El Dorado County faces suit from pot club

california potBy Peter Hecht, Sacrament Bee

The former operator and members of a Diamond Springs marijuana dispensary are suing El Dorado County to recover seized marijuana, medical records and financial documents taken in a Sheriff’s Department raid last year.

The Pure Life Collective has been shuttered since the Nov. 17, 2014, raid, which resulted in the arrest of dispensary operator Kelly Chiusano. No charges have been filed.

The dispensary’s lawsuit, filed by a prominent Bay Area lawyer specializing in medical marijuana, charges that the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department wrongly raided Pure Life, which had been granted a permit to operate by the county’s Community Development Agency.

The lawsuit, filed last week by Sausalito lawyer Zenia Gilg and law partner Heather Burke, charges that the Sheriff’s Department “wasted public resources” by having undercover officers with physicians’ recommendations purchase medical marijuana at the dispensary and through its delivery service.

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King Fire in El Dorado Co. Explodes overnight making it the Largest Fire in Regional History

King Fire, at almost 71,000 acres, takes the crown as largest local fire in modern history dwarfing the Cleveland fire and consuming more acres than the Cleveland fire at 22,000 acres, the Freds fire at 7,560 acres, Sand fire at 4,240, and Angora fire at 3,100 acres combined!

King Runs the Rubicon – Fire Dwarfs the historic Cleveland fire!  Firefighters stumping King fire progress near Stumpy Meadows.

Current Situation: The King Fire is burning in steep terrain in the South Fork of the American River Canyon and Silver Creek Canyon, north of the community of Pollock Pines. Yesterday afternoon’s fire behavior became extreme with crown runs and long range spotting resulting in the fire making a significant run to the northwest towards Quintette, Volcanoville, and Stumpy Meadows Reservoir.  Field observations, and Infrared imagery it was determined that the fire made a run of over ten miles to the north between the hours of 1600 and 0600. Spot fires were observed up to three miles ahead of the main fire front.

It was grim afternoon for firefighters as this message was received from the field,  just before 3:00PM Wednesday: “I was just at North Canyon. Western front of the fire is now 1.5 miles up canyon from Slab Creek Res. Cal Fire has a crew of 40 creating a fire break up both sides of the canyon just below the dam….nothing but the sound of chain saws in the air. Flames are visible now from North Canyon in Camino (1.5 miles east) as the fire has crested the ridge of the canyon on the west flank.”

Wednesday started out rough for fire fighters as the fire did not take a rest on Tuesday night and low humidity, winds, and steep terrain had allowed the fire to grow 50% larger over the nighttime hours.  By morning the fire was listed at 27,000 acres and officials reported:

Humidity recovery was poor last night throughout the fire area. Therefore the fire remained active throughout the night and today, becoming extreme this afternoon. The Infrared data this morning showed significant movement overnight towards the north in the areas of Brush Creek, Lookout Mountain, and Jaybird Canyon.

This report understated the urgency in two areas.

A tremendous fight was being made to stop the fire from crossing Highway 50 and opening a new front in the timber rich area near Sly Park and Jenkinson Reservoir.  That fight had been successful the prior day but the fire was unrelenting causing more Highway closures as the battle line was the highway’s apron and burning and burnt trees were falling into the roadway.  Although the highway makes a great fire break, the intensity of the giant inferno made the defense of the south county a battle royal with fire fighters giving it everything they had.

The fight to save Camino and Pollock Pines had been won and many evacuations were lifted, but up on the divide, things turned nasty.

The fire had exhausted most fuels around Pollock Pines and was contained at the southern side by the highway, but it was growing fast towards the North.  Parts pushed up steep canyons and caused great concern for those in the Swansboro areas.  Seeing the treat fire officials evacuated the area and began moving in tons and tons of fire fighting equipment and more than a 1,000 firefighters on the ground.  They had some success holding the fire back on Tuesday but most success was given back before noon on Wednesday.

