When Nevadans vote next year for their U.S. senator, Harry Reid’s name won’t appear on the ballot for the first time in three decades. But even though the powerful and polarizing Senate minority leader is retiring, that doesn’t mean he won’t have a role in in, and impact on, next year’s election.

Harry Reid "The JOKER"

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

When Nevadans vote next year for their U.S. senator, Harry Reid’s name won’t appear on the ballot for the first time in three decades. But even though the powerful and polarizing Senate minority leader is retiring, that doesn’t mean he won’t have a role in in, and impact on, next year’s election.

The first indication of Reid’s effect on the contest to replace him came within hours of his official retirement announcement in March. In an interview with Nevada public radio, the five-term senator said he had talked to former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and encouraged her to run for his seat.

“If she runs, I’m going to help her,” he said. “Whoever runs against Catherine will be a loser.”

Less than two weeks later, Cortez Masto officially announced her candidacy. She is no newcomer to statewide politics, having spent eight years as attorney general, finishing her tenure at the start of 2015.

Despite her early announcement in April, it took several months before she had an opponent. After significant speculation about who might run against her, Republicans landed a top candidate in three-term Congressman Joe Heck, who announced his decision in early July. A physician, Iraq War veteran and brigadier general in the Army Reserves, Heck won a sweeping re-election in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District last year.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto – a true cunt

Both he and Cortez Masto are seen as strong, if cautious, lower-profile candidates by those within Nevada politics, and their race is expected to be hard fought, close and extremely expensive. It will also have important national implications.

Republicans see Nevada and Colorado as their two best opportunities to flip a Democratic Senate seat, and there have been significant problems in the search for a candidate in Colorado. Democrats, on the other hand, are attempting to flip seats in a number of swing states and win back control of the upper chamber, where the GOP currently holds the majority with 54 seats. A loss in Nevada would be a serious blow to their chances.

Those high stakes, coupled with Nevada’s importance in the 2016 presidential race – both as an early primary proving ground and as a key swing state in the general election – mean the Silver State will be crucial to both parties next year. And critical to the strategies of both Senate campaigns will be the man they are seeking to replace.

Reid as a Fundraising Tool

Heck’s campaign wasted little time in crafting the message that he was the right man to replace Reid in the Senate. In late July and early August, his team sent out five fundraising emails attacking the Democratic leader – with subject lines such as “Replace Harry Reid / Undo his legacy” and “Harry Reid – PAYBACK.” None of his fundraising emails have even named his actual opponent, Cortez Masto. In fact, one email that referenced a Nevada visit on Monday by President Obama to raise funds for Cortez Masto referred to her simply as “Harry Reid’s handpicked successor.” Robert Uithoven, a state-based Republican strategist, called the strategy a “very smart play.”

“Harry Reid’s name ID in Nevada is near 100 percent and hers is not, so I think Joe Heck is playing it smart by not giving her the free name ID boost right now,” Uithoven told RealClearPolitics.

Several sources tell RCP that Heck mentions Reid in nearly every speech on the campaign trail. Eric Herzik, a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, said he expects that strategy to continue for the next 15 months.

“I think you’ll watch the campaign and the ads and think Harry Reid is running for re-election,” Herzik said. Cortez Masto, he continued, “is going to, and already has been, deemed … a shadow Harry Reid.”

Democrats, for the most part, have brushed off this message in fundraising pitches, saying that attacking Reid is par for the course for Republicans in Nevada. They also argued that Heck’s decision to almost entirely ignore his opponent is a sign that Cortez Masto will be difficult to attack given her successful tenure as the state’s top law enforcement official.

“As far as Congressman Heck attacking Harry Reid, I think that’s a prerequisite to being a Republican in Nevada. You have to do that and I don’t think it’s going to matter all that much,” said Justin Barasky, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “He’s their favorite punching bag, but he can take it. It’s never worked yet.”

Reid is not likely to spend much time on the campaign trail backing the woman he hopes will succeed him. Though he won five consecutive elections – including several that many political observers expected him to lose – Reid has a very high unfavorable rating among state voters, and isn’t seen as a fiery campaigner. Instead, he’s a wily strategist and commands a vast network of supporters, donors and activists who will be crucial to Cortez Masto.

“From a process standpoint, it helps her tremendously,” said Andres Ramirez, a Democratic consultant in Nevada who knows Cortez Masto but is not affiliated with her campaign. “Campaigns require resources and candidates need to be able to raise money to be able to mount a credible campaign, so the fact that Reid is able to throw his name behind her and contact his donors and say here’s the candidate I’d like you to support, it makes it easier for her to break into that network.”

It was that activist network – known to many in Nevada as the “Reid Machine” – that helped him pull off a very difficult re-election campaign in 2010, when he was the majority leader in the Senate and many predicted he would lose. That network will be crucial to Cortez Masto’s fundraising in what may be one of the most expensive races in the country (a combined $50 million-plus was spent on the 2010 race). Also, her operation has strong links to Reid, including Scott Fairchild, Cortez Masto’s campaign manager, who was in line to be Reid’s campaign manager had he sought a sixth term, according to veteran Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston.

“There is an intertwining there that is unmistakable and there is no question that Harry Reid is helping her raise money,” Ralston told RCP.

Neither Cortez Masto’s campaign, nor Heck’s, returned multiple requests for comment. Reid’s office declined to comment for this story.

The Importance of Reid’s Seat

Beyond both campaigns’ strategic need to utilize Reid in their election strategies, there are strong emotions attached to the outcome of this race. Democrats, and Reid in particular, do not want to see the seat he has held since the late 1980s turn over to Republicans. Reid is seen as the leader of the Democratic Party in Nevada and much of the party’s infrastructure exists thanks to his efforts. It would be a blow to his legacy to have a Republican succeed him, particularly since a Republican, Dean Heller, won the Silver State’s other Senate seat in 2012 (he had been appointed to replace John Ensign, who stepped down amid scandal, the previous year).

“I don’t think he wants his legacy to be two Republican senators from Nevada,” said David Damore, a political science professor from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Across the aisle, however, there is deep-seeded animosity toward Reid both in the state and nationwide. Republicans saw 2010 as a missed opportunity to boot him from office, and would relish the idea of beating the person he supports and flipping his seat.

For Heck, the motivation may be personal. He was elected as a state senator in 2004 and served for four years before being ousted in 2008. Several Nevada political observers told RCP that Reid and his Democratic machine were actively involved in that defeat for two reasons: first, because they wanted to take as much advantage of the 2008 presidential election as possible and create a Democratic wave. Second, because Heck represented a potential challenger to Reid in 2010.

“Heck’s defeat is slightly perplexing. They came after him very harshly,” said one Nevada GOP strategist who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly. “The Reid machine has always [played] the long game, so taking out somebody like Heck early on probably always factored into their plans.”

Several sources attributed Heck’s loss in that race almost entirely to Reid and the Obama wave of 2008, and gave little credit to Heck’s opponent, Shirley Breeden, who won the election by just over 1,000 votes. Ralston described Heck’s opponent as “a cipher … who essentially hid for most of the campaign and won relatively easily because of what Reid’s team did.” Eight years later, Heck has an opportunity to pay Reid back.

“He’s been on the other end, on the losing end of the Harry Reid Democratic machine before, and so I think it’s also a little bit personal for him to try to beat the Harry Reid machine this time around,” Uithoven, the Republican strategist who worked for Heck in the state Senate, told RCP. “I think if Joe Heck is successful in November of next year, he will have been successful in getting a little bit of revenge on Harry Reid.”

Can’t Rely on Reid Alone

Though both campaigns may rely on Reid heavily – Masto for support, Heck for a fundraising focal point – there is a danger to those strategies. Several Nevadans who spoke to RCP questioned whether Reid’s supporters would come out in full force to support Cortez Masto, given that she would lack the power and prestige he had in Washington, thanks to his long tenure and position atop the Democratic caucus. His prominence in the Senate was one of the reasons people donated to him en masse, according to Fred Lokken, a political science professor at Truckee Meadows Community College in Nevada. Lokken said the possibility that Reid’s support network will diminish is a “very clear concern.”

Both Herzik and Ralston pointed to organized labor, a powerful group within Nevada politics, as a key constituency that has backed Reid in high numbers, saying their support will be critical for Cortez Masto to win over.

Ralston asserted that she “can’t just rely on, well, ‘I am inheriting everything from Harry Reid.’ No. She’s … going to have to make the connection with a couple of key constituencies.”

(What’s more, Reid’s strength in his home state has not always been transferrable, even to blood relatives: His son Rory lost his 2010 bid for governor to Brian Sandoval.)

For Heck, while there are numerous advantages to criticizing Reid, there are dangers in overdoing it. Some voters might be turned off by a campaign that focuses its attacks on someone who isn’t running for office.

Ralston told RCP the execution of those attacks will be critical, and that without tying Reid and Cortez Masto together through specific policies, there’s a risk that “you can have the whole thing blow up in your face.” Herzik said this could become particularly problematic if outside groups flood the airwaves with such attacks, causing a backlash.

“You do have to give people a reason to vote for Joe Heck,” he said.

While the GOP standard-bearer is expected to target the senior senator throughout the campaign, several sources said he will need to talk at length about his own background and introduce himself to voters, given that his district covers a geographically small portion of southern Nevada. He must also at some point shift the rhetoric and criticism towards his actual opponent.

With nearly 15 months until Election Day, however, the contest is in its very early stages, and plenty could happen in the coming months to shift the tide or reverse any momentum from one side to the other. Absent a dramatic change, Nevada will likely be one of the most important races in the nation, especially if Democrats appear likely to secure enough victories in other swing states that control of the Senate hinges on the outcome. With the stakes potentially so high, and given his prominence as the de-facto leader of the Democratic Party in the state, Harry Reid’s name will loom large in the race, even if it won’t appear on any ballots.

James Arkin is a congressional reporter for RealClearPolitics. He can be reached at jarkin@realclearpolitics.com. Follow him on Twitter @JamesArkin.

NV-Sen: Sen. Gary Peters (D. MI) helps Catherine Cortez Masto (D) Get Ready To Take On Joe Heck (R)

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D. MI) in support of former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D. NV) U.S. Senate campaign:

Nevada is the race to watch in 2016: Not only is it Republicans’ best chance of stealing a seat, it’s one of just a few toss-ups that will decide ​control of ​the Senate.

Catherine Cortez Masto is running to keep Nevada blue and take back the Senate​. Right now, she needs our support.The polls are showing a virtual tie, the other side is already running hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of ads, and Catherine’s Tea Party opponent could spend up to $10 million – ON TOP of all the ​super PAC money pouring into the state.

We need to raise $10,000 for Catherine by midnight tonight to have the resources to fight back ​now – and if we wait, it will already be too late. Will you give now to help Catherine keep Nevada blue and take back the Senate?


Catherine is a historic candidate with an incredible record. As Nevada’s attorney general, she has stood up for our progressive values.​ ​If elected, she would be the first Latina to serve in the Senate​.​

But our opponents are determined to ​take​ this seat and keep their grip on the Senate. And they’​re pulling out all the stops to do it: misleading ads, buckets of dark money spending – the whole nine yards.

Catherine has to be ready to fight back no matter what they throw at her next – and to do that she​’s counting on us to raise $10,000 by midnight tonight.

With Harry Reid retiring, it’s critical that we hold on to his seat. Give whatever you can now to help Catherine Cortez Masto keep Nevada blue and take back the Senate.


CORRUPT Gov. Sandoval: Decision About Political Future Coming ‘Very Soon’

brian-sandoval-bongNevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he plans to decide “very soon” on the next step in his political career.

The widely corrupt Republican has been saying he was laser-focused on getting a $1.1 billion tax plan and major education initiatives past state lawmakers. He scored a major victory when the Republican-dominated Legislature approved a tax hike and budget before closing down their 120-day session on Monday.

Sandoval’s name has been discussed as a potential candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Harry Reid, or as a vice presidential candidate.

The governor told reporters on Tuesday that he’s been ignoring outside political interests asking about his career prospects, but said an announcement will come in the near future.   (AP)

Former Nevada Attorney General “NAG” Catherine Cortez Masto to run for Harry Reid’s Senate seat

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

LAS VEGAS — Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto says she will run for Harry Reid’s Senate seat in 2016.

The Democrat made the announcement Wednesday. She says she left her new job as the executive vice chancellor for the Nevada System of Higher Education on Tuesday to launch her campaign.

The news comes less than two weeks after Reid said he would not run for a sixth term. No Republicans yet have declared their intention to run since Reid’s announcement.

Cortez Masto was elected attorney general in 2006 and served two terms but could not run again due to term limits. She was replaced by Republican Adam Laxalt.

She said her campaign will focus on the issues that defined her term as Nevada’s top prosecutor, including protecting seniors, women and homeowners.

Who’s A-list and who’s a longshot in the race to replace Harry Reid

After U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced he will not run for a sixth term, political prognosticators declared the post a “toss-up,” with either party able to win the seat in 2016.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval immediately was declared the favorite to win, though the popular leader has said he isn’t interested.

On the Democratic side, Reid played the queenmaker, endorsing former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto to succeed him. Just days following his March 27 retirement announcement, Reid was in Las Vegas, plotting her path to victory, saying he would put his formidable machine behind her.

“We are going to do everything we can,” Reid told the New York Times over a bowl of chicken soup, settling into his new role of political Godfather. “I have to make sure I take care of the person running for Senate in Nevada.”

Several potential contenders already have taken themselves out of the running, from Reid’s eldest son, Rory, to former U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., who now runs Tuoro University in Nevada and California.harry reid

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev., said he would rather stay in the House, where he has served since 2011. But like Sandoval, the congressman likely will feel pressure from GOP leaders who want their best candidate in 2016’s hottest race after the presidency.

Meanwhile, Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, said he’s preparing for re-election and “leaning no” on a Senate run. U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., has said in the past that he’s not interested, although Reid’s retirement could change that. State Treasurer Dan Schwartz, a Republican, said he would consider running only if Sandoval and Heck do not.

Yet the list of Nevadans who could try to join Washington’s exclusive club of 100 remains fairly long. Reid’s retirement has shifted the electoral ground, prompting relative newcomers and political veterans alike to consider the possibilities. Here’s a report card on some of the potential contenders:

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Money — A+: Cortez Masto should have no trouble filling Senate campaign coffers in a race that could exceed 2010’s highly competitive race in which both Reid and Republican Sharron Angle each raised and spent more than $25 million. Outside groups just about matched the candidates’ spending.

;) New mini NAG MASTO signs to placed all around the protest zone(s)

😉 New mini NAG MASTO signs to placed all around the protest zone(s)

On her own, Cortez Masto took in nearly $2.5 million for her elections in 2006 and 2010 and will have Reid as a rain­maker in 2016.

Since 2009, Reid has raised $23.6 million for his campaign committee, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Reid also helped land $46.7 million for the 2012 midterm elections for the Senate Democrats’ super PAC, Senate Majority PAC. Reid’s own campaign committee held $1.5 million as of Sept. 30.

Experience — B: Cortez Masto served eight years as attorney general after a career as a criminal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., that gave her a taste of Capitol Hill.

Name Recognition — B: She’s held a high-profile statewide office for two terms and is a native Nevadan of Hispanic heritage. Her father, the late Manny Cortez, had a high profile in Southern Nevada as the longtime head of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and was partly responsible for making the Strip a tourist mecca.

Liability/Asset — C: Cortez Masto hasn’t had a tough campaign and might not be ready for a rough-and-tumble Senate race. She declined to challenge Sandoval last year.


Money — B: Titus has never had trouble raising money. She raised about $1.1 million last year for a 1st Congressional District race that wasn’t very competitive. She raised nearly $2.6 million for the highly competitive 2010 campaign in the 3rd Congressional District, which she lost to Heck. For a Senate run she could expect a lot of support from outside groups such as Emily’s List.

Experience — B: Titus has survived the campaign crucible and runs strong. Even her losses in some of the state’s most competitive districts were close. In 2010 she lost to Heck by just 1,748 votes.

Name Recognition — B: Titus has been around Nevada politics for decades, including 20 years in the state Senate (1988-2008) where she rose to become minority leader. She also has a statewide profile, having run for governor and losing to Republican Jim Gibbons in 2006.

Liability/Asset — B: Titus, a native Georgian, has a thick Southern accent that can dissuade voters who favor native Nevadans. Strongly independent, she isn’t afraid to cross Reid and wouldn’t hesitate to challenge Cortez Masto if she thinks she can win. Titus in 2012 ran for the 1st Congressional District after Reid hand-picked state Sen. Ruben Kihuen, D-Las Vegas, for the open seat. Kihuen dropped out before the primary.


