More money from Carson City taxpayers to support the local “police state”

nevada is a police stateCity vehicles, including a decision to purchase new police cars for the Sheriff’s Office, will concern Carson City’s Board of Supervisors next week.

The board’s agenda for the first meeting in November on Thursday will include action to purchase six police vehicles through the Nevada state government competitive bid list for a not to exceed cost of $238,700. If that full amount was used, each vehicle on average would cost $39,783. The board last May signaled in the capital improvement budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16 it would make replacement purchases, so approval was anticipated.

Another agenda item will finalize a contract struck earlier with Geney/Gassiot, Inc., regarding the city government’s fleet facility expansion project.

Among other things, the project added office space and two maintenance bays in the existing fleet facility at 3303 Butti Way.

In another item dealing with public safety, the board is expected to accept a U.S. Justice Department grant from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services for $375,000 for the formation of an official School Resource Officer Program in Carson City. Another grant for the Sheriff’s Office is for $41,000 from state government to be used regarding traffic enforcement.

Other grants expected to be accepted by the board include one involving the Hospital Preparedness Program for Ebola preparedness and response activities and another from the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office on behalf of the National Parks Service to provide for historic structures reports involving the Nevada State Prison. The latter grant is for $29,000 for historic structures reports at the decommissioned prison in Carson City.

In addition, the board will be asked to accept recommendations from the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee on city redevelopment objectives, programs and project priorities for future uncommitted redevelopment funds.

As usual, the board meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Carson City Community Center’s Sierra Room. Once again, the agenda includes no break for lunch and so the meeting is anticipated to end by mid-day.

SO MANY PIGS, SO LITTLE LIPSTICK by CC POLITICS “Among the topics of interest is the intent of the IT department to let a sole-source contract for $39,725 to redesign Carson Shitty’s website”

carson politics


Much to write about this weekend as we discuss the Carson City Board of Supervisors agenda items for August 8. If you want, you can read the full agenda and thus skip reading the next few posts on Carson City Politics as we discuss a few things.

Among the topics of interest is the intent of the IT department to let a sole-source contract for $39,725 to redesign the City’s website. In true “form over function” fashion, the City Staff want to start with the appearance part of an IT solution instead of fixing the back end (the part that staff uses and the public needs fixed), and implementing current industry standard automation like Microsoft Sharepoint, PDF document tools, and a meta data scheme so you can actually find stuff.

carson city IT department

Among the topics of interest is the intent of the IT department to let a sole-source contract for $39,725 to redesign the City’s website

Instead the Staff wants some more lipstick to put on a pig because (in their words) “The Carson City’s current website is stagnant, outdated, and in dire need for a redesign with a more responsive design for mobile devices.” They go on to say that the vendor, “Vision Internet,” the current content management provider has given “…excellent service for approximately 10 years.”

Once again there is no staff packet that defines the IT requirements for this expenditure, or the due diligence that explains why we should continue to invest more money in the very same company that brought us the “stagnant and outdated” website we currently have. Moreover, the reason why we should follow the rest of the sheep in focusing on mobile device design because apparently, Staff research indicates that the majority of users need to do city business on mobile devices. Oops, that’s not correct.  There was no Staff research to this effect but there’s plenty to suggest that Carson City’s largest demographic doesn’t do business on their phones, they do it with computers or phone calls, just like they do in most every city in the rest of the nation.

There’s no doubt in this writer’s mind that if and when the City gets around to addressing the real issues with the City’s IT problem, integration with the “revitalized” web site will also come at a price but at least the City can update it’s facebook page and send out some tweets…#stupid, #waste, #yououghtabefired.  (If you don’t understand the preceding sentence, this is exactly why this contract is not needed.) But for now, let’s slop $37k in lipstick on this pig and we can worry about the real problems later.

Also on the agenda is the requested approval for the $11 million downtown street-scape scheme, I mean theme, endorsed by 100 of our friends and neighbors. Having only sat through one of the themeing sessions, my views count for little.  But apparently Doreen Mack and her posse went to both session.  So… did they vote twice for the project they and Karen Abowd dreamed up but which was resoundingly rejected by voters when it was sold as the “library project”? Who knows, but take a gander at the “approved” design materials and you’ll quickly conclude that, much like the animal shelter, $11 million isn’t going to deliver the top of the line design options. Also odd about this item is that City documents still don’t have the documented input from property owners in the affected area. Both the advisory commission minutes and City documents indicate that this has still not been done.

Oh, and you can be quite certain that CCP will be outlining how $560k of your money will be spent for redevelopment and incentives, as well as the intended gifts to non-profits. Just an observation…before we give one more cent to “redevelopment, how about redeveloping our decrepit roads in the neighborhoods in which we live?????




Our Board of supervisors is frequently frustrating and when it comes to spending our tax dollars, often in need of adult supervision. Case in point: At the last meeting of the Board, a City Staff member was called to answer for the sole-source contract for food and beverages for Parks and Recreation. Turns out that this is a profitable venture by Parks and Recreation to sell beer and peanuts at various venues within the City.carson politics

So…we have by comparison, a City entity busily marking up the price of beer and peanuts to make some spare change while, within the last year, the Board has given away 70 percent of the fees for building permits, outsourced the animal shelter for at least $800,000, and spent several hundred thousand dollars on studies and reports. But…making a profit on the peanuts…that’s good government and if it wasn’t so stupid, it’d be funny.

Which brings us to today’s release of the Board of Supervisors Agenda wherein the second agenda item sponsored by our feckless City Manager is to introduce fascism to City Government. Nick Marano (likely at the direction of his betters), has included aResolution which in paragraph 2, B, states “Except as expressly provided in this resolution, the members of the Board of Supervisors, the City Manager and staff (including the City’s contract lobbyist) shall not communicate a Board minority position.”

So on any given issue, the information given to a State Legislator will be entirely one sided, with no dissent, no alternative views, and no intellectual integrity.  Instead, our strategy is to lie by omission.  Really?

Instead of saying “The majority of the Board is in favor of (pick an issue) with one Board member opposed due to (pick a reason)” we will lie. Our government leaders will intentionally, and soon by resolution, deliberately lie to a member of the state’s legislative body because lying, boys and girls, will make the city seem unified and further marginalize those who are brave enough to have a dissenting perspective on the usual Carson City shenanigans.

“Oh but if we don’t do this, it will seem like we don’t know what we’re doing!” you say. Perhaps we don’t but even the Supreme Court has a dissenting view published with every decision. Surely if the Supremes can handle the truth, a little bit in Carson City can be tolerated.  Or maybe we just need to hide our crazy?

Or… this could just be a jobs program…”WANTED City Liar: responsible for telling one sided stories to state legislative leadership. Must be willing to misrepresent the residents of Carson City and deny the existence of independent thought on any issue.” We already have more than enough in City government who are over qualified for the position.

So when you’re done reading all the sweetness and light published lately in the Appeal about our current and future Board members (save one), read this: “fascism, noun, a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” Thus far we lack the “racism” but the rest sure fits.

If you follow local politics, its crystal clear who this resolution is targeted at and why. So let’s be like China or Russia and stifle dissent as a matter of policy. And we can certainly be proud to put on our City’s historical record that on January 5th, 2015, our Board of Supervisors voted to…lie.  Shame on us.