Court says ordinance on interfering with police is too broad

Carson City Sheriff Kenny FurlongBy Cy Ryan (contact)
CARSON CITY — The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that a Carson City ordinance that prevents people from interfering with an officer making an arrest is unconstitutional because it is too broad.

In a 5-2 decision today, the court overturned the conviction of William A. Scott on a misdemeanor charge of hindering or obstructing an officer in making an arrest, according to court records.

In February 2014, Scott was a passenger in a car that was stopped for allegedly running a stop sign. The officer said he smelled alcohol and asked the driver if he would consent to an alcohol test, according to court records.

Scott interrupted the officer several times and told the driver he didn’t have to do anything the deputy suggested, according to records.

Scott was then arrested for hindering the officer from doing his duty, according to the court records. He was convicted and received a 30-day suspended sentence with probation and a $305 fine, according to court records.

The ordinance says it is unlawful to hinder, obstruct, resist, delay, molest or threaten to hinder, resist, delay or molest any city officer or member of the sheriff’s office in the discharge of official duties.

The court’s decision, authored by Justice Mark Gibbons, said the court agreed with Scott that the ordinance is unconstitutionally too broad because its criminalizes speech protected by the First Amendment.

Gibbons said the ordinance failed to list specific standards and allows deputies to enforce the law “in an arbitrary and discriminatory fashion.”

He said the ordinance gives deputies “unfettered discretion to arrest individuals for words or conduct that annoy or offend them.”

Chief Justice James Hardesty and Justice Kristina Pickering agreed the Scott’s petition should be granted but disagreed that the ordinance is unconstitutional. The dissent said a new trial should be granted for Scott.

Hardesty said many local governments have similar ordinances. He said the ordinance is ambiguous but it is not unconstitutional.

The ordinance would be valid if it was interpreted to mean the language referred to physical interference with an officer or spoken fighting words, Hardesty said.


The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled the Carson City ordinance used to arrest a man who advised a friend not to do a field sobriety test is unconstitutional.

William Allen Scott was arrested on a charge of obstructing or delaying a police officer who was investigating a possible DUI and when he asked the driver to submit to a sobriety test, told the driver he didn’t have to take the test. The second time Scott made that statement, the deputy threatened to arrest him if he did it again. When Scott interrupted a third time, he was arrested.

He was convicted in Justice Court and the conviction was upheld in District Court, which rejected his argument the ordinance was “unconstitutionally overbroad and vague because it restricts constitutional speech.”

But on appeal, five of the seven Nevada Supreme Court Justices agreed. They quoted a Clark County case from 2006 stating “the overbreadth doctrine applies to statutes that have a seemingly legitimate purpose but are worded so broadly that they also apply to protected speech.”

The Carson ordinance says it’s “unlawful for any person to hinder, obstruct, resist, delay, molest or threaten to hider, obstruct, resist, delay or molest any city officer or member of the sheriff’s office or fire department….”

The opinion by Justice Mark Gibbons says the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled similar ordinances or laws are invalid because it essentially “criminalized all speech that interrupts a police officer.”

That Supreme Court ruling in a Texas case stated, “The freedom of individuals to oppose or challenge police action without thereby risking arrest is one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation from a police state.”

The Carson DA’s office argued Scott was arrested for his conduct, not speech because his speech interrupted the deputy. The high court rejected that distinction saying in Scott’s case, there’s no evidence he intended to incite a breach of the peace.

The opinion says the ordinance is unconstitutionally vague because it doesn’t tell people what conduct or speech is permitted and allows the sheriff to enforce it in an arbitrary and discriminatory fashion. It says the ordinance is so vague it gives deputies “unfettered discretion to arrest individuals for words or conduct that annoy of offend them. The decision to arrest, it argues, is entirely within the deputy’s discretion and, therefore, too broad to stand constitutional muster.”

The ordinance is overbroad because, the opinion states, “it is not narrowly tailored to prohibit only disorderly conduct or fighting words.”

The majority opinion throws out the conviction and the ordinance itself.

Two members of the court, Chief Justice Jim Hardesty and Kris Pickering, agreed with the decision to grant Scott’s petition and overturn the conviction. But they argued the ordinance shouldn’t be ruled unconstitutional just because it’s ambiguous. They wrote the ordinance could, instead, be interpreted to applying only to physical conduct or “fighting words” interfering with the deputy’s duties or as applying only with actual intent to interfere with the officer. Instead of throwing the conviction out completely, they argued Scott should get a new trial.

More money from Carson City taxpayers to support the local “police state”

nevada is a police stateCity vehicles, including a decision to purchase new police cars for the Sheriff’s Office, will concern Carson City’s Board of Supervisors next week.

The board’s agenda for the first meeting in November on Thursday will include action to purchase six police vehicles through the Nevada state government competitive bid list for a not to exceed cost of $238,700. If that full amount was used, each vehicle on average would cost $39,783. The board last May signaled in the capital improvement budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16 it would make replacement purchases, so approval was anticipated.

Another agenda item will finalize a contract struck earlier with Geney/Gassiot, Inc., regarding the city government’s fleet facility expansion project.

Among other things, the project added office space and two maintenance bays in the existing fleet facility at 3303 Butti Way.

In another item dealing with public safety, the board is expected to accept a U.S. Justice Department grant from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services for $375,000 for the formation of an official School Resource Officer Program in Carson City. Another grant for the Sheriff’s Office is for $41,000 from state government to be used regarding traffic enforcement.

Other grants expected to be accepted by the board include one involving the Hospital Preparedness Program for Ebola preparedness and response activities and another from the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office on behalf of the National Parks Service to provide for historic structures reports involving the Nevada State Prison. The latter grant is for $29,000 for historic structures reports at the decommissioned prison in Carson City.

In addition, the board will be asked to accept recommendations from the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee on city redevelopment objectives, programs and project priorities for future uncommitted redevelopment funds.

As usual, the board meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Carson City Community Center’s Sierra Room. Once again, the agenda includes no break for lunch and so the meeting is anticipated to end by mid-day.

The Carson City Library will host a “Virtual Read-Out” during Banned Books Week, bringing together our community in shared support of the freedom to seek and express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. Typically held during the last week of September, it highlights the value of free and open access to information.

Carson City Library will host a “Virtual Read-Out” during Banned Books Week, bringing together our community in shared support of the freedom to seek and express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.

Carson City Library’s “Virtual Read-Out” will take place on three separate days: Sunday, Sept. 27, 2 pm-4 pm; Monday, Sept. 28, 11 am-1 pm; and a special read-out on Tuesday, Sept. 29, from 6 pm to 8 pm, with bestselling author Ellen Hopkins reading from her own challenged books.

The community is invited to participate in the virtual read-out by visiting the library during the scheduled events. Participants will select a passage from one of the targeted titles (held in reserve for this occasion) and read aloud from the book. A videographer will record the reading and ultimately the recordings will be uploaded to the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out YouTube channel that has been dedicated to proclaiming the virtues of the freedom to read. The Read-Out will take place in the Library’s Digitorium.

Local “read-outs” — a continuous reading of banned or challenged books-has been a practice since the inception of Banned Books Week in 1982. Libraries and bookstores throughout the country have staged local read-outs and this year Carson City Library has promoted the event with a Public Service Announcement, filmed and produced by Nevada Photo Source.

The 55 second PSA features Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta, Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga, and Carson City Sheriff Kenneth Furlong. Justice Saitta read from the Dr. Seuss classic, “Hop on Pop”, while Superintendent Erquiaga read from Jeannette Walls memoir, “The Glass Castle”, and Sheriff Furlong read a passage from “The Working Poor: Invisible in America”, written by Pulitzer Prize winner David K. Shipler. The PSA can be viewed by visiting the Carson City Library Facebook page and can also be seen below.

Banned Books Week reminds Americans not to take the freedom to read for granted. Since 1990, the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom has received reports of 9,500 attempts to remove books deemed by some as inappropriate. Is your favorite book safe? To participate in the Virtual Read-out please contact Andrea Moore or call her at 775 283-7593.

Visit for more information.

Banned Books Week is sponsored by the American Booksellers Association; the American Library Association; American Society of Journalists and Authors; Association of American Publishers; the Freedom to Read Foundation; National Coalition Against Censorship; National Council of Teachers of English; and Project Censored. It is endorsed by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

“Your Knowledge and Discovery Place”, Carson City Library, open seven days a week, 11 a.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, is located at the corner of Roop and Washington Streets. For more information call 775 887-2244 or checkout our website at

Suspect in Carson City deputy’s death posted online comments critical of law enforcement

We are very “critical of law enforcement” on this website since there is so much corruption and no oversight, especially in Carson City Nevada where the problem is very rampant. Now would be a good time to discuss the corruption in the Carson City Sheriff under Furlong as well as the corruption in the jail and courthouse. Yes, it is unfortunate that there are 2 dead people. The Sheriff and corrupt courts have created the scenario and it will only get worse in Carson City. People are done with the “police state” and corruption with an idiot justice of the peace named John Tatro who is nothing less the the scum he puts in jail. Everyone knows “judge” Tatro has no law degree, he has DUIs and domestic violence and yet he covers up his records. Yes Carson City, corruption kills.

79816-10919020_10205595573312487_7756787347643953799_n.jpgBy Kirk Caraway

The deceased suspect in the shooting death of Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Howell appears to have posted several comments over the past few months critical of area law enforcement.

A Facebook user named Johnny Pope, with photos matching those released of suspect Jonathan Pope, referred to law enforcement officers as “scumbags” in a comment on a June 5 story on Carson Now about the sheriff’s department increasing enforcement efforts against speeding.

He also made several comments on a March 19 story about a drug bust in Carson City. Among the comments was the following:

“Doesn’t matter what they will be walking into what is the purpose of the vehicle they arrived in? These idiots are not at the risk they would have you believe that is why they use tactical advantage such as time of day/night and stealth it is absolutely over kill to show up in mraps armed with AR’s and more than likely under trained I would be very concerned if that was in my neighborhood a standard 5.56 round at 62gr has an fps of around 3100 would you want that flying around in a populated neighborhood. Even on target it has the ability to travel well beyond it’s intended purpose. Most people assume because these officers and the department are in place to enforce the law and keep these criminals oppressed and off the streets they can do that by whatever force necessary well who delegates that?

This is over kill and the militarization of our police force will yield negative results once there intended target is over policed they will continue to create agendas to control the populous you can not have a military without an enemy. Try to think people something about the scenario is not right here.”

In a comment on an April 5 story on Carson Now, he questioned why sheriff deputies took possession of a firearm while investigating the report of a crime.

Suspect Pope was found dead in a home on Montez Drive after he allegedly opened fire on Deputy Howell and other officers, who returned fire. The incident is under investigation.


Carson City deputy killed in the line of duty identified as Carl Howell a 9-year-veteran of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office deputy killed early Saturday while responding to a domestic violence call has been identified as Carl Howell, a 9-year-veteran of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

Carson City sheriff’s deputies responded to the report of a physical domestic disturbance between a male and female in the 4100 block of Montez Drive in East Carson City.

As deputies arrived at the scene, they met with the female who had visible injuries as a result of a fight. While speaking with the woman, the suspect, Jonathan Pope, 30, came out of the residence and opened fire on Howell, according to a news release from the Reno Police Department Robbery and Homicide Division, which is investigating.

After being struck by bullets from Pope’s gun, Deputy Howell was able to return fire on Pope striking him several times, according to RPD. Pope was pronounced deceased on scene. Deputy Howell was taken to the Carson Tahoe Hospital where he he died.

Anyone having any information about this case is asked to contact the Reno Police Department at (775) 334-2188, or Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900,, or text the tip to 847411 (TIP 411) keyword – SW.

Please contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at (775) 887-2500 for information on funeral arrangements or donations to Deputy Howell’s family.

Carson City deputy sheriff killed in shooting

shootingA Carson City Sheriff’s deputy was killed during a confrontation with a suspect early Saturday morning, the Carson City Sheriff’s Department announced in a news release.

At 2:18 a.m., deputies responded to a report of a domestic battery involving physical injury at the 4100 block of Montez Drive. A woman was found at the scene with injuries, the release said.

Minutes later, a male suspect emerged from the house and opened fire on the deputies, killing one of them. The suspect also died at the scene, the release said without disclosing details.

Three children between the ages of 8 and 13 and one adult were later evacuated from the scene.

No further information, including identities, is being released at this time.

The Reno Police Department is investigating.

Six Carson City Sheriff’s Office Reserve deputies graduate Friday – “Once a cop, always a cop, it’s like the mob,”

The 2015-1 graduating class of Carson City Sheriff's Department Reserves and University of Nevada Reno Reserve pose for a group photo after their graduation ceremony Friday at UNR.

RENO — Six Carson City Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputies graduated the academy Friday night in a ceremony at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The ceremony, held in the UNR Joe Crowley Student Union Building, saw seven reserves graduate — six from Carson City and one from the UNRPD.

Reserve deputies are sworn law enforcement officers who are unpaid deputies working with police departments. They are used for a number of jobs such as foot and bike patrol, special event coverage and jail coverage. Each reserve must meet Nevada Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requirements to become a reserve basic deputy. There are various levels of reserves, ranging from a category one which has all peace officer authority to the reserve basic and can do patrol and other things but must be under constant supervision.

“A lot of people see a Reserves position as a stepping stone to get hired with a department,” said Reserves Supervisor Tom Crawford. “That way they can learn law enforcement, work in law enforcement and most see it as getting a foot in the door for a full paid position.”

The law enforcement agencies surrounding Carson all have their own Reserve program, and this session, Carson City partnered with UNR to combine the academy to save money on instructors and time.

This graduating class started its academy on April 11, and took its last written test and POST certification test. Each Reserve deputy has to complete more than 120 hours of training for their certificate.

At the ceremony, four of the Carson City Reserve deputies received their badges and were sworn in. The other two, Michael Jerauld and Cole Sonnemann, have previously been sworn in and were working at the Carson City Jail currently while they finished their Reserve training. The four Reserves who were sworn in got their badges pinned on by either Carson City Undersheriff Steve Albertson or by loved ones.

The ceremony was brief, with the UNRPD chief Adam Garcia speaking to the class before everyone received their certificates.

“I still believe that this is a noble profession, that you are about to enter into and I am proud of you,” Garcia told the graduates. “Whatever you do from this day forward you will always be a cop, even if you leave tomorrow, you will always have that line.”

“Once a cop, always a cop, it’s like the mob,” Garcia continued. “So let me welcome you to the family. Congratulations.”

7th Amendment protest coming to Reno next week to demand the use of summary judgment as unconstitutional?

Miranda Du

 Is Ty Robben’s 7th Amendment protest against Judge Miranda Du coming to Reno next week?

Judge Miranda Du Reno nevada

7th Amendment protest coming to Reno Judge Miranda Du next week to demand the use of summary judgment as unconstitutional?