Swansboro is remote, but behind it is some of the most remote areas in the county including the communities of Quintette, Volcanoville, and towards the Stumpy Meadows Reservoir, the water storage for Divide water customers.  As firefighters had success limiting the fire’s growth to the south, west, and east, the fire ran out to the isolated areas of north county.  On the north-west side is Swansboro.  Fire fighting efforts stopped the fire from crossing a key ridge and entering the main developments of Swansboro, but further up Mosquito road, the fight was not so successful.

(Click on Picture to see Video)

High winds had driven the fire past defensive lines and soon invaded the Stumpy Meadows valley with numerous spot fires.  Video of the forest across the Stumpy reservoir was distressing for many backcountry enthusiast to watch.  Although it was reported that a “family has confirmed the loss of home and their animals”, the success of firefighters to save real property has been most notable.  But for all of its problems, the Divide communities were doing well compared to the fire’s advance further north.

 This part of the county is known for its famous Rubicon Trail going from the Divide to Tahoe with many historic places like Uncle Toms Cabin built about 150 years ago.  In about 18 hours the fire advanced miles north riding the winds to start many spot fires well over any fire defense lines.

Today will see continued efforts to save real property to the south and west, but we will see intense efforts to curb the fire’s advance into the Rubicon valley and Placer county.  The fire traveled so fast, and so far north, that it more than doubled its size, mostly in the north.

As things begin to return to normal around Pollock Pines, the people on the eastern Divide and in the Rubicon areas are in for a very long and worrisome day.

Last night a report summed up today’s prospects:

“A very active day.” Fire activity started early and kept up all day largely because of low overnight humidity and gusty winds.
Firefighters made very good progress on the south side, but the fire grew significantly in other places so we are still at 5% containment. Many more firefighting resources arrived for a total of 3,367 personnel.

As the fire grows it breaks a depressing record to become the largest fire in county history.  Prior to the King Fire, the Cleveland fire was our local boogieman when we talked about fires.  Both Fred fire and Angora fire are also burned into our collective memories and the Sands fire so recent we can still smell the embers, but Cleveland was always the Big Dog by which we judged all others.  Now the King Fire has Taken that crown as the largest fire.  We can only wonder how much more this monster of a fire will consume before it is brought under control.

King Fire = 71,000 acres and growing (Yesterday it was 27,930acres)

Cleveland fire = 22,000 acres
Freds fire= 7,500 acres
Sand fire = 4,000 acres
Angora fire = 3.100 acres

Last night, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued an emergency proclamation for El Dorado and Siskiyou counties due to the effects of the King and Boles fires, which have burned thousands of acres, destroyed homes and other structures and damaged critical infrastructure.

As of last night, 2,007 single residences and 1,505 other minor structures threatened.

Officials added this to today’s notes: “An upper los is expected to move overhead through the area on Thursday bringing a chance of thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday.”

In a final punctuation to the fire’s size, a satellite picture was distributed yesterday that showed the fire from space, and you could see the blackened area chard by King’s flames, even from space!

– See more at: http://inedc.com/1-9521#sthash.7fLUSCpH.dpuf

King Fire firebug Captured – $10 million Bail, Past Record

– See more at: http://inedc.com/1-9522#sthash.fn1XlS45.dpuf

A possible arrest has been made for the start of the King Fire in El Dorado County, California.

kingRENO, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — A possible arrest has been made for the start of the King Fire in El Dorado County, California.  According to El Dorado County officials, 37-year-old Wayne Allen Huntsman was booked into Placerville Jail for Arson on Federal Land. He is being held at $10,000,000 bail.

El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson said Huntsman was taken into custody late Wednesday in Placerville. He said law enforcement officials had been in contact with Huntsman before his arrest, but he would not comment further.

The criminal complaint filed against Huntsman states that he has been charged with felony arson with aggravating factors. He is set to be arraigned at 1 p.m. Friday.

“We expect that that investigation will be ongoing in the near future,” Pierson said. He said they have no information that another individual was involved in starting the fire.

