Harry Reid Is Coming After Bundy Ranch Again

Harry Reid "The JOKER"

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

“Now that Bundys are in jail, I’m going to reach out to the White House.”
Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor Thursday about the need to “protect and preserve” Gold Butte in Nevada, referring to the region north-east of Las Vegas where Bundy led an infamous standoff with the government in 2014.  He claims the government is missing out on big money because the public does not have access to all the land.   Reid alleges that the Bundys are “abusing” the land, and showed a picture of a tree broken over to prove it, claiming the beautiful tree was chopped down, “brutalized by these criminals.”
“I’ve tried to protect Gold Butte for a long time. And the reason we haven’t been able to do anything to this point is that the Bundy boys and his pals. So that’s why I’m grateful for the Antiquities Act. Because of this legislation and because of the fact that the Bundys are in jail, I’m going to reach out to the White House. And there’s no guarantee we’ll get it done. We’ll see if President Obama will protect this area. He has the authority, as any president does, to stop this sort of destruction and stop it now.”In his remarks, Reid says, “The BLM is the final frontier for a primitive experience on our public lands. They represent the future of outdoor recreation.”      He refers to Cliven Bundy and his sons as “dangerous militants” causing “domestic terrorism” and says they are destroying the land that the public should have access to.

On Friday, Carol Bundy, Cliven’s wife, fired back in a Facebook video while critics of Reid alleged that he was plotting a “federal land grab” by the Bundy ranch.

Carol responded to Reid in her video, saying: “What you’re doing to my family and to the state of Nevada is absolutely horrible, and I for one am very angry today.  I am angry at Harry Reid for thinking that because my men are in jail, it’s OK to come now and take … the land that my family has farmed and ranched on for generations.”

Reid’s previous legislative efforts to create a 350,000-acre national conservation area at Gold Butte have failed, and conservative critics throughout the west have accused him of attempting to steal land from families who have long ranched in the area.

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Dirty Harry Reid endorses Hillary “the cunt” Clinton

harry reidSenate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced Wednesday in an exclusive interview with CNN that he is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, a sign that Democratic leaders are eager to put the party’s contentious primary fight behind them.

The Nevada Democrat issued a plea for his party to consolidate behind Clinton, who has struggled to fend off an insurgent campaign from Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont.

“I think the middle class would be better served by Hillary,” Reid said.

Hillary-Clinton-with-Bad-Teeth-34061“I think that my work with her over the years has been something that I have looked upon with awe. She was the first lady. She started the trend toward looking to do something about health care. She understood the issue well, she was the front on the health care during that administration,” he said.

Reid added, “I also think she’s the woman to be the first president of the United states that’s a female.”

Reid’s endorsement makes him the highest-ranking Democrat to get behind Clinton, who won last Saturday’s Nevada caucuses and is the heavy favorite heading into the next primary in South Carolina. And his comments marked a shift in tone for the Nevada Democrat, who in a CNN interview earlier this month was critical of Clinton’s campaign in his state and suggesting that the race could continue until the Democratic convention in July.

On Wednesday, Reid wouldn’t repeat that prediction, but admitted it could continue for a while.

“I don’t know about that, you know I had some meetings today and I think the race is moving along very quickly so we’ll have to see, we’ll have to see what happens next month,” He said.

Reid also declined to call on Sanders to drop out if he doesn’t do well in the upcoming Super Tuesday contests on March 1st, saying Sanders’ advisers need to decide the senator’s strategy.

Sanders and Reid have had a close relationship over the years. Despite being an independent with tenuous ties to the Democratic Party, Reid agreed to throw the party’s weight behind Sanders when he won his first Senate race in 2006. And it was Sanders’ decision to caucus with Democrats that helped give Reid the title of “majority leader” for the first time in 2007.

Reid called Sanders Tuesday to deliver the news personally.

“It was a really wonderful call,” Reid said, adding that Sanders was “so magnanimous, so kind and courteous.”

