Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW censoring the news again?

who shot judge tatro


CarsonNOW assures us the story will come next week! Good Job.

Is the Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW censoring the news again?
It appears so.

UPDATE: CarsonNOW assures us the story will come next week! Good Job.

The Carson City newspaper and the on-line Carson City news site both appear to be censoring the news regarding Ty Robben’s latest round of victories against the corrupt Carson City and State of Nevada officials.

downloadSee the story the news is not reporting here: 

More scandals at the notoriously corrupt Carson City Courthouse – This time corrupt Judge Tatro “removing files from the record”



Call the Appeal and Carson NOW and tell them to print the real news about Ty Robben’s cases. 


Adam Trumble

Phone Number: 775-881-1224
email or call (775) 339-1165 and leave a message.

cencityfol2-570Both the Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW reported on Ty Robben’s arrests on false trumped-up charges that were all dismissed/reversed leaving Robben an innocent man.

Along the way, Robben has exposed numerous meritorious corruption scandals in both Carson City and the State of Nevada, especially the Carson City Sheriff, corrupt Judge John Tatro and the corrupt Carson City DA office under Neil Rombardo and Mark Krueger.

The Nevada Appeal and Carson NOW are not reporting the following: coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval

Carson City DA moves to reinstate charges against Ty Robben

… office is moving to reinstate criminal charges against Ty Robben — including that he tried to solicit a hit man to kill Justice of the …

Story – editor – 04/25/2014 – 19:20 – 0 attachments

Hearing for Ty Robben in hit man case set for April 23

… an April 23 preliminary hearing to determine whether Ty Robben will face trial on charges he tried to hire a hitman to kill Carson …

RSS Story – Karel – 04/03/2014 – 10:51 – 0 attachments

Man accused of libeling judge denied lower bail

… Geoff Dornan, Nevada Appeal Ty Robben, who is facing charges he libeled and tried to intimidate Justice of the …

Story – editor – 11/26/2013 – 11:48 – 0 attachments

Prosecutor drops charges against man accused of murder-for-hire plot

… inmate to kill Justice of the Peace John Tatro. Ty Robben, a former Nevada Taxation Department employee, was being held on the … and his family, saying there wasn’t enough evidence that Robben was stalking him and his family, and that Nevada’s libel law was vague. …

Story – admin – 04/11/2014 – 08:22 – 0 attachments

Fired state employee faces charge of soliciting murder of Carson City Judge Tatro

… sometime between Jan. 18 and Jan. 27 of this year Robben, “did counsel, hire command or otherwise solicit another to commit murder.” The criminal complaint states Robbenasked a fellow Carson City jail inmate to kill Tatro either directly or …

Story – Jeff Munson – 01/27/2014 – 22:49 – 0 attachments

South Lake Tahoe man faces felony stalking, three gross misdemeanor charges

… of intimidating a public officer. Todd Christian Robben was transported Nov. 9, 11 a.m. from El Dorado County Jail to Carson City Jail on a Carson Township warrant. Robben had signed a waiver of extradition in Superior Court in the state of …

Story – Jeff Munson – 11/11/2013 – 12:58 – 0 attachments


  • Below are the Appeal stories:
nevada appeal story

Ty Robben makes front page story, where is the follow-up ROBBEN WINS Carson City DA Rombardo and Krueger LOSE AGAIN – Score: ROBBEN 9 Carson City DA 0

Carson DA moves to reinstate charges against Ty Robben

The Carson City District Attorney’s office is moving to reinstate criminal charges against Ty Robben — including that he tried to solicit a hit man to kill Justice of the Peace John Tatro. Two cases involving Robben were turned over to the Douglas County DA’s office after Senior District Judge Charles McGee in Reno disqualified the Carson DA’s office from
Published: April 25, 2014
All charges against Ty Robben have now been dropped. Douglas County District Attorney Mark Jackson, the special prosecutor named to handle the cases, previosly dismissed libel and harassment charges. He served notice Thursday that he was dropping the charge Robben tried to hire a hit man to kill Justice of the Peace John Tatro. Jackson was brought in after the
Published: April 11, 2014
Reno Justice of the Peace Harold Albright has ordered an April 23 preliminary hearing to determine whether Ty Robben will face trial on charges he tried to hire a hit man to kill Carson Justice of the Peace John Tatro. Robben remains in jail. He has been there since the original charges were filed last year that accuse him of
Published: April 3, 2014
The special prosecutor handling charges against fired ex-Taxation employee Ty Robben has ordered one of the two cases dismissed. But Douglas County District Attorney Mark Jackson said he and his staff still are investigating the second and much more serious case accusing Robben of trying to hire a hit-man to kill Carson City Justice of the Peace John Tatro. The
Published: March 27, 2014
Ty Robben, the fired state taxation employee charged with two counts of intimidating Justice of the Peace John Tatro, now is charged with attempting to solicit someone to kill Tatro. Robben, who is in jail awaiting trial on the original charges, reportedly tried to “solicit another to commit the murder of Carson City Justice of the Peace John Tatro either
Published: January 27, 2014
Nevada Appeal August 17, 2012 Ty makes bail

Nevada Appeal August 17, 2012 Ty makes bail

Jailed ex-Taxation worker convicted

Ty Robben, the fired state Taxation employee who has been waging a campaign against the state and Carson City’s criminal justice system for more than a year, was convicted Friday of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The conviction results from what the judge ruled was his failure to meet conditions of his plea agreement in a case involving his alleged assault on
Published: December 16, 2013
JOHANNESBURG — Nelson Mandela, who became one of the world’s most beloved statesmen and a colossus of the 20th century when he emerged from 27 years in prison to negotiate an end to white minority rule in South Africa, has died. He was 95. South African President Jacob Zuma made the announcement at a news conference late Thursday, saying “we’ve
Published: December 5, 2013
Ty Robben, who is facing charges he libeled and tried to intimidate Justice of the Peace John Tatro, on Monday lost his bid to disqualify the district attorney from prosecuting him. But he won a partial victory when Senior JP Harold Albright of Reno granted him a stay so he could appeal that ruling to district court. Robben was charged
Published: November 25, 2013
NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Appeal Susan Martinovich lies to get TPO NV appeal

Nevada Appeal Susan Martinovich lies to get TPO NV appeal


Ty Robben WINS – Carson City DA LOSES: Judge reverses trumped-up “breach-of-peace” conviction for Ty Robben who attempted to serve a subpoena to former NDOT Director Susan Martinovich

ty robben charges dismissedReno Judge Charles McGee reversed trumped-up “breach-of-peace” conviction for Ty Robben who attempted to serve a subpoena to former NDOT Director Susan Martinovich who clearly evaded service when she left the NDOT building through the back door and took a decoy car driven by NDOT employees to the Smith’s grocery store in Carson City, NV.

The order issued Wednesday July 09, 2014 also appears to render the Carson City District Attorney’s attempt to reinstate other dismissed charges including Libel, Intimidation and Stalking as well as Solicitation of MURDER against corrupt Carson City Judge John Tatro as moot.

