Date of discovery: May 2010, updated video.
Location of discovery: Nevada, 3rd dry lake left of Area 51, USAF base, USA
Google Coordinates:  36°55’35.30″N  116° 0’25.41″W

This is an updated video I made about the 30 meter UFO found at the base I believe to be area S4. Bob Lazar said in an interview video that Area S4 was the third dry lake bed from Area 51…that is here! But others seem to spread disinformation that this is Area S6. Lately I read on the news that they just now noticed this Area S6 on Google map, wondering what it might be? LOL, figures. I believe that people were told they were being taken to Papoose Lake, but were actually being taken to the next dry lake bed as seen in these photos. Remember, Lazar was riding in a bus with blacked out windows. He only heard where he was going, he could not see out the windows.




I actually found 3 UFOs in the area, but I only care about this one…its magnificent and its huge. If you want to see all three, look at my old 2010 video at the bottom of this post.

I’ve known since 2010 what it might be…a climate controlled hanger that holds a 30 meter disk. The hanger was built around the disk and apparently they had difficulty flying it in the beginning, so they built the hanger around it with 180 degree doors to open allowing it to leave when they fly it. The renewed the airport runway here and all the structures, and there are often 2 or more new small passenger planes to carry scientists in and out secretly.

Warning: you will not find this UFO if you do not follow the instructions of how to turn the clock back on the google map photos! So watch carefully please.
Scott C. Waring







1st video below I made this week. Newest.  
This 2nd video below I made back in 2010.


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US soldiers dropped over UFO Crash site in Nevada Desert ! March 2016

mufonUS soldiers dropped over UFO Crash site in Nevada Desert !

March 2016 – USA, Nevada desrt. US paratroopers dropped over UFO crash site. A large crater has been reported by soldiers. Click here to read the complete article :…

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You know Area 51, but just what in the world is Area 6?


The asphalt runway stretches for a mile on Yucca Flat, deep in the Nevada National Security Site about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas.Built in 2005, the runway covers a dirt landing strip from the 1950s, when the wide, flat valley was used for atomic bomb test shots. A small complex of buildings dominated by a large hangar with unusual clamshell doors dominates the southern end of the asphalt strip.

The complex has no official name. Not many people even know it’s there.

As secret airbases go, the single runway in the test site’s Area 6 is easily overshadowed by the world’s most famous secret military base, Area 51, a dozen miles northeast. Area 51’s existence was only recently acknowledged, even after decades of speculation by UFO enthusiasts that the aircraft development and test facility also houses space aliens and extraterrestrial technology.

Unlike Area 51, which is protected by shoot-to-kill security and shielded from outside view by mountain ranges, Area 6 has only fences and visitor checkpoints. It can be seen at a distance from tour buses on the highway to historic bomb craters at the northern end of Yucca Flat.

But exactly what goes on at the much smaller and much newer Area 6 is still top-secret defense research-and-development work. It’s so hush-hush that the security site’s spokesman can say little about it.

Darwin Morgan, a spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration, said the low-key Area 6 facilities have been used by the Defense and Homeland Security departments.

“They come here to test their own sensors,” he recently said after spending months fending off questions about the Area 6 runway from the Review-Journal.


Other than a few “Above Top Secret” forum posts from 2009, and a Wikipedia blurb that cites a 2011 Flightglobal story saying the runway is part of an unmanned aerial vehicle test facility, little has been written about the Area 6 runway.

Flightglobal, an aviation industry website, noted a five-sentence description of the Area 6 “aerial operations facility” found in a 7,500-page safety report on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project.

“The purpose of this facility is to construct, operate, and test a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles. Tests include, but are not limited to, airframe modifications, sensor operation, and onboard computer development. A small, manned chase plane is used to track the unmanned aerial vehicles,” reads the report Energy Department contractor Bechtel SAIC prepared in 2008 for the Yucca Mountain repository license application.

The National Nuclear Security Administration is a semi-autonomous branch of the Energy Department. Its Nevada field office, based in North Las Vegas, runs the security site.

What it costs to operate Area 6 is difficult to determine. Funding is buried in the Nevada field office’s Strategic Partnership Program, which was part of the $84 million budgeted for the entire security site in fiscal year 2015. Program funding was about 13.5 percent of the field office’s $622 million total budget that year.

The program’s activities include research and development of sensors for detecting explosive materials, deadly gases and chemicals, and radioactive sources that could be used in “dirty bombs.”

Biological weapon sources aren’t allowed at the security site, according to its environmental impact statement.

Portable radiation monitors and some sensors used in airports and at ports of entry have evolved from the program.

