CC POLITICS: Amazingly enough, the Nevada Appeal interview of the candidates for Carson City District Attorney revealed…nothing we didn’t already know. Although both candidates spoke to the high turnover of personnel in the DA’s office, Mark Kruger spoke to personnel seeking “better” jobs elsewhere for reasons of higher pay and broader opportunities, while Jason Woodbury focused on a poor work environment and leadership issues.


Mark Krueger Carson City, Nevada

Mark Krueger Carson City, Nevada

Amazingly enough, the Nevada Appeal interview of the candidates for Carson City District Attorney revealed…nothing we didn’t already know. Although both candidates spoke to the high turnover of personnel in the DA’s office, Mark Kruger spoke to personnel seeking “better” jobs elsewhere for reasons of higher pay and broader opportunities, while Jason Woodbury focused on a poor work environment and leadership issues.

Almost comical was Kruger stating that Woodbury seemed to be running against Neil Rombardo instead of him. Perhaps hoping that none of us will remember that it was Rombardo’s letter to the Appeal defending Kruger that gives the appearance of Kruger not running his own race. To his credit, most of the personnel issues occurred prior to Kruger’s tenure; however, Kruger’s website is bereft of substance that he can call his own.

On the subject of poor relations between the DA’s office and Public Defender’s office, both spoke to the importance of improvement. Under Rombardo, Kruger may well have been unable to change much and he’s spoken little to the issue. In contrast, Woodbury believes this is a problem which needs addressing and intends to do so.

While Kruger talked of improved cohesiveness within the DA’s office due to training efforts and a team approach to legal work, Woodbury still sees room for improvement. Woodbury also mentioned the need to provide sound legal advice to the Board of Supervisors, something that has obviously been lacking in recent contracts.

Being relatively evenly matched for legal experience though from different sides of the aisle, both have the skills to do the job. Having said that, Kruger seemed focused on finding fault with Woodbury while Woodbury spoke to the issues of the DA’s office though still noting improvements under Rombardo’s leadership.

In the conclusion, the Appeal objectively offered no differences or choice between the candidates. While one (Kruger) represents the perspective of a longtime government prosecutor, the other (Woodbury) comes from private practice in hopes of bringing positive change to Carson City. Even if motivation was the only factor, a candidate that wants change versus one that focuses on personalities makes this an easy choice.


WALTER OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 8:42 PM
Although much of the turnover in the DA’s office took place before Krueger came, many employees have left since Krueger has been on board. I would challenge anyone to show me an instance where a young attorney just starting out can go to the AGs office and make more money in that office, as opposed to working for a county or city. Anyone in public service, and especially for the state, knows working for a county or city usually brings better pay and benefits. I think Krueger botched that explanation.

Krueger and Rombardo seem to be a package deal. To me, it seems as if Rombardo should have ran for re-election if he was so concerned about who his successor was going to be. Maybe Rombardo now realizes getting a job in this competitive job market isn’t so easy and is hopeful Krueger will win it all else fails. His constant campaigning for Krueger makes you wonder.

If Krueger really was about change and making his own way, he would encourage Rombardo to refrain from the negative campaigning and name calling on his behalf. Personally, the mudslinging turns me off. I’d like to know who Krueger and Rombardo get along with in their profession on a daily basis. From reading the local papers as the campaign season has progressed, the DA’s office has trouble getting along with other entities, and Woodbury’s endorsements support this view. The carson city Sheriff’s supervisory association has endorsed Woodbury, along with many of the private attorneys and defense attorneys in the area. Rombardo and Krueger seem to have adverse relationships with most except themselves. I don’t see how they are able to get anything done if they can’t work together with others. Maybe such is the reason for the high turnover rate in the office? Again, makes you wonder.

Krueger has done little to separate himself from Rombardo, which leads me to believe Rombardo is controlling Krueger’s campaign to some extent.

Woodbury has listed his endorsement on his webpage. Many of us are still waiting to hear who has endorsed Krueger. Maybe instead of being so negative in his campaign pitch, Krueger should tell us who his endorsements are and how he will do things differently than what he’s done over the last 2 years.
YAHOO OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 8:59 PM
Before Neil Rombardo became DA, Noel Waters was DA in Carson City for 21 years. He hired both Neil Rombardo and Jason Woodbury to be deputy DA’s under his watch. I read a letter in the opinion section of that Mr. Waters wrote in support of Jason Woodbury for DA. He had some shocking information regarding both Rombardo and Krueger. I would encourage anyone on the fence about who to vote for in this election to read what Mr. Waters wrote.

Krueger isn’t the great attorney he claims to be, and Mr. Waters uses court cases and hard facts to confirm this.

In contrast, Rombardo, on the same blog, wrote a letter in favor of a Krueger where he really showed his true colors. He had no supporting documents or facts to support his claims. It seems as if neither Rombardo or a Krueger has any respect for anyone but themselves. They have attacked any and everyone they could, including Carson Tahoe hospital, the Public Defender’s Office, and other Woodbury endorsers, to make Woodbury look bad. Maybe these guys don’t get it. If they attack everyone out there, it doesn’t leave very many votes left for Krueger.
The letters in the above comment can be found here:
THOMAS W. OCTOBER 16, 2014 AT 4:33 AM
After reading Rombardo’s letter supporting Krueger for DA, it seemed like it was more emotion driven than anything else. I guess I expected a better piece of writing from a sitting DA, and especially Rombardo since he comes across as overly confident in himself and his abilities. The letter seemed hurried, and not proof-read due to the grammatical and punctuation errors I observed throughout the piece. Maybe Rombardo should have taken more time to write a more clear and concise support letter, especially since his main goal seemed to be putting the letter out there for public consumption.

