Defamation League on Monday called on musician and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent to remove a photo compilation posted to his Facebook page showing the faces of prominent Jews who support gun control.

Titled “So who is really behind gun control?” the image shows the 12 politicians and activists each with a small Israeli flag and their names superimposed.

Among the faces featured in the post were former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Some of the familiar faces have not so familiar captions accompanying them. Bloomberg’s image claims he’s a “Nanny State trouble maker and 9/11 Israeli agent.”

“Know these punks,” Nugent’s Facebook post read. “They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic human right to

self defense

& to KEEP & BEAR ARMS while many of them have tax paid hired ARMED security! Know them well. Tell every1 you know how evil they are. Let us raise maximum hell to shut them down!”

Nugent didn’t create the image, which has been featured on anti-Semitic websites in the past, the ADL noted.

“Ted Nugent has a long history of being an equal opportunity offender. But his latest share on Facebook, making the outrageous suggestion that Jews are behind gun control, is nothing short of conspiratorial anti-Semitism. Regardless of one’s views on gun control, this kind of scapegoating of an entire religious group is completely unacceptable and completely divorced from reality,” said ADL CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt.

Nugent, a board member of the National Rifle Association, came under fire in January 2014 for similar mischaracterizations when he compared film producer Harvey Weinstein to Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

The same month, Nugent called President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel.”

Nugent’s Monday image in just a few hours after being posted garnered some 2,342 likes, 1,030 shares and 574 comments, many chiding him for posting the image linking Jews to the gun control debate.

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Nevada among states outlawing guns for domestic abusers

no-guns-729109LAS VEGAS — As convicted felons with criminal histories including violence against former domestic partners, neither Keith Junior Barlow nor Robert Brown Jr. should have had a gun.

But both did, according to criminal charges against them, and both are accused of shooting ex-girlfriends to death in Las Vegas in attacks that law enforcers and gun safety advocates say illustrate a terrifying pattern of repeat domestic violence.

“A history of abuse is highly suggestive of future abuse,” said Ted Alcorn, research chief for the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. He pointed to FBI data that found that more than half of women slain with guns in the U.S. in 2011 were killed by intimate partners or family members.

Other FBI data analyzed by The Associated Press shows that in Nevada, 94 people were shot to death by a spouse, ex-spouse or dating partner from 2006 to 2014, including 71 in the Las Vegas area.

Brown’s case dates to December 2012. He’s accused of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend, Nichole Nick, and wounding Nick’s mother. Police also reported finding a bullet hole in the bed of Nick’s 3-year-old niece, who wasn’t wounded. Brown was arrested a little more than a year later in Los Angeles.

Barlow allegedly confronted his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend in February 2013 in an alley behind a convenience store and warned that he’d be back. Two hours later, he kicked in an apartment door and shot Danielle Woods and Donnie Cobb to death with a .40-caliber handgun he got from a friend, according to the criminal charges against him. The gun owner later reported the weapon had been stolen.

Repeat violence involving domestic partners is an issue that state lawmakers tried to address last year, passing a law banning anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence in Nevada or any other state from possessing a gun.

The law went into effect with Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval’s signature in June. It also prohibits people from buying a gun if they’ve been ordered by a court to stay away from their estranged partner.

The new law made Nevada one of 13 states to tighten restrictions in the last two years to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, according to the AP survey. Such laws are a rare area of consensus in the nation’s highly polarized debate over guns.

In Carson City, Democrats lost a bid to go further. The GOP-controlled Legislature rejected a stricter measure that would have required people to turn over guns they already have if a restraining order is filed against them.

Nevada’s domestic violence gun ban was part of a wider law hailed by the National Rifle Association as a victory for law-abiding gun owners. It also eliminated a registration requirement for gun owners in Clark County, home to Las Vegas and some 2 million of the state’s 2.5 million residents. The law extended from homes to vehicles the reach of the so-called “castle doctrine” or stand-your-ground right to use lethal force for self-defense.

No permit is required to obtain most firearms in Nevada, and guns can generally be openly carried, although buying high-powered weapons may require a federal permit.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, the top prosecutor in Las Vegas, said enforcing the domestic violence gun ban hasn’t been easy. But he said people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence are being informed in court — in writing and by a judge — that they can’t possess a gun.

