Trump and Hillary Refuse to Explain Why They Both Have the Same Address In Delaware
This brick-and-mortar, nondescript two-story building in Wilmington, Delaware would be awfully crowded if its registered occupants — 285,000 companies — actually resided there. What’s come to be known as the “Delaware loophole” — the unassuming building at 1209 North Orange Street — has become, as the Guardian described, “famous for helping tens of thousands of companies avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in tax.”

Reportedly dozens of Fortune 500 companies — Coca-Cola, Walmart, American Airlines, and Apple, to name a few — use Delaware’s strict corporate secrecy laws and legal tax loopholes by registering the North Orange Street address for official business.

“Big corporations, small-time businesses, rogues, scoundrels, and worse — all have turned up at the Delaware address in hopes of minimizing taxes, skirting regulations, plying friendly courts or, when needed, covering their tracks,” the New York Times’ Leslie Wayne described in 2012. “It’s easy to set up shell companies here, no questions asked.”

While the legitimacy of taxes as a concept may be up to personal interpretation, what matters in Clinton’s use of the so-called Delaware loophole, in particular, is her constant harping on the need for corporations and elite individuals to pay their fair share. In other words, Clinton’s employment of North Orange Street amounts to a telling, Do As I Say, Not As I Do. And, as the Guardian notes, both of “the leading candidates for president – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – have companies registered at 1209 North Orange, and have refused to explain why.”

As Rupert Neate explained for the Guardian, being registered in the tiny state allows “companies to legally shift earnings from other states to Delaware, where they are not taxed on non-physical incomes generated outside of state.”

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The Establishment Is Preparing For Martial Law And Civil War: “Trump’s Pursuit Of Presidency Will Be The Spark”

Will Donald Trump’s Candidacy Be the Catalyst for Civil War? The Establishment is Preparing
By Dave Hodges

In the business of uncovering both present and coming events, in an effort to warn the public so they can prepare accordingly, we often uncover material that is nefarious, but we are often unsure as to how an event could fit into an entire paradigm. Along these lines, I recall what Steve Quayle once said as a guest on my show “We are no longer talking about what is coming, what is coming is already here“. In the light of unfolding events, based on their connections to past events, a clear and distinguishable picture is emerging.

The Trump Factor

trump-spark1Can he be stopped?

If Trump has the nomination stolen from him, there will be, as Trump himself has stated, riots! If Donald Trump is assassinated, there will be riots in every major American city. The coming GOP convention is promising to make the 1968 Democratic Convention look like an elementary school recess in comparison. I am growing convinced by the day that Donald Trump’s pursuit of the Presidency will likely be the spark that brings on martial law and ends with civil war. George Soros and his criminal organizations, such as and Black Lives Matter, et al., have demonstrated that they will go to any lengths to stop Donald Trump.

trump-spark2Soros will see Clinton elected at any cost

Soros’ tactics, on behalf of the criminal elite have not worked. If anything, Soros has driven even more American citizens into the Trump camp with their reprehensible tactics predicated on violence.

trump-spark3As the police brutalized the protesters at the 1968 Democratic Convention
the protesters chanted “The whole world is watching”….

No matter which direction the GOP nomination goes, there will be violence. There will be widespread violence if he defeats Clinton in the General Election.

The Establishment Is Preparing for What Is Coming This Summer

As  I have reported on many occasions before, the government is storing 30,000 guillotines and they are the most efficient mass execution device ever invented.

And what will they do with the bodies?


This appeared on Steve Quayle’s website entitled Q Alerts. It is an eyewitness account of portable incinerators traveling into Albuquerque. Why would anyone need portable incinerators? The answer is easy, incinerators will be used to dispose of the remains of people who are executed by guillotine.

NEW MEXICO–I noticed 2 men, sitting in the front, and what appeared to be a ‘smoke stack’, behind the drivers side. In my spirit I seemed to ‘know’ what this was – a portable incinerator.

“I just wanted to share something I witnessed yesterday driving through the pass between the Sandia Mts, heading west into ABQ. It was @ 5 PM, and I came up on this odd looking truck. From behind, as I came upon it, I
thought it looked like some new, small refuse truck, but the back was sort of odd looking; no lift or the kind of mechanism you see on a garbage truck. The body of the truck was round. As I passed this truck, I noticed that it was all white, and no markings anywhere, no company name, no ID numbers, nothing visible. This truck was moving slower than the 65 MPH limit, so as I passed it, and pulled in front, in my rear view I noticed 2 men, sitting in the front, and what appeared to be a ‘smoke stack’, behind the drivers side. In my spirit I seemed to ‘know’ what this was – a portable incinerator…”

Jennifer   Mar 18, 2016

UWEX 16 – Foreign Troops Arriving In Texas In Preparation To Train For The Coming Civil War

I have received information regarding a large influx of troops at Fort Bullus and Fort Bliss. One eyewitness, a civilian contractor has had first hand contact with the troops. Both bases are involved in UWEX 16 which is, among other things, designed to practice for fighting a civil war against American troops.

Further, the Independent Media has been alive with accounts of FEMA camp activations, which has actually been going on for almost two years.

In 2014, I reported on a large influx of potential 5th column terrorists (eg MS-13) with DHS ordering their admittance with the Border Patrol acting as their proxy.


(The CIA sponsored ISIS/MS-13 fifth column gangsters are coming to your neighborhood armed with IED’s, anti-tank weapons, automatic weapons and WMD’s courtesy of of the 2014 immigration crisis immigration crisis.)

In 2015, I reported on the Judicial Watch documents which clearly showed that ISIS was maintaining a base camp less than 8 miles from El Paso, TX.

I have also reported on FM 39.4, of the Army Resettlement documents

Appendix N  Foreign Confinement Officer Training Program

Training U.S. Trainers

N-43. Soldiers and Marines who are assigned training missions receive a course of preparation to deal with the specific requirements of developing the target HN confinement officers (i.e. foreign detention officers). The course should emphasize the cultural background of the HN, introduce its language (to include specific confinement-related terms and phrases) and provide insights into cultural tips for developing a good rapport with HN personnel.

The above document should need no explanation.

False Flag Terror Events On Multiple Fronts Is Coming

I have stated for the record that the U.S. was going to be attacked on multiple fronts at multiple times by 5th column operatives allowed into this country by the Obama administration.

Oregon Live through its association with the AP and its twitter feed, is reporting the following:

“Serbia’s authorities are investigating reports that a cargo package bound for Portland contained two missiles with explosive warheads on a passenger flight from Lebanon.

N1 television said the package with two guided armor-piercing missiles was discovered Saturday by a sniffer dog after an Air Serbia flight from Beirut landed at a Belgrade airport.”

If the following does not raise collective eyebrows, nothing will. And of course, the authorities are trying to spin this event by saying the missiles were unarmed and were part of a training exercise. I am having a hard time controlling my laughter as I wrote the words to the previous sentence.

We Have Come Full Circle


What is written above is only a fraction of what has been reported on The Common Sense Showover past two years related to civil war preparations. Now that there is some historical perspective, it is becoming clear that a massive conflict between the people, some of our military units versus DHS and their foreign troop operatives is very close. There only needs to be a match that is lit. And what could spark rioting in every major city? It would be if Donald Trump wins. It would be if Donald Trump has the election stolen from him.  Regardless, it is going to be on long and very hot summer.

Dave Hodges is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedom Phoenix, News With Views, and The Arizona Republic. 

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty. You can follow Dave’s work at his web site, on Facebook and Twitter.

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HOW THE GOP ELITE PLAN TO ROB DONALD TRUMP Cleveland, ladies and gentlemen, won’t be for the faint of heart

How the GOP Elite Plan To Rob Donald Trump
Shhhh. I’ve just come from a meeting of the Republican Establishment. You know, those guys who want to replace what the voters want with what they want. That Republican Establishment. I’m not supposed to tell you what was said, so don’t quote me. I’ve been to every Republican National Convention since 1964 and I’ve worked the floor in every convention since 1972 including for Ronald Reagan in 1976, the last time we had a contested GOP Convention. So let’s just say I know the ropes.

Despite his historic run in the primaries, Trump will never, repeat never, get the nomination if this bunch can stop him. Forget about them conceding Trump the victory once he gets to the magic 1237 (Fifty percent of the available delegates). They’ve cooked up a strategy to be employed at all costs to steal delegates from Trump so that he’ll fall below the 1237 on the first ballot, and then, before the second ballot to present one of their group (Mitt Romney, call your office) as the Savior of the Grand Old Party. While each state’s individual law governs, most delegates are not bound to the candidate that brought them once the first ballot is over. Stall Trump on the first ballot and the Bush-Romney-Rubio-Kasich-Ryan-McConnell combine can go really to work
Cleveland, ladies and gentlemen, won’t be for the faint of heart.

The insiders have poured over the rules of the Republican Party (well, heck, they WROTE those rules in the first place) and they have found a way to lie, cheat and steal Trump out of enough delegates to force a second ballot. Here is how they plan to do it: Rule 16 (d). This byzantine concoction of legalese, simply put, says that nobody can be a delegate if he is from a state where voters who are not registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. Like Massachusetts, where Trump got 22 delegates. Not like New Hampshire, where Democrats and Independents can officially re-register as Republicans going into the polling booth, vote on a Republican ballot, and re-register as a Dem on their way out, all on the same day. But like Arkansas, where Trump racked up 16 delegates.
Let me put it another way: in New Hampshire, Republican primary ballots are only given to registered Republicans, even if the voter registered as a Republican exactly 7 ½ seconds before getting the ballot and switched back to Democrat 12 seconds after he voted Republican. The point is the voter was an official Republican when he got the ballot and voted. Other states omit this nicety and just ask voters which ballot they want when they walk in, regardless of their registration. The GOP bigwigs plan on challenging Trump’s delegates from those states.
Missouri is an example of another opportunity for the establishment to practice chicanery. Missouri’s rules regarding delegate selection are clear and simple to follow: the winner in each of the state’s eight congressional districts gets 5 votes. The winner of the entire state then gets an extra 12 votes. Easy, peasey, right? WRONG. Missouri law doesn’t require county election authorities to report votes by congressional district, only by county. But ever since Baker v. Carr (the “one man, one vote” case) congressional districts don’t mirror county lines, because all 435 congressional districts have to have roughly the same number of people in them, and county lines don’t change as easily as congressional district lines. So, the Secretary of State of Missouri, Jason Kander – The youngest statewide elected official in America – a DEMOCRAT- will make the decision how many delegates to certify to each candidate, Trump, Cruz and Kasich. That sound you hear is of lawyers busily writing lawsuits to file if the county election officials refuse to report by congressional district, and we’ll see what happens in the next few days. But back to the convention steal.
The GOP Kingmakers may argue that Rule 38 – which prohibits states from requiring their delegations from voting as a unit, by a majority vote of all members of their state delegation—could,be interpreted to mean that delegates are not bound at all, even on the first ballot! (However tortured this reasoning is, all you have to remember is that the courts aren’t the ones to interpret these rules, they are going to have the meaning that a majority (there’s that pesky 1237 number) of delegates who survive any challenges to being seated, give to these rules. That brings us now to the mechanics of the steal, which is to say, contests to seating particular individual delegates.
Not later than 22 days before the July convention starts, there will be a meeting of the Standing Committee on Contests, whose membership is drawn from the Republican National Committee (“RNC”…the ultimate party “establishment”) to hear any “contest,” meaning “challenge” to the right of any specific person to be a delegate. These contests must be filed 30 or more days before the planned start of the convention. Then, the Standing Committee makes its recommendation to the full RNC which will have the final say, again, before the convention even begins. However, they don’t have the final say. On the first day of the convention, the Convention Committee on Credentials will meet to hear appeals of the RNC’s decisions. Since this Committee is comprised of ordinary delegates (not necessarily RNC elites) this is where the Big-Shot’s secret plan can come unraveled. That is if Donald’s operatives have these rules, and particularly rules 19-25, memorized by heart and are canny enough to know exactly how and when to use these rules to advantage.
But all is not is lost to The Donald’s cause – far from it. If he is close to the magic number on the first ballot he has the Vice Presidential nomination to barter with on the second. Widespread voter fraud in Texas and Oklahoma and the structure of the ballot in Ohio could sustain challenges before the entire convention to the seating of those delegations. After all, this is precisely how Dwight D. Eisenhower wrested the nomination from Bob Taft in 1952. But make no mistake: the Big Steal is ON.
Roger Stone ( served as an advisor to the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and remains a close confidante of the Republican frontrunner.
Watch: Roger Stone breaks down the GOP elite’s plan to rob Donald Trump of the upcoming election. As they brazenly admit their plan publicly, Stone announces that Trump is well aware and has his own plan to stop their attempt to crush the voice of the American people.

Trump takes on the BLM in Nevada

In his One View column, Donald J. Trump attempts to make BLM the scapegoat for all the problems in the West [“Trump: Nevada, U.S. need president who obeys rule of law,” Voices, Jan. 30].

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s statements about BLM are factually incorrect.  The BLM does not control over 85 percent of the land in Nevada.  Public lands in Nevada are managed by several federal agencies, including BLM, the Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.  According to the Congressional Research Service, BLM lands account for 68 percent of the federal lands in Nevada.

Second, the BLM is not “reluctant” to release land in Clark County to help with affordable housing, as Mr. Trump states.  Section 7(b) of the 1998 Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Acts allows BLM to sell land up to a 95 percent discount for affordable housing.   Several affordable housing projects have been developed in Clark County as a result.

Candace H. Stowell, Carson City

Poll: Trump leads Rubio in Florida by double digits

(CNN)Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is in serious danger of losing his home state to Republican presidential rival Donald Trump, a new poll shows.

Trump leads Rubio 44% to 28% in the Sunshine State, according to a Quinnipiac University poll of Florida released Thursday.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas placed third with 12% support, ahead of Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 7% and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 4%.

The survey shows Florida voters are beginning to make up their minds: Only 5% of likely Republican primary voters said they are undecided, though 30% say they may change which candidate they support.

The Florida GOP primary, which awards the winner all of its 99 delegates, will take place March 15.

While Rubio has dismissed concerns about his primary strategy — and continues to insist that the fractured GOP field has contributed to Trump’s dominance — failure to win a single delegate in his home state’s winner-take-all contest would seriously undercut his viability as a candidate.

Rubio aide Todd Harris was quick to shrug off the Florida poll, writing on Twitter, “Media needs to chill. The FL Q poll #’s are way wrong. We are going to win Florida. Period. Take it to the bank.”

Suppose, for example, that Trump nominated Brian Sandoval to replace Justice Scalia.

American ThinkerIf Donald Trump is a true conservative, then there is no danger at all in electing him to be president.  Trump might, in fact, introduce a new and dynamic electoral element to conservatism, as he noted when observing that he might carry New York and other traditionally leftist states in the northeast part of our nation.  If Trump is a true conservative, then he could be the best thing that happened to conservatives in America since Reagan.

Brian Sandoval with his bong

Brian Sandoval with his bong

His dealing-making prowess, his willingness to tweak the delicate noses of political correctness, his willingness to take on the Republican Establishment – all these are great advantages that Trump would have over most Republican nominees or Republican presidents…if Trump is a true conservative.  We all ought to hope that Donald Trump is just that – a conservative who cherishes the values of conservatives and wants to restore the moral greatness of America (the other so-called “greatness” of wealth and power don’t really matter).

What, though, if Donald Trump is not just a RINO, but a CINO – a “conservative in name only”?  What if Trump really does see the problems of politics today that we do not negotiate tough enough deals or that we do not manage government well enough?  What if Trump believes that he can save America by producing business growth (without also constraining federal courts, reducing presidential power, and re-asserting the only true greatness of our nation: its moral greatness)?brian sandoval proclamation

This does not mean Trump is insincere or phony, but just that he honestly believes that muscle and money make everything right.  What is the danger to that?  If Trump is President Trump, he is also the leader of the Republican Party, and Congress will have no real chance of stopping much of what he proposes.

Suppose, for example, that Trump nominated Brian Sandoval to replace Justice Scalia.  Sandoval is a “moderate” who would sometimes rule with the leftist side of the court.  What if Trump then appointed Chris Christie to the next vacancy?  The Supreme Court would move sharply left without any true leftist being appointed, and Senate Republicans could do nothing about it.

What if Trump, anxious to “get things done,” decided that the vast arrogation of executive power by Obama, while wrong in theory, was just what he needed to implement his agenda?  If Trump is “results oriented” instead of “rights oriented,” then, like leftists, Trump might take the attitude that the ends justify the means, and what, exactly, could Republicans in Congress do about that?

Furthermore, what if Trump intended to reform health care “sensibly” but still embrace a single-payer plan?  He might construct something better than Obamacare, but the underlying principle of keeping government out of health care would be lost, perhaps forever, in American politics.  In one sense, an Obamacare that is wildly unpopular is better, in the long run, than a Trumpcare favorably received.

This assumes, of course, that Trump really does fancy himself a conservative who joined the Republican Party recently as the best way of implementing his particular conservative program.  What if Trump is really more of a moderate who is trying to temper the conservative movement, even as he kicks out an incompetent and corrupt Democrat administration?

Talk of “bringing Americans together” is always scary stuff – very much the glop of true RINOs.  We need, instead, to split America apart and produce victory for conservatives over leftists and their tapioca moderate friends.  While trying to do the right thing, Trump may so divide conservatives and so splinter Republicans in Congress that we can do nothing, except what Trump feels is good policy, for at least four years.

Conservatives are always weakest with a Republican president like Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Bush, or Bush as the titular head of the only reservoir of conservative political power.  Except for Nixon, the other four of those Republican presidents were honorable and decent men.  But all were disasters for conservative policies in America.

Indeed, most of the awful programs since World War Two were brought to us with RINO presidents whipping conservatives in Congress into supporting their “reforms.”  The opportunity for good things if Trump is a true conservative are great, but the dangers to conservatives if he is not truly conservative are monumental.


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Mitt Romney Endorsed Donald Trump……. Before Selling His Soul To The Devil


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

“Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works. To create jobs for the American people. He’s done it here in Nevada. He’s done it across the country. He understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. He’s one of the few people who stood up and said China has been cheating. They’ve taken jobs from Americans. They haven’t played fair. We have to have a President who will stand up to cheaters.” – Mitt Romney

After Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney in February 2012, Romney stood before the world and stated what is written above, seen in the video below.

It is now 2016 and Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nominee and Mitt Romney has just sold his soul to the “establishment devils” as he has been bought and paid for and is now being used like a puppet by the GOP political establishment in an all-out, desperate and panicked attempt to stop what is being called the “Trump Phenomenon.”

Romney is now calling Trump a “Phony,” a “fraud” saying Trump is playing Americans for suckers…… yet after seeing Romney praise Trump in the video above we  have to ask…. who is being phony? Who is the fraud? Who is attempting to “play Americans?”


Here is another flashback, via The American Mirror, showing Mitt Romney at the Washington Ideas Forum in September stating that he would “support the Republican nominee.” He went on to say he didn’t think Trump would be that nominee because his party, the Republicans, has “historically, has nominated a mainstream conservative.”

Last but not least, one more flashback…. whether you love Trump, hate him, support him or support another candidate, what this clip from an Oprah appearance by Trump in 1988 shows that his positions on the economy, the very things that Romney praised Trump for in 2012, are the same. While Trump’s positions on other topics has changed over the years, he is honest in his criticisms over how America’s economy has been handled and he has held that stance for decades.