Reid also said it was a “call of friendship.”

Despite serving in the Senate Democratic caucus since 2007, Sanders has yet to win any support from his colleagues; Clinton, meanwhile, has at least 40 Democratic senators who have publicly expressed their backing.

Initially, Senate Democrats largely wrote off Sanders’ candidacy. But as Sanders has gained steam, largely on the support of younger and more liberal voters, Senate Democrats have stepped up their attacks, saying Sanders is not ready to be commander in chief, criticizing his democratic socialist views and contending that his domestic agenda has little chance of ever becoming law.

Reid would not criticize Sanders.

Across the Capitol, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has not offered her endorsement, but she is widely expected to eventually back Clinton. Reid sought to maintain his neutrality through his home state’s nominating contest, given the prominent role it has played in the overall process.

While Reid helped bring out union and casino workers to the Nevada caucuses that ultimately helped Clinton, he denied that he was tilting the scales in her favor.

In the interview, Reid wasn’t shy about weighing in on the Republican race — and Donald Trump, who won a landslide victory in Nevada Tuesday night.

“The party of Lincoln has become the party of Trump. And that says it all,” he said.

NOTORIOUSLY CORRUPT DEMOCRAT HARRY REID WANTS TO USE SLUSH FUND MONEY FOR RETIREMENT Most Americans will not be able to retire, but Harry may sail off into the sunset with $600,000

harry-reid_joker (1)

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

FEC guidelines prohibit personal use of unspent PAC and campaign money. Punishment for violating the prohibition on personal use ranges from hefty fines to possible imprisonment. The money can be used as a contribution to charity or donated to the national party committee.
Democrat FEC Chairwoman Ann Ravel believes Reid has a right to the money due to his status as a “historic” and “important figure and public official.”
“This is applicable to a person who has been the majority leader for many years, who has performed an important function in our government for many years, who probably during that time had so much to do that he was unable to do some of the things that’s necessary, not only for the winding down of the office but also to be able to communicate to the American public as an important figure and public official, not necessarily as just a person who’s been there a couple of years and is trying to make personal use of their campaign funds,” Ravel said.

The FEC has deferred action on Reid’s request.
FEC Commissioner Lee E. Goodman believes granting the request will send the wrong message and set a precedent.
“I mean, how do we draw that line? We think you were important enough to walk away with an administrative slush fund. We don’t think you were important enough,” he said.
Reid’s request should come as no surprise. He is one of the most corruption politicians in Congress.
Along with former Senator Hillary Clinton, Reid appeared on Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list in 2006. That year he came under fire for failing to properly report to Congress a $700,000 land deal. He also accepted more than $30,000 from notorious lobbyist Jack Abramoff for his cooperation in a Nevada Indian gaming deal. Reid made news in 2012 for the role he played in an influence-peddling scandal involving a Chinese “green energy” client of a Nevada law firm run by his son.
In March of 2015 it was discovered Reid abused the power of his office in 2012 and 2013 to force the Department of Homeland Security to override its procedures and push through foreign visa applications and free up $115 million invested by applicants in the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The owner of the project had hired Rory Reid to provide legal representation.

A Utah prosecutor, Republican Troy Rawlings of Davis County, has revived charges against U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada.

harry reid

SOURCE: https://www.newsreview.com/reno/reid-charges-are-back/content?oid=19146351

A Utah prosecutor, Republican Troy Rawlings of Davis County, has revived charges against U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada.

“We are looking into allegations related to Senator Reid” and others, Rawlings said.

“Payments allegedly were made to Reid, then the Senate’s majority leader, to win his support in legalizing online poker,” reported the Salt Lake Tribune.

Reid aide Kristen Orthman said Rawlings is using “Sen. Reid’s name to generate attention to himself and advance his political career, so every few months he seeks headlines by floating the same unsubstantiated allegations.”