Judge Miranda Du

7th Amendment protest coming to Reno Judge Miranda Du next week to demand the use of summary judgment as unconstitutional?

Is a 7th Amendment protest coming to Reno next week? Stay tuned. Summary Judgement is unconstitutional. Ty Robben plans to demonstrate in the very near future about the Reno Federal Court and in particular, Judge Miranda Du’s use of summary judgement to dismiss certain causes of action in his civil rights lawsuit against various Carson City officials including former disgraced DA Neil Rombardo and his corrupt assistant DA Mark Krueger.

Ty Robben started a go fund me website to help raise money for the protest and his dog Tytan who has medical needs because of a recent discovery of bone cancer in his leg.

Ty Robben’s lawsuit also includes corrupt Carson City justice of the peace “judge” John Tatro. judge tatro

The complaint also includes the Carson City Department  of Alternative Sentencing (DAS) and names numerous Defendants including Sheriff Kenny Furlong and even jailhouse Dr. Joe Joseph E. McEllistrem.

Those listed are Defendants’ in a civil rights lawsuit file by Robben that includes a cornucopia of claims including malicious prosecution, defamation, RICO (racketeering), false imprisonment, false arrest, and virtually every Constitutional amendment a person can suffer from including the 1st 2nd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th and 14th amendments of the US Constitution!

Ty Robben is fed-up and demands justice or there will be no peace. Stay tuned as the next Bundy Ranch heats up in crazy Nevada.

Ty Robben says he want’s peace and justice. No justice is no peace. This is a crazy case where Judge Tatro falsify accused Robben of hiring a hit man to kill him and well as trying to frame Robben on the shooting of Tatro’s home which turned out to be the crazy drunk judges mistress! Only in Carson City can you find hillbilly justice like this.

Miranda Du judge, 7th amendment, protest,

Ty Robben says “This is hurting me financially and preventing me from getting treatment for my dog Tytan who’s suffering from bone cancer.”

Ty Robben says “This is hurting me financially and preventing me from getting treatment for my dog Tytan who’s suffering from bone cancer.”

Stay tuned as this story develops.

Why Summary Judgment is Unconstitutional

Suja A. Thomas


Summary judgment is cited as a significant reason for the dramatic decline in the number of jury trials in civil cases in federal court. Judges extensively use the device to clear the federal docket of cases deemed meritless. Recent scholarship even has called for the mandatory use of summary judgment prior to settlement. While other scholars question the use of summary judgment in certain types of cases (for example, civil rights cases), all scholars and judges assume away a critical question: whether summary judgment is constitutional. The conventional wisdom is that the Supreme Court settled the issue a century ago in Fidelity & Deposit Co. v. United States. But a review of that case reveals that the conventional wisdom is wrong: the constitutionality of summary judgment has never been resolved by the Supreme Court. This Essay is the first to examine the question and takes the seemingly heretical position that summary judgment is unconstitutional. The question is governed by the Seventh Amendment which provides that “[i]n Suits at common law, . . . the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.” The Supreme Court has held that “common law” in the Seventh Amendment refers to the English common law in 1791. This Essay demonstrates that no procedure similar to summary judgment existed under the English common law and also reveals that summary judgment violates the core principles or “substance” of the English common law. The Essay concludes that, despite the uniform acceptance of the device, summary judgment is unconstitutional. The Essay then responds to likely objections, including that the federal courts cannot function properly without summary judgment. By describing the burden that the procedure of summary judgment imposes upon the courts, the Essay argues that summary judgment may not be necessary to the judicial system but rather, by contrast, imposes significant costs upon the system.

read more: Why summary judgment is unconstitutional

Judge Du

judge miranda du,

Cell phone or gun? Carson City Officers make split second decisions on whether to shoot and kill suspects

CARSON CITY SHERIFF CCSOFiguring out the difference between a cell phone and a gun turned out to be the difference between a fatal shooting of a suspect and what ended up as an arrest without any serious injuries for Sgt. Earl Mays of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. His split second decisions and that of deputy Nick Pinochi likely saved the life of the suspect they detained.

With numerous recent officer involved shootings making national news, law enforcement are under heavy scrutiny when faced with lethal dangers. However, what many people may not realize is what goes into making that split second decision for officers and if they choose wrong, they may be the ones wheeled away in a body bag.

Crime Scene Body Outline.jpg-500x400Recently, Mays and Pinochi were involved in an incident with a suspect who had injured another deputy and was threatening them with lethal force.

On May 26, officers were called to the 400 block of South Saliman Road for reports of a man, David Torres, threatening to allegedly throw his infant into a swimming pool. When deputies responded, deputy Bob Guimont blew out his Achilles heel trying to kick in a door after Torres ran into the apartment and Guimont heard females screaming. Torres escaped out the back window and led remaining deputies on a foot pursuit down 5th Street before hopping a fence into the Juvenile Detention Center. There Mays, who had taken out his baton, was able to locate and corner Torres. As Mays ordered the suspect to the ground. Torres crouched down and claimed he had a gun in the waistband of his pants.

According to Mays, he continued to order Torres to the ground and every time Torres kept saying “I have a gun” with his hand on his waistband simulating he had a gun. It was then Mays drew his gun on Torres, because it was now a lethal threat against Mays.

“It is terrifying, is this the moment of truth right here right now? Maybe, maybe not, we’ll see in about two seconds because that is all it is, two seconds. You don’t have five minutes or the next day to think about it, it’s right now and it’s literally like a snap. It’s what we train everyday for is just for that situation right there and sometimes we get an end result that is good like that where we don’t have to shoot and kill this guy.”Sgt. Earl Mays

Officers are only supposed to disarm their weapon when there is a lethal threat, a subject using a weapon who may try to or already have harmed officers or another person.

But instead of shooting him, Mays believed the “gun” Torres had was a cell phone or other similar object, so he decided to holster his gun and resort back to his baton. Mays said he noticed the way Torres was holding the object and with his training decided it didn’t quite make sense that it was a gun.

“He runs towards me and I hit him with my baton and he kind of slows down but he continues to go down the aisle towards me,” Mays said. “But I holstered my weapon, Deputy Pinochi (who had joined to assist at this time) had his Tazer out and Torres kept looking back at us saying he had a gun. He had a cell phone in his hand and turned real fast and yelled ‘bang’ at the same time that Pinochi tazed him. He started getting up and then I struck him a few times with my baton.”

The incident ended without major injury. Torres suffered minor injuries when the Tazer struck him, but Mays said the incident could have ended much worse.

“Even though I don’t think it’s a gun, it’s nerve wrecking to think about because when I first encountered him, he was in this box per say with a storage area, a fence and when I encountered him he turned towards to me like ‘I have a gun I have a gun,’” Mays said.

“Its happening so fast I don’t want to say you get caught up in it. It’s evolving and it’s unpredictable. I don’t know what he is doing or what is going through his head,” Mays said. “Is he going to hop the fence, is he going to try to rush me and attack me or pull out a gun and shoot me? It’s stressful and obviously your adrenaline is rushing you fall back on your training and just do what you can to control the situation and do your best that you can.”

It was the split second decision both officers made not to shoot that saved Torres’s life, but it could have been at the expense of the two officers’ lives. If Mays had been wrong about the object in Torres’ waistband, Torres could have pulled out a gun and shot and killed the officers.

“It is terrifying, is this the moment of truth right here right now? Maybe, maybe not, we’ll see in about two seconds because that is all it is, two seconds,” Mays said. “You don’t have five minutes or the next day to think about it, it’s right now and it’s literally like a snap. It’s what we train everyday for is just for that situation right there and sometimes we get an end result that is good like that where we don’t have to shoot and kill this guy.”

It makes it particularly difficult for officers in a time like this because they are under a small microscope from the public and Mays said that did play a factor in his decision not to shoot Torres.

“That’s the first time in almost 20 years in law enforcement that was probably the closest thing I have come to shooting someone and that’s the first in my career that the thought of second guessing myself and ending up on CNN has crossed my mind,” Mays said. “That I didn’t want to be that guy on Ferguson or New York and have myself, my department, my family go through that. So did it cross my mind, absolutely.”

“In all reality would we have been justified? I don’t know,” Mays said. “Part of it is, OK if we would have shot him and he didn’t have a gun, believe it or not he is an Army veteran, so I didn’t want to be on CNN being white cop shoots unarmed Hispanic war veteran.”


This is the dangerous situations police face everyday. It can quickly turn into a kill or be killed situation like this where, if even just a small factor had been changed, someone could have died. One big factor that can change the outcome of a standoff is training for every possible situation.

“Everyone got to go home that night but some officers don’t,” Sheriff Ken Furlong said. “A lot of these big national shootings you can look back and ask are the officers properly trained, do they have adequate training?”

One way the Carson City officers prepare for these kinds of situations is to go through various shooting trainings, such as night shooting. While the incident with Torres happened during the daylight hours, Mays said it could have easily been a much different situation if it had occurred at night because of the lack of visual and he may not have known Torres had a cell phone instead of a gun.

“It changes everything at night,” Mays said. “You have to process it so fast but yes, if it was dark and he came up with something he probably would have been shot when he tried to run towards me. I probably wouldn’t have given him the chance to run by me because he was telling me I have a gun and then he runs towards me, he probably would have been shot right there.”

Deputies went through night shooting training last week to work on their skills so if there’s a situation in the darkness they are trained to be able to properly and safely discharge their weapons if need be. It’s important for them to learn because the darkness takes away their ability to fully access a situation and limits their options, the officers said.

“We do a lot of these trainings at night because it is a lot different because we have low light situations and we have to be able to use our flashlights with the guns at night while shooting in the most safe and tactical way,” said firearms instructor deputy Thomas Miller.

To go through the training, there are two sections: one is the regular firearms course, just with no light and the second is a simulation of a deputy going down a hallway and having to shoot targets through openings.

Rifle instructor deputy Kip Lee said it helps because it’s a high stress situation to be in a house or building that’s unfamiliar in the dark with people screaming, police lights flashing and a subject threatening lethal force and this helps try to reduce some of the stresses. By going through this training, officers should hopefully be able to respond better in real life situations because they have been through simulations.

“It’s a ‘I’ve been here before, and done this,’” Lee said. “It gives officers confidence and knowledge to fire accurately and to address and handle their weapon.”

One of the big stressors at night is the presence of police lights. It makes people more nervous and can amp up a subject as well as an officer.

“The use of the lights makes things different,” said deputy Jessica Chrzanowski. “The lights mess with your range of sight and they definitely do make you a little nervous and you have to be more aware and focused in the field at night.”

Carson City man involved in standoff apprehended

77875-andre_franklin.jpgLaw enforcement apprehended a man involved in a 3 1/2-hour standoff with police Thursday.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of man threatening his ex-girlfriend at her residence at the 2000 block of Hawaii Circle at 1 p.m. She said her boyfriend Andre Franklin, 21, an ex-felon had come to her home with a friend, Travis Kim, 25, and was allegedly threatening to kill her after she broke up with him earlier that day. She told officers she saw him with a gun last night and he had battered her Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, according to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong.

She escaped Thursday with a small child and went to the Lowe’s where she called 911 claiming Franklin told her he was going to “riddle her with bullets.” She told dispatch both men had violent histories, Furlong said.

The sheriff’s office surrounded the house at 1:37 p.m., where they caught Kim trying to flee from the residence. Deputies apprehended him after a brief foot pursuit.

He told police Franklin was either in the house or in a car parked out front. Deputies determined he wasn’t in the car after they broke out the windows to search it.

Deputies surrounded the house for nearly three hours before entering through the back door with a K9 unit and SWAT.

They determined the suspect wasn’t in the house but believed to still be in the area.

Deputies searched the surrounding area, and at 4:45 p.m., deputies located a male matching Franklin’s description coming out the back of a home three houses up from Franklin’s residence. When the deputy challenged him, Franklin ran back into the house where he barricaded himself.

After a brief standoff, deputies broke in a back window and pepper-sprayed the house. They found Franklin in the southern bedroom where he was apprehended with no injuries.

Deputies are still searching for Franklin’s gun. Franklin was arrested on suspicion of burglary, domestic violence, obstructing, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and child endangerment. Bail was set at $25,000.

Approximately four blocks were closed to traffic and several homes evacuated.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says Supreme Court ruling has little impact on department

Featured Image -- 26452A U.S. Supreme Court decision will hinder law enforcement from unduly delaying traffic stops in order to wait for a K-9 unit to arrive on scene. However, Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said the ruling won’t have a large impact on the office.

Justices determined Tuesday the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure, doesn’t allow a completed traffic stop to be prolonged for any period of time in the absence of independent probable cause or reasonable suspicion justifying the extension of the stop, The Associated Press reported. This means, officers can’t prolong a traffic stop to get a K-9 unit if the K-9 is needed for a cause unrelated to the initial traffic stop.

The decision came when the court ruled 6-3 in favor of Nebraska driver Dennys Rodriguez who was stopped and found to be transporting a large bag of methamphetamine following a dog sniff. The court held a traffic stop was lengthened to conduct the dog sniff without reasonable suspicion and deemed it unreasonable search and seizure.

Furlong met with the Carson City District Attorney’s Office this week to discuss how this ruling would impact their departments. Furlong said he didn’t believe the ruling would impact the department much.

“We just need to create a plan to educate our officers, especially our K-9 unit,” Furlong said. “I believe it will have little impact on our ability to serve our town. We have already started training to adjust our procedure (for traffic stops).”

It isn’t common for the department to use its K-9s in conjunction with a traffic stop, Furlong said.

“When the K-9s get called, there is usually a reasonable reason for the investigation,” he said.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, there are an average of 800 traffic stops a month, with 40 percent of those resulting in nothing more than a warning. The K-9 dogs only get called out a fraction of the time, for about an average of 100 traffic stops.

Furlong said he supports the new ruling.

“The K-9 is an advantage to officers, but to use them to violate a traffic stop is not OK,” Furlong said. “It makes perfect sense, it is good to take it as a positive decision.”

Furlong said just because officers can’t delay a traffic stop to wait for a K-9, they still can conduct their own criminal investigation if there’s probable cause.

Carson City man Duffy Sean Thomas arrested for double-crossing cops, steals money for drug deal

Duffy Sean Thomas

Duffy Sean Thomas

A 24-year-old Carson City man was arrested Friday on multiple felony charges after allegedly agreeing to wear a wire for a drug deal and then fleeing with $850 given to him by law officers in order for him to make the transaction, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

The man’s 29-year-old sister, also faces felony charges after allegedly aiding and assisting in his escape.
Duffy Sean Thomas faces two counts felony grand larceny, prisoner escape, possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor obstructing. Bail: $77,912. His sister, Sarah Thomas, was arrested on three felony charges: Aiding a felon prisoner, helping a felon prisoner escape and assisting with the escape of a felon. Bail: $55,000. They were booked into custody at around 6 p.m. Friday night.wired

According to the arrest report, Duffy Thomas had an active warrant and was inside a casino. He was placed under arrest for the warrant. He was searched where officers found a small plastic baggie with meth. He told officers that the meth and the pants he was wearing were not his, and that he got the pants from Goodwill, the arrest report states.