Morgan said agencies in the Strategic Partnership Program take advantage of the security site’s restricted airspace to test sensor-equipped aircraft work without public interference or spying from space.

“We have controlled airspace and that gives them opportunities to test various types of platforms,” he said.

Most of the strategic partnership money comes from Defense Department branches: the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

“We do a wide variety of work for others … supporting people with sensor development activities,” Morgan said. “It evolved from the nuclear testing program. We had to have very good sensors to collect data in a split second before they were obliterated.”

Morgan said the Area 6 runway and its apron were built by Bechtel Nevada, the site’s management and operations contractor at the time, at a cost of $9.6 million. The buildings were constructed over several years, and cost figures aren’t immediately available.

As seen from above on Google Earth, the complex is dominated by the clamshell-door hangar and four smaller outbuildings connected by what appear to be covered walkways. Two smaller modern hangars and an older one used during atomic test days round out the facility. Morgan said antennas were installed to allow ground operators to control the flight of unmanned aerial system aircraft.


The National Nuclear Security Administration has kept Area 6 so low profile that even defense industry experts were unaware of it.

“I had not heard about it,” said John Pike, director of, an Alexandria, Va.-based defense information website.

But Pike’s associate, imagery analyst Tim Brown, has estimated the hangar complex could hold about 15 MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted spy planes.

Pike said the length of the runway suggests Area 6 is used for small planes or remotely piloted aircraft such as Predator and Reaper reconnaissance drones.

Bigger spy planes, such as the jet-powered RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aircraft system, are flown from the Tonopah Test Range by the 30th Reconnaissance Squadron assigned to a Creech Air Force Base wing. It’s unclear if the Sentinel or smaller versions would be flown from Area 6, but Pike said the runway is too small for large jets and bombers. Takeoffs and landings would be tight for an F-16, for example, and an F-15 would need an even longer strip for safe maneuvers.

Pike said aircraft likely in use at Area 6 are best suited for surveillance of hidden targets, weapons or personnel on the ground, particularly in sparsely populated areas. The security site’s high-desert terrain is similar to what might be found in the “boondocks” of Libya, he noted.

“There is a well-founded fear that evildoers are stalking around out there — ISIS and al-Qaida,” he said of Libya. “You have to imagine that trying to develop targeting signatures in this type of mountainous desert terrain. That’s got to be a really high priority … not constrained by funding.”

“I can’t think about a better place to do it where you wouldn’t have civilians stumbling on what you’re doing,” he said in reference to the security site.

So what would stray civilians see if they could stumble in?

Pike offers an educated guess: Sensor arrays made up of more than 350 smartphone cameras mounted on an MQ-9 Reaper that can record and archive movements of people and vehicles over an area of about 40 square miles.

It is known in the unmanned aerial vehicle community as the “Gorgon Stare,” derived from Gorgon monsters of Greek mythology whose gaze was so dreadful it was said to turn a person into stone. While the sensors can’t do that, they can keep terrorist targets from evading the sights of U.S. weapons.

According to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency website, sensor development has soared to new heights under ARGUS, or the Autonomous Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance program.

The goal is to “provide at least 130 independently steerable video streams to enable real-time tracking of individual targets throughout the field of view. The ARGUS-IR system will also provide continuous updates of the entire field of view for enhanced situational awareness,” the defense tech agency website says.

Pike said improving ARGUS and similar sensor capabilities might be among the activities taking place at Area 6.

“The thing you get with ARGUS is time-lapse photography. If there’s a rock out there that’s moving, maybe that’s a rock you ought to be paying attention to. Maybe it has to do with evildoers,” he said.

“I would assume they have airplanes and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) they’re flying around out there to see what they can see,” Pike said.

“If they would let me run the thing, I’d tell (special operation troops) to go out and do the best in terms of infiltration,” he said. “Then turn loose the sensors and see if we could find them, play hide-and-seek.”

Contact Keith Rogers at or 702-383-0308. Find him on Twitter: @KeithRogers2

Feds Expand Area 51 by Taking Family’s Property Federal Judge Miranda Du decided to take the land from the Sheahans after the Air Force argued private land ownership in the area was no longer compatible with security and safety concerns connected with their training and testing.

Area 51, NevadaBY:

A federal judge signed an order stripping a Nevada family of their property overlooking Area 51 and handing it over to the United States Air Force on Friday.

The order comes a month after the Sheahan family, who owns the property and the mine located on it, refused a settlement offer from the government that offered to buy the land for $5.2 million.

“I have a geologist friend who I took out there, who’s just a buff, and he said it is literally almost priceless,”  Barbara Sheahan told CBS 8. “There is so much there, not only the ore, which is in the ground that can be mined but in all the intrinsic value of what’s on the land.”

