Bruce Fein: It’s Time To Abolish The CIA

The CIA should be abolished.

After a trial run of 67 years, the agency has proven a sorcerer’s apprentice.

The director and his subordinates have became insufferably arrogant Platonic Guardians hiding behind secrecy in the belief that the rest of us are too stupid or naive to judge what risks to accept to preserve liberty and the rule of law. The CIA has made Americans less safe.


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My Comment: After the CIA is abolished, its HQ, named after long-time spook/covert operative and former President, George H. W. Bush, should be re-purposed as the“George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush Memorial to Crimes Against Humanity Committed Under the Cover of Secrecy in the Name of National Security and National Repository/Research Center for all Formerly-Classified Documents.” There, all the formerly-classified documents of our now-but-hopefully-not-forever criminal government will be made publicly available in unredacted form for ALL to peruse at their leisure, without fear of covert murder squads or other illicit means once deployed to bury the truth.

Tribute to Joe Stack – Remember When Andrew Joseph Stack Flew a Plane Into a Texas IRS Building? …The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire; We don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn!

Joseph Stack flew his plane ‘at full throttle’ into the tax revenue service building.  Andrew Joseph Stack was a “Rockstar”. The Roof – the roof – the roof is on fire, we don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn!

That was February 18, 2010. A week later, the agency’s scrutiny of the Tea Party began. Here’s what happened leading up to the two events.
“What kicked off the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party groups?”

Sean Higgins of the Washington Examiner raises an interesting question. “The Treasury Department’s Inspector General apparently knows but the rest of us cannot. His report on the scandal includes three timelines of events, but in each case, the first item in the timeline has been redacted.”

“The mystery date was apparently February 25, 2010,” he concludes from reading the reports. “…The reference to February in both appendixes indicates something particularly noteworthy happened then in the evolution of the IRS’s policy. What was it?”

Andrew Joseph Stack was a “Rockstar”. The Roof – the roof – the roof is on fire, we don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn!

Andrew Joseph Stack

On the theory that media reports might have been involved (since the agency says media reports led to the end of the special scrutiny of Tea Party and other conservative groups in February 2012), I went back and read through some of the national newspaper coverage on the Tea Party groups in mid-to-late February of 2010.

There was a big David Barstow piece in the New York Times on Feb. 12, 2010, examining the political aspirations of Tea Party and other groups: “Tea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right.” Within the first five paragraphs, it mentions the Tea Party, the Sandpoint Tea Party Patriots, Friends for Liberty, Glenn Beck‘s 9/12 Project, the John Birch Society, and Oath Keepers, described as “a new player in a resurgent militia movement.” As the Times described it:

The Tea Party movement has become a platform for conservative populist discontent, a force in Republican politics for revival, as it was in the Massachusetts Senate election, or for division. But it is also about the profound private transformation of people like Mrs. Stout, people who not long ago were not especially interested in politics, yet now say they are bracing for tyranny.These people are part of a significant undercurrent within the Tea Party movement that has less in common with the Republican Party than with the Patriot movement, a brand of politics historically associated with libertarians, militia groups, anti-immigration advocates and those who argue for the abolition of the Federal Reserve.

Urged on by conservative commentators, waves of newly minted activists are turning to once-obscure books and Web sites and discovering a set of ideas long dismissed as the preserve of conspiracy theorists, interviews conducted across the country over several months show. In this view, Mr. Obama and many of his predecessors (including George W. Bush) have deliberately undermined the Constitution and free enterprise for the benefit of a shadowy international network of wealthy elites.

Loose alliances like Friends for Liberty are popping up in many cities, forming hybrid entities of Tea Parties and groups rooted in the Patriot ethos. These coalitions are not content with simply making the Republican Party more conservative. They have a larger goal — a political reordering that would drastically shrink the federal government and sweep away not just Mr. Obama, but much of the Republican establishment, starting with Senator John McCain….

The ebbs and flows of the Tea Party ferment are hardly uniform. It is an amorphous, factionalized uprising with no clear leadership and no centralized structure. Not everyone flocking to the Tea Party movement is worried about dictatorship. Some have a basic aversion to big government, or Mr. Obama, or progressives in general. What’s more, some Tea Party groups are essentially appendages of the local Republican Party. (emphasis added)

It’s a really long and interesting piece, and worth a read as a reminder of what the Tea Party movement looked like earlier in its development, when it was a more fiery force.

4409 — Joe Stack Audio Manifesto (HQ)

Joe Stack flies plane into IRS building, or did he?

I’m not so sure Joe Stack actually flew that plane, or if he was in it, he may have already been dead and it was remote controlled. I have been watching this story unfold and I am starting to question it. Things are not adding up. Just like 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing.