The “contempt of court” conviction should also be rendered moot and reversed too since corrupt Judge Tatro’s order was illegal and void of any law or due process when Judge Tatro added conditions to Robben’s bail conditions with no hearing after a request by the Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing (“DAS”) ordered Robben to wear a GPS device and then ordered Robben to be placed on “house arrest” with a “daily check-in” to the DAS office in Carson City from his home in South Lake Tahoe. The original order never included a “daily check-in” or “house arrest” according to Robben who has proof of the actual transcripts of the hearing conducted by corrupt Judge Tatro. Even the District Attorney Travis Lucia agreed in a written stipulation that Robben was not on house arrest or daily check-in.

susan martinovich hit and run coverup

susan martinovich hit and run coverup

Furthermore, the DAS never had jurisdiction over Robben who was a pre-trial defendant t the time. DAS only had jurisdiction over convicted “probationers” not “pre-trial defendants” according to the law under NRS 211A that governs DAS. The law was modified in July 2013 by Senate Bill 101 (“SB101”) to give DAS jurisdiction over pre-trial defendants, however Robben’s issues occurred in 2012.

This shows a clear pattern of abuse of power and acting under the color of law to carry out a personal vendetta against Robben and a cover-up of the hit-and-run by former NDOT Director Susan Martinovich.

Robben has a pending lawsuit in the Reno Federal Court related to this case and now he can show the “malicious prosecution” claim is valid since the conviction was reversed in Robben’s favor.

Robben has been very vocal about the rampant corruption in Nevada and especially Carson City where a corrupt Sheriff department, DA and Court system conspired and acted outside the law to harass Robben using the criminal justice system. Robben has performed numerious high profile protests in front of the State capitol and the Carson City court related to an array of issues including backdated court filings, withheld evidence, NHP corruption (editied dashcam video) the CCSO cover-up for Susan Martinovich’s hit-and-run and Judge Tatro, DA Neil Rombardoand ADA Mark Krueger’s corruption and abuse of office.

See the order here: Robben order.mcgee. appeal


Ty Robben protests the FBI cover-up of Carson City and Reno Corruption

FBI protest carson city courts

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There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice but there must never be a time when we fail to protest



reno fed court


Have a problem with the Carson City Courts, Sheriff or DA?reno fed court

Call the FBI and the local news sources and demand an investigation, and charges filed against the corrupt licensed criminals like “Judge” Tatro, Sheriff Ken furlong and DA Neail Rombard and his corrupt sidekick Mark Krueger.

We’re also calling all Nevada Senators and Representatives to demand that FBI do their damn job and investigate that rampant corruption and criminal activity including “Acting under the color of Law” and RICO.



  • Backdated court filings.
  • Judge Tatro filing false criminal complaints against Ty Robben.
  • Carson City Sheriff and DA fabricating evidence.
  • Cover ups including MURDER and the Judge Tatro shooting because Tatro had an affair with the shooters mom!
  • NHP editing audio video dash camera footage.
  • DAS operating outside jurisdiction.
  • CCSO poisoning food in the jail, not giving inmates required meds, tainted jail water, etc.
  • And much more.


FBI Color of Law Abuses


U.S. law enforcement officers and other officials like judges, prosecutors, and security guards have been given tremendous power by local, state, and federal government agencies—authority they must have to enforce the law and ensure justice in our country. These powers include the authority to detain and arrest suspects, to search and seize property, to bring criminal charges, to make rulings in court, and to use deadly force in certain situations.

Preventing abuse of this authority, however, is equally necessary to the health of our nation’s democracy. That’s why it’s a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution or U.S. law. “Color of law” simply means that the person is using authority given to him or her by a local, state, or federal government agency.

The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating color of law abuses, which include acts carried out by government officials operating both within and beyond the limits of their lawful authority. Off-duty conduct may be covered if the perpetrator asserted his or her official status in some way.

During 2012, 42 percent of the FBI’s total civil rights caseload involved color of law issues—there were 380 color of law cases opened during the year. Most of the cases involved crimes that fell into into five broad areas:

  • Excessive force;
  • Sexual assaults;
  • False arrest and fabrication of evidence;
  • Deprivation of property; and
  • Failure to keep from harm.

Excessive force: In making arrests, maintaining order, and defending life, law enforcement officers are allowed to use whatever force is “reasonably” necessary. The breadth and scope of the use of force is vast—from just the physical presence of the officer…to the use of deadly force. Violations of federal law occur when it can be shown that the force used was willfully “unreasonable” or “excessive.”

Sexual assaults by officials acting under color of law can happen in jails, during traffic stops, or in other settings where officials might use their position of authority to coerce an individual into sexual compliance. The compliance is generally gained because of a threat of an official action against the person if he or she doesn’t comply.

False arrest and fabrication of evidence: The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right against unreasonable searches or seizures. A law enforcement official using authority provided under the color of law is allowed to stop individuals and, under certain circumstances, to search them and retain their property. It is in the abuse of that discretionary power—such as an unlawful detention or illegal confiscation of property—that a violation of a person’s civil rights may occur.

Fabricating evidence against or falsely arresting an individual also violates the color of law statute, taking away the person’s rights of due process and unreasonable seizure. In the case of deprivation of property, the color of law statute would be violated by unlawfully obtaining or maintaining a person’s property, which oversteps or misapplies the official’s authority.

The Fourteenth Amendment secures the right to due process; the Eighth Amendment prohibits the use of cruel and unusual punishment. During an arrest or detention, these rights can be violated by the use of force amounting to punishment (summary judgment). The person accused of a crime must be allowed the opportunity to have a trial and should not be subjected to punishment without having been afforded the opportunity of the legal process.

Failure to keep from harm: The public counts on its law enforcement officials to protect local communities. If it’s shown that an official willfully failed to keep an individual from harm, that official could be in violation of the color of law statute.

Filing a Complaint

To file a color of law complaint, contact your local FBI office by telephone, in writing, or in person. The following information should be provided:

  • All identifying information for the victim(s);
  • As much identifying information as possible for the subject(s), including position, rank, and agency employed;
  • Date and time of incident;
  • Location of incident;
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witness(es);
  • A complete chronology of events; and
  • Any report numbers and charges with respect to the incident.

You may also contact the United States Attorney’s Office in your district or send a written complaint to:

Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, DC 20530

FBI investigations vary in length. Once our investigation is complete, we forward the findings to the U.S. Attorney’s Office within the local jurisdiction and to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., which decide whether or not to proceed toward prosecution and handle any prosecutions that follow.

Civil Applications

Title 42, U.S.C., Section 14141 makes it unlawful for state or local law enforcement agencies to allow officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or U.S. laws. This law, commonly referred to as the Police Misconduct Statute, gives the Department of Justice authority to seek civil remedies in cases where law enforcement agencies have policies or practices that foster a pattern of misconduct by employees. This action is directed against an agency, not against individual officers. The types of issues which may initiate a pattern and practice investigation include:

  • Lack of supervision/monitoring of officers’ actions;
  • Lack of justification or reporting by officers on incidents involving the use of force;
  • Lack of, or improper training of, officers; and
  • Citizen complaint processes that treat complainants as adversaries.

Under Title 42, U.S.C., Section 1997, the Department of Justice has the ability to initiate civil actions against mental hospitals, retardation facilities, jails, prisons, nursing homes, and juvenile detention facilities when there are allegations of systemic derivations of the constitutional rights of institutionalized persons.