Both Brown and Barlow have pleaded not guilty in their cases. Brown’s defense attorney didn’t respond to messages. Barlow’s lawyers declined to comment.

Prosecutor Richard Scow, who is handling both cases, said Barlow had prior convictions in Nevada in 1987 for shooting at a former girlfriend and her new boyfriend and in 1997 for shooting at Woods.

Brown was convicted in Los Angeles and sentenced to prison in 1998 for felony carjacking and corporal injury to a spouse in a case arising from allegations that he stabbed and slashed his then-wife. Attempted murder, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon charges were dropped.

With his felony convictions, Brown wouldn’t have been able to purchase a gun under the new law or the old law, Scow said.

Nevada may expand gun background checks

gun Bumper-Sticker-Mount-ProI

By Megan Messerly, Las Vegas Sun

Advocates of gun control raked in $3.6 million over the last two years to place an initiative to tighten background checks for gun purchases and transfers in Nevada on the November ballot and ensure it passes.

The initiative is part of a broader national push to establish universal background check laws state by state after an effort to do so on the federal level failed in 2013. Mostly recently, Washington passed an expanded background check law through the ballot initiative process in 2014, and Oregon’s legislature approved a similar law last year.

In total, 18 states have enacted background check laws that go beyond what federal law requires. Nevada is poised to become the 19th.

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BACKDOOR GUN CONTROL: DOCTORS – NOT PSYCHOLOGISTS – TO SCREEN ALL ADULTS FOR DEPRESSION State police already confiscated veteran’s guns over insomnia

gun THE-2ND-AMENDMENT-ISNT-ABOUTAll Doctors – not just psychiatrists – should screen adults for depression, according to a government task force, a recommendation which opens the door to backdoor gun control.
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said that health workers should ask patients questions to determine if they have symptoms of depression, even if the patients don’t initially bring them up. “The USPSTF recommends screening in all adults regardless of risk factors,” the task force paper stated.

This sets a dangerous precedent in which primary care physicians – who are visited more frequently than psychologists – could diagnose patients with mental health issues, ultimately leading to the restriction of their Second Amendment rights.
Case in point, New York State Police confiscated a Navy veteran’s guns in 2014 after he received treatment for insomnia at a hospital due to anxiety.
The police used a mental health database enacted by N.Y.’s latest gun control law, the SAFE Act, to declare veteran Donald Montgomery, who is also a former detective, “mentally unfit” to own firearms due to his hospital visit.
“The Plaintiff [Montgomery] is a retired law enforcement officer with a distinguished career of more than 30 years, who retired with the rank of Detective Sergeant,” Montgomery’s lawsuit filed against the hospital stated. “The Plaintiff had a spotless record and was awarded the department’s Bravery Medal; [He] had been a Commanding Officer for 15 years.”
“At the time of his presentation at the Emergency Department of Eastern Long Island Hospital, the Plaintiff suffered from sleep deprivation, occasioned by his move from one location in the state to another, with his wife of many years, to live closer to their adult child and young grandchild.”
And despite the fact Montgomery checked himself into the ER, the hospital labeled him an “involuntary admission.”
“On or about May 30, 2014, the Plaintiff received a telephone call from an officer at the Suffolk Co. Sheriff’s Dept. informing him [they were] going to have to come overhand pick up his handguns because they were under repeated pressure from the N.Y. State Police to immediately do so,” the lawsuit stated. “The sheriff’s department arrived at the Plaintiff’s then-residence and took physical possession of the Plaintiff’s four firearms and provided him with an ‘inventory.’”
Additionally, the State Police cancelled his pistol permit without a hearing.
President Obama signed a Jan. 4 executive order to allow doctors to report patients with “mental health issues” to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System to prevent them from purchasing firearms.
“Obama is changing under such background checks a person prohibited from buying a gun from one formally adjudicated by a court of law to be mentally incompetent to anyone who – vaguely – has a mental health ‘issue,’” Freedom Watch founder Larry warned. “Thus, the due process protection of a court ruling is being lost. Obama ordered the Social Security Administration to report to the firearm background check database people on disability payments for reasons that may indicate ‘issues’ of mental health.
“Obama is working to require doctors to report those with (poorly defined) issues. Everyone living in same household may lose right to possess a gun.”
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Heads Up! Obama Puts A Gag On Any Talk About the TPP, Contains UN Gun Control

The Obama administration is feverishly working with foreign lawmakers and officials on a new Trans-Pacific Parternship (TPP) trade agreement. Yet what may seem like business as usual is anything but.