Money — A+: Miller is a talented fundraiser who brought in $2.6 million for his failed 2014 attorney general campaign.

Experience — C: At age 30, Miller became the youngest Nevada secretary of state in 2006 and was re-elected in 2010. But he faced weak GOP challengers in both campaigns. In 2014, he lost his first truly competitive race to Adam Laxalt, a political newcomer who eked out a slim 4,750-vote victory, or 46.2 percent to 45.3 percent. Miller suffered in the low turnout race as Democrats stayed home, but his campaign also failed to turn voters against Laxalt.

Name Recognition — A: Miller held statewide office for eight years and boasts the highest social media profile among Nevada officials with nearly 17,500 Twitter followers. In addition, his father is Bob Miller, who was governor from 1989 to 1999.

Liability/Asset — C: Miller’s love of socializing proved his downfall against Laxalt. He reported accepting more than $70,000 in gifts while secretary of state, including tickets to sporting events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship and football games where he sat in luxury skyboxes. Miller said some of the freebies were educational conferences. His opponents were able to exploit the gifts and question his ethics.


Money — C: Flores raised nearly $754,000 in her failed 2014 race for lieutenant governor — not nearly enough to keep up with Republican Mark Hutchison, who raised about $2.5 million to win.

Experience — C: Flores served two terms in the Assembly, but neither of those elections featured tough competition. In 2010 she took 82.16 percent of the vote in the general election. She swept up 73 percent of the vote in a three-way primary in 2012 but faced no general election opponent at all.

Name Recognition — C:Little known outside of Clark County, her weak showing last year was her first statewide campaign. It focused on her bio — former gang member and high-school dropout who had an abortion as a teen, then went on to graduate from law school and enter politics. Inspiring to many, her hard-luck tale might not play well in conservative rural Nevada.

Liability/Asset — C: Hispanics comprise nearly 30 percent of Nevada’s population and Flores had the Latino vote last year, but she had trouble reaching other demographic groups statewide. She’s considered a long shot for a Senate bid but a better candidate for the 4th Congressional District.


Money — C: Her secretary of state campaign raised $715,245 last year but spent $100,000 more.

Experience — D: Marshall won two terms as state treasurer but failed in a 2011 special election for the 2nd Congressional District and lost the secretary of state job last year.

Name Recognition — C: Few Nevadans can name the state treasurer, even one who served two terms.

Liability/Asset — C: Her high-pitched voice can be grating; she’s a two-time loser in her most recent elections.



Money — B: He raised $152,000 in 2013 for his Las Vegas City Council campaign and has shown he can get bigger bucks when needed, including more than $500,000 for one past state Senate bid.

Experience — B: Beers served in the Nevada Assembly and Senate from 1999 to 2008 but was washed away by the Democratic wave that swept Barack Obama into the White House. He rebounded in 2012, beating eight other contenders in a Las Vegas City Council special election with 37 percent of the vote. The following year voters gave him a landslide re-election, with 76 percent of the vote.

Name Recognition — C: He ran in the 2006 GOP gubernatorial primary but isn’t widely known outside Clark County.

Liability/Asset — B: Beers is the first candidate to announce he’s running for Reid’s seat, putting out the word and 55,000 pamphlets in January 2014. An accountant, he’s known for asking lots of questions before spending taxpayer money and was a leader of the Assembly’s “mean 15” which blocked a proposed $1 billion tax hike in 2003.


Money — A+: Running virtually un­opposed, Sandoval raised about $3.7 million for his 2014 re-election, plus $1.4 million for his New Nevada PAC helping other GOP candidates. He raised more than $5 million to easily defeat Rory Reid in 2010.

Experience — B: The governor has served in all three branches of government as a member of the Nevada Assembly, state attorney general and as a federal judge. He’s never faced a tough campaign.

Name Recognition —A: Not only is Sandoval widely known, he’s also popular. More than 60 percent of Nevadans say he does a good job. No credible Democrat would run against him last year, and his re-election was a 71-percent landslide. He’s also gaining popularity among Nevada Latinos, who lean Democrat. Latino Decisions said exit polls showed Sandoval got 47 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2014, up from 15 percent in 2010.

Liability/Asset — Incomplete: Sandoval insists he doesn’t want to run for the Senate but instead is focused on finishing his second four-year term, which runs through 2018. How Sandoval comes out of the Nevada Legislature could affect his political future: Will lawmakers approve his $7.3 billion spending plan that includes $1.1 billion in new and extended taxes to fund education? Is he as “unbeatable” as some insiders say? Stay tuned.


Money —A: Heck raised nearly $2.5 million for his 2014 campaign and spent less than $2 million. He would have no trouble raising big bucks for a Senate race from gaming interests and other major Nevada industries.

Experience — B: Heck has been able to hang on to his seat in the 3rd Congressional District for several elections, although it’s the state’s most competitive House district with an even Republican-Democrat split and independents leaning GOP. He’s also had a taste of defeat: In 2008 he lost his state Senate seat in a Democratic wave election that put President Barack Obama in office.

Name Recognition — C: Heck maintains a fairly low profile as a serious, workaday congressman, and he has never run a statewide race. That could put him at a disadvantage against someone with statewide campaign experience.

Liability/Asset — B: Heck’s promotion last year to brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserve and past active duty as a doctor in Iraq make him an appealing candidate, particularly among Nevada’s large veteran population. But the moderate has come under fire from the left for voting with the conservative House caucus on hot-button issues such as immigration and equal pay. Heck said he’s staying put in the House, but 2016 could be his best chance to move up to the U.S. Senate.


Money — B: Krolicki hasn’t had a big-money race, although he raised $640,000 and spent $1.1 million in his first election for lieutenant governor in 2006. He raised about half that for his 2010 re-election.

Experience — B: He’s been around state government and GOP politics for a long time, serving two terms as state treasurer followed by two terms as lieutenant governor. He contemplated a run against Reid in 2010 but was sidelined by an ethics investigation that ultimately foundered.

Name Recognition — C: Krolicki has been on the statewide ballot four times, but remains relatively unknown.

Liability/Asset — D: His career took a hit with his 2008 indictment related to management of a college savings program while state treasurer. A judge later dismissed the felony charges, which Krolicki characterized as a partisan attack by then-Attorney General Cortez Masto.


Money — A: Hutchison showed he can raise money — lots of it — even for the low-profile post of lieutenant governor. He raised at least $2.5 million to win a part-time job that puts him in line to replace Sandoval, if need be.

Experience — B: A newcomer to politics, Hutchison resigned his state Senate seat midterm to run for lieutenant governor as Sandoval’s choice. The stakes were high, but Hutchison sailed into office with 59.5 percent of the vote.

Name Recognition — C: Hutchison’s campaign attracted a lot of attention and he crisscrossed the state several times, yet he remains relatively unknown.

Liability/Asset — B: Sandoval’s support is a big plus. An attorney, Hutchison represented Nevada for free in its challenge to Obamacare — work that made him popular among conservatives but could hurt him among Democrats.


Money — B: Roberson raised more than $600,000 last year toward his 2014 state Senate race, plus money for a PAC and other candidates, helping the GOP take control of the upper house.

Experience — C: His political career has taken off like a rocket since his first election to the state Senate in 2010. But the Senate majority leader never has been tested in a statewide race.

Name Recognition — C: His state Senate leadership gets his name out there, but his lack of a statewide run means he’s not that widely known. On the plus side, his base is Clark County, home to 75 percent of all Nevadans.

Liability/Asset — B: Roberson first ran as a strict conservative but has become a moderate over time. He’s now pushing for Sandoval’s $7.3 billion general fund budget and $1.1 billion package of new and extended taxes. This could hurt him in any GOP primary but help him during a general election. Insiders say family considerations and a desire to stay in the Legislature weigh against a U.S. Senate race, for now.


Money — A: Laxalt surprised many observers by raising more than $1.8 million in his first political campaign to score an upset over better-financed Ross Miller in last year’s attorney general race. He tapped conservatives in Washington, D.C., where his mother, Michelle Laxalt, was a widely known lobbyist. Acquaintances of his grandfather, former Nevada Gov. and U.S. Sen. Paul Laxalt, also ponied up.

Experience — C: Laxalt was a Navy judge advocate general and a lawyer in a private practice in Las Vegas. But he has only lived in Nevada for a few years and has run just one campaign. He would be sorely tested in a high-stakes contest that could decide which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Name Recognition — B: Laxalt’s family name helped him win support statewide. He also spent a lot of time traveling the dusty roads to reach every corner of Nevada last year.

Liability/Asset — C: During the campaign, an operative leaked a memo from a Laxalt job review at the private firm, Lewis Roca, where he worked. It said he had sloppy legal skills and was “a train wreck” as a lawyer. His campaign countered by releasing rave reviews he got in the military, including when he oversaw terrorism cases in Baghdad. Laxalt has suggested he wants to focus on his new job but hasn’t ruled out a Senate bid.

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The speculation begins: Who’s going to replace Harry Reid? NAG Masto?

Harry Reid

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

By Amber Phillips (contact)

From the archives:
Will Nevada falter if Harry Reid loses the Senate majority?

Sen. Harry Reid’s announced retirement leaves a decade-long vacuum in Nevada politics, and pundits immediately turned to who would replace him.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Reid came right out with a favorite: Catherine Cortez Masto, former Nevada attorney general and executive vice chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

“She has a great resume. She has a background that is significantly powerful. I hope she decides to run. If she does, I will help her,” Reid said.

Anyone who runs against Cortez Masto will “be a loser,” Reid continued in a candid interview on Nevada Public Radio.

Cortez Masto, meanwhile, tried to deflect the speculation, saying “today is not the day for politics.”

At a city-sponsored education conference on Hispanic underachievement, speakers — Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman among them — discussed Reid’s surprise announcement and credited him for advancing the interests of the state’s Latino community.

CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

ortez Masto, the event’s keynote speaker, steered clear of the topic of Reid’s retirement during her address.

“Today is a day to thank (Reid) for everything he’s done on behalf of our state,” Cortez Masto said after the speech, declining to comment on Reid’s endorsement. “I’m learning about this as we move along.”

Sources said Las Vegas Democrat Rep. Dina Titus also is “strongly considering” running for Reid’s seat.

Titus, who also gave a brief speech at today’s education conference, did not address a potential candidacy. But Goodman told the crowd that Titus “would make a wonderful U.S. senator.”

Later, in a statement, Titus said she’s “humbled” by calls she’s received to consider running. “This is a decision I will make carefully after talking with family and close friends to ensure it is in the best interest of District 1 and the people of Nevada,” she said.

Another possibility for Democrats: Las Vegas Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick, who is known for her savvy in complex tax issues and ability to work with Republicans. She is finishing her last term in the Legislature and has served since 2004. But she swatted away speculation quickly.

“You can count me out,” she said.

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

On the Republican side, potential candidates to challenge Reid are now reconfiguring their chances in a more even playing field. Nonpartisan political analyst Larry Sabato turned the now-open race from leaning Democratic to a toss up.

GOP candidates in the running include: former state lawmaker Heidi Gansert, Atty. Gen. Adam Laxalt, Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison and state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, a top contender for the Senate seat even while Reid was in the race, indicated earlier this year he didn’t have any intention to run. Aides declined to speculate Friday on how Reid’s retirement could change Sandoval’s political calculus.

nag masto signRoberson, who’s in the middle of a legislative budget battle, said he wouldn’t comment on speculation about 2016.

“For me that’s a distraction from what we’re trying to do here,” he said.

What does Reid think?

“It’s a free country — let them all run,” Reid said when asked on KNPR who he thinks is the strongest Republican candidate.

Reid’s departure will change more dynamics in the race than just the names on the ballot.

For nearly a decade in Washington, Reid has been the symbol of dysfunction for Republicans.

Now, the GOP will lose a punching-bag figure for rallying the base. But it will also give conservatives an opponent who isn’t a seasoned campaign veteran with one of the most formidable political machines in the country.

Running against the Reid machine has always been daunting, said Robert Uithoven, a GOP campaign strategist.

“It always look attractive in the beginning,” he said. “Candidates always go out early with polls that show they are in the lead… But then they go up against the well-funded Democratic party machine and the Reid campaign. Then it becomes much more challenging than when you looked at the initial poll results.”

It still could be, even without Reid publicly at the helm.

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

The Clark County Republican Party fired off a fundraising email today on just that point: Reid may be gone, but “The Harry Reid Machine is still behind the scenes supporting Democratic candidates.”

For casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, the race just got easier. Despite the political differences between he and Reid, the two have a close relationship.

Reid’s absence from the race will now allow one of the world’s richest men to unload his money against Cortez Masto or any other Democrat who may foray into the race, an intimidating obstacle for anyone who wants run.

But local Democrats say Reid’s retirement won’t change their 2016 strategy.

“Just like we would fight for Sen. Reid for his re-election,” said Chris Miller, the chair of the Clark County Democratic party, “we will fight for whoever that is to ensure that seat remains in Democratic hands.”

Las Vegas Sun reporters Ana Ley, Kyle Roerink and Conor Shine contributed to this report.

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK AND AG MASTO

Give ’em the FINGER

Harry Reid’s Big, Complicated Latino Legacy Won’t End When His Career Does

Love or loathe him, Reid played a big role in changing the way the Democratic Party treats immigration politically. And early indications are he’ll back a successor candidate who would be the first Latina senator.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

In the Spring of 2012, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina gathered a group of high-level Latino Democrats and operatives to update them on what they were doing to win support from Latino voters.

“I’m obsessed,” Messina began, according to someone familiar with the meeting, “with the way Harry Reid’s campaign did it in 2010. We’re looking at that very closely.”

Obama would go on to win 71% of the Latino vote, two years after Reid dominated with Hispanics in a tight race against a Tea Party candidate. The lessons from the Nevada senator were implemented.

“I operated based on what I knew and Sen. Reid was my training ground,” said Nathaly Arriola, who worked on Hispanic press for the 2012 Obama campaign, which hired Latino communications strategists a year out from Election Day (instead of two months, as is often the case). The campaign polled Latinos early and often, and booked the president on Hispanic media. “It was a very regional approach to the way we communicated to Latinos and the issues they care about, because it was a winning strategy,” she said.

When Reid exits the U.S. Senate in 2017, he will leave a complex and complicated legacy as an aggressive partisan legislator. He will also leave an equally complex legacy on immigration. Reid is the majority leader who could not pass immigration legislation with majorities in both Houses of Congress, but who pressured President Obama to go around Congress and take unprecedented executive action — an obsessive advocate for DREAMers, and a terse political operator who also used them for political ends.

Reid’s retirement was not a sure thing (before his accident last year, he had given indications he would run again) and came as a surprise to many on the Hill. But as he exits, Reid has also indicated early that he would support former Nevada attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto if she runs for his seat — she would be the country’s first Latina senator, if elected.

“Whoever runs against Catherine, I think will be a loser,” he said in a radio interview this week. “I hope she decides to run. If she does, I’m going to help her.”

Two sources with knowledge of Reid’s plans told BuzzFeed News that even if Reid’s actual retirement was a surprise, his interest in an eventual Cortez Masto candidacy was not. “They really want her in the race, they feel strongly they think she can win. It’s her decision to make but they completely and utterly support her,” one said.

“[Reid] really likes her,” another added. “He has considered her for a long time, she’s a smart individual and somebody that can carry his legacy.”

That help, in a state where Reid’s influence and political machinery looms large, would be substantial. The Democratic women’s group EMILY’s List, which backs pro-choice Democratic female candidates, has also thrown its support behind Masto.

“We are excited about the opportunity to fill this seat with a strong, Democratic woman leader – which would be a first for Nevada,” EMILY’s List spokesperson Marcy Stech said in a statement. “Catherine Cortez Masto has been a fighter for Nevada women and families. She has a bright future and it’s past time to elect the first Latina to the U.S. Senate.”

Cristóbal Alex, the president of the Latino Victory Project, which fundraises for Latino Democratic candidates, also said Reid supporting the former Nevada attorney general is a big deal in a state that is almost 30% Hispanic.

“The way he’s leaving, by highlighting and propelling someone who would be the first Latina U.S. senator, he would help make history and once again give back to the Latino community,” he said.

But Reid remains known first as a partisan. His last race in Nevada was very close; this one will be in a presidential year (better for Democrats), but without Reid’s long history on the ballot (not as good). The state is now governed by Brian Sandoval, a well-liked and more liberal Republican, and groups like the Koch-funded Libre Initiative are pouring resources into Nevada to early returns.

“If he’s backing her, he’s not backing her because she’s Latina, he’s backing her because she has the best chance of retaining that seat,” said Luis Miranda, a former White House official.