Report Civil Rights Violations


The various Judges(Judge Harold “Hal” G. Albright, Judge Charles McGee and Federal Judge Miranda Du)  involved in the various legal proceedings involving Ty Robben and the Carson City DA Neil Rombardo, Mark Krueger and Judge Tatro have a mandatory duty by law under the Nevada Judaical Code of Conduct and canons to report John Tatro, Neil Rombardo and Mark Krueger to the appropriate authorities. In this case that would be the FBI, the State Bar and the Commission on Judicial Discipline.

Nevada Judaical Code of Conduct:

Rule 2.14.  Disability and Impairment.  A judge having a reasonable belief that the performance of a lawyer or another judge is impaired by drugs or alcohol, or by a mental, emotional, or physical condition, shall take appropriate action, which may include a confidential referral to a lawyer or judicial assistance program.


      [1] “Appropriate action” means action intended and reasonably likely to help the judge or lawyer in question address the problem and prevent harm to the justice system. Depending upon the circumstances, appropriate action may include but is not limited to speaking directly to the impaired person, notifying an individual with supervisory responsibility over the impaired person, or making a referral to an assistance program.

      [2] Taking or initiating corrective action by way of referral to an assistance program may satisfy a judge’s responsibility under this Rule. Assistance programs have many approaches for offering help to impaired judges and lawyers, such as intervention, counseling, or referral to appropriate health care professionals. Depending upon the gravity of the conduct that has come to the judge’s attention, however, the judge may be required to take other action, such as reporting the impaired judge or lawyer to the appropriate authority, agency, or body. See Rule 2.15.

      Rule 2.15.  Responding to Judicial and Lawyer Misconduct.

      (A) A judge having knowledge that another judge has committed a violation of this Code that raises a substantial question regarding the judge’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a judge in other respects shall inform the appropriate authority.

      (B) A judge having knowledge that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question regarding the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects shall inform the appropriate authority.

      (C) A judge who receives information indicating a substantial likelihood that another judge has committed a violation of this Code shall take appropriate action.

      (D) A judge who receives information indicating a substantial likelihood that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct shall take appropriate action.


      [1] Taking action to address known misconduct is a judge’s obligation. Paragraphs (A) and (B) impose an obligation on the judge to report to the appropriate disciplinary authority the known misconduct of another judge or a lawyer that raises a substantial question regarding the honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness of that judge or lawyer. Ignoring or denying known misconduct among one’s judicial colleagues or members of the legal profession undermines a judge’s responsibility to participate in efforts to ensure public respect for the justice system. This Rule limits the reporting obligation to those offenses that an independent judiciary must vigorously endeavor to prevent.

      [2] A judge who does not have actual knowledge that another judge or a lawyer may have committed misconduct but receives information indicating a substantial likelihood of such misconduct, is required to take appropriate action under paragraphs (C) and (D). Appropriate action may include, but is not limited to, communicating directly with the judge who may have violated this Code, communicating with a supervising judge, or reporting the suspected violation to the appropriate authority or other agency or body. Similarly, actions to be taken in response to information indicating that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct may include but are not limited to communicating directly with the lawyer who may have committed the violation or reporting the suspected violation to the appropriate authority or other agency or body.

      Rule 2.16.  Cooperation With Disciplinary Authorities.

      (A) A judge shall cooperate and be candid and honest with judicial and lawyer disciplinary agencies.

      (B) A judge shall not retaliate, directly or indirectly, against a person known or suspected to have assisted or cooperated with an investigation of a judge or a lawyer.


      [1] Cooperation with investigations and proceedings of judicial and lawyer discipline agencies, as required in paragraph (A), instills confidence in judges’ commitment to the integrity of the judicial system and the protection of the public.

      [Added; effective January 19, 2010.]



Carson City Judge John Tatro caught lying on the witness stand – DA Neil Rombardo caught giving Judge John Tatro a “hand job” during testimony!

Judge John Tatro lies on the witness stand

Judge John Tatro lies on the witness stand

Not telling the truth: “he’s a lying, cheating, snake in the grass”.
mendacious – false – untruthful – deceitful – untrue
Judge Nancy Oesterle

Judge Nancy Oesterle

Judge John Tatro was disqualified from the Todd “Ty” Robben case(s) due to bias and prejudice against Robben. A hearing was conducted on Monday June 17, 2013 with a “retired” Judge from Las Vegas named Judge Nancy Oesterle.

Judge Tatro psycho

Before Judge Tatro was kicked off the case, he made rulings without recording them! Judge Tatro has had a pattern of making orders and changing them in this cases. Now JP (Justice of Peace) Tatro completely fails to make a record and has to be called to testify under oath as a witness in the matter.

Judge Tatro can not recall the order he made and instead lies to the Judge that he can not remember.

Judge Tatro violated the following laws:

NRS 4.230  Docket: Entries; form.

      1.  Every justice must keep a docket, in which the justice must enter:

      (a) The title of every action or proceeding.

      (b) The object of the action or proceeding; and if a sum of money be claimed, the amount thereof.

      (c) The date of the summons, and the time of its return; and if an order to arrest the defendant be made, or a writ of attachment be issued, a statement of the fact.

      (d) The time when the parties, or either of them, appear, or their nonappearance, if default be made; a minute of the pleadings and motions; if in writing, referring to them; if not in writing, a concise neil rombardo liesstatement of the material parts of the pleading.

      (e) Every adjournment, stating on whose application and to what time.

      (f) The demand for a trial by jury, when the same is made, and by whom made, the order for the jury, and the time appointed for the return of the jury and for the trial.

      (g) The names of the jurors who appear and are sworn, and the names of all witnesses sworn, and at whose request.

      (h) The verdict of the jury, and when received; if the jury disagree and are discharged, the fact of such disagreement and discharge.

      (i) The judgment of the court, specifying the costs included, and the time when rendered.

      (j) The issuing of the execution, when issued and to whom; the renewals thereof, if any, and when made, and a statement of any money paid to the justice, when and by whom.

      (k) The receipt of a notice of appeal, if any be given, and of the appeal bond, if any be filed.

      2.  The Court Administrator shall prescribe the form of the docket and of any other appropriate records to be kept by the justice, which form may vary from court to court according to the number and kind of cases customarily heard.

      NRS 4.240  Entries in docket prima facie evidence of facts.  The several particulars of NRS 4.230 specified must be entered under the title of the action to which they relate, and (unless otherwise in this chapter provided) at the time when they occur. Such entries in a justice’s docket, or a transcript thereof, certified by the justice, or the justice’s successor in office, are prima facie evidence of the facts so stated.

Carson City Deputy DA Travis Lucia LIES

Carson City Deputy DA Travis Lucia LIES

      NRS 4.250  Docket must be kept by justice of the peace.  A justice must keep an alphabetical index to his or her docket, in which must be entered the names of the parties to each judgment, with a reference to the page of entry. The names of the plaintiffs must be entered in the index, in the alphabetical order of the first letter of the family name.

William Routsis

William Routsis

During the time Judge Tatro is trying to remember what he conveniently forgot, perhaps in on of his drunk stupors, the District Attorney Neil Rombardo is giving Tatro hand signals, also know in court slang as a “hand job” from the peanut gallery on how to answer the questions!

