Creed Singer Scott Stapp Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Target Conspiracy EXPOSED !!

News from the mainstream lying media is telling us that lead signer of the band Creed Scott Stapp has gone insane after he posted a video on-line claiming he was a victim! In this videoThe Vigilant Christian looks at this video that the media is saying he is supposedly incoherent in! Well let’s be the judge of that!

Creed frontman Scott Stapp, whose Grammy-winning band once led the Billboard album charts and played to sold out crowds in the late 90s, posted a Facebook video on Wednesday revealing shocking details about his current living situation.

“Right now I’m living in a Holiday Inn, by the grace of God, because there’s been a couple of weeks I had to live in my truck,” he said in the new video. “I had no money, not even for gas or food. I went two days without eating because I had no money and ended up in an emergency room.”

The former rock star said that a personal audit revealed that money had been stolen and royalty payments had not come through.

“When someone can have all their money taken out of their bank account and no one’s held responsible, when someone can get targeted by the IRS because of a clerical error, when someone can get completely slandered and lies made up about them and post it all over the Internet and there’s no consequences for those people, there’s a problem. There’s definitely a problem. This is not the country that I grew up believing in. This is not the America that I want for my children and their future.”

Stapp also denied taking drugs or alcohol in the video, saying “I’m sober as can be. Once the rumors started coming out I began getting blood and urine tests once a week just in case someone called me to the carpet on it, I can prove it.”

Creed, who have sold over 28 million albums worldwide, are currently on hiatus after a brief reunion tour in 2012.

Scott Stapp Is Trying to Crowdsource $480,000 to Record a Solo Album
The former Creed singer claimed he was broke and homeless last week

James Grebey

December 1 2014, 10:57 AM ET

Scott Stapp, who just last week claimed to be broke, hungry, and homeless, is now asking other people pull him up by his bootstraps by attempting to crowdsource nearly half a million dollars. The former Creed singer is asking for $480,000 so he can record a solo album and write his first book. On his Fundly page, Stapp explains that he wants to work with his old producer Howard Benson and engineer Chris Lord-Alge. At the same time, he promises to write his “first book in the fiction category,” though no plot details have been released. “Need 2fund both projects,” the embattled musician wrote, forgoing the use of real words when numbers will suffice.

As of Monday morning, Stapp has only raised $522, a wee bit shy of his final fundraising goal, though there’s still 119 days left to donate. Perhaps potential donors are concerned about the project’s viability: According to documents acquired by TMZ, his soon-to-be ex-wife Jaclyn Stapp said the singer was “doing so much amphetamines, crystal meth, and steroids that he has become a paranoid shell who has threatened to kill himself and his family.” She also filed a petition to have Stapp involuntarily committed to a psych ward for 60 days. But hey, if you really want to read Stapp’s debut fiction novel, donate here.

Scott Stapp’s Bandmates and Family Members React to Creed Singer’s Meltdown

Fernando Leon, Getty Images

As Creed frontman Scott Stapp continues to sort out whatever issues led to the recent public meltdown culminating (for now) in his mother-in-law and estranged wife trying to have him temporarily committed, Stapp’s son and bandmates have shared their concern and confusion via social media.

Sixteen-year-old Jagger Stapp, responding to a series of “now playing” posts on his father’s Facebook page, offered some tough love via Twitter, telling followers, “My dad is too busy posting songs on his FB hiding out for attention rather then [sic] getting his act together #dadstop … To all tho [sic] confused, my father once again chose drugs over his family. He needs help, but refuses to get it. He’s been on a 9 week binge.”

The elder Stapp, for his part, has maintained that he’s sober and being tested weekly to prove it, but the divorce papers filed by his wife Jaclyn tell a different story, alleging that he’s been taking a variety of drugs since leaving their home in October. Stapp continues to insist that he’s been the victim of extensive financial fraud totaling the tens of millions, and has vowed to make sure “justice is served.”

To that end, Stapp has used the official Creed Facebook page to try and drum up crowdfunding support for his latest ventures, which include a new solo album and a novel. He’s currently seeking $480,000 for both projects, although his efforts have already inspired at least one anti-Stapp campaign.

More than anything, fans seem concerned for Stapp’s well-being, and have questioned why Creed’s social media outlets are being used as a mouthpiece for the band’s troubled singer. Guitarist Mark Tremonti has pointed the finger at the group’s label, insisting reps there gave Stapp the password for their Facebook account.

Meanwhile, bassist Brian Marshall has assured fans, “I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve reached out to Scott Stapp. We talked briefly yesterday and he seems to be okay. … I let him know that we were all worried and if he needed a sober friend to talk to that I’m always available.”

See the Mugshots of Scott Stapp and Other Rock Stars

New blog sites to focus on Carson City Corruption involving Judge Tatro, DA candidate Mark Krueger and Sheriff Kenny Furlong



New blog sites to focus  on Carson City Corruption involving Judge Tatro, DA candidate Mark Krueger and Sheriff Kenny Furlong

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UPDATE:  May 24, 2014 They are trying to shut down the new blogs once again… Stay tuned… For now go here:


Are you aware of the ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court case Times v. Sullivan (1964) which states this, in part:

As Americans we have a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on Public Issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide open. And that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.




Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong has no problem with medical pot

Carson City Sheriff kenny furlongCarson City Sheriff Ken Furlong has no problem with cancer patients and others being prescribed medical marijuana as part of their treatment, he said Tuesday. He added that his understanding of a new Nevada law is that even if he and other Carson City officials disagree with it, they don’t have the option of denying all licenses for a dispensary. The law approved by the 2013 Legislature sets out how many dispensaries are permitted in each county.

Sheriff Kenneth T. Furlong was born and raised in Carson City. He graduated from Carson High in 1975, then enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1978. While in the Air Force, Kenny earned an Associates Degree in Police Science, another Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

No problem with medical pot – Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

He retired from the USAF, Office of Special Investigations, in 1998. Before his election to the Office of Sheriff, Kenny was employed as a Detective Sergeant with the Department of Public Safety, Major Crimes Unit. This appointment followed his transfer from the Nevada State Parole and Probation Department, where he served as a Court Services Officer and Field Supervision Officer.nevada pot

Since taking office, Sheriff Furlong has introduced several new programs and has reestablished a few from the past. The most visible programs include: Volunteers in Policing, Chaplain’s Program, Community Resource Officers, and a revitalized Reserve Program. He is committed to enhancing law enforcement in Carson City through educational opportunities, community involvement and youth/senior citizen contacts.

Kenny spends his free time with wife, Phyllis, their two grown children and two grandchildren. He also enjoys cars, motorcycles, sports and computers.

Sheriff Furlong is the 26th Sheriff to serve Ormsby County/Carson City since 1861.

Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary Law Signed By Brian Sandoval

nevadamarijuana1CARSON CITY, Nev. — After 13 years of waiting, medical marijuana patients in Nevada will soon have a legal way to obtain the drug without growing it themselves.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval signed SB374 into law in June 2013. The measure establishes the framework to make pot available to medical marijuana card holders, and imposes fees and requirements for growers, processors and dispensaries. It also contains provisions to continue to allow home-growing until 2016.

The tax revenue created will first fund the regulation of the dispensaries. Any remaining revenue will be funneled to education.

According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, Nevada is the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries, and one of 19 states to allow medicinal pot, along with the District of Columbia. norml



Nevada Laws & Penalties

Offense Penalty Incarceration   Max. Fine


Personal Use

1 oz or less (first offense) misdemeanor N/A $ 600
1 oz or less (second offense) misdemeanor N/A $ 1,000
1 oz or less (third offense) misdemeanor 1 year $ 1,000
1 oz or less (fourth offense) felony 1* – 4 years $ 5,000
Or mandatory assessment or treatment for first and second offense
* Mandatory minimum sentence

With intent to distribute

Any amount felony 1* – 4 years $ 5,000
Following a felony conviction of any drug offense felony 1* – 5 years $ 10,000
If previously convicted of two or more drug felonies felony 3* – 15 years $ 20,000
* Mandatory minimum sentence

Sale or Delivery

Less than 100 lbs (first offense) felony 1* – 6 years $ 20,000
Less than 100 lbs (second offense) felony 2* – 10 years $ 20,000
Less than 100 lbs (third offense) felony 3* – 15 years $ 15,000
100 – 2000 lbs felony 1* – 5 years $ 25,000
2000 – 10,000 lbs felony 2* – 10 years $ 50,000
10,000 lbs or more felony 2* – life $ 200,000
* Mandatory minimum sentence


100 – 2000 lbs felony 1* – 5 years $ 25,000
2000 – 10,000 lbs felony 2* – 10 years $ 50,000
10,000 lbs or more felony 2* – life $ 200,000
* Mandatory minimum sentence

Hash & Concentrates

Penalties for hashish are the same as for marijuana. Please see the marijuana penalties section for further details.