On July 15, 2014, former Utah attorneys general John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff were arrested and charged with destruction of evidence and acceptance of bribes. Rawlings dropped the bribery charges against Shurtleff in June this year, though other charges stand.

Swallow was further accused of a circuitous arrangement—receiving $23,000 from Richard Rawle, who he introduced to federally indicted businessman Jeremy Johnson as someone who could assist in getting Reid to help with a Federal Trade Commission investigation into Johnson’s marketing company. “I talked with John Swallow, and he said you might have some connections to Reid that might be helpful to us,” Johnson wrote in an email to Rawle cited in the indictment. Rawle is now deceased.

At the time of that case, Rawlings was critical of federal prosecutors for not taking on Reid.

Court filings in that case described Reid as a passive figure—as a target of wrongdoing, not a wrongdoer (“Media target,” RN&R, July 24, 2014).

Well before the Utah case became known, Reid had long supported banning online gambling but allowing online poker, which Nevada allows in peer-to-peer form. Earlier this year, Reid was reported to have lost his interest in making even online poker legal in federal law.

After Orthman’s comment on Reid’s behalf, Rawlings demanded that Reid join the prosecution team: “What I do want … is (1) every scrap of evidence used by federal investigators and prosecutors in unsubstantiating, dismissing or not pursuing the allegations you refer to; (2) your full waiver of privacy rights under FOIA [the Freedom of Information Act] in connection with all documents that memorialize, refer or relate in any way to the allegations so we can obtain the information through that means; and (3) a chat about the unsubstantiated allegations that were not pursued by federal prosecutors,” Rawlings said. “You may end up being an important witness. I have a defendant in Utah, Mr. Mark L. Shurtleff, who, like you, is presumed innocent and is entitled to all of this material based on multiple critical investigative intersects. Please urge the Department of Justice to provide the exonerating evidence and information so we do not have to litigate the issues in Utah.”

Reid has been hit with such passive accusations before. When he was a gambling regulator, a federal wiretap picked up Joe Agosto, a member of the Kansas City mob bragging that he could deliver a “Mr. Clean” or “Mr. Cleanface.” When the information was made public, attention turned immediately to Reid because of the probity for which he was then known. Reid responded by calling for an investigation of himself, which exonerated him.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed will be under criminal investigation

Dr. Corsi explains Obama’s Muslim Roots.  His wearing of a ring with Muslim Symbolism. And that Obama is throwing Hillary under the bus.  Expects her indictment before elections.  The rise of terrorism and the rise of Trump as a result.  Black Lives Matter controlled by Soros.  Pelosi and Reed under criminal indictment in near future as the truth is exposed.  Dead on accurate. Excellent Video!!!

4:30min – raised as a Muslim
5:30min – radical left hates America, Obamas’ mentors Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis
8:45min – Paris attacks have destroyed European Union (beginning of the end)
9:30min – Obama must be blackmailed to behave the way he is
9:45min – Obama still wears Muslim wedding ring
10:45min – picture of wedding ring
13:00min – Hillary and Obama conspired to destabilize the Middle East and Libya
14:50min – Obama will throw Hillary under the bus… she will be indicted
15:15min – Bill and Hillary will be prosecuted for the Clinton Foundation activities
15:30min – Obama is going to take down the Clinton coupe
16:30min – Trump will benefit and be over 50%
17:30min – Debt bubble will pop… global event will occur stock market down at least 5000 points
19:00min – Clintons and their Wall Street and criminal associates are all going down
21:00min – Black Lives Matter controlled by Soros
21:30min – Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed will be under criminal investigation

When Nevadans vote next year for their U.S. senator, Harry Reid’s name won’t appear on the ballot for the first time in three decades. But even though the powerful and polarizing Senate minority leader is retiring, that doesn’t mean he won’t have a role in in, and impact on, next year’s election.