Both Mike Weston and I witness Neil Rombardo is giving Tatro hand signals from the seating area and talking to DA Travis Lucia across the bar.

This is clearly illegal manipulation of a witness under oath!

Judge John Tatro, DA Neil Rombardo and his corrupt prosecutor Travis Lucia LIE and CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

Neil Rombardo is corrupt

Former NDOT Director Susan Martinovich Drunk Driving?

KRNV TV News 4 covers the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run story

KRNV TV News 4 covers the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run story

Comment on your video: Carson City 911 NV NDOT Dir. Susan Martinovich HIT and RUN and Sheriff COVER-UP

Yup I believe about 5years ago she crashed into the center median near roop and long which caused her tire to blow out. I went to help her…and then smelled the I left her there to figure it out. Looks just like her works for NDOT just like the woman I saw…

Nevada State Personnel Watch gets over 10,000 hits worldwide

Our little Nevada ANTI-Corruption website has taken off and we’re celebrating our success with more updates and future demonstrations to promote the movement. We simply started the ANTI-Corruption movement as a grassroots effort with one cardboard sign and a cause to stand up to the corruption and relation in Nevada that has affected us personally.  We networked with other people who were also victims of Nevada’s web-of-corruption. See our stories – Mike Weston (Mike’s LawlessAmerica story) – Tonja BrownTy Robben (Lawless America video being produced and coming soon to expose the demonic rampant wholesale corruption in Nevada). Then there was the a new issue and cover-up by State of Nevada officials explained by Reno, NV KRNV NEWS. For now, please see our 2012 ANTI-Corruption Summer 2012 video.

We made professional signs and a one-of-a-kind 150 long X 4 foot tall CRIME SCENE BANNER and protested in front of the Nevada State Capitol buildings in the spring and summer of 2012.  Stay tuned as NV ANTI-Corruption adapts to our new version 2.0 round of protesting and exposing corruption in Nevada. We’re also covering other Nevada, U.S. and world issues on this website to attract a wider audience to broader issues covered by Infowars, Lawless America  and others. To all united against tyranny and treason, we salute you.

Nevada ANTI-Corruption you-tube videos

NV ANTI corruption videos

Our youtube videos have also gone viral with over 50,000 hits and we’re in Lawless America the movie. Thank you for your support and please keep coming back to the website.





Sundance Film festival 2013 Lawless America

Sundance Film festival 2013 Lawless America

Are you aware some how Bill Windsor in all his splendor has the Lawless America the Movie Promos tied into the 2013 Sundance Film Festival? 

View here Sundance Film FestivalSUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL VIDEOS.




Guy Felton's youtube channel

Guy Felton’s youtube channel

Please see our friend Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption with links posted below in this posting. Guy has put together about 10 videos explaining his perspective on the rampant, wholesale corruption in Nevada.  Topics include Judicial Corruption, Government Corruption to include AG Masto, Gov. Sandoval and much more.  Guy goes wide and deep into the issues and calls out these corrupt and criminal politicians.

Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption
Nevada government is permeated with a culture of corruption. Members of the state legislature meet for only 4 months every other year. This does not permit anything close to proper administration of the public affairs of Nevada’s 2.7-million residents.  Members of the upcoming 2013 legislative session are asked to answer tough-but-fair questions which might force changes for the better.
Part 2 of at least 3 intended parts

“Assault” charge “dismissed” against Robben in the Carson City Sheriff cover-up of NDOT hit-&-run

Good news: November 13, 2012 “Assault” charge was dropped and “dismissed” against Robben in the former NDOT Director Hit-and-Run case where Robben was actually hit and then wrongfully charged as he attempted to serve a subpoena to the evading former NDOT Director.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Fulong COVER-UP NDOT Susan Martinovich hit and run

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Fulong COVER-UP NDOT Susan Martinovich hit and run

Nevada Appeal News covers the story:

Robben’s sentence deferred in disorderly conduct case
By Geoff Dornan
Ty Robben, who has been battling all levels of government since his termination from the Nevada Department of Taxation, has pleaded no contest to charges in a deal that resolves his case. In an email, Robben said his interpretation of the sequence of events is that all charges against him were dropped. Carson City Deputy District Attorney Travis Lucia, who prosecuted the case, said Robben pleaded no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct to settle charges against him. He said the deal requires Robben to comply with a variety of conditions designed to ensure good conduct and prevent harassment of other officials. Those conditions remain for a full year. “If he’s a good boy, it all goes away,” said District Attorney Neil Rombardo. “But if he keeps up the conduct he has been doing, we’re going to prosecute on anything new.” Robben was originally charged with assault after an incident in which he says he was attempting to serve a subpoena on NDOT Director Susan Martinovich to appear at a hearing involving a friend. That friend, Jim Richardson, is fighting to get his job as a state pilot back. Robben was originally charged after Martinovich asked for a restraining order, saying he followed her vehicle from NDOT to the Smith’s parking lot after she refused to see him. Martinovich wrote that, as she was getting into her  vehicle, “a man started running towards me yelling.” She said she felt threatened and drove away but that he grabbed the door handle of the vehicle and was pounding on the side of the car. After that arrest and a subsequent arrest for violating bail provisions, Robben spent several days in jail. He expanded his verbal attacks to include not only Justice of the Peace John Tatro but Sheriff Ken Furlong and District Attorney Neil Rombardo.

This NV Appeal story does cover the “differed” prosecution of the  “breach-of-peace” charge and fails to report that the main “Assault” charge was in fact “dismissed”. There was little choice with the coercion tactics and  having an extremely corrupt and bias bias judge named John Tatro in control of this sham. Robben was not going to have a fair judge handle this case and he was not going to have a jury trail as he requested. Instead the court recused Judge Tom Armstrong who may have offered a fair trail to Judge John Tatro where a definite conflict-of-interest persists.  Robben has laid down several reasons why Judge john Tatro should have been recused/disqualified from this case in court filings and in this website.

“He expanded his verbal attacks to include not only Justice of the Peace John Tatro but Sheriff Ken Furlong and District Attorney Neil Rombardo.”

We feel that the Taxpayers who pay these people deserve answers to legitimate questions about these “political” figures who are elected and are subject to public questioning, public ridicule exposing their corruption and even simple political hyperbole.

Our “opinion” is that the Carson City Sheriff under control of Ken Furlong (who also went to Carson HS with judge Tatro and  Martinovich) did cover-up the hit-and-run report and still has evaded giving the final reports to the insurance companies (as reported by the insurance company).  The  DA Neil Rombardo took the initial Sheriff report that never included  an “assault” or “breach-of-peace” charge and added these trumped up charges nearly 2-weeks after the incident where Robben was never initially charge or arrested. The time frame for the trumped up charges came after an embarrassing KRNV Fact Finder story that showed Martinovich in a bad light by evading service and the hit-and-run… Clearly the charges against Robben were trumped up retaliation by the DA who’s Deputy DA named Gerald Gardner immediately became Governor Brian Sandoval’s new Chief-of-Staff during all of this.

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

Judge John Tatro Carson City DUI, breathalyzer test?

