**RED ALERT** San Andreas West Coast on MAJOR ALERT (Video) DANGER! Be Prepared!

HEADS UP CALIFORNIANS! No matter what, keep those quake supplies stocked! Remember: Lots of water. The San Andreas is expected to be a MASSIVE, unprecedented quake when it happens.

An earthquake researcher that uses planetary alignment data believes that there is the possibility of a strong earthquake on May 28-29, 2015. He believes the West Coast of America is the most likely area. He also believes that a Nostradamus quatrain contains the same alignment pattern.

SOURCE: http://endtimesforecaster.blogspot.com/2015/05/san-andreas-may-29-2015-synchronicities.html

Beware: The Movie San Andreas

The planned release day of the movie San Andreas is May 29, 2015.
As most of you are aware, sometimes movies contain predictive programming. A clear example of this was the movie Battle Los Angeles that contained clear signals to the Fukushima disaster. The Movie was also released on 3/11/11, the same day as the disaster.

The movie San Andreas is being released on 5/29/15 the same day that the earthquake researcher believes the planetary alignments may cause a large earthquake in the Pacific West coast area. Is the movie the message? Will the West Coast of the USA have a large earthquake on that day? Certainly something to think about!

Believers do not fear what’s coming and the non-believer should! Your personal “believer invitation” is below the videos.

Will you hear “well done, good and faithful follower” from Jesus? Share this while we still have the freedoms to do so:

Mike Raffety Quits Mountain Democrat Newspaper – Abrupt and Unexpected End Comes Without Explanation Only days after a scathing response by the citizens over a published piece of Hate speech that included a denial of the Holocaust…

Mike Raffety Quits Newspaper – Abrupt and Unexpected End Comes Without Explanation

2015-02-20, 03:46:33

Only days after a scathing response by the citizens over a published piece of Hate speech that included a denial of the Holocaust, the Editor of the Mountain Democrat in Placerville, CA paper quits without explanation.

holo ovenAlthough the paper contains two different stories about Rafferty that cover his background and his relation to the paper and local notables over 37 years at the paper, in the 3,000 words, never does the paper or Raffety himself give a real reason for his abrupt end at the newspaper.

The two stories are just what would be expected when a long time editor leaves, but what is not said speaks volumes.  In the 3,000 words of the two stories it never says if the unexpected end of his job was his choice.  The two stories about him are glowing but never do they explain WHY he is leaving.  If you just read the stories without reading the words “retirement” you would come away with the feeling you had just read the reason’s why Mike is NOT leaving.

Absent is any explanation, any future plans, not even the disclaimer, “I have been here a long time and I am moving forward…”  A notable silence, as if he had not yet had time to think of an answer to what he will be doing next besides a couple of local meetings and an annual painting.  His boss’s statement, Foy McNaughton, was nearly curt, “The McNaughton family wishes him all the best in retirement.”

The stories do touch on his deep friendships in the county.

Read more here: http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-609

Settlement talks in suit over busing Nev. mental patients – California officials say the busing cost San Francisco at least $4 million

Brian Sandoval scandalBy Kyle Roerink, Las Vegas Sun

Settlement talks have emerged in a class action lawsuit accusing Nevada of misusing public funds for busing mentally ill patients to California.

The talks are the latest in a 16-month legal battle between Nevada and the city and county of San Francisco. A successful negotiation would end one of three busing-related lawsuits facing Nevada. Any money would compensate California for harboring indigent patients who were discharged from Nevada psychiatric facilities and given one-way bus tickets with directors to seek help in California. The settlement also would aim to outline new rules for transporting patients across state lines.

California officials say the busing cost San Francisco at least $4 million to treat 21 patients from Nevada, according to legal documents in a San Francisco district court. The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office said it has the names of 500 patients who traveled to California from Las Vegas’ Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital between 2008 to 2013. It’s unclear how many of the 500 sought treatment once they arrived in California.

Officials from both states declined to comment on the details of the settlement negotiations — a standard practice during legal settlements.

Read the whole story

Massive Storm System To Slam California and Nevada with Flooding Across Most Of The State


A very strong upper level low well west of the United States will bring in sub-tropical moisture through California on Tuesday.  This storm system will be strong, lasting into Wednesday for much of the area, especially across the Northern California zones.  Read on for details.

