OPINION: NEVADA JUDGE TOSSES FIRST AMENDMENT OUT THE WINDOW WITH RULING – It is called prior restraint. But that doesn’t seem to stop Nevada judges.



“Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?”
—John Milton, Areopagitica

It is called prior restraint. But that doesn’t seem to stop Nevada judges.

On the Friday before Tuesday’s primary election, a Reno judge ordered state Senate candidate Gary Schmidt to stop running a television ad that accused his Republican primary opponent, incumbent Ben Kieckhefer, of being a supporter of Harry Reid in the 2010 election, according to press accounts.

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Don’t get Kieckhefer’d again. Vote for the authentic conservative candidate, Gary Schmidt.

On April 20, 2010 on the Sam Shad Show (Nevada Newsmakers) then candidate Ben Kieckhefer said he will not vote to extend the sunset on the “temporary” $600 million tax hike that was passed in 2009.


Then Senate-candidate Ben Kieckhefer promises not to raise taxes in 2011. Kieckhefer specifically says he will not vote for extending the “sunset” taxes.

Original video from the April 20, 2010, edition of Nevada Newsmakers.

In fact, in spite of his promise (above), Ben Kieckhefer voted FOR extending the sunset TWICE — in effect, VOTED FOR A HUGE TAX INCREASE twice — once in the 76th session (2011)  immediately after his promise never to do so, and again in the 77th session (2013) of the legislature.
Instead of discussing the issues, instead of running on the issues, his ads consist of infantile personal attacks:
Whom is this silliness supposed to convince? Do his handlers really think they are talking to low information voters in s REPUBLICAN primary? How low is their opinion of REPUBLICAN primary voters?
Here are two new Gary Schmidt radio spots running on five stations, in response.
Gary R. Schmidt – Republican Candidate for Senate District 16
Southern Washoe County and Carson City
Click Here for the Nevada Appeal Story
Campaign Speech at Conservative Talk Luncheon (YouTube video)
Ben Kieckhefer “Had my first NASCAR experience today in Las Vegas with a few good friends.”
Many northern Nevada Republicans (Douglas, Carson, Washoe) went to our Republican Conventions Saturday, working tireless throughout the day, all the while our elected good-ol-boys had a grand time playing with cars and Tweeted this wonderful picture.
Kieckhefer works for Lobbyist/Law Firm (audio)
What Kieckhefer stands for VS What I stand for (audio)
Summary of \Issues and Stances (audio)
Gary speaks to North Shore Tahoe Community (YouTube Video)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio) 60 seconds

Links To Important Nevada Documents

Nevada State Constitution NRS 239 Nevada Public Records Law NRS 241 Nevada Open Meeting Law NRS 281A Nevada Ethics Law Nevada Ethics Commission Web Site
I Believe in:

  • Limited Govenment and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Strong Supporter of “Right to Bear Arms”
  • Local and Parental Control of Education
  • Eliminating Overly Burdonsome Regulations
  • Promoting Agriculture and Rural Tourism

  • I will NOT be a party to Elitist Special Interest back room deals
  • I will stand at the door of Governance & Welcome ALL THE PEOPLE
  • I will at all times respect the WILL & WISDOM of the PEOPLE
  • I will at all times Honor the Open Meeting Law & the Public Records Law & work diligently to strengthen & expand them
  • I will NOT GO ALONG just to GET ALONG
  • I will be a Representative OF and FOR ALL of the PEOPLE
ELECTED OFFICIALS MUST STRIVE TO WELCOME, ENCOURAGE, AND FACILITATE CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN THE REGULATION AND CONTROL OF THEIR GOVERNMENT!The process of Government is broken and we are in financial crisis. Most residents have little or no confidence or respect for Officials, whether elected or bureaucrats. Without immediate and corrective measures our quality of life will continue to plummet out of control. At the same time we have the pressures of increased taxes, fees, costs, & deficits.
It is not to late to take corrective actions, but it is the eleventh hour, and WE THE PEOPLE must move immediately to begin to resume control of OUR government.

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The Carson City Chamber of Commerce will host a forum May 21 for primary election candidates

Were’ going to show up, protest and ask Mark Krueger and Sheriff Furlong some interesting questions… But wait, Mark Krueger has dropped out of this event! Stay tuned…


But it now looks like Mark “Freddy” Krueger is NOT GOING TO SHOW UP! DID HE DROP OUT OF THE RACE AFTER BEING DISGRACED? 

  • How much taxpayer money was spent on the retaliation of Ty Robben?
  • How much taxpayer money are the taxpayers paying Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger
  • When is “Judge’ John Tatro going to be charged or filing a FALSE police report against Ty Robben?
  • Why did the DA Mark Krueger and Neil Rombardo drop charges o a felon in possession of 60 loaded AK47 and AR15 firearms (and a large quantity of meth) against Keith Furr to testify against Robben when Furr actually solicited Robben according to the secret recordings that in act were not recorded via a “wire” and instead were illegally recorded via the cell intercom system?
  • When the CCSO and DA manufactured the surreptitious recordings, they broke the law by engaging in surreptitious recording and then fabricating the audio to add a header with Keith Furr saying he is wearing a wire and “working or the judge tatro”…
  • When Robben was in jail and the CCSO recorded the cell conversations, clearly the CCSO recorded other inmates informing Robben of an array of scandalous matters with Kenny Furlong and Judge Tatro that including homosexual acts with transvestites and pedophilia child molestation with young men.
  • Why is the CCSO covering up the shooting o Judge Tatro’s front door?  Clearly the “official” position from the CCSO that Levi Minor used a ‘BB gun” is bullshit and he was never charged or that. It is true that Levi Minor did admit that John Tatro had an affair with his mother “Crystal” who worked in the Carson City courthouse. So, with these undisputed acts, why is the CCSO still covering this matter up?
  • Many more questions will be brought out, stay tuned.
  • One of the big stories people are talking about is the CCSO does not give inmates their prescribed medications! Robben witness numerous Carson City jail inmates suffering because of this policy and custom by the CCSO.
    Dr Joseph McEllistrem


    In fact, the two “doctors” at the Carson City Jail named “Doctor Joe” or Dr. JOSEPH MCELLISTREM and Carson City Jail nurse practitioner David Ramsey are not legally M.D. doctors at all prescribing medications, or in this case taking them away from people in the most need.

  • Carson City Jail nurse practitioner David Ramsey

    David Ramsey

The Carson City Chamber of Commerce will host a forum May 21 for primary election candidates.

A spokesman said there are two Republican candidates for Assembly District 40 and two Republicans running for Senate District 16, which includes south Reno and Carson City.

In Senate District 16, GOP candidates Ben Kieckhefer, the incumbent, and perennial candidate Gary Schmidt will face off. There is also a Democrat, Michael Kelley, and Independent American, John Everhart. Neither has a primary race.

In District 40, Republicans Jed Block and PK O’Neill will face off for the seat the seat from which Pete Livermore is retiring. Democrat Dave Cook and Independent American John Wagner don’t have primary races.

There are four candidates in the Carson City Sheriff’s race: incumbent Ken Furlong, Don Gibson, Daniel Gonzales and Loren Houle.  The candidates for district attorney, the post being vacated by Neil Rombardo, are Assistant DA Mark Krueger and Carson lawyer Jason Woodbury.

Chamber officials say that even though there is no primary race in the supervisor’s races, the incumbent candidates have agreed to meet with their challengers.

The forum will be held in the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall beginning at 6 p.m. May 21.