As to  Carson City Justice Court JUDGE JOHN TATRO we publicly ask you to answer truthfully to that rampant speculation in Carson City and Reno that you have been ARRESTED and SPENT TIME IN JAIL in Reno for one or more  DUI (Drunk Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and even another incident involving DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.  Do you Judge John Tarto have to (or had to) take a BREATHALYZER TEST BEFORE GETTING ON THE BENCH? More on this controversy will be made public as other people demand answers to these questions.  We understand a public demonstration is in the works to ask these very “questions” on large banners and extra large signs to be displayed in Carson City and Reno.

We also published reasons why JP Tatro should be recused earlier on the NSPW website including the fact John Tatro’s brother Tom Tatro worked for NDOT.

assault charge dropped against Robben

assault charge dropped against Robben

he Nevada Appeal also covered this story.


Corrupt Judge John Tatro of Carson City file for re-election

Corrupt Judge John Tatro of Carson City file for re-election

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME Judge John Tatro & NAG Masto

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME Judge John Tatro & NAG Masto

Carson City Judge John Tatro - END YOUR GOD DAMN CORRUPTION!

Carson City Judge John Tatro – END YOUR GOD DAMN CORRUPTION!

Carson City DA Neil Rombardo is a corrupt political puppet for Gov Sandoval and NAG Masto

Anyone following the (former NDOT Director) Susan Martinovich hit-and-run coverup scandal  – SEE KRNV Fact Finder story – will see that Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo is just a puppet. DA Rombardo’s  strings are being pulled by Governor Brian Sandoval and his new “chief of staff”  Gerald Gardner. We can safely assume Neil Rombardo is also NAG Catherine Cortez Masto’s bitch too since they were both Nevada Attorney General’s or as we call them (“NAGs”).

Carson City Judge John Tatro - End the Corruption

Carson City Judge John Tatro – End the Corruption

Susan Martinovich HIT-AND-RUN – Nevada Laws:

  1. Stop and exchange info. Sue did not do that.
  2. Render aid (or at least check to see if there is an injury to the others). Sue did not do that.
  3. Report to law enforcement. Sue did not do that, she said she was “being stalked/harassed”… Interesting defense for lawyers out there.
  4. Who needs a defense attorney when the Carson City Sheriff and DA Neil Rombardo will just cover-it-up for you? Just like they did for Susan Martinovich.

Gerald Gardner was DA Rombardo’s assistant until August 17, 2012 when Governor Brian Sandoval named Mr. Gardner as his new “chief of staff” .

“I have known Gerald since he served as my Las Vegas regional chief when I was attorney general,” Sandoval said.  “His experience in Southern Nevada combined with his keen intellect and insight will be invaluable as we move into the 2013 Nevada Legislative session. I am pleased that Gerald has agreed to join my administration and serve in this capacity. I look forward to working together again.”

Corrupt Brian Sandoval's chief of staff Gerald Gardner

Corrupt Brian Sandoval’s chief of staff Gerald Gardner (former Carson City DA Rombardo’s bitch)

Here’s “Chief”  Gardner’s bio – We see he covered up public corruption and fraud cases:  “In 2002, Gardner was named the chief of the criminal justice division for the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, focusing on public corruption and fraud cases. In 2004, he was appointed by then-Attorney General Brian Sandoval to serve as his Las Vegas regional chief. He also served on the Attorney General’s Legislative Committee.”

Its convenient timing was exactly when  DA Rombardo trumped up the “assault” charge for the process server who tried to serve an evading Susan Martinovich. The week and a half delay from the incident and the trumped up charge is very suspect.

Gov. Brian Sandoval announced Gerald Gardner has been named chief of staff effective September 5. Gardner takes over for Heidi Gansert who has served as the governor’s chief of staff for the past twenty months and who announced her resignation yesterday.

See more Nevada ANTI Corruption videos here:

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Nevada ANTI Corruption youtube videos

Nevada ANTI Corruption youtube videos

We did some research and found an interesting website called Wild Wild Law and that blog had the following information:

            Anonymous said…
Looks like a mass exudus from the carson city DA’s office. Employees are sick of Rombardo’s temper tantrums. Plus, the dude is getting divorced because he screwed one of his deputies.Anonymous said…

I worked with Neil Rombardo when he was an DAG here in Vegas. Real a**hole
See more here:

Judge John Tatro must recuse from Robben / Susan Martinovich case

Carson City Justice court judge John Tatro has acted outside the law, under color of law and thinks he is above the law.

We know Carson City Judge John Tatro has a history of “episodes” in the courtroom. These frothing “episodes” are captured on JAVS audio/video and prove this man is unfit for duty as a judge.

Carson City Corruption

Carson City Corruption

We keep finding new information about Judge John Tatro that validate his bias against Robben. We find John Tatro’s brother Tom Tatro worked for the NDOT Nevada Dept. of Transportation.

John Tatro and Susan Martinovich both went to Caron City High School, and Tatro denies this. Sheriff Kenny Furlong went there too. Can you say good ‘ol boy and girl network?

john tatro and sue martinovich went to carson high school

john tatro and sue martinovich went to carson high school

The unconstitutional and unconscionable $500,000.00 dollar bail against Robben far exceeds the $100.00 dollar bail schedule in Nevada.  judge Tatro issues orders with no hearings and no due process to further the cover-up and retaliation against Robben. See  Amendment 8 of the US Constitution.

The protesting has resumed and will continue to expose judge John Tatro and Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo and their blatant unconstitutional and unconscionable violations of the laws to cover-up the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run against Robben.

The Carson City Sheriff still has not provided the reports to the Liberty Mutual insurance company under claim number LA000-024039140-01.

It looks like the Carson City courthouse IP addresses are top repeat visitors to this website and search on these terms:

judge tatro
judge tatro criminal
judge tatro scandal
judge tatro corrupt
judge john tatro
judge tatro alcoholic
judge tatro breathalyzer test

Nevada crime scene

Nevada crime scene
carson city courthouse

carson city courthouse

susan martinovich hit and run coverup by Carson City Sheriff

susan martinovich hit and run coverup by Carson City Sheriff

Thousands wasted on the Susan Martinovich coverup by Carson City DA Neil Rombardo and judge John Tatro

Thousands wasted on the Susan Martinovich coverup by Carson City DA Neil Rombardo and judge John Tatro

judge john tatro end the god damn corruption

judge john tatro end the god damn corruption

911 Emergency call from 08/06/2012 NDOT Susan Martinovich hit-and-run incident backs up Robben

The call made immediately after the incident  is here:

This shows that Robben was there to serve legal papers, NDOT Director Susan Martinovich  hit Robben’s foot, she left the scene, and Robben did not follow her after the incident.  Robben did not require an ambulance,  he later had an x-ray on his own.