Many might say the letter was rushed, thus the reason for the rant-filled content. I beg to differ. Anyone following the David Stone trial (the trial Krueger just prosectuted and got a conviction for last Friday evening minutes before Rombardo posted his letter) knows the verdict came back and was given roughly between 6:30-7:00 PM on Friday October,10. Rombardo’s letter was posted to on the same date at 7:19 PM, some 30-45 minutes AFTER the verdict was given. That leads me to believe the letter was already prepared and ready to go, even befotr the verdict was given. So, a premeditated support letter for Krueger from his current boss, and that is the best penmanship Rombardo could display. Wow. Just wow.

YouTube comments removed/disabled on promo Mark Krueger, Candidate for Carson City District Attorney

This website and a new website called Carson City Politics and You Tube normally allow user comments along with Facebook, Nevada Appeal and Carson Now.

You know there is a problem when the administrators remove, edit or disable user comments that are relevant.

Nevada State Personnel WATCH is the best location for user comments, we don’t censor unless it’s spam or terrorist threats.

Without Board of Supervisors knowledge, Carson City DA pays Thorndal Armstrong Delk Balkenbush & Eisinger to defend against lawsuits filed by Ty Robben
The Carson City DA who also over sees the city’s civil legal matters hired Reno based Thorndal Armstrong Delk Balkenbush & Eisinger see without the approval of the Carson City board of supervisors.

In the past, an agenda item was placed on the BOS agenda and voted on. See minutes from 2001 where money was approved by the BOS for Thorndal here:

FBI protest carson city courts

law-firm-thorndal-armstrong-delk-balkenbush-eisinger-a-professional-corporation-photo-1068674Carson City Taxpayers are now on the hook for possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees as the fat lawyers at Thorndal Armstrong Delk Balkenbush & Eisinger suck off the pubic tit for more money.

Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo and Assistant DA Mark Krueger have circumvented the rules and laws to hire Reno law firm Thorndal Armstrong Delk Balkenbush & Eisinger to defend against civil lawsuits filed by Ty Robben. corruption

Normally, the DA who also handles civil matters for Carson City as well as criminal matters, would have to get approval from the Carson City Board of Supervisors. In this case, the DA office completely bypassed the approval and expenditure of public money.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors includes: Mayor Robert Crowell, Ward 1 Karen Abowd, Ward 2 Brad Bonkowski, Ward 3 John McKenna, Ward 4 Jim Shirk

See the related story:

On Your Side: City of Reno spends thousands on legal fees without council approval

Mark Krueger seems to be removing and disabling dissenting opinions on his You Tube and blogs… Krueger will not answer how much money was wasted on retaliatory legal action against Ty Robben and the Carson City Board of Supervisors (“BOS”) open meetings violations and how much  the Carson City taxpayers are paying the Reno law firm Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger (“Thorndal”) which is estimated it the $10’s to $100’s of thousands of dollars. No BOS approval or oversight. The Carson City DA handles both criminal and civil matters for Carson City as Mark Krueger explains in the video. Here, the DA under Neil Rombardo and Mark Krueger’s watch, the have circumvented the BOS and are paying an outside law firm Thorndal potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. This seems to also be a violation of the Nevada “Open Meetings Law” that Krueger’s competitor Jason Woodbury keeps saying is so important, along with transparency in the DA office.

On the transparency note, the Carson City DA office has refused to provide insight into their budget to allow for transparency! This seems to violate the Nevada “public records act”…

So there you go, one big epicenter of corruption in the Carson City DA office.

Mark Krueger appears on David Houston’s television show: Lawyers, Guns & Money

…Mark Krueger turned off the You Tube comments

Here are some comments from the new website called Carson City Politics

mark kruegerSEPTEMBER 30, 2014
“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.” –Charles Dickens

Last night, the League of Women Voters of Northern Nevada hosted another “debate” forum, this time for the candidates for Carson City District Attorney. Mark Kruger, currently a Deputy District Attorney, and Jason Woodbury, coming out of private practice to run for the first time for public office. Attendance was light and with only two candidates on deck, the session was over rather quickly. The League, once again, demonstrated that it knows how to get things done and this forum was no exception. Continue reading

Caravan To Midnight – Special Guest Nevada State Gubernatorial Candidate David Lory VanDerBeek


Episode 127 – Returning to Caravan To Midnight is Nevada state gubernatorial candidate David L. VanDerBeek, followed by former LVMPD detective Gordon Martines to discuss corruption and correction.




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U.S. Attorney General on Sandoval EICON Scandal. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Whistleblower letter to U.S. Attorney General Daniel Bogdon

MUST READ: Letter to D Bogden re Sandoval 12-1-13

Brian Sandoval Helped Privatize Nevada’s Billions. Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Governor Brian Sandoval Helped Steal Two Billion Dollars from Nevada. David VanDerBeek 2014

To anyone who cares about Nevada, freedom, and justice,

Below I have attached the legal documents for your review. Brian Sandoval must not finish his term as governor. He belongs in jail. Please, pass this on to anyone honest in the media as well as government contacts. His continued presence in office is an indictment of Nevada’s government.

