On Your Side: Ethics complaint filed against Tim Kuzanekin Washoe Co. Sheriff’s race

washoe sheriff badgeRENO, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — With less than two weeks to go before the election, there are new developments in the Washoe County Sheriff’s race between Chuck Allen and Tim Kuzanek.

News 4 has obtained a copy of an ethics complaint has been filed against Kuzanek. The complaint was filed on August 5 by a man named John Litz. It lists several allegations, including accusing Kuzanek of using government time or property, including his badge and uniform, for personal benefit.

See video here: http://www.mynews4.com/news/local/story/On-Your-Side-Ethics-complaint-filed-in-Washoe-Co/Ss3t3rKHpECBGqMAo7eKAA.cspx

The question is can you use your badge to campaign? That will be up to the Nevada Ethics Commission. According to Nevada Ethics Commission Acting Director Yvonne Navarrez Goodson, it depends whether you are on or off duty, but in general, they do not want candidates using their current position to benefit their campaigns.

News 4 contacted Undersheriff Tim Kuzanek about the complaint. He referred us to his attorney, who said Kuzanek does not feel this complaint is valid, but the Kuzanek camp will not comment any further, because ethics complaints are supposed to be kept confidential.

Caravan To Midnight – Special Guest Nevada State Gubernatorial Candidate David Lory VanDerBeek


Episode 127 – Returning to Caravan To Midnight is Nevada state gubernatorial candidate David L. VanDerBeek, followed by former LVMPD detective Gordon Martines to discuss corruption and correction.




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U.S. Attorney General on Sandoval EICON Scandal. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Whistleblower letter to U.S. Attorney General Daniel Bogdon

MUST READ: Letter to D Bogden re Sandoval 12-1-13

Brian Sandoval Helped Privatize Nevada’s Billions. Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Governor Brian Sandoval Helped Steal Two Billion Dollars from Nevada. David VanDerBeek 2014

To anyone who cares about Nevada, freedom, and justice,

Below I have attached the legal documents for your review. Brian Sandoval must not finish his term as governor. He belongs in jail. Please, pass this on to anyone honest in the media as well as government contacts. His continued presence in office is an indictment of Nevada’s government.

Download the court documents and read them for yourselves.
EICON Lawsuit Complaint
EICON Lawsuit Disclosure Statement




GOOD IDEA: Carson City Sheriff candidate Daniel Gonzales suggests CCSO deputies wear audio/video cam recorders

ImageCarson City Sheriff candidate Daniel Gonzales suggests CCSO deputies wear audio/video cam recorders at the Carson City Chamber of Commerce forum May 21 2014.

Excellent idea by Dan at 31:24 to have the CCSO Deputies wear body audio/video cameras to help abate the rampant, wholesale corruption by some bad CCSO Deputies… They should also wear these in the jail too. Too many beatings and planted evidence and stuff like that with the CCSO.

We think this is a very, very good idea, but they will still tamper with the audio/video like the did with Mike Weston.

Can Cop-Worn Cameras Restore Faith In CARSON CITY like they did with the  New Orleans Police?

Lt. Travis St. Pierre, of the New Orleans Police Department, shows off a body-worn camera during a press conference in January.

Lt. Travis St. Pierre, of the New Orleans Police Department, shows off a body-worn camera during a press conference in January.
Brett Duke/The Times-Picayune/Landov

These days, the department is trying to rebuild the public’s trust — which is where the body cameras come in.

Officer Johnny Brumfeld, responding to a call in the French Quarter, has one of the cameras mounted on his chest. He’s supposed to record almost all interactions with the public: “Whenever there’s a call for service, right before I engage in contact with the party that calls or any self-initiated contact,” he says.

An ‘Unvarnished’ Record Of Events

The department brass want the public to notice the cameras.

“It’s just a win-win,” says Ronal Serpas, New Orleans’ superintendent of police. He’s trying to convince a federal court that the police department has changed — that it’s reformed enough to get out from under a federal consent decree. The cameras are one way of demonstrating the department’s spirit of transparency.

“The body-worn camera can help us have that unvarnished re-creation of what happened,” Serpas says. “It’ll give supervisors an opportunity to say something along the lines of, you know, ‘Mrs. Smith, our officers did not treat your son poorly, and we actually have evidence to that now.’ Or, ‘You’re right, we did not do a good job.’ “

But what happens if an officer stops recording — say, right before Mrs. Smith’s son gets roughed up? The chief says that kind of “selective recording” won’t be tolerated.

“Clearly, if an officer was to interrupt that by their choice and they didn’t do it any other day that week, they haven’t done it any other day that month, it’s gonna raise a lot of suspicion,” Serpas says.

The department’s body camera rules do not spell out the penalty for failing to record, though Serpas says a cop can be fired for being untruthful.