Harry Reid has indicated he would support former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto to replace him when he retires. Eric Jamison / AP

The intrinsic politics to Reid’s maneuvering on all issues, in the Latino community and far beyond, don’t undermine the senator’s legacy on immigration, Reid allies say. They credit Reid with changing the Democratic calculus on legal status and citizenship for the undocumented — turning immigration from a divisive wedge issue into a rallying cry for Democrats to coalesce around.

They say he created a pipeline of Latino staffers from inside his office and helped them advance on the Hill, with 15 currently on staff. (“He’s not flying in operatives, he’s breeding them,” Arriola said.) And they trace his work on the Gang of Eight immigration bill, and the introduction and re-introduction of the DREAM Act, as significant markers in the politics of immigration over the last decade.

“On immigration he changed the game,” said former Reid senior adviser Jose Parra. “Polls were showing that touching the DREAM Act was political suicide.”

There is also the unusual role Reid, a senator, played in the executive actions implemented by President Obama in 2012 and 2014. Those actions followed years of either failed efforts to start an immigration legislative process, or gestures at starting a process unlikely to find success with Republicans, or even some Democrats. (In 2010, for instance, when Democrats still controlled both houses but were headed toward a blistering midterm election, Reid developed a habit of saying publicly and in press releases directed toward Spanish-language media that immigration legislation would happen soon, while admitting on Capitol Hill that it would not.)

Both in 2012 and 2014, it became clear that there would be no legislation moved. Reid began pushing the White House to forego Congress and implement what ultimately would be called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the program that delays deportation of some young undocumented immigrants and is the precursor to last year’s executive actions.

Those with knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes say Reid’s staff had worked up memos on how and why the administration should do DACA. The White House pushed back over whether they had legal authority to use prosecutorial discretion with a larger scope, and concerns that it was politically infeasible in the midst of a bitter campaign. At one point, Reid told senior administration staff that if they didn’t do DACA, losing the White House for the party would be on them, according to a source familiar with the exchange. He left a memo from his staff on what they needed to do and walked out.

Reid then took it a step further, going on “Al Punto” with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos — a Spanish-language analogue to “Meet The Press” — and making a declaration of sorts.

“There’s more the president is going to do administratively. And that should happen fairly quickly,” Reid told Ramos on May 13, 2012.

The response from the White House was swift.

nag mastoMiranda, the director of Hispanic media at the time, called Reid’s office yelling and asking why he had said that, according to a source familiar with the period. Miranda laughed when asked about the story, saying he didn’t remember that but that it was probably true.

“DACA was the big issue,” said Arriola, who worked for both Reid and for the Obama campaign. “For Reid to come out strong, he did lead the pack. It was a timeframe when even our Democrat champions were not speaking up on this issue.”

Some Democrats argue he can’t be replaced when it comes to Latino issues, especially immigration, by Sen. Chuck Schumer who is very likely to become the new Democratic leader with Reid’s endorsement.

“Fuck yeah, that’s a loss,” one longtime Latino Democrat said. “Schumer is like Rahm [Emanuel], their priorities are majorities and the bigger picture and if that means sacrificing immigration, so be it. Schumer has been a champion of immigration but also one of the people dragging their feet… Reid is more of a true believer, he stood by it on principle. Schumer is going to do it if it makes sense for the majority.”

Another was more succinct. “I just don’t see Chuck Schumer going to bat for the community like Reid did.”

Complaints about Schumer highlight one of Reid’s most Machiavellian strengths, namely his ability to shape different parts of the party’s views of him on his own terms.

After all, Reid held off on serious efforts at rewriting immigration laws until President Obama wanted it done in 2013. But it is Obama and Schumer — and not the then-leader of the Senate, Reid — who are viewed as dragging their feet.

Harry Reid with DREAMer Astrid Silva, of Las Vegas. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Inside the community of immigration activists, which played a significant role in pushing Obama from the left last year, Reid has his share of admirers.

He has frequently touted the experience of Astrid Silva, a Nevadan who was brought to the country as a child and who speaks highly of the senator, “For the first time I felt like I was protected and that was something I had never felt before.”

Catherine Cortez MastoReid would have a direct impact on Silva’s life in 2011, after her father faced the imminent threat of deportation, which the senator resolved by negotiating with ICE to get a stay of deportation because Carlos Silva had been scammed by a notario, someone who presents themselves as a lawyer, but is not. “His office was the first place I called, I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

There is a political dimension to this: Silva would later be prominently featured during Obama’s event the day after announcing his sweeping 2014 executive actions, because her father is eligible to remain in the country if the program is ultimately implemented (the executive actions have been put on hold as they undergo legal challenge).

That political tension is not lost on the activists. When Gaby Pacheco, a high-profile DREAMer and activist, was asked to speak to the press after the DREAM Act failed in 2010, she was furious. She was angry about the legislation, but she also felt she was being used — a sympathetic face to throw to the media to bash Republicans — when she believed Democrats could have done more to get it passed.

With Reid by her side, she said her piece, but when it was over and the cameras were off, she grabbed Reid by his jacket and pulled him close, startling some of those present. She said Democrats could have done more and he knew that.

Reid, angered, pulled away from Pacheco and walked to the doorway before stopping.

Then he turned around, walked back to her, and hugged her, leaving the room bewildered about what had just happened.

Adrian Carrasquillo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
Contact Adrian Carrasquillo at adrian.c@buzzfeed.com

Witnesses testify on the pros and cons of guns on campus

ormsby house guns and rosesLAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) — Emotion dominated standing-room only hearings Thursday on a bill that would allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry guns on Nevada school campuses.

Amanda Collins, a 2007 victim of rape on the University of Nevada campus in Reno, provided the drama at the hearing on Assembly Bill 148. Her assailant was James Biela, later convicted of murdering UNR student Briana Dennison. Biela currently sits on Nevada’s death row.

“October 22, 2007 was a typical evening,” Collins testified by a teleconference connection from Ely. She was studying for midterms, and was attacked by Biela as she walked in a parking garage.

“Out of the corner of my eye I could see the university police cruisers parked across the way, and in that same moment I knew that the university police offices had already closed,” Collins said. “I knew no one was coming to help me.”

Collins had a concealed weapons permit, but under Nevada law she could not carry her weapon on campus, “which means that the law – the very law that was meant to ensure my safety, only guaranteed the criminal an unmatched victim.”

The hearing rooms at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas and at the Legislative Building in Carson City, packed with both supporters and opponents of “campus carry,” fell silent as Collins testified.

AB148 is sponsored by Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore, R-Clark. In addition to Fiore, 18 other Assembly Republicans are listed as sponsors, as well as two Republican state senators.

This is the third time a campus carry bill has been introduced in the Legislature.

Two previous attempts failed when both houses were controlled by Democrats. Now, Republicans control all branches of state government. The governor, a Republican, has not said whether he will sign the bill.

Former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, now the executive vice chancellor of Nevada’s higher education system, testified that current law, which bans campus carry, works. In the hearing, she called the bill “a solution looking for a problem.”

Masto, speaking to News 3, said, “I believe in 2nd Amendment rights.” But she said, not everyone wants guns. “They don’t want to be around weapons. They don’t want to have to carry them. They don’t want to live in a dorm with somebody who has a weapon.”

Masto said campus carry could be dangerous, especially when school police get the call someone has a gun on campus.

“And if they don’t have a police uniform on, or police badge, insignia, they’re going to take that person down and they’re not going to inquire whether they have a CCW,” Masto said.

Campus carry supporters say permit holders would be trained to act properly in those situations. They discount the danger to themselves, or police.

“This is something that can be covered with training and I do believe that the university police department are (sic) at least willing to work with something, should this bill pass,” said Alex Murdoch, co-founder of the group “UNLV Students for Concealed Carry.”

Murdoch says campus crime isn’t an illusion.

“I live just a mile from campus and just over three weeks ago I had a drive-by shooting at my house while I was on campus talking about concealed carry,” Murdoch said. He held up the bullet he said he later found in the back of his truck.

At Thursday’s hearing, Assemblyman James Ohrenschall, D-Las Vegas, asked if bringing guns on campuses already awash in alcohol and drugs would prove a dangerous mix.

“Young permit holders, college age permit holders are at least as safe or safer than the rest of the permit holders, and permit holders as a whole are extremely law abiding,” said James Lott, author of the book “More Guns, Less Crime,” and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

In Las Vegas, many watching the hearing opposed campus carry. When asked to stand by one speaker, a majority of the room at the Grant Sawyer Building stood.

One of them was Nina Nittalgun, a student at the College of Southern Nevada.

“I don’t think that I should be in a school and have to feel protected by having guns everywhere to feel safe,” she said.

Seven states allow weapons on campus. Under current Nevada law, students and campus employees can apply to the institution’s president to bring weapons on campus.

Few ask and even fewer requests are granted. In 2013, there were 11 applications, with only one being accepted. In 2014, only half of the eight weapons applications were granted.

For Amanda Collins, what happened to her is the ultimate, and tragic, cautionary tale.

“My case is the perfect example that despite law enforcement’s best efforts to ensure our safety, they are unable to be everywhere at once,” Collins said. “All I wanted was a chance to effectively defend myself.”

Catherine Cortez Masto says it should be up to college presidents to decide if hot little girls get guns on campus

nag mastoThe Nevada System of Higher Education wants college presidents, not lawmakers, to have the final say on who carries a firearm on campus.

It will be part of the debate on campus carry legislation during the Assembly Committee on Judiciary Thursday.

On the agenda is Assembly Bill 148, which authorizes a person with a concealed carry permit to have weapons on school grounds including college campuses, K-12 schools, day cares and nonsecure parts of airports.

University of Nevada, Reno and Truckee Meadows Community College are against the bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of Las Vegas and 21 other lawmakers.

“The administration, faculty and students oppose Bill 148,” said UNR President Marc Johnson this week, just days after the university’s student government passed a resolution opposing it.

“They aren’t doing this for us,” Johnson said of lawmakers. “They are doing it to us.”

Johnson said the university opposes AB 148 for many reasons.

“This a place that encourages people to express controversial thoughts,” he said. “We don’t want controversy to turn into a gunbattle.”

He also said because college campuses face issues with alcohol and drugs, adding a third element is a safety issue.

Recently, the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, the student government, opposed the bill in a resolution.

“We want more tenured professors and lower student-faculty ratios,” said UNR student Caden Fabbi. Fabbi is the speaker of the senate and is running for school body president. “In attracting new faculty, this could be looked at as a deterrent to wanting to come here,” he said.

“We think sexual assault and campus carry are exclusive issues with a lot of misinformation,” he said. “There is this misconception that there is some guy jumping out of a bush and that’s not the case,” he said.

In 2014 Johnson approved five out of 11 people who applied to carry a concealed weapon at UNR.

He said after an extensive background check by school police, an interview and showing just cause for carrying a weapon, he personally approves or denies a request.

Approval is most often based on a student who may have an outside threat, for example having a restraining order.

“From our perspective, the people that know best are the people that are on our campuses,” said Catherine Cortez Masto, who was hired in January as an executive vice chancellor for the System of Higher Education. Cortez Masto was formerly the Nevada attorney general and will represent higher education along with school police at Thursday’s meeting.

Campus presidents including Johnson and TMCC President Maria Sheehan, along with Chancellor Dan Klaich and regents, are in Las Vegas during the hearing for a scheduled Board of Regents meeting.

Cortez Masto said the concern about the bill is that a concealed carry permit can be held by a person 21 and older.

She said more than 30 percent of those on campuses are under 21 including those in campus day care centers, and in elementary and high schools.

Bill sponsor Fiore recently made national news commenting on the bill, similar to ones in almost a dozen states, by telling the New York Times that sexual assaults would go down if sexual predators got a “bullet in their head.”

Assembly Bill 148

8 a.m. Thursday in room 3138 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson Street, Carson City

New AG Laxalt plans law enforcement summit

CARSON CITY — Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt will host a law enforcement summit next month as his first major initiative as Nevada’s new chief legal officer.

The summit is scheduled for Feb. 5 at the attorney general’s office in Carson City with video conferencing to the Las Vegas office.

An agency spokeswoman said a “portion” of the event will be open to the news media.

Laxalt, who was sworn in as Nevada’s newest attorney general on Monday, has invited sheriffs, chiefs, and district attorneys from Nevada’s 17 counties to address important issues in their respective communities.

“Law enforcement leaders across the state have been asked for their participation and input at the summit,” Laxalt said. “Our priority is to identify and discuss crime trends and other issues to find ways to collaborate across counties in order to make the Silver State a safer place for Nevada’s families.”

The summit will focus on how Nevada law enforcement can more quickly and effectively address emerging criminal trends such as illegal drugs, violent crime, domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking.

“The opportunity to collaborate with different representatives of law enforcement and share approaches to fighting crime should greatly benefit our individual counties and the state as a whole,” said newly elected Washoe County District Attorney Christopher Hicks. “I am excited to participate.”

Krolicki is still upset about Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto getting a grand jury indictment that he and his top aide mismanaged the college savings program while he was treasurer.

brian KrolickiBy Cy Ryan (contact)
Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015 | 2 a.m.

After 24 years in state government, including eight years each as treasurer and lieutenant governor, Brian Krolicki is leaving office.
But that doesn’t mean he’s through with public service.

He doesn’t rule out he may run against U.S. Sen. Harry Reid in 2016 if his Republican friend Gov. Brian Sandoval doesn’t.

And he intends to continue on the committee to bring the Winter Olympics to Lake Tahoe in the future.

Krolicki packed his personal furniture and documents Thursday and said he intends to spend more time with his wife and three children. And he intends to search for employment as a consultant for companies in Nevada.

According to his financial disclosure statement, he already has ties with United Power Technology and Gazillion Inc. He says he still has the “public service gene” and called government office “a noble calling.”

Krolicki considered challenging Reid in 2010 but bowed out when he was criminally indicted for improper paperwork while treasurer. The charges were thrown out.

He says he will wait to see if Sandoval decides to take on Reid. He said he would never run against his friend Sandoval in a GOP primary.

“The governor is first in the queue,” he said. If Sandoval declines to run for the U.S. Senate, “I will consider all my options,” he said.

Some of his proudest moments as treasurer were helping roll out Gov. Kenny Guinn’s Millennium Scholarship program and starting the college saving plan.

As lieutenant governor, he served six years as chairman of both the economic development commission and the tourism commission. Sandoval revised those programs but kept Krolicki as a member on both.

In economic development, he said he was part of a team that brought many credible companies to Nevada. In tourism, he said the program expanded globally to bring tourists to Nevada.

He cited the growth from Asia, where visas 10 years ago numbered 150,000 and now stand at 1.8 million.


Krolicki is still upset about Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto getting a grand jury indictment that he and his top aide mismanaged the college savings program while he was treasurer.

That growth he said was the “saving grace of tourism when tourism turned sour” during the recession.

As lieutenant governor he also served as president of the state Senate. Asked if he was frustrated with the long delays and other problems in the Senate, he said, “I understand the delays and I accept the fact there will be frustrations.”

He said he understood the process and was a member of the Republican caucus during the 120-day sessions. “I believe I have the respect of the full Senate,” he said.

He doesn’t see himself becoming a lobbyist at the 2015 Legislature.


Krolicki is still upset about Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto getting a grand jury indictment that he and his top aide mismanaged the college savings program while he was treasurer.

No money was missing and a district judge in Las Vegas dismissed the indictment. “I’m still waiting for an apology from her (Masto) to my family and me,” he said.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

“We did nothing wrong and shame on the attorney general for allowing the prosecution to go forward.” He called it a partisan move by Masto, whose husband was arranging a fundraiser for Krolicki’s opponent.

Masto at the time denied the indictment was driven by politics.

Despite the indictment, he says he left office “with a positive image.”

He added, “My public service was enhanced.”

He worked in the treasurer’s office before being elected to the statewide office. Term limits stopped him from serving more than eight years in the two elective offices.

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye “NAG” Catherine Cortez Masto, Washoe DA “Dirty Dick” Gammick and Corrupt Carson City DA Neil “The Nutsack” Romardo

There corrupt “Nevada licensed criminals” are out of office in 2015…

Former Nevada AG (“NAG”) Catherine Cortez Masto

Former Washoe County DA Dick Gammick

Former Carson City DA Neil Rombardo

New, bigger and improved NAG Catherine Cortez Masto protest sign

New, bigger and improved Catherine Cortez Masto protest sign

neil rombardo is corrupt

Neil “Nutsack” Rombardo

Dick Gammick

Dick Gammick

Outgoing AG Catherine Cortez Masto Hasn’t Thought About Running For Governor

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Outgoing state Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto told KNPR’s State of Nevada that she has not thought about running for governor. However, she did not rule out getting back into an elected office, if the right position became available.

