Retired corrupt Carson City judge Robey Willis was a drunk who had to breathalyze before the bench just like current judge John Tatro!

Apparently, Robey had enough and quit being a judge. He quit mid term because they made him breathalyze before the bench every day and he could not pass the test every time. 

We’re glad this sack of shit took the hint and left, when will the other child molesting judge John Tatro get the hint people hate his fucking guts (he has already been shot at) and get the fuck off the bench before he gets shot at again.

Also like his former corrupt counterpart, “Judge” John Tatro, Willis never even had a law degree or legal training! These idiots would just drink up at the Old Globe downtown.

 tatro gonna die

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judge tatro is gonna get whats coming very soon

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judge tatro cho moMost people around Carson City know Judge John Tatro has no law degree and has to breathalyze before taking the bench.

This so called “Judge” Tatro is a train-wreck also involved in other sex sandals that caused the shooting of his front door Like his butt buddy DA Neil Rombard who screwed his deputy DA and caused his divorce both these creeps need to go ASAP.


See the latest news on the corrupt court here – More scandals at the notoriously corrupt Carson City Courthouse – This time corrupt Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”

This piece of shit “judge” Tatro is nothing more than a liar,an alcoholic and recent statements from “confidential informants” claim Tatro is a “child molester”and had homosexual sexual relations with a young man he paid for sex.

We stand by the claim and even have the name of the victim. judge tarto sex offender

The CCSO knows who the informant is and the victim, they do nothing so we protested the FBI to investigate the mandatory complaint of “child molestation by John Tatro.

The CCSO (Carson City Sheriff) has the recording from the jail cell where the information and names were given to Ty Robben who has reported this crime but the CCSO just ignores Robben.

the local newspaper also has been failing to report the corruption: Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW censoring the news again?

tatro corrupt

tatro chomo

One thing “Judge” Tatro does is retaliate against people who criticize him. I was thrown in jail for alleged “libel”  by this corrupt mentally deranged son of a bitch.

The charges were dismissed because what I said was true including that fact Tatro needs to breathalyze before he takes the bench and he had an affair with a court clerk which led to the shooting of his front door.

The piece of shit Tatro filed a false criminal complaint as retaliation because according to his complaint, his wife is upset.

Good she should divorce you because you are a scumbag. Maybe Tatro should consider suicide? 

Ty Robben can assure the readers that this information is legit and he can back it up.

We stand by the claim and even have the name of the victim. 

judge tatro scandals
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FBI protest carson city courts fbi protest reno

jp tatro ruthless and toothless

judge tatro scandal

judge tatro scandal

Judge John Tatro lies on the witness stand

Judge John Tatro lies on the witness stand

judge tatro

Nevada Judge ohn Tatro ANTI Corruption protest

judge Nancy Oesterle is corrupt as hell

judge nancy oesterle

The idiot Nancy Oesterle came in on her broom from some shit hole in southern Nevada to clean up the fucked up mess created by the asshole judge in Carson City Nevada named John Tatro who is such a fuck up he keeps no court records so this bitch needs to cover up for him. Nancy Oesterle is as fucked up as Tatro. This cunt makes up the law and ignores facts and  just ignores the shit she can’t figure out. When a judge is this fucked up in the head, she should just take her fucking award and stick it up her ass and go away instead of being a judicial whore sucking more judicial judicial dick for the bribe money. Fuck you Nancy Oesterle, go to hell and fuck off you cunt.

judge Nancy Oesterle is corrupt as hell

Special Judicial Cannons for fucked up corrupt Nevada judges

1. short for American Bar Association or  2. Arrogant Bullshit Artists.
Abuse Of Discretion:
1. original meaning, now rarely used, was to describe a faulty process of reasoning when performing a discretionary act  2. now term means whatever suits our fancy  3. synonymous with term “Black Hole”, i.e. we know its out there but damn if we know what it is.
Ad Hoc Decision:
1. Whatever 2. A screwing so fine tuned it can target a specific hemorrhoid
Nancy Oesterle NEVADA JUDGE fuck you bitch
Aerobic Activity:
1. the healthy practice of going to and returning from back room meetings.
1. that which makes injustice impossible  2. the process where time and financial cost to litigants must never be taken into consideration  3. the process which allows us to do as we damn well please  4. that which covers our ass.
Arrogance or Arrogant:
1. Judicial self esteem  2. term used by the unenlightened to describe Judges and Lawyers who are confident and comfortable in their position  3. term applied to those with power to decide right from wrong without regarding right from wrong.
1. business partners  2. club members.
Back Room Meetings:
1. term synonymous with “open court.”
term commonly used by the unintelligent, uneducated or unenlightened when describing misunderstood Legal Analysis and Judicial Determinations.
Civil Rights:
1. formerly things like right to life, liberty and property  2. more recently things like the right not to be pinched in the ass and the right to marry insects.
1. common cause of rectal pain in the Judiciary  2. great document for the resourceful and effective  3. should be condensed for the unresourceful and ineffective.
Common Sense:
1. form of logic reserved for common people  2. objectively unverifiable form of logic  3. form of logic that minimizes or eliminates the highly specialized hair splitting , perpetuitous analysis that helps us appear more intelligent than the masses  4. form of logic non expert in nature.
1. due process for the assertive or uncooperative  2. the means by which the Judiciary molds attorneys.
1. judicial free will  2. a great “catch all” to justify whatever it is we do.  3. former meaning dealt with judicial exercise in areas where there was no clear law or hard and fast rules. Today discretion is omnipresent.
Discretionary Act:
1. the exercise of judicial free will unencumbered by law, reason, logic or common sense.
Due Process:
1. perpetuity  2. perpetual motions  3. legal and procedural minutiae  4. selective adherence to the Secret Canons Of Judicial Conduct  5. process which is not paid for.  6. First, decide how we want the case to go.  Second, formulate a legal logic to support our decision.  Third, manipulate, dissect or eliminate the facts and evidence to support our decision.  Then the rubber stamp doctrine of “judicial discretion” will prevent most decisions from being overturned!
End Result:
1. one of the things not to be considered [others being race, color, sex etc.] when rendering legal decisions except when professional embarrassment, media attention or upsetting the status quo will result  2. that which can negatively affect objectivity.
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