A massive storm system capable of major flooding is going to hit California Tuesday and Wednesday.  This storm system has no thunderstorm dynamics for Southern California, however flooding rains are going to hit there.  Website SouthernCaliforniaWeatherForce.com has issued flood watches for all metro areas for Southern California

As for Northern California, we have issued a Flood Watch on our site to the email/app system for this next storm.  This storm system is a capable of flooding rains and possibly some severe weather activity, where we cannot rule out damaging wind gusts and/or tornado potential in the San Francisco Bay area and surrounding zones due to the low level jet.

We will continue to monitor the storm and bring you the latest so stay tuned.

See more here: http://www.intellicast.com/Storm/Hurricane/PacificSatellite.aspx

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California / Nevada (Live Presentation)

The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once “golden state” for as long as they wish. Satellite images and NOAA mapsshown in this presentation are shocking and revealing to say the least. Whatever one wishes to consider as the agenda of those in power, one conclusion is certain, the drought in California is a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Weather warfare is now being waged on the American population.
Dane Wigington

58 Responses to Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California (Live Presentation)

Go here: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/engineered-drought-catastrophe-target-california-live-presentation/

REPORT: CALI. LEAD BAN TO TRIPLE AMMO PRICES Currently about 95% of all ammo sold in California contains lead

gettheleadoutby KIT DANIELS | INFOWARS.COM | SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

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California’s upcoming ban on the use of traditional lead ammunition could triple the price of all ammunition in the state, forcing many gun owners to give up shooting, according to a report by a firearm trade association.

In its 15-page report, the National Shooting Sport Foundation, in association with an economic research firm, concluded the ban will increase ammo prices up to and possibly beyond 300% for centerfire cartridges, such as the popular .30-06 Springfield and .357 Magnum, shotgun shells and rimfire rounds, including the .22 Long Rifle which in the past was one of the the most affordable calibers to shoot.

“Based on a survey of California hunters, higher ammunition prices will drive 36% of California hunters to stop hunting or reduce their participation,” the report states. “Thirteen percent of California hunters report they would stop hunting [entirely] as a result of the higher prices.”

“An additional 10% were unsure if they would continue to hunt and another 23% said they would likely hunt less than in recent years.”ab711anti
The report also stated the lead ban would impact rimfire rounds the most, and because the .22 Long Rifle and .17 HMR calibers are popular with young shooters due to their light recoil, it’s quite possible the ban will prevent many youths in California from ever shooting a firearm.

This is the hidden intent of California’s lead ammo ban; it is backdoor gun control designed to destroy the Second Amendment by making ammunition completely unaffordable and in short supply.

Currently about 95% of all ammo sold in California contains lead, which has been used in bullets for centuries.

“Individual hunters and some businesses will suffer economically,” the report added. “In addition, wildlife and all who enjoy wildlife in any manner will also suffer as hunter’s licenses and excise taxes on firearms and ammunition are the primary funding source for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s conservation efforts.”

“In summary, prohibiting use of [traditional] ammunition will have significant effects on the state economy, wildlife conservation and hunters’ ability to enjoy the outdoors.”

Last October, Gov. Jerry Brown approved the lead ban under State Bill 711, which completely outlaws the use of traditional lead ammunition by July 1, 2019, with a phase-in period starting next year.

It is unlikely that manufacturers will produce enough non-lead ammunition to make up for the shortage by the time the full ban takes effect.

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones says the “Stingray” technology is deployed only in “special cases” – really?

Editorial: Too much secrecy on cellphone tracking

stingrayThe Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has finally fessed up: It does have high-tech surveillance equipment to track cellphones, and has been using it for some time now.

Sheriff Scott Jones says the “Stingray” technology is deployed only in “special cases” to locate felony suspects or missing or kidnapped persons. However, he won’t say how often, or go into detail about how the department is handling data harvested from mobile phones of innocent people.

Nor will the sheriff say whether the department is obtaining warrants or other court orders. It should be. That would provide at least some independent oversight of what the department is doing.

As The Bee’s Kim Minugh explained in a story published Friday, the portable “Stingray” device sends out a signal that tricks cellphones into thinking it is a regular cell tower. Phones in the area connect to it, allowing authorities to identify, track and intercept real-time data from a phone based on its unique identifier.