At ANP we have seen through the comments that many are supporting Trump and many are not, some trust him, some do not…. as it should be, every individual has the right, the obligation, to do what they feel is the right thing whether it is to vote, not vote, support a specific  candidate or support another……. but there is no dispute that Trump is leading in the polls, has accrued the most delegatesand the majority of primary/caucus wins to date.

Whether any of us as individuals plan to support Trump or not, the majority of those who have already cast votes, via the GOP primaries and caucuses, have chosen Trump and for the establishment to attempt to sabotage, make back-room deals and buy and sell the souls of those who many once thought could be trusted, like Mitt Romney, is a blatant attempt to thwart the will of the people who have already spoken.

When GOP establishment leaders declare they would support Hillary Clinton over the frontrunner of the race in their own party…. we see who are really the frauds, the phonies and the ones trying to play Americans for suckers.

Then again, this is not the first time Republicans have betrayed their party, their constituents and their base, as this flashback image from Drudge reminds us.


[UPDATE] Trump has a very good question, via his Twitter account, where he asks “Why did Mitt Romney BEG me for my endorsement four years ago?”

‘Dead Or Alive’ – Jonathan Chait From NY MAG Offers Bounty For Donald Trump – Where Is The Secret Service?


Why Is Twitter And Facebook Allowing Death Threats Against A Presidential Candidate?

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

On February 19, 2016 it was reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal that they had reported a “possible threat related to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after a man tried to place an obituary notice for the former secretary of state,” which the SS followed up on:

When reached by phone Friday night, Schubert said he had been called by a Secret Service agent. He said he told the agent the obituary attempt was done in “political humor,” a predictive reference to Clinton losing Saturday’s Nevada caucuses.

Schubert said the agent told him that he could be arrested, but the agency wasn’t planning on doing so.

That is the job of the Secret Service, to investigate threats against those they are charged with protecting, yet we are hearing of no investigation into New York Magazine employee and writer, Jonathan Chait for offering a “$100 million bounty for Donald Trump, dead or alive,” on his Twitter account. The tweet is here, but a screen shot at the top of this article in case he deletes the tweet.

As can be seen from the following responses, the FBI and the Secret Service were notified on their official Twitter accounts reporting Chait for this blatant death threat.


Chait is not the only writer that has spoken or suggested an assassination of Donald Trump, as Stefan Stanford reported last week after New York Times “moral values” columnist, Ross Douthat sent out a tweet  “joking” about Trump being ‘assassinated’ as the way to get Trump out of the race. (More on that from Alex Jones in the video at the bottom of this article)



Twitter has recently been in the news for allegedly banning Conservative bloggers while refusing to suspend a “kill Trump” account, which they left up for six months and finally after it was made very public, then suddenly suspended it. Breitbart News recently confirmed that Twitter was also “shadowbanning politically inconvenient users.”

Our source was backed up by a senior editor at a major digital publisher, who told Breitbart that Twitter told him it deliberately whitelists and blacklists users. He added that he was afraid of the site’s power, noting that his tweets could disappear from users’ timelines if he got on the wrong side of the company.

Shadowbanning, sometimes known as “Stealth Banning” or “Hell Banning,” is commonly used by online community managers to block content posted by spammers. Instead of banning a user directly (which would alert the spammer to their status, prompting them to create a new account), their content is merely hidden from public view.

For site owners, the ideal shadowban is when a user never realizes he’s been shadowbanned.

Other examples of threats against Trump on Twitter shown below:



RelatedIs Twitter Silencing Conservatives?


Over at Steve Quayle’s website we found a link to an Investment Watch Blog post titled “Facebook Refuses to Take Down “Assassinate Donald Trump” Page.” In that we see a screen shot showing that a Facebook page named “Assassinate Donald Trump”  was reported to Facebook and according to FB’s reply, the page does not violate their community standards.


As the Investment Watch Blog also points out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently vowed to crack down on “anti-Muslim” speech, stating “There’s still work to do. We want to do that, but I think we hear the message loud and clear, and we’re committed to doing better. There’s not a place for this kind of content on Facebook.”

What FB does seem to be the place for though, because they are refusing to remove  threats from Mulsims as pointed out by Pamela Gellar, who provides a screen shot as evidence:


So, if a page titled “Assassinate Donald Trump” does not violate Facebook’s “community standards,” then what does? See a few examples below:

(Image above via Examiner)

(Image via Examiner)

(Image via Conservative Firing Line)

Readers can find many more examples at


Is it a “conspiracy theory” to state that it appears as if political ideology is being used to determine what is and is not acceptable by the Secret Service, FBI, the MSM, and by social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, when the visual evidence is captured for the world to see?

Is it reasonable to conclude Twitter and Facebook are in fact facilitating hate speech and incitement to violence against Donald Trump while blocking, banning and censoring any “speech” they deem politically incovenient?

You decide.

(Screen shot of Politico headline)

‘SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’ GOES ALL IN WITH ‘RACISTS FOR TRUMP’ A swastika armband, ironing a KKK hood, and burning a cross

“Saturday Night Live” went all in against Donald Trump with a mock campaign ad depicting his supporters as Nazis, KKK members and white supremacists.

The ad started with “real Americans” explaining their support for the Republican front-runner, until the camera panned out to reveal them partaking in such activities as wearing a swastika armband, ironing a KKK hood, and burning a cross. It ended with the title, “Racists for Trump.”

Donald Trump Not Illuminati Member Admits Newt Gingrich! “Hasn’t been through initiation rites”

Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the house says the Establishment see’s Donald Trump as a threat because, “He’s an outsider. He’s not part of the club. He’s uncontrollable. Hasn’t been through the initiation rites. He didn’t belong to the secret society.” Media analyst Mark Dice explains the implications of this startling revelation.


The Rise and Fall of Trump Vodka

Why would a teetotaler go into business selling vodka? Why would a man point to the death of his alcoholic older brother as a cautionary tale, then turn around and peddle liquor to others? Such are the mysteries of Donald Trump and his short-lived venture into the booze business, Trump Vodka.

As a hoochstorian, Trump’s current political rise reminds me of one of the mighty tycoon’s more dismal failures. Trump poured money into a lot of eccentric projects over the years (maybe you remember Trump Steaks, Trump Magazine, or Trump the Game) but none weirder than his bizarre bid to become a booze baron.

Trump Vodka was officially unveiled at a launch party at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood in January, 2007. The Donald himself, standing on a red carpet behind a velvet rope, displayed the bottle: It was shaped to resemble a skyscraper, with a gold-encrusted letter T on all its four sides, and emblazoned with the slogan “Success Distilled.” Advertising billed it as “the World’s Finest Super Premium Vodka,” and insisted that it would “demand the same respect and inspire the same awe as the international legacy and brand of Donald Trump himself.”

So, what moved Trump to suddenly jump into the vodka business? “A great friend of mine was a founder of Grey Goose,” Trump told interviewer Larry King, “and what we’re going to do is to top it. I want to top them just because it’s fun to top my friends.” Trump further predicted that the “T&T” (Trump and Tonic) would soon become the most requested alcoholic drink in America.

As for the vodka itself, it was created by Wanders Distillery in Holland, distilled five times from “select European wheat,” and then rested for six months in stainlees steel vats before botttling at 80 proof. Vodka fans gave it mostly positive reviews when it debuted, although many also noted the steep price tag, $33 and up.

The only trouble was, nobody bought it. By the end of 2007 it barely registered among the top-selling vodkas, badly trailing the likes of Smirnoff and no threat whatsoever to Grey Goose. Go figure that customers wouldn’t line up for a product that existed for the sole purpose of one-upping Trump’s friend. Who would have guessed that drinkers wouldn’t hand their money to a teetotaler who had no idea what his own product tasted like. In 2008, less than two years after launch, the Trump Vodka trademark was abandoned.

Trump Vodka went out of public circulation altogether in 2011 (although vodka of some kind is reportedly still sold under the Trump label at certain Trump-owned hotels). Its last known public sighting was in Israel, where a local distributor peddled it without Trump’s authorization, and the tycoon successfully sued to stop him. In the sorry saga of Trump Vodka, it seems appropriate that the last people on earth who actually wanted to buy the stuff were prevented from doing so by… Donald Trump.

Unloved in life and unlamented at death, Trump Vodka was a half-baked idea to begin with, and ended not with a bang but with an un-Trump-like whimper. Whoever thought it up ougtta be fired.


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Koch brothers business coming to RenoA Koch-funded senator wants Republicans to support a “third option” against Trump, confirming GOP strategist Roger Stone’s revelation that the Koch Bros. want Mitt Romney to enter the race if Marco Rubio fails.
“I sincerely hope we select one of the other GOP candidates, but if Donald Trump ends up as the GOP nominee, conservatives will need to find a third option,” Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) said, who’s 2014 senatorial campaign was bankrolled by the Koch Bros.
This so-called ‘third option’ pushed by Sasse was actually conceptualized by the Koch Bros. during a meeting with the Rubio campaign Thursday in which they pledged support for Rubio – and for Romney to enter the race if Rubio implodes.