The property, located next to the Air Force base at Groom Lake that’s commonly referred to as Area 51, has been in the Sheahan family since the 1870s. The family had no interest in selling it to the Air Force despite the large amount of money offered.

Federal Judge Miranda Du decided to take the land from the Sheahans after the Air Force argued private land ownership in the area was no longer compatible with security and safety concerns connected with their training and testing.

Federal Judge Miranda Du decided to take the land from the Sheahans after the Air Force argued private land ownership in the area was no longer compatible with security and safety concerns connected with their training and testing.

Federal Judge Miranda Du decided to take the land from the Sheahans after the Air Force argued private land ownership in the area was no longer compatible with security and safety concerns connected with their training and testing.

The family said the use of eminent domain was just another example of government abuse they’d faced.

“This has been, like I said, a 60-plus-year nothing short of criminal activity on the part of the federal government, the AEC, Black Ops, CIA and you can go on and on,” Joe Sheahan told the news station. “There’s nothing fair, there’s nothing anything remotely close to that involved in this process.”

“But there never has been either, so it’s nothing new,” Barbara Sheahan added. “But we would like to change it at least to get our stuff out and be paid the value.”

A jury will now decide how much compensation the Sheahans will receive for their land.


“[N]othing short of criminal activity on the part of the federal government…”

Watch: The Groom Mine Family spoke to Infowars last month about how the federal government was trying to force them off their land which has been in their family since the 1870’s. During the interview, family members describe bombing raids, 50 caliber machine gun assaults and open air nuclear testing all done by our federal government in order to scare the Sheahans off their working mine:


Last month, the Sheahan family was facing eviction threats from the U.S. federal government for refusing a $5.2 million buyout to vacate their 400-acre mine near Area 51 that has been in their family since the late 1800s. And it’s now official: a federal judge’s pen officially took the land and handed it over to the United States Air Force.

The family resisted the initial offer saying the property is worth far more because of the rich ore it contains but also the buildings, mining equipment, and the unique history of the property, which still holds the remains of past family members. An agreement has yet to be worked out as to where the bones will go.
A News Channel 8 report states the family has asked for a jury trial to determine what the Air Force will have to pay for the contents of the property. Though the USAF valued the acreage at only $1.5 million, they offered nearly five times as much to the family. The report states that “the issues will be limited” in a jury trial as to what financial responsibility belongs to the Air Force.
“This has been, like I said, a 60-plus year nothing short of criminal activity on the part of the federal government, the AEC, Black Ops, CIA and you can go on and on,” said Joe Sheahan.

For now, the family will continue its efforts to receive a proper valuation of their property; one that has survived nuclear blast testing in the ’50s and ’60s, as well as building damage from a jettisoned engine from an aircraft.

“There’s nothing fair, there’s nothing anything remotely close to that involved in this process,” Sheahan said. “But there never has been either, so it’s nothing new. But we would like to change it at least to get our stuff out and be paid the value.”

Nevada Land Grab: Air Force Decides to Condemn Private Land Near Area 51

With no counteroffer on the table, the Air Force let its final $5.2 million offer expire at 3 p.m. Thursday and asked the Justice Department to condemn the Sheahan family’s Groom Mine property and claims near the classified Area 51 installation.

Groom Mine co-owners Joe and Ben Sheahan had sent an email Thursday morning to an Air Force real estate chief saying they “are willing to sit down and negotiate” a counteroffer for sale of their 400 acres of property and mining claims, within sight of the remote Air Force location.

But at 2:18 p.m., David Walterscheid, real estate transactions chief at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, replied to the Sheahans, saying that according to a July 2014 letter from Joe Sheahan, “the owners did not want to make a counteroffer or grant access to the property” for an appraisal.

“We are not prepared to offer more than $5.2M for the property,” Walterscheid said in his reply Thursday to the Sheahans.

Nellis Air Force Base later released a statement from Jennifer Miller, assistant secretary of the Air Force for installations, saying, “After exhausting all reasonable efforts to negotiate a sale and the landowners’ rejection of the Air Force’s offers, the Air Force requested the Department of Justice file a condemnation action in Federal District Court.”

She said an appraisal wasn’t made because the Air Force wasn’t permitted to enter the property.

“The Air Force will pay just compensation for the claims as determined by the court based on evidence submitted by the parties. We are proceeding in a manner consistent with the law that will strike an appropriate balance in protecting the rights of the landowners while recognizing the demands of national security,” Miller’s statement said.