While Stingray can trap data such as verbal conversations, text messages and numbers dialed, the Sheriff’s Department says that its version is only collecting locations. “The capability of this technology does NOT collect content such as voice, text, or data, and does not retain ANY data or other information from other than the target device,” Jones emphasizes in his statement.

Jones says a confidentiality agreement with the federal agency that provided the equipment had prevented him from disclosing anything at all until he received authorization to make a limited statement. He cannot divulge any more information, he says, “because this technology – like many of our investigative techniques and capabilities – could be rendered ineffective if criminals and adversaries used such details to diminish or defeat the department’s lawful responsibilities.”

Basically, the sheriff is telling the public, “Trust us. We’re not abusing this technology.” That isn’t good enough, not when our privacy is on the line.

Privacy advocates are justifiably concerned that the monitoring of Americans by local law enforcement, as well as by the National Security Agency, has been allowed to mushroom in secret.

The U.S. Supreme Court was absolutely right when it ruled in June that police must get warrants to search the cellphones of those they arrest. You’d think the rest of us deserve at least the same consideration, even if it is just where we are at any given moment.

Read more articles by the Editorial Board

El Dorado DA Vern Pierson spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars with Caulfield Law firm to quash CA “victims Rights” laws

vern pierson

caulfield law firmPlease share and like this story on Facebook, email to your friends and press – Crime Victims have RIGHTS!

Thanks against to the El Dorado Newswire, the Placerville press covered this story as more people learn about the abuse of office in El Dorado County by Vern Pierson. See: http://www.inedc.com/1-5544

Corrupt El Dorado County District Attorney  Vern Pierson hires private civil attorney Andrew T. Caulfield and is spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars to quash a set California “victims Rights” laws established by proposition 9 and created the 2008 amendment of the California Constitution known as Marsy’s Law.

DA Vern Pierson believes victims are not “beneficially interest” persons when they have been victimized by a crime such as murder, rape, robbery, pedophilia,  assault, battery, and other acts of terror.

El Dorado County resident Ty Robben from South Lake Tahoe believes otherwise.

After doing the research,  Ty found out that the new Constitutional amendments in Article 1, Section 28 of Cali’s constitution have made Crime Victims “beneficially interest” persons for a number of profound points and authorities.

Ty say’s Vern Pierson is relying on outdated case law prior to 2008. “Marsy’s Law trumps the earlier case law based on the first variant of  California’s Crime Victim rights.”

“I indent to make this matter case law” says Ty. It needs to be established the Crime Victims now have rights even-though the prosecutors  and courts and certain judges don’t like it, too bad.

The other point is that prosecutors must comply, by law, with the Brady Disclosure Law. Failure to do so is a crime and treason. The Brady Disclosure Law tells the District Attorney to not prosecute an innocent person and exculpatory evidence must be given the the Defendant – not hidden and withheld.

On the other hand, we need the opposite Law of a Brady Disclosure Law where the prosecutor must not cover-up prima facie evidence to cover-up criminal activity to protect the criminal based on fabricated or withheld evidence. The DA needs to provide a “rational basis” when the prima facie evidence is smacked in front of his face. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate” says Ty Robben. When the DA obstructs justice, we have people getting murdered like John O’ Sullivan and numerous others under the murder-by-proxy pattern of conduct by Vern Pierson.

prima facie is Latin expression meaning on its first encounter, first blush, or at first sight. The literal translation would be “at first face” or “at first appearance”, from the feminine form of primus (“first”) and facies (“face”), both in the ablative case. It is used in modern legal English to signify that on first examination, a matter appears to be evident from the facts. In common law jurisdictions, prima facie denotes evidence that – unless rebutted – would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact. The term is used similarly in academic philosophy. Most legal proceedings require a prima facie case to exist, following which proceedings may then commence to test it, and create a ruling.