“On or about the 13th day of September… (Huntsman) did willfully and maliciously set fire to and burn, and cause to be burned, forest land located in and around Pollock Pines,” the complaint reads.

Pierson said he would not provide comment on Huntsman beyond the information included in the complaint.

Pierson, Cal Fire officials and others discussed the investigation into the fire at a press conference Thursday.

Huntsman has refused an interview request from News10. Officials said the investigation and firefighting efforts have involved multiple public service agencies.

“Within minutes of the initial call of this fire we had investigators on scene,” Cal Fire Unit Chief Mike Kaslan said.

Laurence Crabtree, a U.S. Forest Service supervisor for the Eldorado National Forest, called the King Fire “a growing and dangerous fire.” The fire covers more than 71,000 acres; it threatens more than 12,000 residences and more than 3,000 people have been evacuated, officials said. No structures have been destroyed by the fire, Kaslan said.

Crabtree said the firefighting effort costs more than $5 million a day.

“We are seeing some fire behavior in September that we have not seen before, that we have not seen in a long time,” Kaslan said.

READ MORE: King Fire now at 70,944 acres

News10’s George Warren first reported the news on Twitter that Huntsman was charged with deliberately setting the King Fire and that he was held on $10 million bail.

Local business owner Jennifer Nutting is running to replace ousted El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting, her husband.

JOSÉ LUIS VILLEGAS — jvillegas@sacbee.com
There are some people who will vote for Jennifer Nutting to replace her husband on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors because they feel it rights a wrong.

Ray Nutting was removed from office earlier this summer after a politically motivated corruption trial that resulted in acquittal of felony charges and conviction of misdemeanors committed because, in the chaotic hours before he turned himself in to the authorities, he wrongly borrowed money for bail from people with business before the county.

After the trial, his fellow supervisors asked a judge to remove Nutting.

A lot of people, including many of his constituents, think Ray Nutting was wronged and that he was unjustly removed from his elected position. Having his wife serve out his term would serve some measure of cosmic justice.

But that’s not why we are endorsing Jennifer Nutting in the special election for District 2 on Sept. 9. It is because she is the best of the three women and three men running for the position.

Believe us, we were just as surprised by this conclusion as anyone.

From the outside, her candidacy seems a joke. It’s true that political spouses often get the bug for public office after years of proximity and interest. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Lois Capps, Doris Matsui and Mary Bono Mack are just a few of the women who followed their husbands into office and did fine.

But this soon after her husband had been removed? It seemed merely a ploy to get back at the people who wronged her husband: the man who filed the charges, El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson, and the man who turned him in for bad paperwork, county Auditor-Controller Joe Harn.

But Jennifer Nutting is no wilting lily who will be a mouthpiece for her husband. A local native, she’s a business owner and mom, active in the community and has a sharp command of the issues facing county government, probably from sitting through years of supervisor meetings. She’s well-versed in the mechanics of the county and has a reasonable stance on growth: moderate, with jobs before houses.

Many folks have told us that the next board (there are two open seats that will be filled in November) needs strong leadership to overcome the infighting among electeds that was the downfall of Ray Nutting and has roiled local leadership. There are two strong women in this race: Nutting and Claire McNeal.

But McNeal doesn’t seem likely to help heal the rifts in the county. A county government neophyte, she has a background in party politics as a member of the El Dorado County Republican Central Committee. The last thing the Board of Supervisors needs is the type of partisanship that has frozen Congress.

But more important than her lack of knowledge is her demeanor. When communicating with a representative of The Bee’s editorial board, McNeal was unnecessarily combative and uncivil. That’s not just unwise, it indicates a lack of judgment you don’t want to see in a public official.

Jennifer Nutting might ride a wave of voter revenge to victory, but in this case, she deserves it.