Notice at 1:23 it seems like a new lady comes on the 911 call…

Carson City COVER-UP – Martinovich did not want to press charges – Martinovich NOT charged – Taxpayers paying for this circus

Carson City Sheriff cover-up Susan Martinovich assault and battery, hit and run and false sheriff report

Carson City Sheriff cover-up Susan Martinovich assault and battery, hit and run and false sheriff report

Nevada Appeal August 17, 2012 Ty makes bail

Nevada Appeal August 17, 2012 Ty makes bail

no arrest request by Martinovich

no arrest request by Martinovich

Martinovich said she did not want to press charges against Robben on her complaint, yet Robben was originally charged with harassment. Knowing ‘harassment’ would not stick, that charge was dropped and DA Neil Rombardo added assault and breach of peace.  These will not sick as a matter of law. However, in Carson City, Nevada where Robben is public enemy #1 to the corrupt justice system – the rule of law will not matter because this is all about revenge and retaliation.   The gang in black robes want Robben in jail to shut him down for exposing their corruption and protesting with CRIME SCENE tape! Judges do not like seeing their corruption broadcast on the Internet and protest banners. Once inside their Judicial ‘system’ they have unchecked power and authority to abuse their power and direct their hostility at an individual who clearly is standing up to the corrupt system.

How does Robben, who has publicly stated the entire Carson City court is corrupt, get justice when he is

directly in their ‘cross hairs’ with no jury trial? The judges will not comply with the law and disqualify themselves after being formally moved to do so. They won’t move the hearing or bring in another hopefully honest judge from somewhere else. 

See the plan?

NOTE: Susan Martinovich was served the week prior with a subpoena for the same hearing by service to her secretary who accepted it.  Then Susan Martinovich complained that she was not served ‘Personally’ per NRCP rule 4 and had the court quash that subpoena. The court reissued the subpoena on August 06, 2012 at about 1:30pm in Reno for the August 07, 2012 9:00am hearing. Jim Richardson had no time to hire a process server and Robben was available by the time he arrived in Carson City around 3:30pm.  With little time to spare the papers were served to 2 of the 4 people. Since Martinovich demanded ‘personal service’  and Robben was just complying with her  ‘personal service’ hand-hand demands. Robben never attempted to touch or physicality contact  nor did he touch or make contact Ms. Martinovich. The plan was hand over the papers to her person so she would accept per her NRCP demand for personal service. 

False Sheriff report:

Martinovich knew Robben was there to serve the papers she was avoiding and not there to harm, harass or assault her.  When Martinovich filed the false Sheriff report knowing this to be the case, she made a false police report. Martinovich assaulted Robben with her car (a deadly weapon in Nevada) and hit Robben (battery) then left the scene to file a false charge against Robben.  Really, what was Robben going to do with 1 subpoena which is 1 piece of paper? hit/slap her with a lawsuit? The subpena was for a state personnel hearing. By the way, the State should change this policy and have the hearing officers send personnel related subpenas to the people or the department AG for future service related to personnel matters.  This whole thing should be a lesson the the State, and the State should fix this.

The legal definition of “false reporting of a crime” in Nevada, prohibits knowingly making a false report to law enforcement that a crime has occurred, which causes law enforcement to conduct a criminal or internal investigation.

Note that the report can be made by any means such as orally, through writing or electronic communication. Also note that NRS 207.280 applies when the defendant allegedly makes the report to any of the following members of law enforcement:

    • police officer
    • sheriff
    • district attorney or deputy district attorney
    • sheriff or deputy sheriff

any member of the Nevada Department of Public Safety

NRS 207.280  False reporting of crimes unlawful.  Every person who deliberately reports to any police officer, sheriff, district attorney, deputy sheriff, deputy district attorney or member of the Department of Public Safety that a felony or misdemeanor has been committed, which causes a law enforcement agency to conduct a criminal or internal investigation, knowing such report to be false, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

A common scenario where this law comes into play in Nevada is when an angry spouse lies to the police about the other spouse committing the Nevada crime of battery domestic violence. If the police investigate and determine that the reporting spouse wasn’t being truthful, prosecutors may press charges for the false reporting of a crime.

Trumped up charges of ‘ASSAULT’

Here you go, no case against Robben.  Robben was there to serve court papers – NOT to “commit a violent injury on the person of another of another”.  “Mere menace is not enough. There must be an effort to carry the intention into execution.” 

Under NRS 200.471, an “assault” is “an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another.” As we said in Wilkerson v. State, 87 Nev. 123, 482 P.2d 314 (1971): “Mere menace is not enough. There must be an effort to carry the intention into execution.” Id. at 126, 482 P.2d at 316.

NRS 193.330 defines “attempt” as “[a]n act done with the intent to commit a crime, and tending but failing to accomplish it.” See also Crawford v. State, 107 Nev. 345, 351, 811 P.2d 67, 71 (1991) (stating the elements of attempt are: “(1) the intent to commit the crime; (2) performance of some act toward the commission of the crime; and (3) the failure to consummate its commission”). Therefore, the State had the burden to prove that Powell had the specific intent to commit a violent injury on each of Richardson, Cole, and Shepard.

Trumped up charges of ‘Breach of peace’

Robben said to Martinovich “process server, court papers” and “stop you ran over my foot”. This is not disturbing the peace. Robben did not use profanity or yell anything else to Martinovich to provoke a breach of peace. Nor did Robben challenge Martinovich to a fight, threaten her or engage in the other mumbo-jumbo i.e.  loud or unusual noises, or by tumultuous and offensive conduct threatening, traducing, quarreling, challenging to fight, or fighting.

Robben there to serve papers

Robben there to serve papers

The main focus of the charge is Robben “yelled” and ran after Martinovich’s car “banging on the window” by a stranger.

 NRS 203.010  Breach of peace.  Every person who shall maliciously and willfully disturb the peace or quiet of any neighborhood or person or family by loud or unusual noises, or by tumultuous and offensive conduct, threatening, traducing, quarreling, challenging to fight, or fighting, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

In every criminal case, the D.A. has the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. This is a very high standard, and it may be difficult for the D.A. to produce sufficient evidence that demonstrates the defendant knew the crime report was false. As long as the D.A. fails to meet this burden of proof, the defendant is not criminally liable.

In Nevada, this case will likely get a bench trial because Nevada is corrupt and ignores the U.S. Constitution  and it’s own laws under NRS 175.011(2)!

     NRS 175.011  Trial by jury.

1.  In a district court, cases required to be tried by jury must be so tried unless the defendant waives a jury trial in writing with the approval of the court and the consent of the State. A defendant who pleads not guilty to the charge of a capital offense must be tried by jury.

   2.  In a Justice Court, a case must be tried by jury only if the defendant so demands in writing not less than 30 days before trial. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 4.390 and 4.400, if a case is tried by jury, a reporter must be present who is a certified court reporter and shall report the trial.

(Added to NRS by 1967, 1424; A 1983, 749; 1987, 614; 1993, 1412)

Although Article III of the U.S. Constitution guarantees everyone charged with a crime the right to a trial by jury, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that jury trial rights extend only to those facing more than six months in jail.

From Lawyer Mike Pariente;

When I began my career as a lawyer in Texas in 1998 before eventually moving to Nevada, I was amazed by how in Texas a defendant had the right to a six-person jury trial even for a minor traffic ticket.  In Texas, if you are charged with any misdemeanor including traffic citations (i.e., running a red light, speeding), you have the right to a six-person jury of your peers.  Now contrast that with Nevada.  Here in Nevada, you have no right to a jury trial for any kind of misdemeanor – period.  That’s right.