Marsy’s Law, the California Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008, is an Amendment to the state’s Constitution and certain Penal Code sections enacted by voters through the initiative process in the November 2008 general election. The Act protects and expands the legal rights of victims of crime to include 17 rights in the judicial process, including the right to legal standing, protection from the defendant, notification of all court proceedings, and restitution, as well as granting parole boards far greater powers to deny inmates parole.[1] Continue reading

Writ of Mandate filed to compel El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson to prosecute Dennis & Richard Justin

in eldorado

writ of mandate

In El Dorado County covers the Writ-of-Mandate story: http://www.inedc.com/1-5080

Todd “Ty” Robben filed a  petition for a Writ-of-Mandate to compel the El Dorad0 County District Attorney, Vern Pierson, to prosecute Bail bondsmen / Bounty Hunters Dennis & Richard Justin of the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds company from Carson City, NV and a John Doe “private investigator” and escalate the charges to felony counts.

The case # SC20130106, Department 4
Judge Steven C. Bailey – Hearing Set for August 04, 2013

Court Order

Court Order

The petition for the Writ-of-Mandate also demands that the criminal case People vs. Douglas Lewis (case # S13CRM0209) currently being handled by the El Dorad0 County District Attorney, Vern Pierson, is transferred to the California Attorney General (Department of Justice) and/or the U.S. District Attorney.

The crime includes “Bounty Hunters” crossing State line from Nevada into California, an Interstate Commerce violation, a federal crime, and “private actors” acting as “State Actors” under the Color-of-Law, a federal crime.

Vern Pierson corrupt

Vern Pierson corrupt

In California, a Writ-of-mandate (also called a writ-of-mandamus) can be filed in the Superior Court to compel a District Attorney to prosecute a crime.

In fact, the El Dorado District Attorney is flagrantly and egregiously ignoring evidence and fabricating evidence without power to unilaterally to dismiss an accusation based on controlling case law the coincidentally and ironically outlines a case, Bradley v. Lacy El Dordaro District Attorney involving the El Dorado District Attorney being forced to do his job!

Bradley v. Lacy El Dordaro District Attorney, 53 Cal. App. 4th 883 – Cal: Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate Dist. 1997 states the following:

Vern Pierson protest

Vern Pierson protest

“Thus the district attorney is without the power unilaterally to dismiss an accusation. As an officer of the court, the district attorney must perform his duties in a professional manner.(Reaves v. Superior Court (1971) 22 Cal.App.3d 587, 596, 99 Cal.Rptr. 156.)[Emphasis added]




and does 1 – 20


The People of California,

Real Parties in Interest.







Case No.: SC20130106Dept No:Department 4

Petitioner, Todd Robben in Pro Per, hereby applies for an EMERGENCY alternative writ of mandate pursuant to California Government Code 1085 and 1087 to compel the El Dorado District Attorney, et al to charge and fully prosecute Dennis Justin and Richard Justin and John Doe of the Carson City, Nevada based Justin Brothers Bail Bonds, or transfer prosecution to the California DOJ and/or U.S. Federal prosecutor.

This petition is an emergency because of the “statute of limitations” for charges to be filed, and current “High Profile” strife amongst the Prosecutor violating an array of civil rights, Crime Victims Rights and harassing the victim Todd Robben in this matter.

The various “John Does” and “Jane Does” are the various El Dorado District Attorney employees who have been involved in the matter.

Todd Robben has made every effort to comply with the California Rules of Civil Procedure and Local Rules of the Court and requests the Court to suspend the rules to construe liberally most favorable to the pleader to allow substantial justice and Due Process. ‘Pleadings shall be so construed as to do substantial justice.’ We frequently have stated that pro se pleadings are to be given a liberal construction. Baldwin County Welcome Center v. Brown 466 U.S. 147,104 S. Ct. 1723,80 L. Ed. 2d 196,52 U.S.L.W. 3751 [Emphasis added]




  1. I.                  THE LAW AND Relevant background
    1. a.   substantial motivating factor

The substantial motivating factor for this writ of mandate is made evident upon its face because the El Dorado District Attorney is unlawfully dismissing an accusation in violation of the following State and Federal authorities and law.

The El Dorado District Attorney is flagrantly and egregiously ignoring evidence and fabricating evidence without power to unilaterally to dismiss an accusation based on controlling law.

