Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nv., Thursday filed for his third full two-year term representing Carson City Congressional District 2

Mark AmodeiRep. Mark Amodei, R-Nv., Thursday filed for his third full two-year term representing Congressional District 2.

The district covers western Nevada including his hometown Carson City as well as most of northern rural Nevada.

Amodei faces two Democratic challengers so far: Chip Evans of Reno and Rick Shepherd. Evans, a longtime member of the Washoe Democratic Central Committee, has the endorsement of Sen. Harry Reid.

Asked whether this would be his final term since he has said numerous times he doesn’t like the “culture” of Congress in Washington D.C., Amodei said: “I don’t like the culture but the work is important.”

He said he would evaluate whether to seek another term if he’s re-elected this time when that term comes to an end.

He said he would like to see a different culture in D.C. than the past years of the war between President Obama and the Congress.

He said important to him is, “we need somebody to give a riff about the west.”

As an example, he pointed to “all the green energy push on one hand and, on the other, you can’t get a permit to do it.”

Amodei has been in Congress since September 2011 when he won the special election to replace Dean Heller after Heller was appointed to the U.S. Senate. He ran and won the seat in both 2012 and 2014 and filed Thursday for another term.

One surprise filing for Congress was Morse Arberry in District 4. Arberry is the former chairman of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, a post he held in the Nevada Legislature for seven sessions until he was term-limited out of that body in 2008. Arberry is one of five Democrats seeking to unseat first term incumbent republican Cresent Hardy.

Also filing on Thursday was State Sen. Pete Goicoechea, R-Eureka, seeking a second four-year term in that office. Thus far, he’s the only candidate to have filed for that post.

He said water issues are key in his largely rural district that spans the northern half of Nevada. But he said supporting and expanding four-year offerings at Nevada community colleges is also important to him.

In addition, former Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey of Reno has filed seeking election to the state Board of Education seat he was appointed to fill.

In Carson City, the only new filing since Monday is by Steve Reynolds seeking a second term on the Carson school board in District 5.


carson-city-corruptionSunday’s “guest column” in the Appeal was enough to turn my stomach. Doreen Mack of the Downtown 20/20 group and the impetus behind the current $11 million plan to “revitalize the downtown, was afforded ample space to congratulate herself and others who helped force this makeover upon the Carson City voters.

I hesitated to write this post because much has already been said about the nefarious way this project was brought to fruition and the deplorable underhanded way it’s being pursued. Keep in mind that Carson City voters resoundingly rejected a similar plan championed by Mack in 2012 when it was labeled the “library plan.” Also keep in mind that the Board, specifically supervisors and Abowd and Bonkowski, rejected citizens’ requests that this issue be placed on the ballot. Nevertheless, here it is and Mack would like us all to appreciate the efforts of her group to force this down our throats. You will of course be asked to forget that the Appeal’s own survey indicated that Carson City residents are strongly opposed to the project, even today, and ignore the fact that less than 150 residents of our community are being used to support the “themeing” plans. The supposedly large numbers of residents and business owners opposed to the current project have failed to materialize en masse and thus the deception marches on. But none of this is the reason I hesitated to write this post.

The reason is this: when did we decide to embrace the cancer of growth as a matter of policy? We live here, in the capital city that needs neither tourism nor industry to provide decent schools, safe streets, and ample recreation for its citizens. Yet we court “growth” at almost any cost and for no logical reason. Our fire, law enforcement and maintenance capabilities are over-extended, but we offer cut-rate opportunities for builders, pimp out the downtown, and belittle those with conservative views as being behind the times. How did we get to this place where single family home owners will incur a 28% increase in their water rates though 2018? Where an annual 3% increase in property taxes is almost required to support the expansion in non-essential city services, like parks and recreation as well as discretionary spending? Current revenue is more than sufficient to sustain our government programs and address infrastructure shortfalls including the roads but we won’t do that. The simple fact is that we do notneed growth to sustain our City. Instead, we will ignore the obvious signs of this cancer, hoping that all is benign.