Here’s a brief history for you.  Nevada made U.S. Supreme Court history when, in the case of Blanton v. City of N. Las Vegas, 489 U.S. 538 (1989), it held that a defendant charged with misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence (DUI) was not entitled to a jury trial because the offense is “petty”.  A “petty” misdemeanor is one in which the maximum term of imprisonment is 6 months.  So, if you’re charged with a misdemeanor in Nevada and the most you can get under the law is 6 months in jail, that’s considered “petty” and you don’t get the right to have a jury decide your case.  Only a judge can decide your case.  Petty?  Really?  When people think of “petty”, they think of speeding tickets.  How can having your freedom taken from you for 6 months – that’s 180 days, that’s half a year – how is that “petty”?  The fact that a judge, not a jury, can hear a “petty” misdemeanor trial and decide to put you in jail and take you away from your family and job for six months is anything but “petty”.  I’m sure if a judge were sitting in jail for being convicted of a “petty” misdemeanor, he or she would not think it’s so “petty”.

Nevada is one of the only states in the country to deny a defendant a jury trial for a “petty” misdemeanor.

Oddly enough, the Nevada Legislature passed NRS 175.011(2) which allows a defendant to demand a jury trial for a “petty” misdemeanor with 30 days notice before the date of the trial.  Huh?  So how can it be that there is a law on the books that gives you a right to a jury trial for “petty” misdemeanors but you don’t actually have that right?  Come again?  Here’s why.  After NRS 175.011(2) was passed which clearly spelled out that a defendant had the right to a jury trial on “petty” misdemeanors, the Nevada Supreme Court decided that the Legislature didn’t mean what it said.  In Smith v. State, 99 Nev. 806, 672 P.2d 631, (1983), the Nevada Supreme Court acknowledged that the Legislature passed NRS 175.011(2) but said that it really didn’t matter because the Legislature probably didn’t mean to create a “statutory right”.  WTF????  Wait a minute.  The Legislature passed this statute.  The Governor of Nevada signed off on it.  It became law.  But then in 1983, the Nevada Supreme Court decided in effect, “Nah, that’s not what they meant.”  I’m paraphrasing, of course, but talk about judicial activism!  If I, as a criminal defense lawyer, were to argue that a statute passed by the Legislature didn’t mean what it said, I’d probably be accused of violating rules of professional conduct by making a frivolous argument to the court.  Imagine if I were to argue that the mandatory minimum laws on the Nevada books for certain crimes such as drug trafficking which clearly don’t allow a judge to sentence a defendant to probation were laws that the Legislature really didn’t mean what they said when the laws were passed. I’d be laughed out of court for making the same kind of argument.  But that’s what the Nevada Supreme Court decided.

Here’s where I’m coming from.  Let’s go back to Blanton which said that DUI is a “petty” misdemeanor.  The lawyers for Blanton argued that DUI is not a “petty” misdemeanor because a defendant faced, among other punishments, suspension of his or her driver’s license.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed.  But here’s where I argue that Blanton shouldn’t control when a defendant is facing charges for domestic violence.  If a Permanent Resident Alien is facing a domestic violence misdemeanor charge, he or she will get deported if convicted of domestic violence.  As we’ve seen in Padilla v. Kentucky, the U.S. Supreme Court said that immigration consequences are no longer collateral rights and are substantive rights.  So my argument is deportation for a domestic violence conviction is anything but “petty”.  Deportation means a person will be sent back to their foreign land even if he or she has their family in the U.S.  Blanton defines “penalty” as follows:  “In using the word ‘penalty,’ we do not refer solely to the maximum prison term authorized for a particular offense. See United States v. Jenkins, 780 F. 2d 472, 474, and n. 3 (CA4), cert. denied, 476 U.S. 1161 (1986).  Blanton v. N. Las Vegas, 489 U.S. 538, 542 (U.S. 1989).”  So, since deportation is a penalty, which is more severe than a 6 month sentence since it involves permanently being separated from your family in the U.S., a legal permanent resident alien should be allowed a jury trial for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence.  And if a legal permanent resident alien is allowed a jury trial for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence, then so should a U.S. Citizen be given the same right under the Equal Protection Clause since it would be unfair to give a non-citizen a jury trial right while depriving a U.S. Citizen of the same right to a six-person jury to hear his or her case in a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence.  I’ll keep you posted on my efforts to change the law.  I’m preparing a writ of mandamus, which in Latin means a petition to order the lower court to do something for which it has no discretion.  I’m going to be filing this with the Eighth Judicial District Court in January arguing that it should direct the justice court or municipal court to order a defendant to have a right to a jury trial.

UPDATE: I’ve filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus or alternatively writ of mandamus with the Nevada Supreme Court.  They haven’t ruled on it yet.  If they grant my motion, then all Nevadans accused of domestic violence will get a jury trial.  If they do not, then I will petition the U.S. Supreme Court and ask them to give Nevadans accused of domestic violence a jury trial.  More to come!  As of today, January 8, 2012, the Nevada Supreme Court has not ruled on my writs.  Given their backlog, it will be several months but I will keep you posted once I hear something.


Process Servers and Assault

Editor’s note: This article was researched and written by ServeNow staff and may not include the most up-to-date information on the status of specific legislation in individual states.

Process Server AssaultWork can be worrisome for many reasons, but process servers have to consider their physical well being on top of their jobs every time they set out to serve papers. Assault on process servers is a common occurrence and there are laws that protect them, however, sometimes these laws are not enough. In our recent poll on the biggest challenges in the process serving industry, some voters listed increased assault as the biggest industry threat. But even though it did not receive the most votes it’s still an important issue to pay attention to, and certain states are beginning to take things a step further and are make assault on a process server a felony.

What is assault?

Assault occurs when someone is intentionally placed under the threat of bodily injury by another person. If the offender actually injures the person they are threatening, they have committed assault and battery.

How does assault affect process servers?

When a process server sets out to do their job, they are placing themselves in an emotionally charged situation. The person being served may be in an unstable mental and emotional state. When someone is presented with papers it could be a breaking point, and they may become violent. Process servers are representatives of the court and many feel that because of this there should be stricter consequences for individuals who attempt to stop them from completing their work or hurt them while they are doing their jobs.

Instances of process server assault

Stories about process servers being assaulted while on the job have become more prevalent in the news. Reports of process servers being punched, hit with baseball bats and even shot are not as uncommon as they used to be.

Recently, an Auburn process server was assaulted when trying to serve eviction papers. The offender shot Kathy Stevenson with an airsoft gun, threw rocks at her, broke her car window and smeared mud in her face. The perpetrator was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism and is currently out on a $25,000 bond.

Earlier this year the Mayor of Mendenhall was charged with assault on a process server. Mayor Womack claims that he was unaware that the person knocking on his door was a Mississippi process server and feared for the safety of his family. The process server claims the Mayor swore at him and assaulted him, even after he made his purpose clear. Mayor Mendenhall was found guilty of simple assault, a misdemeanor, and forced to pay a $485 fine.