Possession or use of paraphernalia misdemeanor 6 mos $ 1,000
Sale, delivery, manufacture, or possession with intent felony 1* – 4 years $ 5,000
Sale to a minor who is at least 3 years younger felony 1* – 5 years $ 10,000
* Mandatory minimum sentence

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Vehicles and other property may be seized.

Miscellaneous (license suspensions, civil damages, etc…)

Knowingly maintaining a structure used for drug offenses felony 1* – 6 years $ 10,000
100 – 2000 lbs civil penalty N/A $ 350,000
2000 – 10,000 lbs civil penalty N/A $ 700,000
10,000 lbs or more civil penalty N/A $ 1,000,000
* Mandatory minimum sentence

2013 Burning Man = Police State on the playa State, fed law enforcement law enforcement 1 officer to every 1,000 participants

burning man cops

Busted at Burning man? See Nevada Laws & Penalties


The freedom-loving hippie “burners” attending the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nev. this week may believe they’re communing in a happy cocoon with no laws. 

In reality, undercover federal agents from all over the West are swarming the “temporary community” as they do every year and busting people for doing or selling drugs, local attorney and former cop Arnold Brock tells Business Insider. These agents do whatever they can to fit in at the 50,000-person festival, which Brock called a “unique event” that’s kind of like Woodstock.

Drone’s eye view of Burning Man 2013

Last year we had an undercover agent dressed up as catwoman,” Brock says. “They will do whatever they do to … ferret out what they are considering criminal activity.”

Brock has an entire page on his website devoted to the “Burning-Man Related Arrests” that can happen to out-of-towners attending the festival. The festival goers might have their guard down and could be easy targets.

“It is a tremendous opportunity for undercover agents to go have a little fun and work a limited geographic area,” Brock says. “And that is exactly what they do.”

In some cases, Brock says, federal agents will even follow vehicles involved in larger drug deals from out of state and bust them once they arrive at Burning Man. Last year, 350 people were arrested thereaccording to the Reno Gazette.

Some burners have accused the cops of being overzealous in recent years. Festival attendees have complained about undercover female agents explicitly asking male burners for drugs as well as drug dogs brazenly roaming the camps, the Associated Press reported back in 2010.

Federal officials, however, said Burning Man needs to be policed.

“I don’t want my guys to be party poopers, but we have a job to do,” Mark Pirtle, special agent in charge for the Bureau of Land Management, told the AP. “[Festival goers] are not bad people, but they like to use drugs.

ASK JOE BURNINGMANVIDEO UPDATE: Reno news KRNV Ask Joe: How many crimes occur at Burning Man ?

Patty  Gordon wrote in saying she has heard there are many serious crimes committed at Burning Man and she wants to know if that’s true ?

Patty, Pershing County is considered the lead law enforcement agency when it comes to Burning Man. I checked with Sheriff Machado in Pershing County. He did not have complete numbers but I did a get partial list. There are 50 investigative cases which are now open and being investigated.   Machado says the crimes reported at burning man this year included open and gross lewdness, twelve sexual assaults, battery and various property crimes and DUI.  A total of 15 people were taken to jail.    Keep in mind there are more than 60,000 people up there for burning man, but there clearly are crimes being committed during the festival.    Again the sheriff’s department is still compiling all of the numbers and we’ll follow up when they have complete list

2013 Burning Man Tyranny on the Playa

Tyranny on the playa An estimated 68,000 people are anticipated to stream into the Black Rock Desert near Gerlach, Nev. for Burning Man beginning Sunday, and federal and state law enforcement agencies for the event said this year they are implementing a new integration to ensure the public’s safety.

“We have integrated resources and manpower out of need and because the population has grown,” Pershing County Sheriff Richard Machado said. “The population is to the point now that it’s imperative that we work together to manage this event.”2013 burningman

In previous years, each sector of law enforcement covered thier own agency jurisdictions and relied on the resources they brought out for the event.

In addition to sharing resources this year, there will be one law enforcement command post in Black Rock City stationed near Burning Man’s Black Rock Ranger’s station and each vehicle will have a state officer and a federal officer to ensure they can respond to any incident at the event.

2013 The Man burns!

Know your rights at burning man!

2012 Burn video

Golden Lips of Silence – Playa Police

“We knew that we needed to take an internal look at this operation and we knew that integration was a key component of that,” the Bureau of Land Management Special Agent-In-Charge Dan Love said.

Love said they will staff 102 officers total for the event between the PCSO and the BLM. He said for every shift, 64 officers will be on duty on the playa and will rotate in overlapping shifts every 12 hours. Overall, he said, it’s a ratio of 1 officer to every 1,000 participants. Continue reading