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Area 51: My Journey to Tikaboo Peak, First Ever Live Stream of Base and South Hangar Make Sure to Watch In HD.
This is my Journey to the Top of Tikaboo Peak for the First Ever Live Stream of Area 51 & 1st Pics of the New Southern Hangar. Along the way, you will see clips from areas i passed through. I also detail the path to Tikaboo and the best tactics for streaming. There will be more exclusive footage from this trip coming down the road. We have a lot of footage to still go through. Stay tuned for more, Much Love!­eds/

Big Live Event! 2 Days After Jade Helm Begins, Huge Red Flag Exercise Starts In Nevada

Here will be a twist to this years Red Flag & Green Flag Events In Nevada by the Legendary Area 51. Starting on July 17th, 2 days after Jade Helm 15 Begins, The 2 Flag Operations will Overlap for 15 days. This will call for non stop action in the skies 24/7.  Paul Flores aka DarkSkyWatcher74 has invited me out to film the event. He has filmed it and and will Broadcast LIVE This Year.  This event has troops from all over participating in it.
The timing and location are interesting as well, as Nevada is a Jade Helm State and will be hosting this massive event at the same time Jade Helm Kicks Off!  There will be more updates at we get closer to the event. Much Love! Make Sure to Sub to DarkSkyWatcher74 For Daily Space Events from Kingman Arizona.… will be covering the red and green flag events that overlap this year for 15 days. You heard me 15 days of heart pounding thrills. The sky will be filled 24 hours a day for this operation. This is a dream event for live broadcasting. Let’s make this happen for 2015. We have all the upgraded gear this year and are itching to use it. Check out this video of the Red Flag Operations an inside look

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Thank you, DarkSkyWatcher, DAHBOO7 & the PSI Team!

Area 51 in Nevada was used to film the NASA Apollo 11 moon landings

Full moon rising!  This was a sagebrush stop and shot the moon.

Japanese Orbiter Finds No Evidence Apollo Missions Landed On Moon

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There is something wrong with US mission to the Moon. The legendary space mission is still shrouded in mystery. Mankind still has a number of reasons to cast doubt on the miracle of inter-planetary flights. Many people still say that US astronauts have never landed on the Moon.

Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter took several pictures of the site, where Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 supposedly landed in 1971 and 1972. If the astronauts had ever landed there, they should have left a lot of equipment on the site, including the rovers, on which they traveled on the surface of the Earth’s satellite. The pictures, which the Japanese rover took, showed not even the slightest hint of the US presence on the Moon.

There was only a spot of dust seen on the photograph of the site, from which Apollo-15 blasted off on its journey back to Earth. The spot, NASA said, was a firm evidence of Apollo’s presence on the Moon.

It is an open secret that the Moon’s entire surface is all covered with a thick layer of dust. US astronauts took many pictures of their shoeprints on the Moon’s surface. Joseph Skipper, a researcher of lunar and Martian anomalies, has many questions about the evidence, which the lunar dust provides. A number of images, made by the US astronauts showed their lunar rover standing at a distance from the landing module. There can be no wheel tracks seen on the pictures – as if the rover had flown from the lander to the site where it was photographed.

One may assume that the lunar ground was too hard for the wheel tracks to appear in it. However, there are many shoeprints in the dust around the rover. They can be seen even underneath the rover, although there are no wheel tracks on the ground at all.

Many people say that the US astronauts have never landed on the moon and that the entire mission is a fake. Others say that the missions took place, although the astronauts did not land on the Moon every time they traveled there. They could probably exaggerate their success to baffle the USA ’s major rival in the space race – the USSR.
It is not ruled out, though, that the discovered anomalies can be explained. They can be probably connected with certain peculiarities of the lunar dust and its interaction with electrostatic charges. However, serious scientists prefer not to throw too much light on the subject.
This article was posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 2:03 pm


AUGUST 11, 2012

  • Explosive new photos reveal secret “movie set” for staged “Mars Landing”.
  • So-called “Mars landing” was filmed entirely in Nevada.
  • The whole thing is a modern-day Judeo conspiracy!


Following on from our recent report exposing the so-called “Mars landing” of the land rover “Curiosity” as an elaborate hoax, we have been inundated with phone calls and emails from concerned citizens like you, who are similarly outraged at this monumental waste of hardworking taxpayers’ dollars being spent on the greatest hoax of our time purely designed to re-elect Barack Obama and distract attention away from the perilous state of the US economy, rampant unemployment and civil unrest.

11 Mars Fraud Nevada TURKEY photo Army POUCH impossible Spirit Tracks Hoax Busted Feb 2014

See video here:


But the horror doesn’t end there. No it does not. With thanks to our exclusive sources, we can reveal that the entire NASA “mission to Mars” is an elaborate modern-day judeo conspiracy designed to destroy Christianity and our way life.

And it goes all the way to the top right to the President’s office. From the ranks of lowly NASA employees sworn to secrecy, to Hollywood movie directors paid millions to produce and direct the so-called “landing sequence” broadcast to millions of households across the globe.

And we’ve got the evidence to prove it!

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classified airline called “Janet” that operates out of Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport which transports contractors and government workers to and from the Nevada National Security Site (Area 51)

Aviation Feature – “Janet Airlines”

On the face of it, a dull looking collection of Boeing 737s operating from a drab terminal at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, but delve a little deeper and you’ll discover the most exclusive airline in the world. Paul Dunn examines the rather murky world of ‘Janet Airlines’.

© Paul Dunn -

The Luxor Casino Hotel provides a somewhat surreal backdrop to the Janet Terminal at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport © Paul Dunn –

The Nevada desert is the location for some of the most secret facilities in the United States. The Nevada National Security Site (NNSS, formerly the Nevada Test Site, NTS) was the location for around 1,000 nuclear detonations, and the area is still used for subcritical nuclear testing, along with a variety of other, often highly classified, weapons and military equipment tests. The NNSS covers 1,360 square miles, with its southern boundary located approximately 65 miles north of Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada.

© Paul Dunn -

The Mandalay Bay casino resort dominates the background as this Janet 737-600 departs runway 01L at Las Vegas, bound for Tonopah Test Range Airport © Paul Dunn –

The NNSS contains at least two airfields within its boundaries, both of which are synonymous with the testing of exotic aircraft and technologies. The first of these is Tonopah Test Range Airport. In the past, this airfield was associated with operation of covertly acquired foreign aircraft, such as the various MiGs operated by the 4477th Tactical Evaluation Flight, the existence of which is now fairly well known and officially acknowledged, but was highly secret at the time. Later, of course, came the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, which was introduced to service at Tonopah, and spent the early, classified part of its operational career at the airfield, before the fleet moved to Holloman AFB in the early 1990s.

© Paul Dunn -

Having delivered its passengers to their work location within the NNSS, this Janet 737 turns finals for runway 19R at McCarran © Paul Dunn –

Today, the airfield is known to be used for the operation of UAVs such as the RQ-170 Sentinel, and the now-retired F-117 fleet is stored there. Rumours have circulated over the last few years that a small number of F-117s are still flying; despite several photos being circulated online (and a number of new ones emerging in recent days), no official announcement has been made, and the purpose of these flights is not known. Clearly, however, some clandestine activities still occur at the airfield, although it is best classed as a ‘grey’ site rather than ‘black’, as its location and existence are officially acknowledged by the USAF.

Far more ‘secret’, but ironically much more well known, is the airfield at Groom Lake, the notorious Area 51. Leaving aside the more outlandish theories of captured spacecraft and alien autopsies, the airfield is known to have been the location for some of the more exotic technologies to be tested over the last few decades. Originally the test flying location for the CIA’s Lockheed U-2, the airfield was later also used for testing the agency’s A-12 Blackbird spy plane.

The USAF used the airfield for foreign aircraft testing, but also for highly classified ‘Black Projects’; many of these are almost certainly still not in the public domain, but some of the more successful programs have now become widely known. These include the Have Blue demonstrator, which led directly to the F-117 and the Tacit Blue program, which yielded data for Northrop’s B-2 Spirit project. Undoubtedly, many more projects have been tested at the airfield over the years, and most will probably remain unknown for many years to come.

Today, the airfield is designated Detachment 3, Air Force Test Center, and as such is a remote unit of Edwards AFB. Little is known about activities there, and the US government is not forthcoming with information about it, although the airfield can be clearly seen on Google Earth and other mapping software.

The classified projects that are undertaken at the various NNSS facilities require a relatively large number of personnel and contractors. By their very nature, the locations for testing are extremely remote, and it is not practical for contractors to live on site for anything other than short periods; family members would surely not be welcome either! The more sensitive projects are also thought to be highly ‘compartmentalised’, meaning that a contractor working on a specific project would not be allowed access to other projects at the same location, which would also appear to make spending prolonged periods on base impractical from a security point of view.

© Paul Dunn -

Janet flights generally use runways 01/19L/R for operations, and are busiest in the early mornings and late afternoons. Here it is a case of one out, one in, as a departing crew holds short of the runway while some of their colleagues land © Paul Dunn –

To get around this, many of the contractors commute from or through Las Vegas, the largest town in the area. Transporting workers to and from the sites in the NNSS is the responsibility of the USAF, through a private contract firm, URS Corporation (formerly EG&G); this airline is nicknamed ‘Janet Airlines’, due to its callsign.

