Bill to make Nevada State Prison a tourist museum heads to Gov. Brian Sandoval

jail is niceThe Nevada Senate on Sunday passed legislation designed to boost efforts to convert the oldest parts of the historic Nevada State Prison into a museum, tourist attraction, scientific and historic center.

Sen. Ben Kieckhefer, R-Reno, said the bill was originally created through the efforts of the late Carson City Assemblyman Pete Livermore. Kieckhefer urged members to support it.

Sen. Debbie Smith, D-Sparks, questioned what would happen with the state execution chamber that is still at NSP. Kieckhefer said the bill is contingent on all prison activities having ceased at the prison.

The vote was 20-1 with Smith opposed. AB377 goes to the governor for his signature.

Former Director of Corrections Glen Whorton says the old prison, which pre-dates statehood, is closely tied to the history of Carson City.

It was originally the Warm Springs Hotel but was converted into the state’s first prison in 1862. It burned down in 1867 and again in 1870 before state officials decided to build it from sandstone quarried at the site.

It operated continuously as a prison until it was shut down in 2012. But the license plate factory continues to operate in the prison, although not in the historic portion of the yard.

That same quarry provided sandstone to build the state capitol and old attorney general’s office as well as the Carson City courthouse, effectively making it the state’s first prison industry.

“That institution has been out there 150 years and it has had a dramatic effect on our community,” Whorton told supporters earlier this year.

He said NSP could become a major tourist attraction like Alcatraz in San Francisco. He said it would combine well with the V&T Railroad and state museum to draw tourists and could become a major location for movie studios.

In addition, there are prehistoric bones of animals and footprints of mammoths that have been found in the sandstone at NSP.

The Assembly bill introduced by Carson City Republican P.K. O’Neill directs the Department of Corrections to determine which portions of the old prison are appropriate to become a historical, cultural, educational or scientific resource.

It requires the state Land Registrar to work with corrections, tourism, cultural affairs and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Nevada State Prison Preservation Society to develop the old prison as a historic, educational and scientific resource.

To help pay for that project, the bill creates the Silver State Industries Fund and, each year, transfers any money in that account to the Fund for the Historic Preservation of the Nevada State Prison to maintain the historic buildings and other property at the prison.

LET THEM EAT CAKE: Ben Kieckhefer is an asshole and a co-sponsor of a bill that would prohibit the state from paying prevailing wages on public education construction projects.

Ben Kieckhefer

Asshole Sen. Ben Kieckhefer, R-Reno, works in a budget subcommittee hearing on Friday, May 3, 2013, at the Legislative Building in Carson City. Kieckhefer is co-sponsor of a bill that would prohibit the state from paying prevailing wages on public education construction projects.

By Kyle Roerink (contact)

keep-calm-and-let-them-eat-cake-3CARSON CITY —  Lawmakers have fired the first salvo in the legislative battle among political parties, organized labor and conservatives groups.

The Senate Government Affairs Committee vetted a bill that would prohibit the state from paying prevailing wages on public education construction projects, kickstarting a debate bound to reverberate for the remainder of the session and into the 2016 election.

Senate Bill 119, sponsored by Republican Sens. Ben Kieckhefer and Becky Harris, highlights the longstanding partisan divide in the workforce.

Prevailing wage is a sum paid to all workers on public projects — building new schools, roads and other government facilities.

The state’s labor commission determines prevailing wages by surveying contractors in every county.

becky harris is a cunt

Senate Bill 119, sponsored by Republican Sens. Ben Kieckhefer and Becky Harris, highlights the longstanding partisan divide in the workforce.

The labor commission declined to comment for this story.

Republicans claim that the salaries of union employees inflate the prevailing wage and create a disparity in the marketplace and a costly expense for the state on public projects. Democrats say the policy provides state projects with highly skilled contractors and livable wages.

For decades, Republicans have pushed to upend the current prevailing wage laws, but they have never had the majority to do so in the Legislature. Late Gov. Kenny Guinn pushed reforms in 2001 without any effect. Kieckhefer proposed legislation in 2013 with the same result.

Now that Republicans control the Legislature and the governor’s office, it’s poised to pass the law.

If prevailing wage is stripped from public school construction projects, Republicans say the state will save money.