Also this year, an Illinois state lawyer, Allen W. James plead guilty to a misdemeanor aggravated assault for pulling a gun on a process server in the parking lot of a courthouse in 2008. James claims he was defending himself, however, the court found that he had been evading service for a personal lawsuit the day before and most likely pulled out his gun in an attempt to further avoid service. James was initially charged with two felonies but was only found guilty of a misdemeanor. He was forced to pay a $1,500 fine and was suspended from work for 60 days. James was not reelected to his position and no longer works for the state of Illinois.

With assault on the rise and stories like this continually hitting the news, it is apparent that process servers need protection now more then ever.

What laws are currently in place protecting process servers?

Many states have laws protecting process servers from assault, but there has been a recent push to make assault on a process server a felony, not just a misdemeanor. In late 2011, Illinois became the first state to pass legislation making assault on an Illinois process server a felony charge. Senator Mike Jacobs of Illinois stated that “We have increased the assault penalties over the years for those people who work on behalf of the State Government and law enforcement, and this legislation will extend these protections for those who work on behalf of the courts.”

“We brought that legislation to the Illinois State Congress because we know that process servers are getting attacked out there and it’s not being reported,” Illinois Association of Professional Process Servers (IAPS) Treasurer Keith McMaster explained, “hopefully this is an event that we can take to all the associations and NAPPS can, in the future, take this legislation to the states that don’t have an association.” Since the passing of the Illinois law, California has enacted a similar law and Washington has proposed one as well. New York process servers have presented bills to the legislature making assault on a process server a class D felony. Larry Yellon, president of the New York State Professional Process Servers Association, is hopeful that the bills will be signed into law and assist other states in enacting similar laws. Process servers are applauding these states and hoping to see similar legislation passed across the country. Other associations have added pushing for assault legislation to their goals.

Why is it important for process servers to be protected from assault?

Process servers perform a task that is integral to the court’s functionality. Senator Jacobs hopes that the new Illinois law “might be the deterrent necessary to keep process servers safe while they perform their duties.” As representatives of the court, many process servers feel that they are entitled to the same protection as other workers involved in the legal process. In any case, with the heightened emotions that come with serving process and the situations that can arise, it’s important for process servers to be protected from assault.

How can you help process servers become protected?

By joining your local association or a national association such as the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), you can combine forces with other process servers and raise awareness regarding the issues that affect your industry. With backing and support from associations, legislation protecting process servers will more easily become law. Get in touch with your local association to find out more on what you can do to help.

Have you or a process server you know been assaulted? Share your story below!

When they own all the information, they can bend it all they want

We shall overcome.

Carson City Sheriff and DA Neil Rombardo trump up false charges against Robben

Breaking news here on NSPW. The process server who Susan Martinovich’s SUV ran over his foot evading service of a court subpoena was arrested on August 15, 2012.  Ty Robben is charged with trumped up assault and  disturbing the peace NRS 200.010 for trying to serve NDOT Director Susan Martinovich who was evading service and ran over his foot in her effort to avoid service.   Apparently the DA Rombardo realized stalking/harassment was not going to stick, so dropped that charge and fabricated assault and disturbing the peace.  Didn’t Martinovich assault Robben with a deadly weapon called a car (SUV) when she ran over his foot? and then proceed to leave the scene?  …Then she filed a false police report. More to come shortly. The Carson City cronies really messed up on this one. Notice on the Carson City Sheriff Report  (click to see report) the original charge of Harassment is now gone and Martinovich did not want to press charges against  Robben. So who trumped up the charges? DA Neil Rombardo and his cronies. Remember Neil Rombardo was once a Senior Nevada Attorney General.  See the pattern of the people that come from the AG office?

“It is an honor for me to serve the people of Carson City and the State of Nevada as Carson City’s District Attorney.  Above all, it is important to remember that this position is a public trust bestowed upon me, and it is my duty to consider this trust in all decision making as Carson City’s District Attorney.” —Neil A. Rombardo

We ‘trust’ you’ll resign Mr. Rombardo after this costly mess as your actions against Robben have opened Pandora’s box.

Here’s the definition of assault and as you can see, this won’t stick because Robben was serving court papers and not attempting to use physical force against another person or placing Martinovich in apprehension of immediate bodily harm.  Robben never touched Martinovich or opened her car door as asserted in the false Sheriff report. Instead Martinovich assaulted Robben with her damn car. Look for a jury demand if this goes to court.

NRS 200.471  Assault: Definitions; penalties. [Effective January 1, 2012.]

1.  As used in this section:

    (a) “Assault” means:

           (1) Unlawfully attempting to use physical force against another person;


Susan Martinovich still has not provided insurance information to cover the x-ray costs.

New protests with new banners and signs to debut very soon.  We’re taking the protest back to the court of corruption on Musser St. Interesting JP Armstrong got into this mess in time for reelection season.

Interesting that Carson City Judge John Tatro has to blow into a breathalyzer each day before going on the bench.  This fact adds credence to the DUI cover-up involving Carson City Judge John Tatro. 

More posts coming soon to show the truth and corruption involved in this Carson City cover up.

By the way, the Sheriff fellas at the Carson City jail we’re all very nice and professional.  The food is terrible. Glad to get the bail posted and on with the personal injury lawsuit against Martinovich. I am told these charge will not stick and as more evidence comes out and people speak out, the Corrupt Carson City officials behind this scandal will be exposed.

Much more to come.  I am sure this will be all over the news, so be sure to check back.  The mug shot looks good, Robben made sure to smile for the camera.  You know this whole thing is going to backfire on the Sheriff, DA and AG because Robben has new information coming up daily and the show has just begun. The retaliation and cover-up will be assured to make national news in the days or weeks  to come.  Stay tuned as all this develops.

KRNV – Server says NDOT director avoided subpoena, ran over foot

Here’s the link

KRNV TV News 4 covers the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run story

KRNV TV News 4 covers the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run story

All the State can do is lie and defame Robben.  Robben has no other TPOs against him by anyone. This is their game plan. Lie, get the press guy (Public Dis-Information Officer) buffoon named SCOTT MAGRUDER to try and work-the-press spin.  Magruder will be unemployed when this is all over.  How could anyone trust this  after he gets creamed by a little pro-per litigant in 2 weeks.

We took down the post on Carson City Sheriff Bob Guimont in good faith. We encourage the gang abatement programs including the “Gangbangers” in the AG office.  

We are not trying to get involved in Carson City Sheriff personnel drama/scandals or pick sides within the factions.

Believe me, the comments came in PRO AND CON and we decided to not to post most of them.

We do feel the police report was a COVER-UP one sided.

Robben’s 911 call and report are completely whitewashed.  In fact, Robben’s complaints of hit-and-run and leaving the scene and 911 call were never accounted for in the report. A key witness was not interviewed. We knew there was no video from Smith’s. The report claims the door of her Dodge Durango came open! We will post more as we glean, but we can’t give the total game plan away. NDOT should know what we are reading and they know where they lied. The are some very, very big lies here and I’ll have to hold posting until after the Court hearing, but it appears people should be going to jail on perjury and falsification of a Sheriff report when I am done with this.  Of course, the Judges will probably let these people off with not jail or a slap on the hand, they will reward this behavior and punish Robben for exposing the lies, perjury and corruption. Then all hell will break loose and the protests will RAGE.

As things develop, the ‘false police report and TPO application’ filed by Martinovich should stick.

New signs will  be made for our next demonstration: