CARSON CITY — The capital city’s main drag is a mess. The street is torn up and jackhammer noise fills the air.


CARSON CITY — The capital city’s main drag is a mess. The street is torn up and jackhammer noise fills the air.

But from the din and dust will emerge what many city officials hope will be a new, pedestrian-friendly downtown that will draw new businesses and encourage economic development.

It is an $11.4 million gamble, and the results of narrowing what was once a critical piece of the U.S. Highway 395 corridor should be on display by Nevada Day, Oct. 31.

A majority of city officials, including Mayor Bob Crowell, are betting that narrowing the street to one travel lane in each direction with some parking and a turn lane where needed, and widening sidewalks to allow for outdoor dining and a more comfortable pedestrian experience, will invigorate the downtown. The project runs from the Legislative Building at Fifth Street to William Street eight-tenths of a mile to the north. Bike lanes will also be added.

The project also includes turning one intersecting street, Third Street, into a pedestrian mall with various amenities, and improvements to Curry Street, a parallel street one block west.

In an interview at City Hall, Crowell, a Tonopah native who grew up in Carson City from grade school on, said the goal is to make downtown a comfortable place to visit.

The project was made possible with a new freeway bypass around Carson City, which is expected to be completed by 2017. Diverting through traffic will allow the changes to Carson Street downtown.

“With the development of the freeway we are probably going to see another 20 percent drop in car traffic downtown,” Crowell said. “So we’re pretty sensitive to the idea that downtown needs to be a place to drive to and not drive through.”

Crowell said the idea is to let visitors enjoy the capital city’s many historic structures without fear of being run over on Carson Street. The street has for years been a busy four-lane with truck traffic and many vehicles exceeding the 25 mph speed limit. The sidewalks are too narrow and uncomfortable for pedestrians, he said.

The zoning downtown is mixed use with efforts underway to attract residential, office and commercial development.

“We need to make sure that it is a place people want to visit,” Crowell said. “You either have a four-lane highway designed to carry traffic through your city, or a place to carry traffic to your city.”

Similar projects have succeeded in Durango, Colorado, and Bend, Oregon, said City Manager Nick Marano.

The Carson project is the culmination of 10 years of planning, but he said it will likely take another decade to finalize the vision.

“My favorite part of Las Vegas is the downtown,” Marano said. “It’s got a cool vibe, new restaurants and a lot of interesting retail establishments.”

The Carson City project has a similar goal.

But not everybody is convinced that the project will achieve the results its boosters envision.

Bob Lamkin, owner of Bob’s Shell service station on Carson Street, said his business has not been substantially harmed by the construction underway. Lamkin said his loyal customers have helped his business remain viable even with the new freeway bypass siphoning off some traffic through town.

But he remains opposed.

“I have been against this thing forever because I don’t think it is good for Carson City and I don’t think it is going to be the salvation the downtown business owners think it will be,” he said.

Lamkin, who has run his business for 38 years, also said Carson City voters should have been given the opportunity to weigh in on the project.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 last fall to proceed with the project. The board also previously voted 4-1 to increase the sales tax by one-eighth of a percent to fund a number of projects around town, including a portion of the downtown beautification project.

Funding for the project is coming primarily from the sales tax, redevelopment funds and water, stormwater and sewer funds.

“You have 50,000 people in this town and they decide that they are going to let 12 downtown businesses and the Board of Supervisors decide what is best for them,” Lamkin said. “I think that’s wrong.”

Doug Cramer, owner of Mom & Pop’s diner on Carson Street adjacent to the Third Street pedestrian project, is betting that the improvements will boost his restaurant’s business.

Cramer said he is proceeding with plans to open his diner during evenings, expanding from the breakfast and lunch hours offered now. The 10 outside tables will double to 20, he said. He will also seek a liquor license.

“We have to change our philosophy,” Cramer said.

The key is to offer family-friendly events to bring people downtown in the evening hours, he said. A farmers market and an outdoor movie night would be big draws, but Cramer said he has to drum up support to purchase a $21,000 projector system.

There is some private-sector investment underway in the project area already. An old Citibank building on Curry Street has been leveled and a multiuse project that includes homes has started construction.

But there are vacant buildings along the main drag, including a former brewery. Other storefronts are occupied by offices, including some used by lobbyists who work at the Legislature during session.

And what could be a major anchor for the renewal project, the Ormsby House hotel-casino, remains vacant on the corner of Fifth and Carson streets. The once popular casino and its restaurants closed about 15 years ago, and although sporadic work is done on the building, there has been no sign it will reopen soon.

A referendum of sorts on what the community thinks about the downtown revitalization project could come this election cycle as Crowell runs for a third term as mayor. He faces three opponents.

Years ago, one of the top amenities for a community was golf courses, but not anymore, he said.

“I personally think that what is happening with Apple, Tesla and Switch is that there is a brand change going on in Northern Nevada and we have to stay current with that brand change,” Crowell said.

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Four file for Carson City mayor; Angle files for senate

none voteAt the 11th hour, three people joined Bob Crowell in the Carson City mayor’s race, forcing the only primary in the capital’s local election contests.

Mayor Bob Crowell is seeking his third term in the office.

He will face Jerry Cinani, a counselor with Sierra Counseling and Neuropathy, Chris Carver of Carson City Politics and former parks and recreation official Kurt Meyer.

“The city is on the cusp of doing some great things and I’d like to see it finish out,” Crowell said. “This is for Carson City. The mayor’s job is not about me, it’s about the city.”

Cinani said he filed in part because he doesn’t think the mayor’s race should be uncontested. He also said he would make different decisions than the existing board has made in several areas, although he declined to give details at this point.

Meyer was a recreation supervisor for the city’s parks and recreation department for 25 years before retiring.

Meyer said he too believes there should be a choice for mayor and believes he can “bring a fresh new look on some of the issues here in Carson City.”

“I’m excited for the possibility to contribute,” he said.

Carver said he initially filed because he didn’t believe Crowell should run unopposed. All three of his opponents filed Friday saying the same thing.

But Carver also said he wants to “streamline government and focus our spending on essential services.” He said the city has an obligation to take care of infrastructure which he said the supervisors aren’t doing.

While both supervisors’ races and one school board seat are contested in Carson City, each has just two candidates so they automatically advance to the November General Election.

Statewide, Sharron Angle, who lost in her bid to unseat outgoing U.S. Senator Harry Reid in 2010, has again filed for Reid’s senate seat.

Carson City Courthouse receives $18,900 grant for improvements

carson city courthouse

carson city courthouse

The Nevada Supreme Court has awarded $106,500 in grants to fund security and technology needs in the state’s lower courts.

The grants include $26,600 worth of security improvements, the majority of which goes to the Carson City courthouse to remodel the front lobby so visitors to the clerk’s office also will be funneled through a metal detector. That grant is for $18,900.

Virginia City’s courthouse will get $3,700 to install a metal detector at the entrance.

Finally, Washoe County will get $4,000 to develop training for court employees.

Finally the 11th Judicial District will get a $6,500 grant to buy a high-speed document scanner for a planned electronic file management system.

Three-quarters of the grant funds will pay to improve audio-visual equipment in several different court operations. Reno Justice Court will get $25,200 to upgrade audio-visual equipment and White Pine County $18,200 to upgrade its Jefferson Audio Visual System (JAVS) system. Bunkerville Justice Court will use $20,000 of the cash to purchase and install a JAVS system similar to that used in the Carson City courts. Finally Argenta Justice Court was awarded $10,000 to complete installation of a system in its new courthouse.

Carson City sheriff’s log: Inmate who consumed hand sanitizer booked for assault, resisting

drunk judgeA Carson City jail inmate who allegedly consumed hand sanitizer, was booked Saturday on suspicion of gross misdemeanor assault on a police officer and resisting after he charged at jail staff in which a taser was used to stop him, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

The 33-year-old Carson City man also faces a misdemeanor charge of battery after allegedly spitting on a Carson City Fire Department member.

According to the arrest report, a deputy assigned to the jail was in the booking area when he heard screaming in the hallway. He saw the man with both arms extended and his hands clenched into fists. The man was cursing and moving closer to the deputy and another jail deputy.

The man was told to stop but did not respond to commands. A deputy removed a taser from its holders and gave commands for the man to stop and get on the ground. The man charged toward the deputies with both fists and appeared as though he was going to strike them. The taser was deployed into the abdomen of the man where he was detained and handcuffed.

The man appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. The deputy attempted to have the man provide a preliminary breath sample and was able to get a partial sample of .066. It was later discovered the man had consumed one bag of hand sanitizer that was obtained from a secured cabinet, the arrest report states. The hand sanitizer contains ethyl alcohol at 70 percent. He was taken to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center for treatment. Bail: $4,774.

Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nv., Thursday filed for his third full two-year term representing Carson City Congressional District 2

Mark AmodeiRep. Mark Amodei, R-Nv., Thursday filed for his third full two-year term representing Congressional District 2.

The district covers western Nevada including his hometown Carson City as well as most of northern rural Nevada.

Amodei faces two Democratic challengers so far: Chip Evans of Reno and Rick Shepherd. Evans, a longtime member of the Washoe Democratic Central Committee, has the endorsement of Sen. Harry Reid.

Asked whether this would be his final term since he has said numerous times he doesn’t like the “culture” of Congress in Washington D.C., Amodei said: “I don’t like the culture but the work is important.”

He said he would evaluate whether to seek another term if he’s re-elected this time when that term comes to an end.

He said he would like to see a different culture in D.C. than the past years of the war between President Obama and the Congress.

He said important to him is, “we need somebody to give a riff about the west.”

As an example, he pointed to “all the green energy push on one hand and, on the other, you can’t get a permit to do it.”

Amodei has been in Congress since September 2011 when he won the special election to replace Dean Heller after Heller was appointed to the U.S. Senate. He ran and won the seat in both 2012 and 2014 and filed Thursday for another term.

One surprise filing for Congress was Morse Arberry in District 4. Arberry is the former chairman of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, a post he held in the Nevada Legislature for seven sessions until he was term-limited out of that body in 2008. Arberry is one of five Democrats seeking to unseat first term incumbent republican Cresent Hardy.

Also filing on Thursday was State Sen. Pete Goicoechea, R-Eureka, seeking a second four-year term in that office. Thus far, he’s the only candidate to have filed for that post.

He said water issues are key in his largely rural district that spans the northern half of Nevada. But he said supporting and expanding four-year offerings at Nevada community colleges is also important to him.

In addition, former Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey of Reno has filed seeking election to the state Board of Education seat he was appointed to fill.

In Carson City, the only new filing since Monday is by Steve Reynolds seeking a second term on the Carson school board in District 5.

Group protests death of wildlife refuge occupier at Nevada state Capitol


CARSON CITY — About a dozen people protesting the death of Oregon wildlife refuge occupier Robert “LaVoy” Finicum lined Carson Street in front of the Capitol grounds Saturday to bring attention to what one termed the murder of the Arizona rancher at the hands of overzealous federal authorities.

Marki Marius of Milford, Calif., who organized the Carson City protest, held a sign with Finicum’s photo and the statement: “Murdered by the FBI January 26 2016.”

“We stand strongly behind the ranchers,” she said as some drivers honked in support as they drove by. “We are trying to fight the overreach of federal agencies.”

Dozens of rallies were planned across the country in memory of Finicum, an armed occupier of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon who was killed by Oregon state police after he and others were stopped at a roadblock.

Finicum was one of the Oregon occupation’s leaders along with Ammon and Ryan Bundy, sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

He also participated in Bundy’s 2014 standoff with federal Bureau of Land Management authorities over the BLM’s attempt to remove the rancher’s cattle from federal land because of his refusal to pay grazing fees for more than two decades.

One of the goals of the protest is to get state and federal authorities to investigate how Finicum died.

Also at the Carson protest was John Vettel, state director of a group called Convention of States Action that wants state legislatures to call for a convention to consider amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The group wants to roll back federal authority to its original intent, limit terms of federal elected officials and get federal spending under control, he said.

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Carson City Board of Supervisors vote to discontinue Nevada Fair

10253970-nevada-state-fair-august-2630-2009Carson City is getting out of the fair business.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors voted Thursday to discontinue the Nevada Fair, a free-admission event focused on livestock and agriculture and put on in Fuji Park by the city the last two years.