We have already burdened the future of our children with 30 year loans that demand higher taxes to service the debt for projects that don’t benefit the majority of our citizens. Nothing in the last few years of spending will address the stupidly high teen pregnancy rate, the growing drug problem on our streets, the failing road maintenance, or the quality of our schools.  Never fear, we will address these issues but only when they fail so spectacularly our Board can divert it’s attention from the arts, bike racks, and splash pads.  By then it will be too late.  Our Board continually asks us to trust them, yet they’ve failed to bring any project in at budget and fully intend to increase your taxes to pay for future ones (like road maintenance). The argument in favor of the downtown project is purely emotional; there are no numbers that support even a marginal return on the substantial investment. But we are responsible for this because have failed each other and allowed the small, but vocal minority of Doreen Macks lead us here. Do we have it within us to organize another petition drive and stop the $11 million make-over that so many of us are opposed to? I’d like to think so.  One can dream.




Our Board of supervisors is frequently frustrating and when it comes to spending our tax dollars, often in need of adult supervision. Case in point: At the last meeting of the Board, a City Staff member was called to answer for the sole-source contract for food and beverages for Parks and Recreation. Turns out that this is a profitable venture by Parks and Recreation to sell beer and peanuts at various venues within the City.carson politics

So…we have by comparison, a City entity busily marking up the price of beer and peanuts to make some spare change while, within the last year, the Board has given away 70 percent of the fees for building permits, outsourced the animal shelter for at least $800,000, and spent several hundred thousand dollars on studies and reports. But…making a profit on the peanuts…that’s good government and if it wasn’t so stupid, it’d be funny.

Which brings us to today’s release of the Board of Supervisors Agenda wherein the second agenda item sponsored by our feckless City Manager is to introduce fascism to City Government. Nick Marano (likely at the direction of his betters), has included aResolution which in paragraph 2, B, states “Except as expressly provided in this resolution, the members of the Board of Supervisors, the City Manager and staff (including the City’s contract lobbyist) shall not communicate a Board minority position.”

So on any given issue, the information given to a State Legislator will be entirely one sided, with no dissent, no alternative views, and no intellectual integrity.  Instead, our strategy is to lie by omission.  Really?

Instead of saying “The majority of the Board is in favor of (pick an issue) with one Board member opposed due to (pick a reason)” we will lie. Our government leaders will intentionally, and soon by resolution, deliberately lie to a member of the state’s legislative body because lying, boys and girls, will make the city seem unified and further marginalize those who are brave enough to have a dissenting perspective on the usual Carson City shenanigans.

“Oh but if we don’t do this, it will seem like we don’t know what we’re doing!” you say. Perhaps we don’t but even the Supreme Court has a dissenting view published with every decision. Surely if the Supremes can handle the truth, a little bit in Carson City can be tolerated.  Or maybe we just need to hide our crazy?

Or… this could just be a jobs program…”WANTED City Liar: responsible for telling one sided stories to state legislative leadership. Must be willing to misrepresent the residents of Carson City and deny the existence of independent thought on any issue.” We already have more than enough in City government who are over qualified for the position.

So when you’re done reading all the sweetness and light published lately in the Appeal about our current and future Board members (save one), read this: “fascism, noun, a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” Thus far we lack the “racism” but the rest sure fits.

If you follow local politics, its crystal clear who this resolution is targeted at and why. So let’s be like China or Russia and stifle dissent as a matter of policy. And we can certainly be proud to put on our City’s historical record that on January 5th, 2015, our Board of Supervisors voted to…lie.  Shame on us.



Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the City
Tax dollars were squandered
And no one took pity

The assessor had sent
With grim salutations
Notice of increases
On home valuations

Once more we were told
That taxes must rise
And more money was needed
To prevent our demise

So we’ve mortgaged our future
For some new retail spaces
And squandered our cash
Likes drunks at the races

Our votes have brought change
To but a few vital seats
But we still lack the funds
To maintain our own streets

Throughout the election
We all heard the chatter
But it was money not truth
That turned out to matter

Our future’s now darker
With new taxes and debt
But as long as you care
There’s hope for us yet

In the new year that’s coming
For the DA and the Board
Comes a new fiscal hawk
And sharp legal sword

money blackholeThe old politics are changing
What’s left is in tatters
And our numbers are growing
Who believe integrity matters

So…tomorrow is Christmas
A most magical day
For those who believe
And for those who won’t sayfuck you

And while Santa might fail
To bring all that we wish
“Some real honest leaders”
Should be on everyone’s list

To all of our readers
Is this one simple offer
A Merry Christmas to you
From your Cowardly Author

Carson City Taxpayers owe over $152 million for “stuff” and instead of looking for ways to reduce costs and live within our means, our Board is looking for ways to raise taxes, and bond and spend more.

carson politicsDECEMBER 14, 2014
If you were hoping Santa was going to bring us something wonderful for Christmas, don’t look at December 18th’s agenda for the Board of Supervisors. John Barrette of the Nevada Appeal did the obligatory glossy treatment, giving highlights to the impending negotiations between the law enforcement collective bargaining units and the Board for raises.

See the original story (and comments) here:

Frankly, the Sheriff’s Office is the one City entity that consistently proves its worth on a daily basis. The Office remains on the top-heavy side but Carson City is still a safer place to live than many other places and that’s worth the money we pay. money blackhole

Amongst the agenda laundry list was yet another sole source contract, this time by Parks and Recreation for $63,250, for an unspecified amount of food and beverages, for an unspecified purpose. With the unusual sloppy staff work permitted by City Manager Nick Marano, we could be buying one giant hot dog and a soda, or just stocking up on Pop Rocks in case there’s a shortage. Is it worth dragging your self down to the Community Center to engage in public comment on the subject? Probably not. It won’t change the fact that we’re buying unspecified commodities from the vendor who faces no competition. Unless you’re a potential competitor, no one on the Board will likely stifle a yawn as this agenda item sails through. Not saying we’re not getting good value for the money but the sole source contract has become a tool of lazy convenience by City Staff and without the details in the supporting documents, you and I will never know.

The 800 pound elephant on the agenda was the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. It’s a beast of a document and unless you’re an accountant, reading it will make your eyes glaze over and most likely cure insomnia…until you get to the part about our debt. On page 4J, the audit reports that we have a total bonded outstanding debt of $152,836,828.

In that report the city has various lawsuits that can substantially increase this debt by millions.


The City is a defendant in various lawsuits. Although the outcome of these lawsuits is not determinable, it is the opinion of the District Attorney, the City’s counsel, that resolution of these matters will not have a material adverse effect on the financial condition of the City.  


And on the subject of never knowing…the recent “reassignment” of Marina Works from Deputy City Manager to Director of the Senior Citizens Center answers the Moass Adams question about what a Deputy City Manager is supposed to do. Lacking a good answer, she’s moved herself to a position with less visibility. Given Works’ underwhelming performance as Acting City Manager and then Deputy City Manager, her absence at City Hall is likely to achieve little notice. Hiding out at the Senior Center may be more within her skill set but if the City ever get its “pay for performance” plan figured out, we’re likely due a refund on this one. money burning

The downtown Commercial Area Vitalization District update will also be presented. The plan is to outline the progress of unifying the major property owners to decide what Carson Street businesses will pay for maintenance of the renovated areas. Look for dissent from smaller business and those who won’t benefit from the scheme. Then look for the larger properties to make those people irrelevant. No doubt about it, the downtown will be different in the coming years and it should surprise no one when the little guys are forced out.