Harry Reid "The JOKER"

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

When Nevadans vote next year for their U.S. senator, Harry Reid’s name won’t appear on the ballot for the first time in three decades. But even though the powerful and polarizing Senate minority leader is retiring, that doesn’t mean he won’t have a role in in, and impact on, next year’s election.

The first indication of Reid’s effect on the contest to replace him came within hours of his official retirement announcement in March. In an interview with Nevada public radio, the five-term senator said he had talked to former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and encouraged her to run for his seat.

“If she runs, I’m going to help her,” he said. “Whoever runs against Catherine will be a loser.”

Less than two weeks later, Cortez Masto officially announced her candidacy. She is no newcomer to statewide politics, having spent eight years as attorney general, finishing her tenure at the start of 2015.

Despite her early announcement in April, it took several months before she had an opponent. After significant speculation about who might run against her, Republicans landed a top candidate in three-term Congressman Joe Heck, who announced his decision in early July. A physician, Iraq War veteran and brigadier general in the Army Reserves, Heck won a sweeping re-election in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District last year.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto – a true cunt

Both he and Cortez Masto are seen as strong, if cautious, lower-profile candidates by those within Nevada politics, and their race is expected to be hard fought, close and extremely expensive. It will also have important national implications.

Republicans see Nevada and Colorado as their two best opportunities to flip a Democratic Senate seat, and there have been significant problems in the search for a candidate in Colorado. Democrats, on the other hand, are attempting to flip seats in a number of swing states and win back control of the upper chamber, where the GOP currently holds the majority with 54 seats. A loss in Nevada would be a serious blow to their chances.

Those high stakes, coupled with Nevada’s importance in the 2016 presidential race – both as an early primary proving ground and as a key swing state in the general election – mean the Silver State will be crucial to both parties next year. And critical to the strategies of both Senate campaigns will be the man they are seeking to replace.

Reid as a Fundraising Tool

Heck’s campaign wasted little time in crafting the message that he was the right man to replace Reid in the Senate. In late July and early August, his team sent out five fundraising emails attacking the Democratic leader – with subject lines such as “Replace Harry Reid / Undo his legacy” and “Harry Reid – PAYBACK.” None of his fundraising emails have even named his actual opponent, Cortez Masto. In fact, one email that referenced a Nevada visit on Monday by President Obama to raise funds for Cortez Masto referred to her simply as “Harry Reid’s handpicked successor.” Robert Uithoven, a state-based Republican strategist, called the strategy a “very smart play.”

“Harry Reid’s name ID in Nevada is near 100 percent and hers is not, so I think Joe Heck is playing it smart by not giving her the free name ID boost right now,” Uithoven told RealClearPolitics.

Several sources tell RCP that Heck mentions Reid in nearly every speech on the campaign trail. Eric Herzik, a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, said he expects that strategy to continue for the next 15 months.

“I think you’ll watch the campaign and the ads and think Harry Reid is running for re-election,” Herzik said. Cortez Masto, he continued, “is going to, and already has been, deemed … a shadow Harry Reid.”

Democrats, for the most part, have brushed off this message in fundraising pitches, saying that attacking Reid is par for the course for Republicans in Nevada. They also argued that Heck’s decision to almost entirely ignore his opponent is a sign that Cortez Masto will be difficult to attack given her successful tenure as the state’s top law enforcement official.

“As far as Congressman Heck attacking Harry Reid, I think that’s a prerequisite to being a Republican in Nevada. You have to do that and I don’t think it’s going to matter all that much,” said Justin Barasky, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “He’s their favorite punching bag, but he can take it. It’s never worked yet.”

Reid is not likely to spend much time on the campaign trail backing the woman he hopes will succeed him. Though he won five consecutive elections – including several that many political observers expected him to lose – Reid has a very high unfavorable rating among state voters, and isn’t seen as a fiery campaigner. Instead, he’s a wily strategist and commands a vast network of supporters, donors and activists who will be crucial to Cortez Masto.