The President has made it a point to keep any details of the agreement completely secret, so much so that what amounts to a gag order has been placed on anyone who has anything to do with the bill. Even members of Congress are unable to discuss the contents of the bill with each other or in public, and anyone who is invited to discussions over the bill must leave cell phones and staff members behind. Since not even Republicans have yet to spill the beans about the details of the agreement, one can only assume that those attending the meetings are doing so under threat of criminal prosecution or worse if they talk.

This, of course, begs the question: What is so important to the Obama administration that it has to be kept secret from the American public until after the agreement has been passed?

What could possibly be so critical to national security that the purportedly “most transparent” Presidential administration in history says no one can talk about it?……

Nevadans make moves to combat gun violence

He was just 20, not old enough to legally buy a drink at the bar inside the Las Vegas Club.

But his money was good there, and he used some change to pump nickels into the jukebox. It kept up a steady loop of “Crying in the Chapel,” the big hit of 1953.

His money had been good at the pawn shop down the street, too. That’s where he saw the pistol in the window.

Who knows what was going through his head that day? His previous address had been a Texas mental institution.

But whatever he was thinking, he perceived a slight from a pretty cocktail waitress and decided to get her attention by pulling out the pistol and firing two bullets into her. He shot a stranger at the bar, too.

The waitress was disabled, but survived. The fellow standing next to the kid who heard “Crying in the Chapel” in his head wasn’t so fortunate.

That was just one of several acts of gun violence that year that shocked the public, got Review-Journal Editor Al Cahlan agitated and led the Las Vegas City Commission to enact stricter gun ordinances in the increasingly wild downtown corridor. Thanks to the late local historian Frank Wright, who recounted it in his popular radio series “Nevada Yesterdays,” I was recently reminded of the long-faded news event.

We take for granted that Nevada’s Wild West heritage and libertarian political underpinnings are so engrained in our system that elected officials of the past were of a single mind about things like gun laws and safety. But that 1953 incident is a reminder that our community’s elders also saw the potential for trouble when you mix a 24-hour atmosphere with easily obtained firearms.

More than six decades ago, the city commission passed an ordinance forbidding the display of guns in shop windows and set the minimum age of 21 for purchases. Although it wasn’t included in the ordinance, there was also talk of requiring a waiting period.

Many years later, officials and citizens continue to debate gun safety in an age of unprecedented firearm proliferation and marketing, and the undeniable political power of the country’s gun lobby.

Late last year, an initiative petition calling for mandatory background checks on nearly all gun purchases in the state was filed by Nevadans for Background Checks, an eclectic group that includes victims of gun violence and some members of law enforcement. In a matter of a few weeks, the group managed to collect nearly 250,000 signatures — more than twice the 101,667 required to qualify the initiative for the 2016 ballot.

Although the petition process was challenged in December by a group called Nevadans for State Gun Rights, then-Secretary of State Ross Miller made it clear the legal process had been followed. It will be intriguing to see what the state’s new crop of Republican constitutional office holders do.

The Legislature can accept the will of more than 200,000 Nevada voters and approve the petition. If it decides to reject it, the measure would appear as a ballot question in 2016.

Either way, it appears Nevadans are once again attempting to do something to combat gun violence. The background check law’s critics range from those who believe it will be unsuccessful because criminals don’t follow the rules, to those who suspect all those gun registrations will one day be used to confiscate Americans’ weapons.

Advocates point to lower incidences of gun-related domestic violence. Domestic abusers will find it more difficult to purchase handguns if the effort becomes law.

Currently in Nevada, weapons sold at gun shows don’t require background checks. Nor do weapons sold between private parties. That would change if the background check measure becomes law.