Bradley v. Lacy El Dordaro District Attorney, 53 Cal. App. 4th 883 – Cal: Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate Dist. 1997 states the following:

“Thus the district attorney is without the power unilaterally to dismiss an accusation. As an officer of the court, the district attorney must perform his duties in a professional manner.(Reaves v. Superior Court (1971) 22 Cal.App.3d 587, 596, 99 Cal.Rptr. 156.)[Emphasis added]

B:  FEDERAL CRIME occurred

Richard Justin conspired with Dennis Justin and Douglas Lewis and a “John Doe” (private investigator) who crossed State lines from Nevada into California and violated the “Interstate Commerce” laws as well as private citizens “Acting Under the Color of Law”.  Federal law violations including 18 USC § 16 – Crime of violence and 18 U.S.C. § 3771 and Section 242 of US Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution.

Dennis Justin and Richard Justin acted as Assailants, Accomplices, Accessories and Ring Leaders to the crime(s) listed in El Dorado Court Case # S13CRM0209 naming Douglas Lewis as the single Defendant, and not Dennis Justin or Richard Justin. Continue reading

Pictures and Videos – Over 1,000 people protest Monsanto in Reno, Nevada

Pictures and Videos – Over 1,000 people march and protest Monsanto NO GMO in Reno, Nevada
Monsanto protest in Reno Nevada complete with chemtrails in the sky

Monsanto protest in Reno Nevada complete with chemtrails in the sky

We made the Nightly News on INFOWARS.COM

Reno monsanto protestThe local “newspaper” RGJ said “dozens” protest Monsanto in Reno! This corporate news rag is a joke. If you’re going to report the news, report the truth! Maybe they got there late. Channel 2 news got there late too, but they got some good footage, see the story and link below. We estimate there were over 1,000 people at the peak when the march started at the Reno Federal Courthouse and snaked through downtown Reno to the plaza on the river. A fair number seems to be 350, but it seemed like a thousand during the march. Infowars covered the media blackout and false reporting across the nation. Reno News 4 covered the Reno Monsanto protest story. Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe pictures and video are below.

Thank you to the Reno Police for traffic control and keeping everyone safe. No problems occurred and the weather was beautiful. Lot’s of cars honking and positive feedback from the wonderful people of Reno, NV.

Here are the real pictures and videos. Note:  Please share this page on Facebook, email, twitter or whatever. Also see more pictures below and on Flicker.

Learn more:Label genetically engineered food – It’s our right to know!

Reno Monsanto protest

Reno Monsanto protest

Must see video of the Reno Monsanto protest featuring the
“Worlds Largest CRIME SCENE tape” Continue reading

ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 @ high noon El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

vern piersondoug-lewis-nevada-bounty-hunter

ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 at high noon in Placerville, CA “Hangtown” in front of the courthouse and District Attorney offices  against  El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

With no charges filed, we’re putting massive pressure on the El Dorado County District Attorney to prosecute Dennis Justin of the “Justin Bros Bail Bonds” Company for his role in the October 18th, 2012 burglary, assault and battery incident against Ty Robben in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Dennis Justin was clearly at the scene and broke into my home. Dennis Justin acted in conspiracy with Doug Lewis and fully participated in the conflict and criminal activity.

The DA did charge “Bounty Hunter” Douglas Lewis with 5 counts but they have offer him a plea deal to only take 2 counts and no jail time. This sends the message it’s OK to kick in doors and sho0t people to resolve civil matters… Boy, we know a lot of “civil matter” that can get cleared up very quickly with doors being kicked in and people tased, kidnapped and never to be seen again. But in reality, we know that these actions are illegal and the perpetrators should be charged with felonies and years time in prison.

UPDATES: We made the news again at In Eldorado  County news. Click here. inedc.com/1-4683

Placerville court employees protest in May 2013. Click here: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/court-employees-picket-over-pay-cuts/

We learned the Placerville Mayor was charged with corruption in 2011. Click here: http://www.news10.net/video/1118955005001/0/Placerville-mayor-faces-removal-in-corruption-probe

Acting under the Color of law

Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act but which may operate in violation of law. For example, though a police officer acts with the “color of law” authority to arrest someone, if such an arrest is made without probable cause the arrest may actually be in violation of law. In other words, just because something is done with the “color of law”, that does not mean that the action was lawful. When police ac Continue reading

Lake Tahoe News covers Justin Brothers Bail Bonds / Doug Lewis criminal charges


Carson City bounty hunter Doug Lewis faces charges in S. Tahoe

On: March 13, 2013,  By: admin, In: News3 Comments

Doug Lewis Nevada Bounty Hunter with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Doug Lewis Nevada Bounty Hunter with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Five misdemeanor charges have been filed against a Carson City bounty hunter in regards to his actions in South Lake Tahoe.