The two-term attorney general has a new job as the second in command of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

Her appointment came as a surprise to some regents. But, she will assume the role of executive vice chairman beginning next month once her term expires.

She told KNPR’s State of Nevada that her new position fits with a problem she has been looking to tackle, which is education.

She said that although she doesn’t have experience in academics, she feels comfortable with requirements of the job, including working with the leaders of higher education institutions and talking with Nevada lawmakers.

Catherine Cortez Masto will be replaced as attorney general by Republican Adam Laxalt who beat Democrat and Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller.

While Cortez Masto would not comment on whether Laxalt’s recent letter denouncing President Barack Obama’s executive order covering undocumented workers would put him at odds with Governor Brian Sandoval. She did say there is potential for conflict in the attorney general’s job because of the dual roles that you play.

“We’re the attorney for the governor. We provide advice like any attorney to their client,” she said, “But that’s a different hat that the attorney general wears as opposed to the consumer protection hat or the hat I wore representing the state when we were involved in litigation against the banks and Wall Street.”

That litigation ended up forcing Cortez Masto to make one of the biggest decision she had to make during her tenure: whether to sign a national mortgage fraud settlement.

The settlement, which was signed in 2012, involved billions of dollars and five major banks, but it also ended lawsuits filed against banks involved in subprime mortgages.

Cortez Masto said she had only two weeks to look at the proposed settlement and make a decision whether to sign it.

In the end, she decided to agree to the deal in order to get some relief for people hit hard by the collapse of the housing market.

“We felt it was better, for the homeowners, to sign onto this agreement and bring relief back here which we did,” Cortez Masto said.

Cortez Masto will now focus on improving the state’s higher education system.

KRNV/MyNEWS4 -On Your Side: Government Corruption and the Shroud of secrecy surrounds medical marijuana businesses

RENO, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — Finding out who have been selected winners and losers of Nevada’s budding medical marijuana business, and why, has turned out to be almost impossible.

See the video here: http://www.mynews4.com/mostpopular/story/On-Your-Side-Shroud-of-secrecy-surrounds-medical/ApzFxrEqb02IAGrPdx434g.cspx

pot slotsNews 4’s On Your Side team believes Nevadans have a right to know who is going to be opening up shop and providing people with safe products.

When the state released its list of the companies authorized to take part in the medical marijuana business, we wanted to know one thing: how did the state make the decision? Thanks to a state regulation that protects medical marijuana applicants and their investors, the whole process has been clouded under a shroud of secrecy, far from transparent. culture-of-corruption

The questions remain: who set it up this way, and why? It has been weeks of phone calls, e-mails, and interviews, all aimed at trying to get more information on the state’s process to license medical marijuana business applicants.

We started at the Division of Public and Behavioral Health. Chad Westom is a Bureau Chief, and the head of the Medical Marijuana program.

“We do not write the laws,” explained Westom. “We did not write this law, but we do carry out what is required.”

Westom is referring to NRS 453a.700, the medical marijuana law passed in 2001. “It states the Division and our designees must maintain the confidentiality and shall not disclose the contents of any application record or any written documentation that the Division or designees credits or receives pursuant to this chapter,” said Westom.

But when that was written, it was referring to medical marijuana patients, and their application, not the application of cultivators or dispensary owners. Westom confirmed that the Attorney General was consulted on this regulation.

Westom also stated applicants could sign a disclosure form that would let the state release the name of the company and how many points it scored during the ranking process. But even with some companies doing that, the public still does not have access to basic information on ownership, backgrounds, and business practices.

“We’ve had legal review from the Attorney General’s office all along the way,” Westom said.

News 4 contacted Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto’s office to ask how she interpreted the law for the division. She declined to go on camera, but in an email sent by her staff, she noted that it was the Health Division who adopted NAC 453a.714, a regulation which makes the information confidential.

We made several calls to the 12 members of the Legislative Commission who approved that regulation on March 28. Only one, Assemblyman Jason Frierson, called back, but did not remember specifically discussing the regulation.

The Legislative Council Bureau said the Nevada Health Board proposed the regulation to the Legislative Commission, but a Health Board member said he did not recall that, and referred me back to the Health Division and Richard Whitley, an administrator at the Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

Whitley has not return our call, but we were sent to a Public Information Officer. A week ago, an e-mail was sent, asking who proposed the idea of a completely confidential process and why? On Wednesday, we received an email from Pam Graber, the Public Information Officer at the Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

The e-mail said that Senator Tick Segerblom, who crafted the orignal medicial marijuana bill, set up the criteria for the ranking results, with the help of the division.

But she is refusing to tell the public the names and backgrounds of the taxpayer-paid panelists that decided the winners and losers in Nevada’s medical marijuana business. She is also refusing to release the specific formula, or rubrick, that these people used to rank the businesses.

The biggest question still remains: who originated the complete confidentiality of the state regulation that is keeping all this information secret?

News 4’s On Your Side will be continuing to cover this story, and will keep you posted as we learn more.

Nevada’s outgoing attorney general NAG Masto will become a top official in the Nevada System of Higher Education starting next year.

LAS VEGAS — Nevada’s outgoing attorney general will become a top official in the Nevada System of Higher Education starting next year.
The system announced Tuesday that Catherine Cortez Masto will take the Las Vegas-based executive vice chancellor job beginning Jan. 1.
Officials say she will serve as the system’s chief operating officer, and her duties will include establishing governmental and external relations strategies. She will also continue advocating for the prevention of violence against women and children, as she has in her role as Nevada’s top prosecutor.
Cortez Masto is a Democrat and has been attorney general since 2007. She could not run again due to term limits.
Republican Adam Laxalt will take her seat after winning a close race against outgoing Secretary of State Ross Miller

KRNV: Attorney General’s race starts negative and will end negative

Reno, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV)– The ads are vicious. One from Republican Adam Laxalt said, “A watchdog even found Nevada was vulnerable to corruption under Miller.” Another ad from Democrat Ross Miller said, “Adam Laxalt’s own firm called him a ‘train wreck’ saying he lacks basic legal skills.”

See video here: http://www.mynews4.com/news/local/story/Negative-to-the-last-drop/N7Kxj1oE2U285EewxGLIuA.cspx

If you listen to the ads, Laxalt is accused of being professionally unfit while Miller is being blasted for accepting tens of thousands in gifts. Political experts note this campaign started off negative from the very beginning. Truckee Meadows Community College Dean and political science professor Fred Lokken said, “It started on the Republican side in this race, not directly from the Laxalt campaign, but clearly from dollars most likely outside the state of Nevada.”

Miller is quick to point out the attacks started even before Laxalt was a declared candidate. He said, “They started attacking me 16 months ago, these out of state groups, you know. I don’t think I anticipated this long of an attack campaign lasting sixteen months.”

But Miller admits his side too has gone negative.It’s a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Laxalt. Laxalt said, “To be honest, before I got in this race, I was warned that the Miller machine would stop at nothing to win this race.”

Lokken notes the position of Attorney General is powerful one that is politically strategic for either party looking to groom a candidate for higher office. Lokken said, “It is probably seen as the most high of the constitutional offices, which really makes it the prize.It is staging for a stronger career and it gives an appearance of an heir apparancy, that sort of thing.” Miller agrees with that assessment adding, “I can’t speculate why those out-of-state groups have come in to try and attack me but its been made clear by even Dick Cheney who said several months ago, this is the most important state race in the country.”

Both Miller and Laxalt come from politically powerful families in Nevada. Miller is the son of former Governor Bob Miller. Laxalt is the grandson of former Senator Paul Laxalt. Miller said, “I come from a political family and so the negative stuff is part of the territory. I know how it works.” Laxalt, on the other hand, characterizes himself as a political newcomer. Lokken believes it is these family connections, providing voters with familiar names, that have allowed both candidates to receive contributions outside of the state. He said this race took on a very different tone once two known names entered the fray adding, “The cake walk was literally supposed to be for Ross Miller. The dramatic change was the introduction of someone who had name power that literally had that identification voters will remember.”

Lokken notes while you may not like negative campaigns, they’re not going away. He said, “They do it because it works and they will continue to do it until it doesn’t work. The voters have all the power in this. Unless they punish candidates that choose to engage in negative campaigning, the politicians will continue to do it.”

On Wednesday October 15, 2014 the Nevada ANTI CORRUPTION CRIME SCENE tape made its way to a Ross Miller for Nevada AG fundraiser in Reno, NV.


On Wednesday October 15, 2014 the Nevada ANTI CORRUPTION CRIME SCENE tape made its way to a Ross Miller for Nevada AG fundraiser in Reno, NV.

IMG_3697On Wednesday October 15, 2014 the Nevada ANTI CORRUPTION CRIME SCENE tape made its way to a Ross Miller for Nevada AG fundraiser in Reno, NV.

Tonja Brown wanted to remind Ross Miller about her ongoing issues. Adam Laxalt is not immune from the protest and both these potential AG candidates must deal with the years old issue.

See More here: Tonja Brown Stories

Then just today we see this:

Wow, Laxalt family members endorse and not – that’s gotta hurt

Wow, Laxalt family members endorse and not – that’s gotta hurt

Doing what’s best for Nevada

Thu, Oct 16, 2014 (2:02 a.m.)

Ross Miller Nevada is corrupt

Ross Miller Nevada is corrupt

The past year has been a trying time for our family — the Laxalt family. Sadly, we have been forced to face the loss of several cherished family members. This challenge has made many of us stop and pause about what truly does matter in life.

During our journey, we have found a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that best captures the essence of a core value that has guided us throughout our lives — the value of speaking up for what is right. He wrote, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

In the spirit of King’s words, then, we can no longer be silent as we seek to maintain the integrity of our home state of Nevada.

Therefore, we collectively speak up to support Ross Miller as the most qualified candidate to be our state’s attorney general.

It is our belief that Ross Miller’s documented history of pulling himself up by his own bootstraps and establishing a well-respected career in law and public service while still maintaining a strong sense of family and community constitute the critical characteristics needed for Nevada’s highest legal office.

We ask that our fellow Nevadans follow our lead by speaking up with their own votes during this election season.

Know that our message does not originate from a Republican, Democratic or even family affiliation. It has to do with the most basic question all voters must ask themselves when they step into the voting booth, “Who really is the best qualified candidate for attorney general for the state of Nevada?”

source: http://m.lvsun.com/news/2014/oct/16/doing-whats-best-nevada/

Will Mr. Adam Laxalt who is running for Nevada Attorney General look the other way with regard to that Attorney General’s Office having a practice and a policy of withholding evidence from Plaintiff’s in cases?
adam_laxaltWill Mr. Adam Laxalt  who is running for Nevada Attorney General look the other way with regard to that Attorney General’s Office having a practice and a policy of withholding evidence from Plaintiff’s in cases?
We know that Secretary of State Ross Miller who is running for the same position does when he along with the Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, and  Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto were presented with evidence by Ms. Tonja Brown during the December 5, 2011 and May 17, 2012 Board of Prison Commissioners meetings.
Ms. Brown provided the Commissioners with this information along with her documents that supported her testimony before them.  Ms. Brown asked of them to call for an outside investigation into the Attorney General’s Office.   Her testimony and documents were then stricken and removed from the record.

Brown claims that they did not place on the record her documents until after she had filed suit in July 2013 and to this day not all of the documents have seen the light of day, nor have they done as she had requested of them during the December 5, 2011 and May 17, 2012 Board of Prison Commissioners meeting.Tonja Brown informs Gov. Brian Sandoval and NAG Catherine Cortez Masto of 1st Amendment Rights violations and lawsuit

Ms. Brown filed suit against the Board of Prison Commissioners, NDOC, and DAG William Geddes and DAG Kara Krause in July 2013 for a Breach of Settlement Agreement she had made with the State in thewrongful death suit of her brother, Nolan Klein.
Brown claims that they did not place her documents on the record until after she filed suit and served them and as of this date not all of the documents have seen the light of day, nor have they done as she had requested of them and that they had her documents blocked from anyone accessing them.

judge tatro

She claims they have breached the terms ofthe Settlement Agreement she made with them.  A trial date has been set forApril 6 & 8, 2015 in the First Judicial District Court, Department 2 Judge James Wilson.

A brief summary of this case.

Nolan Klein passed away 5 years ago on September 20, 2009 from lack of medical care by the Nevada Department of Corrections.Just prior to Mr. Klein’s death the evidence was found hiding in the Washoe County District Attorney files that would have exonerated him from the 1988 Payless Shoe Store crime.

In October 2011 Ms. Brown hired a private investigator to locate the prime suspect, Mr. Zarsky.   The Sparks Police theory was they believed Mr. Zarsky had committed the crime Nolan Klein was convicted of.   In November Ms. Brown drove to another state and had the opportunity to listen to what Mr. Zarsky had to say.

Mr. Zarsky admitted he had knowledge of the Payless Shoe Store crime and the 3 other crimes the SPD believed he had committed. The victims from the 3 other crimes had cleared Mr. Klein and all was hidden by the Washoe County District Attorney’s office.

 In two of the cases the May 9, 1988 Payless Shoe Store robbery for which Mr. Klein was convicted of and the April 21,1988 armed robbery and attempted rape that the victim had cleared Mr. Klein of and hidden this fact from the defense and jury.  The victims in these cases two separate cases had described the knife as being red and black again, all hidden from the defense by Mr. Rachow and covered up by the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office.
In 2009 just prior to Mr. Klein’s death Judge Brent Adams ordered District Attorney Richard Gammick to turn over the DNA test results and the entire file in Mr. Klein’s case.    Located in the files were the handwritten notes from ADA Ronald Rachow defying a 1988 court order to turn over all of the evidence. The Washoe County District Attorney’s office knew about what Mr. Rachow had done and kept quite.

In Mr. Klein’s file were over 200 documents hidden from the defense mostly exculpatory evidence.  During the January 17 – 23 1989 trial  Mr. Rachow presented only 20 exhibits, mostly, photographs of the Payless Shoe Store crime scene.In 2010 Ms. Brown filed suit against the NDOC in the wrongful death of Nolan Klein.  During the discovery process Ms. Brown discovered that the Attorney General’s office had withheld evidence in one of Nolan’s federal civil cases against the NDOC.  Ms. Brown claims that ultimately this new development with regard to this evidence had a profound adverse effect on Mr. Klein’s  2007 Parole Board hearing and 2008 Compassionate Release Pardon.

 As a part of the Settlement Agreement  Ms. Brown made with the State she could exonerate their names.  When she went to do this at the December 5, 2011 and May 17, 2012 Board of Prison Commissioners they claimed the documents were deemed confidential and would not be placed on the record.  Ms. Brown demanded that they call for an investigation into the Attorney General’s Office for withholding evidence, file a complaint with the State Bar of Nevada against Mr. Geddes for withholding evidence in Mr. Klein’s federal case, and write a letter of apology to her.   They have refused to do so.Brown then filed suit Tonja Brown v NDOC, Governor Brian Sandoval, Attorney General Katherine Cortez Masto, Secretary of State Ross Miller, DAG William Geddes, DAG Kara Krause in Carson City, NV for Breach of Settlement Agreement. Trial is set for next April 2015.

Brown states that because of their refusal to as she has requested of them she has been prevented from seeking a Posthumous Pardon for Mr. Nolan Klein because the documents that were disseminated by the NDOC to the 2007 Parole Board and 2008 Pardons Board still  contain the  information pertaining to Mr. Klein and Ms. Brown.
Some of this false information was a direct result of a June 5, 2007 computer glitch that “FLIPPED” when the NOTIS software program was installed at the NDOC, thereby,  placing false felony charges in inmates files making it appear as though they have committed new crimes.
This information was then submitted to the 2007 Parole Board at which time Mr. Klein was appearing before them.  Mr. Klein then was denied his parole to the street in February 2008 and his previous granted paroles were revoked and he was placed back onto his first life sentence.
The following year, Mr. Klein appeared before the Nevada Pardons Board on a Compassionate Release Pardon because he was dying.  The Nevada Pardons Board consisted of the Nevada Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General Katherine Cortez Masto, and Governor James Gibbons. The Pardons Board were given a copy of the interview of Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick publicly admitting that he opened up Mr. Klein’s DNA and tested it. Mr. Klein’s attorney’s demanded to know where the test results were.
 The Nevada Pardons denied Mr. Klein a Compassionate Pardon and Mr. Klein died on September 20,2009.  At the time of Mr. Klein’s death his attorney’s were about to file their Motions for New Trial based on Newly Discovered evidence, and bail.  Mr. Klein’s criminal case was still pending on Appeal in the 9th Circuit.  Once Mr. Klein died everything became Moot!
Ms  Brown said “although Nolan is gone he is not forgotten.”   “The day he is given a Posthumous Pardon and Washoe County is held responsible for their actions will be the day I will let this go”
” the truth will be told in the upcoming release of her book “To Prove His Innocence  A Sister’s Love”


NAG MASTO wants “kill switch” on cell phones for her “police state”

nag masto signBy Dennis Myers

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto’s office is drafting legislation to require “kill switches” on cell phones sold in the state. The switch allows the owner to remotely disable the phone if it is stolen, creating a disincentive for thieves, but it also allows others—such as the police—to do the same.

The Cortez Masto draft may be unnecessary by the time it is submitted to the Nevada Legislature. Given the huge size of the California market—the state makes up just over 12 percent of the population of the United States—it’s possible that phone manufacturers will build the kill switches into all models rather than provide switch-free versions to states that have no such requirement.

The attorney general is allowed to request up to 20 drafts of legislation from the legislative bill drafters. But Cortez Masto is termed out and will be out of office by the time the legislature goes into session next year, so it will be the decision of her successor whether to continue with the kill switch measure. Candidates for the job are Republican Adam Laxalt and Democrat Ross Miller.

Mobile carriers say the switches will make smart phones more susceptible to hackers and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, in a letter to California legislator Susan Bonilla, opposed the legislation, saying the technology was already available on an optional basis and the legislation “is not explicit about who can activate such a switch. … [M]andating a solution through legislation is not the right approach.”

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

But Consumers Union supported the legislation, less for theft prevention than because the smart phones contain so much private information. The organization conceded that kill technology is already available but said its inclusion in devices should be mandatory by law. “Every smart phone should be required to have a ‘kill switch’ that lets you wipe personal information off your device,” it said in a prepared statement. “What’s more, you should be able to disable your phone remotely to make it inoperable to thieves. And if you’re fortunate enough to get your phone back, it should be easy to reactivate.”

On Aug. 11, 2011, during protests on Bay Area Rapid Transit stations against a police killing of a homeless man, BART disabled cell service to four stations to hamper coordination of the protests. That angered some residents who joined the subsequent day’s protest. It also sparked a Federal Communications Commission investigation of BART and prompted the California Legislature to pass a law limiting official interference with cell transmissions.

It’s not just community groups whose work could be disrupted. The Columbia Journalism Review described the problem for photographers and reporters: “You’re a journalist covering a street protest, and the local police chief doesn’t like the photos you’re tweeting from your iPhone. One shows an officer arresting a minister. Another shows a protester surrendering as an officer chokes him. Yet another shows a teargas canister landing near a group of young people. The batons and rubber bullets come out, and the chief remotely disables the journalist’s iPhone, rendering it useless.”

The blockage may not stop reporting of a news event, but it slows things down until law enforcement gets all its ducks and spin doctors in a row and may well get its account of an event out before on-the-scene observers. In California, that would likely be illegal under the post-BART protest law, but what are the chances that local prosecutors will charge the police with a crime? In Nevada, there is no crime to charge.

Ross Miller vs Adam Laxalt face off in Nevada AG debate

Ross Miller kicks ass

Ross Miller

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) — Secretary of State  touted his work enforcing Nevada’s election law while his opponent Adam Laxalt pointed to his legal experience in the military in a debate over who should be Nevada’s next attorney general.

Democrat Miller and Republican Laxalt squared off Saturday morning at the annual Nevada Press Association convention in North Las Vegas, fielding questions about public records, sparring about the ethics of politicians accepting gifts and comparing resumes.

Adam Laxalt

Adam Laxalt

“My broad range of legal experience makes me most qualified for this job,” said Laxalt, 36, a first-time candidate who worked as a private attorney in Las Vegas for three years and previously served as a judge advocate general in the U.S. Navy.

“I have experience solving real problems,” said Miller, 38, pointing to his work as a prosecutor in the Clark County District Attorney’s Office and noting that he investigated even organizations friendly to his party during his two terms as secretary of state.

The forum, held before Nevada journalists and moderated by Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Steve Sebelius, focused largely on how the attorney general would enforce public records laws. Miller cited examples from his work in campaign finance disclosure as secretary of state, while Laxalt spoke broadly in favor of transparency but acknowledged he was unfamiliar with some of the finer points of open meeting and public records laws.

Attorney General candidate Ross Miller (D) made it clear where he stands on equal treatment under the law.

Asked whether there should be a cap on the fees public agencies can charge to pull up public records, Miller pointed out that there’s a real cost to assigning staff members to the task and processing documents.

“We’ve absolutely got to set a rate that’s reasonable,” Miller said. “We don’t want a standard in place that allows people to shut down government … It’s got to be reasonable, and there’s got to be balance.”

Laxalt said he believed transparency is essential and said he was willing to “roll up his sleeves” and work on the issue just like he’d done in the military, but he also said he didn’t know what would constitute a reasonable fee.

The two sparred about politicians accepting gifts, an issue prominent in attack ads run against Miller. Laxalt criticized Miller for taking more than $70,000 in gifts over a five-year period and vowed he would not accept any.

“My opponent has shown what I believe is a reckless habit of taking gifts,” Laxalt said. “I think it makes people wonder if their government works for them or for special interests.”

Miller shot back, saying many of the gifts he accepted were scholarships for educational seminars that have made him a stronger leader. He added that he’s disclosed more information than most politicians would because he’s a champion of transparency and wants voters to make their own judgments about the individual gifts.

“The entire reason that’s out there is I went above and beyond to put that out there,” Miller said. He also challenged Laxalt to disclose more records from his personnel file.

“We don’t know who he is or what he stands for,” Miller said.

The personnel file became an issue this summer when an unflattering job performance review from a Las Vegas law firm was leaked to the press.

The candidates also fielded questions about whether they’d defend Nevada laws that they might disagree with. It stemmed from an instance in which Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto declined to sue over President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, in spite of then-Gov. Jim Gibbons’ request.

Laxalt said he couldn’t foresee a situation in which he’d decline to follow a lawsuit that the governor requested.

“The last thing I want to do is to send a message that I wouldn’t enforce laws,” Laxalt said. But “If it was something that I felt was somehow unconstitutional, I’d have to very much evaluate that.”

Miller said it was hard to say what he would have done in the same situation, but said he would decline to sue “only in the rarest of circumstances.”

“You can certainly envision statues in place that would be clearly unconstitutional and based on those, I wouldn’t defend those,” Miller said, giving examples of laws requiring people to wear a Star of David or reinstituting slavery. “The attorney general is the state’s top attorney. That individual has to be a true leader.”

source: http://www.rgj.com/story/news/politics/2014/09/20/miller-laxalt-face-nevada-ag-debate/15965793/

Adam Laxalt for Nevada Attorney General


Meet Democratic Rising Star, Ross Miller, Nevada’s Secretary of State Fox & Friends 9 20 13

Ross Miller – 2014 AG Race, The Trailer

A former corrections officer is among seven people accused of helping smuggle cellphones, drugs, food and even vodka into prison for Las Vegas Strip shooting suspect Ammar Harris.

Ammar HarrisLAS VEGAS — A former corrections officer is among seven people accused of helping smuggle cellphones into prison for Las Vegas Strip shooting suspect Ammar Harris.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto announced charges Thursday, after phones and other contraband were found in Harris’ cell in High Desert State Prison in May.

Corrections officer Derland Blake is accused of taking hundreds of dollars in exchange for bringing food, methamphetamines, vodka and a cellphone to an inmate. He didn’t immediately respond to a phone message seeking comment on Thursday.cell phone injail

Five other people, including Harris, were also accused in a complex effort to get the goods behind bars.

Harris is accused of a fatal shooting and crash on the Las Vegas Strip that killed an aspiring rapper, a cab driver and taxi passenger in 2013.

Nevada U.S. Attorney sees rise in number of corrupt Nevada lawyers prosecuted


Las Vegas Review Journal - Tonja Brown "The Nolan Klein Story"

Nevada ranks number one in the Country for the most corrupt attorneys… We need to clean up the corruption within our judicial system and it starts with arresting and prosecuting the corrupt attorneys and judges!

Massive CRIME SCENE at Nevada attorney General Office in Carson City because of the rampant corruption in the CORRUPT Nevada Courts 
LVRJ News source: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/crime-courts/nevada-us-attorney-sees-rise-number-lawyers-prosecuted

bad lawyers judges

Prosecutors have noticed an “alarming” number of lawyers convicted of serious crimes in federal court in the past several years.tatro corrupt

A total of 23 lawyers, mostly from Las Vegas, have been convicted since 2008, according to the Nevada U.S. attorney’s office.

Since 2011, the number of convictions have increased nearly five times over the previous three years, records show.

There were four convictions between 2008 and 2010, but 19 between 2011 and this year. Eight attorneys either pleaded guilty or were convicted by a jury in 2013 alone.

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Dan Bogdenusdoj“In the last several years, the number of lawyers charged with federal crimes has increased dramatically,” U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden says.

“Although we cannot speculate as to the reason for the rise in numbers, we can say that it is embarrassing and sad when lawyers violate the very laws they have taken an oath to uphold.”

Bogden calls the growing rate of attorney prosecutions “alarming” in his 2013 annual report on the accomplishments of his office.

bad nevada lawyers

bad attorneys

He isn’t alone in noticing the increase.crime

“There’s been a significant uptick,” says David Clark, the chief counsel for the State Bar of Nevada, which regulates lawyers. “It’s a combination of economic realities and the increased vigilance on the part of federal prosecutors to go after lawyers.”

Clark says attorneys have struggled in the failing economy just like everyone else and have been forced to look for other ways to make money, sometimes landing in legal and professional trouble.

Of the 23 convictions since 2008, a total of 19 involved financial crimes such as tax evasion, bank fraud and mortgage fraud, records show.

Bankruptcy attorney Randolph Goldberg pleaded guilty to tax evasion last year and is now serving a 1½-year sentence in federal prison. Defense lawyer and former prosecutor Paul Wommer, who was convicted by a jury of tax evasion last year, is serving a nearly 3½-year prison sentence. Both are temporarily suspended and can expect more disciplinary action from the State Bar when they get out of prison.

psychopathUGjpg (1)

disbarredBusiness Woman Series 24Four Las Vegas attorneys — the late David Amesbury, Jeanne Winkler, Barry Levinson and Brian Jones — pleaded guilty to fraud charges in the federal investigation into the massive takeover of Las Vegas-area homeowners associations.

Amesbury killed himself weeks after he pleaded guilty, and the other three lawyers are cooperating with prosecutors and waiting to be sentenced.

Another attorney, Keith Gregory, is to stand trial in October in the HOA case, and one key target, attorney Nancy Quon, committed suicide before federal authorities could charge her.

Winkler was disbarred in 2011 for stealing money from her clients, and Levinson agreed to disbarment as part of the plea deal he struck with federal prosecutors earlier this year. He is currently suspended from practicing law.

kolo news coverage part 1

Other well-known lawyers have run afoul of the law:

■ Harvey Whittemore, a onetime political power broker, was convicted last year of unlawfully funneling more than $133,000 to the campaign of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat. He was sentenced to two years in prison and must surrender in August. Whittemore is temporarily suspended from practicing law while the State Bar considers further action.

■ Noel Gage, who specialized in personal injury cases, pleaded guilty in 2010 to obstruction of justice in a federal investigation into an alleged fraud scheme involving a network of lawyers and physicians. He was sentenced to three years probation. Gage is off probation and his law license is temporarily suspended until the end of July. He must apply for reinstatement.

■ Lawrence Davidson, caught up in a political corruption probe a dozen years ago, pleaded guilty to mail fraud, money laundering and several other charges, including those related to his unlawful flight to Israel in 2006 to avoid standing trial. Davidson agreed to disbarment in 2005 after he was originally charged. He eventually returned to Las Vegas and was sentenced in 2012 to eight years in prison.

■ Gerry Zobrist, once a part-time Las Vegas justice of the peace, pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud in a multimillion-dollar scheme to use straw buyers to unlawfully purchase homes in the valley. He was sentenced to seven years in federal prison. His law license has been suspended pending further disciplinary action.

nv judicial ethics


drunk lawyerThomas Pitaro, a respected criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing in Las Vegas for 40 years, says the stress of the legal profession likely has contributed to the rise in criminal prosecutions of attorneys.coke

“I think there are very few attorneys who steal for the hell of it,” Pitaro says. “It’s systematic of other problems — drugs, alcohol, gambling and living above their means.”

Pitaro also believes federal authorities are spending more time investigating white collar and financial crimes that have a higher probability of involving lawyers and other professionals.

Clark says his organization has stepped up its own vigilance of lawyers in recent years and has been working closely with law enforcement authorities.

“We’ve been sharing more information and developing more contacts with law enforcement,” he explains.

Clark points to the Levinson case as a prime example of the State Bar’s strong working relationship with police and federal authorities.

At one point, Las Vegas police, federal authorities and the State Bar all were working cases against Levinson at the same time, Clark says.


In his federal deal, Levinson not only pleaded guilty in the HOA fraud case, but he also pleaded guilty to tax evasion and embezzling more than $243,000 from his clients. His deal calls for him to receive no less than two years in prison. Any time behind bars he gets in state court on theft charges will run concurrently with his federal sentence.

Levinson’s willingness to agree to disbarment in his federal plea was a first for prosecutors and the State Bar. Goldberg last year agreed to a two-year suspension in his federal plea agreement.

“It shows the evolution of our cooperation with law enforcement authorities,” Clark says.

nevada bar


Something else that is evolving is the State Bar’s approach to disciplining lawyers.

bad lawyers nevadaA Nevada Supreme Court rule says the State Bar can move to temporarily suspend a lawyer upon a “final judgment of conviction,” and the bar has waited over the years until a lawyer is sentenced. That’s when the federal courts, which see most of the criminal cases, recognize a final judgment of conviction.

But two criminal cases against lawyers, one in Clark County District Court and another in federal court, has Clark looking for temporary suspensions before sentencing.

The District Court case is against defense attorney Brian Bloomfield, who pleaded guilty in December to felony charges stemming from a fraud investigation into a sweeping courthouse counseling scheme. Bloomfield has continued to represent clients in court the past six months while waiting to be sentenced.

The federal case involves Brian Jones, who pleaded guilty in the HOA case more than two years ago and is also waiting to be sentenced. Jones has since moved to Utah and is not practicing law in Las Vegas, but his license remains active.how-our-courts-are-used-by-criminals

Last month Clark filed a petition with the state Supreme Court seeking a temporary suspension for Bloomfield while the State Bar prepares to file a complaint against him that could lead to his disbarment.

The State Bar counsel filed a similar petition last week to get Jones temporarily suspended.

Clark is hoping the Supreme Court will more clearly define the broad rule, which also allows the State Bar to seek a suspension after a guilty plea or jury conviction.

“In the past this hasn’t been so much of a problem because there hasn’t been a long disconnect between a guilty plea and a sentencing,” Clark recently said. “But lately, we’ve been seeing a greater delay.”


Hmmm, Just like the crap in Carson City Nevada – TX Judge accused of creating false court records Lawyer’s complaints that filings were backdated touch off probe in state court and lead clerk to resign


Lawyer’s complaints that filings were backdated touch off probe in state court and lead clerk to resign

back dateTexas State District Court Judge Denise Pratt is under investigation, accused of backdating court records to make it appear that she issued rulings and filed court documents sooner than she actually did, according to county officials.Judge Denise Pratt

Allegations against the 311th family court judge, raised by a Houston-area family lawyer in a criminal complaint filed with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, already have led to the resignation of Pratt’s court clerk.

Webster-based family lawyer Greg Enos, whose criminal complaint last year against a Galveston County court-at-law judge sparked an investigation by the state attorney general and multiple indictments that led to the judge’s suspension and subsequent resignation, said he delivered his complaint against Pratt to First Assistant District Attorney Belinda Hill on Monday. Enos said he believes the office has already launched an investigation. A spokesman for the district attorney’s office said he “can’t confirm or deny” whether any investigation is underway, but county and other sources say the office is looking into it and already has contacted attorneys to arrange interviews. The concerns Enos is raising also have touched off an investigation by the Harris County District Clerk, the official keeper of all court records.

Hmmm, Just like the crap in Carson City Nevada – TX Judge accused of creating false court records Lawyer’s complaints that filings were backdated touch off probe in state court and lead clerk to resign

A Carson City man says the court clerk there is illegally back dating judicial filings for the state Attorney General. Todd Robben says a court filing by the Attorney General’s office in his wrongful termination case against the state’s Department of Taxation was dated in time to meet a procedural deadline, December 20th, but it wasn’t actually turned over to the court until at least the next day after that deadline. Read the rest of this story


District Clerk Chris Daniel said he looked into two of the six cases Enos included in his complaint, which led to the resignation on Monday of Pratt’s lead clerk, a well-liked, 25-year employee of the District Clerk’s office. Daniel said he found records were postdated or mis-marked in those two cases, and that he is looking into a seventh one that another family lawyer brought to his attention. Delays in rulings An inaccurate timestamp or missing signature on a court document not only erodes “the integrity of the record,” Daniel said, but can have an impact on appeals and other legal processes. “If you have the wrong date on a document, then statutorily you can run out of time to appeal a case, and that’s where the most damage is,” he said. Pratt did not respond to several requests for comment, but her campaign consultant, Allen Blakemore, issued a statement late Thursday suggesting Enos’ complaint is the result of hurt feelings. “The legal system produces winners and losers,” the statement says. “Sometimes losers get their feelings hurt. Often the easiest person to blame for an unwanted outcome is the judge.”

The statement, which says an unnamed lawyer “has already been forced to recant some of his claims and has even offered an apology,” goes on to say that “there are hundreds of attorneys who appear in this court who are satisfied” and that Pratt “looks forward to a speedy resolution of this criticism from one unhappy lawyer.” Blakemore confirmed the statement is referring to Enos. While the mis-marking and backdating of renditions and other documents are the crux of Enos’ complaint, it also says Pratt “takes months to make rulings in contested cases” when most family court judges do so immediately or within a few days. Enos alleges that the backdating or other mis-markings are meant to cover up the delays, writing in his complaint that “Pratt was acting like a fourth-grader who, on the day after her parents got the report card with the ‘F’ for not doing homework, stayed up late and did her homework assignments and dated them six weeks before.” Enos, whose law firm has a case scheduled for trial in Pratt’s court Friday morning, said his quarrel with the judge, who was first elected in 2010, is not personal.

“The only times I’ve had actual cases in Judge Pratt’s court, my clients have won, so I’m not disgruntled against her personally, but I’m just upset by what I see happening,” the attorney said. Several lawyers involved in the cases Enos cites in his complaint said they never have experienced such problems with a judge. Similar complaints Marcia Zimmerman, a 30-year veteran family lawyer based in Clear Lake, said she resorted to filing a motion after waiting for months on a ruling from Pratt. When the ruling finally came in, she was surprised to see the date listed was months before she had filed her motion. “I don’t think any of us believed the ruling was actually made before the petition for writ of mandamus because, why would she rule and not tell anybody?” Zimmerman said, noting that Pratt also missed two scheduled hearings. Family lawyer Robert Clark said he had a similar experience, arguing a case in January and then waiting five months for a ruling from Pratt that the official court record now says was issued on Jan. 30, the day before the two-day trial actually ended. “The thing is, it’s had a seriously adverse affect on the child in this case and my client,” Clark said. “This is just egregious.” Enos’ previous complaint against Galveston County Court-at-Law Judge Christopher Dupuy was filed with the Galveston County DA’s Office, which forwarded it to the state attorney general. Dupuy was indicted on eight criminal counts charging him with abuse of office in May and, in August, arrested for contempt of court and sentenced to 45 days in jail. Last month, he resigned from the bench and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors in exchange for two years of probation. Blakemore said Pratt intends to run for a second term and already has begun campaigning. The filing deadline is Dec. 9.

If the allegations hold up, though, the Harris County Republican Party may ask Pratt to step aside, said Chairman Jared Woodfill, who is convening an advisory board to review Enos’ complaint. The last time the board convened was in 2006 to review allegations against former Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, who eventually decided not to run. “We don’t turn a blind eye to these allegations,” Woodfill said. “We are going to be looking into them and we will proceed accordingly.”



A U.S. Senate subcommittee voted along party lines Wednesday to approve a constitutional amendment restricting the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Led by Nevada’s own Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, elected Democrats have for the last few years engaged in a widespread effort to restrict the speech of their opponents. And Nevada is no exception.

While railing against the influence of right-leaning billionaires, Reid used the floor of the United States Senate to hold the equivalent of an all-night telethon to solicit donations from a left-wing billionaire for his Democratic Senate colleagues.

In Wisconsin Democratic prosecutors have harassed conservative politicians and activists in so-called “John Doe” cases.

Here in the Silver State, Secretary of State Ross Miller has waged an all-out campaign to force disclosure by organizations engaging in political activity. Well, maybe not all out.

Former Las Vegas Sun reporter Andrew Doughman reported in January on Miller’s efforts toforce organizations to disclose their donors, noting three such lawsuits the Democrat Miller had filed.

• In July 2012, conservative group Citizen Outreach was fined for failing to file expense reports showing how the organization paid for mailers criticizing former Assemblyman John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, during his 2010 re-election campaign. Citizen Outreach has appealed the decision.

• In November 2012, the Nevada branch of national conservative group Americans for Prosperity won a lawsuit about whether the group had to disclose donor contribution reports for a negative mailer it published about state Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, D-North Las Vegas. Miller is not appealing that decision.

• Also in November, a judge fined Virginia-based Alliance for America’s Future for running an advertisement in favor of Gov. Brian Sandoval in the 2010 election. The group did not register as a political action committee in Nevada, and the courts have said the group will now have to disclose who paid for the advertisement. The alliance has appealed the decision to the state Supreme Court.

Since that article was published another organization has become a target of Miller.

After a group known as the State Government Leadership Foundation ran a 30-second television ad critical of Miller, who is now running for Attorney General, he responded byvowing to “continue to review every legal option to compel this front group to reveal its special interest donors”.

A few days later a former deputy of Miller’s filed a complaint against SGLF, “seeking financial penalties and an injunction to halt the ad campaign” and claiming the group should have registered with the Secretary of State’s office and disclose its donors.

The Secretary of State’s office is no longer involved with this particular complaint. According to Public Information Officer Catherin Lu, the Secretary of State’s office received the complaint “and immediately deferred to the Nevada Attorney General’s office for review independent of this office.”

While Doughman states the situation is “not a partisan issue”, all of these lawsuits have targeted right-leaning groups. According to Lu, the only other similar case the Secretary of State’s office has pursued was against Joe Scala, owner of Courtesy Automotive, for actions Scala took during a recall effort of Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross, a Democrat.

Yet the behavior that should trigger the lawsuits, according to the sections of Nevada law Miller is claiming to be enforcing, is hardly limited to the right.

NRS 294A.140 requires essentially any group that receives more than $1,000 in contributions or “makes an expenditure for or against a candidate for office or a group of such candidates” to disclose its donors. NRS 294A.210 has similar provisions but applies to groups that expend more than $1,000 advocating for or against candidates.

As Doughman’s piece reveals,

“Our donations are confidential,” wrote Erin Neff, former executive director of ProgressNow Nevada Action, in an April 27, 2012, fundraising email appealing to Nevadans to donate to a campaign for state Sen. Pat Spearman, D-Las Vegas. “As a 501(c)(4), ProgressNow Nevada Action does not publicly report its donors.”

ProgressNow Nevada Action’s 990 filings indicate the group raised $355,047 in 2011 and $67,531 in 2012, far exceeding the limit NRS294A.140 sets for requiring disclosure. A search for the group on the Secretary of State’s campaign finance disclosure websiteindicates ProgressNow Nevada Action has not disclosed its donors.

In addition to the fundraising email for Spearman, the group also published a voter guide in 2012. While the guide is no longer available online, the website of the late Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce, who served in the Legislature through 2013 but passed away shortly after that session, contains the group’s candidate profile of Pierce.

“We can’t fathom why Peggy Pierce draws primaries. She’s a true progressive by any count and is one of the most reliable go-to legislators for progressive issues, ideas and bills.

“If it protects consumers; makes our tax system fair; raises revenue for schools or protects the environment, it’s likely a Peggy Pierce bill.”

If urging voters to call a candidate about an issue, the offense allegedly committed by AFP, is considered “express advocacy”, then certainly such fawning praise as was heaped upon the late Assemblywoman Pierce should meet the same definition. According to Lu, “[a]ny form of communication can be express advocacy,” including website content and, presumably, emails.

“Depending on content on website, it could be express advocacy which would trigger disclosure requirements of NRS 294A.348, contributions & expenses reporting requirements of NRS 294A.140/294A.210 (i.e., reporting all contributors who gave in excess of $1000), and it could require the organization to register as a PAC (NRS 294A.0055),” Lu wrote in an email. “Again, we evaluate the facts of each situation on a case-by-case basis.”

Yet it appears only right-leaning groups have been the object of Miller’s gaze.

This was not always the case. In 2009 Miller’s investigation of ACORN resulted in 13-count indictments against ACORN and its former Las Vegas leader. It was the only case in the nation in which the organization itself was charged with a felony.

But in the case of campaign disclosure, as with his Democrat colleagues across the country, it appears Miller is blind to the left.

Michael Chamberlain

Michael Chamberlain is the Editor of Watchdog Wire – Nevada. Please contact him at Nevada@watchdogwire.com for story ideas or to get involved in citizen journalism in Nevada. Follow Michael on Twitter: @michaelpchamber


  1. Is Nevada Secretary of State’s Donor Disclosure Campaign Blind to the Left?
  2. Unanimous Free Speech Ruling from High Court Contradicts Nevada Judge’s Decision
  3. Opinion: Nevada Judge Tosses First Amendment Out the Window with Ruling
  4. Western Lifestyle Threatened by Most Voracious Predator
  5. Nevada Ranchers Face Deadlier Dangers Than Armed Agents

source: http://watchdogwire.com/nevada/2014/06/19/is-nevada-secretary-of-states-donor-disclosure-campaign-blind-to-the-left/

NAG Catherine Cortez Masto: I’m NOT running for Nevada governor

nag masto signWell, well, well this cunt decided not to run. Good, get the fuck out of town bitch. Go away, you are a disgrace to Nevada, the Democrat party and everything represent you fucking cunt.

We have been on a roll here at the Nevada State Personnel WATCH. We are taking out the corrupt politicians and exposing their corruption and scandals for the world to see. We don’t hold back here at the Nevada State Personnel WATCH and this lady is the queen-of-corruption and Harry Reid’s bitch.

Don’t get us wrong, Brian Sandoval is just as bad as NAG Masto.  So fuck you governor sunshine and stick the sun up your ass.

Check out David Lory Vanderbeek or just vote for none of the above when the election hits. The Democrats may not even have someone for Governor this year. If they do it will be Barbara Buckley or Steve Sisolak from Las Vegas…

By  (contact)

Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013 | 10 a.m.

Others may be wondering what term-limited Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto will be doing after she leaves office in 2014, and Masto says she’s wondering too.nag masto

The 2014 election is still more than a year away, but candidates are already busy running for office. Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval is running for re-election; Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller is running for Attorney General; Democratic Treasurer Kate Marshall is running for Secretary of State.

Widely considered one of Nevada’s top Democrats, the Sun caught up with Masto in Las Vegas yesterday and asked her about her future in politics.

Are you interested in running for governor?

I’m not interested in running for lieutenant governor … At this point in time, I have not announced one way or another whether I am running for governor, but I will tell you that no, I am not looking at running for governor this next election cycle. I want to finish out what I’m doing here in the attorney general’s office, and I’m exploring what other options might be available for me, but I can never say I will never run for governor in the future.

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Brian Sandoval is running again and you’ve worked with him for the past few years. Is it about not taking him on?

No, no, I’m not afraid of any fight. That’s not the issue. It’s the issue of what I want to do next and where I want to be to work on certain issues that I am passionate about.

Catherine Cortez MastoWhere is that?

I’m exploring that now. I know I have a year left, so I’m not done with the job. So I’m focusing on my office and finishing things I wanted to finish.

What’re other people saying to you? Are they giving you some advice on considering other offices?

Right now, other than exploring it and telling you what I’m interested or what I’m looking to do, the only thing I can tell you right now is the one office people wanted me to run for was Lieutenant Governor, and it’s just not where I want to be. It’s not where I think can use all of my abilities to work on behalf of the state of Nevada.

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Why not Lieutenant Governor?

I’m just not interested. It’s a very limited position. It only focuses on a limited area. I know it’s part-time, but it’s not something that really interests me given all the various issues and areas I’ve been able to work on: elder abuse and exploitation, domestic violence, sex trafficking to substance abuse, you name it, crime. It just wouldn’t be something of interest to me based on the job duties and functions.

New website – MastoResign.net

masto resingMs. Masto:

Do you agree that Americans have absolute immunity when criticizing government and public officials pursuant to the First Amendment and Times v. Sullivan (1964)? Do you agree that public officials who violate this absolute immunity violate their oath of office? Do you agree that violating the oath is an act of felony perjury?


KNPR Rural Capitals Like Carson City Are More Corrupt

SON_logo_2Rural Capitals Are More Corrupt – If you want to know how corrupt your capital is, you might want to start by looking on a map. A recent study by a Harvard researcher showed a relationship between corruption and how far the capital city is from other major cities. Nevada has one of the country’s most isolated capitals in Carson City. We’ll talk to the researcher about whether our states fits the pattern he found. AIR DATE: June 7, 2013Rural Capitals Are More Corrupt

LISTEN http://www.knpr.org/son/archive/ListenSON.cfm?SegmentID=10098

nevada crime scene

Key figure indicted in Las Vegas HOA scheme claimed Attorney General Masto approved his plan

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto


Leon Benzer, the accused mastermind of a massive scheme to take over homeowners associations in the Las Vegas Valley, told federal authorities nearly two years ago that he once consulted with Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto about his dealings.

Benzer said Masto indicated during a “face-to face” meeting that she approved of his actions, according to a report of a 2011 debriefing authorities conducted with the former construction company boss.

“Masto advised Benzer that she did not have problems with what he was doing, to which she added he had overzealous competitors,” Las Vegas police detective Robert Whiteley wrote after the meeting with Benzer.

Whiteley and FBI Agent Mike Elliott are the lead agents in the long-running federal investigation into the takeover scheme, which occurred between 2003 and 2009.

Two pages of Whiteley’s six-page report were made public this week by defense lawyer Chris Rasmussen with court papers seeking to have his client, Benzer’s half-sister Edith Gillespie, tried separately from Benzer. Rasmussen redacted parts of the pages.

According to Whiteley’s report, Benzer told authorities that the late attorney David Amesbury, a former business partner who pleaded guilty in the scheme, introduced him to Masto. Amesbury killed himself in March 2012.

Investigators followed up on Benzer’s claim and interviewed Masto. Masto has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, Masto told the Review-Journal she did meet Benzer, but not while she was attorney general. The meeting took place in 2006 while she was running for the office, and the subject of his sweeping business operation did not come up, she said.

“He did not talk to me about his scheme,” Masto said. “Had he talked to me about his scheme, I would have told him he couldn’t do it. It was illegal.” Continue reading

Nevada capital city ANTI-CORRUPTION protests resume for 2013 summer kickoff

Nevada capital city ANTI-CORRUPTION protests resume for 2013 summer kickoff and the posse just got bigger with more people, more website his and viral videos. We definitely got the attention of the numerous “law enforces” or shall we call them renegade cops. Anyway, they backed off once they knew we were on the rights side of the law and peacefully expressing our 1st amendment rights.

Nevada corruption

Nevada corruption







Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline does little to STOP Corruption

Judge James E. Wilson Jr. Carson City corruption

Judge James E. Wilson Jr. Carson City corruption

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline does little to STOP Corruption. I filed a complaint about Carson City District Court Judge James E. Wilson Jr. (a Mormon) and his involvement with the backdating scandal from 2012.The scandal included fabricated and withheld evidence, edited transcripts, perjury and more.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and her crony named Ann McDermott from Las Vegas along with the court clerk are implicated in the scandal.

Reno KRNV News 4 covered that story here on a “Fact Finder”. See it here.

As usual, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline failed to mail my response to the correct mailed address and coverup the scandal for their cronies.

We feel the “public concern” is paramount and we’ll take the issue to the streets exposing this corrupt Judge and the  corrupt Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline cover up. Look for new signs exposing these scumbags…

We feel the Nevada Supreme Court is the premier location for these protests with the current Legislative session going on and TV news crews all over the place.

Catherine Cortez Masto

Click to Play Video

The above video is the KRNV TV news 4 Fact Finder on

James E. Wilson Jr. Backdating Scandal

This video on youtube shows the rampant corruption in the court systems.  This is a brief preview of an incomplete documentary about the abuses of America’s Justice system, particularly in the family courts

Judicial Ethics Complaint filed against Carson City Judge John Tatro by Ty Robben

nv judicial ethics

Judicial Ethics Complaint filed against Carson City Judge John Tatro by Ty Robben

Commission Case No. _______________________
(For Commission use only)
Carson City Judge John Tatro

Carson City Judge John Tatro



Part I: General Information

Date of This Form: April 06, 2013

Name of Person Completing This Form:  Ty Robben

Mailing Address of Person Completing This Form: CONFIDENTIAL

Daytime Telephone Number To Contact You: CONFIDENTIAL

Part II: Specific Information Regarding Complaint

Name of Nevada Judicial Officer (Only One Name Per Complaint Form): John Tatro.