The fair was losing money, according to Roger Moellendorf, director of Carson City Parks and Recreation.

Despite carrying over about $25,000 from 2014 to 2015 and turning a small profit of $5,000 last year, the event was dependent on seed money from the city, so far totaling $135,000, as well as donated time from city staff equal to about $73,000 in 2015.

And now a competing event is coming to town.

“I thought the fair was extremely well received. I never heard anything but good things about it. I do worry that as the world goes faster and faster, we lose sight of the value of going back to livestock, raising your own food, the things 4H and Future Farmers of America do. I am not opposed to closing the fair, but I’d like a sense from this board that what 4H and Future Farmers of America do is important to this community.”Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell

The Nevada State Fair, which has been dormant since 2010, is being hosted again, this time at Mills Park, June 9-12, about six weeks before the city was scheduled to put on its event.

“When Nevada State Fair LLC approached us I saw it as a good opportunity for us to transition out of the fair business. I don’t think cities do fair business well,” Nick Marano, Carson City manager, said. “We’re not giving Nevada State Fair any money or staff time. It is a purely privately-run affair.”

Initially, the city had hoped the Nevada State Fair would come to the capital, said Moellendorf. But when the event wasn’t revived for a few years, the city went ahead and hosted its own.

The events are not completely alike. The Nevada State Fair plans to feature carnival rides, a car show, the Rendezvous Civil War reenactment and a petting zoo.

The Nevada Fair, on the other hand, offered some of that, including Civil War re-enactors, but featured 4H and Future Farmers of America livestock shows.

Mayor Bob Crowell and other supervisors voiced concerns the livestock events would fall off the calendar if the city dropped its fair.

“I thought the fair was extremely well received. I never heard anything but good things about it,” Crowell said. “I do worry that as the world goes faster and faster, we lose sight of the value of going back to livestock, raising your own food, the things 4H and Future Farmers of America do.

“I am not opposed to closing the fair, but I’d like a sense from this board that what 4H and Future Farmers of America do is important to this community.”

Moellendorf suggested the city work with the operators of the Nevada State Fair to incorporate the livestock and agriculture events into future state fairs.

The supervisors voted to cancel and no longer hold the Nevada Fair and for staff to facilitate discussions with “interested parties,” that may include Nevada State Fair LLC, to find another venue in which to continue the livestock and agriculture events in coming years.

Sen. Ted Cruz used a Carson City rally on Tuesday to take a thinly veiled shot at fellow Republican and governor Brian Sandoval.

Governor Brian Sandoval

Governor Brian Sandoval

Sen. Ted Cruz used a Carson City rally on Tuesday to take a thinly veiled shot at fellow Republican and governor Brian Sandoval.

He started his speech at the Brewery Arts Center objecting to politicians he says run as conservatives but change once in office.

“The people of Nevada has some experience with politicians who say one thing and do another,” the Texas senator said. “Politicians who campaign on cutting taxes then vote in a massive increase.”

He said voters need “leaders whose first priority is to honor the commitments they made to the people who elected (them).”

In contrast, he praised his Nevada campaign chairman Attorney General Adam Laxalt as a “principled constitutionalist.”

It was Laxalt who introduced Cruz to the crowd of more than 200, descriving him as “the most prepared to get us back to the constitutional center.”

He drew applause from the crowd when he cited the fact the federal government owns 85 percent of Nevada “is fundamentally wrong and, if I’m elected president, that will end.”

He said his administration also would lift the yoke of the EPA and BLM off of Nevada.

Cruz said his first day in office as president, he would “rescind every illegal, unconstitutional executive action” President Obama has made, order a Justice Department investigation of Planned Parenthood, order government agencies to stop whast he called “the persecution of religious liberty,” tear up the Iran nuclear arms deal and order the U.S. embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem.

He also said Justice Antonin Scalia’s death puts the nation one justice away form a high court he said would tear up the constitution and Bill of Rights. He said as president he would nominate only principaled constitutionalists to the Supreme Court.

Cruz touted his reputation as being disliked by his fellow members of the House and Senate as a badge of honor saying they don’t like him because he stands up for his principals and refuses to cave in to political expediency and “get along.”

Cruz concluded by telling the crowd he believes President Obama’s legacy will be creating the “new generation of Republican candidates who will produce the next Reagan revolution.”

Carson City sheriff’s log: Argument over Donald Trump leads to assault arrest

A 21-year-old man was arrested early Tuesday on a misdemeanor charge of battery after allegedly punching his neighbor after the two began to argue about presidential candidate Donald Trump, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

According to the arrest report, deputies were dispatched at 12:38 a.m. to the 400 block of South Saliman Road for a call of two men arguing outside.

An officer made contact with the victim who explained he was drinking with his neighbor and that the two began arguing and that he was punched in the face, the arrest report states.

The victim said his neighbor then left and his wife called 911. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest form.

Deputies then made contact with the suspect who stated the two began to argue about Donald Trump and that he became upset and punched the man in the face. He was taken into custody on a charge of misdemeanor battery. Bail: $1,137.

Rocky De La Fuente for POTUS Blimp floats over Carson City


A blimp bearing the banner of a presidential candidate encircled Carson City Sunday morning.

One side of the blimp displayed the political message in English, and the other side was printed in Spanish.

According to the web site visible on the blimp’s banner, the advertising is on behalf of Rocky De La Fuente, a 2016 candidate for President of the United States.

Geological composition has Nev. on the move

By Linda Fine Conaboy


RENO – Nevada is the third most earthquake-prone state and is the fastest growing state, tectonically speaking, annually adding more area than the size of two basketball courts because of tectonic activity.

James Faulds, the state geologist for Nevada and director of the Nevada Bureaus of Mines and Geology at UNR, explained that Nevada has a greater number of mountain ranges, produces more gold, is volcanically active and has a vast supply of geothermal resources—more than any other state except for maybe Alaska.

According to Faulds, many of the state’s geothermal resources have yet to be discovered let alone mapped. This may explain, he said, why Nevada is always in hot water.

Earthquake faults, he said, allow hot water sitting deep in the earth to migrate to shallow levels, perhaps explaining why there are now close to 15 geothermal power plants in the state.

While their website states that Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation is in the business of transforming and maintaining the parks in Washoe County, the program they hosted in Reno last week went way beyond parks.

Three speakers covered all anyone needs to know about earthquakes, geothermal energy and volcanoes in Nevada. Though billed as a local event, all three speakers acknowledged that the Lake Tahoe Basin should be included in this mix, especially when the talk turns to earthquakes and volcanoes.

Although their intention was to inform and not to scare, many in the audience went away muttering about getting ahold of their agents pronto to chat about earthquake insurance. It was apparent that more than a handful were not aware that the Reno and Tahoe areas are seismically active and in fact, lie on some fairly large faults.

The Genoa fault is one of many near Lake Tahoe. Photo/Provided

Geothermal energy is the only renewable energy that’s available 24/7, and the potential for large amounts of energy production in Nevada is eclipsed only by California’s generation rates, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Annie Kell is the coordinator of education and outreach and a professor of seismology, among other duties, at UNR’s Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering.

She said Reno averages at least six earthquakes of significant size about every 12 years.

“There are thousands of structures in Reno that would be damaged in an earthquake,” she said.

Generally, Kell said, anything built prior to 1974 is vulnerable. The average cost to upgrade the deficits in these buildings she estimates at less than $5,000.

Kell said there’s a significant fault in Incline Village, which about 500 years ago produced close to a magnitude 7 quake. She also mentioned the West Tahoe fault zone running from Meyers to Dollar Point and submerged from Emerald Bay to McKinney Bay. Another fault, she said, lies near Stateline Point laying below the Club Cal Neva, and the Genoa fault, one of the most active, could threaten the Reno-Carson urban corridor.

Most people have heard stories of a potential tsunami able to inflict huge amounts of destruction to the Lake Tahoe Basin—Kell doesn’t totally rule out the likelihood, nor does Faulds.

“A tsunami is definitely a possibility,” Faulds said. “Research shows that in the past there have been tsunami events at Lake Tahoe—probably within the last 10,000-12,000 years, which is fairly young in terms of scientific research.”

Kell strongly urged the audience to prepare now for the chance of some major earthquake damage to the entire region, saying earthquake insurance in this area of the country is definitely worth it.

She’s a proponent of being ready even though there is no evidence that an earthquake is imminent. “An emergency survival kit can be a lifesaver,” she said, suggesting it should include:

·      Food for three days

·      Pet food

·      Medical supplies

·      A power supply

·      Plan for evacuating the family

·      Securing tall and heavy items.

In case of an earthquake, Kell advised, you should always protect your head and neck. “Drop, cover and hold on,” she said. “Do not run outside, stand near windows, get on top of furniture, get out of bed, drive over bridges, light a flame or run to a doorway.”

She added that during an earthquake event, aftershocks are a real possibility.

While he’s a professional geologist, volcanoes are an area of expertise for Christopher Henry, a research geologist at the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Henry suggested that geology doesn’t follow state boundaries, but he said good volcano sites that are not too far away and easily viewed are Lassen Peak, Sutter Buttes (on private property) and Long Valley, adjacent to Mammoth Mountain.

In addition, he said there are numerous volcano sites between Reno and Lake Tahoe, particularly north of Tahoe near Truckee. These include Mt. Disney, Squaw Peak, Martis Peak and Mt. Pluto. He added that at Dollar Point, if you look hard enough, you can find layered and ashy areas that might include volcanic bombs.

Going south, to Mammoth and Long Valley, there are huge volcanoes, what Henry called super volcanoes that created a caldera 20 miles across. He surmised this event happened about 760,000 years ago, leaving today’s Mammoth Mountain.

In the last 600,000 years, smaller eruptions have taken place and in their wake, various craters can be seen, one of which is Mono Crater. “There are all kinds of volcanic pieces to be found at the sites. But then, all rocks are pretty to me,” he grinned.

Despite what may be construed as continuous danger, scientists predict that the chance of a magnitude 7 quake under Lake Tahoe are slim—about 3 to 4 percent in the next 50 years, and actually posing less of a threat than the potential danger from forest fires or floods. However, all the experts advise to be prepared.

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo’s misdemeanor DUI conviction was overturned on appeal due to Judge Tatro fuck up

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo’s misdemeanor DUI conviction was overturned on appeal to the District Court on Tuesday.

But the ruling came only after his lawyer Larry Dunn threw a Hail Mary pass following Judge James Wilson’s initial ruling upholding the DUI but tossing the gun charge.

Wilson reversed the charge of carrying a gun while intoxicated because he said the blood test showing Carrillo was at 0.10 blood alcohol wasn’t admissible. He made that ruling based on testimony by the Washoe crime lab technician she didn’t supervise and control all the elements of the testing process and couldn’t vouch for the pieces she wasn’t involved in.

At that point, Dunn stood and asked how the judge could then uphold the DUI since that conviction was based on the same blood test he had just thrown out.

Wilson looked back in the transcript of Justice of the Peace John Tatro’s decision and agreed with Dunn that Tatro found Carrillo guilty of DUI based solely on the blood test, not on any other tests or evidence Carrillo was intoxicated.

“So it appears the DUI needs to be reversed too,” said Wilson correcting himself.

judge tatroThe Washoe Crime Lab didn’t administer multiple tests to establish whether Carrillo’s alcohol level was on the way up or on the way down and couldn’t say for beyond a reasonable doubt his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit when he was found asleep in his vehicle.

Carrillo was arrested February 27 during the 2015 Legislature after he was found asleep in the driver’s seat of his sports car with the engine running and his hand on the gearshift. Tatro initially ruled he was “in actual physical control” of the vehicle and therefore guilty of DUI. The car was parked on the street outside Jimmy G’s bar where Carrillo had been drinking.

Dunn said the ruling would make the crime lab tighten up its rules and procedures but he believed the arrest was bad in the first place because there was no evidence Carrillo had driven the car while drunk or had made any attempt to do so.

Wilson’s decision lifts the penalties imposed by Tatro including 42 hours of community service, fines totaling $800 and a ban on possessing any firearms for a year.

Carrillo said afterward the ruling “lifts a huge weight” off of him.