© Paul Dunn -

A Saturday morning finds the entire fleet of Janet 737s parked outside the terminal at McCarran. Services do not normally operate at weekends © Paul Dunn –

EG&G began transporting workers to Groom Lake in the early 1970s using a single DC-6. Another aircraft was later added to the fleet, and eventually the older propliners were replaced by newer Boeing 737-200s. Throughout the 1980s, the fleet consisted of five 737-200s, which were replaced in the early 1990s by similar aircraft. Of the later batch of six aircraft operated, five were actually former USAF T-43 navigation trainers; surplus to training requirements, they were converted to passenger configuration and delivered to EG&G. The aircraft received civilian registrations, but the USAF remained the owner, with the aircraft being registered to the Department of the Air Force, with an address at Hill AFB listed on the FAA database. Interestingly, when these aircraft were eventually retired in 2008/9, they were placed in storage at AMARG at Davis-Monthan AFB, further betraying their real ownership.

© Tom Gibbons -

This 737-200 is actually a former USAF T-43, converted back to passenger configuration. Seen landing at Las Vegas in the late 1990s, this aircraft was retired to AMARG in 2009 © Tom Gibbons –

© Paul Filmer -

A genuine 737-200 (as opposed to a T-43), N4529W was originally delivered to Pacific Western Airlines in 1973, before being acquired by EG&G in 1983. Retired in 2008 © Paul Filmer –

© Scott Rathbone -

N5175U was another former USAF T-43. Retired in 2009, now stored at AMARG © Scott Rathbone –

Today, EG&G has been absorbed into URS Corporation, which has assumed operation of the shuttle service to the NNSS. The current fleet consists of six Boeing 737-600s which were acquired second hand from Air China, with four of the fleet being previously operated by the now defunct China Southwest Airlines. In common with the previous 737-200s, the fleet carries an anonymous but nonetheless distinctive colour scheme, featuring a broad red stripe on a white fuselage and no airline titles. All aircraft are registered to the Department of the Air Force and leased to URS. They carry non-sequential registrations and also feature fleet numbers on the nose.

© Paul Dunn -

Fleet number 201, N319BD was formerly operated by the now defunct airline China Southwest Airlines and later passed to Air China. It was acquired by EG&G in 2008 © Paul Dunn –

© Paul Dunn -

Fleet number 202, N869HH was also delivered to China Southwest (registered B-2156) before passing to Air China. Operated by EG&G since 2008 © Paul Dunn –

© Paul Dunn -

Fleet number 203, N859WP was formerly B-2160 with China Southwest and subsequently Air China. Passed to EG&G in 2009 © Paul Dunn –

© Paul Dunn -

Fleet number 204, N273RH was delivered new to Air China as B-5023. Registered to EG&G in March 2009 © Paul Dunn –

© Paul Dunn -

Fleet number 205, N365SR was formerly B-5027, new to Air China in 2003, joined the fleet in 2009 © Paul Dunn –

© Paul Dunn -

Fleet number 206, N288DP was the final ex-Air China 737 to be delivered to EG&G; the former B-5037 was delivered in July 2009 © Paul Dunn –

In addition to the 737s, the company uses five turboprop aircraft, consisting of two Beech 1900Cs and three King Air B200Cs. These aircraft do not carry the well-known Janet livery, nor do they use the Janet callsign and they do not seem to see such regular use as the 737s.

Janet operations take place from a dedicated terminal at Las Vegas McCarran Airport; the nondescript building is located on the west side of runways 01/19L/R. From this terminal, a busy schedule operates on weekdays, with around 20 return flights departing for both airfields in the NNSS. The majority of departures apparently head for Groom Lake, with a slightly smaller number bound for Tonopah. Despite this, all the services are flight planned with a destination of “Tonopah Test Range”, and Groom Lake/Area 51 (also apparently known as Homey Airport, KXTA) is never mentioned.

The flights operate to a daily schedule (which can be obtained online from several websites) and, surprisingly, the services can also be tracked by online flight tracking sites such as Flight Aware. Although all flights give Tonopah as the destination, the services to and from Groom Lake can be identified as the ones which consistently arrive ‘early’ – Groom Lake is 83 miles from Las Vegas, Tonopah is 140 miles away. The Groom Lake flights also ‘disappear’ from the map display before reaching their official destination.

Although most of the Janet operations are conducted to Groom Lake and Tonopah, there are a small number of scheduled services to Air Force Plant 42 at Palmdale, CA. Plant 42 is home to the special projects divisions of several aerospace companies, notably Lockheed’s legendary Skunk Works; undoubtedly workers from these organisations are involved in projects being tested in the Nevada desert. The smaller aircraft in the fleet have also been noted at other locations such as Edwards AFB, NAWS China Lake and NAS Point Mugu, all locations involved in aircraft and weapons testing.

© Paul Dunn -

Aside from McCarran, Palmdale Regional Airport is one of the very few ‘public’ places where Janet 737s can be seen; N319BD is seen here conducting crew training at PMD in 2011 © Paul Dunn –

Probably the most exclusive airline in the world – you certainly can’t buy a ticket to their destinations! – for many (myself included), ‘Janet Airlines’ is a source of fascination. Some airlines and organisations have unusual equipment or colourful schemes. The Janet aircraft are fairly dull looking 737s, but they are interesting for what they represent, rather than what they actually are. They are an intrusion from another world, a highly classified world that doesn’t officially exist, a world of cutting-edge technology and advanced machines, although it is certain that the most interesting projects such as secret aircraft types are a tiny fragment of the work undertaken, hugely outnumbered by much more mundane, but vital, work on weapons systems, countermeasures and the like.

The constant comings and goings of the Janet aircraft at McCarran Airport shows that, although we may never know quite what, something interesting is going on in the desert, and surely some of it will emerge from the ‘Black World’ in the future. Let’s hope so anyway…

Nevada’s Area 51 Museum reopening with “authentic alien artifacts”

Nevada's Area 51 Museum reopening with

Two years ago last month, an exhibit titled Area 51: Myth or Reality, debuted at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas to rave reviews. Now, the temporary exhibit is not only being extended, it’s growing, even including what the curators are calling an “authentic alien artifact”.

The exhibit was added to the Smithsonian-affiliated museum to give former employees of the top secret base a place to display and discuss their declassified work. Of course, while the history of military spy-plane development is awesome, there’s an entire section of the exhibit dedicated exclusively to the one thing on everyone’s minds: UFO crashes.

One of the most interesting pieces of Area 51: Myth or Reality is a collection of strange artifacts from an event often referred to as the Russian Roswell. On January 29, 1986, a strange-looking sphere was reported streaking through the sky over the Soviet Union mining town of Dalnegorsk. The unidentified object then crashed into Mount Izvestkovaya, where debris from the craft was collected by the Academy of Sciences.

Eventually, some of the debris, in the form of perfectly round glass spheres, made their way to journalist George Knapp, who decided to lend the pieces to the display.


“I don’t think the Russian scientists ever said it was out-of-this-world, but it had unusual properties. Some of the stuff went to academies and it never came back,” Knapp told reporters.

Three Soviet academic centers and 11 research institutes analyzed the objects from this UFO crash. The distance between atoms is different from ordinary iron. Radar cannot be reflected from the material. Elements in the material may disappear and new ones appear after heating. One piece disappeared completely in front of four witnesses. The core of the material is composed of a substance with anti-gravitational properties.

The Area 51 Museum has become so popular that they’ve decided to expand the exhibit to accomodate even more great stuff. According to museum director Allan Palmer, the temporary exhibit has proved to be so popular that they’ve gotten clearance to keep it open for another two years.


To get in on the action, head to the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Area 51 Scientist Reveals Nibiru Timeline! DUMBS & More

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


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Author’s Note– Generally ANP takes Informer News updates with a grain of salt, but when listening to the video below and connecting it to a recent article  titled “Nibiru Incoming! -”Something Is Really Strange” – Quayle, Fletcher, In A Must-Listen To Hagmann And Hagmann Show!” where we visit Mr. Fletchers website and the overwhelmingly evidence he has provided on underground DUMBS, cities, tunnels and more, with Mr. Fletcher informing listeners that he went into his research convinced that Nibiru was simply “science fiction” and end up being convinced that Nibiru IS incoming, I decided this video should be seen because much of the information matches.


The original Hagmann and Hagmann interview with Fletcher will be shown below the Informer News video so readers can compare the information for themselves and judge accordingly.


Endtimes23 brings us this week’s Informer News where they claim that information passed on to them by an Area 51 Scientist & EX 2nd Lientenant in the Marine Corps, reveals a timeline for Nibiru aka Planet X’s closest approach to earth.


Also included in the video below, via the video details: “The Top secret Deep Underground Military Bases DUMBS unknown to most American s that where ordered to be built by the Elite so they could survive this coming Nibiru Event this construction of massive city like contructions has been going on for decades also The Horned Star and her escorts warnings from the ancients THE DESTROYER IS COMING and Bank Employees issued with SURVIVAL KITS.”