Name of Court or Judicial District Involved:  Carson City Justice Court.

Case Number (Please Include All Letters and Numbers): 12-5139

This Case Is (Select One): _Pending In Trial Court On Appeal Not Pending or Closed

Nature of Complaint (Select One):   I Have Used The Standard Complaint Supplementary Form

Code of Judicial Conduct Section(s) Violated, If Known [(Example: Canon 3B(4)]:

Canon 1 Rule 1.1ComplianceWith the Law. A judge shall comply with the law, including the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Canon 1 Rule 1.2  PromotingConfidence in the Judiciary. A judge shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.

Canon 1 Rule1.3 Avoiding Rule Abuse of the Prestige of Judicial Office. A judge shall not   abuse the prestige of judicial office to advance the personal or economic interests of the judge or others, or allow others to do so.

Canon 2 Rule 2.2 Impartiality and Fairness. A judge shall uphold and apply the law, and shall   perform all duties of judicial office fairly and impartially.

Canon 2 Rule 2.3 Bias, Prejudice, and Harassment.

Canon 2 Rule 2.6 Ensuring the Right to Be Heard.

Canon 2 Rule 2.9 Ex Parte Rule Communications.

Canon 2 Rule 2.11 Disqualification.

Canon 2 Rule 2.14 Disability and Impairment. A judge having a reasonable belief that the   performance of a lawyer or another judge is impaired by drugs or alcohol, or by a mental, emotional, or physical condition, shall take appropriate action, which may include a confidential referral to a lawyer or judicial assistance program.

Canon 2 Rule 2.16 Cooperation With Rule Disciplinary Authorities.

carson city courthouse

carson city courthouse


The following is my explanation as to why the judicial officer named in this complaint has violated the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct or suffers from a disability.

I am [select one]: [X] one of the litigants

The judge did the following things that I believe constitute misconduct (please be as specific as possible about the event or action and attach additional pages, if required).

nevada crime scene

I am writing this judicial ethics compliant against the very, very corrupt and impaired Justice of the Peace (“JP”) John Tatro of the Carson City Justice Court. “JP Tatro is not a well man.” Says my lawyer William Routsis recalling an episode of JP Tatro yelling, frothing at the mouth and lunging over the bench at Mr. Routsis. The incident was caught on the court audio/video. JP Taro has a long history of judicial complaints and violations of the Judicial Code of Conduct (“NCJC”) including a similar complaint in 2006 against JP Tatro by activist Tonja Brown. Ms. Brown and I are both ANTI Corruption activists in Carson City, NV and have protested against the Carson City courthouse. Both of us have had negative experiences with courthouse Department of Alternative Sentencing (“DAS”) $$ A FOR PROFIT ENTERPRISE $$  The DAS is also known as the (“KGB”). Ms. Brown was abused and arrested by the DAS for alleged “trespassing” into the courthouse to refresh herself! The courthouse is a public building.

Judge Tatro Carson City Corruption

Judge Tatro Carson City Corruption

Both Ms. Brown and I have protested and filed complaints against JP Tatro for his flagrant disregard for the law, the constitution and the NCJC as well as using DAS and the Justin Brothers Bail Bondsmen and their “Bounty Hunters” to illegally cross the State line into So. Lake Tahoe, CA and acting in concert with DAS and JP Tatro to act under the color of law and “serve a warrant” for the Carson City, Nevada, Justice Court JP John Tatro and his DAS – illegally and with callous and total disregard for the law and my rights and the rights of others in the State of California.

Judicial ethics complaint filed against Justice of Peace Tatro

Geoff Dornan –  Appeal Capitol Bureau Continue reading

Video and pictures from Day of Resistance Pro Gun Rally in Reno, NV Feb 23, 2013 “223”

The Second Amendment is a “right”- as in Bill of Rights –  and should not be constrained by politics. Every Democrat I know has protection or at least respects the right to choose to have protection, just like every Republican I know.

Day of Resistance Rally in Reno, NV Feb 23, 2013

Speakers featured Congressman Mark Amodei, Nevada Senator James Settlemyer and Reno FOX news radio Jerry Evans

Reno Nevada .223 "Day of Resistance" gun rally

Reno Nevada .223 “Day of Resistance” gun rally

Western PAC Co-founder, Roger Stockton speaks to a group of reporters and gun rights advocates in front of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office in San Francisco on January 30 2013.

Video from the Carson City Guns Across America Rally – Guns Across America, NEVADA! Easily two to three thousand people showed up to show support for our rights here in Carson City Nevada. Continue reading

Tahoe Mountain News covers Ty Robben’s South Lake Tahoe Police protest

Lake Tahoe News covers South Lake Tahoe Police protest by Ty Robben.  We will updated this story with links to evidence, videos, pictures, court filings and police reports and correspondence.

See the story at http://www.mountainnews.net/201302/#/1

Lake Tahoe News covers South Lake Tahoe Police protest by Ty Robben
Lake Tahoe News covers South Lake Tahoe Police protest by Ty Robben

South Lake Tahoe Police protest

SLTPD police protest story 1SLTPD police protest story 2SLTPD police protest story 34

Have you Googled or Binged your name recently?

Have you Googled or Binged your name recently?

Try Binging or Google for Judge Tatro, Brian Sandoval, Catherine Cortez Masto, Carson City Sheriff, Kenn Furlong judge James E. Wilson  and Neil Rombardo and see what they suggest.  Most suggest corruption or scandal or other things like the picture below:

judge tatro scandal

judge tatro scandal

Nevadagate by Guy Felton – Ombudsman for Nevada

Nevadagate a youtube series exposing Nevada government corruption  by GuyFelton – Ombudsman for Nevada.  These youtube videos dig into an array of Nevada government corruption, conspiracies and cover-ups. Guy Felton has helped the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement in his protesting efforts and his unique abilities to convey corruption in our youtube videos and his new series called Nevadagate. Please see Guy’s work below and visit his website Booksampler.net

Guy Felton is WAS running for U. S. Congress in 2011. Hooray! In this video, Guy discusses the controversy and conspiracy  surrounding the former University of Nevada Reno (“UNR”) President Milton Glick who allegedly died of stroke at 73 – but was it really a suicide or murder?

Uploaded on May 28, 2011

Guy’s background includes: Marine Corps Reservist, Intelligence Operative, Police Officer, Classroom Teacher, Head of Negotiations for Nevada State Education Association (now having 27,000 members), Newspaper Columnist, Newspaper Photographer, Executive Jobsearch Consultant (Listed in “Who’s Who in America”), Volunteer Ombudsman for the People of Nevada (the latter resulting in being wrongfully arrested and jailed three times for legally challenging corrupt public officials in Washoe County including Commissioners Humke, Weber, and Larkin ~ as well as Washoe Manager Katy Simon, and Deputy D.A. Melanie Foster.)

Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption


Nevada government is permeated with a culture of corruption. Members of the state legislature meet for only 4 months every other year. This does not permit anything close to proper administration of the public affairs of Nevada’s 2.7-million residents.  Members of the upcoming 2013 legislative session are asked to answer tough-but-fair questions which might force changes for the better.
Part 2 of at least 3 intended parts

Published on Nov 7, 2012 by 

Part 1 of at least 3 parts.
Questions are raised on this video regarding Nevada government’s dismal report card grades issued by the State Integrity Investigation, and about Nevada’s Hell-hole prisons Continue reading

Under Brian Sandoval’s watch, capitol gets increased security




This Las Vegas SUN news story caught our attention because of the various innuendos including Governor Brian Sandoval’s comment that we feel may have been directed at us!

The governor acknowledged there were no threats made in the past at these meetings of state elected officials. There may have been some nasty comments but nothing threatening.

Perhaps Governor “Sunshine” did not like the harsh criticism directed at him and his sidekick Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto by Guy Felton and the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement. Guy Felton lashes into the corruption under Governor Brian Sandoval and his administration ans also attacks NAG Masto for her corruption in the new youtube video series called Nevadagate.

Governor Brian Sandoval ANTI Corruption protest

Governor Brian Sandoval ANTI Corruption protest

Continue reading

Nevada State Personnel Watch gets over 10,000 hits worldwide

Our little Nevada ANTI-Corruption website has taken off and we’re celebrating our success with more updates and future demonstrations to promote the movement. We simply started the ANTI-Corruption movement as a grassroots effort with one cardboard sign and a cause to stand up to the corruption and relation in Nevada that has affected us personally.  We networked with other people who were also victims of Nevada’s web-of-corruption. See our stories – Mike Weston (Mike’s LawlessAmerica story) – Tonja BrownTy Robben (Lawless America video being produced and coming soon to expose the demonic rampant wholesale corruption in Nevada). Then there was the a new issue and cover-up by State of Nevada officials explained by Reno, NV KRNV mynews4.com NEWS. For now, please see our 2012 ANTI-Corruption Summer 2012 video.


We made professional signs and a one-of-a-kind 150 long X 4 foot tall CRIME SCENE BANNER and protested in front of the Nevada State Capitol buildings in the spring and summer of 2012.  Stay tuned as NV ANTI-Corruption adapts to our new version 2.0 round of protesting and exposing corruption in Nevada. We’re also covering other Nevada, U.S. and world issues on this website to attract a wider audience to broader issues covered by Infowars, Lawless America  and others. To all united against tyranny and treason, we salute you.

Nevada ANTI-Corruption you-tube videos

NV ANTI corruption videos

Our youtube videos have also gone viral with over 50,000 hits and we’re in Lawless America the movie. Thank you for your support and please keep coming back to the NevadaStatePersonnelWATCH.wordpress.com website.





Sundance Film festival 2013 Lawless America

Sundance Film festival 2013 Lawless America

Are you aware some how Bill Windsor in all his splendor has the Lawless America the Movie Promos tied into the 2013 Sundance Film Festival? 

View here Sundance Film FestivalSUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL VIDEOS.




Guy Felton's youtube channel

Guy Felton’s youtube channel

Please see our friend Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption with links posted below in this posting. Guy has put together about 10 videos explaining his perspective on the rampant, wholesale corruption in Nevada.  Topics include Judicial Corruption, Government Corruption to include AG Masto, Gov. Sandoval and much more.  Guy goes wide and deep into the issues and calls out these corrupt and criminal politicians.

Guy Felton’s youtube “Nevadagate” series on Nevada Corruption
Nevada government is permeated with a culture of corruption. Members of the state legislature meet for only 4 months every other year. This does not permit anything close to proper administration of the public affairs of Nevada’s 2.7-million residents.  Members of the upcoming 2013 legislative session are asked to answer tough-but-fair questions which might force changes for the better.
Part 2 of at least 3 intended parts

Lawless America Draws Attention In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tribune - Lawless America

Las Vegas Tribune – Lawless America

With so much corruption in Las Vegas Nevada, we want to include as much news about these scandals too.  Bill Windsor filmed parts of Lawless America the movie in the city of Las Vegas recently and the Las Vegas Tribune was kind enough to write a story.  It seems like every day we read about police misconduct a Las Vegas SWAT mission gone wrong (see real news report) and  corruption in the Sin City news.

Are you aware some how Bill Windsor in all his splendor has the Lawless America the Movie Promos tied into the Sundance Film Festival? Which you can view @ SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL VIDEOS

I-Team: Nevada District Court Judge Valorie Vega  Facing Misconduct Counts

I-Team: Nevada District Court Judge Valorie Vega Facing Misconduct Counts

Las Vegas thrives in corruption like the rest of Nevada, but only bigger and grander just like their casinos. They have their own style of corruption down there that includes firefighter, police and HOA corruption running rampant in addition to the usual Nevada Government corruption and Nevada Judicial corruption.

We found a new website to expose corruption called http://www.noethics.net and they did a story on Judge Valorie Vega too along with 8newsnow. For more on this sage, go to the corrupt Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline website.

There is even a Linkedin website for Las Vegas Judicial Corruption

1 Judge George Assad of Las Vegas an Il Duce Wannabee and ethically insolvent
2 Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio of Las Vegas; loathsome pervert, celebrated moron
3 Judge Elizabeth Halverson of Las Vegas a moron and an ethical gremlin
4 Judge Kevin Higgins of Sparks, NV; lifetime porker, congenital liar
5 Las Vegas Judge Steven Jones, accomplished misogynist, ethical gremlin
6 Former Judge Peter LaPorta of Henderson, NV; convict, ethically deprived
7 Senior Judge Terrence P. Marren of Las Vegas; lifetime porker, slacker
8 Judge Reese F. Melville of West Wendover, NV; Muammar Gadaffi Wannabee
9 Judge Donald M. Mosley of Las Vegas: lifetime porker and loser
10 Judge Valerie Vega of Las Vegas; arrogant slacker, loser

The Las Vegas press does an OK job at exposing the Sin City Corruption.  LV Sun always runs a good story about once a week on Las Vegas Corruption: Judge Valorie Vega says ethics charges lack merit. The local newspaper Las Vegas Sun and its editor Hank Greenspun led a crusade in the earlydays to expose all the criminal ties, activities, and government corruption in Las Vegas. His investigative reporting and editorials led to the exposure of Clark County Sheriff Glen Jones‘ ownership of a brothel and the resignation of Lieutenant Governor Clifford A. Jones as the state’s national committeeman for the Democratic Party. Before his death in 1989, Hank Greenspun founded The Greenspun Corporation to manage his family’s assets, and it remains a major influence in Las Vegas, with media holdings in print, television and the Internet; substantial real estate holdings; and ownership stakes in a number of casinos.

Highbeam.com, an online research tool conducted a recent study. Of 10 cities listed in the study, Las Vegas came in 10th.

Here’s the list of cities and the number of times the word “corruption” and a particular city appeared in media mentions over the last two years. Maybe if they rated corruption per capita Las Vegas would rank closer to #1.

1. Chicago, 3,121 2. Los Angeles, 1,412  3. Boston, 1,130 4. Washington, D.C., 946 5. New York City, 899 6. Philadelphia, 634 7. Miami, 617 8. San Francisco, 492 9. Detroit, 434 10. Las Vegas, 387

Find anyone on the street of Las Vegas and they’ll belly laugh, or run away quickly, because someone stopped them to ask the question: “Is Las Vegas corrupt?”

We’ve had bribery scandals that landed four county commissioners in federal prison; we’ve had suicides, court battles and convictions related to a years-long case involving homeowner association boards and attorneys trying to cash in on home-defect allegations.

We all “know” lobbyists and casinos run our state Legislature.

Even local firefighters have been called corrupt after county officials and an independent arbitrator pointed to firefighters’ apparent use of sick-leave to run up overtime hours. The FBI is still investigating the matter.

By Marilyn Henderson
Special to the Las Vegas Tribune

Standing behind his 150-foot crime scene banner, Bill Windsor is drawing nationwide attention to his cause, Lawless America, and making its presence known to all Americans who have been wronged by a corrupt justice system and “lawless” government officials.

Grant Sawyer Building Las Vegas Crime Scene
Grant Sawyer Building Las Vegas Crime Scene

He is asking victims of injustice to tell their stories on camera in interviews with him. Lawless America is filming the interviews to be used in a movie about how America has become a lawless country.

By lawless, Windsor is referring to the victimization of the American public by a justice system run with corrupt government officials and corrupt judges who do whatever they want to do, regardless of the law. Continue reading

Wanted for TREASON in Nevada

Nevada retaliates against Nevada ANTI-Corruption Movement… The Movement will continue…

A Nevada Advocate and Activist against Nevada Government/Judicial Corruption was arrested with no Due Process in Carson City Nevada. Nevada has become a “Police State” in the New United States using new US law Senate Bill S.1867 where Americans can be detained without due process. In Nevada anyone can be detained without cause and held in the Carson City Jail for months until a trial is set by the judge, who can keep people detained for excessive amounts of time before their trial… And in Nevada, you will not get a jury trial for a misdemeanor.

We are becoming more like Russia – See Russia Expands Treason Law
AP News – November 2012: MOSCOW — Adding to fears that the Kremlin aims to stifle dissent, Russians now live under a new law expanding the definition of treason so broadly that critics say it could be used to call anyone who bucks the government a traitor. The law took effect Wednesday, just two days after President Vladimir Putin told his human-rights advisory council that he was ready to review it. His spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies Wednesday that Putin would be willing to review the treason law if its implementation reveals “some problems or aspects restricting rights and freedoms.”