Dunn said simply it was “the right decision from the beginning.”

Longtime Carson City Judge Mike Fondi dies at 78

He was 78.

Fondi was originally appointed to the bench by then-gov. Mike O’Callaghan in July 1977. He was elected to the post four times, serving a total of 23 years before retiring in August 2000.

Before becoming a judge, Fondi was elected Carson District Attorney in 1970 and served for six years until appointed to the bench. Before that, he was chief deputy DA for four years and before that a deputy attorney general. He began his public career as a legal assistant to Gov. Grant Sawyer in 1963.

In all, Fondi spent 37 years in public service.

During his career, he handled many of the biggest cases in state history. Until the law was changed, all appeals by prison inmates were handled in Carson City’s 1st District so that list included a large number of appeals by those on Nevada’s death row. He was instrumental in changing that law to relieve the pressure on the two Carson City District Courts.

Fondi also was chair of the Supreme Court study that resulted in major changes to how death penalty cases were handled and helped develop new arbitration rules in Carson City as well as mediation for child custody cases to make those processes more efficient.

Fondi was born in April 1937 in Ely. He graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in 1959, and Hastings College of Law, University of California, in 1962.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Call the Reno/Carson news and demand they cover the cover-up

Recently the Reno and Carson City news outlets covered the story about a DNA warrant issued for the arrest of a John Doe who may have shot Carson City judge Tatro’s house and tried to light the home on fire. A Christmas card was also sent to Tatro with the words “You will die”.

judge tatroWhat the news is not reporting is that a person named Levi Minor claimed to have been the person who shot Tatro’s house. Levi Minor admitted to the incident and the Carson City Sheriff claims he just used a BB gun.

Levi claims he shot Tatro’s house because the judge had an affair with his mom who also worked in the Carson City courthouse.


The news is covering-up this important story!

They covered up the shooting! – Call or email them at:


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Why is the Carson City cartel going after Ty Robben?

Because Ty exposed the corruption in the Carson City courthouse…


Carson DA moves to reinstate charges against Ty Robben

Taxpayer money spent on RETALATION

By Geoff Dornan

The Carson City District Attorney’s office is moving to reinstate criminal charges against Ty Robben — including that he tried to solicit a hit man to kill Justice of the Peace John Tatro.

Two cases involving Robben were turned over to the Douglas County DA’s office after Senior District Judge Charles McGee in Reno disqualified the Carson DA’s office from handling them.

Ty Robben "gangsta blogger"

But two months after that ruling, McGee, of his own volition, entered an order saying he would reconsider that decision in light of an April opinion by the Nevada Supreme Court effectively reversing the precedent he relied on in disqualifying the DA. While McGee said he still has concerns, he would like to see the issue briefed and would consider reinstating the Carson DA’s office.

judge tatroSee the Carson City DA filing here: MOTION – Request to re-appoint (1)


But in between his first order and the second one, issued April 15, Douglas DA Mark Jackson dismissed the solicitation-to-commit-murder charge as well as the libel, stalking and harassment charges filed in the first case. He said in the dismissal notices that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.Mark Krueger Carson City, Nevada

Putting Carson City back in charge would allow the office to refile the charges against Robben, including solicitation to commit murder, a Category B felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.


nevada appeal storyIn the request for reappointment, Assistant DA Mark Krueger emphasized that the Carson DA’s office “reviews the evidence provided by law enforcement and charges only those crimes in which the Carson City District Attorney’s office believes occurred and can be proven at trial beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Douglas Co. Nevada DA Mark Jackson

However the Douglas DA Mark Jackson dismissed all 6 charges and counts due to lack of probable cause, the lower standard and the highest standard beyond a reasonable doubt.

Those charges included 3 felonies, gross misdemeanors and the most serious class B felony of solicitation of murder on a judge.


Levi Minor

Levi Minor shot Judge Tatro’s house


The libel charged was dismissed because what Robben said was in fact, true.

Robben reported on his website that Carson City resident Levi Minor admitted to shooting Judge Tatro’s frond door in December 2012.

Robben reported the motive was that Minor’s mother, who also worked at the courthouse,  had an affair with Judge Tatro.

Robben confirmed that Minor told him this in person when he was in custody in the Carson City jail.

judge tatro shooting video

judge tatro shooting

Robben also reported on the alleged breathalyzer test requirements for Judge Tatro before he takes the bench and related DUIs.


Judge Tatro also was offended when Roben made him look like the joker.

The bottom line and the facts are Robben did  not solicited murder on Judge Tatro, instead it was the other way around when Robben’s cell-mate (cellie) named Keith Furr attempted to solicit Robben. Robben informed his lawyers and the FBI about the situation prior to being charged. Robben could not report the incident to the Carson City Sheriff (CCSO) since they were the one setting him up. The CCSO would not respond to Robben’s inmate request forms and stole his legal papers. The CCSO still has Robben’s computers after the Douglas County DA has released the property.

Mark Krueger Carson City district attorney scandal

The CCSO alleges Furr wore a “wire” to secretly record Robben in his cell conspiring with Furr to hire a hit man for a “roofing job”. The recording show Furr solicited Robben and Robben declined. Robben has recording to his lawyers on the phone telling them to contact the FBI immediately because the CCSO is covering up the Tatro shooting incident and they are setting me up with a guy selling me a hit man to kill Judge Tatro. Why would Robben be calling the FBI if he was going to have a hit man kill the judge?

hit man contract out for Judge TatroHowever, Furr later admitted to other inmates in jail he did not were a wire and instead the CCSO secretly surreptitiously listened to the conversations in the cell via the intercom system normally used for emergencies. The CCSO coerced Furr into saying he wore a wire and fabricated a header on the digital audio to make it appear Furr wore a wire. The audio was illegally edited which is tampering of evidence. jp tatro ruthless and toothless

The CCSO and DA needed Furr to allege he wore a wire in order for the evidence to be admissible in court. However, by fabricating the evidence and witness testimony, the CCSO and DA have actually committed crimes against Robben. Robben also said the CCSO listened to all his phone calls which is legal, however the CCSO also listened in on all his attorney conversations in the visiting area via the intercom system just like they did in his cell 24 hours a day. Everything was digitally recorded and mined for anything that could be used against Robben. Inmates are not entitled to privacy in jail, however the secretly surreptitiously recorded data would test the law and show how far the CCSO and Carson City DA went to set up Robben.

Kenny FurlongThe CCSO, DA and Sr. Judge Harold “Hal” Albright  (presiding over the cases due to conflict of interests with all Carson Judges and Justice of Peace including JP Tatro and JP Armstrong) dismissed all pending charges against Furr in order to coerce Furr to testify against Robben, however the audio shows Furr doing the solicitation.  Keith Furr has a long criminal record and is currently in jail in Lyon County for serious charges including arson.

Judge Harold G. Albright Profile: Judge Harold G. Albright was born in Denver, Colorado on August 10, 1945, admitted to the bar in 1971, Nevada; 1973

The CCSO, DA Rombardo, Mark Krueger and Sr. Judge Harold “Hal” Albright let off Keith Furr for very serious crimes that can be found by a google search of Keith Wayne Furr in Carson City:

April 21, 2014:

The following people were booked into the Carson City Jail. All suspects are innocent until proved guilty in court:


9:45 p.m.: Keith Wayne Furr, 51, was arrested on a felony possession-of-stolen-property warrant. Also arrested was Melanie Sandomierski, on suspicion of harboring a fugitive and possession of a controlled substance.


carson city courthouse


Posted: Apr 21, 2014 6:18 PM PDTUpdated: Apr 22, 2014 11:41 AM PDT

Keith Furr

Lyon County deputies have arrested a man they say was wanted on drug and stolen property property charges.

Deputies had been searching for 51-year-old Keith Wayne Furr of Dayton all weekend after receiving a felon warrant for possessing stolen property.

Around 9:45pm Sunday, they received a tip Furr was spotted at his trailer located in the 1000 block of Highway 50. When deputies arrived, they found Furr packing personal belongings into a vehicle. They say when he saw them, he ran away, and after losing him for a brief time, they found running east along Highway 50.

Furr was eventually arrested after a brief struggle.

During the investigation, deputies say an associate of Furr — 43-year-old Melanie Sandomierski of Dayton — was also arrested for harboring a fugitive for possession of a controlled substance.

Melanie Sandomierski of Dayton

Furr is charged with principle to possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, criminal contempt (Carson City Justice Court Warrant), possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of extended protection order.

Furr’s bail is set at $15,920 while Sandomierski’s bail is set at $12,500.

Carson City sheriff’s officers make numerous drug, misdemeanor arrests over weekend

Two men were arrested Sept. 27 and face felony drug charges after Carson City Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team officers found methamphetamine in a console of a van. Both men denied the meth was theirs.

Keith Wayne Furr, 51, and William Dale French, 42, of Dayton were arrested in the 4900 block of Highway 50 East at 5:28 p.m.

According to the arrest report, an officer was patrolling eastbound Highway 50 near Sunrise Road when he noticed a Chevy van with an expired California plate traveling westbound. The officer followed the van to a mobile home park where it drove into a space. The men got out of the vehicle and went around to the back of a mobile home. The men were given instructions to stop what they were doing and put up their hands, which they didn’t do, each rummaging through their pockets, according to the arrest report.


French told officers that he was a passenger in the van and was just getting a ride. He stated that Furr saw the officer on Highway 50 and stated he knew it was a cop. French told officers that Furr was nervous and drove quickly into the mobile home park. He said they didn’t know anyone who lived in the mobile home park.

A K9 did a drug sniff of the yard of the mobile home park where the dog located a small amount of marijuana along with some cash near a grill. French was asked about the marijuana and he stated it was Furr’s and he is the one who hid it. Officers spoke with Furr who stated that French was the one with the marijuana and was hid it. Furr also stated he knew the officers who stopped him were part of the SET team from the sheriff’s office when he was driving on Highway 50, according to the arrest report.

Department of Alternative Sentencing assisted with the investigation as it was learned that Furr was on a list that allowed for searches. The K9 conducted the search of the van. In the van a hypodermic device was found along with a small amount of methamphetamine and another open bottle of alcohol in the middle console of the van, within reach of both men, the arrest report states.

Officers again asked both about the meth and hypodermic device. Furr said it belonged to French and French said it belonged to Furr, the arrest report states.

Officers then learned that the rear plate of the van had a valid 2014 registration sticker however the registration was expired as of 2010, according to California DMV. The plate was taken for evidence and later booked at the sheriff’s office for fictitious registration. Dispatched advised Furr did not have a valid license in Nevada or California.

Both men were booked. Furr faces the following charges: felony possession of methamphetamine, gross misdemeanor destruction of evidence. Misdemeanors include possession of marijuana, no valid driver’s license, expired registration, no proof of insurance, possession of a hypodermic device, violation of conditions, open container and fictitious registration. Bail: $11,179. French faces a felony charge of possession of methamphetamine and a gross misdemeanor charge of destruction of evidence. He also faces the following misdemeanor charges: Possession of marijuana, possession of a hypodermic device and open container. Bail: $6,874.

Carson City Sheriff’s Office report details initial arrest that led to recovery of 60 stolen weapons

More details have emerged following the arrest Friday of a Dayton man that led to Carson City and Lyon County authorities to recover approximately 60 stolen weapons, a stolen vehicle and narcotics. Three others were also arrested.

Keith Furr, 52, was arrested on charges of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, contempt of court and criminal contempt and is being held in Carson City with a bail of $23,500.

According to the arrest report, deputies were dispatched Friday at around 3 p.m. to the area of Clearview Drive and South Edmonds after a person called dispatch to advise there was a vehicle stuck on top of the next to Prison Hill.

When they were approximately 100 meters from the vehicle they observed Furr carrying a short-barrel AR-15 and a white metal carrying case.

When they were approximately 100 meters from the vehicle they observed Furr carrying a short-barrel AR-15 and a white metal carrying case.

The man immediately attempted to walk past the officers and appeared nervous, making movements like he was about to run from the officers, the arrest report states.

The officers asked the man who the gun belonged to and Furr said a man that he did not know handed the weapon and a case to him and told him to carry it to the top of the hill. Furr stated the man would meet him shortly thereafter, the arrest report states.

