Trump Crashes Glenn Beck Speech At Nevada Caucus

Glenn Beck Looks stunned After Trump steals his thunder in Las Vegas at Nevada Caucus.…
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DISH Network: FOXNews gets dumped for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze?

beckDue to a contract dispute, DISH Network and FOX News will be parting ways. In place of FOX News in DISH’s lineup will be Beck’s startup media network, TheBlaze. Although successful on radio, Glenn Beck’s solo vault TheBlaze often finds itself mired in the highest level channel package on the cable and satellite companies that offer it. It is also available for paid subscriptions online – a platform that has not quite replaced traditional cable/satellite distribution in viewership.

Some, including Beck, may see this as poetic justice after the bitter split from his former employer. On a Facebook post this week, Beck writes “When I left Fox News in 2011, I had a question in my mind that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Can man rule himself? Can a guy with a dream, surrounded by a team of committed individuals, disrupt the system and pioneer a new kind of media company? I built TheBlaze because I believe the answer to be ‘YES’.”

Beck has encouraged his paid subscribers and radio audience to petition their cable and satellite providers to throw him a bone for months. Though the rabid persistence of his most loyal fans no doubt made some impact, the most probable decision leading to this scenario was more showing up FOX News on the part of DISH than deciding to elevate Beck. It is likely that the decision came down simply to a provider flexing its muscle by showing it can air any conservative ‘entertainment’ journalism in that spot. Contract disputes among the rich and powerful often display the type of brinksmanship only reserved for Capitol Hill. In this case, the struggling Goliaths open the door for an unlikely David.

According to an article on, “Fox News has never been banned from a television distributor. However, Dish blocked CNN and some Turner Broadcasting channels for one month and CBS for 12 hours due to contract negotiations.” Dish will continue to appeal to their paid subscribers to enjoy channels provided at the lowest price available, while FOX News runs a campaign for DISH customers to petition that the dispute be resolved.

In the meantime, TheBlaze gets to reap the benefits. Beck has been more than gracious on his Facebook page and his radio program in the opportunity that he feels God has given: “I have no idea how long TheBlaze will be on in place of Fox News. But for those of you looking for a channel that shares your values and principles, I hope you will give TheBlaze a chance.”