He was taken to jail where he agreed that he could help officers buy an ounce of methamphetamine from a source. He signed the necessary paperwork and initialed that he understood the contract. He made a phone call and ordered an ounce of methamphetamine. He told officers it would cost approximately $800. He was given $850 of buy money and was set up with a concealed wire for the transaction. He was to await his seller where he would be observed from a distance and listened in on the wire, the arrest report states.

Two females, identified as Duffy’s mother and his sister, walked up to him and he told them to “come give me a hug.” He said something that was muffled and the two walked away. Duffy then walked a short distance and then stepped out of sight from the officer and could no longer be heard on the wire.
Officers observed a nearby apartment door open, and knocked. Inside the apartment was Duffy’s mother and the sister, Sarah Thomas. They said they didn’t know where Duffy was.
He was later found in the 1700 block of North Edmonds wearing a woman’s white jacket with brown fur, a pair of woman’s black pants and a wig on his head. He allegedly got the clothing from his sister, the arrest report states.

The wire was located at a residence where Sarah Thomas lived. She denied seeing her brother change into her clothes, the same clothes she was wearing when she approached her brother with her mother when they hugged, according to the arrest report.

The mother gave officers the $850 and said her son gave her the money as he was being placed into a patrol vehicle. At no time did the mother and son have contact as he was being placed into the patrol vehicle, the arrest report states.

Duffy Thomas was charged with possession of methamphetamine, 1.3 grams, 2 counts grand larceny for taking the $850 of buy money and the wire device, prisoner escape and obstructing.

Carson Shitty Sheriff Furlong (who sleeps with a tranny and daugher is a meth addict) Says Violent Crimes Tied to Marijuana because it’s a very dangerous drug

Carson City Sheriff Kenny FurlongRecreational marijuana is now legal in Colorado Washington, Alaska and Washington, D.C.  But the Sheriff of Carson City says he does not want to see that in Nevada. During his 12 years as Sheriff, Furlong says he has not had any violent crimes involving meth and heroin, like you might expect. But he says it’s a different story with pot.

“Second to domestic violence, marijuana is at the top of our list of violent acts, here in Carson City,” Furlong said.

Furlong says if you exclude the deadly IHOP shooting in 2011, Carson City has about one homicide per year. One of those happened just two years ago on Super Bowl Sunday.

See video of the jackass Kenny Furlong here:

“One pulls out a gun, shoots the other right straight through the heart,” Furlong said. “Marijuana found at the residence.”

Meth and heroin users are often involved in burglaries and robberies. While those drugs are viewed as much more destructive, Furlong says users may harm themselves but don’t normally hurt others.

“A meth user, we call them tweekers,” Furlong said. “They just spin in circles. They don’t get anything done. He may threaten you but he just can’t get out of that circle of the effect of the drugs. Same with the heroin. But the marijuana user is a clear-headed person.”

See Kenny Fulong’s family problems caused by meth addiction here:

Furlong says he doesn’t think marijuana causes people to commit violent crimes, but says it plays a role.

“We have had several that are either directly or indirectly related to marijuana,” Furlong said. “It’s not the drug that we’re talking about. It’s the culture that surrounds it.”

He says that culture is like a religion to some people.  he Sheriff’s office has even seen deadly conflicts over stolen weed.

“It’s a cherished culture,” Furlong said. “And to violate that can produce some very dramatic effects, such as we’ve seen here.”

Many people are pushing to legalize pot for recreational use, in Nevada, — including Senator Tick Segerblom.  We tried today to get his reaction to sheriff furlong’s comments but he was traveling back to Las Vegas and was not available to talk.

Carson City Sheriff’s Office: Residential burglaries on the rise, criminals profiling homes

Crime-PixSince October of 2014 the Carson City area has seen an increase in residential burglaries. Several of them have been along the main corridors of the west side of Carson City on West Winnie Lane and Washington streets. They are occurring during the day time while the residents are away from the home.

Detectives received information from a citizen who lived on Bath Street that she had an encounter with two suspicious subjects on Nov. 12, 2014. The resident stated a young female adult came to her home identifying herself as working with a local utility company. The young female stated she was doing work on the street lights for a company called “SMG.”????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The young female told the reporting party she had placed “construction flags” in the backyard of the property. The reporting party took the female to the backyard so they could look at the flags. The reporting party became suspicious when no flags were found and began questioning the young girl.

When the reporting party asked for identification from the girl she became nervous stating she needed to call her partner and then the girl ran to the front yard. The girl was seen getting into a white sedan that had the trunk open and driven by a male subject. The description on the female was: in her 20s, around 5’4, dark hair pulled into a pony tail under a dark colored baseball cap, and described as attractive.

While this information may or may not be related to the burglaries it was in the area where several of them occurred. The individuals who are typically canvasing neighborhoods looking to take advantage of properties will not have any proper form of identification, are asking questions about who lives at the home, and are asking to come inside or to be shown around the property.

The majority of the time they are simply targeting the residence to see if anyone is currently at home. When they discover that no one is present is the point when they force their way into the residence or attempt to find an unlocked door or window.

Do not allow anyone into your home that you do not know or have verified to be employed by a trusted company you have asked services from. Do not open the door to strangers and do not be afraid to ask for identification from someone soliciting your business. All solicitors are required to provide you a copy of their permit in order to go door to door in Carson City.

We are asking help from the community to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods immediately to the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at 775-887-2008. The suspect and/or suspects may be canvasing areas on foot going door to door to see if anyone is at home during the day.

Anyone with information in reference to the burglaries are asked to contact Lieutenant Brian Humphrey, Detective Legros or Detective Hatley at the Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2020 ext. 41400.

Home Safety:

• Make sure all doors and windows are locked to include those on your vehicles, nearly half of all burglaries are done with no force, which means they were able to get in through unlocked doors and windows.
• Have a trusted neighbor or family pick up newspapers or packages if you are going to be gone for any length of time.
• Tell a trusted neighbor or family of your travel plans so they can keep an extra eye on the home and so they can call the Sheriff’s Office for any suspicious activity.
• Make your home look occupied, leave lights/radios/televisions on or think about putting them on timers so they are coming on and going off during different times of the day or night.
• Close and lock your garage.
• Have the Post Office hold your mail if going away on vacation.
• Never leave notes on the door saying you are away.
• Keep valuables and packages out of sight as much as possible.
• Do not store gifts, packages, and items in your vehicle or outside allowing thieves to steal them.
• After the holidays, break down any boxes before putting them out for the trash such as TV’s, cell phones, computers, and electronic games of rather than advertising them to criminals of what new items you just purchased and are available to steal in your home.
• Document serial numbers and etch or mark items in such a way in order to later identify them when recovered if theft occurs. Criminals do not want marked items because it is harder to fence and evidence of guilt if they are caught with it.
• Exterior doors should have “dead bolt” locks.
• Sliding doors and windows should have auxiliary locks to bolster security.
• Consider alarms systems.

POLICE STATE ALERT: Carson Shitty’s Sheriff’s Office participating in “Joining Police State Forces” operations

nevada is a police stateThe Carson City Sheriff’s Office along with other law enforcement agencies throughout the state, will be participating in Joining Forces through the month of January. The focus of this event will be impaired drivers.

Grant funding for this event is provided by the Nevada Department of Public Safety-Office of Traffic Safety. The funds are used to pay for additional deputies who will be out looking for impaired drivers.

Other events that will be held in the future focus on pedestrian safety, seat belt use, distracted driving, speeding and impaired driving. The object of these events is to increase safety on our roadways and reduce crashes which can lead to death and injuries.

A total of 284 people died in traffic crashes during 2014. That is 18 more than were killed the previous year.

A spokesman for the Nevada Department of Transportation said fatalities have increased in recent years after a number of years of decreases from the state’s all-time high of 432 in 2006.


Court: Nevada should say what’s in prison food; Corrupt Sheriff Kenny Furlong says Carson Shitty is OK “We just feed inmates shit and poison”

The Carson City jail charges inmates about $1.09 for a “Top Ramen” soup. About 100 times the cost the CCSO pays for it. Can you say RICO?

Fuck You Kenny Furlong you feed the inmates shit. It’s well documented your jail provides meals that are well below the nutrition and calories mandated by law. On occasion you have your cronies put drugs in the food for “special inmates”… Furlong can eat his own shit and die. Furlong is a treasonous prick.

Kenny FurlongLAS VEGAS — A convicted pedophile’s complaint about Nevada prison food has the state Supreme Court ordering an accounting of what’s in unnamed sack lunches and “chef’s choice” dinners given to inmates, and whether the meals are healthful.

A strongly worded ruling by a three-judge panel declared it isn’t enough for the top state health officer, Dr. Tracey Green, to simply state that prisoners aren’t malnourished.

“Green’s report does not detail what foods are being served to inmates … much less provide any explanation of how these unidentified foods provide inmates with a nutritionally adequate diet,” the court said after reviewing Green’s 2011 report to the Board of Prison Commissioners.


Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said his department essentially already complies with the ruling.

See: Carson City Sheriff putting drugs/methadone in the Carson City jail water/food

jail foodFurlong said the jail kitchen already monitors the nutritional content of meals served to prisoners.

He said the Supreme court ruling hasn’t, at this point, reached down to his jail.

“But if they were to ask for it, we would comply,” he said.

Furlong said the jail kitchen already handles a variety of nutritional needs for prisoners with allergies or conditions that restrict their diets such as diabetes.

In short, he said, his staff already has the necessary nutritional information to provide if asked.

top ramen

Carson City jail charges inmates about $1.09 for a “Top Ramen” soup. About 100 times the cost the CCSO pays for it.

Green, head of the Nevada Division of Behavioral and Public Health, said in a statement Thursday that since 2011, her annual inspections of prison sanitation, healthfulness, cleanliness, safety, diet and food preparation were up-do-date.

She said reports in the past “would only reflect deficient practices rather than demonstrate areas of compliance,” and said her state Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance “plans to better document how the review takes place.”

“The chief medical officer will continue to comply with law and any additional direction from the district court,” the statement said.

State prisons are required to provide inmates with a “healthful diet.”

Prisons also must account for religious and medical diets, and the age, sex and activity level of inmates.

But justices Michael Cherry, Michael Douglas and James Hardesty said in their Dec. 31 order that Green “fell well short” in the 2011 report of meeting her obligation.

“There is nothing in the report to even indicate that Green or her staff actually examined the diets,” the opinion said.

The justices added the report said a dietitian who reviewed menus for nutritional adequacy had never been to Lovelock Correctional Center, where plaintiff Robert Leslie Stockmeier is housed.

Green’s report “included no analysis of the diets of general population inmates, addressed diets at only one of Nevada’s correctional facilities, and generally lacked any indication as to how the required examination was conducted,” the justices said.

Stockmeier, 46, is serving two consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty in 1990 to sexually assaulting a 9-year-old boy.

He has been denied parole several times, and has filed at least 25 appeals and complaints with the state Supreme Court. He serves as his own lawyer.

The three-justice panel sent Stockmeier’s civil complaint back to Carson City District Court, where it had been dismissed, with instructions that the judge require Green to comply with state law and report twice a year on the prison diet’s nutritional adequacy.

A February 2010 menu that Stockmeier provided the court described every lunch offering as “sacks” and certain dinners as “chef’s choice,” with no information about nutritional value, the justices said.

As of Dec. 31, Nevada had nearly 12,800 inmates at seven prisons and 10 conservation camps, plus a restitution center and a transitional housing center.

The Department of Corrections budget for 2013-15 was $487 million, down $9 million from the previous two-year budget period.

Nevada prisons budgeted $11.7 million for food in fiscal 2014 and $11.8 million in fiscal 2015, according to the state Legislative Counsel Bureau. Not counting staff time, and if the prison population has been consistent, the state spends an average of less than $925 on food per inmate per year.

A “thrifty” adult aged 19 to 50 in the United States spent about $187 on food in November, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report. That averages a little less than $2,250 a year or 2½ times the Nevada prison food budget.

NFL football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson also is housed at Lovelock, in northern Nevada.

Now 67, Simpson is serving nine to 33 years on armed robbery and kidnapping charges in a 2007 confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas hotel. He’ll be eligible for parole in 2017.


FUDGING THE NUMBERS TO LOOK GOOD: Carson Shitty’s crime rate is at its lowest point in 20 years, but Sheriff Ken Furlong says that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges coming in 2015.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny FurlongCarson City’s crime rate is at its lowest point in 20 years, but Sheriff Ken Furlong says that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges coming in 2015.

“The community crime reported was at its lowest ever in 2013 and we came into Dec. 4 percent below that.”

He said homicides, rapes, robberies are all down and the total value of property stolen in 2014 was less than $1 million, “for the first time in I don’t know how long.”

By comparison, that number was $1.7 million in 2012 and $1.2 million in 2013.

“That’s enormously significant,” he said.

He said the way to combat the rising number of burglaries is to focus on “the druggies.”

The number of robberies, he said, “I can’t talk about that without meth coming to mind.”

“Meth still has a very strong hold on Carson City,” he said.

He said the department has gotten a much better handle on the drug problem and drug-related crime in the past few years.

“We’ve got the druggies scared,” he said.

To keep them that way, Furlong said he created a new Special Enforcement Team headed by Sgt. Dan Gonzales to keep the pressure on.

That team, he said, will focus its efforts in areas where drug problems occur and on known users.

“I want to focus very heavily on it in the coming year,” he said. “When special enforcement goes down, crime goes up. When drug arrests are declining, crime is increasing.”

Furlong said residents themselves can help greatly — especially with the increasing number of daytime burglaries.

“That’s where the community can serve us best because they know what belongs in their neighborhood,” he said.

He said that means, if something doesn’t look right it probably isn’t right. Call the sheriff’s department.

Furlong said even though the numbers are better than ever, there are a couple of things he sees in the 2014 statistics that concern him — especially the number of juvenile runaways and arrests his deputies have made. Juvenile arrests, he said, are up 30 percent.

“I see so much positive but these two flags stand out,” he said.

He said his people, school district officials and juvenile officials are all trying to figure out what’s going on. He said about problems with juveniles — “that’s a significant indicator of what’s going on in our community.”

“When we’re looking at those juveniles, you’re looking at the future,” he said.

He said he plans to send more officers to area schools to help build relationships with students and adults.

Relationships and trust in the community, Furlong said are vital to his department’s success.

“We have to have a level of trust in order to function in the community,” he said.

But he said recent national events involving law enforcement “have derailed relationships across the country.”

“What we don’t want is people afraid to call us,” he said.

After drug-related crimes, Furlong said the big problem for his deputies is assaults. As of the end of November, there had been 695 assaults in 2014.

But contrary to what many think, he said it’s not the downtown bar scene.

“That’s not an accurate statement,” he said. “The bulk of them are in homes, domestic batteries.”

