Hagar: Mark Amodei ponders run for governor or AG in 2018

Mark AmodeiNevada’s 2nd U.S. House District Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, said he may consider a run for governor or attorney general after he leaves Congress, possibly in 2018.

Amodei, 56 and a lawyer by profession, said during an exclusive interview Friday at the Nevada Legislature that he is committed to run for re-election to the House of Representatives in 2016. But he hinted at a run for governor or attorney general after that.

“It’s obviously something to look at,” Amodei said about running for governor or attorney general. “And I’ve said to you before, listen, I’m not doing this for the rest of my life, this D.C. stuff. I’m coming back (to Carson City) at some point in time.

He first mentioned his consideration for governor or attorney general when asked if he would want to run for Nevada’s open U.S. senate seat, which will be vacated in 2016 with the retirement of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

“I’m not saying, hey that’s something we are angling towards, “Amodei said about being governor or attorney general. “But if I ever decided that I wanted to go run the whole lap around the state in a political race, it would not be for an office in Washington D.C. It would be for the office of governor or attorney general.

“I mention it in the context of that I really wanted to make sure that the message that is sent and delivered is I’m not running for the Senate,” Amodei said. “And if I was going to run statewide, it would be for something in Carson City. I’m really, really not running for the Senate.

Gov. Sandoval will be term limited in 2018 although Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., called Sandoval the GOP’s A-plus candidate to run for U.S. Senate in 2016.

“We are committed to run (for Congress) in 2016, but I would prefer to be back home in Nevada,” Amodei said.

Amodei was raised in Carson City and graduated from Carson High school in the mid 1970s where he played for the Senators’ state championship basketball team.

He served as Carson City’s Assemblyman before becoming the state senator for the capital district. He was elected to Congress in a special election in 2011, defeating Democrat Kate Marshall.

“Having lived and served and having been around state government all my life, I think I’ve got it, if that is something that opened up later on,” Amodei said.

“I think I could be competitive,” Amodei said about running for state office. “And, if given the shot, I could hopefully bring some experience and perspective and that would be a positive thing.”

“In this business, those decisions are a long way away,” Amodei said. “And I have always been a believer in doing the best job you can with what you are doing now, so that if something comes up, those doors are open instead of closed.”

Election 2014: Flores, Hutchison face off in debate for Lt. gov.

LAS VEGAS — Republican Mark Hutchison touted his endorsement from Gov. Brian Sandoval and said he’d be a great teammate for the popular leader if he’s elected as lieutenant governor, while Democrat Lucy Flores said she’ll ask questions, hold people accountable and be “more than a rubber stamp.”

The comments came Wednesday, during a taping of a debate set to air Friday evening on Vegas PBS. Polls suggest a relatively close race for the part-time post, which would lead to the top job in the state if the governor lives up to speculation and leaves his position midterm.

“I’ve got the experience, having owned my own law firm, my own small business, to understand what’s needed to bring small businesses to Nevada,” said Hutchison, a state senator and Las Vegas-based attorney who has raised nearly four times the campaign money of his opponent.

MSNBC Gushes Over Nevada Dem Who Was A Felon & Had Abortion: “Rising Star In The Democratic Party”

Flores said she grew up “pretty low-income” and had trouble with the law as a teen before she turned her life around, earned a law degree and became a state assemblywoman.

“I believe there’s an incredible opportunity for someone … to really bring the perspective of the everyday Nevadan to the top leadership positions in Nevada,” Flores said.

The candidates fielded questions about growing tourism in Nevada, which is one of the primary tasks of the office. The lieutenant governor chairs the state Commission on Tourism.

Hutchison said he would work with airlines to bring in more international customers, then work to lengthen tourists’ stays in Nevada.

Flores said she wouldn’t take the approach of Hutchison, who recently suggested building a satellite tourism office in India. The focus should instead be on close neighbors in Mexico, Canada and Hawaii, she said.

The two also faced questions about their records on taxes and education policy in the Nevada Legislature.