Democrats and organized labor assail the idea, saying it would ship jobs out of state.

“If we gut prevailing wage, folks aren’t going to be able to feed their families,” Democratic Sen. Kelvin Atkinson said. “If there are lower wages, you are taking essential things out of homes and money out of the economy.”

The move to cut prevailing wage dovetails with Gov. Brian Sandoval’s call to raise taxes to bolster education funding by more than $800 million. The Republican move to raise taxes comes with Sandoval’s promise to implement what he’s called accountability measures and reforms.

brian-sandoval-bong“If we approve this exemption we will go back to revert to the free market to price the construction of our schools,” Kieckhefer said. “If we do that we will be able to build more schools.”

Prevailing wage is just one bill aiming at organized labor. Also on the table are bills to change collective bargaining laws.

Unions promised to lobby in unprecedented numbers and canvass districts with lawmakers who support changes to collective bargaining and prevailing wage.

In contrast to the suits and ties of lawmakers and lobbyists, some union members filled the committee meeting Wednesday dressed in jeans, boots and plaid shirts.

Contractors were one of the hardest hit groups in the recession and among the slowest to recover, union members testified. They argued that the quality of work would diminish along with the wage of Nevada workers.

“Schools happen to be a big part of my business,” said Craig Holt, owner of Sierra Nevada Construction. “… This is jeopardizing my employees and their wages.”

A handful of contractors testified that good construction employees don’t cost $15 an hour, saying that contractors who win prevailing wage jobs have certifications and education to do the job properly.

On the prevailing wage schedule, laborers average $48 to $50 per hour in Clark County.

“Maintaining the prevailing wage means that you get the highest quality worker out there,” said Danny Thompson, executive vice treasurer of the Nevada AFL-CIO. “People leave if they don’t get those jobs. If you want qualified people you’ve got to pay prevailing wage.”

The prevailing wage provision is one part of a two-pronged bill. The other half of the bill would allow school boards to issue bonds without having voters approve the funding.

Lawmakers in both parties and superintendents agree that giving boards the authority would be good for the state’s education system.

But committee chairman Sen. Pete Goicoechea said he doesn’t see the bill passing because of the bonding issue.

He said his rural constituents wouldn’t approve of it.

The committee will vote on the bill at its Friday meeting.


OPINION: NEVADA JUDGE TOSSES FIRST AMENDMENT OUT THE WINDOW WITH RULING – It is called prior restraint. But that doesn’t seem to stop Nevada judges.



“Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?”
—John Milton, Areopagitica

It is called prior restraint. But that doesn’t seem to stop Nevada judges.

On the Friday before Tuesday’s primary election, a Reno judge ordered state Senate candidate Gary Schmidt to stop running a television ad that accused his Republican primary opponent, incumbent Ben Kieckhefer, of being a supporter of Harry Reid in the 2010 election, according to press accounts.

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Don’t get Kieckhefer’d again. Vote for the authentic conservative candidate, Gary Schmidt.

On April 20, 2010 on the Sam Shad Show (Nevada Newsmakers) then candidate Ben Kieckhefer said he will not vote to extend the sunset on the “temporary” $600 million tax hike that was passed in 2009.


Then Senate-candidate Ben Kieckhefer promises not to raise taxes in 2011. Kieckhefer specifically says he will not vote for extending the “sunset” taxes.

Original video from the April 20, 2010, edition of Nevada Newsmakers.

In fact, in spite of his promise (above), Ben Kieckhefer voted FOR extending the sunset TWICE — in effect, VOTED FOR A HUGE TAX INCREASE twice — once in the 76th session (2011)  immediately after his promise never to do so, and again in the 77th session (2013) of the legislature.
Instead of discussing the issues, instead of running on the issues, his ads consist of infantile personal attacks:
Whom is this silliness supposed to convince? Do his handlers really think they are talking to low information voters in s REPUBLICAN primary? How low is their opinion of REPUBLICAN primary voters?
Here are two new Gary Schmidt radio spots running on five stations, in response.
Gary R. Schmidt – Republican Candidate for Senate District 16
Southern Washoe County and Carson City
Click Here for the Nevada Appeal Story
Campaign Speech at Conservative Talk Luncheon (YouTube video)
Ben Kieckhefer “Had my first NASCAR experience today in Las Vegas with a few good friends.”
Many northern Nevada Republicans (Douglas, Carson, Washoe) went to our Republican Conventions Saturday, working tireless throughout the day, all the while our elected good-ol-boys had a grand time playing with cars and Tweeted this wonderful picture.
Kieckhefer works for Lobbyist/Law Firm (audio)
What Kieckhefer stands for VS What I stand for (audio)
Summary of \Issues and Stances (audio)
Gary speaks to North Shore Tahoe Community (YouTube Video)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio) 60 seconds