The 800 pound elephant on the agenda was the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. It’s a beast of a document and unless you’re an accountant, reading it will make your eyes glaze over and most likely cure insomnia…until you get to the part about our debt. On page 4J, the audit reports that we have a total bonded outstanding debt of $152,836,828. Details specifying what this debt is for start on page 34. Details matter but there’s nothing anyone who lives on a budget will understand about how our City owes over $152 million for “stuff” and instead of looking for ways to reduce costs and live within our means, our Board is looking for ways to raise taxes, and bond and spend more. If Christmas is lean around your house this year (and it is for many of us), there are things on this list that are needed but more than a few that are not. This is debt we leave for our children’s future and as they grow and look for cities with better opportunities and lower costs of living, this is part of the reason they don’t stay here. As most of us have learned growing up, just because you have good credit doesn’t mean you should use it.

So now that we’re all depressed…the shenanigans at City Hall should provide more than enough sadistic entertainment for the next few weeks. (Better than watching the Hallmark Channel.) Marano claims to want to leave the Deputy City Manager position vacant while he continues to tout his LEAN management philosophy. Apparently this acronym stands for “Less Effective Administration Now” and we suspect the vacant position will be filled…in January when a newly unemployed DA is looking for a job.

Here’s hoping you have a merry Christmas and that we all have a better new year! Don’t forget those among us who are less fortunate.


Nick Marano

Nick Marano

JOHN H. DECEMBER 15, 2014 AT 6:28 AM
Musical chairs at the city. Hire incompetent people behind closed doors, they show their incompetence so the community can see, the public shows discontent with their performance or behavior, the city moves them to another position high paying position. Sounds about right. To me, if a person takes a job, they should do so knowing that if it doesn’t work, they will have to either apply for another position in an OPEN process within the agency they currently work, or go somewhere else. The switching around of these HIGHER UPs, just gives people on the outside of the city out who are qualified and looking for work no hope when it comes to gaining employment in carson city. Just look at the last few appointments. Joel Dunn, the library director, Marena works, so forth and so on. I am all for upward mobility within an office, but must we continue to engage in nation wide searches which cost money to hire consultants to conduct, just to hire what is already here in our backyard??? Marano was the exception here, I believe Stacy Giomi was the real choice of the board, but since the public was watching, and since the board had been called out for having a home town and good ole boy bias, they needed to show they were fair in their process of appointments when they knew the public was really watching. Marano got lucky and just was in the right place at the right time.NEIL ROMBARDO TAKES IT UP THE ASS

On to the Marena situation. So were there not any other qualified individuals with actually experience running a senior center who might have wanted to throw their name in the hat for the job Marano so leniently handed Marena Works? Guess we will never know. Should the current Director of Health and Human Serices be worried about Marena somehow overthrowing her to go back to her old position if this new position doesn’t work out for her? I can’t say for sure, but if it were me in Aker’s spot, I would be a little nervous. We have seen that the city (Marano)will do whatever he feels necessary to suit his agenda, then take it to the board for the rubber stamp.

And the speculation of Neil Rombardo taking over Marena’s job as Deputy City Manager. What is it with these folks from the DAs office and wanting to be jacks of all trades. First Melanie Bruketta goes from Civil Deputy Chief in the DAs office to being the City’s HR director, to Rombardo somehow thinking being a failure of anything but a respectable and competent DA to being a Deputy City Manager. Make him go and find a job in this tough job market like many of the 43 plus employees who left the DAs office under his watch had to. Let these folks see the real world struggle of how hard it is to find work, better yet, how hard it would be to go somewhere other than Carson City to get paid as much as they do. Sure they might get paid more in Reno or Vegas, but there are way more people and a lot more headaches to deal with in those places. I am guessing Mark Krueger will be appointed Juvenile Court Master since Kristin Luis will takeover his position as Assistant DA come January 1st. After all of the Shenanigans Rombardo and Krueger have engaged in over at the DA’s office, city administration still even considers putting them in another city position??! What a slap in the face to those people who voted against having Krueger as their DA, and the people Rombardo has belittled and bullied over the years of his failed DA tenure. Nice way to do your research Marano. What a way to come in and change things from the status quo……..