Deputy Kepler walked to the vehicle and checked the license plate through dispatch and advised the plate came back to a subject in Lyon County and then walked back to speak with Furr. As the officer returned, Sgt. Humphrey informed the deputies that Furr was a felon. Furr also admitted to this, the arrest report states. Deputy Kepler and Trotter took the man into custody at 5:12 p.m. for being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm.

Dispatch advised Furr was on alternative sentencing, which then placed a hold on Furr for violation of conditions of probation and violation of a court monitored sentence.

Through the combined efforts Carson City Sheriff’s Office and Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, four people were arrested for felony and misdemeanor charges and parole violations. During the investigation approximately 60 stolen weapons, a stolen Chevy pickup with a camper shell and illegal narcotics were recovered, authorities from both agencies said.

Both Carson City Sheriff’s Office SET and Lyon County Gang Unit are still following up on leads to other crimes and suspects as a result of the arrests. Because of the investigation and leads into the case, the names of the three other suspects have not been released.

Carson City District Attorney Mark Krueger


Krueger declined to comment on the filing, but the court document states that his office maintains “there has never been a conflict of interest” in the cases against Robben.

neil rombardo is corrupt

Robben, meanwhile, is taking his claims the office is unconstitutionally harassing him, violating his rights and covering up corruption in the Carson judicial system to the federal level.

He said he will sue the DA’s office and Krueger in federal court and that he has already been interviewed by the FBI.

See Robben’s website here:

Robben’s troubles began when he was terminated from the Department of Taxation. His appeals of the termination were rejected at every level.

Robben claims the termination was retaliation for exposing corruption in the Nevada Department of Taxation. The Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper did a story on Robben’s claims that the new $50 million dollar computer IT system had serious problems costing the State money. Robben also complained about other issues including the mine audits and personnel issues with other employees engaging in inappropriate behavior. Robben’s co-worker Morgan Canfield send numerous pornographic emails to other employees over the State email system and IT director Vince Cherpeski used inappropriate language and discriminated against employees. A Taxation employee other than Robben was so upset with Cherpeski they defecated on his desk!

Here is the jailhouse call from me (Ty Robben) to my lawyer Julius Engle who had called the FBI when I was in jail to report details about the judge Tatro shooting and the set-up by Keith Furr for solicitation for murder of Tatro.

FBI jailhouse phone call by Ty to lawyer re: Tatro shotting cover-up and the set-up in Carson City 

The action starts at 1m37s

Why would I call my lawyer to call the FBI???
Read the earlier post about the set-up here.
Here is the set-up with Keith Wayne Furr with Carson City Sheriff detective Dan Gomes

Continue reading

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo DUI appeal set for January

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo’s appeal of his misdemeanor DUI conviction will be heard by District Judge James Wilson Jan. 26, 2016, in Carson City.

Carrillo was arrested Feb. 27 after deputies found him sleeping in the driver’s seat of his sports car with the engine running.

Attorney Larry Dunn appealed the conviction by Justice of the Peace John Tatro arguing there was no evidence presented to indicate Carrillo, D-Las Vegas, drove the car to the parking spot outside Jimmy G’s saloon. Dunn argued the court must prove “beyond reasonable doubt” Carrillo drove the vehicle there while intoxicated, not simply he was passed out in the driver’s seat.

“Judge Tatro did not even mention the fact that there was uncontroverted evidence that Appellant did not attempt to operate the vehicle,” the appeal argues.

But Carson City Deputy District Attorney Amy Steelman argued Carrillo was nonetheless in control of the vehicle and, therefore, in violation of the law.

She cited a 1989 Nevada Supreme Court case in which, “the court found that a driver who was found asleep could still be in actual physical control of a vehicle.” Even if the person wasn’t trying to drive away, she said, the driver could have done so at any time.

Carrillo was first found asleep in a planter box a half block from the bar where he had been drinking. The patrol officer who found him said he woke Carrillo up and was told the assemblyman had a ride coming. That same officer found him a few minutes later in his sports car parked outside Jimmie G’s, again asleep and this time with his hand on the gearshift.

The deputy who arrested him said they were at the scene for nearly an hour and no one showed up to give Carrillo a ride.

He was charged with DUI and, when searched, had a .22-caliber pistol in his pocket — also illegal when intoxicated.

He was convicted by Tatro after a half day trial in July and ordered to perform 42 hours community service, pay fines totaling $800 and not be in possession of any firearms for at least a year.

Kill Tatro: You Will Die

Corrupt “Judge” Tatro the child molesting judge has a long list people who want him dead.


Judge Tatro – YOU WILL DIE

judge tatro

Carson City DA Jason Woodbury explains DNA warrant

Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury spoke Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 about a rare step the agency is taking to identify and prosecute a suspect. A DNA warrant, which identifies the accused using the fictitious name “John Doe” together with the accused’s DNA profile, is rare. The measure is being used to help investigators solve the case of threats made against a Carson City judge and his wife in which shots were fired into his home in December 2012.

Carson City area law enforcement officials and the Carson City District Attorney announced Friday the issuance of a DNA arrest warrant for the shooter who fired bullets into the home of Carson City Judge John Tatro and his wife in December 2012.

Sheriff Ken Furlong who sucks a lot of dick and District Attorney Jason Woodbury made the decision to move forward with the DNA warrant, a rare maneuver in criminal cases, to avoid statute of limitations that would have barred any prosecution of the perpetrator.

The three-year shooting investigation also involved two incidents that followed. In December 2014, the Tatros received a Christmas card with the message “You Will Die” written inside. And in May of this year, someone placed a homemade incendiary device outside the judge’s garage and tried to ignite it.

Tranny fucking Furlong said all three incidents are related and appear to have been done by the same individual.

We know who he is, we just don’t know his name yet,” said Furlong, noting the investigation is extremely complex. “DNA evidence is becoming more and more common in our investigations and is obviously a very important part of this case. We firmly believe that we have the DNA profile of the shooter and when we capture the perpetrator the DNA profile will match.”

A DNA warrant, which identifies the accused using the fictitious name “John Doe” together with the accused’s DNA profile, is rarely seen in the criminal justice system, said Woodbury.

“My office has never done one of these and in checking with the other offices in the area, including the Major Violators Unit in Washoe County, they haven’t done one in anyone’s memory either,” said Woodbury, adding that he is confident in the legality of the warrant.

“I researched the issue exhaustively. We’re on solid legal ground,” he said.

Once the accused is captured, Woodbury said his criminal complaint will be amended to identify the defendant by his actual name.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues, said Furlong, calling it one of the agency’s “highest priorities” with a task force that has been assembled in the continuing investigation of the crimes.

“We will continue to devote as many resources as we can to this case until we catch the person responsible,” said Furlong. “The investigation has remained active and hasn’t rested a bit.”

judge john tatro team

judge tatro shooting

judge Tatro home address

The owners of Carson City Harley-Davidson dealership are being sued for more than $4 million by Harley-Davidson Credit Corp, according to court documents.

Carson City lawsuitsThe owners of Carson City Harley-Davidson dealership are being sued for more than $4 million by Harley-Davidson Credit Corp, according to court documents.

The suit filed on Nov. 17 in Carson District Court charges Roberta and Jose Richard Tapia sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of motorcycles and accessories without paying back the loans used to buy the bikes.

Under a trust agreement with the Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. (HDCC), the Carson dealership received loans to buy vehicles, accessories and other salable products. Those loans are then paid back with part of the money paid when the bike or accessory is purchased by a customer.

The Tapias purchased the bikes and other products using loans from Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. through their corporate name Gato Malo. But the lawsuit charges when bikes and other things were sold, they kept the money instead of paying off the loans.

“Gato Malo is indebted to HDCC in the sum of $4,030,029.88,” the court documents state.

According to the complaint, that includes $726,677 in cash that should have been paid on loans.

A declaration by Mark LaMendola, operations manager for HDCC, states “Gato Malo has already caused over $200,000 of inventory to be sold out of trust since October 8, 2015.”

District Carson City lawsuits signed a temporary restraining order on Friday, Nov. 13, to stop any further sales transactions unless all the proceeds go to HDCC. And he did that without notice to the Tapias after being told “Any meaningful notice of this motion to Defendants will give the Defendants an opportunity to continue to dispose of HDCC’s secured collateral without remitting payment.”

In addition, the suit says auditors were unable to verify the status of motorcycles worth another $637,282.

It charges the Tapias started keeping the cash instead of paying back the loans as early as February 2009.

A hearing will be held on Dec. 2 in front of Wilson.

Calls to Tapia and the dealership on Research Way near College Parkway and the freeway bypass have not been returned since last week. Multiple phone calls on Tuesday to the dealership end with a busy signal.

The dealership originally shut down a couple of weeks ago citing, according to its Facebook page, slow business on Nov. 13. It was supposed to open up again last Tuesday. When visited by the Appeal last week and this week, there was a cryptic sign on the door stating: “Due to a systemwide outage, we are currently closed. We will be extending the contest another week.”

More money from Carson City taxpayers to support the local “police state”

nevada is a police stateCity vehicles, including a decision to purchase new police cars for the Sheriff’s Office, will concern Carson City’s Board of Supervisors next week.

The board’s agenda for the first meeting in November on Thursday will include action to purchase six police vehicles through the Nevada state government competitive bid list for a not to exceed cost of $238,700. If that full amount was used, each vehicle on average would cost $39,783. The board last May signaled in the capital improvement budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16 it would make replacement purchases, so approval was anticipated.

Another agenda item will finalize a contract struck earlier with Geney/Gassiot, Inc., regarding the city government’s fleet facility expansion project.

Among other things, the project added office space and two maintenance bays in the existing fleet facility at 3303 Butti Way.

In another item dealing with public safety, the board is expected to accept a U.S. Justice Department grant from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services for $375,000 for the formation of an official School Resource Officer Program in Carson City. Another grant for the Sheriff’s Office is for $41,000 from state government to be used regarding traffic enforcement.

Other grants expected to be accepted by the board include one involving the Hospital Preparedness Program for Ebola preparedness and response activities and another from the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office on behalf of the National Parks Service to provide for historic structures reports involving the Nevada State Prison. The latter grant is for $29,000 for historic structures reports at the decommissioned prison in Carson City.

In addition, the board will be asked to accept recommendations from the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee on city redevelopment objectives, programs and project priorities for future uncommitted redevelopment funds.

As usual, the board meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Carson City Community Center’s Sierra Room. Once again, the agenda includes no break for lunch and so the meeting is anticipated to end by mid-day.

The Carson City Library will host a “Virtual Read-Out” during Banned Books Week, bringing together our community in shared support of the freedom to seek and express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. Typically held during the last week of September, it highlights the value of free and open access to information.

Carson City Library will host a “Virtual Read-Out” during Banned Books Week, bringing together our community in shared support of the freedom to seek and express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.

Carson City Library’s “Virtual Read-Out” will take place on three separate days: Sunday, Sept. 27, 2 pm-4 pm; Monday, Sept. 28, 11 am-1 pm; and a special read-out on Tuesday, Sept. 29, from 6 pm to 8 pm, with bestselling author Ellen Hopkins reading from her own challenged books.

The community is invited to participate in the virtual read-out by visiting the library during the scheduled events. Participants will select a passage from one of the targeted titles (held in reserve for this occasion) and read aloud from the book. A videographer will record the reading and ultimately the recordings will be uploaded to the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out YouTube channel that has been dedicated to proclaiming the virtues of the freedom to read. The Read-Out will take place in the Library’s Digitorium.

Local “read-outs” — a continuous reading of banned or challenged books-has been a practice since the inception of Banned Books Week in 1982. Libraries and bookstores throughout the country have staged local read-outs and this year Carson City Library has promoted the event with a Public Service Announcement, filmed and produced by Nevada Photo Source.

The 55 second PSA features Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta, Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga, and Carson City Sheriff Kenneth Furlong. Justice Saitta read from the Dr. Seuss classic, “Hop on Pop”, while Superintendent Erquiaga read from Jeannette Walls memoir, “The Glass Castle”, and Sheriff Furlong read a passage from “The Working Poor: Invisible in America”, written by Pulitzer Prize winner David K. Shipler. The PSA can be viewed by visiting the Carson City Library Facebook page and can also be seen below.