Download the court documents and read them for yourselves.
EICON Lawsuit Complaint
EICON Lawsuit Disclosure Statement




Ex-employee alleges ethics director (Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, who’s running against corrupt Judge Chuck Weller in Department 11 in Washoe County Family Court) violated Nevada law

karen jenkins

Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, running against Judge Chuck Weller in Department 11 in Washoe County

By Emerson Marcus, RGJ

A former Nevada Commission on Ethics investigator said he has filed a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office alleging the commission’s executive director broke the very laws she was appointed to enforce.

Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, running against Judge Chuck Weller in Department 11 in Washoe County Family Court, denies using her position as the executive director of the commission to further her campaign.

“I would deny that,” she said. “If there is a legitimate complaint that is brought to the state and investigated by an objective third party, justice will be done.”

“Disgruntled employees are sometimes right but sometimes credibility needs to be evaluated for what it is,” she said.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto would not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.

Michael Lawrence, the former Nevada Commission on Ethics investigator, presented a copy of the complaint to the Reno Gazette-Journal earlier this month. Lawrence, who was terminated from his employment with the commission in April, filed the complaint in June, according to the paperwork submitted to the RGJ, six days after Cafferata-Jenkins advanced to the general election in the June 10 primary.

It alleges that Cafferata-Jenkins used “state equipment, time, facility and employees for her own benefit” and printed campaign materials from office printers.judge chuck weller

“Essentially, Cafferata-Jenkins ran her campaign from state office, turning government facility into her own personal ‘Kinko’s,'” Lawrence writes in the report.

“I know it sounds crazy,” Lawrence said in an interview with the RGJ. “I told the commission, ‘You can think why I am doing it (has to do with losing the job), I don’t care, find out for yourself.’ I promise it will come out sooner than later and people will be surprised.”

Lawrence’s position as an investigator in the office was terminated and he has since been replaced, Cafferata-Jenkins said.

06.12.06_judge_chuck_weller_shot_by_sniper_in_reno_nevada_KGOThe Nevada Commission on Ethics is a legislative-executive commission responsible for enforcing the state’s government ethics laws.

Cafferata-Jenkins has applied for judicial positions in Washoe and Clark counties in the past, but this is the first time her name has appeared on a ballot.

Nevada law says the executive director of the commission “shall not pursue any other business or occupation or hold any other office of profit that detracts from the full and timely performance of the Executive Director’s duties.” However, the Judicial Discipline Commission overseas judges, not the commission on ethics, and because it is a nonpartisan race, judicial campaigns are not handled by the ethics commission, Cafferata-Jenkins said.

Cafferata-Jenkins is not the only member of the commission on an election ballot this year.

Jim Shaw, a former Washoe County Commissioner, has served on the commission on ethics since 2008 and is running against Veronica Frenkel for Washoe County School Board of Trustee in District F.

Nevada law also says members of the commission shall not be “actively involved in the work of any political party or political campaign.”

Shaw could not be reached for comment.


Will Mr. Adam Laxalt who is running for Nevada Attorney General look the other way with regard to that Attorney General’s Office having a practice and a policy of withholding evidence from Plaintiff’s in cases?

adam_laxaltWill Mr. Adam Laxalt  who is running for Nevada Attorney General look the other way with regard to that Attorney General’s Office having a practice and a policy of withholding evidence from Plaintiff’s in cases?
We know that Secretary of State Ross Miller who is running for the same position does when he along with the Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, and  Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto were presented with evidence by Ms. Tonja Brown during the December 5, 2011 and May 17, 2012 Board of Prison Commissioners meetings.
Ms. Brown provided the Commissioners with this information along with her documents that supported her testimony before them.  Ms. Brown asked of them to call for an outside investigation into the Attorney General’s Office.   Her testimony and documents were then stricken and removed from the record.
Brown claims that they did not place on the record her documents until after she had filed suit in July 2013 and to this day not all of the documents have seen the light of day, nor have they done as she had requested of them during the December 5, 2011 and May 17, 2012 Board of Prison Commissioners meeting.

Tonja Brown informs Gov. Brian Sandoval and NAG Catherine Cortez Masto of 1st Amendment Rights violations and lawsuit

Tonja Brown informs Gov. Brian Sandoval and NAG Catherine Cortez Masto of 1st Amendment Rights violations and lawsuit

Ms. Brown filed suit against the Board of Prison Commissioners, NDOC, and DAG William Geddes and DAG Kara Krause in July 2013 for a Breach of Settlement Agreement she had made with the State in the wrongful death suit of her brother, Nolan Klein.
Brown claims that they did not place her documents on the record until after she filed suit and served them and as of this date not all of the documents have seen the light of day, nor have they done as she had requested of them and that they had her documents blocked from anyone accessing them.

judge tatro

She claims they have breached the terms of the Settlement Agreement she made with them.  A trial date has been set for April 6 & 8, 2015 in the First Judicial District Court, Department 2 Judge James Wilson.

A brief summary of this case.
Nolan Klein passed away 5 years ago on September 20, 2009 from lack of medical care by the Nevada Department of Corrections.

Just prior to Mr. Klein’s death the evidence was found hiding in the Washoe County District Attorney files that would have exonerated him from the 1988 Payless Shoe Store crime.

In October 2011 Ms. Brown hired a private investigator to locate the prime suspect, Mr. Zarsky.   The Sparks Police theory was they believed Mr. Zarsky had committed the crime Nolan Klein was convicted of.   In November Ms. Brown drove to another state and had the opportunity to listen to what Mr. Zarsky had to say.