He said area bar operators have been making a serious effort to reduce the problems in their establishments. He pointed to the new owners of Remedy’s saying they promised to make changes “and they’ve turned it around.”

Furlong’s simple advice to area residents: “Stop hitting each other and stay away from the drugs and we can have a great 2015.”

Carson City sheriff’s deputies issue 29 warnings during crosswalk operation

Carson City Sheriff’s Office conducted a Crosswalk Enforcement Operation Tuesday that resulted in 29 individuals being stopped, said Sgt. Scott McDaniel.
Of these stops, 21 were for failing to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. In addition 2 stops were made for following too closely, four for speeding, and two for cell phone use.

“It’s significantly lower than what we’ve issued in the past,” said McDaniel. “Given the nature of the holidays and the amount of drivers on the road, we’re pleased to see motorists paying attention.”

Similar operations held this summer netted 93 citations. The coordinated operations have happened due to s

MORE MONEY FOR THE POLICE STATE: Carson City law enforcement labor agreements to cost $1.3 million

Featured Image -- 9682Law enforcement labor agreements approved Thursday by Carson City’s Board of Supervisors will cost city government in excess of $1.3 million more in coming years.

The bargaining agreements, the largest of which calls for 3 percent more regular pay this and next fiscal year for the deputies at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, carries a price tag of more than $946,000, said City Manager Nick Marano. It covers the current fiscal year, Fiscal Year 2015 and FY 2016-17, when the boost drops to 2 percent, he said. That agreement and two others were approved after public hearings and with no dissenting votes.

“It puts labor items on hold for three years,” said Supervisor John McKenna, commenting in his final board meeting. “We can get back on track.” McKenna, who lost to Supervisor-elect Lori Bagwell in November, explained the three-year pact comes after a recession and during a recovery, so it gives city government time to move forward with such costs fixed and known in coming budget years,

Both McKenna and Marano said negotiations were tough and McKenna stressed neither side got everything sought, adding it is time to move blackhole

Details of the largest agreement forged with the Carson City Deputy Sheriff’s Association, according to Marano: for the first year, retroactive to mid-2014, regular pay goes up 3 percent for a cost of $170,845; next fiscal year, it increases 3 percent and costs $175,970, and in the final fiscal period of 2016-17 the raise is 2 percent and costs $120,865. Longevity pay and health coverage benefits swell the total considerably.

money burningWith the Carson City Sheriff’s Supervisory Association, which bargained on behalf of 13 sergeants, the agreement reached and approved will hit city coffers for more than $374,000 over four years through FY 2017-18. It also includes pay, longevity and health care costs.

The third pact reviewed and approved was two alternative sentencing officers after it was reached with the Fraternal Order of Police, Northern Nevada Lodge #8. It will cost the city $35,000 more and covers three years. It includes a 2 percent cost-of-living hike retroactive to July 1, plus merit pay based on the city’s Pontifex pay study, officer uniform allowances, bonuses and health coverage costs.

No one from the crowd testified during the public hearings that preceded the board’s votes, though several interested law enforcement personnel dotted the audience.

In other action, the board in its afternoon session renamed William Prowse to the city’s Audit Committee and Mark Kimbrough to the city’s Regional Transportation Commission.

At the beginning of the morning session, during public comment, the board heard from Linda Bellegray about Carson City’s second international film festival weekend set on the weekend of Feb. 5-7, 2015. She said the first was held in a church, but next year’s will be in the Bob Boldrick Theater at the Community Center. It is free and features a trio of films from New Zealand, Nepal and the Basque Pyrenees Mountain region of France and Spain.

Check out the Facebook site “Concerned Citizens Of Carson”

Carson City Sheriff Kenny FurlongThis is a group created for the people of Carson City who are tired of having there constitutional rights violated by Carson City sheriff’s department! Please feel free to add members and share the page.

I also ask anyone who has ever had a run in with ccso to Please share your story whether it be good or bad! The town needs a change. We need to be respected as we are all citizens who live in this town that Carson City sheriff’s department is sworn to SERVE AND PROTEC. The cops around here will profile you and violate your rights.. this group is hopefully going to stop this madness… big plans yet to come!!

This is a group created for the people of Carson City who are tired of having there constitutional rights violated by Carson City sheriff’s department! Please feel free to add members and share the page.

I also ask anyone who has ever had a run in with ccso to Please share your story whether it be good or bad! The town needs a change. We need to be respected as we are all citizens who live in this town that Carson City sheriff’s department is sworn to SERVE AND PROTEC. The cops around here will profile you and violate your rights.. this group is hopefully going to stop this madness… big plans yet to come!!

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office held a saturation patrol that focused on being “police state”

nevada is a police stateThe Carson City Sheriff’s Office held a saturation patrol that focused on speeding drivers on Friday in areas where crashes occurred in Carson City.

The areas patrolled were Fairview Drive from Highway 50 East to South Edmonds Drive and North Carson Street from Lakeview Hill to Winnie Lane. In all, 38 citations were issued.

Another saturation patrol to focus on speeding and careless drivers is set for Friday in Carson City.

The event will take place during street vibrations, and traffic is expected to be heavy.

According to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, the possibility of crashes is increased by drivers and riders who do not obey the posted speed limits and operate their vehicles in a careless manner. The patrols are held to reduce the possibility of car crashes by speeding drivers.

Is’ Your Carson City TV show: Sheriff Kenny Furlong talks about Pedestrian Safety, Improvements to Highway 50, Sexual Assault Response Team Challenges and overall crime rates

Sheriff Kenny Furlong talks about Pedestrian Safety, Improvements to Highway 50, Sexual Assault Response Team Challenges and overall crime rates. It’s Your City is a weekly program aimed at keeping you informed about city government and other organizations/happenings around Carson City, Nevada.

See More:

KRNV News: Carson City Sheriff SET Team’s routine patrol, is actually more of a “fishing expedition”

CCSO SETCARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — With just a few hours of sunlight left on a spring afternoon, Carson City Sheriff’s Office Sgt Brian Humphrey and his partner, IVO are set to begin their ten-hour shift.


But what may appear to be routine patrol, is actually more of a fishing expedition for the CCSO SET Team…

See video here: CCSO SET TEAM VIDEO

But what may appear to be routine patrol, is actually more of a fishing expedition.

“I actually use that term quite a bit,” said Sgt. Humphrey. “We’re going fishing and we don’t want to the little fish, we want to throw them back.”  

The big fish Humphrey is referring to, are the small percentage of the population who commit the majority of crimes in the city. To find them, the Special Enforcement Team of deputies and officers from the surrounding area establish leads the old-fashioned way.

“We’re going to drive by certain locations, certain houses as get a feel as to what going on today,” said Humphrey. “If you don’t get out and talk to people and make the stops, you’re not going to find anything.”

What may start as a simple stop for a traffic violation, could end in a warning. Or lead to something much more serious.

“A simple little contact with someone who commits a minor violation, such as jaywalking or something like that, may lead to a felony warrant or someone running from us, because they have drug or a gun on them that they’re not supposed to have,” Humphrey explained.

The day starts like most for the team, following leads, and making lots of contacts. A couple hours into the shift, they are called to assist a fellow SET member in a traffic stop for a minor infraction.

Behind the wheel is 20-year-old Zach Porter, one of those familiar faces the team has deal with in the past for drugs. With nothing to hide, Porter takes a seat on the curb, and gives permission for IVO to search his truck. “Yeah, I’m trying to stay out of trouble. I’m on formal probation, so you guys can search me all you want.”

He’s all smiles as the search turns up clean. In fact, Porter is about as farmiliar with the SET team as they are with him. He was raided in the past, and the SET team found six ounces of marijuana.

As it turns out, that bust proved to be a turning point for this 20-year-old. “I was going all downhill. It was getting worse by the day with the addiction. I was getting swallowed by it.”

A few days after meeting Porter, News 4 went back out to visit him at his home in Carson City. What we found was much different than his arrest record would suggest.

“I’m on a path and I want to be somewhere else in 4-5 yeas and I have it all planned out with goals,” revealed Porter. “It’s great to have goals.”

Goals and, for the first time, a support system to stay on track.

“Ultimately people need to get sober for themselves,” said Drug and Alcohol Counselor Brandie White. “I can’t make them be sober, so they have to accept their treatment.”

Porter finally accepted his reality inside a Washoe County jail cell. “It was going deeper and deeper, I saw my other friends going to heroine and meth and doing cocaine.”

When asked if Porter thought he would have gone there, he said, “Yeah, if I didn’t straighten up or get caught. Those guys (the SET team) were a focal part because if those guys didn’t catch me, I’d probably be doing the same exact thing.”

That success is echoed inside the walls of White’s counseling office. “This last week, I’ve had three of my clients come to me and say they’d been stopped by the SET team, and all three came up clean, and that’s good news for me. They all had a story to tell, so I think they’re doing a good job out there.”

“If you fall off track, you’re going to see that badge in front of you,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “If you stay on track, they have the ability to help you along.”

Since initiating the Specialized Enforcement element to patrol, Furlong said success stories like Porter’s and many others means one thing. “It is working. In 2013, we saw a dramatic drop in our crime levels in town. Brian Humphrey leads that team and he’s doing an exceptional job.”

They will continue fishing the streets of Carson City, in hopes of reducing crimes, while creating more success stories like Porter’s. “I love the positive aspect of it, especially from going to my rock bottom to being good, and being in a four-year college kind of thing. My whole work’s paying for it, part of the union, I would have never have thought of any of that.”


CARSON NOW: Carson City sheriff’s candidates square off on Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

With early voting in Nevada’s primary election beginning Saturday, Carson City residents learned more about some of the philosophies of candidates in the contested races during Wednesday night’s candidate forum hosted by the Carson City Chamber of Commerce.

The Performance Hall of the BAC was a full house for the forum, with hardly an empty seat found for the first segment where the candidates for sheriff were questioned. The audience was reduced to about half after the sheriff’s candidate portion ended.

During the forum the four candidates for sheriff squared off on topics such as staffing, drugs, and budgets. There was one agreement among candidates when it came to the city’s intense crackdown with gangs over the past four years.

Ken Furlong, up for re-election as sheriff, said four years ago the city was facing issues with a growing number of gangs in town. Gang activity has since been virtually non-existent and it was the department and the support of Douglas and Lyon County law agencies and community organizations that were responsible for the success of the crackdown.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


“When was the last time you heard about gangs in Carson City? The answer is four years ago,” said Furlong.

Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.


Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.

A question was posed about how the budget has been justified given that the crime rate is going down.

Candidate Deputy Don Gibson said 12 positions were lost in the 2010 budget, and that the administration should have cut into administration more to pay for line level officers on the street instead of promoting a captain.

The money for the captain’s salary could have been split to pay for two patrol deputies, said Gibson. He said the nearly $16 million budget is a sufficient amount for the department to run on, but that he would allocate the money more wisely by hiring less administrators and more line level employees.

Candidate Sgt. Daniel Gonzales said he would not fill assistant sheriff positions if elected and would instead use the savings to pay for costs associated with the department’s aging fleet of vehicles and new technology. He said the administration side of the agency has become “top heavy” and that he would use the budget more creatively for better patrol vehicles and more officers on the street. He said he would look for creative ways to make cuts so that both middle schools would have police officers assigned to them.

The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

Ty Robben Excellent idea by Dan at 31:24 to have the CCSO Deputies wear body audio/video cameras to help abate the rampant, wholesale corruption by some bad CCSO Deputies… They should also wear these in the jail too. Too many beatings and planted evidence and stuff like that with the CCSO. The cameras have help in notorious corrupt police departments like New Orleans and the LAPD. The CCSO has a corruption problem as Dan and the other candidates have discussed and the community is concerned about the police state, rights being violated and the cost of the lawsuits.

Ty Robben The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

At 30:55 Daniel Gonzales talks about inmate processing fees – what is this? why would an inmate pay a fee Mr. Gonzales? Where does all the money go from the $1.09 top Ramen you sell in the commissary at a 1,000% mark up along with the other junk food inmates have to buy to keep from starving? Lorne please bring this up, the CCSO makes big money off the inmates. The CCSO also get federal money or inmates too.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out the CCSO is operating a very, very low to no standards to the services and accountability and CCSO needs better transparency at 22:55

Ty Robben Don Gibson points out CCSO Deputies have low morale under Furlong at 20:50

Ty Robben Furlong covers up crime in Carson City and does not report “gang” crime. This is a fact, and lets criminals of the hook like they did when let let Keith urr of the hook for running meth or the “gangs” along with a felon in possession of 60 loaded AR15 and AK47 machine guns. Just Google Keith Furr on Carson Now and the Appeal and read and then see my story on Nevada State Personnel WATCH by searching for Keith Furr. Furlong also does not go after drug (meth and heroin) dealers because he makes money from this according to inside sources, or shall I say confidential informants. The jail is poorly managed, inmates do not get their meds or proper medical care. There are problems with the food and water and inmates have been poisoned there. This is unacceptable. Lorne Houle knows this first hand and should use his platform to expose the corruption the others candidates will not.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out “we need to bring back the trust in the community” at 13:54 – This is a good point as trust in the CCSO is very low. Please see my website Nevada State Personnel Watch where I point out some serious concerns about the CCSO under the current regime. As many Carson City residents know i was recently released from 6 long months in Furlongs jail where he had me in the “hole” or trumped up charges against his friend Judge John Tatro. All charges against me were dismissed by the Douglas County DA after the Carson City DA Mark Krueger was kicked off the case since I have filed FBI complaints against him and I am currently in Federal Court with pending legal action against them. The list of concerns with the CCSO under Furlong are too long to add here, so please see my website and vote for anyone but Furlong.

lorne Houle Very well spoken candidates!!! When I went up on stage, I couldn’t remember what to say… So instead, I kept saying “ummm” and “you know” WAY too much… lol. Great questions although I couldn’t answer some of them since I’m not yet part of the Sheriff’s Department and not privileged to “department drama”.

Candidate Lorne Houle said he would cut his own salary by half if elected, with cost savings to go toward more energy efficient police vehicles. He also noted there could be a cost savings in the department if cuts were made at the jail, placing more people on house arrest for non-serious crimes, thus freeing up jail staff salaries.

Furlong said in the last six months the sheriff’s office removed a captain’s position and back filled it with two deputies. It had an assistant sheriff retire and that position was not filled and a forensics position went from a sworn position to a non-sworn position. The agency has already done what the candidates are saying should be done, Furlong said.

He noted the Sheriff’s Office runs efficiently around 3 percent below what is allowed in the budgets. Furlong said the fleet of vehicles the department has have been maintained, saying “sometimes it is better to hold off a year,” when purchasing vehicles, because money could be better spent elsewhere.

Candidates were asked about what changes they would make to the department.