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Nevada 1951 – area 51 – cancer…
“When testing ended in 1992, the Department of Energy estimated that more than 300 megacuries (11 EBq) of radioactivity remained in the environment at that time, making the site one of the most radioactively contaminated locations in the United States. ”

Atomic Fallout from Testing 1957 Nevada USA

“St. George, Utah received the brunt of the fallout of above-ground nuclear testing in the Yucca Flats/Nevada Test Site. Winds routinely carried the fallout of these tests directly through St. George and southern Utah. Marked increases in cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, bone cancer, brain tumors, and gastrointestinal tract cancers were reported from the mid-1950s through 1980”

Governors Of 5 States In Heated Battle Over Secret Tech Project Known As “Operation Bluestar” Is This The New Area 51? (Video)

Governors of five states are in a heated battle over a secret tech project known as “Operation Bluestar.” The stakes couldn’t be higher for the states involved— the chance to disrupt $737 billion of the U.S. economy and impact 8 million jobs. Forbes describes the end game of what’s been put in motion as “world changing.” The top military think tank, the Rocky Mountain Institute, labeled its impact as the equivalent of “reinventing fire.”

See More: Experts have dubbed Operation BlueStar the “New Area 51.” Once you see what’s going to be built there, you’ll understand why this has been kept so secret. 

Few Americans have any idea what Operation BlueStar is, or how it’s about to transform this country. That’s why 34-year Silicon Valley insider Michael Robinson performed his own investigation into it. Robinson says there’s an “economic war” brewing among the states trying to control Operation BlueStar, which could be the biggest development project of the decade.

He says California was the early front-runner to secure rights to the project, but that status has faded.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has viciously made his way to the forefront of the fight. He’s even appeared on Fox News and other media outlets pitching his state’s case. Besides California and Texas, three other states are fighting for control of Operation Bluestar. But, Robinson believes the base will encompass multiple states. Robinson isn’t the only one investigating Operation Bluestar.

Morgan Stanley released its own report on the project and determined that, “We are witnessing the most disruptive intersection of manufacturing, innovation, and capital experienced in more than a century.” Wired Magazine believes this will usher in a “truly transformative revolution.” But what Robinson has discovered that others haven’t is unique evidence that points to the exact site that this secretive project, which is projected to be 1,000 acres and include a 10-million square foot facility, will be built.

For full access to Robinson’s research on Operation Bluestar, including a detailed map of America’s most top-secret tech base, go hereDetailed map of America’s most top secret base.

Attack On Area 51? The Untold Story Full Length Documentary Watch Now 2013!

Published on Jun 3, 2013 UFO Sightings Area 51 Disclosure Shocking Insight on J-Rod Whistle Blower Speaks Watch Now! C. Ronald Garner — Producer l Writer –Stargate Productions since 1999. Technician for 20th Century Fox — Deluxe Laboratories — Consolidated Films — MGM Company Co-owner of Roswell UFO Enigma Museum (presently in storage), Roswell New Mexico —Official Videographer / Photographer for the Society for ScientificExploration, Princeton N.J. Documentary Film Maker “WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON 9 / 11?” and “INDICTMENT”, an expose of Oklahoma City Bombing. Producer of more than 100 various video productions. UFO/ Paranormal Researcher for over 30 years.

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Nevada meet Jim Marrs – An American former newspaper journalist and New York Times best-selling author of books and articles on a wide range of alleged cover ups and conspiracies.

Nevada meet Jim Marrs – An American former newspaper journalist and New York Times best-selling author of books and articles on a wide range of alleged cover ups and conspiracies.

We have footage from Jim Marrs in Nevada and other videos of the very intelligent and inspiring Jim Marrs.

Jim Marrs: The Rise of the Fourth Reich In America

Laughlin, Nevada, February 2009

Jim Marrs – an amiable Texan with twinkling eyes and a mind like a steel trap – is a veteran researcher and speaker on all topics connected with the agenda of the New World Order. Project Camelot is proud to add him to our strong cadre of witnesses.

The books that Jim has authored represent his range of interests clearly: Crossfire (about JFK), Alien Agenda, Rule by Secrecy, The Terror Conspiracy, PSI Spies, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, and Above Top Secret. Jim’s broad span of research encompasses Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, Nazi technology, the ET presence, modern geopolitical analysis, the power of the military-industrial complex, the Illuminati, and what one might call the real history of the twentieth century.

Jim sees the big picture clearly, has great command of detail, and is one of the strongest speakers on the lecture circuit today. The title of this video – The Rise of the Fourth Reich in America – tells its own story, and in this 75 minute interview Jim lays out the compelling and disturbing evidence that while most people thought the Second World War ended in 1945, the Nazis were never stopped in their agenda – which can only be understood when one considers how they were assisted in coming to power by those Controllers who plan in terms of generations… not terms of government office.
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