“From a process standpoint, it helps her tremendously,” said Andres Ramirez, a Democratic consultant in Nevada who knows Cortez Masto but is not affiliated with her campaign. “Campaigns require resources and candidates need to be able to raise money to be able to mount a credible campaign, so the fact that Reid is able to throw his name behind her and contact his donors and say here’s the candidate I’d like you to support, it makes it easier for her to break into that network.”

It was that activist network – known to many in Nevada as the “Reid Machine” – that helped him pull off a very difficult re-election campaign in 2010, when he was the majority leader in the Senate and many predicted he would lose. That network will be crucial to Cortez Masto’s fundraising in what may be one of the most expensive races in the country (a combined $50 million-plus was spent on the 2010 race). Also, her operation has strong links to Reid, including Scott Fairchild, Cortez Masto’s campaign manager, who was in line to be Reid’s campaign manager had he sought a sixth term, according to veteran Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston.

“There is an intertwining there that is unmistakable and there is no question that Harry Reid is helping her raise money,” Ralston told RCP.

Neither Cortez Masto’s campaign, nor Heck’s, returned multiple requests for comment. Reid’s office declined to comment for this story.

The Importance of Reid’s Seat

Beyond both campaigns’ strategic need to utilize Reid in their election strategies, there are strong emotions attached to the outcome of this race. Democrats, and Reid in particular, do not want to see the seat he has held since the late 1980s turn over to Republicans. Reid is seen as the leader of the Democratic Party in Nevada and much of the party’s infrastructure exists thanks to his efforts. It would be a blow to his legacy to have a Republican succeed him, particularly since a Republican, Dean Heller, won the Silver State’s other Senate seat in 2012 (he had been appointed to replace John Ensign, who stepped down amid scandal, the previous year).

“I don’t think he wants his legacy to be two Republican senators from Nevada,” said David Damore, a political science professor from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Across the aisle, however, there is deep-seeded animosity toward Reid both in the state and nationwide. Republicans saw 2010 as a missed opportunity to boot him from office, and would relish the idea of beating the person he supports and flipping his seat.

For Heck, the motivation may be personal. He was elected as a state senator in 2004 and served for four years before being ousted in 2008. Several Nevada political observers told RCP that Reid and his Democratic machine were actively involved in that defeat for two reasons: first, because they wanted to take as much advantage of the 2008 presidential election as possible and create a Democratic wave. Second, because Heck represented a potential challenger to Reid in 2010.

“Heck’s defeat is slightly perplexing. They came after him very harshly,” said one Nevada GOP strategist who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly. “The Reid machine has always [played] the long game, so taking out somebody like Heck early on probably always factored into their plans.”

Several sources attributed Heck’s loss in that race almost entirely to Reid and the Obama wave of 2008, and gave little credit to Heck’s opponent, Shirley Breeden, who won the election by just over 1,000 votes. Ralston described Heck’s opponent as “a cipher … who essentially hid for most of the campaign and won relatively easily because of what Reid’s team did.” Eight years later, Heck has an opportunity to pay Reid back.

“He’s been on the other end, on the losing end of the Harry Reid Democratic machine before, and so I think it’s also a little bit personal for him to try to beat the Harry Reid machine this time around,” Uithoven, the Republican strategist who worked for Heck in the state Senate, told RCP. “I think if Joe Heck is successful in November of next year, he will have been successful in getting a little bit of revenge on Harry Reid.”

Can’t Rely on Reid Alone

Though both campaigns may rely on Reid heavily – Masto for support, Heck for a fundraising focal point – there is a danger to those strategies. Several Nevadans who spoke to RCP questioned whether Reid’s supporters would come out in full force to support Cortez Masto, given that she would lack the power and prestige he had in Washington, thanks to his long tenure and position atop the Democratic caucus. His prominence in the Senate was one of the reasons people donated to him en masse, according to Fred Lokken, a political science professor at Truckee Meadows Community College in Nevada. Lokken said the possibility that Reid’s support network will diminish is a “very clear concern.”