DECEMBER 15, 2014 AT 10:59 AM
WOW – Maybe the title on the story should be “Carson City Taxpayers owe over $152 million for “stuff” and instead of looking for ways to reduce costs and live within our means, our Board is looking for ways to raise taxes, and bond and spend more.”

DECEMBER 15, 2014 AT 11:06 AM
The new DA (Jason Woodbury) should charge the old DA (Neil Rombardo and his corrupt sidekick Mark Krueger) with an array of criminal complaints for the clear civil rights violations carried out under that regime. Perhaps a grand jury if there is one in Carson City… Rombardo and Krueger were criminals themselves.

There’s a new post on Carson City Politics! Silence of the lambs

carson politicsThere’s a new post on Carson City Politics!. Silence of the lambslambs
Today’s Nevada Appeal contained a letter stating the “Sales tax should have been voted on by people”.

The Candidate from Ward 1, Lisa Helget, posted a copy of this letter on her Face Book site, thanking the author for writing the letter. “So what?” you say. Neither the letter nor …
You may view the latest post at

CC Politics: Carson City Golf course scandal



John D. Rockefeller said “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.” Rockefeller didn’t live in Carson City. If he had, he’d likely have had a few more things to say on the subject of ethics, our Board of Supervisors, and the Eagle Valley Golf Course.

Carson City Politics last wrote about the City owned golf course almost a month ago. In that piece that facts laid out for you included the following:

The Carson City Municipal Golf Corporation (CCMGC) (which had no business license to operate in Carson City and was not established as a tax exempt organization), had, after defaulting on almost a half million dollars in lease payments, arranged a deal in which they would pay 6 percent of gross revenues back to the city. You may also remember that Manager Jim Kepler had neither a State of Nevada business license or corporation, nor a business license to operate in Carson City.scandal

Since no one in City Government has access to Eagle Valley records, the mystery of how Kepler is employed and how “gross revenue” is determined was never resolved.

Read more and comment here:

CC Politics: The animated video depicting a “revitalized” Carson Street was published on You Tube, October 3rd, under the account of Brunet214. Initially, this looked like nothing more than a slick propaganda effort led by the Downtown 20/20 group and its favorite elected official.

This video gives a new meaning to “Cartoon City”

Lemmings and such

The animated video depicting a “revitalized” Carson Street was published on You Tube, October 3rd, under the account of Brunet214. Initially, this looked like nothing more than a slick propaganda effort led by the Downtown 20/20 group and its favorite elected official. Depicting a beautiful summer day with minimal traffic, uniform building facades, and storefronts along with sterile signage, the clip provides the perfect backdrop for a $6.8 million dollar project. Gone are the over 1,000 cars per hour that daily flow on Carson Street. Gone is the clash of facades begging for an ordnance imposing unity. All replaced with a well crafted psychological advertising campaign correcting all the perceived ills of the real downtown. What could be further from the truth?

See more:



Nick Marano

Proving to be more politician than manager, Nick Marano avoided providing direct answers and instead delivered the now familiar optimistic pitch for a Carson City better poised for future job growth through a revitalized downtown.

Providing more than fair treatment in a September 29th article, the Nevada Appeal story “War for jobs spurs change in Carson City, says City Manager Nick Marano”covered Nick Marano’s appearance at the Chamber of Commerce “Soups on” luncheon.

Proving to be more politician than manager, Nick Marano avoided providing direct answers and instead delivered the now familiar optimistic pitch for a Carson City better poised for future job growth through a revitalized downtown.