Douglas Lewis with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds has been charged with unlawful arrest, aggravated trespass, vandalism, battery and damaging a vehicle.

The incident occurred in October at the South Lake Tahoe home of Ty Robben. Robben wanted felony charges filed against the suspect. He said the bounty hunters broke down his door and used a Taser on him.

Robben has since filed a civil suit against the Carson City firm and has protested the Justin Brothers with the large crime scene tape. “Protesting will continue against the Justin Bros for the duration” Robben said.

It was the delay in action that led Robben in January to protest near the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

Doug Lewis starred in a TV show called Bounty Hunter watch it here: http://youtu.be/dckPsFvYrdc?t=7m48s

Doug Lewis is also doing business on a permanently revoked Nevada business license according to the Nevada Secretary of State website http://nvsos.gov/SOSEntitySearch/corpsearch.aspx?st=c&ss=nevada%20bail%20enforcement

– Lake Tahoe News staff report

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City charged with criminal activity in bounty hunter case gone bad

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds illegally broke into home illegally used a taser on Ty Robben

Please see the updates here:


Justin Brothers Bail BondsJustin Brothers Bail Bonds illegally broke into home illegally used a taser on Ty Robben.  Ty Robben is now suing the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds company out of Carson City, Nevada.  Mr. Robben was tased 3 times after 5 bounty hunters illegally entered his home with no warrant pursuant to California penal code 847.5.

The bounty hunters also face a litany of criminal charges including burglary, assault, battery (with deadly weapons), trespassing, stalking, harassment, conspiracy, vandalism, kidnapping, false imprisonment, breach of peace,  and failure to obtain a warrant.   Justin Brothers Bail Bondslawsuit

Mr. Robben was not a fugitive and the bounty hunters had no legal reason to try to arrest him or cross State lines from Carson City, Nevada into South Lake Tahoe California to unlawfully break into his Lake Tahoe home.

Mr. Robben has filed criminal and civil charges against the Justin Brothers Bail Bond company out of Carson City and Reno, Nevada.justin brothers bail bonds taser lawsuit

Tasers are consider lethal weapons and they kill people. Similar taser lawsuits address the seriousness of taser use.

Taser safety issues

Critics argue that Tasers and other high-voltage stun devices can cause cardiac arrhythmia in susceptible subjects, possibly leading to heart attack or death in minutes by ventricular fibrillation, which leads to cardiac arrest and—if not treated immediately—to sudden death. People susceptible to this outcome are sometimes healthy and unaware of their susceptibility.

Ban-the-TasersAlthough the medical conditions or use of illegal drugs among some of the casualties may have been the proximate cause of death, the electric shock of the Taser can significantly heighten such risk for subjects in an at-risk category.[1]

“Non-lethal” designation

While they are not technically considered lethal, some authorities and non-governmental organizations question both the degree of safety presented by the weapon and the ethical implications of using a weapon that some, such as sections of Amnesty International, allege is inhumane. As a consequence, Amnesty International Canada and other civil liberties organizations have argued that a moratorium should be placed on Taser use until research can determine a way for them to be safely used.[7] Amnesty International has documented over 334 deaths that occurred after the use of tasers. Amnesty International. Police sources question whether the taser was the actual cause of death in those cases, as many of the deaths occurred in people with serious medical conditions and/or severe drug intoxication, often to the point of excited delirium.

CBC News Tests Tasers – Proves Tasers Unsafe!

Tasers No Longer a Non-Lethal Alternative for Law Enforcement

acluBy Rebecca McCray, ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project & Emma Andersson, Criminal Law Reform Project at 3:39pm

Tasers subject their victims to a 50,000 volt shock followed by 100 microsecond pulses of 1,200 volts.   Since 2001, more than 500 people in the United States have died after law enforcement officers used this weapon against them. A study published this week by the American Heart Association’s Circulation Journal confirms that the misuse of a Taser can cause sudden cardiac arrest and death.taser-x26-large

In theory, a Taser is intended to serve as a non-lethal method of control for law enforcement officers when they need to physically restrain a dangerous person. But as the new Circulation study demonstrates, Tasers cannot so simply be categorized as “non-lethal.” In addition, there are far too many instances in which officers have impulsively deployed Tasers against children, pregnant women and the mentally ill, even though the victims posed no real danger to either the officers or anyone else.