Wanted for TREASON in Nevada are:

1. Governor Brian Sandoval

2. Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

3. Carson City Judge John Tatro

4. Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

5. Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo

“One may recall the pledge of allegiance, which states that we are supposedly “One Nation under GOD.”  Many of the current day government leaders  pledge allegiance to the flag, but have betrayed their pledge.  They have chosen to create “One nation under Gold” instead.  The love of money and power has corrupted many in politics, and when GOD and HIS truth become inconvenient, those in government  leadership will quickly violate their pledge.  This wicked and criminal act can be described in one word, TREASON.” As quoted by R. J. Collins

Definition of Treason in the state of Nevada.
In Nevada the definition of Treason is found in chapter 196 of the Nevada revised statutes. An act of Treason can be committed in three ways. The three ways include:

(a) Levying War against the people of the state;
(b) Adhering to its enemies; or
(c) Giving them aid and comfort

Specifically we will first take a look at the definition of “Levying war against the people of that state”. The definition states, “When persons arise in insurrection with intent to prevent, in general, by force and intimidation, the execution of a statute of this state, or to force its repeal, they shall be guilty of levying war.”

One simple way to prove that State Officials, State Judges, DA’s and Carson City and its Sheriff department are often times levying war against the people of that state is by comparing its continual promotion of sin to its responsibility under the law to promote Good Morals and Public Decency. Continue reading

Carson City DA Neil Rombardo is a corrupt political puppet for Gov Sandoval and NAG Masto

Anyone following the (former NDOT Director) Susan Martinovich hit-and-run coverup scandal  – SEE KRNV mynews4.com Fact Finder story – will see that Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo is just a puppet. DA Rombardo’s  strings are being pulled by Governor Brian Sandoval and his new “chief of staff”  Gerald Gardner. We can safely assume Neil Rombardo is also NAG Catherine Cortez Masto’s bitch too since they were both Nevada Attorney General’s or as we call them (“NAGs”).

Carson City Judge John Tatro - End the Corruption

Carson City Judge John Tatro – End the Corruption

Susan Martinovich HIT-AND-RUN – Nevada Laws:

  1. Stop and exchange info. Sue did not do that.
  2. Render aid (or at least check to see if there is an injury to the others). Sue did not do that.
  3. Report to law enforcement. Sue did not do that, she said she was “being stalked/harassed”… Interesting defense for lawyers out there.
  4. Who needs a defense attorney when the Carson City Sheriff and DA Neil Rombardo will just cover-it-up for you? Just like they did for Susan Martinovich.

Gerald Gardner was DA Rombardo’s assistant until August 17, 2012 when Governor Brian Sandoval named Mr. Gardner as his new “chief of staff” .

“I have known Gerald since he served as my Las Vegas regional chief when I was attorney general,” Sandoval said.  “His experience in Southern Nevada combined with his keen intellect and insight will be invaluable as we move into the 2013 Nevada Legislative session. I am pleased that Gerald has agreed to join my administration and serve in this capacity. I look forward to working together again.”

Corrupt Brian Sandoval's chief of staff Gerald Gardner

Corrupt Brian Sandoval’s chief of staff Gerald Gardner (former Carson City DA Rombardo’s bitch)

Here’s “Chief”  Gardner’s bio – We see he covered up public corruption and fraud cases:  “In 2002, Gardner was named the chief of the criminal justice division for the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, focusing on public corruption and fraud cases. In 2004, he was appointed by then-Attorney General Brian Sandoval to serve as his Las Vegas regional chief. He also served on the Attorney General’s Legislative Committee.”

Its convenient timing was exactly when  DA Rombardo trumped up the “assault” charge for the process server who tried to serve an evading Susan Martinovich. The week and a half delay from the incident and the trumped up charge is very suspect.

Gov. Brian Sandoval announced Gerald Gardner has been named chief of staff effective September 5. Gardner takes over for Heidi Gansert who has served as the governor’s chief of staff for the past twenty months and who announced her resignation yesterday.

See more Nevada ANTI Corruption videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/stumpjumpnty?feature=watch

See the most popular videos like

Nevada ANTI Corruption youtube videos

Nevada ANTI Corruption youtube videos

We did some research and found an interesting website called Wild Wild Law and that blog had the following information:

            Anonymous said…
Looks like a mass exudus from the carson city DA’s office. Employees are sick of Rombardo’s temper tantrums. Plus, the dude is getting divorced because he screwed one of his deputies.Anonymous said…

I worked with Neil Rombardo when he was an DAG here in Vegas. Real a**hole
See more here: http://wildwildlaw.blogspot.com/2010/01/friday-open-thread.html

Lawless America Movie Interview: Tonya Frances Brown for Nolan Klein. Nevada killed an innocent man

Please watch this powerful and enraging video featuring Tonja Brown, Nolan Klein’s sister, who fought and still fights hard to battle injustice done to her brother and also to fight for basic human rights of others still inside.
On Sept. 20th, please remember Nolan Klein, an innocent man who died in 2009 on that day, while still in prison, all because evidence that could have exonerated him, lay hidden and was never presented by the prosecution.


Continue reading

Nevada government admits to gangstalking ANTI-Corruption movement

Furthermore, Ms. Martinovich indicated the Nevada Attorney General (“NAG”) office is stalking Mr. Robben! On Page 2 line 12-13 Ms. Martinovich writes  “Robben is the individual who has been under review by the NHP and the Nevada Attorney General [NAG MASTO] office”.

There are very strange things happening to the people who speak out about corruption in Nevada. Government gangstalking.  This includes being followed and watched under surveillance including wiretaps, bugs and planting tracking devices on the cars of the individuals under review by the NHP and AG. Under cover agents peering through the windows brandishing firearms.

This is all very real and very scary and very real.  Remember the movie called Enemy of the State?

Gang Stalking. Closing The Gap

Ok for those who still do not think that Gang Stalking is real, read this book, and then tell me if you still feel this way.

[link to gangstalkingworld.com]

Black Cover
[link to www.amazon.com]

White Cover
[link to www.amazon.com]

Are you being followed around by groups of people that you don’t know? Strange occurrences? Losing jobs, having to move, and a whole lot of bad luck that just can’t be explained? Feeling as if you are being watched? Under surveillance?

Closing the Gap takes a deeper look in how laws are being perverted to blacklist and target innocent people and put them on notification lists, once listed, the persons life slowly starts to fall apart.

Complaint after complaint about groups of strangers following and stalking go unheard. Harassment by strangers in the community goes ignored by authorities, and an innocent persons life starts to fall apart and they never know why.

Rumours and gossip follows. Friends, family and those around the target start to think maybe the person is having a mental breakdown, but in reality it’s just the start of an unimaginable nightmare, that can continue for years to come.

Closing The Gap takes a deeper look into the Gang Stalking phenomenon and how community notification programs are being used and abused to destroy the lives of innocent citizens. These programs are being used to create a system of state control and conformity.

The citizens of democratic countries have been mobilized as weapons for the state. They are being used as a clearing house for those who the state see as unfit, and undesirable. The state in every community, workplace, and most families have created a disturbing, interconnected system of surveillance, and control.

Once targeted, the person in question is blacklisted. Then those around the target are categorically enlisted into the states monitoring, supervision, and annexing of the target.

There are some slightly dated obscure websites the discuss this gang-stalking and State sponsored terrorismReno Gang Stalkers is interesting and leads us to http://www.freewebs.com/criminalcomplaints/

Continue reading

More protests and new bigger mobile sign prototype

We will ramp up with more protests and new bigger mobile sign next week. We can’t wait to show off the new signage.  The new mobile sign will allow us to protest all over town in new locations and longer durations.  We have new protest surprises for Nevada government officials to keep their attention and keep coming back to our awesome websites.

We’ll put up pictures of the new signs very soon.

Here’s the mobile sign prototype with interchangeable signs to accommodate any situation.

More protests and new bigger mobile sign prototype

More protests and new bigger mobile sign prototype

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests – Rockin’ the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012

We took the Nevada ANTI-CORRUPTION protest to Reno again for a day of protest in front of the Reno office of Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto on Kietzke Lane at the round-a-bout.

DAWN PATROL – We got there early and setup under the smokey sunrise and captivated the morning rush hour traffic.

The CRIME SCENE banner was in full force and the signage commanded the attention of everyone including the Reno 911 Police Department who showed up in an unmarked cruiser.   The property management also took notice.  In the end, the RPD and  property management folks were supportive and respected out 1st amendment rights.  The peaceful protest continued and our CRIME SCENE banner was still there for the duration of the protest at 5:00pm.

We thank RPD, the property management and the other businesses in the area for their understanding.  We will be back at this location to shoot TV news footage at a later date. We respect the businesses in the area and we will try to comply with any requests.  We are also at the mercy of the weather and wind in particular, so if we protests here again, we will try to have out banner flying before noon and we will shut down at a time to be determined.

We encourage anyone witnessing the protest to complain to Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto at


Please – call her office (775) 684-1100 and tell her that as a constituent, you are not happy to hear about the corruption and tell her to fix the problems or resign!

Carson City Office:
Office of the Attorney General
100 North Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4717
(775) 684-1100

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests - Rockin' the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests – Rockin’ the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests - Rockin' the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests – Rockin’ the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests - Rockin' the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests – Rockin’ the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests - Rockin' the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests – Rockin’ the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests - Rockin' the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests – Rockin’ the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests - Rockin' the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Hot August NV ANTI-CORRUPTION Protests – Rockin’ the Reno Roundabout Aug. 03, 2012 Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

July 30, 2012 protests in front of Carson City offices of Taxation and the State Capital

Protesting will continue in Carson City, Reno and new locations. We will have weekly demonstrations in Carson City at the State Capital. We are also doing full scale demonstrations at other locations including the Reno and Carson City AG and Tax offices. We will also do mini demonstrations and adapt to the areas and various protest zones. We may use billboards and mobile signs and other new techniques to get our message out and promote our websites.

Pictures of the July 30, 2012 protests in front of Carson City offices of Taxation and the State Capital.


ANTI-Corruption contact info and FAQ

Click here for the Proposed legislation being presented to Nevada — Word File— PDF File

Email us at: Nevadawatchdog@rocketmail.com

Main Nevada ANTI-Corruption website: https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NevadaWatchDog

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/stumpjumpnty/videos

News coverage:

KOLO part 1 http://youtu.be/-lN4YWCZMrc?t=15m41s

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

KOLO part 2 http://youtu.be/-lN4YWCZMrc?t=12m34s

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Appeal:


Protesters create giant ‘crime scene’ in front of AG’s office
Sunday, April 29, 2012
NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto



AG and Carson City Court (Judge James E. Wilson) caught in backdating scandal

NBC KRNV news cover Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Cortez Masto backdating scandal
NBC KRNV news cover Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Cortez Masto backdating scandal

Las Vegas Review Journal


Taxation Department losing tens of millions of dollars a year, ex-employees say

Taxation Department losing tens of millions of dollars a year, ex-employees say
Taxation Department losing tens of millions of dollars a year, ex-employees say

Las Vegas SUN


Las Vegas SUN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
Las Vegas SUN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Carson NOW


CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval
CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval


Protesters rallied with a 4 foot by 150 foot long “CRIME SCENE” banner!

Protesters each have their individual complaints against the Attorney General, NDOC, NHP, the Governor and Reno DA Dick Gammick.

Individual complaints include backdated court filings, withholding evidence, Brady violations, computer problems in NDOC adding false charges to inmates records and deleting “good behavior” credits. Other people complain about being harassed by NHP (pulled over 40+ times) after reporting icy road conditions.

Nevada was recently given a D- grade in transparency and is a top State in the union for CORRUPTION. Essentially a “State of Corruption”.

Protesters are planning to continue these demonstrations in the weeks and months ahead now that the weather is nice and more victimized citizens are learning about the movement.


CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto


Click here for the Proposed legislation being presented to Nevada — Word File— PDF File

Q- What the hell is this protest all about?

A- In 2012, Nevada received a D- grade making it one of the worst States in the union for CORRUPTION and Judicial Corruption. Local Nevada citizens in Carson City and Reno networked and joined forces using the Internet and social media and old fashion methods to create a collision.  They were inspired to protest and created the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement. One of the fellas involved in the protest is a professional sign maker who fabricated a massive 140 foot long, 4 foot tall one-of-a-kind CRIME SCENE banner.  The banner is unique and has commanded the attention of anyone who sees it as well as local, national and world-wide media attention. The other protest signs are also large and unique targeting specific issues and general anti-corruption messages.

The Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement is working and we are having success for individual causes and bringing public attention to the Rampant Wholesale Corruption here in Nevada. We will report news and information on out main website https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com

We encourage people to watch out youtube videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/stumpjumpnty/videos

Once you become familiar with what we are doing, please contact us at Nevadawatchdog@rocketmail.com

We are starting to regularly hold demonstrations in Carson City Nevada at the State Capital in front of the Attorney Generals office which is directly across from the Governor’s office on the main street and Musser St.

We will also hold demonstrations at other locations such as the Reno AG office, area courts (Reno, Carson, other) and pinpoint protests at Nevada Department of Taxation offices in Nevada and other State agencies as required. We may expand protests to Las Vegas and bring the CRIME SCENE banner to rural areas of Nevada too. All this brings attention to the judicial corruption happening in Nevada and the rest of the country.

Nevada ANTI-Corruption & Lawless America join forces to gain Nation Nevada ANTI-Corruption & Lawless America join forces to gain Nation Attention to Rampant, Wholesale Judicial Corruption in America.

Kids for Ca$h, Penn State and Nevada’s D- grade are all recent scandals we’ve heard about in the news. There are thousands and tens of thousands we have not heard of.

Corruption is running rampant in America and it is getting worse. Please check out a recent update from Bill Windsor from Lawless America on the Internet talkshow called ‘Talkshoe’ at www.Talkshoe.com

Here is the direct link to the profound information: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-115884/TS-646174.mp3

Listen to time-stamp 57:15 to learn about how to sue the State courts if Federal court using something called section 1983.  This “section 1983” is Constitution law and is used for civil rights cases like excessive police force, discrimination, retaliation and other State abuses of power.

legal info:

I, NevadaWatchDOG, am not an attorney.  This website expresses my OPINIONS.   The comments of visitors or guest authors to the website are their opinions and do not therefore reflect my opinions.  Anyone mentioned by name in any article is welcome to file a response.   This website does not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not practice law.  This website is to expose government corruption, law enforcement corruption, political corruption, and judicial corruption.  Whatever this website says about the law is presented in the context of how I or others perceive the applicability of the law to a set of circumstances if I (or some other author) was in the circumstances under the conditions discussed.  Despite my concerns about lawyers in general, I suggest that anyone with legal questions consult an attorney for an answer, particularly after reading anything on this website.  The law is a gray area at best.

These Know Your Rights materials are informational resources only and are not legal advice. For legal advice, to ask about your rights in specific situations, or if you believe that your rights have been violated and wish to pursue a private action or other possible avenues, please contact a private attorney. [ACLU NV]


The First Amendment and Police Encounters [PDF]
Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests [PDF]

;) New mini NAG MASTO signs to placed all around the protest zone(s)

😉 New mini NAG MASTO signs to placed all around the protest zone(s)

NV ANTI CORRUPTION scrap book Catherine Cortez Masto and Brian Sandoval

NV ANTI CORRUPTION scrap book Catherine Cortez Masto and Brian Sandoval

New, bigger and improved NAG Catherine Cortez Masto protest sign

New, bigger and improved NAG Catherine Cortez Masto protest sign

Nevada ANTI-Corruption targets Nevada Department of Taxation for CORRUPTION, FRAUD and RETALATION

The Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement continues.  We plan a “protest blitzkrieg’ with new protests in Reno and other areas to focus on the Nevada Department of Taxation and the corruption within.

Continue reading

Update July 2012 – The summer of love? NOT! – Nevada ANTI-Corruption – Summer of Carson City protests against Nevada AG Catherine Cortez Masto

The Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement continues to protest Nevada corruption. New footage shows Reno and new Carson City demonstrations and TV news stories.

nevada attorney general, Catherine Cortez Masto

nevada attorney general, Catherine Cortez Masto

KRNV investigates Nevada Attorney General & Carson City District Court BACKDATING SCANDAL

KRNV investigates Nevada Attorney General BACKDATING SCANDAL in Carson City Nevada. NAG Catherine Cortez Masto’s office backdated court filings twice in the Carson City District Court. The court clerks and Judge James E. Wilson refuse to go on camera and are all implicated in the illegal backfilings.

An open video part 2 to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval – STOP the fraud and corruption destroying Nevada

CSI: Carson City, An ANTI-Corruption open letter/video to NV Governor Brian Sandoval about the fraud and corruption destroying Nevada by Guy Felton. Recorded May 25, 2012.