Gordon Martines says Patriot LaVoy Finicum ambushed and assassinated

Caravan To Midnight – Special Guest Nevada State Gubernatorial Candidate David Lory VanDerBeek


Episode 127 – Returning to Caravan To Midnight is Nevada state gubernatorial candidate David L. VanDerBeek, followed by former LVMPD detective Gordon Martines to discuss corruption and correction.




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U.S. Attorney General on Sandoval EICON Scandal. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Whistleblower letter to U.S. Attorney General Daniel Bogdon

MUST READ: Letter to D Bogden re Sandoval 12-1-13

Brian Sandoval Helped Privatize Nevada’s Billions. Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Governor Brian Sandoval Helped Steal Two Billion Dollars from Nevada. David VanDerBeek 2014

To anyone who cares about Nevada, freedom, and justice,

Below I have attached the legal documents for your review. Brian Sandoval must not finish his term as governor. He belongs in jail. Please, pass this on to anyone honest in the media as well as government contacts. His continued presence in office is an indictment of Nevada’s government.

Download the court documents and read them for yourselves.
EICON Lawsuit Complaint
EICON Lawsuit Disclosure Statement




From The Desk Of Gordon Martines “Coincidence” is never a good word to use around a real cop when a crime has occurred or is still occurring

Gordon Martines column “Coincidence” is never a good word to use around a real cop when a crime has occurred or is still occurringWhen the word “coincidence” is uttered in any fashion around a police incident, it usually means and denotes that there is a connection somehow or somewhere to someone, and it is now up to the instincts and experience of the investigating officer to find out what the “coincidental” connection is.
Let’s take for example the alleged Billion Dollar theft — or rather, transfer — from the Nevada Taxpayers State Treasury, which went into the private bank accounts — instead of a Trust — of a private company called “EICON” or (Employees Insurance Company of Nevada), back in the year 2000.
This occurred with the blessings of then Governor Kenney Guinn, along with then Nevada State Attorney General, Brian Sandoval, and now Governor, Brian Sandoval, and soon to possibly be U. S. Presidential Candidate Brian Sandoval, because at the time the Workers Comp System (S.I.I.S.) somehow became insolvent. It is widely suspected that Dirty Harry had his hand in supporting and promoting the political rise of Brian Sandoval.
One of the assistant attorney generals at the time, David Otto, Esq., who happened to be in charge of the Fraud Section, noticed this illegal transfer of the Billion Dollars, and then filed a criminal complaint against the company called “EICON.” This complaint was submitted to the Washoe County District Court in 2006, where it still remains, shoved under the rug and never properly addressed.
Coincidentally, former Governor Guinn “accidentally” fell off of his roof and died right around the time of that submittal to the court.
Soon thereafter former Assistant Attorney General, David Otto, Esq. “coincidentally” left the Attorney Generals Office and went into private practice in Reno. Apparently his submittal was not appreciated by others.
Coincidentally, David Otto, Esq. became my attorney to assist me in my 2011 Federal Lawsuit against LVMPD, Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, et al., after I fired my then attorney, Gabriel Martinez, Esq. Coincidentally, in 2013 David Otto, Esq. supplied 2014 Governor Candidate David Lory Vanderbeek the legal documents regarding the illegal transfer of the Billion Dollars to EICON, the same documents he submitted for prosecution against EICON to the Washoe County District Court in 2006.
Coincidentally, I was now shown these documents of the illegal transfer by Vanderbeek, whereby and immediately I generated letters requesting help and assistance to bring this enormous theft of biblical proportions to the attention of the proper authorities. I generated letters to U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Dean Heller, the Justice Department, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Nevada Attorney General Mastos, Clark County District Attorney Wolfson, the FBI, and of course, Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie — since I was still employed by the LVMPD as a detective in the Robbery/Homicide Bureau, and was thus following policy by properly notifying my chain of command of the information regarding this immense criminal act.
I happened to be on medical leave for a heart condition that was exasperated by my former supervisor, then Sgt James Melton, now Lt. James Tom Melton, on November 7, 2010.
Coincidentally, nobody acknowledged my letters requesting help, except for the Justice Department, who replied with their letter stating that I had sent my letter and complaint to the wrong federal agency, thus passing the buck to someone else.
Coincidentally, in November of 2013, a systematic illegal effort was launched against me by the LVMPD, with the ultimate goal of terminating me from employment, including the dismissal of my 2011 Federal Lawsuit, which was against LVMPD, Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, et al.
Coincidentally, Judge George Foley Jr., in May of 2013, indicated to me and David Otto, Esq. that my Federal Lawsuit against LVMPD, Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, et al., contained information that literally would blow the lid off the police department. Then, for some unknown reason, Judge Foley reversed his opinion, and in March of 2014 dismissed my Federal Lawsuit. However, several criminal acts resurfaced during legal depositions, specifically four unsolved murders, in which the LVMPD was complicit.
Coincidentally, shortly thereafter the arbitrator in my appeal to save my job ruled against me and sustained my termination from employment for basically being on sick leave too long (three heart surgeries and extensive heart treatments), and for basically being a thorn in the police department’s side and exposing their current and past criminal activity. It should be noted that I have two doctors’ evaluations that state I can go back to work in a light duty capacity. After 36 years of loyal police service, it is just a terrible thing not to be loved by my beloved police department.
Coincidentally, my partner and former detective, L. Araujo, and current Sgt. S. Junge, both lied under oath during legal depositions in June/July of 2013 in order to protect the police department, undermine my Federal Lawsuit, and probably also to save their own jobs or necks.
Coincidentally, the union attorney that represented me, John Harper, Esq., was now no longer allowed to represent police officers in a workers compensation-type case against the LVMPD. I wonder why!
Coincidentally, attorney David Otto, Esq., advised me that he did not wish to represent me further in any of my appeals. I wonder why!
Coincidentally, since filing my January 2011 Federal Lawsuit, five asst. sheriffs have resigned or retired; a Clark County district attorney stepped down three years before his term was up and also fired his assistant; and the sheriff who had planned on running for a third term changed his mind in a week’s time to not run for a third term. None of these persons have ever offered a plausible reason for leaving public office.
The word “coincidence” has a very special meaning for me, but also please be advised and pay attention because this saga is far from over. This portrait of evil, this disgusting cancerous infestation of the LVMPD police administration — which also includes some of our local and state government leaders — will be facing justice soon enough. Stay tuned.
In God we Trust.
Gordon Martines is a former LVMPD detective who has served in many capacities over his 39-year career in law enforcement. He has been a candidate for sheriff in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, with the intention of bringing integrity and accountability back to the department, and filed a federal lawsuit against LVMPD in 2011. Martines now contributes his opinions and ideas to the Las Vegas Tribune to keep the public informed and help improve policing in Las Vegas. He has also appeared on the Face the Tribune radio program several times to share his plan for a better LVMPD.