“$75 million to stop Trump and $25 million to Marco Rubio, but they gave Rubio a condition: he’s got to win the Florida primary or he’s out and Mitt Romney’s in,” Stone revealed. “That’s the plan.”
“First they’ll ramp up an enormous, negative campaign on TV against Trump and they’re going to hit this phony Trump University issue,” he continued. “They claim to have personal dirt on Trump – I doubt that – and they are also going to try and delve into his business affairs, but if Rubio fails to grab the Florida primary, then Rubio’s out and Mitt Romney’s in.”
Sasse previously attacked Trump during a speech to 500 establishment donors attending a Koch Bros. network meeting in Jan.
“He went on to try explain Trump’s popularity with the GOP base to donors — many of whom have been dumbfounded by the billionaire’s rise and how to take him down,” Buzzfeed reported. “Sasse campaigned with Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in Iowa last week in an effort to get a GOP presidential nominee other than Trump.”
Interestingly, Buzzfeed said it one of six media organizations who covered the speech “after agreeing to a set of ground rules proposed by the [Koch] network, including not identifying the donors attending unless they agreed to an interview.”
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Bernie Supporters To Jump Ship, Vote Trump If Hillary Wins Nomination

Richard Reeves explains how bernie sanders supporters will defect over to trump if the democrats pick hillary as their nominee.
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China Warns U.S. After Massive Trump Victory In Nevada

China warned the United States on Wednesday not to adopt punitive currency policies that could disrupt U.S.-China relations after Donald Trump’s win in the Nevada caucus.…
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Trump Crashes Glenn Beck Speech At Nevada Caucus

Glenn Beck Looks stunned After Trump steals his thunder in Las Vegas at Nevada Caucus.…
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Sabotage and high-card draws: Why the Nevada caucus will get weird

The image of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is seen on an electronic display on the Las Vegas Strip.
Nevada is among the four crucial early nominating states this cycle. And yet, it’s the state that’s gotten the least attention.

Like most caucus states, the process in Nevada is complicated and at times confusing. But just like the state itself, it’s also delightfully weird. We’ve compiled a list of the offbeat things that will make you want to watch the Nevada caucuses.

A dog named Bradley Cooper wears a scarf with Hillary Clinton campaign logos as his owner calls to voters on Feb. 17, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Democrats and Republicans caucus on different days.

Democratic caucus-goers will head to their caucus locations on Feb. 20. Republicans will hold their Nevada caucus on Tuesday, Feb. 23 — three days after the GOP primary in South Carolina. The GOP caucuses are not all at the same time, starting within a four-hour period on Tuesday night.

And because of that…

You could technically vote twice, which could lead to sabotage. the two parties caucus on different days, it’s possible that people could find a way to vote in both.

Democrats, who go first, allow for same-day registration. So, Republicans who want to meddle in the Democratic primary could technically register as a Democrat on the Democratic caucus day, and then three days later vote in the Republican caucus.

Jon Ralston, the dean of the Nevada press corps, said there is a possible GOP-organized effort to caucus for Bernie Sanders in an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton.

Caucuses actually take place in casinos.

Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada, with many residents employed by the hotels and casinos located on the iconic Strip.

For those working during the caucuses, Democrats have set up six caucus locations in casinos: the New York-New York, Caesars Palace, the Rio, the Paris, Harrah’s and the Wynn Resort.

If there’s a tie, it’s broken in the most Las Vegas way ever.

Much ado was made about Iowa using coin flips as tie-breakers on the Democratic side of the aisle in January. But in the gambling capital of the world,

a different game of chance is used to break a tie: high-card draw.

a different game of chance is used to break a tie: high-card draw.If Clinton and Sanders find themselves in a tie in any of the state’s caucus precincts, a representative from both candidates’ camps draws a card. Whoever gets the highest takes the precinct.

And just in case you’re wondering, aces are high.

Polling really doesn’t matter here, so we have no idea what will happen.

Nevada has only been a caucus state since 2008, meaning there’s little historical data to predict who will and who won’t caucus for either party.

That’s made polling — a system that is dependent on predicting who will actually turn out to vote — scarce in the contest.

It was long assumed that Clinton would easily carry the state, thanks to her support among Latinos, which make up a sizable portion of the Nevada electorate. But the few polls that have been released in recent days show the race in a tie.

Hillary Clinton Holds A Get Out The Caucus Event In Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton greets service workers in the employee cafeteria at the Rio Hotel & Casino on Feb. 18, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In 2008, just just 117,000 people caucused when Clinton was running against Barack Obama. And that number could be lower this time around because the Culinary Union — the most powerful in Nevada — is sitting on the sidelines this year.

On the Republican side, what few polls we have show Donald Trump running away with the vote.

But here’s the caveat: Voting in a caucus state requires a heavy organizational lift because you have to inform your supporters when and where to go on caucus day. So, it’s unclear whether Trump can pull out a victory in Nevada.

In Iowa, also a caucus state, Trump came in second place despite polls showing him far ahead before caucus day.

Even if only a few thousand people vote, it could take a long time to get the results.

Turnout in the caucuses is remarkably low, but that doesn’t mean results will come in quickly.

In 2012, when Republicans had a competitive nominating contest, it took the Nevada Republican Party three days to count the 22,000 votes cast in the caucuses.

With the 2016 primary garnering even more attention and excitement, it’s possible that more votes will be cast. So it could be a very long night for viewers hoping to see a decision on the GOP side.


