Local Miwok Claims Indian War Continues in El Dorado County “The problem starts here in El Dorado County with BOSS 5 & conspiring DA’s office whom continue to violate there fiduciary obligations to the Miwok fathers, mothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers & our Children.”

Cesar Caballero, Chief at Miwok Nation, El Dorado, Ca writes:

I can see Blue Sky’s, I can see Stars today.

The sky is beautiful even though I come from the American Indian descendants & survivors of El Dorado Indian War After these here so called wars, which were more like Massacre’s to peaceful people.

The county paid for God knows how many of our scalps, but it took two expeditions to murder & guns us down!

And still we fought, and settled contracts, & rights to ours lands, our water. Contracts were signed.

Actually disguised the contracts as treaties of peace without an intention of ever complying and never have. Our lovely ‪#‎ELDORADOCOUNTY‬ BOS 5 and all of there constituents suppress and are killing off the Children of the survivors of those Children.

All the Miwok men, Licenses suspended, our children suffering a sick welfare system. 1/4 & 1/8 will be extinct in 50 yrs or less. SHAME ON YOU BOS 5 Past and present chairs.

You are an embarrassment to every Surviving Miwok Indian. My people show you official Federal Miwok Nation documents and you play stupid. with our lands, our water , & your fiduciary obligations to our tribal gov. Those of you in the County’s gov offices allowing this injustice are just guilty.

The problem starts here in El Dorado County with BOSS 5 & conspiring Vern Pierson’s DA office whom continue to violate there fiduciary obligations to the Miwok fathers, mothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers & our Children.

DA Vern PiersonIt is obviously meaning nothing to you to continue this conduct against me & my tribe. Your discrimination, your assaults, your fiduciary violations will have consequences in this life or the next. You should really think about that. Your conduct is a big disgrace.

John Melikian & BOSS 5 are Violating Miwok Survivors daily. SHAME ON YOU YOU DIRTY ROTTEN BLACK SOULS. You dirty rotten people have my license & my Children and keeping me from my tribal lands.

And you still wonder how is it that I can still speak and trying to figure out how destroy my voice and push into extinction. You will ultimately fail because your intentions are ugly and black, dark and rotten to the core & I am one of those Mighty Mighty Miwoks.

Officers and police departments are following suit even though sheriffs offices have been issued official CRN’s. Disgraceful leadership. Hope you all get impeached, one at a time, as you show your further greed for the Dollar and neglect to the people & it’s land.

Merry Merry Christmas you bunch of disgraceful violators of your fiduciary obligations.

SOURCE: http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-333

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 Kenny Curtzwiler
5 days 22 hours ago
I find it interesting that you are being so rude to the BOS considering you gave the two new ones who were just elected $1500.00 in campaign contributions. I refused to meet with you and accept your obvious bribe. It will be interesting as to how they respond now that they are bought and paid for. Next time you go before them you need to remind them of your contribution and that you expect something in return.


Cesar Caballero

4 days 23 hours ago
Kenny, you are confused as to who bribed who. Our office bribed no one. We only contribute with votes and we only supported 3 candidates. money should never be the basis of winning an election. Again kenny, our office and efforts only gave voted. We supported 1 Judge , Our sherriff & a New DA in El Dorado County.

2 out of 3 is not bad and we don’t expect anything but justice & performance to their fiduciary obligations.

As for the Bribe’s, I suggest you look more carefully as to where they came from. Merry Christmas to you and yours & everyone.


Kenny Curtzwiler

4 days 19 hours ago
The money came from the Shingle Springs Miwoks and Red Hawk Casino. It was reported on form 460. Money is the only basis for our elections these days. I was outspent by over $60K in district V. Every report in every election starts out with how much the candidate has raised and somewhere buried deep in the news reports is the actual issues. Even the Sacramento Bee was bought and paid for in their endorsements when it came to their election guide that came out in October. Their editorial staff didn’t even bother to check out who actually won the June election for county supervisor in District V. They still listed Kevin Brown as a candidate as late as October. What a screwup by what is supposed to be a major newspaper and all I got was a correction 3 days later. As far as the Miwoks contribution are you telling me your tribe had nothing to do with contributions which were reported? If you don’t know where your money is going perhaps you should not be in business. In regards to the “contribution” do you honestly believe that whoever gave the contribution does not expect a favor in return? I applaud your efforts to better yourselves by starting a business but as soon as I talked with your representative and told them I was not interested in accepting a monetary contribution but would accept an endorsement the Miwoks gave the money to everyone else who was running except for me. I would call that hedging your bets. Nothing personal but several organizations have bought our BOS. For the record I am very pro Native American and have several Tattoos honoring our original residents. I Tengkiju for who you are.


Pollock Pines

3 days 19 hours ago
Apparently there is no bottom to the pit of corruption which lurks beneath the topsoil in El Dorado County. And all those nice people headed to Tahoe with no idea they are passing through the Devil’s back yard…and all this natural beauty on the surface – its part of the trickery!

South Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits

South Lake Tahoe Police watch

Police Chief Brian Uhler pictured.South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar fabrication, falsification and corruption.

Lake Tahoe cop watchersSouth Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits and fabricating false DUI arrests.

Stay tuned as this story develops and as we await comments from South Lake Tahoe Chief Brian Uhler and El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson to see if criminal charges will be filed against the perpetrators Officers Laney and Wilson.

South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar conduct.

In 2013 the South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson were the subject of a protest and a series of negative…

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El Dorado County District Attorney – Corrupt Vern Pierson Announces Filing of Criminal Complaint Against King Fire Arsonist Wayne Allen Huntsman

4bf45-wayne2ballen2bhuntsman2b-2bking2bfire2barson2bsuspectEl Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson Announces Filing of Criminal Complaint Against Wayne Allen Huntsman
 El Dorado County District Attorney – Corrupt Vern Pierson Announces Filing of Criminal Complaint Against King Fire Arsonist Wayne Allen Huntsman
District Attorney
September 18, 2014
(530) 621-6484

Criminal Complaint that was filed in the El Dorado County Superior Court today charging Wayne Allen Huntsman with a violation of Penal Code§ 451(c), Arson of Forest Land, a felony, and a Special Allegation of Arson with Aggravating Factors.

Arraignment is scheduled for Friday, September 19, 2014, at 1:00PM in Department 7 of the El Dorado County Superior Court.

Attached please find a copy of the Criminal Complaint.

CARSON CITY DA BLOWS IT AGAIN: Nevada Supreme Court upholds dismissal child sex case; critical of Carson City DA’s office

incompNevada Supreme Court upholds dismissal child sex case; critical of Carson City DA’s office Tuesday upheld the dismissal of child sex assault charges against Jeffrey Volosin.