Vern Pierson is up there with Hitler and Stalin El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson Loses Bad! Nutting Runs the Not Guilty Table on Him – Political Opinion

– See more at: http://inedc.com/1-8677#sthash.IDNOqMTa.dpuf

Editorial: Political prosecution in El Dorado County

sac beeBy the Editorial Board

Published: Friday, May. 9, 2014 – 12:00 am
Last Modified: Friday, May. 9, 2014 – 12:10 am

What does a political prosecution look like? Depending on your perspective, it might look like a peace protester thrown in jail for marching in the street. Or an evangelical Christian convicted of trespassing at an abortion clinic. Even the impeachment of a president for lying about cheating on his wife.

Ray Nutting

Ray Nutting

It also could look like Ray Nutting. Though the conservative four-term El Dorado County supervisor and timber rancher probably wouldn’t enjoy the comparison, he is on trial for transgressions so common among elected officials that they are usually dispatched with a slap on the wrist and a fine.

DA Vern PiersonHis real crime appears to be occupying the wrong side of a political divide in this county – one that has deepened with the overzealous and politically motivated prosecution by District Attorney Vern Pierson. The three-week trial has resulted in untold costs to the defendant – whose political career has been injured, perhaps fatally – the county, the jurors, the taxpayers and even the DA’s own credibility. No one is going to win here, no matter the ultimate verdict.

Nutting was arrested a year ago and charged with felonies for not reporting income from a federal grant program for brush clearing on his property and conflicts of interest by voting on contracts on which he had an interest. The DA added misdemeanor charges shortly after Nutting’s arrest for improperly requesting bail money from county employees and a county contractor.

Clearly, Nutting is guilty of bad paperwork. He admitted as much during several hours of testimony this week in which he outlined numerous errors he made while filling out the complicated financial disclosure forms. He makes a credible case that these were “honest” mistakes. This doesn’t excuse him of anything, but even with his bad judgment thrown in, the alleged misdeeds don’t rise to the level of a three-week trial and possibility of jail time.

Vern Pierson protest

Vern Pierson protest

For comparative purposes, consider that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was fined $1,000 earlier this year by the Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to report travel expenses, and fined $37,500 in 2012 for not reporting thousands of dollars in donations he sought on behalf of nonprofits. Those fines were appropriate for their individual severity.

Elected officials failing to properly fill out their disclosure forms is quite usual. Pierson, too, appears to have fumbled his financial reporting documents. He received a warning letter from the FPPC that said he violated campaign disclosure provisions, the Mountain Democrat reported in April.

If the DA’s real mission with this prosecution is exposing Nutting as a “hypocrite” – as he put it in court documents – for taking federal funds while railing about the federal government to his tea party supporters, it’s fair to say he’s already won. But being a hypocrite isn’t a crime.

The testimony in the trial is over and the case is now being deliberated by the jury. One would hope the jurors see through the political fog emanating from this case and return a verdict commensurate with the transgression.



El Dorado DA Vern Pierson spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars with Caulfield Law firm to quash CA “victims Rights” laws

vern pierson

caulfield law firmPlease share and like this story on Facebook, email to your friends and press – Crime Victims have RIGHTS!

Thanks against to the El Dorado Newswire, the Placerville press covered this story as more people learn about the abuse of office in El Dorado County by Vern Pierson. See: http://www.inedc.com/1-5544

Corrupt El Dorado County District Attorney  Vern Pierson hires private civil attorney Andrew T. Caulfield and is spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars to quash a set California “victims Rights” laws established by proposition 9 and created the 2008 amendment of the California Constitution known as Marsy’s Law.

DA Vern Pierson believes victims are not “beneficially interest” persons when they have been victimized by a crime such as murder, rape, robbery, pedophilia,  assault, battery, and other acts of terror.

El Dorado County resident Ty Robben from South Lake Tahoe believes otherwise.

After doing the research,  Ty found out that the new Constitutional amendments in Article 1, Section 28 of Cali’s constitution have made Crime Victims “beneficially interest” persons for a number of profound points and authorities.

Ty say’s Vern Pierson is relying on outdated case law prior to 2008. “Marsy’s Law trumps the earlier case law based on the first variant of  California’s Crime Victim rights.”