Mr. Zarsky admitted he had knowledge of the Payless Shoe Store crime and the 3 other crimes the SPD believed he had committed. The victims from the 3 other crimes had cleared Mr. Klein and all was hidden by the Washoe County District Attorney’s office.

 In two of the cases the May 9, 1988 Payless Shoe Store robbery for which Mr. Klein was convicted of and the April 21,1988 armed robbery and attempted rape that the victim had cleared Mr. Klein of and hidden this fact from the defense and jury.  The victims in these cases two separate cases had described the knife as being red and black again, all hidden from the defense by Mr. Rachow and covered up by the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office.
In 2009 just prior to Mr. Klein’s death Judge Brent Adams ordered District Attorney Richard Gammick to turn over the DNA test results and the entire file in Mr. Klein’s case.    Located in the files were the handwritten notes from ADA Ronald Rachow defying a 1988 court order to turn over all of the evidence. The Washoe County District Attorney’s office knew about what Mr. Rachow had done and kept quite.
In Mr. Klein’s file were over 200 documents hidden from the defense mostly exculpatory evidence.  During the January 17 – 23 1989 trial  Mr. Rachow presented only 20 exhibits, mostly, photographs of the Payless Shoe Store crime scene.

In 2010 Ms. Brown filed suit against the NDOC in the wrongful death of Nolan Klein.  During the discovery process Ms. Brown discovered that the Attorney General’s office had withheld evidence in one of Nolan’s federal civil cases against the NDOC.  Ms. Brown claims that ultimately this new development with regard to this evidence had a profound adverse effect on Mr. Klein’s  2007 Parole Board hearing and 2008 Compassionate Release Pardon.

 As a part of the Settlement Agreement  Ms. Brown made with the State she could exonerate their names.  When she went to do this at the December 5, 2011 and May 17, 2012 Board of Prison Commissioners they claimed the documents were deemed confidential and would not be placed on the record.  Ms. Brown demanded that they call for an investigation into the Attorney General’s Office for withholding evidence, file a complaint with the State Bar of Nevada against Mr. Geddes for withholding evidence in Mr. Klein’s federal case, and write a letter of apology to her.   They have refused to do so.

Brown then filed suit Tonja Brown v NDOC, Governor Brian Sandoval, Attorney General Katherine Cortez Masto, Secretary of State Ross Miller, DAG William Geddes, DAG Kara Krause in Carson City, NV for Breach of Settlement Agreement. Trial is set for next April 2015.

Brown states that because of their refusal to as she has requested of them she has been prevented from seeking a Posthumous Pardon for Mr. Nolan Klein because the documents that were disseminated by the NDOC to the 2007 Parole Board and 2008 Pardons Board still  contain the  information pertaining to Mr. Klein and Ms. Brown.
Some of this false information was a direct result of a June 5, 2007 computer glitch that “FLIPPED” when the NOTIS software program was installed at the NDOC, thereby,  placing false felony charges in inmates files making it appear as though they have committed new crimes.
This information was then submitted to the 2007 Parole Board at which time Mr. Klein was appearing before them.  Mr. Klein then was denied his parole to the street in February 2008 and his previous granted paroles were revoked and he was placed back onto his first life sentence.
The following year, Mr. Klein appeared before the Nevada Pardons Board on a Compassionate Release Pardon because he was dying.  The Nevada Pardons Board consisted of the Nevada Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General Katherine Cortez Masto, and Governor James Gibbons. The Pardons Board were given a copy of the interview of Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick publicly admitting that he opened up Mr. Klein’s DNA and tested it. Mr. Klein’s attorney’s demanded to know where the test results were.
 The Nevada Pardons denied Mr. Klein a Compassionate Pardon and Mr. Klein died on September 20,2009.  At the time of Mr. Klein’s death his attorney’s were about to file their Motions for New Trial based on Newly Discovered evidence, and bail.  Mr. Klein’s criminal case was still pending on Appeal in the 9th Circuit.  Once Mr. Klein died everything became Moot!
Ms  Brown said “although Nolan is gone he is not forgotten.”   “The day he is given a Posthumous Pardon and Washoe County is held responsible for their actions will be the day I will let this go”
” the truth will be told in the upcoming release of her book “To Prove His Innocence  A Sister’s Love”



A U.S. Senate subcommittee voted along party lines Wednesday to approve a constitutional amendment restricting the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Led by Nevada’s own Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, elected Democrats have for the last few years engaged in a widespread effort to restrict the speech of their opponents. And Nevada is no exception.

While railing against the influence of right-leaning billionaires, Reid used the floor of the United States Senate to hold the equivalent of an all-night telethon to solicit donations from a left-wing billionaire for his Democratic Senate colleagues.

In Wisconsin Democratic prosecutors have harassed conservative politicians and activists in so-called “John Doe” cases.

Here in the Silver State, Secretary of State Ross Miller has waged an all-out campaign to force disclosure by organizations engaging in political activity. Well, maybe not all out.

Former Las Vegas Sun reporter Andrew Doughman reported in January on Miller’s efforts toforce organizations to disclose their donors, noting three such lawsuits the Democrat Miller had filed.

• In July 2012, conservative group Citizen Outreach was fined for failing to file expense reports showing how the organization paid for mailers criticizing former Assemblyman John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, during his 2010 re-election campaign. Citizen Outreach has appealed the decision.

• In November 2012, the Nevada branch of national conservative group Americans for Prosperity won a lawsuit about whether the group had to disclose donor contribution reports for a negative mailer it published about state Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, D-North Las Vegas. Miller is not appealing that decision.