Banned Books Week reminds Americans not to take the freedom to read for granted. Since 1990, the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom has received reports of 9,500 attempts to remove books deemed by some as inappropriate. Is your favorite book safe? To participate in the Virtual Read-out please contact Andrea Moore or call her at 775 283-7593.

Visit for more information.

Banned Books Week is sponsored by the American Booksellers Association; the American Library Association; American Society of Journalists and Authors; Association of American Publishers; the Freedom to Read Foundation; National Coalition Against Censorship; National Council of Teachers of English; and Project Censored. It is endorsed by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

“Your Knowledge and Discovery Place”, Carson City Library, open seven days a week, 11 a.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, is located at the corner of Roop and Washington Streets. For more information call 775 887-2244 or checkout our website at

Carson City Sheriff’s Office offering $2,000 for suspect in corrupt Judge Tatro arson attempt

BBQ Tatro and Burn the fucker down 😉

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s help in identifying a person of interest in an attempted arson on a Carson City judge.

In December 2014, the suspect sent the judge and his wife a Christmas card that said “You will die.”

See video and original story here:

The Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigation Division, has been investigating multiple incidents of attempted violence against Carson City Judge John Tatro. With the most recent incident being on May 13, 2015, around 1:08 a.m. when an incendiary device was placed in front of the garage door at the Tatro residence. The device burned for a while, but didn’t ignite and no damage was reported. Nearby video footage captured the image of a light colored sedan driving in the area before and after the incident.

judge tatroThis incident was determined to have been connected to a drive-by shooting that occurred at the Tatro residence in 2012. Original reports state at 4:23 a.m. Dec. 11, 2012, Tatro called 911 to report someone had shot into his house. Neither Tatro or his wife were injured in the shooting. The bullets left two holes in Tatro’s front door, traveled through the living room, through a sliding glass door and out to the yard where one bullet lodged itself in a fence. A similar car appears in video footage from both the 2012 shooting and the 2015 incendiary incident.

Officials believe the suspect is a white adult male between the ages of 35-60, however they do not have an identity for the suspect. They also believe the man lives north of Carson City, possibly in the Reno/Sparks area, due to footage of the suspect’s car entering and leaving Carson City via I-580 at Carson Street at the time of the incendiary incident.

“I think there is a connection to Carson City, he doesn’t reside here, but in Northern Nevada,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “We are hoping that someone will see the car and it will ring a bell for them. This person has a motive for action that isn’t shaking, so it may not be a specific event, but an emotional event that triggered him. They are someone who is very upset with the Tatro family so he has most likely told other people about his hatred.

“Someone knows a person who matches this description and we need access to that if someone discussed that hatred in casual conversation.”

Furlong said it’s believed the suspect is comfortable around the Tatro house and the suspect spent some time observing the residence.

Investigators still are trying to determine whether the intended target is Tatro or his wife. Furlong said either way the family is at tremendous risk because he believes the intent is to harm the Tatro family. Investigators have gone through court records to see if the suspect may have been involved with the Carson City Courthouse, but they haven’t found an individual to match the suspect description through that.

The FBI, NVI, ATO and Northern Nevada law enforcement have all been involved in the investigation, however law enforcement has exhausted all efforts to try to identify who the suspect is, so Furlong is hoping someone in the community would have some information about who this person may be and come forward.

Anyone with information should contact Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 or the Carson City communication center at 775-887-2014. The Sheriff’s Office also has a tip site set up at Secret Witness is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the identity, arrest and conviction of the person responsible for these incidents.

Carson Street open after suspicious package determined to be non-explosive

A robotic device was used courtesy of the Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad after a suspicious backpack was found near the Nevada State Capitol Building and Legislature complex in Carson City on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015. Video Courtesy of Carissa Cox

UPDATE 6PM: Carson Street has been re-opened between Second and Robinson streets as well as side streets which were closed after a package found this afternoon near the State Capitol Building was determined to be non-explosive, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol.
UPDATE: A “suspicious” package, initially reported to be a backpack, was found on Carson Street near the Nevada State Capitol Building and across from Firkin and Fox, closing a portion of South Carson Street, from Second Street to Robinson Street this afternoon. A bomb squad from nearby Douglas County was called to the scene.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Duncan Dauber said there hasn’t been any specific threat and precautionary measures are being taken after the suspicious package was found. He was unclear if it was a backpack or a package. Dispatch initially referred to it as a backpack.

The package was called into dispatch at around 4 p.m. from Capitol Police. Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Nevada Highway Patrol and Capitol Police are also investigating and made the decision to close the portion of Carson Street until the area is deemed safe. Traffic is being re-routed.

The Tahoe Douglas Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit is using robotics to get at the backpack. As of 4:30 p.m. plans were to have barricades up and extending the closure to Robinson Street, according to dispatch.

No other information was available. Check back for updates.





Marijuana contains a chemical — delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short — that goes to the parts of the brain controlling memory, concentration and movement. The popular image of a “stoner” is no myth. They really do have trouble solving problems, perceiving what’s going on around them and learning. Worse, the effects of being high on marijuana can last days or weeks after it’s smoked. They may not even realize how dim their wits have become over time. The health hazards aren’t funny either.Chronic cough, bronchitis, emphysema, cancer, decrease in testosterone and sperm counts for men and an increase in testosterone and infertility for women are among the risks for long-time marijuana smokers. It contains 50 to 70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke. It’s possible to become addicted to marijuana, and the psychological harm can include paranoia and anxiety.


Washington State/Colorado Marijuana News 

Marijuana Legalization in U.S.A

Recent Posts on Marijuana

States Dealing with Marijuana

The Truth about Marijuana


For more information on Marijuana, visit the links below.

DEA – (Marijuana) NIDA – (Marijuana) SAMSHA- Marijuana

Learn About Sam- Factsheet

Drug Paraphernalia

(click on pictures for link)



Suspect in Carson City deputy’s death posted online comments critical of law enforcement

We are very “critical of law enforcement” on this website since there is so much corruption and no oversight, especially in Carson City Nevada where the problem is very rampant. Now would be a good time to discuss the corruption in the Carson City Sheriff under Furlong as well as the corruption in the jail and courthouse. Yes, it is unfortunate that there are 2 dead people. The Sheriff and corrupt courts have created the scenario and it will only get worse in Carson City. People are done with the “police state” and corruption with an idiot justice of the peace named John Tatro who is nothing less the the scum he puts in jail. Everyone knows “judge” Tatro has no law degree, he has DUIs and domestic violence and yet he covers up his records. Yes Carson City, corruption kills.

79816-10919020_10205595573312487_7756787347643953799_n.jpgBy Kirk Caraway

The deceased suspect in the shooting death of Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Howell appears to have posted several comments over the past few months critical of area law enforcement.

A Facebook user named Johnny Pope, with photos matching those released of suspect Jonathan Pope, referred to law enforcement officers as “scumbags” in a comment on a June 5 story on Carson Now about the sheriff’s department increasing enforcement efforts against speeding.

He also made several comments on a March 19 story about a drug bust in Carson City. Among the comments was the following:

“Doesn’t matter what they will be walking into what is the purpose of the vehicle they arrived in? These idiots are not at the risk they would have you believe that is why they use tactical advantage such as time of day/night and stealth it is absolutely over kill to show up in mraps armed with AR’s and more than likely under trained I would be very concerned if that was in my neighborhood a standard 5.56 round at 62gr has an fps of around 3100 would you want that flying around in a populated neighborhood. Even on target it has the ability to travel well beyond it’s intended purpose. Most people assume because these officers and the department are in place to enforce the law and keep these criminals oppressed and off the streets they can do that by whatever force necessary well who delegates that?

This is over kill and the militarization of our police force will yield negative results once there intended target is over policed they will continue to create agendas to control the populous you can not have a military without an enemy. Try to think people something about the scenario is not right here.”

In a comment on an April 5 story on Carson Now, he questioned why sheriff deputies took possession of a firearm while investigating the report of a crime.

Suspect Pope was found dead in a home on Montez Drive after he allegedly opened fire on Deputy Howell and other officers, who returned fire. The incident is under investigation.


Carson City deputy killed in the line of duty identified as Carl Howell a 9-year-veteran of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office deputy killed early Saturday while responding to a domestic violence call has been identified as Carl Howell, a 9-year-veteran of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

Carson City sheriff’s deputies responded to the report of a physical domestic disturbance between a male and female in the 4100 block of Montez Drive in East Carson City.

As deputies arrived at the scene, they met with the female who had visible injuries as a result of a fight. While speaking with the woman, the suspect, Jonathan Pope, 30, came out of the residence and opened fire on Howell, according to a news release from the Reno Police Department Robbery and Homicide Division, which is investigating.

After being struck by bullets from Pope’s gun, Deputy Howell was able to return fire on Pope striking him several times, according to RPD. Pope was pronounced deceased on scene. Deputy Howell was taken to the Carson Tahoe Hospital where he he died.

Anyone having any information about this case is asked to contact the Reno Police Department at (775) 334-2188, or Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900,, or text the tip to 847411 (TIP 411) keyword – SW.

Please contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at (775) 887-2500 for information on funeral arrangements or donations to Deputy Howell’s family.

In all likelihood, asking the Appeal for investigative journalism is a waste of type-space, digital or otherwise, but in the interest of public service, I thought I’d check to see just how much information is out there to answer Mr. Herman’s question.

In today’s Nevada Appeal, a letter to the editor from Charles Herman pleads for answers on the true cost of the downtown corridor project. In all likelihood, asking the Appeal for investigative journalism is a waste of type-space, digital or otherwise, but in the interest of public service, I thought I’d check to see just how much information is out there to answer Mr. Herman’s question.

The answer is…not much. During at least two presentations of the project, we heard several times from the contractor presenting details and from City Staff member that the City would build a website to hold project information, updates, graphics, and contact info. Scouring through the City website reveals none of this. What is there is a link to “www.Carson” which has some meager publicity points on all three sales tax funded projects and the results of the theme workshop which most of you have already read about. No facts and figures. No cost analysis. No public comments. And certainly no opinions. Running a search on the City website doesn’t even bring up the weak content of “,” likely because it’s not meta tagged well

Having spent considerable time in a previous life in the information business, perhaps a little background is in order. Critical information technology standards amongst professional organizations dictates that relevant data must be made available to the user in no more than two clicks away from the front page for electronic media. If you’re in retail, the requirement is even less as most successful informational technology tools provide data within one click and on the home page (think Amazon, Wal-mart, etc). But not Carson City and the reasons are likely many but boil down to two most likely scenarios: Someone is lazy or they don’t want you to know.

I subscribe to the conspiracy theory because on no less than two occasions were we assured there would be a central repository of the project information and there isn’t. Public sentiment opposing the project is growing as those who typically don’t follow local politics are just now finding out the true cost of the downtown makeover.

So what to do about Mr. Herman? City representatives could do as they said they would and get all the data about the project linked on the page. The Appeal could do a good bit of investigative journalism that would put a lie to claims that the project will only cost $11 million and narrowing Carson Street to two lanes makes sense. Or least helpful, Carson City Politics readers can share the fact that the downtown project continues to be a game of charades.

SO MANY PIGS, SO LITTLE LIPSTICK by CC POLITICS “Among the topics of interest is the intent of the IT department to let a sole-source contract for $39,725 to redesign Carson Shitty’s website”

carson politics


Much to write about this weekend as we discuss the Carson City Board of Supervisors agenda items for August 8. If you want, you can read the full agenda and thus skip reading the next few posts on Carson City Politics as we discuss a few things.

Among the topics of interest is the intent of the IT department to let a sole-source contract for $39,725 to redesign the City’s website. In true “form over function” fashion, the City Staff want to start with the appearance part of an IT solution instead of fixing the back end (the part that staff uses and the public needs fixed), and implementing current industry standard automation like Microsoft Sharepoint, PDF document tools, and a meta data scheme so you can actually find stuff.

carson city IT department

Among the topics of interest is the intent of the IT department to let a sole-source contract for $39,725 to redesign the City’s website

Instead the Staff wants some more lipstick to put on a pig because (in their words) “The Carson City’s current website is stagnant, outdated, and in dire need for a redesign with a more responsive design for mobile devices.” They go on to say that the vendor, “Vision Internet,” the current content management provider has given “…excellent service for approximately 10 years.”