“I indent to make this matter case law” says Ty. It needs to be established the Crime Victims now have rights even-though the prosecutors  and courts and certain judges don’t like it, too bad.

The other point is that prosecutors must comply, by law, with the Brady Disclosure Law. Failure to do so is a crime and treason. The Brady Disclosure Law tells the District Attorney to not prosecute an innocent person and exculpatory evidence must be given the the Defendant – not hidden and withheld.

On the other hand, we need the opposite Law of a Brady Disclosure Law where the prosecutor must not cover-up prima facie evidence to cover-up criminal activity to protect the criminal based on fabricated or withheld evidence. The DA needs to provide a “rational basis” when the prima facie evidence is smacked in front of his face. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate” says Ty Robben. When the DA obstructs justice, we have people getting murdered like John O’ Sullivan and numerous others under the murder-by-proxy pattern of conduct by Vern Pierson.

prima facie is Latin expression meaning on its first encounter, first blush, or at first sight. The literal translation would be “at first face” or “at first appearance”, from the feminine form of primus (“first”) and facies (“face”), both in the ablative case. It is used in modern legal English to signify that on first examination, a matter appears to be evident from the facts. In common law jurisdictions, prima facie denotes evidence that – unless rebutted – would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact. The term is used similarly in academic philosophy. Most legal proceedings require a prima facie case to exist, following which proceedings may then commence to test it, and create a ruling.

Marsy’s Law, the California Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008, is an Amendment to the state’s Constitution and certain Penal Code sections enacted by voters through the initiative process in the November 2008 general election. The Act protects and expands the legal rights of victims of crime to include 17 rights in the judicial process, including the right to legal standing, protection from the defendant, notification of all court proceedings, and restitution, as well as granting parole boards far greater powers to deny inmates parole.[1] Continue reading

Mountain Democrat news covers the Vern Pierson El Dorado DA Placerville, CA protest

mountain democrat

Source: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/man-protests-corruption-outside-courthouse-das-office/

Friday, May 24, 2013

Man protests corruption outside courthouse, DA’s Office

IMG_20130520_131902A protest concerning possible corruption in El Dorado County was the result of what the organizer described as a kidnapping and assault by bounty hunters illegally trying to detain him.

Todd “Ty” Robben, a former IT worker for the Nevada Department of Taxation, was arrested after he supposedly harassed a member of the Nevada Department of Transportation. He said, however, that he was simply trying to serve her a subpoena.

“She was complaining she had not been personally served,” he said, so he went in person to do it. As a result, a district attorney in Carson City, Nev. charged him with assault and disturbing the peace.

The roles were seemingly reversed when bounty hunters showed up at Robben’s door, kicking it in, tasing him three times and slashing his tires, he claimed.

“They were ‘bounty hunters’ but they used a warrant and acted as agents of the court,” something they are not allowed to do, he said. He claims they did not follow Penal Code 847.5 — an out-of-state bounty hunter must file an affidavit with a judge of the county and receive permission to collect the bounty.

El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson agreed wrongdoing had occurred, he said, and one of the bounty hunters, Doug Lewis, had charges brought against him.

“However, Dennis Justin of the Justin Bros. Bail Bonds Co. from Carson City was the main ‘perp’ who conspired and acted directly with Mr. Lewis,” Robben claims. “Mr. Justin used a battering ram with Mr. Lewis and took down my front door, entered my home, tased me three times and chased me into the forest.” He also alleges that Justin admitted to him of slashing Robben’s tires.

But, because Lewis took a plea deal for only two charges, and because Justin, who Robben described as the “ringleader,” was never charged, Robben suspects corruption. In order to gain public attention, he protested outside of the Main Street courthouse and the DA’s Office. With oversized “crime scene” tape and signs, Robben and a few others protested.