District Attorney Neil Rombardo said his office would appeal the ruling by the three-judge panel, asking for an en banc hearing before all seven justices.

Volosin was charged in Dec., 2012 with 10 counts of sexual assault and two counts of lewdness with a child under age 14.

The victims, sisters, were both under age 10 when the alleged abuse began.

The Public Defender’s office challenged the charges saying the criminal information didn’t give a reasonable amount of detail as to when the crimes occurred for Volosin to defend himself against the charges.

The justices agreed saying exact times and places for the alleged assaults aren’t necessary but some indication of a time line of incidents is so the defendant can prepare a defense.

While the prosecution argued that time is not an element of the crime, District Judge James Wilson agreed the charges were so vague they violated the defendant’s 6th Amendment right to be informed of the nature of the actions against him and his 14th Amendment right to due process.

He gave the prosecutors time to file an amended set of charges but no new information was ever filed so Wilson dismissed the case with prejudice.

The DA’s office appealed but on Tuesday, the high court affirmed Wilson’s ruling, criticizing the prosecution for failing to properly investigate the case before filing any charges.

The charges originated from a separate investigation in South Lake Tahoe that turned up allegations the two girls were abused while living in Carson City. The report said the abuse continued from ages 7-9 in one case and from 6-15 in the other case.

Volosin faces an 11-count complaint filed by the El Dorado County District Attorney charging similar crimes including lewdness with a child and sex acts with a person under 16. He’s scheduled for a court appearance on those charges Oct. 27 in South Lake Tahoe.

California investigators turned the report over to the Carson City Sheriff’s Department but, according to the Supreme Court order, “the Carson City District Attorney appears to have filed the (charges) without performing any independent investigation.”

The situation was further complicated by the fact that, by the time the allegations surfaced, the girls were 18 and 15 years old.

“The entire investigation was performed by a California detective investigating crimes that occurred in his jurisdiction,” the decision states. “Any crimes that occurred in Carson City were not the focus of the California investigation.”

“Of particular note in this case is the glaring absence of an investigation into the abuse allegations by the state,” the ruling states adding Carson City investigators “failed to even interview the victims.”

“We conclude that the district court correctly held that the state’s charging document must allege sufficiently precise time frames to provide adequate notice to defendants,” the order concludes.

Rombardo said he believes the court “missed a significant issue.”

“The victims did testify at a preliminary hearing so why do we need an investigation by Nevada officials,” he asked.

Rombardo said he doesn’t understand why it would be necessary for Nevada investigators to interview the two girls, especially since, he said, interviewing the alleged victims again and again raises other legal issues.

“There’s case law out there through the United States federal court that if you question a child too much about this sort of thing, you’re basically leading the child to make these statements,” he said.

He said the final decision is up to the court, “but we’re at least going to ask them to consider that.”

The decision was written by Justices Kris Pickering, Ron Parraguirre and Nancy Saitta.

Political Commentary: 3rd Appellate Court Upholds Ray Nutting’s Ouster and Vern Pierson Writes His Own Epitath

Pierson’s chest-beating should be a wake-up call to the political class in El Dorado County, you could be next unless you do something about Pierson. Vern Pierson has turned on dozens of people during his reign of terror in El Dorado County. Vern Pierson’s chest-beating is also a fitting political epitath for himself, because when Pierson is brought to justice, he will fall far harder than Ray Nutting ever did.

Vern Pierson is an idiot. Kind of like another of El Dorado County’s idiots minus the chemicals, Vern just can’t help himself.

We saw the news in the Sac Bee today – but Vern Pierson could not help himself:

This joint prosecution by the California Attorney General’s Office and the DA’s Office, and the District Court’s decision today, has proven once again that no one is above the law … even the politically powerful,” El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson said in a statement.”

Pierson will die by the same sword – the self-righteous abusers of their own power always do.

For those of you not privy to the situation – allow me to sum it up in few sentences.

Vern Pierson is the El Dorado County DA. He decided to use his office to light up some of his political enemies. Ray Nutting made himself an easy target because of his lacksadasical devil-may-care attitude toward his paperwork. Nutting beat the felony rap, but had to raise bail money. He was convicted of violating the political reform act over how he raised his bail money – a misdemeanor no less – but not on the original charges Pierson brought.

A judge threw him out of office over the equivalent of  bar fight conviction, then the appeals court upheld the decision. The Bee did not go in to the reasons why – BTW, it is actually rare for an appeals court to overturn any decision no matter how absurd.

Pierson’s chest-beating should be a wake-up call to the political class in El Dorado County, you could be next unless you do something about Pierson. Vern Pierson has turned on dozens of people during his reign of terror in El Dorado County. Vern Pierson’s chest-beating is also a fitting political epitath for himself, because when Pierson is brought to justice, he will fall far harder than Ray Nutting ever did.

BTW – since it is a Misdemeanor conviction, Ray Nutting can still run for Supervisor again in the future.

If I was Vern Pierson, I’d have shut up. I’d have let Clinchard and his assistant make the statement. Instead, exhibiting the out of control psychosis rational people recognize, Pierson had to dance on the grave.

That is even dumber than his handshakes.

Via; http://www.rightondaily.com/2014/07/3rd-appellate-court-upholds-ray-nuttings-ouster-and-vern-pierson-writes-his-own-epitath/

– See more at: http://inedc.com/1-9285#sthash.U6ZoaSev.dpuf

Nutting appealing conviction, removal from office

Nutting appealing convictionFormer El Dorado County supervisor Ray Nutting is appealing his recent misdemeanor convictions and a judge’s decision to remove him from office because of them, while his wife, Jennifer, is one of six candidates running for his old seat in a special election.

“For me to be charged with these malicious prosecutions and not challenge them is unconscionable,” Nutting said of his decision to appeal.vern pierson SCANDAL

Nutting, who lives in Somerset, initially faced four felony charges filed by El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson. After a lengthy trial, a Placerville jury in May found Nutting not guilty on three felonies, including charges of filing false documents, perjury and approving conflict-of-interest contracts, and deadlocked on the fourth, resulting in no conviction.

But Nutting was also charged with six misdemeanors and convicted for receiving “illegal, undocumented loans” from two county employees and Douglas Veerkamp, a construction contractor who does business with El Dorado County. Nutting used the money to post bail after he was ordered to surrender on the felony charges.

Nutting and his attorney, David Weiner, argued in court that the money was not loaned, but offered freely by friends so Nutting could post bail under a time of duress. They asked to have that distinction included in jury instructions at trial but the request was denied.