Declining job numbers lacked the context of a declining population but Marano accurately identified that there are fewer firms operating in Carson City.  As noted elsewhere, Marano then became the shill for the downtown-narrowing the lanes projects which has never yet provided a plausible explanation on how it will provide job growth. One is reminded more of a street con playing three card monte than of a City Manager being paid in the low six figures for real answers.

carson city corruption

Town Hall/Open House – Downtown Corridor Improvements

Tap dancing aside, the Appeal got it wrong when discussing the NNDA contract which doesn’t actually bring business to the City, it merely studies the phenomenon of who is here, how to make them stay, and what can be done to get more.  Quite a bankroll for a study, which like Marano’s pitch, fails to actually deliver anything if substance.

ormsby house guns and rosesAsked about the completion of the Ormsby House, Marano again resorted to vaudeville and instead of answers, we got smoke and mirrors.  

No one knows what the real limit of citizen patience is but it ‘s no hard guess to believe we’re close to finding out.ORMSBY

Gratuitous applause at the end will buy Marano some time but the City needs real movement in a direction that doesn’t focus on narrowing a road for a few city blocks. Marano may be hedging his bets by pandering to members of the current board, but he should keep in mind that his real boss (that’d be you) will be expecting some real results and soon.

Ormsby House Hits 10 Years of Dormancy

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 8:00 AM | Permalink | Shortlink

Today is a momentous anniversary. It was 10 years ago today, September 21, 2000, that the owners of the Ormsby House announced that they would be closing the hotel for a major remodel. They had been trying to keep the place openwhile they remodeled it, they even publicly said it would not be closing as late as August 2000. But at every turn in the construction they ran into setbacks. leaking pipes, crumbling walls, outdated electrical systems. They finally decided it would be best to just shut the doors and let the place be overrun with construction workers. Nine months, tops, and they would be ready for a grand re-opening. The actual closure came on October 29, 2000. That night at midnight they locked the doors for the last time.

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NEW WEBSITE: CARSON CITY POLITICS exposing the corrupt underbelly of Carson City politics


Corrupt Carson City DA candidate Mark Krueger, if elected, to hire current embattled DA Neil Rombardo as Assistant DA?

The race for Carson City District Attorney has been duller than dirt. Neither candidate’s efforts can be described as anything more than…watching paint dry.

carson politicsA COAT OF PAINT


“The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes.” –Aristotle

Last night the League of Women Voters of Northern Nevada hosted a candidate forum at the Carson City Community Center. Despite some hiccups in coordinating prior information in the “Voters Guide,” the League did an admirable job in putting the forum together. Attendance was light (roughly 50 people showed) but the forum wasbroadcast live by Carson TV and is now posted on You Tube here.  The story in theNevada Appeal covers the high points, what follows is the rest of the story.

In the hot seats were Karen Abowd, (Ward 1), the challenger Lisa Helget, John McKenna (Ward 3), and his opponent Lori Bagwell. The presentation began with a four minute introductory pitch to address two topics: Why the candidate felt he or she was qualified for the job and the top three issues for Carson City the candidate would address.

Abowd led with an overview of her 20 years of experience as a business owner and emphasized her last four years on the board. As we’ve come to expect, she made much of the completion of the I-58- freeway as if Carson City will be cut off from civilization upon its completion stating she “recognizes the urgent need to promote, support, and retain our businesses..” and the need to “position Carson City as the drive to, not drive by, community.” It’s hard to keep the clichés straight as Abowd on one hand expressed desire to increase manufacturing and tech industries through “synergy,” while on the other hand flogging the need to improve the appearance of downtown. Her claim that “increasing the economic base” includes “expanding senior services, prioritizing and accomplishing capital improvements (which are expenditures), and exploring renewable energy opportunities at the landfill to increase the general fund” was just nonsensical. Abowd touted her first term as City Supervisor as occurring “during one of our worst historical downturns economically” then said fiscal responsibility was, is, and will have her attention. Perhaps she’s hoping no one really checks on her voting record which include a litany of rate and tax increases, large expenditures for non-governmental issues, while massively increasing City debt.

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