MSNBC personality Donny Deutsch found guilty of $1.2mn scam

Donny Deutsch (AFP Photo)

Donny Deutsch (AFP Photo)

A Manhattan judge has found an MSNBC personality and former CNBC television host guilty of scamming a Sotheby’s broker out of his million-dollar commission. The judge called the scam “dishonest” and “greedy.”

Multi-millionaire Donny Deutsch was found guilty by a Manhattan court judge of scamming a real estate broker out of his $1.2 million commission over the sale of Deutsch’s $30 million Hamptons home. Sotheby’s International Realty broker Edward Petrie said he had a potential buyer, investor Howard Marks, for Deutsch’s East Hampton home in 2010. But Deutsch knew Marks and double-crossed him by going behind Petrie’s back and brokering the sale privately to avoid paying the commission fee.

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This court considers that and refusal to acknowledge [Petrie] as the broker to be marks of dishonesty and greed,” Justice Charles Ramos said in his decision. Ramos awarded Petrie’s employer, Sotheby’s, $1.2 million, reported the New York Post.

Both characteristics are particularly unbecoming when exhibited by those blessed with great wealth,” the judge added.

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Deutsche hosted ‘The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch’ on CNBC, and regularly appears on MSNBC’s morning talk show ‘Morning Joe.’

North Dakota, Nevada and Other State Secretary of State Ross Miller called claims of voter machine irregularities in Nevada by the Republican National Committee “irresponsible and unfortunate”

White House Controlled Propaganda Through National Media
Authoritarian and Fraud-Based (11 Sep 2001) Patriot Act/Homeland Security

North Dakota, Nevada and Other State ELECTRONIC Voting Machines are subject to compromise when large amounts of money and power are at the center of election. This video is a result of research at Princeton University, designed to show how easily the compromise is implemented at the local, state and national levels. North Dakotans for example should NOT be surprised WHY they love to increase their property taxes…or just retain them. Also WHY Ron Paul is a favorite on straw poles…yet dismally loses elections. VOTING WITH ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES COMPRISE A LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL FRAUD.

The Reason for the Bill of Rights:…

Secretary of State Ross Miller called claims of voter machine irregularities in Nevada by the Republican National Committee “irresponsible and unfortunate” on Thursday.

Miller, a Democrat, was responding to a letter sent to his office and election officials in five other states on Thursday in which the RNC alleged voting machines cast ballots for President Barack Obama, a Democrat, when the vote was intended for his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The RNC did not provide documented proof of its allegation aside from media anecdotes.

In Washoe County, a man reported a problem with a voting machine in which he tried to vote for Obama but the machine kept registering a vote for Romney. The machine was recalibrated by election officials.

Activist seeks Nevada Taxicab Authority administrator’s ouster

Laura Wissert A former Carson City Sheriff’s Office accountant faces eight felony charges of embezzlement after allegedly stealing at least $100,000 of bail and search and seizure money

Laura Wissert Carson City Sheriff arrested

Corrupt Carson City Sheriff employee Laura Wissert Mug Shot

CARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — The Carson City Sheriff Department is one of the most corrupt in the nation. A new website is dedicated to showcasing this at Carson City Sheriff

A former Carson City Sheriff’s Office accountant faces eight felony charges of embezzlement after allegedly stealing at least $100,000 of bail and search and seizure money over several years.

Laura Wissert turned herself into Carson City Jail on Tuesday after an arrest warrant was issued by a judge. Her bail is set at $20,000, said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. She faces seven class B felony counts of embezzlement and 1 Class C count.

According to Furlong, Wissert was a Division Account Technician at the Sheriff’s Office for more than 12 years. Officials at the department saw suspicious activity within the accounting system in August 2013. When the problem was recognized, Wissert resigned “on the spot,” said Furlong.

The investigation was turned over to the Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigations Division. Wissert was cooperative in the investigation, said Furlong. The alleged crimes were committed over several years. Wissert allegedly took money from an account established for money from search and seizures. The money, which is typically cash confiscated in drug transactions, is put into an account after conviction and dispersed among departments for programs.

It is also alleged Wissert took money from the Sheriff’s Office bail account, and used money from the search and seizure account to cover money she took from the bail account. While the money she allegedly stole didn’t come from the general fund, she targeted what Furlong called “the dark side” of public safety funding: money collected from drug transactions.

Insurance money will cover the loss as well as any restitution if Wissert is convicted.

CORRUPTION SCANDAL: Nevada Division of Tourism chose contractors without required competitive process


Claudia Vecchio, director of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs


CARSON CITY – An audit of the state Division of Tourism reviewed by state lawmakers on Monday found two cases where contractors were not selected through a formal competitive process as required by state law.

The review by the legislative auditor also found that the two contractors did not have formal state contracts.

Payments to the two contractors in fiscal years 2012 and 2013 totaled over $7 million.

Failure to have formal state contracts could leave the state exposed to unnecessary liability and costs, the audit said.Fraud

The Tourism Division, in its response, said it had a waiver granted in 2008 and other approvals to award the services without competitive bids.

But the audit found the agency did not follow the requirements of the waiver and other procedures.

One contractor, Creative Concepts, was selected in 2009 by the agency using its own request for proposals for television advertising. In 2012 and 2013, the contractor was paid more than $4.7 million for advertising, including over $708,000 in commissions. Continue reading

Lake Tahoe News covers Justin Brothers Bail Bonds / Doug Lewis criminal charges


Carson City bounty hunter Doug Lewis faces charges in S. Tahoe

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Doug Lewis Nevada Bounty Hunter with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Doug Lewis Nevada Bounty Hunter with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Five misdemeanor charges have been filed against a Carson City bounty hunter in regards to his actions in South Lake Tahoe.

Douglas Lewis with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds has been charged with unlawful arrest, aggravated trespass, vandalism, battery and damaging a vehicle.

The incident occurred in October at the South Lake Tahoe home of Ty Robben. Robben wanted felony charges filed against the suspect. He said the bounty hunters broke down his door and used a Taser on him.

Robben has since filed a civil suit against the Carson City firm and has protested the Justin Brothers with the large crime scene tape. “Protesting will continue against the Justin Bros for the duration” Robben said.

It was the delay in action that led Robben in January to protest near the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

Doug Lewis starred in a TV show called Bounty Hunter watch it here:

Doug Lewis is also doing business on a permanently revoked Nevada business license according to the Nevada Secretary of State website

– Lake Tahoe News staff report

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City charged with criminal activity in bounty hunter case gone bad

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds fraud, racketeering and criminal activity turns into a massive CRIME SCENE in Reno Nevada

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds and Nevada Bail Enforcement were the subjects of a protest today March 01, 2013 in Reno, Nevada. Dennis Justin, Richard Justin and their cohort Doug Lewis are accused of fraud, racketeering and criminal activity. more on this story will be poster shortly.

Justin Brothers bail bonds

Justin Brothers bail bonds

Justin  Brothers Bail bonds

Justin Brothers Bail bonds

Justin  Brothers Bail bonds is a fraud

Justin Brothers Bail bonds is a fraud

dennis justin of the justin brothers bail bonds

Dennis Justin of the Justin brothers bail bonds

justin bros

Nevada State Personnel hearing officer Bill Kockenmeister caught in bribery scandal

Bill Kockenmeister bribery & fraud

Bill Kockenmeister bribery & fraud


Other advocates have complained about bribery in the State Personnel Hearing Officer system by Hearing Office Bill Kockenmeister.  The evidence is compelling and there is no denial a bribe from Mr. Kockenmeister to Glenn Marr occurred.

Please see these videos:

Glenn Marr at Personnel Commission Meeting: