A group of anti-tax protesters led by Chuck Muth on Monday filed their petition to force the tax package — lawmakers and Gov. Brian Sandoval passed to balance the state budget — before the voters next year.

money-greedy1A group of anti-tax protesters led by Chuck Muth on Monday filed their petition to force the tax package — lawmakers and Gov. Brian Sandoval passed to balance the state budget — before the voters next year.

The petition contains the entire text of Senate Bill 483, the omnibus bill that imposed a series of tax changes and increases including the controversial commerce tax on business. It seeks to have the voters repeal the entire measure.

“During the 2014 election campaign, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval never proposed raising over a billion dollars worth of taxes on the people, businesses and tourists of Nevada,” the cover letter attached to the petition states.

The letter, complains that the commerce tax is nothing more than a revamped version of the “margins tax” that voters defeated in the 2014 election and that, in addition, lawmakers and Sandoval increased a laundry list of other taxes in the 108-page bill.

Calling themselves the “we decide coalition,” the proponents charge that the voters of Nevada should have the right to approve or disapprove the tax package.

Officials at the Secretary of State’s office say opponents have until Aug. 31 to file challenges to the petition. The most likely challenge would be that it violates the requirement that initiative and referendum petitions deal with a single subject. The legislation in question contains numerous tax changes.

It imposes a “commerce tax” on gross revenue of any Nevada business that exceeds $4 million with that rate set according to each entity’s business classification.

It also raises the Modified Business Tax the cigarette tax, extends or eliminates sunsets on increased the Local School Support Tax and other levies. Altogether, the law balances the governor’s $7.29 billion General Fund budget by generating nearly $1.3 billion.

If the referendum survives the expected court battles, organizers of the effort will have until next June to raise the necessary signatures to put the issue on the ballot.

They will need 55,234 valid signatures including at least 13,809 in each of Nevada’s four petition districts — the congressional districts in the state.

Look Out Nevadans, Here Comes the “Gruber Tax”!

taxPosted by on Jan 14th, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be surprised one iota if Jonathan Gruber himself hasn’t been hired to craft the propaganda campaign that’s underway to pass Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s (R&R-Advertising) 2015-17 budget.

You remember Mr. Gruber, don’t you? He’s the guy who got caught on tape saying, as described by Wikipedia, that ObamaCare “was misleadingly crafted and/or marketed in order to get the bill passed, while in some of the videos he specifically refers to American voters as ill-informed or ‘stupid.’”

Look out, Nevadans, you’re being Gruberized!

Here are the facts. In 2009, the Nevada Legislature – more accurately, Democrats and liberal Republicans in the Legislature – passed a package of what was sold to voters as a “temporary” tax hike designed so that our state government could avoid the necessary streamlining of operations, including layoffs, that American business owners were being forced into thanks to the Great Obama-Reid Recession.

That package of “temporary” tax hikes – including a sales tax hike, a hike in vehicle registration fees, a doubling of the business license fee, and an outrageously insane tax penalty on businesses for every person they hire – was vetoed by conservative Gov. Jim Gibbons.

Tax-hiking legislators passed what would become known as the “sunsets” over the governor’s veto.

Brian Sandoval, a legislative back-bencher in the mid-1990’s, then ran against Gibbons in the 2010 GOP primary and defeated him. Not by promising to continue the sunsets beyond their 2011 expiration date. But by pledging, in no uncertain terms, that he would let them die.

He was elected.

And then promptly broke his word.

He broke it again in 2013, building the sunsets into his budget and forcing them through with support from go-along-to-get-along Republican legislators such as Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson, who was against the sunsets before he was for them.

Well, it’s déjà vu all over again this year. The governor is proposing yet another massive $600 million-plus worth of higher taxes on Nevadans through yet another extension of those “temporary” tax hikes that are proving harder to kill than a meth-head vampire.

But this time, there’s a kicker!

In addition to once again extending the sunsets, the governor will also reportedly propose an additional $400 million-plus gross receipts tax on certain Nevada businesses. The same kind of gross receipts tax that Nevada voters overwhelmingly rejected at the ballot just two months ago by nearly 80 percent!

Of course, Sandoval’s new-and-improved version will be lemon-scented, but it’s still going to require the same level of deception and dishonesty Gruber used to sell ObamaCare. That’s why the tax hike is already being misleadingly marketed as for “education.” It’s “for the children,” you see.

The question is whether or not Nevadans and their elected legislators will be “ill-informed” and “stupid” enough to fall for it.

source: http://nevadanewsandviews.com/archives/19287

Nevada high court reverses Citizen Outreach decision

CARSON CITY — In a rare error, the Nevada Supreme Court issued a new 5-2 order Wednesday in favor of Citizen Outreach in a case involving election fliers and whether the conservative political group had to disclose who paid for them.

“Because it is undisputed that Citizen Outreach’s fliers do not contain magic words of express advocacy, the fliers were not subject to regulation under Nevada’s campaign practices statutes that were effective in 2010,” the court majority said.

Because the fliers aimed at then-Assemblyman John Oceguera do not contain the “magic” words of “vote for” or “vote against,” they did not qualify as express advocacy requiring the reporting of who paid for them, the court said in the new order.

The ruling is a complete reversal of a Monday order that came to the opposite conclusion. That order was withdrawn and the court said it was a clerical error that led to its posting.

In July 2013 Citizen Outreach was fined $10,000, plus attorneys fees by Carson City District Judge James Todd Russell for failing to report the source of the donors for the fliers.

But the new order reverses Russell’s ruling.

Chuck Muth, president of Citizen Outreach, was in better spirits with Wednesday’s order. Rather than looking at possible avenues of appeal, he said in a statement: “I feel like that zombie cat in Florida. Everyone thought we were dead. But to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of our court loss turned out to be greatly exaggerated. We’re obviously thrilled at this unexpected turn of events.”

Dissenting were Justices Michael Douglas and Nancy Saitta, who said the “magic word” test should not be required to allow transparency in the disclosure of contributions and expenditures advocating for the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate.

The mailers sent out criticizing Oceguera in October 2010 highlighted his record on tax hikes and accused him of being “a double-dipping government employee.”

Oceguera won re-election in 2010 and was termed out of office in 2012.

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Oppose “Local Radio Freedom Act” STOP RIPPING OFF MUSICIANS!


Oppose “Local Radio Freedom Act”
Back in November Chuck Muth wrote a column about a situation Chuck Muth was, at the time, completely unaware of; that recording artists aren’t paid royalties by local AM and FM radio stations when their songs are played on the air.The song WRITERS are paid, but NOT the performers.This isn’t right.This is outright theft-for-profit of the performance artist’s intellectual property…unless you think anyone off the street is just as good of a singer/musician as, say, Billy Joel, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Jimmi Hendrix or The Village People.

Every year the local broadcast stations come to Congress urging support for a highly misleading resolution called the “Local Radio Freedom Act” (LFRA)

Sounds nice.  After all, who doesn’t support their local radio stations, right?

But in reality, what “Big Radio” is asking is that AM and FM broadcaster be allowed the freedom to continue ripping off performance artists.

Please join Chuck Muth in signing an online petition sponsored by the Music First Coalition – of which Citizen Outreach is a member – urging your Members of Congress to reject the LRFA this time around.

Add your name by clicking on the button below…


Thank you for your interest and involvement as a citizen activist in helping shape U.S. public policy!

Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach

Brushfire Alerts are a project of Citizen Outreach, a 501(c)(4) grassroots advocacy organization.

Clark County GOP complaint targets PAC seeking legislator recalls

The Clark County Republican Party filed a complaint Wednesday with Nevada election officials alleging illegal contributions by a GOP activist for a political action committee seeking to recall fellow Republicans who haven’t taken a firm stance against Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed tax package.

The complaint calls for an investigation into whether Tony Dane illegally funneled conduit contributions to the CRC PAC to aid recall efforts against some Republicans who conservative activists believe will raise taxes.

“These legislators were duly elected to serve their constituents … and they need to focus on performing that job and fighting for conservative causes, rather than defending themselves from attacks,” the county GOP said in a statement.

The complaint seeks an investigation by the secretary of state’s office to determine whether “conduit contributions” prohibited under law and without donor disclosure financed a mail campaign launched after Sandoval’s State of the State address Jan 15. Sandoval proposed $1.1 billion in new and extended taxes to help finance his education priorities.

Dane’s political activism has drawn criticism before, including robo-calls in 2010 that his political action committee paid for that attacked Ron Kent, then a candidate for the Nye County district attorney office.

The fliers targeted Assembly Speaker-designate John Hambrick and others who have drawn the ire of party conservatives led by activist Chuck Muth. The conservative GOP wing believes the Republican lawmakers might vote to approve Sandoval’s tax proposal.

A divide between conservatives and moderates in the Assembly will be a key in whether Sandoval can garner the two-thirds vote needed to pass his tax package.

Clark County Republicans said Sandoval’s proposals are a “starting point for important conversations about the future of Nevada.”

“We look forward to seeing the full proposal from the governor, which includes major education, PERS and collective bargaining reform, and what positions legislators will take on those and other issues,” Nick Phillips, political director for the Clark County Republican Party, said in a statement announcing the complaint.

Dane in previous media reports has said he controls CRC PAC and is its sole source of funds. A report filed with the secretary of state’s office shows Dane contributed $5,000, and his businesses, Dane &Associates, contributed $240,000.

“Campaign finance disclosure laws are in place to shed light into the sources of funding of efforts that impact our political process,” the Clark County GOP said. “We look forward to the secretary of state’s office performing an investigation into whether or not any statutes were violated.”

The PAC that has the goal of recalling Hambrick is a different organization called the Recall Hambrick PAC, with involvement from Muth and others.

Review-Journal writer Ben Botkin contributed to this report. Contact Sandra Chereb atschereb@reviewjournal.com or 775-687-3901. Find her on Twitter: @SandraChereb

Chuck Muth-led PAC takes 1st steps to recall Assembly Republicans


A Nevada conservative activist is launching a number of PACs designed to recall three Southern Nevada Republicans who haven’t staked out a strong anti-tax stance.

Citizen Outreach President Chuck Muth said he’s helping oversee political action committees designed to recall Republican Assembly members Chris Edwards, Stephen Silberkraus and Speaker-designate John Hambrick because they haven’t publicly committed to voting against the proposed tax increases in Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget.

Sandoval proposed adding or extending $1.1 billion in taxes over the next two years primarily to fund K-12 education.

Edwards said the PACs were “out-of-line.” Hambrick said he signed a pledge to not raise taxes several years ago, and wanted to look at the details of the budget before making a decision.

Silberkraus couldn’t be reached for comment.

Nevada to name a mountain after Former President Ronald Reagan?

ronaldFormer President Ronald Reagan may soon have a federally-recognized mountain named after him now that the House Natural Resources Committee has approved a bill from Congressman Joe Heck, R-Nev., to rename part of Mount Frenchman just east of Las Vegas.

The new effort builds on an idea originally championed by conservative activist Chuck Muth that was batted down last year when Congresswoman Dina Titus, D-Nev., instead proposed a bill to rename a local mountain after Democrat Maude Frazier, who helped create the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Fox News reports.

According to The Associated Press, after proposing the bill, Heck endured a bit of heckling and levity from the other side of the aisle before the committee’s voice vote saw it approved.

Democratic Rep. Pete DeFazio of Oregon stated, “If we were going to name something after the president, it ought to be something that actually had to do with the president’s service in office, and something the president supported that was extraordinarily significant to the state of Nevada.” Yucca Mountain, said DeFazio, should clearly be the mountain of choice by such standards. The nuclear waste storage facilities there developed significantly under President Reagan, and is now an infamously toxic issue for Nevadans and their congressional delegation, who have long tried to undo it.

California Democrat Jared Huffman also joined in the fun, stating he thought DeFazio’s amendment was “terrific,” but a mountain alone wasn’t nearly enough.

“We may want to consider going big with this Reagan-naming enthusiasm. I’m beginning to see some possibilities in this,” he said. If the entire planet were named after Reagan, he mused, then Republicans might be more concerned about global warming and keeping the planet healthy.

Playing along, committee chairman Doc Hastings, R-Washington, said, “If the gentleman would introduce legislation, I would guarantee that he’ll have a hearing on that bill.”

So far, President Reagan has a slew of landmarks named after him, including an airport just outside Washington D.C., a couple highways, dozens of schools, and several parks. Just a few years ago, the state of New Hampshire renamed Mount Clay, turning it into Mount Reagan. In May of 2010, however, the U.S. Board of Geographic Names, a federal organization, declined to recognize the new name, instead favoring the old one, Mount Clay, for purely historical reasons.

The bill is likely to be passed by the Republican-controlled House, however Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office is unlikely to bring it to the Senate floor, and has already released a statement: “He has higher priority land bills for Nevada that he would bring up.”

With many statisticians and political analysts predicting the Senate might be taken over by Republicans this fall, however, perhaps the naming of Mount Reagan will come to pass in the not-too-distant future.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.Newsmax.com/TheWire/mount-reagan-reality-las-vegas/2014/04/10/id/564776/#ixzz3Dis0UTy0
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Chuck Muth: Gov. Brian Sandoval already had his mind made up on tax increase

Wait. Are you kidding me?muth says

Anjeanette Damon of the Las Vegas Sun recently obtained emails showing that a troika of lobbyists/power-brokers overruled Gov. Brian Sandoval’s (R&R-Partners) senior staff on one of the governor’s numerous betrayals of his “no tax hikes” pledge. This outrageous story shows that not only are Sandoval’s promises empty, so is his suit.

At issue is what has become known as the “More Cops” tax increase for Clark County. Voters approved half the hike in 2004, when Nevada still was in times of plenty. Indeed, recall that in 2005 tax revenues had come in so much higher than expected from the 2003 Mother of All Tax Hikes that then-Gov. Kenny Guinn actually issued tax rebates. Continue reading