Hutchison supported a tax on mining as a way to fund education, but it died during the 2013 session. He said at a debate last month that the measure was meant to start a conversation about revenue.

“The first and best way is through growth and economic opportunities,” he said, adding that the next step would be having “a big discussion” about how to broaden the tax base and lower rates.

Flores, who said she opposes the margins tax initiative on the November ballot as well as single-industry taxes like the mining proposal, criticized Republican legislators for blocking past Democratic plans to raise revenue. She pointed to a failed plan in 2011 to tax services.

“We’re not going to grow our way out of our problems,” she said. “We’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work.”

On education, Hutchison said Flores was the candidate of the status quo. He criticized her for blocking a $2 million plan that would have brought 100 recent college graduates to Nevada through Teach for America, a program that places young teachers in low-achieving schools, and said she didn’t back a plan that would allow low-performing schools to morph into charter schools if parents supported the move.

“You need someone who not only supports more revenue, but also reform,” he said.

Flores said the Teach for America bill came up on the last day of the session and was not properly vetted. She said $2 million would be better spent developing existing teachers, and said the proposals Hutchison touted didn’t address the underlying issues in Nevada schools.

“I don’t support Band-Aid solutions. We need to adequately fund education,” she said.

Caravan To Midnight – Special Guest Nevada State Gubernatorial Candidate David Lory VanDerBeek


Episode 127 – Returning to Caravan To Midnight is Nevada state gubernatorial candidate David L. VanDerBeek, followed by former LVMPD detective Gordon Martines to discuss corruption and correction.




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U.S. Attorney General on Sandoval EICON Scandal. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Whistleblower letter to U.S. Attorney General Daniel Bogdon

MUST READ: Letter to D Bogden re Sandoval 12-1-13

Brian Sandoval Helped Privatize Nevada’s Billions. Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Governor Brian Sandoval Helped Steal Two Billion Dollars from Nevada. David VanDerBeek 2014

To anyone who cares about Nevada, freedom, and justice,

Below I have attached the legal documents for your review. Brian Sandoval must not finish his term as governor. He belongs in jail. Please, pass this on to anyone honest in the media as well as government contacts. His continued presence in office is an indictment of Nevada’s government.

Download the court documents and read them for yourselves.
EICON Lawsuit Complaint
EICON Lawsuit Disclosure Statement




Governor Brian Sandoval did good by calling out the BLM

Brian Sandoval with his bong

Brian Sandoval with his bong

By Mark Anderson:

He did good by calling out the BLM. But the best thing was the willingness of an armed citizenry to stand up to the BLM which, apparently, is a terrorist organization. It’s why firearms can’t be relinquished, and people need to stand up against tyranny everywhere. We need to demand the politicians running the federal government be arrested. The BLM attack was not about cattle grazing. It’s about starving people to death.

I’m compelled to give Governor Sandoval accolades. He did good by calling out the feds. And it’s good that not a shot was fired and everything remained peaceful. Nothing would be more injurious to the cause of liberty than for people to engage in violence. But it’s not over until that ongoing threat called the BLM is disarmed and all of those terrorists who work for the BLM are fired and doing something different with their time.

What’s more important than electing libertarian type members of Congress is getting libertarian Governors, and then those Governors need to maintain the National Guard, not let the feds deploy the Guard overseas. And then those Governors can use the National Guard to arrest feds. At the federal level, the GOP is a horrible party and needs to be wiped out. At the state level, it’s somewhat different.

Let me say that I have some strong disagreements with Alex Jones on a plurality of issues. I don’t agree with him on everything. On immigration, Alex Jones almost turns me into a Jeb Bush fan. And it’s not just that our ability to leave the country be curtailed by closing down the borders but with what the government is doing we certainly don’t want fewer people outside of the system. That’s on top of the wickedness of scapegoating immigrants for our problems that Republicans and Democrats created by electing criminals.