When something like this happens you need to look at who benefits. 9/11 who benefited? The US gov with it’s police state powers enacted. OK City? More gun control and labeling patriots as radicals etc etc. How about this? Well just recently it was announced that the IRS would get millions of dollars, 800 million if I remember correctly, to fund their audits this year. Also it was recently in the news that the IRS agents would be getting shotguns. I wonder why. Do they think people are upset about the IRS robbing, and lying to them? Yeah go figure huh. This indecent will be used to convince the general public that the IRS is “fearful” and needs protection. It sure is perfect.

Even people I know who would not consider themselves “conspiracy theorists” are wondering why a little Piper Cherokee that weighs only 2200lbs (loaded), and only carries a maximum of about 50 gallons of fuel, (Source: Wikipedia – Piper Cherokee), could blow out the face of that building and cause such extensive damage. Thats like doubling up the fuel in your SUV and slamming it into a building. I don’t think I have ever seen a car or even a semi truck do that much damage.

Remember the truck driver who slammed his truck pulling two trailers into the capitol building in Sacremento CA.? A typical semi carries around 200 gallons of fuel. That truck burst into flames but the building was barely damaged. Granted the structure of the Capitol building is quite different, but nevertheless, if a Piper can just about destroy a 7 story building with 50 gal of fuel, 200 gallons of fuel should cause extreme damage to any building. A California capitol spokesman, Steve Maviglio said. “There were scorch marks on the building, but it did not appear to be on fire.”

A few other things puzzle me. If he was going to kill himself, why would he make sure his wife and child had no home to return to by burning down his house? I don’t think anyone has ever done that before killing themselves. They either kill their entire family then burn it down, or they just go kill themselves.

And why was the fire department conveniently nearby, and especially a HAZMAT team? You can see the video of an eyewitness talking about how the fire dept was nearby before the plane hit here on the Radio Real Deal blog. To me that is suspicious.

How about this? An article posted on the Survival Guide Stone blog, Joe Stack client list – defense contractors, connections to 9/11 talks about all the defense and government connections this guy had.

As first discovered by Cryptogon, the client list has corporations on it such as Interstate Electronics Corporation, which needed Mr. Stack’s help on developing a GPS-based Fight Management System of all things. IEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of L-3 which is a defence contractor with obvious Homeland Security and NSA connections. There is also this report from Wayne Madsen on Oped News of an L-3 consultant to the NSA who had watched a live feed of the first 9/11 plane impact as it happened. L-3 is included among corporations which were investigated by the SEC for unusual stock put-options in relation to 9/11

I wonder if mabye he saw something on 9/11 he wasn’t supposed to and was going to reveal it? Just a thought…

Also, isn’t it kind of ironic that the name of this IRS building in Austin is Echelon? Echelon itself refers to a “signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection and analysis network.

Every day more things are coming out that are making the “official” story not add up. I’ll probably have to add another post later as things change.

Here is an excellent article about this on News With Views by Lynn Stuter. THE BORG DECEPTION She is right-on and it’s a good read.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny furlong needs to be asked the real questions.

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Carson City Sheriff Kenny furlong needs to be asked the real questions. This guy and his deputies are corrupt as hell and the Sheriff is one big RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) operation. Please read the circa 2006 Topox called “Corrupt Law enforcement in Carson City Nevada” by Patty Pruett, Dayton Nevada.  We’ll post some of the text at the bottom of this story.  We also uncovered a Grand Jury investigation suggestion ALL CARSON CITY SHERIFF personnel should be DRUG TESTED.

Some of this may seem outlandish until you remember these things happened in 1989 South Lake Tahoe when the city mayor named Terry Trupp was busted for a major cocaine trafficking cartel and just recently Johnny Poland of the SLTPD was hooked up on charges of obstructing justice, evidence tampering and aiding and embedding the “Mexican Moffia” in South Lake Tahoe.See our other website at

Kenny will you do a show with us and our video cameras? …And why did you come into my cell two times and give me a “stink eye” death look? Is it true what you deputies are saying about you?

Published on Mar 26, 2013 Watch Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong answer important questions from some influential women in our community

 Kenny Furlong stated his position on “gun control” where he did elaborate that because of the Ihop shootings, he would be compelled to confiscate firearms in Carson City, NV. Although, he believes it won’t happen and he was primary focused on multi-round auto and semi-auto firearms.

Gun Control at 20:00 – Kenny wants to ban weapons (at least assault style weapons) because of the Ihop incident. In that case a Norinco MAK90 was modified from semi to fully auto. Other Sheriff Associations from around the State of Nevada and the rest of the union are fully supporting the US Constitution and 2nd amendment rights, Sheriff Furlong is not.

Below are Nevada Sheriffs that support gun rights:

  1. Ed Kilgpore Humboldt NV
  2. Benjamin D. Trotter Churchill NV
  3. Tony DeMeo Nye NV

methadoneSo, Kenny what’s the Sheriff’s role in alleged distribution with meth, heroin and other drugs and drug dealers in Carson City?

Is your daughter Kendra Furlong fully recovered from her battles with crank (meth) addiction?

kenny furlong

What’s the Sheriff’s role in alleged distribution with meth, heroin and other drugs and drug cartels in Carson City?

Sheriff Furlong and Kendra Furlong – Crystal Darkness

Is the Sheriff office under any investigations? Rumors are rampant that federal grand money is “missing”? We heard the FBI was investigation misappropriation of funds related to Kenny Furlong using the Carson City “credit card” to pay for friends vehicles impounds after DUI’s (which were covered up)… Is this true?

We hear of many “cover ups” and other “scandals” concerning the Carson City Sheriff’s department including last years incident with former NDOT Director, Susan Martinovich where it’s alleged the Sheriff covered up that fact Susan Martinovich essentially was involved in a  “hit and run” and the victim was actually charged with trumped up charges that were later dropped. This seems like a blatant attempt to cover-up Susan Martinovich’s criminal involvement in that incident, correct?

Kenny Furlong, you did go to Carson City High School, correct (you talk about that in carson high schoolthe video).  Interesting that Susan Martinovich and Justice of the Peace Judge John Tatro all went to the same High School and played significant roles in the hit and run coverup. What’s your take on that Furlong?

Kenny Furlong and Neil Rombardo gay?

Kenny Furlong and Neil Rombardo

In recent photo shots, you Kenny furlong seem to hanging out with Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo a lot. We’ve seen you dancing with the stars along with Neil Rombardo and giving blood with him as well. Are you gay? What exactly is your “friendship” with Neil Rombardo? Seems like there should be a better “separation of power” in such a small incestuous little city like Carson.

We hear of food poisoning and unsafe and inhumane conditions and treatment of inmates at your Carson City jail. We note that statistics show 20% of incarcerated people are actually innocent. Regardless of innocence or guilt, the facts show that there are a high number of alleged “suicides” hangingthat occur in the Carson City jail. Released inmates report tainted food with drugs including methadone. The showers have excessive mold and airborne insects and diseases like MRSA skin infection is rampant in the Carson City jailhouse. We hear that a medical malpractice and civil rights lawsuit is imminent against you and the Carson City court system including Judge John Tatro…

What exacly is Kenny Furlong’s position on gun owners rights? We understand he agrees with the Obama administration.

Finally, with all this controversy, what are your plan Kenny Furlong for the future? Do you plan on staying in law enforcement or are you getting your affairs in order to go to prison?

These problems seem outlandish, but it has happened to  others. See this story:

The California press refuses to cover this true story of the torture of a senior citizen milk man

The Los Angeles Times is so corrupt and whored out to its corporate interests that it won’t even cover this story! There is torture and abuse of farmers happening right in Los Angeles, and the LA Times absolutely refuses to cover the story! How’s that for pathetic journalism? (If the LA Times actually starts to cover this story, I will retract this paragraph. But as of this writing, the LA Times has done nothing to cover this huge story of government abuse of innocent citizens.)

In fact, to date no newspaper in California has covered this story of torture and abuse of the California milk man. There is complete silence on it. A total cover-up. The lamestream media wants you to believe this never happens in California.

But these pictures don’t lie. The recorded testimony of James Stewart is factual and truthful.

Watch the video, hear it yourself and compare to what happened to Ty Robben in the Carson City jail including poisoned food, solitary confinement, red bracelet indicating a felon or danger, inhuman jail conditions and lack of jail personnel ethics, violations of law and human rights, etc  :

Learn more:

Corrupt Law enforcement in Carson City Nevada

Posted in the Washington Post Forum

Dear readers

Yesterday a friend of mine went to the Casrson City “Motel 6 to get her daughters things” that were left there by “Cops” about a week prior after they arrested her Minor daughter for drug possesion. The Girl was with many other people, who were doing drugs also! None were arrested! Only her! The Girl is “Related to Officer Bill Abbott”!

Officer Abbott was just “Busted down from tri-net” DRUG task force! After the mother of the girl began to “Fight back” against the Corruption!

Now her daughter is in Juvinial, and yesterday a Cop went to the Motel 6, and tried to “Plant drugs” On the Mother/Estranged half sister of that Cop!

It’s getting “Ugly in Carson City Nevada”! These Cops are out of Control! And so is Sheriff
Kenny Furling! Our Carson City Sheriff will now try to plant drugs on those of us “Fighting back” against their “Already Corrupt sheriffs department!”
I am allerting the Public that none of us do drugs and are at risk for being “Set up” as revenge for a Long battle for Justice in Carson City Nevada.

Send help form the “Outside”! Send reporters and Crews to “Write about our struggle for justice”!

Patty Pruett, Dayton Nevada.

Nole Waters former Carson City District Attorney

Nole Waters former Carson City District Attorney

Corrected Special Grand Jury Report

The community of Carson City would have been much better served had the Carson City District Attorney’s office arrested and prosecuted John and James Bustamante with the vigor that was shown in the arrest and prosecution of Rolland Weddell. Given, through testimony to this Grand Jury, that:
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