Both Herzik and Ralston pointed to organized labor, a powerful group within Nevada politics, as a key constituency that has backed Reid in high numbers, saying their support will be critical for Cortez Masto to win over.

Ralston asserted that she “can’t just rely on, well, ‘I am inheriting everything from Harry Reid.’ No. She’s … going to have to make the connection with a couple of key constituencies.”

(What’s more, Reid’s strength in his home state has not always been transferrable, even to blood relatives: His son Rory lost his 2010 bid for governor to Brian Sandoval.)

For Heck, while there are numerous advantages to criticizing Reid, there are dangers in overdoing it. Some voters might be turned off by a campaign that focuses its attacks on someone who isn’t running for office.

Ralston told RCP the execution of those attacks will be critical, and that without tying Reid and Cortez Masto together through specific policies, there’s a risk that “you can have the whole thing blow up in your face.” Herzik said this could become particularly problematic if outside groups flood the airwaves with such attacks, causing a backlash.

“You do have to give people a reason to vote for Joe Heck,” he said.

While the GOP standard-bearer is expected to target the senior senator throughout the campaign, several sources said he will need to talk at length about his own background and introduce himself to voters, given that his district covers a geographically small portion of southern Nevada. He must also at some point shift the rhetoric and criticism towards his actual opponent.

With nearly 15 months until Election Day, however, the contest is in its very early stages, and plenty could happen in the coming months to shift the tide or reverse any momentum from one side to the other. Absent a dramatic change, Nevada will likely be one of the most important races in the nation, especially if Democrats appear likely to secure enough victories in other swing states that control of the Senate hinges on the outcome. With the stakes potentially so high, and given his prominence as the de-facto leader of the Democratic Party in the state, Harry Reid’s name will loom large in the race, even if it won’t appear on any ballots.

James Arkin is a congressional reporter for RealClearPolitics. He can be reached at jarkin@realclearpolitics.com. Follow him on Twitter @JamesArkin.

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid said Wednesday he is undecided about his vote on the Iran nuclear deal, with his loyalties to the Jewish community making the vote especially difficult.


U.S. Sen. Harry Reid said Wednesday he is undecided about his vote on the Iran nuclear deal, with his loyalties to the Jewish community making the vote especially difficult.

Reid, whose wife Landra is Jewish, said he is paying close attention to concernsthat the deal aimed at limiting Iran’s chance to make nuclear weapons could ultimately make Israel less safe.

“I just have to work through some of my personal issues, because when it all boils down to it, it’s a question of conviction. It’s not a political calculus for me anymore,” Reid said during a meeting with reporters and editors at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Reid, who is a close ally of President Barack Obama, added: “If Israel weren’t involved, it would be much easier for me.”

The 75-year-old Reid, a Democrat who is retiring after his term ends in January 2017, seemed relaxed as he spent an hour answering questions about national and Nevada issues.

Among them were his support for creating a Gold Butte national conservation area and relaxing federal marijuana policy. Reid also discussed his legacy and said he thinks Las Vegas will get a National Hockey League team.

Conservationists have long supported protecting Gold Butte, a 350,000-acre area in northeastern Clark County about two hours east of Las Vegas. Reid and Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., introduced bills to create a conservation area, but the legislation is opposed by Republicans and has gone nowhere.

Adding to the political thorniness, the conservation area would include the federal land where rancher Cliven Bundy has let his cattle roam for 20 years without paying grazing fees.

Obama could use his authority under federal law to create the conservation area, as he did recently with the Basin and Range National Monument in Nye and Lincoln counties — another controversial project pushed by Reid.

Asked whether he plans to seek executive action again, Reid said, “Well, I think I’ve asked the president for enough for a little while, so I’m just going to let that work its way through the system.”