Once again there is no staff packet that defines the IT requirements for this expenditure, or the due diligence that explains why we should continue to invest more money in the very same company that brought us the “stagnant and outdated” website we currently have. Moreover, the reason why we should follow the rest of the sheep in focusing on mobile device design because apparently, Staff research indicates that the majority of users need to do city business on mobile devices. Oops, that’s not correct.  There was no Staff research to this effect but there’s plenty to suggest that Carson City’s largest demographic doesn’t do business on their phones, they do it with computers or phone calls, just like they do in most every city in the rest of the nation.

There’s no doubt in this writer’s mind that if and when the City gets around to addressing the real issues with the City’s IT problem, integration with the “revitalized” web site will also come at a price but at least the City can update it’s facebook page and send out some tweets…#stupid, #waste, #yououghtabefired.  (If you don’t understand the preceding sentence, this is exactly why this contract is not needed.) But for now, let’s slop $37k in lipstick on this pig and we can worry about the real problems later.

Also on the agenda is the requested approval for the $11 million downtown street-scape scheme, I mean theme, endorsed by 100 of our friends and neighbors. Having only sat through one of the themeing sessions, my views count for little.  But apparently Doreen Mack and her posse went to both session.  So… did they vote twice for the project they and Karen Abowd dreamed up but which was resoundingly rejected by voters when it was sold as the “library project”? Who knows, but take a gander at the “approved” design materials and you’ll quickly conclude that, much like the animal shelter, $11 million isn’t going to deliver the top of the line design options. Also odd about this item is that City documents still don’t have the documented input from property owners in the affected area. Both the advisory commission minutes and City documents indicate that this has still not been done.

Oh, and you can be quite certain that CCP will be outlining how $560k of your money will be spent for redevelopment and incentives, as well as the intended gifts to non-profits. Just an observation…before we give one more cent to “redevelopment, how about redeveloping our decrepit roads in the neighborhoods in which we live?????


7th Amendment protest coming to Reno next week to demand the use of summary judgment as unconstitutional?

Miranda Du

 Is Ty Robben’s 7th Amendment protest against Judge Miranda Du coming to Reno next week?

Judge Miranda Du Reno nevada

7th Amendment protest coming to Reno Judge Miranda Du next week to demand the use of summary judgment as unconstitutional?

Judge Miranda Du

7th Amendment protest coming to Reno Judge Miranda Du next week to demand the use of summary judgment as unconstitutional?

Is a 7th Amendment protest coming to Reno next week? Stay tuned. Summary Judgement is unconstitutional. Ty Robben plans to demonstrate in the very near future about the Reno Federal Court and in particular, Judge Miranda Du’s use of summary judgement to dismiss certain causes of action in his civil rights lawsuit against various Carson City officials including former disgraced DA Neil Rombardo and his corrupt assistant DA Mark Krueger.

Ty Robben started a go fund me website to help raise money for the protest and his dog Tytan who has medical needs because of a recent discovery of bone cancer in his leg.

Ty Robben’s lawsuit also includes corrupt Carson City justice of the peace “judge” John Tatro. judge tatro

The complaint also includes the Carson City Department  of Alternative Sentencing (DAS) and names numerous Defendants including Sheriff Kenny Furlong and even jailhouse Dr. Joe Joseph E. McEllistrem.

Those listed are Defendants’ in a civil rights lawsuit file by Robben that includes a cornucopia of claims including malicious prosecution, defamation, RICO (racketeering), false imprisonment, false arrest, and virtually every Constitutional amendment a person can suffer from including the 1st 2nd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th and 14th amendments of the US Constitution!

Ty Robben is fed-up and demands justice or there will be no peace. Stay tuned as the next Bundy Ranch heats up in crazy Nevada.

Ty Robben says he want’s peace and justice. No justice is no peace. This is a crazy case where Judge Tatro falsify accused Robben of hiring a hit man to kill him and well as trying to frame Robben on the shooting of Tatro’s home which turned out to be the crazy drunk judges mistress! Only in Carson City can you find hillbilly justice like this.

Miranda Du judge, 7th amendment, protest,

Ty Robben says “This is hurting me financially and preventing me from getting treatment for my dog Tytan who’s suffering from bone cancer.”

Ty Robben says “This is hurting me financially and preventing me from getting treatment for my dog Tytan who’s suffering from bone cancer.”

Stay tuned as this story develops.

Why Summary Judgment is Unconstitutional

Suja A. Thomas


Summary judgment is cited as a significant reason for the dramatic decline in the number of jury trials in civil cases in federal court. Judges extensively use the device to clear the federal docket of cases deemed meritless. Recent scholarship even has called for the mandatory use of summary judgment prior to settlement. While other scholars question the use of summary judgment in certain types of cases (for example, civil rights cases), all scholars and judges assume away a critical question: whether summary judgment is constitutional. The conventional wisdom is that the Supreme Court settled the issue a century ago in Fidelity & Deposit Co. v. United States. But a review of that case reveals that the conventional wisdom is wrong: the constitutionality of summary judgment has never been resolved by the Supreme Court. This Essay is the first to examine the question and takes the seemingly heretical position that summary judgment is unconstitutional. The question is governed by the Seventh Amendment which provides that “[i]n Suits at common law, . . . the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.” The Supreme Court has held that “common law” in the Seventh Amendment refers to the English common law in 1791. This Essay demonstrates that no procedure similar to summary judgment existed under the English common law and also reveals that summary judgment violates the core principles or “substance” of the English common law. The Essay concludes that, despite the uniform acceptance of the device, summary judgment is unconstitutional. The Essay then responds to likely objections, including that the federal courts cannot function properly without summary judgment. By describing the burden that the procedure of summary judgment imposes upon the courts, the Essay argues that summary judgment may not be necessary to the judicial system but rather, by contrast, imposes significant costs upon the system.

read more: Why summary judgment is unconstitutional

Judge Du

judge miranda du,

This cunt sonds like a female version of Judge Tatro – Nevada High court to review whether Judge Catherine Ramsey can be recalled from office

bad judgeThe Nevada Supreme Court has put the unprecedented attempt to recall a North Las Vegas judge from office on hold until an October 5 hearing.

Clark County District Judge Eric Johnson ruled the recall election could go forward but attorneys for Judge Catherine Ramsey appealed to the high court arguing voters can’t recall a judge. The Nevada Constitution says a “public officer” can be recalled from office if 25 percent of those who voted in that election sign a recall petition and a majority of voters then vote for removal.

But Ramsey’s lawyer Craig Mueller said judges aren’t included in the definition of public officers and, therefore, can’t be recalled.

Judge Johnson rejected that argument saying voters in 1912 made every public officer in the state of Nevada subject to recall.

Ramsey is a municipal judge who has been in office since 2011. Supporters of the recall movement say she dismissed cases out of spite for the city attorney and used her city purchasing card for personal expenses. She has faced numerous allegations of hostile conduct on the bench.

If a recall election is ordered, it would be a first in Nevada history for a judge and the first American judge to face a recall election in more than 30 years, according to Joshua Spivak, a senior fellow at the Hugh Carey Institute for Government Reform in New York.

Until the October hearing before the Supreme Court, the stay preventing the election from being held will remain in effect.

Nevada Assemblyman Richard Carrillo, D-Las Vegas, was convicted of DUI Monday after a half-day trial before “Drunk Judge” Carson City Justice of the Peace John Tatro

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo drunk DUIAssemblyman Richard Carrillo, D-Las Vegas, was convicted of DUI Monday after a half-day trial.

But Carson City Justice of the Peace John Tatro declined the prosecution request to order jail time for the three-term assemblyman and imposed the minimum $800 in fines.

Carrillo also was convicted of being in possession of a firearm while intoxicated, also a misdemeanor. A .22-caliber pistol was found in his pocket when he was arrested.

He will have to perform 48 hours of community service — reduced to 42 hours because he was in the Carson City jail six hours before bailing out following the Feb. 27 arrest.

The sentence also bars him from having a firearm for at least one year.

His lawyer Larry Dunn said after the verdict that he is recommending his client appeal to district court.

“I don’t think the decision was valid,” Dunn said.

Carrillo has 10 days to make that decision.

Testimony included that from Michael Lawrence of Capitol Patrol who first found Carrillo asleep in a planter box on Plaza Street just a half block from Jimmy G’s where he had been drinking. Lawrence said he specifically told Carrillo not to go to his car and try to drive.

But just 15 minutes later, Lawrence testified he found Carrillo asleep in the driver’s seat of his white Miata sports car in a parking space outside the bar. That prompted him to call sheriff’s deputies.

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Chaney said when he arrived, the car’s engine was running and Carrillo, with one hand on the gear-shift, was asleep in the driver’s seat.

Richard Carrillo

Richard Carrillo convicted of DUI in Carson City by judge Tatro who himself has ~3 DUIs

Dunn told Tatro that Carrillo obviously had no intention of driving the vehicle. He said his client was asleep in a legally parked vehicle with its lights off.

“He tells the officer he’s in the vehicle to stay warm. There was no attempt to operate the vehicle.”

Dunn said Carrillo even told the deputy he had some one coming to give him a ride.

But Tatro agreed with prosecutor Amy Steelman that Carrillo was in physical control of the vehicle. She argued that a person doesn’t have to actually be driving a vehicle to violate the DUI law, that being in “actual physical control” of the car violates the law designed to prevent people in control of a vehicle from driving. She pointed to the fact the engine was running and Carrillo was in the driver’s seat with his hand on the gearshift.

“You had the opportunity not to get in the car, not to get into the driver’s seat,” said Tatro.

He imposed the minimum $500 fine plus a $140 administrative fee, $100 specialty court fee and a $60 chemical testing fee for a total of $800 — the minimum fines for a first-time DUI. But he agreed to stay imposition of the sentence until Carrillo decides whether to appeal.

Dunn challenged evidence in the case as hearsay including the Washoe County crime lab testing that set Carrillo’s blood alcohol at 0.10 percent — two-tenths higher than the 0.08 percent where some one is considered legally intoxicated.

Tatro rejected those challenges.

FEMA Camp: Carson City, NV

USA FEMA campPublished on Jun 18, 2015
NOTE: There are no railroad tracks in Carson City. See the original story here:
Back in October 2012, the Nevada State Personnel Watch Blog, which describes itself as ‘exposing rampant, wholesale Nevada corruption – the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement’ put out a story exposing several suspected FEMA camps in the state of Nevada. The former Nevada state prison in Carson City made the list, and likely for good reason as we see what appears to be new barbed wire and fencing in some of the pictures below videos. How many more of these FEMA camps are there across America and what is the real purpose of them?

Read More:…


Support for Area 51 Trip:

KILL THE CHO-MO: The Carson City District Attorney’s Office has added charges in the case of 21-year-old Jacob Daniel Houser, held in lieu of $200,000 bail while facing felony sexual assault charges. MOS: The Carson City District Attorney’s Office has added charges in the case of 21-year-old Jacob Daniel Houser, held in lieu of $200,000 bail while facing felony sexual assault charges.

The Carson City District Attorney

The Carson City District Attorney’s Office has added charges in the case of 21-year-old Jacob Daniel Houser, held in lieu of $200,000 bail while facing felony sexual assault charges.

CARSON CITY, NV – The Carson City District Attorney’s Office has added charges in the case of 21-year-old Jacob Daniel Houser, held in lieu of $200,000 bail while facing felony sexual assault charges.

According to a report on, Detective Sal Acosta of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office says the California resident used social media to arrange a meeting with two teens. Acosta says Houser provided the 13- and 14-year-old girls with alcohol. He had sex with the 14-year-old, then raped the younger girl while she was unconscious.

According to the criminal complaint filed against him, Houser was originally charged with 2 felonies. The first count is Sexual Assault Against A Child Under 14. The second count is Statutory Sexual Seduction for his interaction with the 14-year-old. Since that complaint was filed, a second Statutory Sexual Seduction charge has been added, plus an incest charge, both felonies.

In an age of apps and cell phone cameras, FBI investigators say the key to keeping online predators away from your kids is “low-tech”. “The overall important thing that parents can do is just be part of their kids’ lives,” says Special Agent Jeff Pfeiffer. “See how they are behaving. If they are acting differently all of the sudden, that could be a red flag.”