Gonzales said he would enhance what the agency has and take it to the next level. He said he would utilize the sheriff’s reserves more and noted that if the department is running 3 percent of the budget annually, than it ought to have better equipment. He noted that recently a canister of pepper spray that was used in the jail and had a stamp on it that said use before 2003. “We should be providing employees equipment to serve you better.” He also advocated the need for technology upgrades including body cameras.

Furlong noted changes are already being made at the department for next year. Management has been rolled back, due to retirements and attrition, countering a criticism earlier that administration had become top heavy. He said that half of the cuts from 2010 were not from the front line and that the supervisors do work as patrol officers as well. He noted the agency is running as lean as it can and will continue to run lean.

Gibson said he would like to see staffing go to 7 deputies on the street instead of the minimum level of 4 deputies. He said he would pay for the additional officers on the street by cutting adminstration-level officer positions. Gibson also said he would eliminate a numbers based management philosophy where there is a mindset that officers need to be writing more tickets, saying “it turns the very same people who we serve and protect into the victims of our production.”

Houle said he would strengthen the relationship in the community between the agency and the officers on the street. He said there are two groups of people, those who are friends of the department and those in the community who are nervous and skeptical of the agency. He said he represents those who are skeptical, and thinks officers give too many tickets and are policing the wrong people, including low level drug users. He said that drug users are not criminals but are treated like them, saying there needs to be more services for drug addicts instead of throwing them in jail.

Though there wasn’t a direct question posed, there was disagreement on the way the Sheriff’s Office special enforcement team is being run. Gibson, a former SET officer, noted the agency spends too much going after the low-level drug users instead of focusing on the bigger problem, the drug dealers themselves.

He noted that the department ought to be targeting drug suppliers because of the assets they have that can be seized. By taking the assets such as homes and vehicles, less taxpayer money would be spent on drug enforcement because the assets from drug dealers would pay for the SET team.

Gonzales said he would add another officer to the SET team. He said the SET philosophy is that the low-level drug offenders are typically the ones breaking into homes and businesses to pay for their drug habits and therefore it is essential to work to get them off the streets. He said the Tri-Net task force, which handles the high level drug sellers, needs to be held accountable for going after those with large sums of drug money.

“We know the drugs are coming in, let the people who focus on that do their job,” he said.

The candidates were asked about mental health and law enforcement issues. Furlong noted the city as well as the state and nation are dealing with issues of mental illness and policing and actively working on crisis intervention, which is being done in Carson City with mental health now incorporated into response plans. “We are working collaboratively with every agency we possibly can,” said Furlong.

Gonzales noted that he is a trained Crisis Intervention Instructor and he teaches staff. He said he would work to take the CIT program to the next level with mobile health units to better address suicide calls. Houle noted that drug addiction and mental illness are illnesses and that they should not be treated like criminals. He said mental health subjects should not be kept in jail but put in group homes where they can be given the help they need.

Don Gibson for Carson City Sheriff “I believe in the US Constitution and support the 2nd amendment”

Don Gibson
We like what Sheriff candidate Don Gibson is talking about. Good luck Don. -Top Ramen
Don’s website
If any of you read the Voter’s Guide in the Nevada Appeal, they for some reason, left out a very important question which I responded to. The question was (why should voters choose me?)Here is my answer:I am honored and humbled to have this opportunity to run for Carson City Sheriff. As a lifelong resident I have seen Carson City change for the better.


Having been in law enforcement for over sixteen years I have the demonstrative ability and necessary leadership skills to lead the office of Sheriff. 

don gibson carson city sheriff

We like what Sheriff candidate Don Gibson is talking about. Good luck Don. -Top Ramen

Together with my team we will continue Carson City’s positive change and always strive to improve the quality of life for all of us.
I will have an open and transparent administration with my door always open to all members of our community.
I believe in the US Constitution and support the 2nd amendment.
I intend to stay the person I am and obtain the faith of Carson City residents. I am someone you can count on, be sure about, and will proudly serve our community as a Sheriff we can all be proud of.Remember tomorrow May 24th is the first day to early vote..Thank you

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong panned, praised

ImageSheriff Ken Furlong at a Wednesday night candidates’ forum faced criticism from opponents about staffing in the community, but was given credit for combating gangs.

The incumbent sheriff faces three opponents in the June 10 primary election, after which two of the four running are likely to advance to November’s general election. The opponents are Don Gibson and Daniel Gonzales, both of the sheriff’s department, and Lorne Houle, who cited experience as a Marine provost marshal. Gibson and Gonzales took Furlong to task over staffing.

“Morale is dismal at best in the sheriff’s office,” said Gibson, calling for re-allocation of resources to provide more deputies in the field. He said minimum line staffing per shift should be seven rather than five. Gonzales, meanwhile, put it in terms of services to citizens. “We should have more field services to provide for you,” he said. Gonzales also called for new technology and newer patrol cars.

Continue reading

Carson City DA candidate Mark Krueger chickens out of tonight’s Carson City Chamber Primary Candidate Forum

Public invited to tonight’s Carson City Chamber Primary Candidate Forum

mark krueger chick scared

Mark Krueger chickened out after learning Ty Robben was going to show up!


Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on retaliation against Ty Robben

EVENT DATE:  May 21, 2014 – 6:00pm

The two Carson City District Attorney candidates Mark Krueger and Jason Woodbury were supposed to debate at this forum

…but Mark Krueger chickened out after learning Ty Robben was going to show up, protest and ask these questions:

  • How much taxpayer money was spent on the retaliation of Ty Robben?
  • How much taxpayer money are the taxpayers paying Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger ?
  • When is “Judge’ John Tatro going to be charged or filing a FALSE police report against Ty Robben?
  • Why did the DA Mark Krueger and Neil Rombardo drop charges o a felon in possession of 60 loaded AK47 and AR15 firearms (and a large quantity of meth) against Keith Furr to testify against Robben when Furr actually solicited Robben according to the secret recordings that in act were not recorded via a “wire” and instead were illegally recorded via the cell intercom system?
  • When the CCSO and DA manufactured the surreptitious recordings, they broke the law by engaging in surreptitious recording and then fabricating the audio to add a header with Keith Furr saying he is wearing a wire and “working or the judge tatro”…
  • When Robben was in jail and the CCSO recorded the cell conversations, clearly the CCSO recorded other inmates informing Robben of an array of scandalous matters with Kenny Furlong and Judge Tatro that including homosexual acts with transvestites and pedophilia child molestation with young men. freddy-krueger
  • Why is the CCSO covering up the shooting o Judge Tatro’s front door?  Clearly the “official” position from the CCSO that Levi Minor used a ‘BB gun” is bullshit and he was never charged or that. It is true that Levi Minor did admit that John Tatro had an affair with his mother “Crystal” who worked in the Carson City courthouse. So, with these undisputed acts, why is the CCSO still covering this matter up?
  • Many more questions will be brought out, stay tuned.
  • One of the big stories people are talking about is the CCSO does not give inmates their prescribed medications! Robben witness numerous Carson City jail inmates suffering because of this policy and custom by the CCSO.

    In fact, the two “doctors” at the Carson City Jail named “Doctor Joe” or Dr. JOSEPH MCELLISTREM and Carson City Jail nurse practitioner David Ramsey are not legally M.D. doctors at all prescribing medications, or in this case taking them away from people in the most need.

Mark Krueger Carson City district attorney scandal

Mark Krueger Carson City district attorney scandal

The Carson City Chamber of Commerce will host a forum May 21 for primary election candidates.

A spokesman said there are two Republican candidates for Assembly District 40 and two Republicans running for Senate District 16, which includes south Reno and Carson City.

In Senate District 16, GOP candidates Ben Kieckhefer, the incumbent, and perennial candidate Gary Schmidt will face off. There is also a Democrat, Michael Kelley, and Independent American, John Everhart. Neither has a primary race.

In District 40, Republicans Jed Block and PK O’Neill will face off for the seat the seat from which Pete Livermore is retiring. Democrat Dave Cook and Independent American John Wagner don’t have primary races.

There are four candidates in the Carson City Sheriff’s race: incumbent Ken Furlong, Don Gibson, Daniel Gonzales and Loren Houle.  The candidates for district attorney, the post being vacated by Neil Rombardo, are Assistant DA Mark Krueger and Carson lawyer Jason Woodbury.

Chamber officials say that even though there is no primary race in the supervisor’s races, the incumbent candidates have agreed to meet with their challengers.

The forum will be held in the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall beginning at 6 p.m. May 21.


Carson City voters are invited to meet and hear the candidates for Sheriff, Nevada State Senate and Assembly and Carson City Supervisor at the Chamber’s Primary Candidate Forum scheduled tonight at the BAC Performance Hall beginning at 6 p.m.

carson city sheriff election 2014jpg

Carson City Sheriff election 2014 fourm

The Sheriff’s primary race has four candidates seeking that office and will be reduced to two or could be won in the primary negating the necessity for a general election vote. This race is of the most interest to the voters.

There are two Republican candidates for Senate District 16 while the Democratic primary seat is unopposed. The Assembly District 40 seat that will be relinquished by Republican Assemblyman Pete Livermore has two Republican contenders and the Democratic candidate is unopposed. The primary winner in each race will proceed to the general election.

Although there is not a primary in the case of the two Carson City Supervisor’s race, the incumbent candidates have agreed to meet with their challengers.

The event will be televised live over ACCtv beginning at 6 p.m. Go here to watch live coverage.

The BAC Performance Hall is located at 449 W. King Street in Carson City. The Sheriff candidates will start off the evening followed by those seeking state office and culminating with the local supervisor race. Each segment is anticipated to be one hour with 10 minute intervals for audience questions. A Chamber committee has formulated the questions and will not release those questions until the evening of the event.

Early voting begins on May 24 and ends June 6. Election Day is June 10. Carson City has a total of 24,909 voters as of April 2014: 11,509 Republicans; 8.160 are Democrats; 1,402 Independent American and 3,900 non-partisan.

No charges filed against Erik Badgett by corrupt Carson City DA


Carson City counseling center scandal

CARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — News 4 has an update on multiple investigations at a Carson City counseling center the began about eight months ago.

Two investigations were launched last year at the Family Guidance and Wellness Network in Carson City. The former director, Erik Badgett, was the target of both investigations.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office has wrapped up its investigation, and turned it over to the District Attorney, recommending charges of Sexual Assault and Lewdness against Badgett. Sheriff Ken Furlong also asked for a warrant to have Badgett arrested. Furlong told News 4 there were at least nine victims who were identified during their investigation, who claimed they were victimized in some way.

However, the District Attorney’s Office has decided not to file any charges in this case. Assistant D.A. Mark Kruger said there is simply not enough evidence to take the case to court. So it ends there, unless someone else comes forward, or more evidence is uncovered. 

Carson City District Attorney Mark Krueger

Carson City DA Mark Krueger is corrupt

The Attorney General’s Office has also been investigating the same counseling center. Agents raided the office in August 2013, and News 4 has learned through court records that Badgett has been charged with five felonies and one gross misdemeanor, including Medicaid Fraud and Identity Theft. The Attorney General’s Office has requested an arrest warrant be issued.

As for Badgett, News 4 contacted the Family Guidance and Wellness Network on Friday. The person who answered the phone said he no longer works there, and then hung up. source:

BLM facing questions about inaction in Carson City

ImageCARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — The Bureau of Land Management is at the center of controversy again in Nevada. This time, its not a cattle rancher, but a Carson City recreation spot that is at the center.

Prison Hill Recreation Center sits behind the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. It spans an area from Fifth Street on the north side, all the way to the Carson River.

It is an area currently managed by the BLM. However, the site is scheduled to be transferred to Carson City at some point. For now, neighbors surrounding the site are frustrated over what they say are the BLM’s non-enforcement of issues plaguing the area.

Neighbors say there is lots of illegal dumping. “Another thing you can find around here, there are plenty of spray paint cans,” said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. “People will take these up into the hills where they’ll deface the rocks.”

While there are lots of dirt roads in the area, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the north end of the site. They are only allowed in the south end.

Furlong agreed to help with enforcement, following last week’s meeting of the city’s Open Space Committee. “The sheriff’s office is going to pick up some of the slack, Parks and Recreation and Open Space is going to pick up some of the slack.”

Furlong said the first thing that will be addressed is putting up signs indicating where motorized vehicles will be allowed. “It’s difficult for me to understand why I can’t drive here if there’s a road right here and I see other people.”

He plans to have patrols out to educate those driving in unauthorized areas, but the graffiti clean-up will be harder. “We do have graffitti crews that work, but they are predominately inmate crews, and sending them up into what you might want to call rugged area, the chances of injury can be pretty high.”

One thing his patrols will not tolerate is illegal dumping. “For those who choose to dump up here, I’ve told our patrol division there won’t be any slack.”

The BLM and Forest Service provide the Carson Sheriff’s Office with around $12,000 per year for cooperative enforcement. The Carson Board of Supervisors may take this issue up with BLM officials at its next meeting.


How do I report police misconduct?

If you feel that police have violated your rights, or you’ve witnessed police misconduct against someone else, do not panic. It’s normal to feel intimidated. But responding to misconduct is an essential step towards protecting yourself and your community from future police abuse.


There are several steps to the process of combating police misconduct. You must approach them in a calm and organized manner.

Step 1: Write everything down

This step is extremely important and must be done as soon as possible after the incident. It’s easy to forget small details over time, and there’s no way to know which facts will make a difference later on. Continue reading

Security Breach at Carson City Nevada Department of Emergency Management building at National Guard Complex

Security Breach at Carson City Nevada Department of Emergency Management building at National Guard Complex:

Carson City National Guard facility

Carson City National Guard facility

UPDATE – 12:40P – According to Fournier, a crew working in the area allegedly saw a person wearing a hoodie jump a fence at the National Guard facility around 7:30 this morning, but officials weren’t notified until after 11am. The area went into lock down from 11:15 to 11:45 so they could do a sweep, but no such person was found.

The lock down has since been lifted.
CARSON CITY, Nev. (KRNV & — The Nevada Department of Emergency Management building on Fairview Drive in Carson City is on lock down.

According to Dennis Fournier with the Nevada Guard, a man allegedly jumped the fence and breached the perimeter. The time of this incident has not been confirmed. man jumping fence

Stay with News 4 for updates.

Carson City Man Ivan Botello Arrested for ‘under age’ Revenge Porn

Ivan Botello

By Audra Schroeder on September 09, 2013 Email

REVENGE PORNOn Friday, a 28-year-old Carson City, Nev. resident named Ivan Botello was arrested for “arranging to have revenge porn posted online.” However, the act of revenge porn was not his crime; it was that the woman in the photos he was arranging to revenge-post, who is his ex-girlfriend, was 16 at the time they were taken. According to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong:

She consented to the pictures at the time he took them, but after their relationship had gone bad, he continued to harass her.

Nevada does not currently have laws in place that criminalize revenge porn. However, California has made efforts to crack down on revenge porn by attempting to pass a bill that would make the dissemination of nude photos “with the intent to cause serious emotional distress” illegal.