Carson City sheriff’s log: Argument over Donald Trump leads to assault arrest

A 21-year-old man was arrested early Tuesday on a misdemeanor charge of battery after allegedly punching his neighbor after the two began to argue about presidential candidate Donald Trump, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

According to the arrest report, deputies were dispatched at 12:38 a.m. to the 400 block of South Saliman Road for a call of two men arguing outside.

An officer made contact with the victim who explained he was drinking with his neighbor and that the two began arguing and that he was punched in the face, the arrest report states.

The victim said his neighbor then left and his wife called 911. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest form.

Deputies then made contact with the suspect who stated the two began to argue about Donald Trump and that he became upset and punched the man in the face. He was taken into custody on a charge of misdemeanor battery. Bail: $1,137.


Trump Vows: 'Elect Me And You'll Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The Twin Towers'

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has promised to make public currently guarded secrets surrounding the 9/11 attacks, should he be elected President.
Speaking at a campaign event in Bluffton, SC, Trump continued his onslaught on the Bush presidency by once again raising the issue of the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

“We went after Iraq, they did not knock down the World Trade Center.” Trump told those in attendance.
“It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center, we went after Iraq, we decimated the country, Iran’s taking over, okay.” Trump continued.

“But it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center. Because they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out.”
“But when I look at a guy like Lindsey Graham, you’ll end up being over in that war forever, you’ll start World War Three.” Trump also noted.
Trump was referring to the 28 pages of the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, which remain classified and withheld from the public on grounds of ‘national security’.
The pages are thought to implicate the Saudi Royal Family in financing the supposed hijackers in the United States prior to the attacks.

Speaking at a press conference regarding the missing pages in 2014, Rep. Thomas Massie lobbied for the release of the documents stating he read them and that they challenged him to reconsider everything he knew about the event.
“As I read it — we all had our own experience — I had to stop every couple pages and just sort of absorb and try to rearrange my understanding of history for the past 13 years and years leading up to that. It challenges you to rethink everything,” Massie said.
Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked Jeb Bush on the campaign trail and at debates by raising the issue of 9/11, and the intelligencewarnings that were provided to the Bush administration and subsequently ignored.
Jeb Bush has avoided the issue, and even mocked those who raise it:

Earlier in the week Trump doubled down on the 9/11 accusations, stating “I know that the CIA and various other agencies knew that something bad was going to happen and they did nothing about it. They got it wrong.”
“The heads of the CIA and the various other agencies weren’t speaking and it was a big problem,” Trump added.
Trump’s comments have prompted establishment Republicans and conservative talking heads tolabel him a 9/11 truther and a “radical kook”.
Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’,

Watch: Trump Drops a Bombshell on the RNC… This Could Totally Change the Campaign

Donald Trump sent a warning shot over the Republican Party leadership’s bow Monday, saying the RNC is in default of the loyalty pledge, and the implied threat of a third-party run.

At a campaign rally in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, the candidate said, “The RNC better get its act together because you know, I signed a pledge, but the pledge isn’t being honored by them.”

Trump stated last September when he signed the RNC loyalty pledge, “I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands” he said at a press conference in New York City. “And we will go out and we will fight hard and we will win.”

Trump added the RNC has been “absolutely terrific” and “fair” since he became a presidential candidate, NBC News reported.

“I see no circumstances under which I would tear up that pledge,” he said.

At his rally on Monday, Trump stated, “Remember what I said. Remember in this room. I signed a pledge, but it’s a double-edge pledge, and as far as I’m concerned they’re in default of their pledge when they do that,” referring to the audience composition at recent events, which he claims have been stacked against him.

Referring to Saturday’s event in Greenville, he said, “I did well in the debate. A lot of people said I won that debate. But when I walked in, it was like, my wife was clapping, my kids were clapping, but the whole room was made up of special interests and donors, which is a disgrace from the RNC.”

Trump also took the RNC to task for his name in a fundraising email it sent out last week.

The RNC, which is probably not on my side, just illegally put out a fundraising notice saying Trump wants you to contribute to the RNC.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 13, 2016

He added:

Totally unauthorized, do not pay. I am self funding my campaign! Notice has just been withdrawn.#Trump2016#MakeAmericaGreatAgain

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 13, 2016

Trump’s 9/11 Truth Moment At RNC Debate

Donald Trump was repeatedly booed by the GOP presidential debate audience Saturday in South Carolina when he criticized former President George W. Bush for failing to keep America safe on Sept. 11, 2001.…

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Trump Says George W. Bush Lied About Iraq’s WMDs – Veterans Today

9/11 Criminals and the Fear of a Trump Presidency

911 inside job

The video is from Saturday night’s South Carolina Republican debate. If you fast forward to about 28:10, you’ll learn that Donald Trump doesn’t  feel the George W. Bush administration was simply mistaken about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. “They lied,” he says.

peoples trust toronto
The possibility of a Trump presidency and a re-opened 9/11 investigation has them plenty worried, and with good reason.

Vía Veterans Today

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