Pfeiffer says make sure you know the passwords to your kids’ accounts and don’t be afraid to check them. He says when problems do occur, most site managers are willing to work with parents to make corrections or even close a page if necessary. Meanwhile, local law enforcement agencies are constantly working together to seek out and stop online predators.

If you would like more information about keeping your kids safe online or reporting potential child exploitation, check out our Hot Topics section.

Jeb Bush says he will hit all voters in Carson City visit


Fuck Jeb Bush and his asshole brother and dad.

Jeb Bush made it clear in a visit to Carson City on Friday that he doesn’t think anti-immigrant rhetoric being pushed by Donald Trump will put a Republican in the White House next year.

“We had better stop having our angrier voices be the ones people hear,” he told a town hall meeting of about 300 people at Silver State Charter School.

Without mentioning Trump by name, he attacked the people he said are “preying on people’s fear and anger.”

He said his campaign will be inclusive not divisive, that he plans to campaign in Hispanic neighborhoods, college campuses and black churches, as well as the usual venues that draw Republican candidates.

Bush said he wants to see an America that is economically revitalized for all segments of society, not just “those who have made it.”

“I want to win,” he said . “I don’t want to just make a point and the way to win is to draw people towards you.”

Bush said that means drawing voters who — particularly the young — who probably voted for Democrats before because they don’t realize the Republicans are where they should be.

He said for the disenchanted voters who backed President Obama he has a question: “How’s that faded Obama poster looking while you’re sitting in your patents’ basement unemployed.”

He called for a path to citizenship for immigrants but using technology and other resources to make sure those to arrive here on visas leave once those visas expire. He said there should be changes to who can come to the U.S. legally but that deporting 11 million illegal immigrants is not practical.

“How about allowing people to have provisional work permits, to work, pay taxes and they might pay a fine.”

He said they wouldn’t “cut to the front of the line” but could earn legal status.

Bush decried what he said is the loss of America’s standing as world leader and the world’s policeman. He said as the U.S. pulls back, terrorists move to fill the void.

“Then we begin negotiating with our enemies and our friends wonder where we are,” he said. “That;’s not how you change the world. American leadership is how we change the world.”

He said he has a major concern about Obama’s announced Iran deal and, himself, “I would not have negotiated with Iran.” Bush said from what he has seen that deal does nothing to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, again import conventional weapons and continue expanding its military presence in the Mid East and that, “we got nothing in return.”

“I’m deeply worried about this agreement,” he said.


carson-city-corruptionSunday’s “guest column” in the Appeal was enough to turn my stomach. Doreen Mack of the Downtown 20/20 group and the impetus behind the current $11 million plan to “revitalize the downtown, was afforded ample space to congratulate herself and others who helped force this makeover upon the Carson City voters.

I hesitated to write this post because much has already been said about the nefarious way this project was brought to fruition and the deplorable underhanded way it’s being pursued. Keep in mind that Carson City voters resoundingly rejected a similar plan championed by Mack in 2012 when it was labeled the “library plan.” Also keep in mind that the Board, specifically supervisors and Abowd and Bonkowski, rejected citizens’ requests that this issue be placed on the ballot. Nevertheless, here it is and Mack would like us all to appreciate the efforts of her group to force this down our throats. You will of course be asked to forget that the Appeal’s own survey indicated that Carson City residents are strongly opposed to the project, even today, and ignore the fact that less than 150 residents of our community are being used to support the “themeing” plans. The supposedly large numbers of residents and business owners opposed to the current project have failed to materialize en masse and thus the deception marches on. But none of this is the reason I hesitated to write this post.

The reason is this: when did we decide to embrace the cancer of growth as a matter of policy? We live here, in the capital city that needs neither tourism nor industry to provide decent schools, safe streets, and ample recreation for its citizens. Yet we court “growth” at almost any cost and for no logical reason. Our fire, law enforcement and maintenance capabilities are over-extended, but we offer cut-rate opportunities for builders, pimp out the downtown, and belittle those with conservative views as being behind the times. How did we get to this place where single family home owners will incur a 28% increase in their water rates though 2018? Where an annual 3% increase in property taxes is almost required to support the expansion in non-essential city services, like parks and recreation as well as discretionary spending? Current revenue is more than sufficient to sustain our government programs and address infrastructure shortfalls including the roads but we won’t do that. The simple fact is that we do notneed growth to sustain our City. Instead, we will ignore the obvious signs of this cancer, hoping that all is benign.

We have already burdened the future of our children with 30 year loans that demand higher taxes to service the debt for projects that don’t benefit the majority of our citizens. Nothing in the last few years of spending will address the stupidly high teen pregnancy rate, the growing drug problem on our streets, the failing road maintenance, or the quality of our schools.  Never fear, we will address these issues but only when they fail so spectacularly our Board can divert it’s attention from the arts, bike racks, and splash pads.  By then it will be too late.  Our Board continually asks us to trust them, yet they’ve failed to bring any project in at budget and fully intend to increase your taxes to pay for future ones (like road maintenance). The argument in favor of the downtown project is purely emotional; there are no numbers that support even a marginal return on the substantial investment. But we are responsible for this because have failed each other and allowed the small, but vocal minority of Doreen Macks lead us here. Do we have it within us to organize another petition drive and stop the $11 million make-over that so many of us are opposed to? I’d like to think so.  One can dream.


Like Judge, Like clerk: Judge Tatro’s faggot court clerk busted for child molestation

Judge Tatro SCANDALS

There seems to be a child molestation problem with the corrupt mother fuckers in Carson City.

A Carson City Justice Court clerk has been arrested on sex charges involving a 15-year-old boy. Armando Navarro

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) – A Carson City Justice Court clerk has been arrested on sex charges involving a 15-year-old boy.

Armando Navarro was booked into the Carson City jail for investigation of statutory sexual seduction, committing certain sexual acts in public and indecent or obscene exposure.

Sheriff Ken Furlong says the two were found late Friday inside a vehicle in north Carson City by deputies responding to a report of multiple shots being fired in the area.

A nude male was observed trying to get his clothes on, while the other male was observed putting on his shirt.

Furlong says the 25-year-old Navarro had been a court clerk for about six months and court officials have indicated he’s expected to be fired immediately.

The sheriff says investigators learned Navarro was associated…

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Carson City Court Clerk, Little League coach jailed on suspicion of statutory sexual seduction

78266-navrro-resized.jpgA 25-year-old Carson City Justice Court Clerk and Carson Little League coach has been arrested on felony charges, including statutory sexual seduction involving a 15-year-old male, Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong confirmed Saturday.

Arrested was Armando Navarro. He was taken into custody for suspected statutory sexual seduction and committing certain sexual acts in public, both felonies, and indecent or obscene exposure, a gross misdemeanor. As of Saturday afternoon, Naravarro had made arrangements to post bail.

According to the arrest report, aIt 10:57 p.m., Friday, Carson City sheriff’s deputies responded to the area of Cottonwood Drive and Cedar Street in North Carson City after receiving 911 calls of multiple shots being fired in the area. Upon arrival, deputies located a black Dodge sedan parked at the curb with two males in the vehicle.

As they approached the vehicle, one male was observable putting on his shirt, and once contact with the vehicle was made, a second male (nude) was observed attempting to get his clothes on. Also in view was a toy pistol in the front seat.

The two males were identified by officers: The first was Navarro, a Carson City Justice Court Clerk, and the second was a 15 year old juvenile male. Both admitted to officers that they had had sexual contact. The teen later told detectives that the two had met two months prior on a social website and had met for sex at Navarro’s residence, the arrest report states.

Carson City and Court management officials have been coordinated with throughout this matter and taken steps to insure the integrity of the systems. Navarro had only been employed by the Justice Court for approximately 6 months. Court officials have indicated that he is expected to be terminated from employment immediately.

While Sheriff’s detectives were able to learn that Navarro was associated with the Carson City Little League athletic group, this incident does not appear to have any connection to the league. Regardless, Little League executive officials were informed of the incident. As a result of the early notification and weekend, league officials were not in a position to comment, said Furlong

What’s the Deal With the Ormsby House in Carson City?

ormsby house guns and rosesIt was once the Taste of the Town in Carson City. But for more than a decade the Ormsby House has been dark. Developers have just secured an extension on permits giving them another 16 months to finish up. And construction work there is slow but steady. So what is the deal with that project?

According to Carson City’s City Manager, Nick Marano the city is banking on that project coming back to life.

“The reopening of the Ormsby House would be transformational for the downtown economy. It would kind of restore a part of the pride for a lot residents in Carson City.”

The Mayor agrees.

“Seeing the Ormsby House reopen isn’t just the right thing to do, it would be the best thing for Carson City,” says Mayor Robert Crowell.

The developers are spending all private money on it. It hasn’t gotten a dime of redevelopment funds. And even though progress is slow, what’s planned there is huge for the Capital City.

“One thing we just don’t have in Carson City is meeting and convention space,” says Ronni Hannaman, Executive Director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce. “The second floor of the Ormsby House will be beautiful. And they will have huge meeting rooms and that is something we really need.”

Carson City’s current plans involve a Capital Mall project that will include a Hyatt Hotel, office space and meeting rooms. But officials say with more space, the more business they can bring in.

As for a timeline…..

“You know I’d be hesitant to give anyone an actual timeline on that project,” Marano said.” But we are confident that it will be reopened. And we are doing everything we can to facilitate that.”

“And once it’s done it will be a part of what puts Carson City on a path for generations to come,” Mayor Crowell adds. “It’s a big deal for Carson City, a very big deal!”

See video here:

Mari St. Martin the spokeswoman for Governor Brian Sandoval was booked into the Washoe County jail over the weekend for DUI and driving the wrong way down a one-way road.

The spokeswoman for Governor Brian Sandoval was booked into the Washoe County jail over the weekend for DUI and driving the wrong way down a one-way road.

Mari St. Martin the spokeswoman for Governor Brian Sandoval was booked into the Washoe County jail over the weekend for DUI and driving the wrong way down a one-way road.

brian-sandoval-bongRENO, NV – The spokeswoman for Governor Brian Sandoval was booked into the Washoe County jail over the weekend for DUI and driving the wrong way down a one-way road.

Reno police arrested 30-year-old Mari St. Martin late the night of Friday, May 8, 2015. She was booked and released.

St. Martin has been Sandoval’s communications director since 2014; she had worked for his re-election campaign, and before that worked for Congressman Joe Heck and Senator Dean Heller. She also unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the Nevada State Senate in 2012.

Military Convoy With Microwave Weapons Seen In Jade Helm 15 ‘Permissive’ Nevada Provides More Evidence Of Massive Civil Unrest Preparation In America!

Military Convoy With Microwave Weapons Seen In Jade Helm 15 ‘Permissive’ Nevada Provides More Evidence Of Massive Civil Unrest Preparation In America!


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

An All News Pipeline reader has emailed us the photograph above as well as the 1st video below which show a US military convoy with microwave weapons units taking a break while heading west on I-80 near Reno, Nevada. These units are used by the military as a non-lethal method of crowd control according to Extreme Tech, causing a tremendous amount of pain to those who the weapon is used against and making the skin burn’ from the inside out, though said to cause no permanent injuries. This is just the latest sighting by everyday Americans across the country that provides us with more proof of huge preparation for some kind of an ‘event’ by the US military that looks more and more as being preparation for crowd control and civil unrest in America for when the economy completes its’ tumble, leaving the US a 3rd world nation.

A microwave weapons convoy was seen in Jade Helm 15 permissive state Nevada and video emailed to All News Pipeline. These weapons are used for crowd control but can also be set to kill.

Called an ‘active denial system’, these weapons can be mounted on top of vehicles or used as stand-alone units with their own generators on wheels as seen in the picture above and video below. Sending a non-lethal millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy beam at ‘attackers’, the energy beams penetrate skin up to 1/64 of an inch deep and cause a sensation that is similar to one being on fire – a two-second energy burst can heat a humans skin up to 130 degrees, causing anyone within its vicinity to pull away by reflex. These weapons can also be set to kill and work much like a microwave oven, with human beings being cooked rather than popcorn and pizza. Much more below.

microweapons.jpeg microkill.jpg

Like a kid playing a video game, the next video below shows us one of these microwave weapons systems in action with role players acting as rioters with govt agents working the joystick – the purpose of these weapons is painfully clear. The human targets allowthemselves to be ‘cooked’. After watching this video you can get an idea of how effective these weapons will be in dealing with civil unrest and the rioting hungry.