Gordon Martines planning to form a non- profit anti-corruption organization for Nevada


After catching up with former Sheriff Candidate Gordon Martines, the Las Vegas Tribune has recently learned that he is planning on forming an anti-corruption non-profit organization for the betterment of our community, possibly with the name “ANTI-CORRUPTION COALITION OF NEVADA.”


Martines said, “As this community, which happens also to be my home, has repeatedly demonstrated in the past, it is an ongoing ‘target rich’ environment for lowlife criminals to prey, and ply their trade, on the unsuspecting law-abiding citizens of our community, I feel the need and calling to fight back, to inquire, gather information, corroborate information and evidence, vigorously expose and help seek legal justice against these lawbreakers, whoever and wherever they may be in this state.”

“As a 39-year law enforcement veteran who, for the last 36 years, has served this particular community loyally and faithfully as a law enforcement officer, I am going to continue to fight the good fight; but this time, it will now be on my terms, legally of course, without anyone or anything able to maliciously and unlawfully attempt to threaten, divert or influence my inquiries, determinations or conclusions.”

Martines further said, “ I have a pretty good insight now — especially after the unlawful way my former police co-workers treated and injured me — into the how and who, when it comes to what breeds corruption, especially in my beloved Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which desperately needs a cleansing and an extended perpetual enema, to rid itself of its present criminal infestation and debauchery, especially in the police administrative executive staff.

“The police department is not the only target on my list, as local and state government leaders that have demonstrated their complete indifference to their constituents, and have unlawfully committed fraud and other crimes, will be added to my list as well. So much corruption, of all sorts, and so little time.

“There is plenty of work to be done, and since I plan on applying for a non-profit status organization, I will need volunteers to help with this project. These volunteers and I will more than likely be subjected to ridicule and intimidation by “special individuals” that have entrenched themselves in committing fraud and avarice against this community for decades. The one thing that these lowlife bottom-feeding greedy criminals cannot stand or tolerate is ‘exposure.’

Gordon Martines 232x300 Gordon Martines planning to form a non  profit anti corruption organization Exposure is the cure-all for all criminal activity and I have never been shy about telling the truth openly and continually.

Justice, however, may not be immediately forthcoming because of the infiltration of the organized criminal element into our justice system, and especially in our particular community, which is rather prolific at it; but nevertheless, justice requires that such infiltration be properly dealt with, exposed, and investigated, followed by the prosecution of these exposed wrongful acts.”

Martines closed the interview by saying, “This project should be rather interesting in that the persons already interested in volunteering for this project have extensive law enforcement experience and backgrounds, as do I, and so this project could be viewed as sort of a hobby, to keep our hands in the mix, with the anticipated potential of some very startling exposures and results, all for the betterment of our community. I hope to change history for the better with this project.”

Martines had to add one more thing. He concluded by saying, “Remember, Information is power, especially when it is used strictly for the betterment of our community and our way of life. As an advocate of studying history of all sorts, I can attest to the fact that you are doomed to repeat history if you don’t recall and consider it first.”

source: http://lasvegastribune.net/gordon-martines-planning-form-profit-anticorruption-organization-nevada/