Alex Jones is right on when it comes to the situation with Cliven Bundy. People need to keep in mind it’s not about grazing cattle. The people don’t benefit from the government’s extortion racket. Why should people pay the government to be killed? That’s suicidal and should prompt mandatory psych evaluations for people who support what the BLM did. This is about the right to make a living and people all over Nevada being able to feed themselves. Really. What happens when all farms and ranches are wiped out by a government that’s apparently trying to soft kill everybody?

Absent some kind of evidence, I would be reluctant to claim that Harry Reid was behind everything as some people claim. If anything, if it was staged, it looks like the Republicans staged it because now they appear to be the “saviors”.

One thing I would like to bring up with Governor Sandoval, him being a former federal judge, are the thoughts of Justice Stevens on the Second Amendment. Let me say that I’m sympathetic to the arguments for gun control because I abhor violence. If gun control worked to reduce violence that would be a very nice thing. I made a decision a long time ago to not have anything whatsoever to do with the firearm industry just based on my personal standards. If I were told that I could legally make a fortune selling firearms, I wouldn’t want to do that out of having to worry that just one firearm ended up in the wrong hands.

But here’s my problem with attempts to ban guns. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Too often, because the government does something it’s considered ipso facto legal. Yet if we look hard enough we can find countless examples where governments committed crimes, atrocities. A lot of human rights violations in the United States are camouflaged as benevolent actions on the part of government. As an example: compulsory vaccinations. And I’m not saying the Second Amendment is to stop vaccination programs, which I want to make clear. I’m just bringing up the extent of the crimes of the government, many of which are camouflaged as good things with propaganda. History is filled with examples of governments murdering people. Justice Stevens glosses over crimes carried out by governments.

Also the government can get a lot of things wrong, as the VA got wrong with me which is something I’ll have to share with everybody. I shared it with Sue Lowden when I was still falling apart due to having done to myself what the VA wanted to do to me. And as I regain myself, I want to make clear there’s not an ounce of hostility for anybody in particular that I have. In many ways, it’s relaxing to be able to call out the government for its crimes.

I apologize to the person who made this argument before me, but I haven’t yet seen it myself. If guns are only meant for people in the employ of the government, then why even have a Second Amendment? Does the government need to remind itself not to disarm itself? Is the government on the verge of relinquishing all of its firearms? If only the sovereign has firearms, who amongst us could violate the “right” of the sovereign to have firearms, consequently needing to remind people of this inalienable right of the sovereign?

I believe people should be able to have as much firepower as the government has, absent weapons of mass destruction which I believe should be eliminated and no man on earth should possess.

And the reason why veterans shouldn’t become depressed and kill themselves. Our purpose is to undermine the credibility and the legitimacy of the federal government. Our purpose is to expose the pack of criminals who run government. Continue reading

Sandoval campaign offers perks for cash just like a prostitute

ImageSandoval campaign offers perks for cash just like a prostitute that he his and the pimps who put him on the street corners. Image

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Gov. Brian Sandoval’s campaign is offering video chats and lunch with the Republican governor in exchange for monthly donations toward his re-election.

Campaign officials say the strategy is aimed at smaller donors but critics say it is in poor taste and could raise the notion of pay for play.

An email entitled “exclusive benefits” sent by the campaign’s finance director Kate Szafran offers various levels of access and perks for monthly contributions ranging from $10 to $100.

Sandoval’s campaign manager Jeremy Hughes says the trinkets and face time are an attempt to appeal to grassroots voters. He scoffs that the fundraising tactic could be viewed as pay-for-play.

President of the Nevada Center for Public Ethics Martin Dean Dupalo says the pitch is poorly worded and could backfire with voters.


Nev. secretary of state Ross Miller accused of CORRUPTION & disclosure violation

Ross Miller Nevada is corrupt

Ross Miller Nevada is corrupt

A national Republican group has sued Democratic Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, saying he failed to turn over records that should be made public detailing his travel, compensation, public schedule and cellphone use. Continue reading