If you think that these weapons really cause ‘little damage’, you’ll need to watch the next video below in which we see evidence that microwave weapons were used in Iraq on Iraqi soldiers who were literally cooked to death by them. Let’s all hope they don’t ‘accidentally’ turn up the power or this could be all of us in 3rd world America.

microdeath.jpg microweapon.jpeg

By the Blood of the Lamb

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Hundreds show at Carson City veterans suicide awareness walk at Western Nevada College


Several hundred participated in Saturday’s Veterans Suicide Awareness walk to Western Nevada College in Carson City. The walk and Friday’s planting of more than 4,000 American flags at WNC, was designed to call attention to the thousands of U.S. veterans who have returned from war and committed suicide.

The event is part of a national movement to recognize returning veterans and the post-war issues many have faced.
WNC Veterans Club co-founder Tim Galluzi said the college’s veterans group seeks to improve lives and provide opportunities for fellow returning soldiers and their families.

The students, along with WNC faculty member/veteran Kevin Burns, pushed for a Veterans Center on campus to assist student veterans in adjusting to college, as well as mentoring them to meet their academic goals. The group has hosted barbecues at the WNC Carson City and Fallon campuses, where college students and community residents can learn about services and benefits they may be able to use. Direct inquiries to the WNC Veterans Resource Center 445-3302.

Carson City man Duffy Sean Thomas arrested for double-crossing cops, steals money for drug deal

Duffy Sean Thomas

Duffy Sean Thomas

A 24-year-old Carson City man was arrested Friday on multiple felony charges after allegedly agreeing to wear a wire for a drug deal and then fleeing with $850 given to him by law officers in order for him to make the transaction, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

The man’s 29-year-old sister, also faces felony charges after allegedly aiding and assisting in his escape.
Duffy Sean Thomas faces two counts felony grand larceny, prisoner escape, possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor obstructing. Bail: $77,912. His sister, Sarah Thomas, was arrested on three felony charges: Aiding a felon prisoner, helping a felon prisoner escape and assisting with the escape of a felon. Bail: $55,000. They were booked into custody at around 6 p.m. Friday night.wired

According to the arrest report, Duffy Thomas had an active warrant and was inside a casino. He was placed under arrest for the warrant. He was searched where officers found a small plastic baggie with meth. He told officers that the meth and the pants he was wearing were not his, and that he got the pants from Goodwill, the arrest report states.

He was taken to jail where he agreed that he could help officers buy an ounce of methamphetamine from a source. He signed the necessary paperwork and initialed that he understood the contract. He made a phone call and ordered an ounce of methamphetamine. He told officers it would cost approximately $800. He was given $850 of buy money and was set up with a concealed wire for the transaction. He was to await his seller where he would be observed from a distance and listened in on the wire, the arrest report states.

Two females, identified as Duffy’s mother and his sister, walked up to him and he told them to “come give me a hug.” He said something that was muffled and the two walked away. Duffy then walked a short distance and then stepped out of sight from the officer and could no longer be heard on the wire.
Officers observed a nearby apartment door open, and knocked. Inside the apartment was Duffy’s mother and the sister, Sarah Thomas. They said they didn’t know where Duffy was.
He was later found in the 1700 block of North Edmonds wearing a woman’s white jacket with brown fur, a pair of woman’s black pants and a wig on his head. He allegedly got the clothing from his sister, the arrest report states.

The wire was located at a residence where Sarah Thomas lived. She denied seeing her brother change into her clothes, the same clothes she was wearing when she approached her brother with her mother when they hugged, according to the arrest report.

The mother gave officers the $850 and said her son gave her the money as he was being placed into a patrol vehicle. At no time did the mother and son have contact as he was being placed into the patrol vehicle, the arrest report states.

Duffy Thomas was charged with possession of methamphetamine, 1.3 grams, 2 counts grand larceny for taking the $850 of buy money and the wire device, prisoner escape and obstructing.

In this week’s edition of Capital Crossfire, join Shelly Aldean and Karl Neathammer with their husband/wife Dr. Lisa Keating and Dr. Joe McEllistrem as they discuss mental health issues and the state of the public psyche in Nevada.

In this week’s edition of Capital Crossfire, join Shelly Aldean and Karl Neathammer with their guests Dr. Lisa Keating and Dr. Joe McEllistrem as they discuss mental health issues and the state of the public psyche in Nevada.

March 06, 2015 Carson Shitty Supervisor Brad Bonkowski updates us on the actions taken by the Board of Supervisors at its last meeting.

March 06, 2015 Supervisor Brad Bonkowski updates us on the actions taken by the Board of Supervisors at its last meeting.
It’s Your City is a weekly program aimed at keeping you informed about city government and other organizations/happenings around Carson City, Nevada.

Carson City – Trailer

andolph Scott is a man with a mission in this classic tale, as he endeavors to build a railroad through the lawless land between Carson City and Virginia City, Nevada. It won’t be easy. It might be deadly. Citizens are riled over this new era of steel-and-steam progress. And the man goading the populace just happens to be a furtive thief who knows stagecoach lines are easy targets. Andre Detoth (“House of Wax”) directs. MPAA Rating: NOTRATED Carson City © 1952/Renewed © 1980, Package Design © 2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

FORE! Carson Shitty Empire Ranch Golf Course has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection listing $1.2 million in debt owed to 19 creditors plus an IRS claim.

keep-calm-and-yell-fore-4Empire Ranch Golf Course has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection listing $1.2 million in debt owed to 19 creditors plus an IRS claim.

Owner Dwight Millard said the filing in Reno court is the second time Empire Ranch has been in bankruptcy court.

“We were there once before and it was dismissed,” he said.

He made it clear the bankruptcy filing involves only the golf course, not his other business operations.

“It’s just the golf course. Everything else is doing fine right now,” he said.

He said Empire had to file because the mortgage was due in September.

“We’ve got a substantial appraisal and a small mortgage,” he said. “This gives us a chance to reorganize because things are doing so much better.

“It’s not a big deal,” he said.

Millard, a contractor, has substantial other holdings in Carson City.

He owes the city $185,000 in back taxes for the course.

The future of the course has been of key interests to the homeowners around the 27-hole course and clubhouse, who have repeatedly expressed concern about what the city or a new owner would do with it.

For the city, what happens is of interest because the course has a contract with the city to take treated wastewater effluent.

Treated effluent goes to water the course in part because federal requirements say it cannot be discharged into the Carson River.

New website – Carson City Movement against Corruption


See it here:

They featured the “Judge” Tatro story:

Does Carson City Judge John Tatro really have Domestic Violence and DUI convictions? We will ask the questions and have the local media ask the…

Carson Now blog “You guys want to talk about leadership. Take judge Tatro for example he’s had a couple DUI’s and a couple domestic violences. But he is still one of the carson city appointed judges.” –Ed Meza

judge tatro

  • Alice M. Howell · Top Commenter · Balboa High

    Not familiar with tatros record but my 2 words apply to him too..
  • Jason Bueno

    I don’t think this kid knows one thing about what he’s talking about.
  • John McGrath

    Edward Id watch what you post it does say you are a state employee that might not fare well with your higher ups.
    judge tatro

    Carrillo, 48, of Las Vegas, and Assemblyman for the 18th district, faces charges of DUI and possessing a firearm while intoxicated. The Assemblyman bailed out of the Carson City Jail early this morning.

    According to the arrest report, officers arrived in the area of North Carson Street and found Carrillo passed out in his running vehicle, vomit outside the car and his hands on the gear shift and the heater on. Officers knocked on the window and he woke up. Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Carrillo, the arrest report states.

    It was determined that because of the vehicle was running and he was in the driver’s seat, with vomit outside the door, that he was under the influence and unable to drive a vehicle. Dispatch informed officers Carrillo has a concealed weapons permit. Officers asked Carillo if he had any firearms.

    Carrillo said he did in his right front pocket. Officers removed a loaded .22 caliber pistol from his right front pocket. He was taken to jail where he submitted to blood samples. Bail was set at $6,137 and he was released this morning.


Nevada Assemblyman Richard Carrillo (Dem) from Las Vegas arrested on DUI charge in Carson Shitty

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo drunk DUICARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — According to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Nevada Assemblyman Richard Carrillo was arrested for DUI and Possession of a Firearm While Intoxicated.

According to the Carson City Sheriff’s arrest record, the reporting officer was sent to North Carson Street early Friday morning — at about 3 a.m. — on a call of a person who had left a bar and was asleep in the driver seat of their vehicle.

The report goes on to say the officer went to the area and observed a white Mazda Miata parked in a parking space on Proctor near North Carson Street. The officer says the car appeared to be running and a Hispanic male adult was asleep in the driver seat. The driver seat was not reclined and the driver had his hand on the gear shift. His foot appeared to be on the pedals. On the ground next to the driver side door, the officer says he found vomit.

The report says the officer began engaging the driver and later identified him as Assemblyman Carrillo, the only person in the vehicle. Carrillo reportedly told the responding officer “he had a few” when asked if he’d been drinking. Carrilllo was then asked to step out of the vehicle, which he did.

The reporting officer says Carrillo was then asked to participate in a series of sobriety tests. The Assemblyman reportedly refused the Preliminary Breath Test (PBT). The responding officer then determined Carrillo was unfit to drive and was placed under arrest. During the arrest, it was determined that Carrillo also had a concealed weapon on his person — the responding officer says the weapon was then confiscated and secured.

Upon arriving at the Carson City Jail, Carrillo agreed to a blood test to determine his alcohol level, according to the report.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office says Carrillo has since been released on bail.

Richard Carrillo

Richard Carrillo DUI

Richard Carrillo dui 2

You Drink, You Drive, You Lose – UMC, 12/9/2011

On December 9, 2011, Richard had the privilege and the honor to attend and speak at You Drink, You Drive, You Lose.  UMC hosts this annual event to bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving.  As a husband, father, grandfather and friend, Richard feels that this kind of program  can help prevent tragedies from happening to his family and friends, as well as the community as a whole.

Carson City Sheriff’s Office provides update on ‘Pillow Case Bandits’ arrests

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and Washoe County Sheriff’s Office continue to actively work a joint investigation into the rash of residential burglaries that has plagued our region for months.

The suspects used pillow cases from the homes they were breaking into in order to collect stolen items as they committed the burglaries. Law enforcement gave the operation the name “Pillow Case Bandits” early on during the investigation. The suspects were stealing jewelry, small electronic devices, coins, cash, and a few hand guns from the homes they targeted.

Investigators identified potential suspects in the case and each agency committed resources to work together. On Thursday Feb. 12, 2015 two of the suspects committed a residential burglary in the Washoe Valley area. Law Enforcement Officers assigned to the operation from each agency coordinated a simultaneous response in securing several locations in Carson City and traffic stops on the suspect’s vehicles that were still mobile in Carson City. This allowed investigators to make four arrests and recover numerous items of stolen property. Arrested on Feb. 12 were Travis Lieberwirth, Brian Madsen, Crystal Bullock, and Rachel Strull.

One of the main suspects in the case, Tracey Lock, met with Detectives at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015. During an extensive interview with Detectives Tracey Lock admitted to breaking into 18 homes throughout the three counties. Lock told detectives he has a severe gambling and methamphetamine addiction and had been committing burglaries to fund both of his habits.

On Wednesday, Feb. 18, Drake Van Cleave was arrested by Washoe County Deputies and Nevada Parole and Probation. He was charged with four outstanding warrants from Carson City related to earlier drug charges and possession of stolen property charges. Van Cleave had been caught with stolen property from one of the first burglaries that occurred in Carson City. He will be transported to Carson City sometime Thursday, Feb. 19, where detectives will meet with him.

The investigation into the burglary ring is still active and Detectives are following up on leads on several other suspects that have been identified. Additional charges will be forthcoming on most of the six suspects that have already been arrested as the investigation comes to an end.