• Also in November, a judge fined Virginia-based Alliance for America’s Future for running an advertisement in favor of Gov. Brian Sandoval in the 2010 election. The group did not register as a political action committee in Nevada, and the courts have said the group will now have to disclose who paid for the advertisement. The alliance has appealed the decision to the state Supreme Court.

Since that article was published another organization has become a target of Miller.

After a group known as the State Government Leadership Foundation ran a 30-second television ad critical of Miller, who is now running for Attorney General, he responded byvowing to “continue to review every legal option to compel this front group to reveal its special interest donors”.

A few days later a former deputy of Miller’s filed a complaint against SGLF, “seeking financial penalties and an injunction to halt the ad campaign” and claiming the group should have registered with the Secretary of State’s office and disclose its donors.

The Secretary of State’s office is no longer involved with this particular complaint. According to Public Information Officer Catherin Lu, the Secretary of State’s office received the complaint “and immediately deferred to the Nevada Attorney General’s office for review independent of this office.”

While Doughman states the situation is “not a partisan issue”, all of these lawsuits have targeted right-leaning groups. According to Lu, the only other similar case the Secretary of State’s office has pursued was against Joe Scala, owner of Courtesy Automotive, for actions Scala took during a recall effort of Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross, a Democrat.

Yet the behavior that should trigger the lawsuits, according to the sections of Nevada law Miller is claiming to be enforcing, is hardly limited to the right.

NRS 294A.140 requires essentially any group that receives more than $1,000 in contributions or “makes an expenditure for or against a candidate for office or a group of such candidates” to disclose its donors. NRS 294A.210 has similar provisions but applies to groups that expend more than $1,000 advocating for or against candidates.

As Doughman’s piece reveals,

“Our donations are confidential,” wrote Erin Neff, former executive director of ProgressNow Nevada Action, in an April 27, 2012, fundraising email appealing to Nevadans to donate to a campaign for state Sen. Pat Spearman, D-Las Vegas. “As a 501(c)(4), ProgressNow Nevada Action does not publicly report its donors.”

ProgressNow Nevada Action’s 990 filings indicate the group raised $355,047 in 2011 and $67,531 in 2012, far exceeding the limit NRS294A.140 sets for requiring disclosure. A search for the group on the Secretary of State’s campaign finance disclosure websiteindicates ProgressNow Nevada Action has not disclosed its donors.

In addition to the fundraising email for Spearman, the group also published a voter guide in 2012. While the guide is no longer available online, the website of the late Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce, who served in the Legislature through 2013 but passed away shortly after that session, contains the group’s candidate profile of Pierce.

“We can’t fathom why Peggy Pierce draws primaries. She’s a true progressive by any count and is one of the most reliable go-to legislators for progressive issues, ideas and bills.

“If it protects consumers; makes our tax system fair; raises revenue for schools or protects the environment, it’s likely a Peggy Pierce bill.”

If urging voters to call a candidate about an issue, the offense allegedly committed by AFP, is considered “express advocacy”, then certainly such fawning praise as was heaped upon the late Assemblywoman Pierce should meet the same definition. According to Lu, “[a]ny form of communication can be express advocacy,” including website content and, presumably, emails.

“Depending on content on website, it could be express advocacy which would trigger disclosure requirements of NRS 294A.348, contributions & expenses reporting requirements of NRS 294A.140/294A.210 (i.e., reporting all contributors who gave in excess of $1000), and it could require the organization to register as a PAC (NRS 294A.0055),” Lu wrote in an email. “Again, we evaluate the facts of each situation on a case-by-case basis.”

Yet it appears only right-leaning groups have been the object of Miller’s gaze.

This was not always the case. In 2009 Miller’s investigation of ACORN resulted in 13-count indictments against ACORN and its former Las Vegas leader. It was the only case in the nation in which the organization itself was charged with a felony.

But in the case of campaign disclosure, as with his Democrat colleagues across the country, it appears Miller is blind to the left.

Michael Chamberlain

Michael Chamberlain is the Editor of Watchdog Wire – Nevada. Please contact him at for story ideas or to get involved in citizen journalism in Nevada. Follow Michael on Twitter: @michaelpchamber


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There are five candidates for Washoe County Sheriff, and News 4 is interviewing as many candidates as we can.

ImageRENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) — There are five candidates for Washoe County Sheriff, and News 4 is interviewing as many candidates as we can.

Allen, Chuck — Wednesday, May 28
Beltron, James — Tuesday, May 27
Butko, David — Friday, May 23
Kuzanek, Tim — Tuesday, June 3
Lopey, Jim — Thursday, May 29

News 4 also interviewed most candidates for Reno Mayor. To see the Mayoral Candidate series, click here.

Don’t get Kieckhefer’d again. Vote for the authentic conservative candidate, Gary Schmidt.

On April 20, 2010 on the Sam Shad Show (Nevada Newsmakers) then candidate Ben Kieckhefer said he will not vote to extend the sunset on the “temporary” $600 million tax hike that was passed in 2009.


Then Senate-candidate Ben Kieckhefer promises not to raise taxes in 2011. Kieckhefer specifically says he will not vote for extending the “sunset” taxes.

Original video from the April 20, 2010, edition of Nevada Newsmakers.

In fact, in spite of his promise (above), Ben Kieckhefer voted FOR extending the sunset TWICE — in effect, VOTED FOR A HUGE TAX INCREASE twice — once in the 76th session (2011)  immediately after his promise never to do so, and again in the 77th session (2013) of the legislature.
Instead of discussing the issues, instead of running on the issues, his ads consist of infantile personal attacks:
Whom is this silliness supposed to convince? Do his handlers really think they are talking to low information voters in s REPUBLICAN primary? How low is their opinion of REPUBLICAN primary voters?
Here are two new Gary Schmidt radio spots running on five stations, in response.
Gary R. Schmidt – Republican Candidate for Senate District 16
Southern Washoe County and Carson City
Click Here for the Nevada Appeal Story
Campaign Speech at Conservative Talk Luncheon (YouTube video)
Ben Kieckhefer “Had my first NASCAR experience today in Las Vegas with a few good friends.”
Many northern Nevada Republicans (Douglas, Carson, Washoe) went to our Republican Conventions Saturday, working tireless throughout the day, all the while our elected good-ol-boys had a grand time playing with cars and Tweeted this wonderful picture.
Kieckhefer works for Lobbyist/Law Firm (audio)
What Kieckhefer stands for VS What I stand for (audio)
Summary of \Issues and Stances (audio)
Gary speaks to North Shore Tahoe Community (YouTube Video)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio) 60 seconds

Links To Important Nevada Documents

Nevada State Constitution NRS 239 Nevada Public Records Law NRS 241 Nevada Open Meeting Law NRS 281A Nevada Ethics Law Nevada Ethics Commission Web Site
I Believe in:

  • Limited Govenment and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Strong Supporter of “Right to Bear Arms”
  • Local and Parental Control of Education
  • Eliminating Overly Burdonsome Regulations
  • Promoting Agriculture and Rural Tourism

  • I will NOT be a party to Elitist Special Interest back room deals
  • I will stand at the door of Governance & Welcome ALL THE PEOPLE
  • I will at all times respect the WILL & WISDOM of the PEOPLE
  • I will at all times Honor the Open Meeting Law & the Public Records Law & work diligently to strengthen & expand them
  • I will NOT GO ALONG just to GET ALONG
  • I will be a Representative OF and FOR ALL of the PEOPLE
ELECTED OFFICIALS MUST STRIVE TO WELCOME, ENCOURAGE, AND FACILITATE CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN THE REGULATION AND CONTROL OF THEIR GOVERNMENT!The process of Government is broken and we are in financial crisis. Most residents have little or no confidence or respect for Officials, whether elected or bureaucrats. Without immediate and corrective measures our quality of life will continue to plummet out of control. At the same time we have the pressures of increased taxes, fees, costs, & deficits.
It is not to late to take corrective actions, but it is the eleventh hour, and WE THE PEOPLE must move immediately to begin to resume control of OUR government.

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With the primary election just around the corner, accusations of rape have surfaced in the Storey County Sheriff’s race

sherif race gets ugly in VCVIRGINIA CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — With the primary election just around the corner, accusations of rape have surfaced in the Storey County Sheriff’s race.

See video here: VIDEO


Sheriff Gerald Antinoro is squaring off against two of his own deputies in his re-election bid.

But the fact that they all work together has not stopped this race from getting downright ugly.

Antinoro said he has never seen anything like it.

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro accused of RAPE

“Definitely one of the dirtiest campaigns I’ve ever seen in my 30 years in law enforcement.”

As Antinoro seeks his second term as sheriff on the Comstock, he finds himself not only defending his record, but his character. Antinoro is facing off against Tim Guthrie and Shawn Mahan.

Among the questions that have surfaced is why a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang is featured in one of Antinoro’s campaign brochures planting trees. News 4 asked Antinoro for an explanation. “So he belongs to an outlaw motorcycle group, but anybody who’s willing to lend a hand and improve our community, I’m not going to turn that down.” VC Sheriff Gerald Antinoro

News 4 has also been contacted by several people inside and outside the Storey County Sheriff’s Office, who claim Antinoro covered up a murder after Virginia City resident Judy Black fell down some stairs in her house and died recently.

Antinoro said all signs point to an accidental death. But sources close to the case said the scene looked suspicious, because of the amount of blood found throughout the house on Combination Road. They said there was blood upstairs and downstairs, and that Black suffered “trauma from head to toe”. Our sources also said her injuries were so severe that her family was not allowed to see view body at the mortuary.

The sheriff said there is no cover-up. “It’s been thoroughly examined, thoroughly documented,” Antintoro insisted.

But that does not compare to a complaint filed with Sparks Police in January, accusing Antinoro of rape. The alleged victim told police, “(Then deputy sheriff) Antinoro had sex with me while (another deputy named) Dosen pleasured himself.” The alleged victim said it happened sometime in 2006. That was eight years ago. 

News 4 asked Sheriff Antinoro to respond to the allegation. “One, I categorically deny committing any sexual assault at anytime in my life,” he said. neil rombardo scandal

Antinoro said he questions why the complaint was filed eight years after the fact, during the middle of a political campaign. And he also wonders why he was never even contacted by Sparks Police.

The Sparks Police Department said by the time that complaint was filed, the statute of limitations on rape had already expired. So there was nothing for them to investigate. As for why the woman who filed the complaint waited eight years before speaking up, Sparks Police said they did not ask about that, because they do not want to discourage other potential victims from coming forward in any case.

Even though the case was never investigated, the accusation is out there and the complaint is now a public document. “It stinks of a witch hunt,” said Antinoro. “Unnamed person making a complaint where there’s absolutely no basis.”

If that is the case, the question is, why in the typically friendly, small town of Virginia City have the politics become so mean-spirited?

It depends who you ask. Some say Virginia City is simply a town that does not like change. “It’s the old guard versus the new guard,” said local business owner Breck Greninger. “And Jerry rode in wearing a white hat.”

Others, like Storey County District Attorney Bill Maddox, said it is simply a fact of life in a small town where everybody knows everyone. “It’s a little more personal, the fewer people you have. In Virginia City, most of the people know the candidates, so it’s a little more personal in small towns than it is in the big cities.”

The question is, will the rumors and the accusations impact the vote on election day?

News 4 did speak with Guthrie and Mahan, the other two candidates in the race. They both deny having any role in spreading these accusations.

As far as the rape allegation, that case is closed. When it comes to the death of Judy Black, Sheriff Antinoro said it appears to be accidental, but he is awaiting the results of an autopsy before making it official.

Early voting in Storey County begins on Saturday.


CARSON NOW: Carson City sheriff’s candidates square off on Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

With early voting in Nevada’s primary election beginning Saturday, Carson City residents learned more about some of the philosophies of candidates in the contested races during Wednesday night’s candidate forum hosted by the Carson City Chamber of Commerce.

The Performance Hall of the BAC was a full house for the forum, with hardly an empty seat found for the first segment where the candidates for sheriff were questioned. The audience was reduced to about half after the sheriff’s candidate portion ended.

During the forum the four candidates for sheriff squared off on topics such as staffing, drugs, and budgets. There was one agreement among candidates when it came to the city’s intense crackdown with gangs over the past four years.

Ken Furlong, up for re-election as sheriff, said four years ago the city was facing issues with a growing number of gangs in town. Gang activity has since been virtually non-existent and it was the department and the support of Douglas and Lyon County law agencies and community organizations that were responsible for the success of the crackdown.

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“When was the last time you heard about gangs in Carson City? The answer is four years ago,” said Furlong.

Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.


Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.

A question was posed about how the budget has been justified given that the crime rate is going down.

Candidate Deputy Don Gibson said 12 positions were lost in the 2010 budget, and that the administration should have cut into administration more to pay for line level officers on the street instead of promoting a captain.

The money for the captain’s salary could have been split to pay for two patrol deputies, said Gibson. He said the nearly $16 million budget is a sufficient amount for the department to run on, but that he would allocate the money more wisely by hiring less administrators and more line level employees.

Candidate Sgt. Daniel Gonzales said he would not fill assistant sheriff positions if elected and would instead use the savings to pay for costs associated with the department’s aging fleet of vehicles and new technology. He said the administration side of the agency has become “top heavy” and that he would use the budget more creatively for better patrol vehicles and more officers on the street. He said he would look for creative ways to make cuts so that both middle schools would have police officers assigned to them.

The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

Ty Robben Excellent idea by Dan at 31:24 to have the CCSO Deputies wear body audio/video cameras to help abate the rampant, wholesale corruption by some bad CCSO Deputies… They should also wear these in the jail too. Too many beatings and planted evidence and stuff like that with the CCSO. The cameras have help in notorious corrupt police departments like New Orleans and the LAPD. The CCSO has a corruption problem as Dan and the other candidates have discussed and the community is concerned about the police state, rights being violated and the cost of the lawsuits.

Ty Robben The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

At 30:55 Daniel Gonzales talks about inmate processing fees – what is this? why would an inmate pay a fee Mr. Gonzales? Where does all the money go from the $1.09 top Ramen you sell in the commissary at a 1,000% mark up along with the other junk food inmates have to buy to keep from starving? Lorne please bring this up, the CCSO makes big money off the inmates. The CCSO also get federal money or inmates too.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out the CCSO is operating a very, very low to no standards to the services and accountability and CCSO needs better transparency at 22:55

Ty Robben Don Gibson points out CCSO Deputies have low morale under Furlong at 20:50

Ty Robben Furlong covers up crime in Carson City and does not report “gang” crime. This is a fact, and lets criminals of the hook like they did when let let Keith urr of the hook for running meth or the “gangs” along with a felon in possession of 60 loaded AR15 and AK47 machine guns. Just Google Keith Furr on Carson Now and the Appeal and read and then see my story on Nevada State Personnel WATCH by searching for Keith Furr. Furlong also does not go after drug (meth and heroin) dealers because he makes money from this according to inside sources, or shall I say confidential informants. The jail is poorly managed, inmates do not get their meds or proper medical care. There are problems with the food and water and inmates have been poisoned there. This is unacceptable. Lorne Houle knows this first hand and should use his platform to expose the corruption the others candidates will not.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out “we need to bring back the trust in the community” at 13:54 – This is a good point as trust in the CCSO is very low. Please see my website Nevada State Personnel Watch where I point out some serious concerns about the CCSO under the current regime. As many Carson City residents know i was recently released from 6 long months in Furlongs jail where he had me in the “hole” or trumped up charges against his friend Judge John Tatro. All charges against me were dismissed by the Douglas County DA after the Carson City DA Mark Krueger was kicked off the case since I have filed FBI complaints against him and I am currently in Federal Court with pending legal action against them. The list of concerns with the CCSO under Furlong are too long to add here, so please see my website and vote for anyone but Furlong.

lorne Houle Very well spoken candidates!!! When I went up on stage, I couldn’t remember what to say… So instead, I kept saying “ummm” and “you know” WAY too much… lol. Great questions although I couldn’t answer some of them since I’m not yet part of the Sheriff’s Department and not privileged to “department drama”.

Candidate Lorne Houle said he would cut his own salary by half if elected, with cost savings to go toward more energy efficient police vehicles. He also noted there could be a cost savings in the department if cuts were made at the jail, placing more people on house arrest for non-serious crimes, thus freeing up jail staff salaries.

Furlong said in the last six months the sheriff’s office removed a captain’s position and back filled it with two deputies. It had an assistant sheriff retire and that position was not filled and a forensics position went from a sworn position to a non-sworn position. The agency has already done what the candidates are saying should be done, Furlong said.

He noted the Sheriff’s Office runs efficiently around 3 percent below what is allowed in the budgets. Furlong said the fleet of vehicles the department has have been maintained, saying “sometimes it is better to hold off a year,” when purchasing vehicles, because money could be better spent elsewhere.

Candidates were asked about what changes they would make to the department.

Gonzales said he would enhance what the agency has and take it to the next level. He said he would utilize the sheriff’s reserves more and noted that if the department is running 3 percent of the budget annually, than it ought to have better equipment. He noted that recently a canister of pepper spray that was used in the jail and had a stamp on it that said use before 2003. “We should be providing employees equipment to serve you better.” He also advocated the need for technology upgrades including body cameras.

Furlong noted changes are already being made at the department for next year. Management has been rolled back, due to retirements and attrition, countering a criticism earlier that administration had become top heavy. He said that half of the cuts from 2010 were not from the front line and that the supervisors do work as patrol officers as well. He noted the agency is running as lean as it can and will continue to run lean.

Gibson said he would like to see staffing go to 7 deputies on the street instead of the minimum level of 4 deputies. He said he would pay for the additional officers on the street by cutting adminstration-level officer positions. Gibson also said he would eliminate a numbers based management philosophy where there is a mindset that officers need to be writing more tickets, saying “it turns the very same people who we serve and protect into the victims of our production.”

Houle said he would strengthen the relationship in the community between the agency and the officers on the street. He said there are two groups of people, those who are friends of the department and those in the community who are nervous and skeptical of the agency. He said he represents those who are skeptical, and thinks officers give too many tickets and are policing the wrong people, including low level drug users. He said that drug users are not criminals but are treated like them, saying there needs to be more services for drug addicts instead of throwing them in jail.

Though there wasn’t a direct question posed, there was disagreement on the way the Sheriff’s Office special enforcement team is being run. Gibson, a former SET officer, noted the agency spends too much going after the low-level drug users instead of focusing on the bigger problem, the drug dealers themselves.

He noted that the department ought to be targeting drug suppliers because of the assets they have that can be seized. By taking the assets such as homes and vehicles, less taxpayer money would be spent on drug enforcement because the assets from drug dealers would pay for the SET team.

Gonzales said he would add another officer to the SET team. He said the SET philosophy is that the low-level drug offenders are typically the ones breaking into homes and businesses to pay for their drug habits and therefore it is essential to work to get them off the streets. He said the Tri-Net task force, which handles the high level drug sellers, needs to be held accountable for going after those with large sums of drug money.

“We know the drugs are coming in, let the people who focus on that do their job,” he said.

The candidates were asked about mental health and law enforcement issues. Furlong noted the city as well as the state and nation are dealing with issues of mental illness and policing and actively working on crisis intervention, which is being done in Carson City with mental health now incorporated into response plans. “We are working collaboratively with every agency we possibly can,” said Furlong.

Gonzales noted that he is a trained Crisis Intervention Instructor and he teaches staff. He said he would work to take the CIT program to the next level with mobile health units to better address suicide calls. Houle noted that drug addiction and mental illness are illnesses and that they should not be treated like criminals. He said mental health subjects should not be kept in jail but put in group homes where they can be given the help they need.

Carson City Corruption – Sheriff sleeping with a Tranny? Is it TRUE?

furlong and rombardo

Ken Furlong, his pink tie and his boyfrined…

We wanted to bring this controversial story back to the front page of the blog because the issue has comer up again.

furlong sleeping with a trannyWhen I was in the Carson City jail and people found out who I was, the gangsta blogger from NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH  they told me about this alleged transvestite named Adrian who had a fling withCarson City  Sheriff Kenny Furlong…

There are to many people talking about this.

Did the CCSO try and set me up with bogus info or is this true?

Kenny Furlong, please issue a press release and let us all know your side of the story…

is it trueWe present the questions in search for the answers. Presenting our new promotional tool called “Carson City Corruption – Is it TRUE?”…

We want to keep this site provocative and up-to-date with the rampant rumor mill in the “Dirtiest Little Town in America” named Carson City. Local’s call the place “Cartoon City” or even “Carson Shitty” and the people are called Carsonites.

Carson City- It’s a sunny place for shady people.  Really, the town has some good things to offer for Nevada like golfing, it’s near Tahoe, Virgina City and Reno, a new hospital and all the staple American big box stores… It also has whore-houses, and not just the world famous, Dennis Hof’s Moonlight “Bunny Ranch” made internationally know by HBO’s “Cat house” series on Nevada prostitution.

Speaking of Nevada prostitution, Carson City and Nevada politics… We have a strange list of names of who screwed who and which high-profile Carson City Sheriff and/or prior Sheriff candidate(s) is screwing a transvestite named “Adrian” !

and Carson City Sheriff  ____________ was caught screwing behind the old K-Mark building in Carson City, Nevada… Is this true?

Is it…