Carson Now blog “You guys want to talk about leadership. Take judge Tatro for example he’s had a couple DUI’s and a couple domestic violences. But he is still one of the carson city appointed judges.” –Ed Meza

judge tatro

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    Not familiar with tatros record but my 2 words apply to him too..
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    I don’t think this kid knows one thing about what he’s talking about.
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    Edward Id watch what you post it does say you are a state employee that might not fare well with your higher ups.
    judge tatro

    Carrillo, 48, of Las Vegas, and Assemblyman for the 18th district, faces charges of DUI and possessing a firearm while intoxicated. The Assemblyman bailed out of the Carson City Jail early this morning.

    According to the arrest report, officers arrived in the area of North Carson Street and found Carrillo passed out in his running vehicle, vomit outside the car and his hands on the gear shift and the heater on. Officers knocked on the window and he woke up. Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Carrillo, the arrest report states.

    It was determined that because of the vehicle was running and he was in the driver’s seat, with vomit outside the door, that he was under the influence and unable to drive a vehicle. Dispatch informed officers Carrillo has a concealed weapons permit. Officers asked Carillo if he had any firearms.

    Carrillo said he did in his right front pocket. Officers removed a loaded .22 caliber pistol from his right front pocket. He was taken to jail where he submitted to blood samples. Bail was set at $6,137 and he was released this morning.


Does Carson City Judge John Tatro really have Domestic Violence and DUI convictions???

Does Carson City Judge John Tatro really have Domestic Violence and DUI convictions?

Judge John Tatro corruption scandal

Judge John Tatro corruption scandal

We will ask the questions and have the local media ask the questions and we will wait for the answers.  In the mean time everyone should be asking Does Carson City Judge John Tatro really have Domestic Violence and DUI convictions?

Comment from a reader:

Ty, thank you for this crucial information. You just substantiated my suspected claims regarding Tatro. He is a corrupt of a judge as they come. He should have not only recused himself from your case, but mine, just the same. I located information he indeed has 3 DV’s (Domestic Violence) on his record along with several DUIs to his name.

For the ” normal “, or average, citizen of this state or the US, he’d be facing at least 25 to Life on all of his convictions. Being an ” elected ” official, however, that somehow grants him immunity.

I attempted to recuse this man from my matter back in June due to a conflict of interest which the court refused. Ironic, though, I found in a discovery packet I received during an SA/ DV eval appointment at the jail last December that my matter was ultimately dismissed from the record( June 14, 2012, to be exact ).

The case was pushed through the illegal pipeline of the corrupted Carson judicial system only for the court to throw a guilty plea on me on 8/29/2012 which resulted in probationary alternative sentencing which did not include counseling( had to find my own & attend the very intake appt. I attended while incarcerated in December 2012 ). Would I have known the case was dismissed from the record back in June 2012, I would never have the mess with alternative sentencing that I turned myself in for when I met with you back in October 2012( then, again, I never would’ve known about this website, otherwise, which is a true eye opener for me in validation of the truth ).

All in all, I left Tatro with only one alternative back in December 2012, to close out the case with 62 days hanging because I found 7 technicalities present in the matter without the help of ANY lawyer nor public pretender. It was pretty satisfying to see that idiot from AS trip over himself on the stand while grasping for the words to say to convict me while exposing him( Tatro ) the fool that he is. You cannot convict a person based upon a bogus warrant when I was supposedly already in Carson custody as AS claimed to have performed a home visit in Lyon County with me at the same time. Doesn’t happen in reality. Not to mention the fact I busted these idiots utilizing another hapless individual’s ID while attaching my name to this person’s criminal history( the birthdate & lack of SSN# was a dead giveaway ).

Anyway, all is not fair in love and war, Tatro left me hanging on 12/21/2012 only to be transported to face my stuff in Lyon( oh, excuse me, LYING ) County on yet another bogus case. Stayed there for another 31 days before being released on 1/24/2013 on a misdemeanor warrant though the case they claim is a felony. Since the judge whom was presiding over my case was recused from the stand on 1/8/2013 over waving a gun in front of folks while presiding over cases( yep, he, too, was a drunk like Tatro ), it’ll be interesting to see what’ll occur in the proceedings whether or not it’ll go to trial. All I need is $5000 for an aggressive criminal law attorney to fight this case whom is not in bed with the judge, the deputies, & the DA( another uneducated & cocky youngster whom cares more about his conviction rate than for the human heart condition ). Please pray for me as I firmly believe in the miraculous as what happened in Carson.

Thank you once again, Ty, for taking out the time to help me overcome the lies, deceit, corruption, & greed people like Tatro, Furlong, & Martinovich( to name a few of the good ole’ thieves network ). Hope to do the same in Lyon County on the 28th of this month in court. Will keep you posted, if I can. May God totally bless you, your family, & your hard work to expose the crimes committed by these jokers against the people. GOD BLESS AMERICA:-)

John 3:30

“Assault” charge “dismissed” against Robben in the Carson City Sheriff cover-up of NDOT hit-&-run

Good news: November 13, 2012 “Assault” charge was dropped and “dismissed” against Robben in the former NDOT Director Hit-and-Run case where Robben was actually hit and then wrongfully charged as he attempted to serve a subpoena to the evading former NDOT Director.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Fulong COVER-UP NDOT Susan Martinovich hit and run

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Fulong COVER-UP NDOT Susan Martinovich hit and run

Nevada Appeal News covers the story:

Robben’s sentence deferred in disorderly conduct case
By Geoff Dornan
Ty Robben, who has been battling all levels of government since his termination from the Nevada Department of Taxation, has pleaded no contest to charges in a deal that resolves his case. In an email, Robben said his interpretation of the sequence of events is that all charges against him were dropped. Carson City Deputy District Attorney Travis Lucia, who prosecuted the case, said Robben pleaded no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct to settle charges against him. He said the deal requires Robben to comply with a variety of conditions designed to ensure good conduct and prevent harassment of other officials. Those conditions remain for a full year. “If he’s a good boy, it all goes away,” said District Attorney Neil Rombardo. “But if he keeps up the conduct he has been doing, we’re going to prosecute on anything new.” Robben was originally charged with assault after an incident in which he says he was attempting to serve a subpoena on NDOT Director Susan Martinovich to appear at a hearing involving a friend. That friend, Jim Richardson, is fighting to get his job as a state pilot back. Robben was originally charged after Martinovich asked for a restraining order, saying he followed her vehicle from NDOT to the Smith’s parking lot after she refused to see him. Martinovich wrote that, as she was getting into her  vehicle, “a man started running towards me yelling.” She said she felt threatened and drove away but that he grabbed the door handle of the vehicle and was pounding on the side of the car. After that arrest and a subsequent arrest for violating bail provisions, Robben spent several days in jail. He expanded his verbal attacks to include not only Justice of the Peace John Tatro but Sheriff Ken Furlong and District Attorney Neil Rombardo.

This NV Appeal story does cover the “differed” prosecution of the  “breach-of-peace” charge and fails to report that the main “Assault” charge was in fact “dismissed”. There was little choice with the coercion tactics and  having an extremely corrupt and bias bias judge named John Tatro in control of this sham. Robben was not going to have a fair judge handle this case and he was not going to have a jury trail as he requested. Instead the court recused Judge Tom Armstrong who may have offered a fair trail to Judge John Tatro where a definite conflict-of-interest persists.  Robben has laid down several reasons why Judge john Tatro should have been recused/disqualified from this case in court filings and in this website.

“He expanded his verbal attacks to include not only Justice of the Peace John Tatro but Sheriff Ken Furlong and District Attorney Neil Rombardo.”

We feel that the Taxpayers who pay these people deserve answers to legitimate questions about these “political” figures who are elected and are subject to public questioning, public ridicule exposing their corruption and even simple political hyperbole.

Our “opinion” is that the Carson City Sheriff under control of Ken Furlong (who also went to Carson HS with judge Tatro and  Martinovich) did cover-up the hit-and-run report and still has evaded giving the final reports to the insurance companies (as reported by the insurance company).  The  DA Neil Rombardo took the initial Sheriff report that never included  an “assault” or “breach-of-peace” charge and added these trumped up charges nearly 2-weeks after the incident where Robben was never initially charge or arrested. The time frame for the trumped up charges came after an embarrassing KRNV Fact Finder story that showed Martinovich in a bad light by evading service and the hit-and-run… Clearly the charges against Robben were trumped up retaliation by the DA who’s Deputy DA named Gerald Gardner immediately became Governor Brian Sandoval’s new Chief-of-Staff during all of this.

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

As to  Carson City Justice Court JUDGE JOHN TATRO we publicly ask you to answer truthfully to that rampant speculation in Carson City and Reno that you have been ARRESTED and SPENT TIME IN JAIL in Reno for one or more  DUI (Drunk Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and even another incident involving DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.  Do you Judge John Tarto have to (or had to) take a BREATHALYZER TEST BEFORE GETTING ON THE BENCH? More on this controversy will be made public as other people demand answers to these questions.  We understand a public demonstration is in the works to ask these very “questions” on large banners and extra large signs to be displayed in Carson City and Reno.

We also published reasons why JP Tatro should be recused earlier on the NSPW website including the fact John Tatro’s brother Tom Tatro worked for NDOT.

assault charge dropped against Robben

assault charge dropped against Robben

he Nevada Appeal also covered this story.


Corrupt Judge John Tatro of Carson City file for re-election

Corrupt Judge John Tatro of Carson City file for re-election

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME Judge John Tatro & NAG Masto

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME Judge John Tatro & NAG Masto

Carson City Judge John Tatro - END YOUR GOD DAMN CORRUPTION!

Carson City Judge John Tatro – END YOUR GOD DAMN CORRUPTION!