AP: Corrupt Carson City Judge JAMES TODD RUSSELL blocks Uber service in Nevada and gives in to Taxi mafia

RENO, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — News 4 has received a statement from Uber, regarding their status following the temporary stay in Nevada.

Michael Amodeo from the Communications Department at Uber released the following statement:

“Uber is not banned in the state of Nevada. We continue to operate and look forward to meeting the tremendous demand that we have already seen throughout the state.”

Amodeo also provided a statement from Uber spokesperson Eva Behrend:

“For far too long, the people of Nevada have been denied access to the reliable, safe and affordable transportation options millions of other Americans are enjoying. We’ve already received overwhelming demand and support from thousands of residents who have downloaded the app, and drivers looking to meet that need. Now is the time for state officials to embrace innovation, support powerful job creation, and stand with the people of Nevada who need them most.”

What is Uber?

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP, MyNews4.com & KRNV) — The Associated Press is reporting that the Attorney General’s Office has been granted a temporary stay that blocks Uber from operating in Nevada.

Corrupt District Court Judge James Russell in Carson City has blocked Uber from offering any rides in the state through at least Nov. 7. A hearing is set for Nov. 6.

The state’s attorney general sought the temporary order late Friday afternoon.

Uber launched its service in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City on Friday after months of rumors that included recruitment posts on Craigslist and cryptic front-page newspaper advertisements.


Corrupt Carson City Judge JAMES TODD RUSSELL blocks Uber service in Nevada and gives in to Taxi mafia

The company contends it’s not a taxi company but rather a technology company facilitating a way for drivers and would-be passengers in need of a ride to meet.

The company faces a fierce battle with the state’s highly regulated and influential taxi industry.

Four cars driven for Uber had been impounded statewide for not being licensed as of midafternoon and faced fines of up to $10,000, said Teri Williams, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Taxicab Authority.

Uber spokeswoman Eva Behrend called the impoundments “unjust” and said the company will have its drivers’ backs financially and legally. Uber is the only ridesharing company now operating in the three metro areas. Las Vegas has been among the few metropolitan cities in the country to not be served by the company.

The company tiptoed around Nevada until its Friday launch. A multitude of regulations govern the state’s taxicab industry, and there are limits on the number of cabs that can operate and where they can pick up passengers. In Las Vegas, unlike other metropolitan cities that draw tourists, cabs can’t be hailed from the sidewalks along the Strip, for example. They have to pick up and drop off passengers at the individual hotel properties.

Behrend said that hundreds of drivers in the state have already signed up and passed background checks and vehicle inspections that clear them to respond to requests for rides via smartphone. Before the court order, drivers could pick up passengers from anywhere in the service areas, except from the Las Vegas Strip between the Mandalay Bay and SLS casinos and from McCarran International Airport. They can drop off customers anywhere.

Uber rides are generally 10 to 20 percent cheaper than taxi fares — a competitive advantage especially in light of an 8 percent cab fare hike approved earlier this week in Las Vegas.

An early afternoon Uber ride from downtown Las Vegas to Mandalay Bay at the south end of the Strip cost $22.50. Drivers don’t accept tips, just a ranking of one to five stars. A taxi ride back to downtown Las Vegas cost $28.50, including a $3 fee for a credit card charge. The cost didn’t include a tip.

Uber has often been met with strident opposition from taxi companies, and heavily regulated Las Vegas is no exception.

Bill Shranko, an executive at Yellow Checker Star taxi company in Las Vegas, asked regulators with the Nevada Taxicab Authority in April to warn Uber and similar companies that the city has hefty fines for operating unlicensed cabs and maintained that the company was operating illegally.

About 2,000 cabs fill the streets of Clark County, including the Las Vegas Strip, Shranko said.

He criticized Uber for picking and choosing customers, saying, “They’re taking all the cream off the top.”

As of early Friday afternoon, just a few cars were visible on Uber’s app.

Marco Falchi’s Mazda 6 was among them. He excitedly picked up some of the company’s first Vegas passengers, greeting them with a “Ciao” text. The chatty Italian has never driven a traditional cab before, but six months ago, he applied to be a driver for Uber, submitting his license, insurance and driving record.

His first customers were two young men heading from a suburban condo to downtown Las Vegas for the three-day Life is Beautiful music festival that starts Friday.

“Here the politics are really tough,” Falchi said, referring to the Vegas area’s taxi industry. But he’s undeterred. “If you work more, you make more money.”

Uber launches in Nev., gets push-back from Taxicab Authority

LAS VEGAS — Uber is making good on the rumors. The ridesharing company launched in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City Friday afternoon, but not without a little opposition.

As soon as the company hit the road, the Southern Nevada Taxicab Authority put up road blocks.

The Taxi Cab Authority said they never gave approval for Uber to operate in the valley. Friday five unlicensed drivers were ticketed and their cars were impounded.

“Those vehicles pursuant to statute were impounded because they were used as a taxicab, a limousine or a passenger vehicle,” said Ruben Aquino with SN Taxi Cab Authority.

Drivers for Uber said they didn’t know it was illegal.

“Driving around and getting a ticket for not being authorized, I thought we were going to be. I thought we were going to be starting when they had the okay,” Emerlita Torres, a new Uber driver said.

When asked whether or not they were worried their drivers would be fined, William Barnes, an official with Uber said they were comfortable with moving forward and that “they have a really strong track record of standing shoulder to shoulder with drivers.”

A statement from the company echoed that same sentiment.

“Uber vigorously defends the rights of our partner drivers and firmly stands by them when they are wrongly cited or impounded,” said Eva Behrend, spokesperson with Uber. “We will cover any financial or legal costs associated with these unjust actions.”

Behrend said hundreds of drivers already signed up in the state have passed background checks and vehicle inspections.

Uber drivers tend to be residents who use their own cars and pick up passengers as a part-time job. They get the alerts via their smartphones.

Behrend said rates are typically 10-20 percent lower than typical taxi fares, and will be viewable in the app. The company operates in 224 metropolitan areas, but it’s often met with opposition from taxi companies.

Las Vegas cab executives asked regulators earlier this year to warn Uber of hefty fines for unlicensed cabs.

More scandals at the notoriously corrupt Carson City Courthouse – This time corrupt Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”

The Carson City DA Rombardo and Kruger caught removing Judge Tatro’s court files in the Ty Robben cases!

judge tatro is corrupt

Ty Robben produces the “missing” documents! This is straight out of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia…

Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW censoring the news again?

carson city courthouse

More scandals at the notoriously corrupt Carson City Courthouse – This time corrupt Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”

The local newspaper Nevada Appeal and CarsonNOW.org are not following-up now that Ty Robben is “wining” and exposing the massive rampant corruption that has occurred in the retaliation scheme  orchestrated by corrupt DA Rombardo, Krueger and Judge Tatro. I am sure glad I started a blog a few years ago so my side of the story gets out.

The corruption never stops!  This time corrupt Carson City DA and Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”. This is on top of Tatro earlier intentionally not filing other papers in this case!

Last week Ty Robben protests his former defense lawyer William Routsis after it was discovered that Robben’s lawyer sold him out, conspired against him, and engaged in removing files on the record, not turning in papers on time,  back room deals with the Carson City DA and corrupt Judge Tatro – and of all other things, being too drunk and high to write the court motions for Robben’s cases!

Ty Robben had to type up and research the law because his attorney was inebriated most of the time on alcohol and meth. Robben was a witness to the troubling behavior and demanded his $4,000.00 dollars back. See that story here: Protests target corrupt Reno lawyer William Routsis for “ripping off” & “selling out clients”, back room deals, fraud, ineffective legal counsel, threats of extortion, meth use, binders on booze being to drunk to return calls, and more!

This week  Ty Robben successfully appealed a trumped-up false charge of “disturbing-the-peace” orchestrated by the corrupt “cho-mo” judge John Tatro know for his breathier-before-the-bench by the folks in Carson City.

Also, this week, Ty Robben also beat back the Carson City assistant DA Mark Krugers fruitless attempt to reinstate bogus felony criminal charges that were dismissed earlier this year by “special prosecutor” Douglas County DA Mark Jackson

In doing so, Robben discovered various “missing” filings and JAVs audio/video of court hearings that were supposed to be on the court files on appeal that includes a disputed “contempt-of-court” charge that Robben asserts was an illegal order.”

“Judge Tatro issues a clear verbal and written order that never included a daily check in with DAS or house arrest” said Robben. 

“There are numerous missing items that were in fact in the damn file” said Robben.

judge tatroIn particular now is a missing “stipulation” by the Carson City district Attorney, former Deputy DA Travis Lucia and Robben’s previous lawyer Richard Davies, that shows Robben was never ordered on “house arrest” or “DAS daily check-in”. missing papers

Judge Tatro, know for being drunk in the courtroom, “never ordered house arrest and a daily check-in, the record is clear and even the DA agrees” said Robben.

Now in order to overturn another false claim of “contempt-of-court” Robben seeks the paperwork from the court files that mysteriously is now missing after it was there.

“I had a copy of it and I find it very suspicious that the Carson City Sheriff “searched my house” for 5 days and removed various paperwork related to this case.” said Robben.

This is straight out of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia… this is just the “new world order police state” mentality being carried out in Carson City by a very, very corrupt law enforcement and shitty scandalous judicial system.


The missing stipulation has been found – Robben not on house arrest!


Here is the 09/21/12 (note Tatro calls it 09/20/12 in the order below) entry of the “stip” on the Carson City court docket report:


Here’s the first page of the  “ORDER” where is the “Stipulation”:

order tatro


Robben gained local attention to a Carson City court “backdating scandal” in 2012 that was covered in the local news.

KRNV investigates Nevada Attorney General & Carson City District Court BACKDATING SCANDAL

Carson City 911 NV NDOT Dir. Susan Martinovich HIT and RUN and Sheriff COVER-UP

See more on the Hit and Run scandal involving formed NDOT Director Susan Martinovich here:


Stay tuned,this story is developing…

See More Here: Carson City’s history of courthouse corruption and retaliation


fbi protest reno

Ty Robben protested the FBI in Reno demanding an investigation into the corruption in the Carson City courthouse

ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 @ high noon El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

vern piersondoug-lewis-nevada-bounty-hunter

ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 at high noon in Placerville, CA “Hangtown” in front of the courthouse and District Attorney offices  against  El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

With no charges filed, we’re putting massive pressure on the El Dorado County District Attorney to prosecute Dennis Justin of the “Justin Bros Bail Bonds” Company for his role in the October 18th, 2012 burglary, assault and battery incident against Ty Robben in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Dennis Justin was clearly at the scene and broke into my home. Dennis Justin acted in conspiracy with Doug Lewis and fully participated in the conflict and criminal activity.

The DA did charge “Bounty Hunter” Douglas Lewis with 5 counts but they have offer him a plea deal to only take 2 counts and no jail time. This sends the message it’s OK to kick in doors and sho0t people to resolve civil matters… Boy, we know a lot of “civil matter” that can get cleared up very quickly with doors being kicked in and people tased, kidnapped and never to be seen again. But in reality, we know that these actions are illegal and the perpetrators should be charged with felonies and years time in prison.

UPDATES: We made the news again at In Eldorado  County news. Click here. inedc.com/1-4683

Placerville court employees protest in May 2013. Click here: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/court-employees-picket-over-pay-cuts/

We learned the Placerville Mayor was charged with corruption in 2011. Click here: http://www.news10.net/video/1118955005001/0/Placerville-mayor-faces-removal-in-corruption-probe

Acting under the Color of law

Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act but which may operate in violation of law. For example, though a police officer acts with the “color of law” authority to arrest someone, if such an arrest is made without probable cause the arrest may actually be in violation of law. In other words, just because something is done with the “color of law”, that does not mean that the action was lawful. When police ac Continue reading

Nevada officials choke people and feel them up in Las Vegas and poison people in Carson City

Nevada Corruption

Nevada Corruption

Every day we hear horror stories of Nevada corruption.  The corruption thrives in the Nevada courts and Nevada “law enforcement” where low life criminals are allowed to run rampant with their evil and fucked up minds and mess with people. These idiots should pay the ultimate price.  The  idiots  in Carson City are notorious for messing with people and even poisoning people in the Carson City jail under the direction of the Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong. First hand accounts of food poisoning include putting drugs into the jail food including possible methadone.  The methadone story is one of the top 10 stories on NSPW, see that story here: https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/carson-city-jail-putting-methadone-in-the-waterfood/
Las Vegas Review Journal - Tonja Brown "The Nolan Klein Story"By JEFF GERMAN

Amid a cloud of misconduct allegations, the man who oversees Family Court marshals is stepping down April 8 to become a rank-and-file marshal assigned to a judge, court officials confirmed Monday.

Lt. Steve Rushfield, at the center of the swirling misconduct allegations detailed in a March 17 Review-Journal report, made the announcement at a morning briefing of marshals in Family Court.

“This is a voluntary action on his part,” said Mary Ann Price, the spokeswoman for District Court, which oversees Family Court.

Price declined further comment.

Rushfield, a veteran of 24 years of public service, declined comment. Chief District Judge Jennifer Togliatti was out of town and unavailable for comment. And Steve Grierson, the District Court executive, said he was unable to comment because it is a personnel matter.

Rushfield is suspected of participating in a cover-up of assault allegations against another marshal and was the subject of an internal investigation into allegations he choked a 23-year-old woman restrained in a chair in a holding cell.

The other marshal, Ron Fox, was fired after a hearing master upheld allegations he groped Monica Contreras, 28, who was in Family Court on Aug. 8, 2011, for a brief hearing related to her divorce.

In a courtroom incident captured on video, Contreras complained to Hearing Master Patricia Doninger that Fox assaulted her in a nearby witness room under the guise of searching for drugs.

Contreras alleged Fox touched her buttocks and breast and ordered her to lift and shake her bra so he could determine whether she was hiding drugs or drug paraphernalia, according to internal court documents.

On courtroom video, Doninger is seen playing with Contreras’ daughter and appearing to ignore the woman’s emotional description of the incident and plea for help.

Fox tried to get her to recant the allegations. When she refused, another marshal, James Kenyon, handcuffed her and took her into custody. Her crime, as described by Fox, was making false allegations.

Rushfield was investigated in connection with an incident on May 20, 2010, in which he is alleged to have choked Crystal Williams in a restraining chair.

Williams was at a hearing in Family Court to support a friend. After a confrontation with marshals outside the courtroom about her use of a cellphone, she was taken to a holding cell and strapped into the chair.

According to one of the four marshals in the room, Williams was combative and constantly screaming. The marshal, who asked not to be named in fear of retribution, said Rushfield grabbed her by the throat with one hand, shoved her head back and said, “You’re in my house, bitch. Shut the f— up.”

Continue reading