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Adam Laxalt to run for Nevada Attorney General against Ross Miller

Las Vegas attorney Adam Laxalt, the grandson of former Nevada governor and U.S. Sen. Paul Laxalt, R-Nev., plans to formally announce today that he’s running for attorney general.

The Republican will face Ross Miller, the Democratic secretary of state, in the Nov. 4 general election if the two men win their respective primaries. Miller is the son of Bob Miller, a former governor who served for 10 years until 1999.

See: http://www.adamlaxaltforag.com

Laxalt, 34, will make his announcement at the Reno Republican Men’s Club luncheon at the Atlantis hotel-casino. Former state Treasurer Patty Cafferata, his campaign co-chairwoman, will introduce him.

“The family — his and mine — go back a long way,” said Cafferata, the daughter of the late U.S. Rep. Barbara Vucanovich, R-Nev. “And so I’m excited for him and for the state.”

Carson City Republican Central Committee Candidate Forum February 27, 2014

Published on Mar 6, 2014

Carson City District Attorney: Mark Krueger & Jasson Woodbury (9:00)
State Treasurer: Dan Schwartz (28:25)
State Attorney General Adam Laxalt (19:00)
Carson City Sheriff: Kenny Furlong (43:30), Don Gibson (50:30) & Daniel Gonzales (54:00)

Cafferata said she didn’t know why he chose Reno to announce his candidacy, although Laxalt is more well-known in Southern Nevada and needs to raise his profile up north. Laxalt wanted to file his candidacy papers, too, but the filing period doesn’t open until March 3, running through March 14 for state and local candidates other than judicial.

After two terms as secretary of state, Miller, 37, has high-name recognition and has proved to be a strong fundraiser. He has collected about $900,000 for his campaign so far, according to a campaign finance report he plans to file this week. Many are small-time donors, who follow Miller on Twitter, where he has 16,566 followers, his campaign said.

Laxalt is a household name in Nevada politics, although the state’s new residents might not be as familiar with Paul Laxalt’s political legacy since he retired from the U.S. Senate in 1987 after two terms. He was Nevada governor from 1967 to 1971 and lieutenant governor from 1963 to 1967.

Adam Laxalt, who grew up with his mother, Michelle Laxalt, in the Washington, D.C. area, moved to Las Vegas a couple of years ago.

He made headlines last year when his mother and former U.S. Sen. Pete Dominici, R-N.M., revealed the senator was Adam Laxalt’s father — a secret his mother kept from her family, including her father, Paul Laxalt. Speculation at the time was that Dominici came forward because the news was about to be revealed, but it also could have paved the way for the younger Laxalt to run for political office without having to deal with an old scandal.

Campaigning as an underdog, Adam Laxalt is expected to get robust backing from many of Nevada’s leading Republicans, including Gov. Brian Sandoval, who has endorsed a string of strong statewide candidates to bolster the entire GOP ticket. The Nevada Republican Party had circulated a petition urging Laxalt to run as well.

But some Republicans, including six members of the Laxalt family, already endorsed or contributed to Miller, a moderate who has crossover appeal because of his actions in office and his father’s bipartisan legacy.

Neena Laxalt, who is Adam Laxalt’s aunt and Paul Laxalt’s daughter, is a Republican but has endorsed Miller.

“I will continue to endorse Ross,” Neena Laxalt said Monday in an interview. “I put my name with Ross a long time ago, and I’m proud to be supporting him. I think he is more competent, more than capable and more than qualified.”

Miller’s campaign manager Jim Ferrence said the popular Democrat has gained a lot of GOP and independent support. As for the battle between two political families, Ferrence said Miller is prepared for a high-profile race.

“We’ve been counting on a vigorous campaign no matter who got into the race,” Ferrence said. “Ross is looking forward to the debate process, not only on the issues, but on their experience.”

Miller was a deputy district attorney before he ran for secretary of state the first time in 2006.

Laxalt is a litigation and government affairs attorney in private practice with Lewis and Roca LLP. Previously, Laxalt was a lieutenant judge advocate in the general corps of the U.S. Navy from August 2005 until August 2011, according to his resume.

Eric Herzik, a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, said the attorney general’s race should attract more attention from voters because the two men running come from famous political families.

“However, I think it’s still an uphill climb against Ross Miller,” Herzik said of Laxalt’s chances. “He’s well-established, has showed some crossover appeal, and he’s got plenty of money. And Laxalt really isn’t a known commodity.”

In his favor, Herzik said Laxalt doesn’t appear to have political baggage that can weigh down a candidate.

Thus he may appeal to both establishment Republicans who remember his grandfather and tea party types who want smaller government and less federal spending.

See: http://www.adamlaxaltforag.com

source: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/adam-laxalt-run-attorney-general-against-ross-miller

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