Links To Important Nevada Documents

Nevada State Constitution NRS 239 Nevada Public Records Law NRS 241 Nevada Open Meeting Law NRS 281A Nevada Ethics Law Nevada Ethics Commission Web Site
I Believe in:

  • Limited Govenment and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Strong Supporter of “Right to Bear Arms”
  • Local and Parental Control of Education
  • Eliminating Overly Burdonsome Regulations
  • Promoting Agriculture and Rural Tourism

  • I will NOT be a party to Elitist Special Interest back room deals
  • I will stand at the door of Governance & Welcome ALL THE PEOPLE
  • I will at all times respect the WILL & WISDOM of the PEOPLE
  • I will at all times Honor the Open Meeting Law & the Public Records Law & work diligently to strengthen & expand them
  • I will NOT GO ALONG just to GET ALONG
  • I will be a Representative OF and FOR ALL of the PEOPLE
ELECTED OFFICIALS MUST STRIVE TO WELCOME, ENCOURAGE, AND FACILITATE CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN THE REGULATION AND CONTROL OF THEIR GOVERNMENT!The process of Government is broken and we are in financial crisis. Most residents have little or no confidence or respect for Officials, whether elected or bureaucrats. Without immediate and corrective measures our quality of life will continue to plummet out of control. At the same time we have the pressures of increased taxes, fees, costs, & deficits.
It is not to late to take corrective actions, but it is the eleventh hour, and WE THE PEOPLE must move immediately to begin to resume control of OUR government.

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Exposed: Voter Fraud Going On In Nevada, Worse Than Ballot Stuffing

Exposed: Voter Fraud Going On In Nevada, Worse Than Ballot Stuffing

What we will expose in this article is indicative of Voter Fraud in all States and in National Elections.

Is it illegals voting?   No.   Is it voter machine fraud? No.   Both are very serious, and they do happen.  The worst Voter Fraud is the politicians defrauding voters into thinking they are the opposite of what they really are.  This fraud often decides elections and swings more votes than the other forms of voter fraud.

Today while driving to buy groceries in Reno I heard two Ben Kieckhefer radio ads, minutes apart.  Both of his ads claimed that he was an anti tax conservative Republican, and one mentioned his primary opponent Gary Schmidt in a Nevada State Senate race for the district that includes the capitol, Carson City.  It just happens I have met and talked with both Ben and Gary.

His ads are typical of one of the worst things about modern political campaigns.

As background the first time I met Ben Kieckhefer was when he was running for office in 2010.  It was at a Nevada Republican Assemblies meeting and he made probably his most famous quote of his life,“THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST WILL HAPPEN BEFORE I WILL VOTE TO RAISE TAXES.”  He really said that, heard it first hand.  Later in the press he was quoted as saying“If I could get Jesus to walk through that door, I might trade taxes for it.”  He got a lot of support from conservative Republicans as a result, and won the election in 2010.

And as you will see in the following video, when he was specifically asked about one vote on a very large ($620 million) tax increase, that would be one of his first votes if elected, he said on TV that he would vote against it.

Being this article is about voter fraud, guess what he did?  Yes, in his first major opportunity to vote for a big tax increase, the same one he promised to vote against, he voted for it.   Those same conservatives that support him then, now generally detest him.  Think detest is too strong?   Here is what Chuck Muth, a well know Nevada conservative and columnist, had to say about him:

And then there’s Sen. Ben Kieckhefer. What a low-rent street-walker.

After famously declaring on Tax Day, April 15, that “If I could get Jesus to walk through that door, I might trade taxes for it.” Well, Jesus didn’t walk through any doors, yet Kieckhefer reportedly traded his vote on the budget deal for, get this….a lousy $25,000 for the arts council.