But he left the door open to seek action from Obama, saying, “Sometime I might do it, but I’m not right now.”

When asked, Reid said he supports removing marijuana from the list of “Schedule 1” drugs that the federal government officially considers to have no medicinal use.

The conflict between federal and state laws has increased as more states legalize medical marijuana, as Nevada has done, or even recreational marijuana, as Nevada could do next year.

“We can’t have these places all over the country where they’re trying to make medicinal marijuana available and then have federal law that’s in opposition to that, so I think it should be changed,” Reid said.

During the meeting, Reid also reminisced about his childhood in Searchlight and discussed his proudest accomplishments in Congress, which include a taxpayers bill of rights and working to protect Nevada water supplies.

“I’m going to enjoy myself another 17 months or so and then figure out what I’m going to do in the world,” Reid said. “But I’m going to worry about it then, not now.”

Contact Eric Hartley at ehartley@reviewjournal.com or 702-550-92

Harry Reid introduces his 2011 Judge Miranda Du at nomination hearing and calls her a “boat child”

The “Boat Child” comment is at the 2 minute mark 

Senator Reid this week introduced Miranda Du, nominee to be United States District Judge for the District of Nevada, at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Du is currently a partner at McDonald Carano Wilson LLP in Reno and was recommended by Reid.

Miranda Du’s WIKI page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miranda_Du

Miranda Mai Du (born December 11, 1969) is a United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Nevada.

Born in Cà Mau, Vietnam, Du left the country at age 9, when her family sought asylum in Malaysia.[1] They spent a year in Malaysianrefugee camps before ultimately being granted asylum in the United States.[1]

Du received a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Davis in 1991 and a Juris Doctor from University of California, Berkeley School of Law in 1994.[2]

Upon graduating law school, Du took a job as an associate at Reno law firm McDonald Carano Wilson LLP. She was promoted to partner in 2002.

On August 2, 2011, President Barack Obama nominated Du to replace Judge Roger L. Hunt who took senior status in 2011.[2]

On November 3, 2011, the Senate Judiciary Committee narrowly reported her nomination to the Senate floor in a party-line, 10–8 vote.[3] The reasons cited by some of the eight Republican senators on the committee who voted against sending Du’s nomination to the Senate floor were her lack of criminal-law experience and a 2008 sanction against Du imposed by the very judge, serving on the court to which she was being nominated, who in 2011 was recommending her nomination.[4] The sanction related to Du’s representation of a water district in a 2006 worker grievance case and the fact that she either failed to recognize or did not adequately pursue the argument that the federal court had lacked jurisdiction in the case.[4]

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who as a Nevadan recommended Du to Obama, said he had planned a “swift confirmation” of Du.[4][5] On March 28, 2012, Du’s nomination was confirmed by a vote of 59 ayes to 39 nays.[6] She received her commission on March 30, 2012.[7][8]


Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval as a judge in 2008, he signed off on sanctions against the attorney after she was found by U.S. Magistrate Judge Valerie Cooke to have mishandled a case. After conducting a fresh review of the record, “the court accepts and adopts the magistrate judge’s recommendation,” he wrote in an Oct. 28, 2008, order. Sandoval issued a statement Thursday after being asked why he would recommend someone for a federal judgeship after having participated in a discipline finding against her. “I have reviewed the documents related to my approval of Magistrate Judge Cooke’s order, and I find nothing that would cause me to change my belief that Miranda Du would make an excellent federal judge,” Sandoval said. [10]

In August 2015, a Plaintiff Ty Robben in a civil rights lawsuit against Defendants Carson City, et al, protested against Judge Miranda Du for the use of Summary Judgment (FRCP 56) calling it an unconstitutional violation of the 7th amendment [11] Summary Judgment is unconstitutional. “In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.” – – The 7th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. [12]

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Harry Reid Skins Parody Song

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has served as a US Senator since 1986 and only now, 28 long years later, all of the sudden fakes concern over the name of the Washington Redskins football team.