Revenge porn is now an extension of cyberbullying, and more people are voicing their concerns. Florida activist Holly Jacobs started End Revenge Porn to bring attention to this troubling trend—showcased on the now-shuttered revenge porn sites Is Anyone Up? and Is Anybody Down?—and offer victims a support group.

That Botello was arrested and Carson City police acknowledged revenge porn exists is a step forward, but Nevada, and other states, still have a ways to go in making it a crime. Many people still think of it as harmless “entertainment.”

Botello is apparently also on probation for another case: Having sex with a girl younger than 16.

Is the Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting after admitting that the alleged shooter confessed? Hell YES

carson city sheriff corruption

carson city sheriff cover up

Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting? HELL YES

Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting? HELL YES

Is the Carson City Sheriff Covering up the Judge Tatro Shooting after admitting the alleged shooter confessed? We think hell YES.

UPDATE 09-28-2013 – I spoke with the Carson City Sheri Kenny Furlong about the name of the 19 old male who confessed to shooting Judge Tatro’s house.

Sheriff Furlong at first said the name of the shooter was Jesse Richardson and then realized that the Jesse Richardson was the witness, not the shooter…

Levi Anthony Minor

Levi Anthony Minor

Furlong then said the 19 old male who confessed to shooting Judge Tatro’s house was Levi Anthony Minor of the west side BB shooting fame …But that Levi Anthony Minor didn’t really do it and he made the story up. The they issued a warrant for the witness Jesse Richardson (alleged probation violation) or is the warrant to get Jesse Richardson into custody to shut him up? We don’t believe the Sheriff Furlong story and still this issue as a cover up.

Jesse Russell Richardson

Jesse Russell Richardson

Have you seen Jesse Russell Richardson?

Have you seen Jesse Russell Richardson? If so, the CCSO issued a warrant or his arrest. Please have Jesse Russell Richardson call KRNV Newsroom: 775-785-1210 and tell his side of the story.

We reported that a credible source presented credible information, a jailhouse confession concerning the shooter of Carson City Judge Tatro.

We reported that story here: The shooter of Judge Tatro’s door found? Judge Tatro caught in sex triangle revenge scandal?

The Carson City Sheriff was informed of the information and conducted an investigation the first week of September 2013. The results of the Carson City Sheriff investigation confirmed that the information we provided was true, but that the target was a straw man judge because it was not Judge Tatro or any other Judge.



crime scene cover upA person in the Carson City jail was bragging to others to be the shooter of Judge John Tatro’s front door in December 2012. However, the Sheriff is saying that this person made up the story and really shot into another Carson City Judges home with a BB gun. However, it was not one of the four Carson City Judges and the Judge was not named.

This makes no sense and is the typical "straw man" cover up.

This makes no sense and is the typical “straw man” cover up.

This makes no sense and is the typical “straw man” cover up.

Who was the Judge? It was not Armstrong, Willis, Tatro, Wilson or Russell.

Was the person arrested and charged for the BB  gun shooting? No – There is no Sheriff report or court records.

What was the motive?

The Sheriff confirmed the shooters mom did work at the Carson City Courthouse and this supports the belief that there was some kind of sexual affair going on and the 19 year old shooter was upset and shot at the Judges front door.

The official Sheriff explanation is not credible. We have reported this to the local news and FBI to get real answer.

We believe the story we presented here: The shooter of Judge Tatro’s door found? Judge Tatro caught in sex triangle revenge scandal?

Carson City Sheriff cover up

Carson City Sheriff cover up

Nevada Department of Alternative Sentencing did not have legal jurisdiction over Pre-Trial Defendants prior to July 2013 If you were under DAS supervision, you may have legal recourse to sue

department of alternative sentencing

WTF NevadaAttention – Were you ever incarcerated in the Carson City jail? Was your food poisoned? Mine was and I posed a story that has gone viral with other people also claiming their food and water was tainted.  This happened to people in the ‘Hole’ and solitary confinement. This story is one of the biggest Facebook stories we’ve written with 420 Facebook like and referrals.

ATTENTION Carson City, Douglas, Reno, Henderson, Nevada Department of Alternative Sentencing (“DAS”) did not have legal jurisdiction over Pre-Trial Defendants prior to July 2013 If you were under DAS supervision, you may have legal recourse to sue in federal court under Title 42, Section 1983 and have any related criminal charges, pleas and convictions vacated.

Nevada Department of Alternative Sentencing SB101 hearing. Carson City DAS did not have legal jurisdiction of pre trial defendants.

People have constitutional right we can’t stomp on either the US Constitution or the Nevada Constitution and I oppose the end result what this bill is going to allow them to do which they’re already doing without authority.

Bail has to be reasonable it can’t be coercive.

They can search their home they can search there be a call they have not been convicted they are charged with the crime whether it be a misdemeanor a gross misdemeanor or felony they still have their constitutional rights so my concern is that we’re taking these rights away from people. Continue reading

Carson City Jail lacks a required Law Library violating inmates 14th Amendment to Due Process

law booksThe Carson City Jail lacks a required Law Library and resembles a Russian Gulag.

All inmates are incarcerated with no access to a law library in the Carson City Jail (Detention Center) pursuant to NRS 211.140(b) or lawyer from the Carson City jail thus violating Due Process.

The American Correctional Association (ACA) Adult Local Detention Standards as well ACA’s Core Jail standards as a basis for your policies. Here are the two relevant standards: ACA standard 4-ALDF-6A-03 (Accreditation standards)[1]

“Inmates have access to a law library if there is not adequate free legal assistance to assist them with criminal, civil, and administrative legal matters. Inmates have access to legal materials to facilitate the preparation of documents” lady justice

ACA Standard 1-Core-6A-03  (Core Jail Standards)

“Inmates have access to legal materials”

You will want to consider what the courts have said. Take a look at the following:

Jails and the Constitution:  An Overview” NIC publication authored by William Collins available as a download from:

Text  from page 68:

“Over the years the Supreme Court decided several access to the courts cases involving inmates. The most important came in 1977, when the Court said that prison administrators have the affirmative duty to provide inmates with assistance or resources to allow them to meaningfully exercise their right of access to the courts, Bounds v. Smith.  Assistance could take the form of persons trained in the law (such as lawyers, paralegals, or law students), adequate law libraries, or some combination of these.

A 1996 Supreme Court decision dealing with access to the courts reaffirmed the core principle in Bounds, i.e., that the institution has an affirmative duty to provide some form of assistance (libraries or persons trained in the law) sufficient to give inmates the capability of filing non-frivolous lawsuits challenging their sentence or the conditions of their confinement, Lewis v. Casey.”

Kenny Furlong“The principle from Bounds (and now Lewis) has been extended to jails, although application of the principle may be slightly different in the jail context depending in part on how long inmates remain in the jail. The longer an inmate remains in a jail, the more the right of “access to the courts” places the same demands on the jail as it does on the prison”

The fundamental constitutional right of access to the courts requires prison authorities to assist inmates in the preparation and filing of meaningful legal papers by providing prisoners with adequate law libraries or adequate assistance from persons trained in the law.  This quote is taken from Bounds v. Smith (430 U.S. 817), the 1977 landmark Supreme Court decision, which led to the establishment of law libraries in most major U.S. prisons.

The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees state inmates the right to “adequate, effective, and meaningful” access to the courts. Bounds v. Smith, 430 U.S. 817, 822, 97 S.Ct. 1491, 1495, 52 L.Ed.2d 72 (1977); Green v. Johnson, 977 F.2d 1383, 1389 (10th Cir.1992). We impose “affirmative obligations” on the states to assure all inmates access to the courts and assistance in the preparation and filing of legal papers. Ramos v. Lamm, 639 F.2d 559, 583 (10th Cir.1980), cert. denied, 450 U.S. 1041, 101 S.Ct. 1759, 68 L.Ed.2d 239 (1981).

The Supreme Court instructs that states may satisfy this duty “by providing prisoners with adequate law libraries or adequate assistance from persons trained in the law.” Bounds, 430 U.S. at 828, 97 S.Ct. at 1498. Although this constitutional obligation does not require states to afford inmates unlimited access to a library, Twyman v. Crisp, 584 F.2d 352, 358 (10th Cir.1978), and there exists no rigid or static formula to assess whether a prison library’s resources pass constitutional muster, Johnson v. Moore, 948 F.2d 517, 521 (9th Cir.1991), states must provide inmates with “a reasonably adequate opportunity” to present their legal claims.

Carson City middle school lockdown after false gun threat creates hysteria

Carson City middle school lock down after false gun threat creates hysteria. KRNV covered the story with video.

Carson City SWAT team

Carson City SWAT team

Carson City School District Superintendent Richard Stokes said Wednesday’s lockdown at Carson Middle School was a direct result of a student telling a teacher he had seen two students loading a handgun. The student, who faces a criminal charge of filing a false report, confessed later to authorities that he had made the story up.

The lockdown affected the entire school with nearly 1,200 students, forcing teachers to lock their classroom doors and keep students inside. Anxious parents, who caught wind of what was happening by cell phone and text messages from their children and news reports, arrived at the school and waited outside as law officers scoured the campus, looking for weapons and the young males who were targeted by the student who made the false accusation.

Even though this was ultimately a case of false reporting, Stokes said it should never stop children from reporting things they consider dangerous or would hurt others or themselves. Continue reading

Carson City Sheriff Sergeant Kenneth G. Steel exposes self to female deputy

carson city sheriff

Carson city sheriff

We have been telling you the Carson City, Nevada Sheriff Department is a train wreck and an example of complete and total police misconduct, incompetence, and now sexual perverts.

The Sergeant’s real name is Kenneth G. Steel, KRNV incorrectly used the name Kent Steel.

Well, we knew about the sexual perverts and homosexual activity in the  Carson City, Nevada Sheriff Department under Kenny Furlong’s watch. This Sheriff is the perfect example of a total shithead sucking off the Taxpayers tit. Kick this peace of shit out of office Carson City and get a clue. This is only the tip of the iceberg for the corrupt Carson City Sheriff and we’ve already brought you examples of various scandals and more are coming as soon as we an devote time to this cesspool of corruption. I must admit, it’s disturbing an ahrd to wriet about this shit. Many people think we make this crap up, but it is only validate by the MSM and in this case Reno’s KRNV news 4.

Carson City, NV (KRNV & —  A Carson City Sheriff’s Sergeant recently resigned after allegations that he allegedly exposed himself to a female deputy between January and February of 2013.

According to Sheriff Ken Furlong, Sergeant Kenneth G. Steele exposed himself and touched another female deputy.

Douglas County was called in to investigate the allegations. As the case stands right now there are no criminal charges against Steele and according to Sheriff Furlong, Steele actually admitted to the allegations.

News 4 requests for the investigation report have been denied and we’re waiting to hear back from the Douglas County District Attorney.

Sheriff Furlong says that the incident happened between January and February of 2013. Steele just resigned in the last three weeks, he had been with the force for 18 years.  

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

The burning question in this case, is why does Steele get to resign without any other action being taken? If the allegations are true, why doesn’t he face the same charges that any other citizen would face in a situation like this?

News 4 will continue to look into this case and bring you the latest as it becomes available.


This story reminds us of this story about the dysfunctional Carson City Courts, Sheriff and Alternative Sentencing Departments infighting and perhaps setup of Mr Lewis.

Officer Lewis was found NOT Guilty of 22 counts.

Carson City probation officer charged with using position to get women to undress :: The Republic – Officer Lewis was found NOT Guilty of 22 counts.

Carson City probation officer charged with using position to get women to undress :: The Republic

Last Updated: March 19, 2011

CARSON CITY, Nev. — A probation officer has been charged with using his position and the threat of jail to get women to undress and to inappropriately touch them.

The 22-count complaint was filed Friday against Aaron Lewis by the Nevada attorney general’s office, the Nevada Appeal of Carson City and Reno Gazette-Journal reported. The 35-year-old is accused of getting women to undress and touching their private parts either under the threat of arrest or a promise to keep their violations to himself.

The Carson City Justice Court complaint charged him with misconduct of a public officer, coercion using physical force, open or gross lewdness, and oppression under color of office.

The claims stem from six alleged victims — all but one under his supervision — during incidents that occurred at their homes, the courthouse or his official vehicle.

Lewis told The Associated Press on Saturday that he couldn’t comment on the charges. He referred queries to his attorney, Larry Digesti, who did not immediately return a call.

Most of the young women were being supervised for drug convictions, and had told family about incidents that allegedly occurred between May and September, according to an arrest affidavit.

Lewis began working for the Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing in April 2009. He previously worked for the Nevada Department of Corrections and as a Lyon County sheriff’s deputy.

Carson City Corruption – Sheriff sleeping with a Tranny? Is it TRUE?

furlong and rombardo

Ken Furlong, his pink tie and his boyfrined…

We wanted to bring this controversial story back to the front page of the blog because the issue has comer up again.

furlong sleeping with a trannyWhen I was in the Carson City jail and people found out who I was, the gangsta blogger from NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH  they told me about this alleged transvestite named Adrian who had a fling withCarson City  Sheriff Kenny Furlong…

There are to many people talking about this.

Did the CCSO try and set me up with bogus info or is this true?

Kenny Furlong, please issue a press release and let us all know your side of the story…

is it trueWe present the questions in search for the answers. Presenting our new promotional tool called “Carson City Corruption – Is it TRUE?”…

We want to keep this site provocative and up-to-date with the rampant rumor mill in the “Dirtiest Little Town in America” named Carson City. Local’s call the place “Cartoon City” or even “Carson Shitty” and the people are called Carsonites.

Carson City- It’s a sunny place for shady people.  Really, the town has some good things to offer for Nevada like golfing, it’s near Tahoe, Virgina City and Reno, a new hospital and all the staple American big box stores… It also has whore-houses, and not just the world famous, Dennis Hof’s Moonlight “Bunny Ranch” made internationally know by HBO’s “Cat house” series on Nevada prostitution.

Speaking of Nevada prostitution, Carson City and Nevada politics… We have a strange list of names of who screwed who and which high-profile Carson City Sheriff and/or prior Sheriff candidate(s) is screwing a transvestite named “Adrian” !

and Carson City Sheriff  ____________ was caught screwing behind the old K-Mark building in Carson City, Nevada… Is this true?

Is it…

Carson City Sheriff Kenny furlong needs to be asked the real questions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny furlong needs to be asked the real questions. This guy and his deputies are corrupt as hell and the Sheriff is one big RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) operation. Please read the circa 2006 Topox called “Corrupt Law enforcement in Carson City Nevada” by Patty Pruett, Dayton Nevada.  We’ll post some of the text at the bottom of this story.  We also uncovered a Grand Jury investigation suggestion ALL CARSON CITY SHERIFF personnel should be DRUG TESTED.