Yeah, there’s an essential government service!

Not only is Kieckhefer a political prostitute, he’s a cheap one at that! But fret not for young Ben’s future. Expect him to trade his Senate seat sometime after the session for a lucrative lobbying career. Maybe he can nab that coveted slot as the brothel association’s lobbyist to replace retiring George Flint.  

The truth is that Ben Kieckhefer defrauded the voters just as much as a dishonest car salesman that gives a sweet little old lady a test drive in a Cadillac STS, then sells it to her for $45,000,  then delivers a 1977 Yugo with a frozen engine.   In both cases the fraud greatly benefited the fraud that committed the fraud.


Is this unusual?  No it is standard procedure in American politics to create the most deceptive ads and slogans possible.  Remember “If you like your insurance, you can keep it, period!”  This will continue as long as we allow it, because it is very beneficial to the frauds that commit it.

It is not only okay for the news media to expose this and fight it, it is our duty.  The voters of America are being disenfranchised by this fraud.

You have heard the truth about what he has done.  There is more.  An independent organization in Nevada, Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) ranks all legislators in Nevada and Ben has one of the most anti-conservative voting records of Republicans, with a 46% rating, even below that of one Senate Democrat.

Politicians never say they are in favor of special interests and lobbyists, yet as we know, most are, and cater to them instead of the people.  How does Ben Kieckhefer rate on resisting lobbyists?

His campaign contributions records say he got $1,000 from a lobbying firm called


Lawyers & Lobbyists




How much influence does that lobbying firm have over Kieckhefer?  His full time job provides insight on that.  Ben works for that very same firm, full time.  For this he was singled out as having one of the worst conflicts of interests of any USA legislators by Public Integrity.   “Ben Kieckhefer, a Republican state Senator in Nevada, is also the director of corporate communications for a Las Vegas law firm. In 2011, he told the Reno Gazette-Journal that he talks with the lobbyists at his firm so he knows what they are working on. “We need to make sure I have a clear understanding of what they’re testifying on so I don’t have a conflict of interest I don’t know about,” he said.”

So its OK to have conflicts of interest that you know about? It is when people know about conflicts of interest, that the corruption happens!

His opponent Gary Schmidt is best known for fighting for many years for open meetings and against government secrecy as a citizen.  His policies have always been consistent, although for a while he registered as a Democrat because of disgust at Republicans that did not do, what they said they would during campaigns.  He has rather amazingly received the endorsement of the Nevada Republican Party, the NVRA and the Carson City Republican Party Central Committee, even though he is running against a Republican incumbent in a primary.  This further illustrates the disgust that conservatives have for Kieckhefer.

Yet with all the special interest money that Kieckhefer has got, he is running ads that could likely fool a voter that does not follow the news and politics much, which is most voters.   That is the scam that happens over and over in America.  The most serious form of voter fraud we have.   Now that you know the facts, have a listen to Kieckhefer’s ad.


The Carson City Chamber of Commerce will host a forum May 21 for primary election candidates

Were’ going to show up, protest and ask Mark Krueger and Sheriff Furlong some interesting questions… But wait, Mark Krueger has dropped out of this event! Stay tuned…


But it now looks like Mark “Freddy” Krueger is NOT GOING TO SHOW UP! DID HE DROP OUT OF THE RACE AFTER BEING DISGRACED? 