“These were friends. Everybody got their money right back except for (one woman) who put it up for bail. She voluntarily did it, and she got it back from the court. All the others got it back within hours,” Weiner said. “We were denied an instruction as to defining bail, which is what this was, and the jurors we interviewed said if they had that information the result could have been different.”

Nutting’s appeal of the six misdemeanor convictions was filed in California’s Third District Court of Appeals. A second appeal will challenge visiting Superior Court Judge Tim Buckley’s decision in early June to order Nutting out of office because of the convictions.

“We think a felony conviction removes someone, vacates an office. Misdemeanors, generally not, unless there’s something unusual, and it would have to involve some official duty,” Weiner said. “Even if the convictions stand, we think his position should not have been vacated because there was nothing he did that was a violation of his official duties.”

Buckley determined Nutting’s actions did constitute official misconduct and said they raised concerns about dual-allegiance and conflicts of interest, calling it inappropriate for a supervisor to solicit money from someone who contracts with the county.

Buckley’s decision has ramifications statewide, according to Weiner. “Anyone who is an elected official now is going to be under the thumb of district attorneys. They better stay close with the (district attorneys) and do what they want done, otherwise they’re in trouble quick. If they interpret violation of official duties that broadly, we think it will be of interest to elected officials statewide,” he said.

With Nutting removed from office, El Dorado County’s four remaining supervisors authorized a Sept. 9 special election for voters in District 2 to elect a new representative. Six candidates have taken early steps to run for the seat, including Nutting’s wife, Jennifer Nutting. Five other potential candidates are Shiva Frentzen, Claire McNeal, Dave Pratt, Janet Saitman and George Wesley Turnboo.

The District 2 supervisor represents southwest El Dorado County, including parts of Cameron Park, Shingle Springs and El Dorado Hills.

Voters in District 4 and in District 5 will elect new supervisors in November’s general election.

County officials considered consolidating the special election with the general election, but could not because of a provision in the county charter that requires a special election within 90 to 120 days of a declared vacancy. Recorder-Clerk Bill Schultz estimated the special election will cost between $80,000 and $100,000.

Mountain Democrat Newspaper reader asks “Why can Ty protest?”

mountain democrat

Vern Pierson protest

Vern Pierson protest

Why can Ty protest?

Mr. Ty Robben protested in front of the DA’s Office.  I believe District Attorney Vern Pierson said at that time that Mr. Robben had a First Amendment right to protest.

Since then, Mr. Robben was arrested on false charges in Nevada and those charges were dropped.1st amendment

I’m asking Mr. Pierson to expound on his interpretation of the Constitutional Rights of a citizen to protest so that all citizens will feel safe should we feel the need to protest as Ty Robben did.


 Letters to the Editor Discussion | 5 comments

  • Justice InsiderJune 19, 2014 – 9:06 pmMs. Weltee, DA Pierson has never interfered in a persons right to protest. I can’t recall him ever filing charges on anybody who chooses to protest peacefully. (Peacefully, meaning not causing harm to others or property damage) Mr. Robben protested and Mr. Pierson didn’t interfere. Mr. Robben had some issues in Nevada, however that’s another state.Reply | Report abusive comment
  • The original and real Oh BrotherJune 20, 2014 – 8:24 amSo Justice Insider you ARE a spokesperson for the District Attorney Vern Pierson. I can’t believe there really is a person working for the DA posting on this website. Not impressed and sad to hear that the stories are true about you and your employer.Reply | Report abusive comment
  • The original and real Oh BrotherJune 21, 2014 – 9:05 am@ Justice Insider – You have made no reply to my statement about the stories being true that you are in fact Mr. Piersons side kick from the DA office posting on this website. So now I will ask you. Are you the employee within the District Attorneys office that has been posting on this webite with, of course, inside information. Making this a true story? You appear to be answering this letter to the editor on behalf of Vern Pierson. http://www.inedc.com/1-4863Reply | Report abusive comment
  • agent provocateurJune 21, 2014 – 4:05 pmHi, this is Ty Robben and Google just informed me of this post. For the record, Vern Pierson DID NOT interfere with my protests in Placerville. In fact, he was very respectful, and I respect him for that part unlike the thugs in Nevada like Carson City “Judge” John Tatro, DA Neil Rombardo and his corrupt assistant Mark Krueger and the CCSO Sheriff Ken Furlong. I was arrested by the Nevada idiots with all charges being dropped and now I am suing them in Federal Court for an array of Constitutional violations including 1st amendment and malicious prosecution, etc. So as bad as Vern Pierson may be, he’s not as bad as the criminals in Carson City!Reply | Report abusive comment
  • agent provocateurJune 21, 2014 – 4:12 pmSee my website Nevada State Personnel WATCH for my story. Placerville and EDC is a utopia compared to corrupt Carson City Nevada folks. Do not go to Carson City! I think even Vern Pierson would be shocked at the corruption in my cases out of Carson City.Reply | Report abusive

InEDC: In a Stunning Rebuke of El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson’s Charges, Jury find Dellinger & Alarcon Not Guilty of all charges


Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon WIN – Vern Pierson loses again!

ImageIn what can only be termed as a crushing defeat of the District Attorney’s charges, the jury returns after just 47 minutes of deliberations to exonerate Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon of all charges in a unanimous 12 to 0 decision. This is ADA James Clinchard second major defeat in as many weeks after a jury returned no guilty charges of political malfeasance against Supervisor Ray Nutting last week.

Disclosure: This writer is the same as the defendant in this case even though the DA’s office was inexplicably unable to correctly spell the name.

In just 47 minutes, a jury handed a stunning defeat to the DA’s office and ADA James Clinchard, and a vindication of the defendant’s claims that the charges were without legal merit, by returning a not guilty verdict on every count.  Not only was the verdict returned quickly, it was returned by a unanimous vote of 12 to 0 voting not guilty.


Protest at DA Vern Pierson’s Placerville office

Three years ago the Pioneer Fire Protection District hired Dan Dellinger Consulting to help solve a problem of a revenue shortfall caused from declining revenues related to the decline in local property values.  After analysis and public informational meetings, the consulting firm delivered the message from the local fire district residents: let them vote on a parcel tax of $85 per developed lot in order to save the independence of local fire services and to keep emergency response times to a minimum.  In November of 2011, the self-imposed tax was overwhelmingly passed by the local voters.

Prior to the passage of the parcel tax, the county Auditor objected to the payment to Dan Dellinger Consulting saying, “”Routinely, I do not look at disbursements for small special districts. A member of my staff brought this to me and said, ‘This seems way out of line.’ ” Harn said his office raised concerns about certain payments to Dan Dellinger Consulting based on a June 2011 consulting contract with the fire district that appeared to contain services for illegal campaign activities and what appeared to be a promise of a $12,000 bonus for the firm if the measure passed.  After meeting directly with the Auditor-Controller, the verbiage of the contract was altered at Joe Harn’s direction. After that, the initial payment was made by Harn.

Dan Dellinger

Dan Dellinger acquitted

This was not the first time the consultant, or the fire district, had run into conflict with Joe Harn.  Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon were instrumental in assisting candidates in local races win. Candidates that were running against candidates endorsed by, and monetarily supported by Joe Harn.  The fire district, as well as many other fire districts, have complained of Joe Harn’s arbitrary, and capricious control of local agencies funds that are collected and administered by the county through the Auditor-Controller’s office.

Cris Alarcon acquitted

Cris Alarcon acquitted

Tangentially, Cris Alarcon was involved with the vetting of a new young man that declared he was interested in entering local politics while the two were independently attending a Board of Supervisors meeting in the spring of 2010.  In the process, Alarcon discovered that the young man had a boyfriend that was twice his age that had been declared a sexual predator by state psychologist in prior court proceedings leading up to his conviction for sexually assaulting boys in his care.  Alarcon sat on this information until the older man indicated that he would volunteer to supervise a local boy scout overnight event.  At that point Alarcon objected and threats of legal action was brought against Alarcon by the man accusing him of interfering in his ability to make a living.  Although Alarcon invited the twice convicted pedifile to charge him, the man declined to do anything more than make threats.

Unbeknownst to Alarcon, was that the younger man in that couple was soon to be seated on the 2011 Civil Grand Jury. Details of this event are cronicalled here. In that story, the last line is, “Small County Politics can be ugly.”

The story contained an indictment of the young man’s intent. “Somehow, Ryan Donner made his way onto the Grand Jury about a year after the public outing of his boyfriend Kevin Hurtado. Ryan Donner served on the 2011 El Dorado Grand Jury. Not coincidentally, they recommended prosecuting Cris Alarcon and Daniel Dellinger over a local ballot measure campaign. Alarcon and Dellinger have an air-tight case. It appears that Vern Pierson knows this, but is using the ‘Grand Jury Made me do it’ defense. And Pierson’s rampage is based on a Grand Jury that could easily have been influenced by the young boyfriend of a publicly outed pedophile?”


Regardless of how the Grand Jury came to its conclusion, the DA’s office received the Grand Jury’s report and investigated the allegations and case law. On July 27, 2012, the DA issued a press release which, in part, read: “Today, the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office filed a civil Complaint against Defendants Dan Dellinger and Christopher Alarcon for fraudulently obtaining taxpayer financed contracts with the Pioneer Fire Protection District (PFPD) related to illegal campaign activity to expressly advocate a position in favor of the passage of a tax increase (Ballot Measure F) which voters approved in November, 2011.”

Dan Dellinger responded on Aug. 5, 2012 saying, “his firm acted properly, providing to the district only informational materials and handling the paperwork necessary to place the measure on the ballot. Voter outreach activities that the firm conducted were covered by private donations to a campaign committee, Save Pioneer Fire.”

Dellinger maintained that the complaint was politically motivated. County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn requested the grand jury investigation. Dellinger said Harn and District Attorney Vern Pierson are trying to put him out of business because he has conducted successful campaigns for several political candidates that they did not support.

“This is Chicago-style politics at its worst,” Dellinger said. “The public will see through this.”

Nearly two years later, a jury indeed did, “see through this” as Dellinger had predicted.  In contradiction to the tainted Grand Jury and the DA’s allegations that there were violations of law, the trial jury came to a different opinion after hearing the facts presented in a court of law.

Both Alarcon and Dellinger accuse two elected county officials of using the power of their office to pursue political agendas at the taxpayers expense.  Not only in this case, but also in the DA’s case against Supervisor Ray Nutting, a client of Dan Dellinger Consulting.

The case against the sitting Supervisor was a high-profile defeat for the DA’s office.  In a twist of timing, both the Auditor Joe Harn, and District Attorney, were served subpoenas for the Dellinger/Alarcon case on the same day as the jury refused to convict Nutting of any of the charges made by the DA’s case in prme.  In that case, Mary-Beth Moylan, a McGeorge School of Law professor specializing in political law, said after the verdict that it was unclear whether prosecutors made a good decision to pursue criminal charges. “I think the basic problem with this case is that it really doesn’t call for a legal commentary as much as it appears to be a political circus up there,” said Moylan.

Although the DA did make a motion earlier this week to delay the Dellinger/Alarcon case until after the election, the motion was denied by the presiding El Dorado County Superior Court Judge James R. Wagoner.  The ADA argued that Dan Dellinger had used unfair influence in obtaining the contract because Dan Dellinger had a track record of winning (the contract was awarded in an undisputed open bid process with other bidders).  The DA’s complaint said Dan Dellinger Consulting, “cited to an impressive list of former local politicians. Information later provided to the PFPD by Defendants gave a detailed list of nine local politicians as references for Dan Dellinger and Christopher Alarcon, which included several El Dorado County Elected Officials (including a judge and a county supervisor) and two members of the California State Legislature.”  [The judge noted above was not Wagoner and neither have Alarcon or Dellinger ever worked on a campaign for Wagoner]

This, as well as all other arguments made by the DA’s office, were uniformly and unanimously rejected by the trial jury.

The jury has spoken and the issues of law are settled, but as always maintained by the defendants, this is a case of politics, not law, and the politics are not settled.  Not settled at all.

The cost to taxpayers in a failed attempt to convict Nutting, Alarcon, and Dellinger is unknown but may sideliners have estimated it in the millions.  The personal costs to the three are more than just dollars.  The cost in stress and damaged reputations are inestimable. Nutting and Dellinger have outstanding bills with their lawyers, although Dellinger was represented by  Anthony Palik after his resources ran out to pay his local lawyer.  Alarcon had no legal bills but had a $100,000 judgement pending against him if the case was not resolved in his favor.

Although Nutting continued to get paid as a Supervisor, both Alarcon and particularly Dellinger were financially devastated by the charges.  Few politicians were willing to hire political consultants under a cloud of professional wrong-doing.  Elections are largely about appearances and every candidate understands that the opposition will use associations with consultants being prosecuted against them during an election.  This resulted in a total loss of income for Dellinger at a time when he had unjustified legal expenses.  This has exhausted all of Dellinger’s savings.

Fortunately, Anthony Palik agreed that the charges were unfounded and agreed to take on the case.  Without legal representation against any charges made with the weight and power of the DA’s office, it is unclear if justice would have prevailed.

For Alarcon’s part, he has been an outspoken critic of the use of the Auditor’s office by Joe Harn, and the DA’s office by Vern Pierson, for what he calls a gross misuse of taxpayer’s money and government prestige to pursue political agendas unrelated to the respective offices.

Both Alarcon and Dellinger pledge that the legal questions, although costly and time consuming, are just a step in a battle that will be renewed at the ballot box.

In addition to the local news service owned by Alarcon, he also has provided a residence for the DA’s current political challenger, Judson Henry.  Although Alarcon never asked Henry to run for the office, he was happy to provide him a residence to meet the requirement of county residency to run for the DA’s office.  In addition, Alarcon is actively volunteering in a number of other campaigns for candidates challenging those that he feels are, are will, abuse the office for which they are running.

Regardless of the outcome of the elections this June, it is certain that Alarcon and Dellinger will take the forefront in recruiting and consulting candidates for what they call “clean and transparent” government in El Dorado County that does not waste the precious resource of citizen’s taxes.

Cris Alarcon.

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Vern Pierson District Attorney of El Dorado County received a letter from the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding violations of the Political Reform Act’s campaign disclosure provision

DA Vern PiersonThe District Attorney of El Dorado County received a letter from the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding violations of the Political Reform Act’s campaign disclosure provisions.

See the FPPC report here: Vern Pierson warning letter from FPPC

“Specifically, the FPPC found that you violated the Act’s campaign disclosure provisions with regard to loans made to your committee and that you also violated the Act’s ‘one bank account per campaign’ requirement as evidenced when you reimbursed yourself for $4,100 for campaign expenses you paid with personal funds without first depositing that amount in the campaign bank account,” the letter from FPPC Chief Enforcement Officer Gary Winuk to District Attorney Vern Pierson read.

A second complaint was filed against Pierson alleging his wife is a physical therapist and Pierson is the chief technology officer of the county, but that these are not divulged on campaign finance forms. In a footnote in the FPPC letter, Winuk acknowledges a second complaint that was dismissed due to lack of evidence. Pierson said his wife had never been a physical therapist.

Winuk also noted that Pierson had no previous record of violations, and as such, would only have a warning issued; subsequent violations could result in a $5,000 fine per violation.

Vern Pierson protest

El Dorado DA Vern Pierson ANTI Corruption protest 2013

“I appreciate the FPPC having a very difficult job enforcing laws regarding political campaigns,” Pierson told the Mountain Democrat. “Now, I have an experienced campaign treasurer” handling campaign finances, he said.

Frank Stephens, who filed the complaints with the FPPC and provided copies of both complaints, said that Pierson was doing the same thing he is currently accusing Supervisor Ray Nutting of doing — paperwork violations. When Stephens learned of the accusations against Nutting, he said he was “very much offended” and pulled records on Pierson’s campaign to see if he had made any violations. “Guess what? He did,” Stephens said.

Pierson, Stephens said, is “unfit to be the district attorney” due to how he has unethically handled the Nutting case. Stephens worked on and monetarily supported Pierson’s original campaign to become DA, something which he said he was “unhappy” he did in retrospect.

“With regards to the letters, it’s pretty pathetic,” said political watchdog Chuck Holland. “The Three Stooges” — what Holland refers to as Ray Nutting, Cris Alarcon and Dan Dellinger — “got Frank Stephens to perjure himself to the FPPC,” referring to the part that was dismissed due to lack of evidence. “It’s a continuation of a witch hunt, and Frank Stephens is tied to them.”

He noted that this was also the first time since Pierson had competition, in the form of bankruptcy lawyer Judson Henry. Henry dropped out of the race after about two weeks, but will still be on the ballot. “It became clear others had attempted to use him to create a distraction,” Pierson said at the time Henry dropped out.

Ray Nutting told the Mountain Democrat that he was not involved with any political campaign, including the DA’s campaign.

source: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/da-receives-letter-from-fppc-on-campaign-violations/

  Continue reading

Judson Henry’s attempt to unseat Vern Pierson was largely seen as political payback for the prosecution of El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting

Judson Henry

Judson Henry was dogged by questions about his residency after he filed election paperwork March 7 claiming he was living in the two-bedroom Placerville home owned by political consultant Cris Alarcon

PLACERVILLE, CA – A bankruptcy attorney who claimed he moved to El Dorado County the same week he filed papers to run for district attorney has abandoned his campaign after just 17 days.

Judson Henry called current District Attorney Vern Pierson at 1:30 pm Monday to say he was dropping out of the race and would support Pierson in the election.DA Vern Pierson

Henry was dogged by questions about his residency after he filed election paperwork March 7 claiming he was living in the two-bedroom Placerville home owned by political consultant Cris Alarcon.

Contacted by News10 last Monday at the Rocklin townhouse listed by the State Bar of California, Henry explained that he spent weekends there with his 7-year-old son.

During a brief interview outside the El Dorado County elections department, Henry once again insisted he lived at the Placerville house, but conceded the circumstances didn’t look good.

“Many people might consider it inappropriate and I respect and understand that,” he said.

Henry said the main reason he was dropping out was to spare his son further exposure.

Henry’s attempt to unseat Pierson was largely seen as political payback for the prosecution of El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting, who faces trial on fraud charges next month.

Nutting gathered Henry’s nominating signatures and works with Alarcon, who provided the Placerville address.

When reached by phone Monday afternoon, Nutting expressed surprise at Henry’s decision to drop out.

Ray Nutting

Ray Nutting

“I have no idea why he got into the race, and I have no clue why he got out,” Nutting said.

vern pierson

Protest at El Dorado DA office claiming DA Pierson is corrupt and covers up crime for his buddies

Pierson, who had not been challenged for reelection before, said he appreciated Henry’s call.

“It became clear others had attempted to use him to create a distraction,” Pierson said. “I wish him the best.”

source: http://www.news10.net/story/news/local/eldorado-hills/2014/03/24/controversial-da-candidate-drops-out-of-race/6850471/

Calif. State Court of Appeals to Investigate DA Vern Pierson’s Work

DA Vern PiersonNUTTING APPEAL RECEIVES RARE APPROVAL FROM THE THIRD APPELLATE DISTRICT COURT. The Court generally rejects 95% of the appeals it receives. The Court will now review the issues of the District Attorney’s misinstruction of the Grand Jury, The Deputy Attorney General’s misinterpretation of Penal Code Section 115, and the Deputy Attorney General’s failure to properly inform the Presiding Judge as to the correct source and nature of the grant funds.

FPPC issues Warning Letter to Pierson – See It Here: Vern Pierson warning letter from FPPC

The Court will now review the issues of the District Attorney’s misinstruction of the Grand Jury regarding the required Hedgecock “Materiality” Standard for a violation of Penal Code Section 118 (a), perjury related to form 700, Statement of Economic Interest;  The Deputy Attorney General’s misinterpretation of Penal Code Section 115 causing Nutting to be improperly overcharged; and the District Attorney and the Deputy Attorney General’s failure to properly inform the Presiding Judge as to the correct source and nature of the grant funds, thus causing the Court to err in its denial of Nutting’s 995 Motion to Dismiss count number four.

The Appellate Court will now review these key elements and will decide if errors have occurred and correct them.

Vern Pierson protest

Vern Pierson protest

Additionally it has been learned the DA Vern Pierson, not satisfied with filing seven charges against Nutting, is now going on yet another expedition to see what more he can find. It is a good thing Pierson has unlimited taxpayer funds with which to finance his efforts. Nutting’s supporters say Ray is committed to not being intimidated by Pierson’s tactics, and will stand his ground.

Source: http://www.inedc.com/1-6750

  1. Placerville DA Vern Pierson’s assistant outed as anonymous shill blogger “Justice Insider”

    Image:  DA Vern Pierson’s assistant Bill Clark outed as anonymous Mt. Democrat bully/ DA … 2013 Interesting comments on the flurry of Vern Pierson news with the DA protests and Ray Nutting corruption all coming at the same time.  Looks like the DA office …

    Admin – 06/06/2013 – 04:48 – 3 comments

  2. Ray Nutting accuses Joe Harn & Vern Pierson of Politicizing offices

    … from the tax payers of El Dorado County. Ray Nutting | June 28 2013 I have decided to tell you a few of the many issue with what has happened between Joe Harn, Vern Pierson and Myself in recent months.  Much more will be coming out over the …

    Admin – 06/28/2013 – 09:41 – 4 comments

  3. Full Complaint about El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson Appears Online

    … complaint about El Dorado County District Attorney Vernon Pierson regarding the alleged abuse of prosecutorial powers appeared online on Supervisor Ray Nutting‘s website. PR Pond | Aug 22 2013 Last week …

    Admin – 08/22/2013 – 10:06 – 1 comment

  4. El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson Accused of Grand Jury Abuse

    … just filed in El Dorado County Superior Court accuse DA Vern Pierson of Improperly Instructing the Grand Jury in a manner that deprived Political Target Supervisor Ray Nutting of his Constitutional Right of Due Process. Placerville …

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  5. Investigation of Supervisor Ray Nutting – Part 1, The Starting Point

    … that started with allegations that Supervisor Ray Nutting misrepresented his involvement in a Fire fuel reduction program known … is under way, El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson confirmed last week. “We are aware of it and we are looking …

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  6. Briggs-Pierson follies continued (Correction)

    Image:  Are cast members, Briggs and Pierson, having a transparency issue? Is it our own “NSAgate?” … member, Ron Briggs. Not to worry, our other main characters, Nutting and Harn, remain in the wings. The focus of the new act involves …

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  7. Snooty Frog Benefit for Ray Nutting Legal Defense Fund – SOLD OUT

    Image:  Friends and Supporters of Ray Nutting Seeking Justice are hosting a fundraising dinner for Ray’s legal … grand jury to indite the corrupt DA Vern Pierson Let’s get a grand jury convened to indite the …

    Admin – 08/23/2013 – 09:24 – 4 comments

  8. FPPC Clears Supervisor Ray Nutting of Conflict of Interest Allegations

    … An advisory letter on potential FPPC civil violations said Nutting could vote on general funding for the two local districts. The letter, … criminal complaint, El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson has alleged that Nutting broke the law by failing to disclose income as …

    Admin – 06/12/2013 – 14:29 – 0 comments

  9. Supervisor Nutting did what every good businessman does

    … Image:  It appears to me that Supervisor Nutting did what every good businessman does. He has taken advantage of every … IS THAT COCAINE IN VERN PIERSON‘S NOSE? I like the photo of Vern Pierson, but …

    Admin – 08/21/2013 – 10:41 – 4 comments

  10. A “writ of mandate” was filed in El Dorado Court to compel Vern Pierson’s DA office to do its job

    … Justin remain uncharged and the El Dorado DA under Vern Pierson‘s watch has come under fire.  Todd “Ty” Robben filed a  petition … “Witch Hunt” on El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting. [5] In the mean time, the El Dorado Courthouse is severely …

    Admin – 06/24/2013 – 10:53 – 3 comments

– See more at: http://www.inedc.com/1-6750#sthash.h7OIBi4I.dpuf

rightondaily.com: Psycho DA Vern Pierson on a Rampage, Victim hosts successful fundraiser


vern piersonRemember Vern Pierson. He starred in a despicable Doug Ose attack ad against Tom McClintock that was shot at the McClellan airfield. In the ad, he called Tom McClintock unpatriotic and accused him of opposing veteran’s benefits.

The ad finished with Vern Pierson saying of Tom McClintock, “How can he live with himself”?

That smear lasted in to the general election as Charlie “Colonel Klink” Brown – an ex-Colonel was the communist spawn of the DCCC and saddled up on the military thing all throughout.

With Republicans like Vern Pierson, who needs democrats?

Vern Pierson is the DA of ElDorado County who filed charges against Ray Nutting a CRA member and a stand up El Dorado County Supervisor. Pierson and Nutting both have future political ambitions. Continue reading

El Dorado DA Vern Pierson spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars with Caulfield Law firm to quash CA “victims Rights” laws

vern pierson

caulfield law firmPlease share and like this story on Facebook, email to your friends and press – Crime Victims have RIGHTS!

Thanks against to the El Dorado Newswire, the Placerville press covered this story as more people learn about the abuse of office in El Dorado County by Vern Pierson. See: http://www.inedc.com/1-5544

Corrupt El Dorado County District Attorney  Vern Pierson hires private civil attorney Andrew T. Caulfield and is spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars to quash a set California “victims Rights” laws established by proposition 9 and created the 2008 amendment of the California Constitution known as Marsy’s Law.

DA Vern Pierson believes victims are not “beneficially interest” persons when they have been victimized by a crime such as murder, rape, robbery, pedophilia,  assault, battery, and other acts of terror.

El Dorado County resident Ty Robben from South Lake Tahoe believes otherwise.

After doing the research,  Ty found out that the new Constitutional amendments in Article 1, Section 28 of Cali’s constitution have made Crime Victims “beneficially interest” persons for a number of profound points and authorities.

Ty say’s Vern Pierson is relying on outdated case law prior to 2008. “Marsy’s Law trumps the earlier case law based on the first variant of  California’s Crime Victim rights.”

“I indent to make this matter case law” says Ty. It needs to be established the Crime Victims now have rights even-though the prosecutors  and courts and certain judges don’t like it, too bad.

The other point is that prosecutors must comply, by law, with the Brady Disclosure Law. Failure to do so is a crime and treason. The Brady Disclosure Law tells the District Attorney to not prosecute an innocent person and exculpatory evidence must be given the the Defendant – not hidden and withheld.

On the other hand, we need the opposite Law of a Brady Disclosure Law where the prosecutor must not cover-up prima facie evidence to cover-up criminal activity to protect the criminal based on fabricated or withheld evidence. The DA needs to provide a “rational basis” when the prima facie evidence is smacked in front of his face. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate” says Ty Robben. When the DA obstructs justice, we have people getting murdered like John O’ Sullivan and numerous others under the murder-by-proxy pattern of conduct by Vern Pierson.

prima facie is Latin expression meaning on its first encounter, first blush, or at first sight. The literal translation would be “at first face” or “at first appearance”, from the feminine form of primus (“first”) and facies (“face”), both in the ablative case. It is used in modern legal English to signify that on first examination, a matter appears to be evident from the facts. In common law jurisdictions, prima facie denotes evidence that – unless rebutted – would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact. The term is used similarly in academic philosophy. Most legal proceedings require a prima facie case to exist, following which proceedings may then commence to test it, and create a ruling.

Marsy’s Law, the California Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008, is an Amendment to the state’s Constitution and certain Penal Code sections enacted by voters through the initiative process in the November 2008 general election. The Act protects and expands the legal rights of victims of crime to include 17 rights in the judicial process, including the right to legal standing, protection from the defendant, notification of all court proceedings, and restitution, as well as granting parole boards far greater powers to deny inmates parole.[1] Continue reading

Writ of Mandate filed to compel El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson to prosecute Dennis & Richard Justin

in eldorado

writ of mandate

In El Dorado County covers the Writ-of-Mandate story: http://www.inedc.com/1-5080

Todd “Ty” Robben filed a  petition for a Writ-of-Mandate to compel the El Dorad0 County District Attorney, Vern Pierson, to prosecute Bail bondsmen / Bounty Hunters Dennis & Richard Justin of the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds company from Carson City, NV and a John Doe “private investigator” and escalate the charges to felony counts.

The case # SC20130106, Department 4
Judge Steven C. Bailey – Hearing Set for August 04, 2013

Court Order

Court Order

The petition for the Writ-of-Mandate also demands that the criminal case People vs. Douglas Lewis (case # S13CRM0209) currently being handled by the El Dorad0 County District Attorney, Vern Pierson, is transferred to the California Attorney General (Department of Justice) and/or the U.S. District Attorney.

The crime includes “Bounty Hunters” crossing State line from Nevada into California, an Interstate Commerce violation, a federal crime, and “private actors” acting as “State Actors” under the Color-of-Law, a federal crime.

Vern Pierson corrupt

Vern Pierson corrupt

In California, a Writ-of-mandate (also called a writ-of-mandamus) can be filed in the Superior Court to compel a District Attorney to prosecute a crime.

In fact, the El Dorado District Attorney is flagrantly and egregiously ignoring evidence and fabricating evidence without power to unilaterally to dismiss an accusation based on controlling case law the coincidentally and ironically outlines a case, Bradley v. Lacy El Dordaro District Attorney involving the El Dorado District Attorney being forced to do his job!

Bradley v. Lacy El Dordaro District Attorney, 53 Cal. App. 4th 883 – Cal: Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate Dist. 1997 states the following:

Vern Pierson protest

Vern Pierson protest

“Thus the district attorney is without the power unilaterally to dismiss an accusation. As an officer of the court, the district attorney must perform his duties in a professional manner.(Reaves v. Superior Court (1971) 22 Cal.App.3d 587, 596, 99 Cal.Rptr. 156.)[Emphasis added]




and does 1 – 20


The People of California,

Real Parties in Interest.







Case No.: SC20130106Dept No:Department 4

Petitioner, Todd Robben in Pro Per, hereby applies for an EMERGENCY alternative writ of mandate pursuant to California Government Code 1085 and 1087 to compel the El Dorado District Attorney, et al to charge and fully prosecute Dennis Justin and Richard Justin and John Doe of the Carson City, Nevada based Justin Brothers Bail Bonds, or transfer prosecution to the California DOJ and/or U.S. Federal prosecutor.

This petition is an emergency because of the “statute of limitations” for charges to be filed, and current “High Profile” strife amongst the Prosecutor violating an array of civil rights, Crime Victims Rights and harassing the victim Todd Robben in this matter.

The various “John Does” and “Jane Does” are the various El Dorado District Attorney employees who have been involved in the matter.

Todd Robben has made every effort to comply with the California Rules of Civil Procedure and Local Rules of the Court and requests the Court to suspend the rules to construe liberally most favorable to the pleader to allow substantial justice and Due Process. ‘Pleadings shall be so construed as to do substantial justice.’ We frequently have stated that pro se pleadings are to be given a liberal construction. Baldwin County Welcome Center v. Brown 466 U.S. 147,104 S. Ct. 1723,80 L. Ed. 2d 196,52 U.S.L.W. 3751 [Emphasis added]




  1. I.                  THE LAW AND Relevant background
    1. a.   substantial motivating factor

The substantial motivating factor for this writ of mandate is made evident upon its face because the El Dorado District Attorney is unlawfully dismissing an accusation in violation of the following State and Federal authorities and law.

The El Dorado District Attorney is flagrantly and egregiously ignoring evidence and fabricating evidence without power to unilaterally to dismiss an accusation based on controlling law.

Bradley v. Lacy El Dordaro District Attorney, 53 Cal. App. 4th 883 – Cal: Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate Dist. 1997 states the following:

“Thus the district attorney is without the power unilaterally to dismiss an accusation. As an officer of the court, the district attorney must perform his duties in a professional manner.(Reaves v. Superior Court (1971) 22 Cal.App.3d 587, 596, 99 Cal.Rptr. 156.)[Emphasis added]

B:  FEDERAL CRIME occurred

Richard Justin conspired with Dennis Justin and Douglas Lewis and a “John Doe” (private investigator) who crossed State lines from Nevada into California and violated the “Interstate Commerce” laws as well as private citizens “Acting Under the Color of Law”.  Federal law violations including 18 USC § 16 – Crime of violence and 18 U.S.C. § 3771 and Section 242 of US Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution.