“This protest was planned … in response to the DA shutting me down and not taking my phone calls or returning e-mails,” Robben said. “I felt the only thing I could do is talk with my signs and a PA system to express my issues with DA Pierson outside his office and ask the press to get him to answer. This is what we have to do to get our elected officials to do their job and talk to us. It’s sad and I know he could do better. I want to support him, but this is outrageous.” He later said, “People are sick of corruption.”

Pierson, however, said that everything about the case was handled properly.

“I strongly support and would defend Mr. Robbins’ exercise of his First Amendment rights,” Pierson said of the protest. “Having said that, I’m aware of the circumstances surrounding the Reno bounty hunters contacting South Lake Tahoe Police Department and ultimately taking him into custody on behalf of Nevada law enforcement. His case was handled properly by our office.”

After Robben’s attorney spoke with the District Attorney’s Office, Robben revealed that the reason they are not prosecuted is that they “can’t prove Dennis Justin was here.” He said that Justin never denied it, however, and again pointed out that Justin allegedly admitted to slashing Robben’s tires. If there is no prosecution, Robben said, he will call for the resignations of Pierson and deputy district attorney Bill Clark, who is handling the case.

Richard Justin, brother of Dennis Justin, said that they would be unable to comment on the matter due to pending lawsuits. But, “the truth will come out,” he said.

The protest, which began around 12:30 p.m., lasted until 6 p.m. Capt. Mike Scott of the Placerville Police Department noted that, at least through 5 p.m., there were no calls of public disturbance related to the protest.

Robben is suing Justin in Sacramento Federal Court; Justin is countersuing for defamation.

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Discussion | 2 comments

  • Ty RobbenMay 23, 2013 – 11:10 amThank you Mt. Democrat for doing the story. NOTE: Ty Robben was not a “fugitive” nor did he miss a court date “abscond”. The trumped up criminal charges against me were dropped/dismissed and the judge John Tatro was removed from this politically charged case. JP Tatro is very corrupt and I exposed him for his excessive $500K bail, and other crazy conduct. This was retaliation for serving court papers to his friends and State officials. There have been at least 20 news stories on my case in the Tahoe and Reno/Carson newspapers and TV. Please see the story and pictures of the protests at http://NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH.wordpress.com Clearly, the SLTPD and now the DA are covering this case up. Dennis Justin was clearly involved in the criminal matter and he was at my home when it all went down. Dennis Justin admits this on his affidavit and the police reports. The DA is covering this up because ultimately Dennis Justin was acting as an agent of the Carson City court (JP Tatro) by admitting they were serving a Nevada warrant. Bounty Hunters DO NOT SERVE WARRANTS! Cops do. Dennis Justin also used the Carson City court to track the GPS ankle bracelet when I outran them (5 bounty hunters) in the forest! I tore of the GPS device and the situation tuned into Rambo first blood. Someone could have easily been killed including my dog Tytan who almost died in the incident. Essentially, the bounty hunters and Dennis Justin were hire mercenaries to undermine my civil rights by trying to illegally cross State lines to arrest me on a non extraditable minor misdemeanor warrant issued by a corrupt and bias judge who I exposed as a drunk (he has to breathalyze before the bench and the idiot has no law degree and other judicial ethics complaints… Ty Robben was not a “fugitive” nor did he miss a court date “abscond”. If the DA has a conflict of interest (Corruption or incompetence) perhaps the Cal Dept of Justice should intervene? The protesting and new websites exposing the Vern Pierson cover up, scandals and corruption will continue. The protest was a success and a lot of people gave us information on past and current scandals involving the El Dorado DA Vern Pierson, his sidekick Bill Clark and much more. We found out DA Pierson is also the El Dorado IT Director. We feel his is double dipping and exploiting the Taxpayers to the tune of between $200K and $300K a year! The DA claims they are too busy to get things done, take calls, etc. Then we all the problems with a messed up IT system in the courts that called hundreds of people to jury duty at the same time in Tahoe on Tuesday May 21. Vern Pierson you suck and you can’t do both jobs, let alone one. Thanks to everyone for honking, talking and supporting the ANTI Corruption movement. I see El Dorado county needs help reconvening a Grand Jury and exposing the rampant, wholesale corruption that is destroying people’s lives.
  • Ty RobbenMay 23, 2013 – 11:18 amI would point out the the Justin Bothers Bail Bonds bounty hunters were also illegally operating with a “Permanently revoked” business license and they are illegally buying bail bonds from California instead of Nevada to undermine Nevada law and fees. Complaints were made against them with the Nevada Secretary of State and Division of Insurance. I obtain tons of dirt on these idiots by bring attention to the issues using protesting and my websites http://NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH.wordpress.com
    • Justice InsiderMay 23, 2013 – 9:41 pm

      Reading Mr. Robben’s article and comments it’s apparent he may be a little light in the brain cell department. First, he cites Penal Code Section 847.5, apparently his shallow education bars him from comprehending the word “May” plastered all over this section. Second, a bail bondsman can return a bailee to custody at any time he see’s fit, for any reason. California Penal Code Section 1300 (a). Continuing on to Section 1301 “For the purpose of surrendering the defendant, the bail or any person who has deposited money or bonds to secure the release of the defendant, at any time before such bail or other person is finally discharged, and at any place within the state, may himself arrest defendant, or by written authority indorsed on a certified copy of the undertaking or a certified copy of the certificate of deposit, may empower any person of suitable age to do so.” Mr. Robben, your rants to the press and protests on Main Street appear as though your upset because you aren’t able to use the justice system to deliver your revenge.

      Continue reading

ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 @ high noon El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

vern piersondoug-lewis-nevada-bounty-hunter

ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 at high noon in Placerville, CA “Hangtown” in front of the courthouse and District Attorney offices  against  El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

With no charges filed, we’re putting massive pressure on the El Dorado County District Attorney to prosecute Dennis Justin of the “Justin Bros Bail Bonds” Company for his role in the October 18th, 2012 burglary, assault and battery incident against Ty Robben in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Dennis Justin was clearly at the scene and broke into my home. Dennis Justin acted in conspiracy with Doug Lewis and fully participated in the conflict and criminal activity.

The DA did charge “Bounty Hunter” Douglas Lewis with 5 counts but they have offer him a plea deal to only take 2 counts and no jail time. This sends the message it’s OK to kick in doors and sho0t people to resolve civil matters… Boy, we know a lot of “civil matter” that can get cleared up very quickly with doors being kicked in and people tased, kidnapped and never to be seen again. But in reality, we know that these actions are illegal and the perpetrators should be charged with felonies and years time in prison.

UPDATES: We made the news again at In Eldorado  County news. Click here. inedc.com/1-4683

Placerville court employees protest in May 2013. Click here: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/court-employees-picket-over-pay-cuts/

We learned the Placerville Mayor was charged with corruption in 2011. Click here: http://www.news10.net/video/1118955005001/0/Placerville-mayor-faces-removal-in-corruption-probe

Acting under the Color of law

Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act but which may operate in violation of law. For example, though a police officer acts with the “color of law” authority to arrest someone, if such an arrest is made without probable cause the arrest may actually be in violation of law. In other words, just because something is done with the “color of law”, that does not mean that the action was lawful. When police ac Continue reading

Victory for Ty Robben – SLTPD report released and given to the El Dorado DA for prosecution of the Justin Brothers Bail bonds company

Victory for Ty Robben – SLTPD report released and given to the El Dorado DA for prosecution of the Justin Brothers Bail bonds company “Bounty Hunters”  Stay tuned.

Please see updates to the story at http://NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH.wordpress.com

Ty Robben Victory

Ty Robben Victory

Victory for Ty Robben


A certain measure of innocence Willing to appear naive A certain degree of imagination A measure of make-believe

A certain degree of surrender To the forces of light and heat A shot of satisfaction In a willingness to risk defeat
Celebrate the moment As it turns into one more Another chance at victory Another chance to score
The measure of the moment In a difference of degree Just one little victory

A spirit breaking free
One little victory The greatest act can be One little victory Continue reading