The background check initiative wouldn’t have been needed if Gov. Brian Sandoval had signed the bill that passed the Legislature in 2013. But Sandoval vetoed it, a decision which no doubt pleased gun lobbyists who were actively working to undercut it.

Nevadans find out in a few months whether we will write a new chapter in the struggle for gun safety or simply continue to allow history to repeat itself.

How the Legislature could affect your guns

thegunofthelord-344584by: Anjeanette Damon, RGJ

If you want to conceal a gun you carry in Nevada, you must get a permit and certify that you meet certain training and background check requirements.

If you shoot and kill someone coming into your home, you may have to prove that your life was in immediate danger and that you used only the force necessary for safety.

But after this legislative session, all of that could be different.

As it stands 10 proposed firearm bills are circulating in Carson City for consideration by the Legislature starting Feb. 2, with the promise of more to come as the session wears on.

Lawmakers will also consider an initiative petition that would close the background check loophole on private party gun sales — a petition that they can either vote up or vote down, but can’t amend. If they don’t pass it, it will go to voters in 2016.

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Think tank: Nevada ‘allegedly’ has eighth-highest rate of women killed with guns Ana Ley (contact) Ana Ley
Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015 | 9:10 p.m.

Nevada has the eighth-highest rate of women killed with guns, according to an analysis released Thursday by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress.
The short study, compiled by CAP with ProgressNow Nevada, analyzes data from the FBI and the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. The group found that women in Nevada face a higher risk of gun violence than men in the state — women were shot dead at a rate that is 38 percent higher than the national average, while the same statistic for men was 3 percent lower than the national average.

From 2003 to 2012, 40 percent of women murdered in Nevada were killed by an intimate partner, and of those, 50 percent were killed with guns, according to the group.

The study also concluded that 48 percent of women living in Nevada experience rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner during their lifetime.

The group criticized Nevada’s lax gun laws and called for legislation requiring background checks on all gun sales and barring people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms.

Sean Parker – Former Facebook president, founder of Napster donates to Nevada gun-control ballot measure

Sean_ParkerSean Parker, a managing partner of Founder’s Fund, speaks at Web. 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, Monday, Oct. 17, 2011. Parker was co-founder of Napster.

By Kyle Roerink (contact)
Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 | 2 a.m.

Tech tycoon Sean Parker forayed into Nevada politics by donating $250,000 to a controversial gun control initiative being debated in Nevada.

gun controlParker, a co-founder of music downloading site Napster and Facebook’s first president, gave the sum to Nevadans for Background Checks, an arm of a nationwide movement campaigning for tighter background check laws on all gun purchases in the state.

Gun advocates say a stricter law would close a gap that will keep guns away from criminals and the mentally ill. Opponents of the background check efforts say the law will be a new layer of bureaucracy infringing on the Second Amendment.

Nevada requires mental health and criminal background checks for anyone buying guns from a licensed firearm dealer. But state law doesn’t require checks on consumers purchasing guns from private, third-party dealers.

Last year, Nevadans for Background Checks rekindled the state’s background check debate by collecting about 250,000 signatures — almost double the requirement — to get the initiative on the 2016 ballot.

The group launched the effort in the wake of the 2013 legislative session, which saw Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval veto a bill mandating checks on third-party sales.

Because the effort gained enough signatures, state lawmakers will have an opportunity to vote on it within the first 40 days of the upcoming legislative session. If lawmakers fail to pass it as a bill, the initiative will automatically land on the ballot.

State campaign finance reports showed Parker on a list alongside a $1.9 million contribution from Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit group bankrolling Nevadans for Background Checks and funded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Parker, known for his groundbreaking online innovations, is enamored with politics. He is chairman of Brigade, a group of tech barons dedicated to bankrolling liberal causes and spurring political engagement. He’s also contributed to moderate Republicans fighting Tea Party candidates in primary races.

The Nevada contribution was one of many he’s made around the country. His name has appeared in races in Virginia, New Jersey and presidential races.

Parker isn’t the only big name to make news for Nevadans for Background Checks. Casino mogul Elaine Wynn announced on Friday that she was chairing its state advisory board.

“Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill isn’t a political issue; it’s common sense,” Wynn said in a statement.

Elaine Wynn joins push to expand gun background checks in Nevada

Elaine WynnLAS VEGAS — Elaine Wynn, the co-founder of Wynn Resorts and former wife of Steve Wynn, has joined the effort to expand gun background checks in Nevada.

Nevadans for Background Checks, in a statement Friday, said she’ll chair its new statewide advisory board to push an initiative that has qualified for the 2016 ballot.

Nevada currently requires criminal and mental health background checks for gun buyers making purchases from licensed dealers, but not for purchases from private sellers or exhibitors at gun shows. Supporters say the initiative would close that loophole.

“Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill isn’t a political issue; it’s common sense,” Wynn said in a statement. “Nevadans for Background Checks is ready to turn our state’s broad public support for stronger, smarter gun laws into life-saving action.”

Other advisory board members include former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones Blackhurst, former Clark County Sheriff Bill Young, former state Sen. Justin Jones of Las Vegas and former Harrah’s Entertainment executive Phil Satre and his wife, Jennifer. Others are Marybel Batjer, former chief of staff to Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn; Sue Meuschke, executive director of the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence; and Robert Fowler, senior pastor of the Victory Baptist Church of Las Vegas.

Under state law, the Nevada Legislature has 40 days from the Feb. 2 start of the legislative session to pass the initiative before it is automatically added to the November 2016 ballot.

“The state Legislature should act on this background check initiative before more lives are lost senselessly to gun violence,” Young said.

The Nevada initiative, like a measure that passed in November in Washington state, has backing from Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group founded and funded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Its opponents include Nevadans for State Gun Rights and the Nevada Firearms Coalition, a political action committee affiliated with the powerful National Rifle Association.


Corrupt Carson City Judge James Wilson clears the way or “gun control” in Nevada

CARSON CITY — Signature gathering efforts for an initiative petition that seeks to mandate background checks on nearly all Nevada gun purchases are expected to get under way shortly following a ruling Friday by a Carson City district judge.

Judge James Wilson ordered one wording change in the 200-word description of effect, which is meant to explain to potential signers what the petition would do if it becomes law. The petition would mandate background checks for private gun sales. Such checks are now voluntary.

The wording was challenged by the Nevada Firearms Coalition, which opposes the petition.

Wording noting that there would be criminal penalties for failing to follow the proposed law was required to be added in Wilson’s ruling from the bench.

But other wording changes sought by the firearms coalition were rejected.

The revised petition will now be refiled with the secretary of state’s office so signatures can be gathered.

Reno attorney Rew Goodenow, who represented the firearms coalition, said he will have to discuss the ruling with his clients before a decision is made on whether to appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Attorney Matt Griffin, representing Nevadans for Background Checks, said the signature gathering effort will begin as soon as the new measure is filed. The effort will go forward whether the firearms coalition appeals to the Supreme Court or not, he said.

The group is pleased with Wilson’s ruling, he said.

If the group Nevadans for Background Checks gathers at least 101,667 signatures by Nov. 11, the measure will go to the Legislature in 2015. If the Legislature were to approve that measure within 40 days, it would go to the voters in 2016.

Contact Capital Bureau reporter Sean Whaley at or 775-687-3900. Find him on Twitter: @seanw801.

Video: Open Carry Activists Shocked To Encounter Constitutional Sheriff – NOTE: In Carson City Nevada, Sheriff Kenny Furlong is NOT a Constitutional Sheriff and he supports Obama Style Gun Control

Open carry activists in Orion Township, Michigan were pleasantly surprised this week, after being approached by a local sheriff during their regular “For Liberty Friday” protest. Mikael Thalen Sept. 22, 2013


NOTE: Carson City Nevada, Sheriff Kenny Furlong is NOT a Constitutional Sheriff – He supports Obama Style Gun Control.


Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong will take your guns and support tyranny if called upon by Obama

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong will take your guns and support tyranny if called upon by Obama.  That’s right, Kenny Furlong does not support the second amendment and he fully support tyranny. This comes as no surprise. Time to get this tyrannical piece of shit out of office folks. Wake up.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong