Shots fired as protesters face off with riot police on Ferguson anniversary (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Published time: 10 Aug, 2015 04:30Edited time: 10 Aug, 2015 04:38

Hundreds of officers in riot gear have been deployed to the streets of Ferguson after dozens of people stayed on the streets Sunday evening, following a day of peaceful commemoration events on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s tragic shooting.

Police have warned demonstrators who are blocking the streets to disperse peacefully. Meanwhile, the police chief has said that authorities do not want anybody to get hurt.

BREAKING: “Doors Stormed” Ferguson Protesters have Occupied the STL Police Department

“We are informing you that the police department is scheduled to be reclaimed by its citizens today”

Ferguson, MO — Protesters have occupied the police station in St Louis demanding that the “occupiers of the St. Louis Police Metropolitan Police Department….be removed from power.

According to the post on the facebook page for We Copwatch, the occupation began this morning.

Ferguson comrades have occupied the STL Police Dept as of right now!!
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Their press release:
“Eviction Day!!!
Media Contacts
Jonathon Pulphus (314) 489-3879
Elizabeth Vega (314) 488-4849
Rasheen Aldridge (314) 517-6142
Dhruba Shakur (816) 591-2900

We have received a cry for help, that as mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters we can NO LONGER IGNORE.
The full content of this plea can be found at the link below.

Last Words from Stlfilmmaker on Vimeo.

In response to this dispatch, we intend to evict injustice and blight, by occupying St. Louis Police headquarters on December 31st, 2014, at 11am. The decision to reclaim our police department is the result of willful neglect and violence on behalf of the department toward the community, which they are bound, by oath, to protect and serve. Violations include: Committing crimes against humanity, by ending the life of men, women, and children, and then labeling these executions as “justified” without regard for your humanity, and without thorough investigation. Hiring officers, who are unfit to wear a badge, like Randy Hayes, a known animal torturer, and Jason Flannery, who publicly declared he wanted to “shoot Muslims.” Both these men shot and killed two members of our community and have not been held accountable for these egregious actions, but rather have been protected behind a blue shield. Despite thousands marching in the streets; despite our community having to sue our own police department to stop the use of tear gas and rubber bullets; despite urgent demands for broad and substantive reforms, our cries have been ignored. For all these reasons, we intend to occupy St. Louis Police Headquarters as part of our New Year’s resolution to take back our Justice System, and in doing so reclaiming the promise of our future.

Below is a copy of the eviction notice give to Chief Sam Dotson.

Watch the live stream below:



The brave Portland #Ferguson demonstrators were back at it again Saturday evening, as they blocked the busy intersection of SE 39th and Belmont as a way of stickin’ it to the man.

They blocked buses and cars, and got into arguments and physical altercations with several people, including: elderly drivers, disabled bus passengers, a black woman who was trying to pick up her son, and anyone else who dared voice their dissent.

After about 20 minutes of tying up the intersection, the protest moved to nearby Peacock Lane, which is well known for its rows of large Christmas displays. The demonstrators sang parody Christmas carols, which included a brief rendition of “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops.”

Via Laughing At Liberals on YouTube:

More videos of protesters abusing disabled and elderly drivers here.
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Eric Holder Tells Ferguson Rioters– “I Ain’t Mad Atcha”

Appalling. That is the only word that adequately fits what Obama Attorney General Eric Holder is doing as he embraces the violence, mayhem and destruction that was the Ferguson riots. People were hurt, businesses destroyed, and a city remains tense and divided after the onslaught of divisive race politics continues to pummel their community.

“I ain’t mad atcha.”

“I ain’t mad atcha.”

“I ain’t mad atcha.”

The words were spoken to a gathering at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Monday. In addition to giving his endorsement of the violence perpetrated by the Ferguson rioters, Mr. Holder also condemned police as “an occupying force” within certain (black) communities. Those words were also the Attorney General indicating his understanding and approval of the devastation the rioters brought upon Ferguson, and could even be viewed as a green light for such devastation to then be brought to other cities across the nation.

Read more at Ulsterman:


His name is Michael Latt and he is the marketing director of United Blackout

Latt 3There’s a white, rich dude running the black boycott capitalism movement known as United Blackout.

His name is Michael Latt and he is the marketing director of United Blackout.

“Control how Black money is spent and you win the game,” says United Blackout’s campaign video. And Latt seeks to deliver.

Latt’s clearly following United Blackout’s advice.

He lives the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous on his Facebook page.

Latt developed the branding and marketing strategy and is the brains behind the website for the BlackOut for Human Rights campaign intended to encourage African Americans to boycott capitalism.

While the campaign for BlackOut for Human Rights is clearly designed to stoke the emotions of African Americans concerned with racial problems in the United States…


It’s creator, Marketing Director Michael Latt, seems far removed from poor, urban America.

Latt’s Facebook page is littered with images of “white privilege”… Hanging at the pool in Malibu, on the beach in Jamaica and France, clubbing and pubbing in London, Madrid, and Barcelona…


Mike Latt, who describes himself as an “Entertainment Marketing Specialist”, is a Chapman University film school graduate and Los Angeles resident who also works for Sony Pictures.


Latt’s previous career experience includes developing specialized social media and marketing programs to influence his clients’ target audience and affect buying habits… or as his work for BlackOut for Human Rights states:

“Control how Black money is spent and you win the game.”
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Brags about stealing iPhone 6 from “some nigger”


A video shot during last night’s riots in Ferguson, Missouri shows a live streamer having his camera stolen while broadcasting to nearly 100,000 people before the thief later brags about how he took an iPhone 6 from “some nigger.”

The live streamer begins by stating that he would continue to document proceedings “unless I’m in jail.” However, the most immediate threat to Bassem Masri was not the cops, but a street thug who snatches his phone and runs away at high speed while the live stream continues to run.

After fleeing the scene, the thief is asked by a woman what he has stolen, to which he responds, “iPhone 6.” The woman then appears to ask him who he took the phone from, to which the thief replies, “some nigger.”

As Carlos Miller highlights, despite the fact that the phone was quite patently stolen by a looter, Masri immediately blamed the cops, accusing them of sending a “police agitator” to steal the iPhone.