Some of this may seem outlandish until you remember these things happened in 1989 South Lake Tahoe when the city mayor named Terry Trupp was busted for a major cocaine trafficking cartel and just recently Johnny Poland of the SLTPD was hooked up on charges of obstructing justice, evidence tampering and aiding and embedding the “Mexican Moffia” in South Lake Tahoe.See our other website at

Kenny will you do a show with us and our video cameras? …And why did you come into my cell two times and give me a “stink eye” death look? Is it true what you deputies are saying about you?

Published on Mar 26, 2013 Watch Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong answer important questions from some influential women in our community

 Kenny Furlong stated his position on “gun control” where he did elaborate that because of the Ihop shootings, he would be compelled to confiscate firearms in Carson City, NV. Although, he believes it won’t happen and he was primary focused on multi-round auto and semi-auto firearms.

Gun Control at 20:00 – Kenny wants to ban weapons (at least assault style weapons) because of the Ihop incident. In that case a Norinco MAK90 was modified from semi to fully auto. Other Sheriff Associations from around the State of Nevada and the rest of the union are fully supporting the US Constitution and 2nd amendment rights, Sheriff Furlong is not.

Below are Nevada Sheriffs that support gun rights:

  1. Ed Kilgpore Humboldt NV
  2. Benjamin D. Trotter Churchill NV
  3. Tony DeMeo Nye NV

methadoneSo, Kenny what’s the Sheriff’s role in alleged distribution with meth, heroin and other drugs and drug dealers in Carson City?

Is your daughter Kendra Furlong fully recovered from her battles with crank (meth) addiction?

kenny furlong

What’s the Sheriff’s role in alleged distribution with meth, heroin and other drugs and drug cartels in Carson City?

Sheriff Furlong and Kendra Furlong – Crystal Darkness

Is the Sheriff office under any investigations? Rumors are rampant that federal grand money is “missing”? We heard the FBI was investigation misappropriation of funds related to Kenny Furlong using the Carson City “credit card” to pay for friends vehicles impounds after DUI’s (which were covered up)… Is this true?

We hear of many “cover ups” and other “scandals” concerning the Carson City Sheriff’s department including last years incident with former NDOT Director, Susan Martinovich where it’s alleged the Sheriff covered up that fact Susan Martinovich essentially was involved in a  “hit and run” and the victim was actually charged with trumped up charges that were later dropped. This seems like a blatant attempt to cover-up Susan Martinovich’s criminal involvement in that incident, correct?

Kenny Furlong, you did go to Carson City High School, correct (you talk about that in carson high schoolthe video).  Interesting that Susan Martinovich and Justice of the Peace Judge John Tatro all went to the same High School and played significant roles in the hit and run coverup. What’s your take on that Furlong?

Kenny Furlong and Neil Rombardo gay?

Kenny Furlong and Neil Rombardo

In recent photo shots, you Kenny furlong seem to hanging out with Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo a lot. We’ve seen you dancing with the stars along with Neil Rombardo and giving blood with him as well. Are you gay? What exactly is your “friendship” with Neil Rombardo? Seems like there should be a better “separation of power” in such a small incestuous little city like Carson.

We hear of food poisoning and unsafe and inhumane conditions and treatment of inmates at your Carson City jail. We note that statistics show 20% of incarcerated people are actually innocent. Regardless of innocence or guilt, the facts show that there are a high number of alleged “suicides” hangingthat occur in the Carson City jail. Released inmates report tainted food with drugs including methadone. The showers have excessive mold and airborne insects and diseases like MRSA skin infection is rampant in the Carson City jailhouse. We hear that a medical malpractice and civil rights lawsuit is imminent against you and the Carson City court system including Judge John Tatro…

What exacly is Kenny Furlong’s position on gun owners rights? We understand he agrees with the Obama administration.

Finally, with all this controversy, what are your plan Kenny Furlong for the future? Do you plan on staying in law enforcement or are you getting your affairs in order to go to prison?

These problems seem outlandish, but it has happened to  others. See this story:

The California press refuses to cover this true story of the torture of a senior citizen milk man

The Los Angeles Times is so corrupt and whored out to its corporate interests that it won’t even cover this story! There is torture and abuse of farmers happening right in Los Angeles, and the LA Times absolutely refuses to cover the story! How’s that for pathetic journalism? (If the LA Times actually starts to cover this story, I will retract this paragraph. But as of this writing, the LA Times has done nothing to cover this huge story of government abuse of innocent citizens.)

In fact, to date no newspaper in California has covered this story of torture and abuse of the California milk man. There is complete silence on it. A total cover-up. The lamestream media wants you to believe this never happens in California.

But these pictures don’t lie. The recorded testimony of James Stewart is factual and truthful.

Watch the video, hear it yourself and compare to what happened to Ty Robben in the Carson City jail including poisoned food, solitary confinement, red bracelet indicating a felon or danger, inhuman jail conditions and lack of jail personnel ethics, violations of law and human rights, etc  :

Learn more:

Corrupt Law enforcement in Carson City Nevada

Posted in the Washington Post Forum

Dear readers

Yesterday a friend of mine went to the Casrson City “Motel 6 to get her daughters things” that were left there by “Cops” about a week prior after they arrested her Minor daughter for drug possesion. The Girl was with many other people, who were doing drugs also! None were arrested! Only her! The Girl is “Related to Officer Bill Abbott”!

Officer Abbott was just “Busted down from tri-net” DRUG task force! After the mother of the girl began to “Fight back” against the Corruption!

Now her daughter is in Juvinial, and yesterday a Cop went to the Motel 6, and tried to “Plant drugs” On the Mother/Estranged half sister of that Cop!

It’s getting “Ugly in Carson City Nevada”! These Cops are out of Control! And so is Sheriff
Kenny Furling! Our Carson City Sheriff will now try to plant drugs on those of us “Fighting back” against their “Already Corrupt sheriffs department!”
I am allerting the Public that none of us do drugs and are at risk for being “Set up” as revenge for a Long battle for Justice in Carson City Nevada.

Send help form the “Outside”! Send reporters and Crews to “Write about our struggle for justice”!

Patty Pruett, Dayton Nevada.

Nole Waters former Carson City District Attorney

Nole Waters former Carson City District Attorney

Corrected Special Grand Jury Report

The community of Carson City would have been much better served had the Carson City District Attorney’s office arrested and prosecuted John and James Bustamante with the vigor that was shown in the arrest and prosecution of Rolland Weddell. Given, through testimony to this Grand Jury, that:
Continue reading

Tahoe Mountain News covers part II of the Ty Robben vs. Justin Brothers Bail Bonds ‘Bounty Hunter’ case where criminal charges have been filed against agent Doug Lewis


tmn The Tahoe Mountain News covered part one of the story here:

and here:


ty robben bounty hunter









By Heather Gould March 2013, Source:

Ty Robben may be ‘radical’ – but he may also be right. Mt. News

Apparently Mr.Lewis also fails to have a current Nevada Business License! You can check on-line and see

 Entity Name  NV Business ID  Status  Type
NEVADA BAIL ENFORCEMENT, LLC NV20041305929 Permanently Revoked Domestic Limited-Liability Company

Bounty Hunter Douglas Lewis will face five misdemeanor charges in connection  with an October 18 incident at the Sierra Tract home of local resident Todd ”Ty ” Robben, in which he attempted to take Robben into custody on a misdemeanor contempt of court warrant out of Carson City. See

Robben’s door was broken down. he was “tased” at least twice, his tires were slashed and he had to bolt into a nearby field to escape, according to a South Lake Tahoe Police report. The charges against Lewis, filed by the EI Dorado County District Attorney’s office, include allegedly failing to obtain a California warrant for the capture of Robben, aggravated trespass for allegedly forcing his way into Robben’s home, alleged vandalism of a dwelling for breaking down the door, alleged battery for tasing Robben, and alleged damage to a vehicle for slashing Robben’s tires. Doug Lewis could not be reached for comment by press time.

Robben sought more serious felony charges and wonders why other individuals accompanying and assisting Lewis were not charged as well. He said he was nevertheless “relieved” that El Dorado County authorities had acted, and that his faith in the system had been restored somewhat after months of frustration over the handling of the case.

Robben protested in front of the South Lake Tahoe Police Department in late January. claiming the police were failing to take him seriously and investigate his case in a timely manner, due to his activism against government and a negative portrait painted of him by law enforcement in Nevada.

Hans Uthe, the Tahoe-based assistant district attorney. Said felony charges were not filed against Lewis largely because he had failed to get clearance from a California judge. “As a professional bounty hunter he should have known he had to do that. It would have been very easy for him to do.” And though Lewis was apparently assisted by others in his attempt to capture Robben, only he is being charged because he was the leader or boss of the pursuit, said Uthe. ” It was hi s decisions, his determinations how to proceed.” Uthe said. “We’re holding him responsible.”

In statements on the matter, police officials said they had made every effort to accommodate Robben, given time and staffing constraints. The police report was completed and released after the Tahoe Mountain News filed a California Public Records Act request.

Robben did compliment the police department for finishing the report when it did . The 164-page report contained 14 pages devoted to investigation of the alleged crimes and 150 pages of applicable statutes and legal precedents submitted by Robben.

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Robben has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the bail bond company, Justin Brothers Bail Bonds, that employed Lewis and has also protested in front of the their Carson City and Reno offices. Owner Dennis Justin said he had “no comment what so ever” about the suit or the charges filed against Lewis.


At the time of Lewis’s alleged crimes against Robben, Robben was out on bail on charges including assault after attempting to serve a subpoena for a friend on a Nevada state official named Susan Martinovich with the Department of Transportation. The friend had filed suit against the department, claiming he was fired for exposing wrongdoing. The suit is similar to one filed by Robben against the Nevada Department of Taxation, his former employer, which is currently on appeal. Robben calls himself a “supporter of whistleblowers.”

The woman being served said she felt threatened and was accosted by Robben and later received a restraining order against him. Robben said the situation was all turned around and that she assaulted him by driving over his toe. Eventually. All charges were dropped,  except one – disorderly conduct – which will be dismissed if Robben complies with court conditions for a year.

Robben does have two other restraining orders against him including one by his brother from whom he has been estranged for five years with absolutely no contact and who lives in Florida. The other one was issued under false pretenses to an employee in his previous place of work who was angry with Robben reported him for sending pornography over government computers, Robben said.

The contempt of court warrant was issued – in error by Carson city Judge John Tatro, says Robben – after he supposedly failed to show up for a court check-in. The matter was cleared up when he later checked in.

Amnesty International has classified lasers as deadly weapons.

Noted bail bondsmen and bounty hunter Leonard Padilla commented on the actions of the bounty hunters. The easiest way to catch a fugitive is to talk them into surrendering, said Padilla. Something the bounty hunters allegedly did with Robben for ten minutes according to the police report, before breaking down his door which is permitted, said Padilla. If one is 100 percent sure. not 80 percent sure. Not 98 percent sure, but 100 percent sure, that the fugitive is inside. He said tasers must be deployed with care so as not to cause undue harm. “Not everyone can go and buy a taser and s tart tasing people. You have to have special training” Padilla said. Amnesty International has classified lasers as deadly weapons. Finally, the slashing of tires perplexed Padilla. After nearly 40 years in business, he has never used such a tactic, which he called “childish” and “comical.” The best time to catch someone is when they leave a dwelling to go to a car, he said. Or as they drive off.

In the police report, the bounty hunters said they didn’t ‘t want Robben to drive in what they said was a fragile mental slat. Stating he had been under psychiatric care, an assertion Robben vehemently denies. He was put on suicide watch
while initially in the Carson City jail,  a tactic used to imprison him in solitary confinement. Robben wrote he has been “certified as sane … has no prior criminal record … has never been hospitalized for mental health! This is character assassination’ of me.” He earlier provided a letter to the Mountain News from the EI Dorado County Department of Mental Health stating he does not qualify for services, so is therefore of sound mind, said Robben.

Additionally. Robben contends, police officers stood by while the bounty hunters went about their allegedly illegal activities and did not intervene while he was attacked and pursued. The report does not note any action taken by South Lake Tahoe police and states an officer was in the area at the time.

Bounty hunters do have broad powers to pursue, capture and detain fugitives. The report also said police declined to assist the bounty hunters given it was a misdemeanor, non-extraditable warrant out of another state. The report said the South Lake Tahoe Police did briefly search for Robben after he ran to try and convince him to give himself up. South Lake Tahoe Police spokesman Lt. David Stevenson said he would not comment further. The report said the bounty hunters continued to search for Robben for five hours after he fled. Robben said he hiked to a friend’s house and furtively hid out in his RV so the friend would not be charged with harboring a fugitive. He then made his way to the Black Jack Inn at Stateline where he watched the Giants win the playoffs

Bounty Hunter Nevada Bail Enforcement agent Doug Lewis Charged with Assault/Battery March 2013. Doug Lewis stars in this National Geographic episode of Leonard Padilla “Bounty Hunter” filmed in Reno and Sparks Nevada.

See the full episode below or here:

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Read the story here:

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong will take your guns and support tyranny if called upon by Obama

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong will take your guns and support tyranny if called upon by Obama.  That’s right, Kenny Furlong does not support the second amendment and he fully support tyranny. This comes as no surprise. Time to get this tyrannical piece of shit out of office folks. Wake up.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Nevada State Personnel Watch gets over 10,000 hits worldwide

Our little Nevada ANTI-Corruption website has taken off and we’re celebrating our success with more updates and future demonstrations to promote the movement. We simply started the ANTI-Corruption movement as a grassroots effort with one cardboard sign and a cause to stand up to the corruption and relation in Nevada that has affected us personally.  We networked with other people who were also victims of Nevada’s web-of-corruption. See our stories – Mike Weston (Mike’s LawlessAmerica story) – Tonja BrownTy Robben (Lawless America video being produced and coming soon to expose the demonic rampant wholesale corruption in Nevada). Then there was the a new issue and cover-up by State of Nevada officials explained by Reno, NV KRNV NEWS. For now, please see our 2012 ANTI-Corruption Summer 2012 video.

We made professional signs and a one-of-a-kind 150 long X 4 foot tall CRIME SCENE BANNER and protested in front of the Nevada State Capitol buildings in the spring and summer of 2012.  Stay tuned as NV ANTI-Corruption adapts to our new version 2.0 round of protesting and exposing corruption in Nevada. We’re also covering other Nevada, U.S. and world issues on this website to attract a wider audience to broader issues covered by Infowars, Lawless America  and others. To all united against tyranny and treason, we salute you.

Nevada ANTI-Corruption you-tube videos

NV ANTI corruption videos

Our youtube videos have also gone viral with over 50,000 hits and we’re in Lawless America the movie. Thank you for your support and please keep coming back to the website.





Sundance Film festival 2013 Lawless America

Sundance Film festival 2013 Lawless America

Are you aware some how Bill Windsor in all his splendor has the Lawless America the Movie Promos tied into the 2013 Sundance Film Festival? 

View here Sundance Film FestivalSUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL VIDEOS.




