Carson NOW gets Punked – Will the real Brent Javanovich please stand up?

carson nowWill the real Brent Javanovich please stand up?

By Kirk Caraway

Last month, Carson Now posted two different opinion pieces by Brent Javanovich that leveled several serious charges at Carson City government officials.punked

The pieces drew a lot of attention, including from Supervisor Jim Shirk, who urged his Facebook fans to read them and bring up the issues at the town meeting scheduled for this evening.

But it now seems that Brent Javanovich doesn’t exist.

City officials contacted Carson Now to find a way to get in touch with Javanovich, hoping to arrange a meeting with the city manager and staff to address his concerns. But all messages we sent to the email he provided have gone unanswered.

In addition, searches of city records failed to turn up anyone with the name Brent Javanovich. It appears Javanovich has a peculiar interest in Carson City government affairs for someone who apparently doesn’t own property here, and doesn’t pay any bills to the city.

Now, it’s still possible that Mr. Javanovich may yet reveal himself to be a real person. But that prospect is fading by the minute.

Carson Now was created to provide a forum to discuss important issues affecting Carson City. Due to past abuses, we long ago began requiring real names be attached to submitted articles and comments. After all, if anyone has an opinion important enough to post for everyone to read, he or she should be willing to put their name on it.

We do make allowances for those people who are acting as whistleblowers and can show a well-founded fear of retaliation if their name is revealed. But simply taking pot shots at other people while hiding behind a fake name is way out of bounds.

So who is Brent Javanovich? If, as we suspect, this is a pseudonym, who is the person behind this? If the charges leveled at the city are legitimate, why are you hiding? Or, was this just a political hit job that someone was hoping to get away with and not leave any fingerprints?

We think the issues raised by Mr. Javanovich should be discussed in public. Perhaps he will surprise everyone and make an appearance at the town hall meeting tonight. Perhaps someone will ask for the real Brent Javanovich to stand up.

And then maybe we can look around the room to see who hides his or her eyes, knowing there is no Brent Javanovich.



BLOOD MONEY – Carson City Supervisors to vote on $41,500 settlement with euthanized dog’s owner

carson city dog kill

The owner of a dog euthanized by Carson City Animal Services against her wishes will receive $41,500 in a settlement if she signs a waiver of claims and the Board of Supervisors approves the pact Thursday.

The shih tzu, Rollie, was put down July 30 after being turned over to Animal Services five days earlier. A new code section governing animal care at the pound says Animal Services should board such animals for 10 days at the owner’s expense.

Owner Jeraldine Archuleta tried to recover the unlicensed dog July 26-27 but could not pay the fees due right away, according to the city. She asked for more time to pay.

According to the agenda for Thursday’s meeting, the new Animal Services code, adopted in May 2013, includes a provision for hardship cases.

carson city corruption

It states that if an owner can document hardship, fees for the dog’s recovery may be waived by approval of Animal Services’ manager or director.

The item that will go before the city’s governing board requests authorization for payment of the $41,500 upon Archuleta’s “execution of a written settlement, waiver of claims and hold harmless …”

It also makes clear the payment would amount to a full settlement of all existing and any potential future claims and causes of action or damages against the city, as well as its current or former employees.

Archuleta made her case about the dog’s euthanasia public via a letter to the editor in the Nevada Appeal, prompting city government to close the Animal Services pound for three days for the stated reason of training personnel.

The city subsequently parted company with Animal Services manager Gail Radtke and has hired an interim manager. Radtke has sued the city, claiming she was unfairly let go.

The euthanasia controversy developed at the same time as an effort by a separate, private-sector group called the Carson Animal Services Initiative to raise money to help the city build a new shelter for dogs and other stray animals.

Archuleta’s lawyer, Cal Dunlap, declined to comment Thursday. He said he’d do so after the city and Archuleta have reached an agreement. Continue reading