The new evidence that Tasers can cause cardiac arrest and death, coupled with the disturbing trend of officers using Tasers in flagrantly unnecessary situations, makes it all the more troubling that states do not uniformly or consistently govern or regulate officers’ use of Tasers. This means that Taser policies vary greatly between police departments, often leading to vague, outdated and inaccurate guidelines that result in misunderstanding about the misuse of these allegedly non-lethal weapons.

Taser training materials are mostly provided by Taser International, the private company that makes the weapon. Relying on a private, for-profit company that has a vested interest in promoting and selling their product for training guidelines is not only nonsensical, but dangerous. For example, though Taser International advises officers against administering a shock to the victim’s chest, it does not prohibit targeting this area. In fact, Taser minimizes the potential risk of death or cardiac trauma, instead emphasizing a need to insulate police officers – and itself – from the legal ramifications associated with a shock to the chest. The company goes on to recommend against aiming for the chest because “shots to the chest, particularly at close range, are frequently ineffective because of the lack of major muscle groups in the chest area.” It’s not difficult to see why relying on Taser International’s profit-seeking and liability-evading advice, rather than on rigorous and objective scientific evidence, is both unwise and unsafe.tazer gun

The new Circulation study should provoke us all – including and most importantly law enforcement agencies – to revisit when the deployment of a Taser is worth its serious risks. To be sure, law enforcement officers have a legitimate interest in protecting themselves and the public during potentially violent encounters, and for the victim, a Taser is generally a less lethal alternative to a firearm. But history demonstrates that law enforcement agencies have failed to create and implement Taser training policies that effectively educate officers about the risks involved and ensure that officers only use Tasers when actually necessary. Law enforcement agencies should review and revise their Taser policies so that officers can make informed and responsible decisions about when using a Taser is warranted. Particularly given the increasing – and disturbing – popularity and indiscriminate use of Tasers, police departments around the country must ensure that they use these lethal weapons responsibly, ethically and as safely as possible.

Angela Jones, a Los Angeles woman, suffered cardiac arrest after being shocked with a Taser gun by police during a traffic stop in June. The incident, which was caught on video by a California Highway Patrol dashboard camera, has once again raised questions about the safety of the weapon.

CBC report on the latest example of senseless use of deadly force by police, compounded by the routine lie that the police had been attacked by the victim. Since we already know Robert had no drugs or alcohol in his system, how long will it be until he’s diagnosed as suffering from “excited delirium syndrome” – the phony disorder invented by the Taser lobby to deny the obvious fact Tasers often kill people.

Marin County has agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who accused sheriff’s deputies of shocking him with a Taser

Justin Brothers Bail BondslawsuitMarin County has agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who accused sheriff’s deputies of shocking him with a Taser when he refused to go to the hospital after he fell. The county Board of Supervisors voted in closed session Tuesday to approve the settlement to Peter McFarland, 66, for an incident that “was not consistent with department policy,” said County Counsel Patrick Faulkner. “Federal law surrounding the use of Tasers is more restrictive today than it was in 2009, when deputies used a Taser to help take Peter McFarland in custody,” Faulkner said. Continue reading

Victory for Ty Robben – SLTPD report released and given to the El Dorado DA for prosecution of the Justin Brothers Bail bonds company

Victory for Ty Robben – SLTPD report released and given to the El Dorado DA for prosecution of the Justin Brothers Bail bonds company “Bounty Hunters”  Stay tuned.

Please see updates to the story at http://NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH.wordpress.com

Ty Robben Victory

Ty Robben Victory

Victory for Ty Robben


A certain measure of innocence Willing to appear naive A certain degree of imagination A measure of make-believe

A certain degree of surrender To the forces of light and heat A shot of satisfaction In a willingness to risk defeat
Celebrate the moment As it turns into one more Another chance at victory Another chance to score
The measure of the moment In a difference of degree Just one little victory

A spirit breaking free
One little victory The greatest act can be One little victory Continue reading