Guy Felton's youtube channel

Guy Felton’s youtube channel

Please see our friend Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption with links posted below in this posting. Guy has put together about 10 videos explaining his perspective on the rampant, wholesale corruption in Nevada.  Topics include Judicial Corruption, Government Corruption to include AG Masto, Gov. Sandoval and much more.  Guy goes wide and deep into the issues and calls out these corrupt and criminal politicians.

Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption
Nevada government is permeated with a culture of corruption. Members of the state legislature meet for only 4 months every other year. This does not permit anything close to proper administration of the public affairs of Nevada’s 2.7-million residents.  Members of the upcoming 2013 legislative session are asked to answer tough-but-fair questions which might force changes for the better.
Part 2 of at least 3 intended parts

Wanted for TREASON in Nevada

Nevada retaliates against Nevada ANTI-Corruption Movement… The Movement will continue…

A Nevada Advocate and Activist against Nevada Government/Judicial Corruption was arrested with no Due Process in Carson City Nevada. Nevada has become a “Police State” in the New United States using new US law Senate Bill S.1867 where Americans can be detained without due process. In Nevada anyone can be detained without cause and held in the Carson City Jail for months until a trial is set by the judge, who can keep people detained for excessive amounts of time before their trial… And in Nevada, you will not get a jury trial for a misdemeanor.

We are becoming more like Russia – See Russia Expands Treason Law
AP News – November 2012: MOSCOW — Adding to fears that the Kremlin aims to stifle dissent, Russians now live under a new law expanding the definition of treason so broadly that critics say it could be used to call anyone who bucks the government a traitor. The law took effect Wednesday, just two days after President Vladimir Putin told his human-rights advisory council that he was ready to review it. His spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies Wednesday that Putin would be willing to review the treason law if its implementation reveals “some problems or aspects restricting rights and freedoms.”

Wanted for TREASON in Nevada are:

1. Governor Brian Sandoval

2. Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

3. Carson City Judge John Tatro

4. Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

5. Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo

“One may recall the pledge of allegiance, which states that we are supposedly “One Nation under GOD.”  Many of the current day government leaders  pledge allegiance to the flag, but have betrayed their pledge.  They have chosen to create “One nation under Gold” instead.  The love of money and power has corrupted many in politics, and when GOD and HIS truth become inconvenient, those in government  leadership will quickly violate their pledge.  This wicked and criminal act can be described in one word, TREASON.” As quoted by R. J. Collins

Definition of Treason in the state of Nevada.
In Nevada the definition of Treason is found in chapter 196 of the Nevada revised statutes. An act of Treason can be committed in three ways. The three ways include:

(a) Levying War against the people of the state;
(b) Adhering to its enemies; or
(c) Giving them aid and comfort

Specifically we will first take a look at the definition of “Levying war against the people of that state”. The definition states, “When persons arise in insurrection with intent to prevent, in general, by force and intimidation, the execution of a statute of this state, or to force its repeal, they shall be guilty of levying war.”

One simple way to prove that State Officials, State Judges, DA’s and Carson City and its Sheriff department are often times levying war against the people of that state is by comparing its continual promotion of sin to its responsibility under the law to promote Good Morals and Public Decency. Continue reading

“Assault” charge “dismissed” against Robben in the Carson City Sheriff cover-up of NDOT hit-&-run

Good news: November 13, 2012 “Assault” charge was dropped and “dismissed” against Robben in the former NDOT Director Hit-and-Run case where Robben was actually hit and then wrongfully charged as he attempted to serve a subpoena to the evading former NDOT Director.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Fulong COVER-UP NDOT Susan Martinovich hit and run

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Fulong COVER-UP NDOT Susan Martinovich hit and run

Nevada Appeal News covers the story:

Robben’s sentence deferred in disorderly conduct case
By Geoff Dornan
Ty Robben, who has been battling all levels of government since his termination from the Nevada Department of Taxation, has pleaded no contest to charges in a deal that resolves his case. In an email, Robben said his interpretation of the sequence of events is that all charges against him were dropped. Carson City Deputy District Attorney Travis Lucia, who prosecuted the case, said Robben pleaded no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct to settle charges against him. He said the deal requires Robben to comply with a variety of conditions designed to ensure good conduct and prevent harassment of other officials. Those conditions remain for a full year. “If he’s a good boy, it all goes away,” said District Attorney Neil Rombardo. “But if he keeps up the conduct he has been doing, we’re going to prosecute on anything new.” Robben was originally charged with assault after an incident in which he says he was attempting to serve a subpoena on NDOT Director Susan Martinovich to appear at a hearing involving a friend. That friend, Jim Richardson, is fighting to get his job as a state pilot back. Robben was originally charged after Martinovich asked for a restraining order, saying he followed her vehicle from NDOT to the Smith’s parking lot after she refused to see him. Martinovich wrote that, as she was getting into her  vehicle, “a man started running towards me yelling.” She said she felt threatened and drove away but that he grabbed the door handle of the vehicle and was pounding on the side of the car. After that arrest and a subsequent arrest for violating bail provisions, Robben spent several days in jail. He expanded his verbal attacks to include not only Justice of the Peace John Tatro but Sheriff Ken Furlong and District Attorney Neil Rombardo.

This NV Appeal story does cover the “differed” prosecution of the  “breach-of-peace” charge and fails to report that the main “Assault” charge was in fact “dismissed”. There was little choice with the coercion tactics and  having an extremely corrupt and bias bias judge named John Tatro in control of this sham. Robben was not going to have a fair judge handle this case and he was not going to have a jury trail as he requested. Instead the court recused Judge Tom Armstrong who may have offered a fair trail to Judge John Tatro where a definite conflict-of-interest persists.  Robben has laid down several reasons why Judge john Tatro should have been recused/disqualified from this case in court filings and in this website.

“He expanded his verbal attacks to include not only Justice of the Peace John Tatro but Sheriff Ken Furlong and District Attorney Neil Rombardo.”

We feel that the Taxpayers who pay these people deserve answers to legitimate questions about these “political” figures who are elected and are subject to public questioning, public ridicule exposing their corruption and even simple political hyperbole.

Our “opinion” is that the Carson City Sheriff under control of Ken Furlong (who also went to Carson HS with judge Tatro and  Martinovich) did cover-up the hit-and-run report and still has evaded giving the final reports to the insurance companies (as reported by the insurance company).  The  DA Neil Rombardo took the initial Sheriff report that never included  an “assault” or “breach-of-peace” charge and added these trumped up charges nearly 2-weeks after the incident where Robben was never initially charge or arrested. The time frame for the trumped up charges came after an embarrassing KRNV Fact Finder story that showed Martinovich in a bad light by evading service and the hit-and-run… Clearly the charges against Robben were trumped up retaliation by the DA who’s Deputy DA named Gerald Gardner immediately became Governor Brian Sandoval’s new Chief-of-Staff during all of this.

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

As to  Carson City Justice Court JUDGE JOHN TATRO we publicly ask you to answer truthfully to that rampant speculation in Carson City and Reno that you have been ARRESTED and SPENT TIME IN JAIL in Reno for one or more  DUI (Drunk Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and even another incident involving DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.  Do you Judge John Tarto have to (or had to) take a BREATHALYZER TEST BEFORE GETTING ON THE BENCH? More on this controversy will be made public as other people demand answers to these questions.  We understand a public demonstration is in the works to ask these very “questions” on large banners and extra large signs to be displayed in Carson City and Reno.

We also published reasons why JP Tatro should be recused earlier on the NSPW website including the fact John Tatro’s brother Tom Tatro worked for NDOT.

assault charge dropped against Robben

assault charge dropped against Robben

he Nevada Appeal also covered this story.


Corrupt Judge John Tatro of Carson City file for re-election

Corrupt Judge John Tatro of Carson City file for re-election

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME Judge John Tatro & NAG Masto

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME Judge John Tatro & NAG Masto

Carson City Judge John Tatro - END YOUR GOD DAMN CORRUPTION!

Carson City Judge John Tatro – END YOUR GOD DAMN CORRUPTION!

Carson City Sheriff putting drugs/methadone in the Carson City jail water/food

ATTENTION Carson City, Douglas, Reno, Henderson, Nevada Department of Alternative Sentencing (“DAS”) did not have legal jurisdiction over Pre-Trial Defendants prior to July 2013 If you were under DAS supervision, you may have legal recourse to sue in federal court under Title 42, Section 1983 and have any related criminal charges, pleas and convictions vacated.

department of alternative sentencing

See updates here:

methadoneEvidence points to Carson City Sheriff and its jail are putting methadone in the water/food to poison certain “persons of interest” like Robben who has protested and exposed corruption with the Carson City Sheriff, the Carson City courts, Caron City’s Department of “Alternative Sentencing”, the Nevada AG Catherine Cortez Masto, the Governor and his executive staff .  …And for serving a subpoena to the former NDOT Director Sue Martinovich.

At least 2 people are dead because of methadone in the Carson City jail…

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Inmates complain of strange tasting water and food and body odor consistent with  methadone

In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a caution about methadone, titled “Methadone Use for Pain Control May Result in Death.” The FDA also revised the drug’s package insert. The change deleted previous information about the usual adult dosage. The Charleston Gazette reported, “The old language about the ‘usual adult dose’ was potentially deadly, according to pain specialists.”

There was a concern they were putting sodium fluoride  (rat poison) in the food/water, but research is pointing to methadone.

Fluoride poisoning

The lethal dose for a 70 kg (154 lb) human is estimated at 5–10 g.[7] Sodium fluoride is classed as toxic by both inhalation (of dusts or aerosols) and ingestion.[13] In high enough doses, it has been shown to affect the heart and circulatory system.

neil rombardo

neil rombardo


– Fluoride is a waste by-product of the fertilizer and aluminum industry and it’s also a Part II Poison under the UK Poisons Act 1972.

– Fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in both PROZAC (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUoride).

– USAF Major George R. Jordan testified before Un-American Activity committees of Congress in the 1950’s that in his post as U.S.-Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to “Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.”

– The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany’s Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride’s supposed effect on children’s teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission. (Ref. book: “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben” by Joseph Borkin.)

More on this soon. We’re demanding an investigation into this poising of innocent Carson City jail inmates.

We know of juveniles being incarcerated with adult inmates and then being raped.  Then of course there are many mysterious suicides and murders in this so called jail or “detention center” the gets federal funding.

We demand an ACLU  and federal investigation into these matters.

What’s next? A Cyanide RFID chip as reported by FOX news:

ObamaCare Mandates RFID Chips to be Implanted in all Americans by March 23rd 2013?

In 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in O’Connor v. Donaldson that involuntary hospitalization and/or treatment violates an individual’s civil rights. The individual must be exhibiting behavior that is a danger to themselves or others Continue reading

Judge John Tatro must recuse from Robben / Susan Martinovich case

Carson City Justice court judge John Tatro has acted outside the law, under color of law and thinks he is above the law.

We know Carson City Judge John Tatro has a history of “episodes” in the courtroom. These frothing “episodes” are captured on JAVS audio/video and prove this man is unfit for duty as a judge.

Carson City Corruption

Carson City Corruption

We keep finding new information about Judge John Tatro that validate his bias against Robben. We find John Tatro’s brother Tom Tatro worked for the NDOT Nevada Dept. of Transportation.

John Tatro and Susan Martinovich both went to Caron City High School, and Tatro denies this. Sheriff Kenny Furlong went there too. Can you say good ‘ol boy and girl network?

john tatro and sue martinovich went to carson high school

john tatro and sue martinovich went to carson high school

The unconstitutional and unconscionable $500,000.00 dollar bail against Robben far exceeds the $100.00 dollar bail schedule in Nevada.  judge Tatro issues orders with no hearings and no due process to further the cover-up and retaliation against Robben. See  Amendment 8 of the US Constitution.

The protesting has resumed and will continue to expose judge John Tatro and Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo and their blatant unconstitutional and unconscionable violations of the laws to cover-up the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run against Robben.

The Carson City Sheriff still has not provided the reports to the Liberty Mutual insurance company under claim number LA000-024039140-01.

It looks like the Carson City courthouse IP addresses are top repeat visitors to this website and search on these terms:

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Nevada crime scene

Nevada crime scene
carson city courthouse

carson city courthouse

susan martinovich hit and run coverup by Carson City Sheriff

susan martinovich hit and run coverup by Carson City Sheriff

Thousands wasted on the Susan Martinovich coverup by Carson City DA Neil Rombardo and judge John Tatro

Thousands wasted on the Susan Martinovich coverup by Carson City DA Neil Rombardo and judge John Tatro

judge john tatro end the god damn corruption

judge john tatro end the god damn corruption

Robben rejects a ‘defer and dismiss’ extortion plea deal from DA, KRNV covers NDOT Retaliation, film crew to cover next protest

Protesting on temporally on hold this week as we prepare for major film crew Lawless America demonstration.   We also need to take a break from the ‘heat’ so to speak. We’re taking a vacation, spending time with family and contemplating new signage.  We were going to leave off the DA’s name on the signage, but now that we’re going to court, we need to let taxpayers know who’s spending their money and time prosecuting a sham case.

New video documentaries being produced to tell the personal stories of Robben and Tonja Brown / Nolan Klein.

New Carson City rules try to limit protests. We have already improvised a solution where the new areas can off-set restriction and a new trailer sign.  The new area actually allows us to display more signs. New signage to showcase the Cover-up. New proxy for Robben to keep protests going strong. Robben to still be active as he produces video documentaries and focus on offensive and defensive legal action surrounding false malicious prosecution.

KRNV covers Jim Richardson’s NDOT Retaliation – click on: Whistleblower sounds off on loophole in protection law 

Nevada Whistle-blower laws lack teeth

Nevada Whistle-blower laws lack teeth

Robben rejects a ‘defer and dismiss’ plea deal from DA.  Why admit quilt to something I did not do?

Carson City COVER-UP Susan Sartinovich hit-and-run, FALSE police report

Carson City COVER-UP Susan Sartinovich hit-and-run, FALSE police report

Carson DA (Name omitted): Thanks for the call.

The defer and dismiss requires me to admit guilt to something I did not do. You are smart and I know you would not admit to something you never did, why should I?

I respectfully decline the offer. 

I’ll request a jury trial and I’ll prevail as a matter of law and fact. I’ll also demand the arrest record is expunged. I never harassed, stalked, assaulted Ms. Martinovich, nor did I  disturb disturbed the peace. In the even I lose, I’ll appeal to the district court. I do not want to threaten you, but this case is a total sham and I think you are very smart and see this. My offers are more amicable, and  Ms. Martinovich would still benefit.  I  am open to confidential discussions on the matter.  However, your purview is the criminal charge and not anything I may counter.

Perhaps Ms. Martinovic’s lawyer should call me to avoid malicias prosecution. Again, I think you’re very smart and that said you’ll see my position. Why admit guilt to something I never did and if I was setup this easy on these charges, I am worried about future bogus charges that would put me in jeopardy since I would likely be on probation/alternative sentencing. This is unacceptable. Thank you, I’ll see you in court.

-T Robben