  • How much taxpayer money was spent on the retaliation of Ty Robben?
  • How much taxpayer money are the taxpayers paying Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger
  • When is “Judge’ John Tatro going to be charged or filing a FALSE police report against Ty Robben?
  • Why did the DA Mark Krueger and Neil Rombardo drop charges o a felon in possession of 60 loaded AK47 and AR15 firearms (and a large quantity of meth) against Keith Furr to testify against Robben when Furr actually solicited Robben according to the secret recordings that in act were not recorded via a “wire” and instead were illegally recorded via the cell intercom system?
  • When the CCSO and DA manufactured the surreptitious recordings, they broke the law by engaging in surreptitious recording and then fabricating the audio to add a header with Keith Furr saying he is wearing a wire and “working or the judge tatro”…
  • When Robben was in jail and the CCSO recorded the cell conversations, clearly the CCSO recorded other inmates informing Robben of an array of scandalous matters with Kenny Furlong and Judge Tatro that including homosexual acts with transvestites and pedophilia child molestation with young men.
  • Why is the CCSO covering up the shooting o Judge Tatro’s front door?  Clearly the “official” position from the CCSO that Levi Minor used a ‘BB gun” is bullshit and he was never charged or that. It is true that Levi Minor did admit that John Tatro had an affair with his mother “Crystal” who worked in the Carson City courthouse. So, with these undisputed acts, why is the CCSO still covering this matter up?
  • Many more questions will be brought out, stay tuned.
  • One of the big stories people are talking about is the CCSO does not give inmates their prescribed medications! Robben witness numerous Carson City jail inmates suffering because of this policy and custom by the CCSO.
    Dr Joseph McEllistrem


    In fact, the two “doctors” at the Carson City Jail named “Doctor Joe” or Dr. JOSEPH MCELLISTREM and Carson City Jail nurse practitioner David Ramsey are not legally M.D. doctors at all prescribing medications, or in this case taking them away from people in the most need.

  • Carson City Jail nurse practitioner David Ramsey

    David Ramsey

The Carson City Chamber of Commerce will host a forum May 21 for primary election candidates.

A spokesman said there are two Republican candidates for Assembly District 40 and two Republicans running for Senate District 16, which includes south Reno and Carson City.

In Senate District 16, GOP candidates Ben Kieckhefer, the incumbent, and perennial candidate Gary Schmidt will face off. There is also a Democrat, Michael Kelley, and Independent American, John Everhart. Neither has a primary race.

In District 40, Republicans Jed Block and PK O’Neill will face off for the seat the seat from which Pete Livermore is retiring. Democrat Dave Cook and Independent American John Wagner don’t have primary races.

There are four candidates in the Carson City Sheriff’s race: incumbent Ken Furlong, Don Gibson, Daniel Gonzales and Loren Houle.  The candidates for district attorney, the post being vacated by Neil Rombardo, are Assistant DA Mark Krueger and Carson lawyer Jason Woodbury.

Chamber officials say that even though there is no primary race in the supervisor’s races, the incumbent candidates have agreed to meet with their challengers.

The forum will be held in the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall beginning at 6 p.m. May 21.


Nevadagate by Guy Felton – Ombudsman for Nevada

Nevadagate a youtube series exposing Nevada government corruption  by GuyFelton – Ombudsman for Nevada.  These youtube videos dig into an array of Nevada government corruption, conspiracies and cover-ups. Guy Felton has helped the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement in his protesting efforts and his unique abilities to convey corruption in our youtube videos and his new series called Nevadagate. Please see Guy’s work below and visit his website

Guy Felton is WAS running for U. S. Congress in 2011. Hooray! In this video, Guy discusses the controversy and conspiracy  surrounding the former University of Nevada Reno (“UNR”) President Milton Glick who allegedly died of stroke at 73 – but was it really a suicide or murder?

Uploaded on May 28, 2011

Guy’s background includes: Marine Corps Reservist, Intelligence Operative, Police Officer, Classroom Teacher, Head of Negotiations for Nevada State Education Association (now having 27,000 members), Newspaper Columnist, Newspaper Photographer, Executive Jobsearch Consultant (Listed in “Who’s Who in America”), Volunteer Ombudsman for the People of Nevada (the latter resulting in being wrongfully arrested and jailed three times for legally challenging corrupt public officials in Washoe County including Commissioners Humke, Weber, and Larkin ~ as well as Washoe Manager Katy Simon, and Deputy D.A. Melanie Foster.)

Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption


Nevada government is permeated with a culture of corruption. Members of the state legislature meet for only 4 months every other year. This does not permit anything close to proper administration of the public affairs of Nevada’s 2.7-million residents.  Members of the upcoming 2013 legislative session are asked to answer tough-but-fair questions which might force changes for the better.
Part 2 of at least 3 intended parts

Published on Nov 7, 2012 by 

Part 1 of at least 3 parts.
Questions are raised on this video regarding Nevada government’s dismal report card grades issued by the State Integrity Investigation, and about Nevada’s Hell-hole prisons Continue reading