Dennis Justin and Richard Justin acted as Assailants, Accomplices, Accessories and Ring Leaders to the crime(s) listed in El Dorado Court Case # S13CRM0209 naming Douglas Lewis as the single Defendant, and not Dennis Justin or Richard Justin. Continue reading

Placerville DA Vern Pierson’s assistant outed as anonymous shill blogger “Justice Insider” ?

Vern Pierson corrupt

Vern Pierson corrupt

**UPDATE DA Vern Pierson and Bill Clark hold the position Dennis Justin was not at the crime scene as debunked in this new June 04, 2013 deposition** See new video of Nevada Bounty Hunter / Bail bondsman Dennis Justin explain how he entered Ty Robben’s home, watched Robben get tased and note there was no fight as they once said.

Notice Mr. Justin make jokes about tasering Robben and then make a wild false statement under the penalty of perjury that SLTPD was/is  “investigating” Robben for alleged threats to California Governor Jerry Brown! Mr. Justin then refers to Jerry Brown as a piece of ____.  I called SLTPD and spoke to a detective who’s name I should list, but I’ll keep in confidential and assured me SLTPD is not “investigating” me (Robben) and they would not be the agency who would investigate threats to the Governor. For the record, I don’t follow Jerry Brown, blog about Mr. Brown or have any negative feelings toward the California Governor. See that new story here: https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/placerville-da-vern-piersons-assistant-outed-as-anonymous-shill-blogger-justice-insider/

DA Vern Pierson’s assistant Bill Clark outed as anonymous Mt. Democrat bully/ DA shill blogger “Justice Insider”. 

Interesting comments on the flurry of Vern Pierson news with the DA protests and Ray Nutting corruption all coming at the same time.  Looks like the DA office tried some anonymous shill blogging to control the spin and it backfired as well.

By the way, this was posted on a recent Sac Bee story. The “Justice Insider” part ties into the Mt. Democrat stories on my protest and Ray Nutting where over 100 comments were posted in one day.  See that here: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/supervisor-nutting-arrested/

Ty Robben is not the blogger who said this:

” Sis says that Nutting is simply following in the footsteps of his fellow felon, former Mayor (Dirty Dave) Machado of Placerville who was arrested and charged on counts of conflict of interest for voting on Redevelopment issues while owning property within that same district, not to mention remodeling his rental units (which caught on fire) without a permit. Dirty Dave got a slap on the wrist some say because he knew where all the bodies are buried, not unlike the chump Nutting. Sis also wonders where the heck the FBI is?

It is common knowledge in Placerville that the District Attorney and the County Auditor Joe Harn are as crooked as a three dollar bill.

Sis also says that now that the Assistant District Attorney (the tall one) who has been outed blogging to the local paper spinning the news in favor of his boss the D.A. under the name of “Justice Insider”,what will his new blog name be? Sis also wants to know what the responsibility of a newspaper (The Democrat) is when they know that a local government official (Justice Insider) is known to be blogging misleading news to the public?

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/06/04/5471502/el-dorado-county-supervisor-nutting.html#storylink=cpy

Supervisor Nutting arrested

El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting was arrested Tuesday on felony charges of failing to disclose income, filing false documents, perjury and failing to recuse himself from votes in which he had a financial interest.

El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson announced the District 2 representative’s arrest in a press release issued Tuesday afternoon.

The charges are related to grants Nutting received from the Sierra Coordinated Resource Management Council to complete fuel reduction projects funded by Proposition 40 grants on his south county property, as well as other income the supervisor allegedly failed to report. As an El Dorado County supervisor, Nutting takes part in votes that affect the SCRMC.

Count 1 alleges that Nutting knowingly filed a false economic interest statement in 2010.

Count 2 cites Nutting’s alleged failure to disclose the nearly $72,000 he received from the SCRMC in 2009. “Defendant belatedly attempted to report four-and-a-half years late in 2013 while still failing to disclose the entity which wrote the check,” the complaint states. It also states that Nutting failed to disclose $26,040 in cash deposited into his personal bank account, $6,803 received for work performed and more than $16,330 Nutting received in rental income.

Count 3 addresses paperwork Nutting submitted related to 2009 Prop. 40 brush clearing projects. The complaint alleges the documents contain false information and lack supporting material. Continue reading

Dennis Justin of the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds admits he was at the crime scene and makes the wild accusation Robben is being investigated by SLTPD for “threatening” Governor Jerry Brown!

Dennis Justin

Dennis Justin admits guilt

Dennis Justin of the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds admits he was at the crime scene and makes the wild accusation Ty Robben is being investigated by SLTPD for “threatening” Governor Jerry Brown! This keeps getting crazy folks. Sit back and listen to this.

UPDATE: As of June 04, 2013 SLTPD confirms there was never an “investigation” into Ty Robben threatening California Jerry Brown, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval or anyone else. Just more perjury by Dennis Justin.

Okay, so now Vern Pierson’s statement “we have no proof,” that the guy was there. So now, the US Supreme Court demands that a “rational basis” for continued favoritism where certain favored individuals are not prosecuted, even when they admit “being responsible. Enquist v. Oregon was originated from the our circuit courts in Olech v. Willowbrook. The supreme court demands that officials no longer arbitrary enforced the law, especially when it violates the California constitution, Marcy’s Law, Article 28.

In the Placerville news story below, DA Vern Pierson and Bill Clark allege Dennis Justin was not at the scene-of-the-crime.

…Well, it looks like the truth has come out!

After Robben’s attorney spoke with the District Attorney’s Office, Robben revealed that the reason they are not prosecuted is that they “can’t prove Dennis Justin was here.” He said that Justin never denied it, however, and again pointed out that Justin allegedly admitted to slashing Robben’s tires. If there is no prosecution, Robben said, he will call for the resignations of Pierson and deputy district attorney Bill Clark, who is handling the case.

Richard Justin, brother of Dennis Justin, said that they would be unable to comment on the matter due to pending lawsuits. But, “the truth will come out,” he said.

mountain democrat

Man protests corruption outside courthouse, DA’s Office

IMG_20130520_131902A protest concerning possible corruption in El Dorado County was the result of what the organizer described as a kidnapping and assault by bounty hunters illegally trying to detain him.

Todd “Ty” Robben, a former IT worker for the Nevada Department of Taxation, was arrested after he supposedly harassed a member of the Nevada Department of Transportation. He said, however, that he was simply trying to serve her a subpoena.

“She was complaining she had not been personally served,” he said, so he went in person to do it. As a result, a district attorney in Carson City, Nev. charged him with assault and disturbing the peace.

The roles were seemingly reversed when bounty hunters showed up at Robben’s door, kicking it in, tasing him three times and slashing his tires, he claimed. Continue reading