Hypocritically throughout his 28 year tenure, Senator Reid has failed to see any problem with the team name of the Washington Redskins.

And hypocritically today, Senator Reid considers the team name of the Washington Redskins a priority problem when his own state of Nevada. He has failed to stop the abuse of women as objects in the state he “serves” while he daily assaults a team name.

And so, in honor of Senator Harry Reid, we at Public Advocate have composed this little parody song just for him.

If you know the words, sing along!

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or call us at 703-845-1808

Breaking: Harry Reid Tied to MASSIVE Bribery Case (VIDEO)

harry reidSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is a shady operator. From changing the Senate rules which allowed him to increase the tax-raising power of the Senate Democratic majority, ties to shady lobbyists, and numerous scandals in Nevada, it is little wonder how a guy on a relatively modest public servant salary has become obscenely wealthy.

Now, Reid has been linked to a new massive bribery case that had two state attorneys general arrested already.

See the video here: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/breaking-harry-reid-tied-massive-bribery-case-video/

Utah prosecutors on Tuesday filed criminal charges against two former state attorneys general in a court filing that makes tantalizing references to a possible pay-to-play influence scheme involving U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Utah County District Attorney Sim Gill charged former Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff with numerous felony state crimes, including bribery, acceptance of illegal gifts, evidence tampering and a “pattern of unlawful activity.”

The charges were expected for months, and both men were taken into custody. Mr. Shurtleff served for many years as Utah’s top law enforcement official before retiring in 2013 and was succeeded by Mr. Swallow, who resigned in controversy after just a year. Both are Republicans.

“This is a sad day for Utah,” said Gov. Gary R. Herbert, who said that no matter what happens with the two men in court, it has become “a black eye for our state.”

Both Mr. Shurtleff and Mr. Swallow maintained their innocence, according to The Associated Press and other local news accounts.

While the charges are major news in Utah, it was the mention of two senators — Mr. Reid, Nevada Democrat, and Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican — that could reach Washington’s corridors of power.

The documents detail efforts by a federally indicted Utah businessman, Jeremy Johnson, to secure meetings with Mr. Reid and Mr. Hatch, where Mr. Johnson hoped to enlist their help in fighting off an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

Via The Washington Times

It is difficult to be surprised by this. There is no reason why this man should have such a prominent role in American government. He represents everything wrong with our government, and there is no way the Founding Fathers would be pleased with what a miserable Majority Leader he is.

Now, we will see if Utah law enforcement will withstand the serious political muscle about to be thrown at them.

This is war, and Harry Reid won’t be taken down without a fight.

Read more: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/breaking-harry-reid-tied-massive-bribery-case-video/#ixzz3X8FnHGwY

Whoa, If True: Harry Reid’s Mobster Fistfight and Cover-Up

harry reidThis is the second installment of “Whoa, If True,” an occasional look at the conspiracy theories that migrate from the wilds of the Internet to the well-covered tundra of presidential campaigns.

On Friday afternoon, in a segment about the retirement of Nevada Senator Harry Reid, Rush Limbaugh cast doubt on the official story of the Democratic leader’s gruesome facial injuries. Reid kept saying that he had wounded himself and damaged his right eye when a piece of exercise equipment broke. Not so, said Limbaugh.

“I don’t believe for a minute that whatever happened to Harry Reid has anything to do with an exercise machine unless somebody repeatedly threw him into it,” said Limbaugh. “Harry Reid looks like and is acting like—and now with this announcement, behaving like—somebody who may have been beaten up. Nobody… I’ve never seen anybody have an accident with an exercise machine that ends up suffering symptoms much like Harry Reid’s for as long as Harry Reid has.”

“The whole mobster thing is just insane.”

Nevada reporter Jon Ralston
Not for the first time, Limbaugh had expressed something that other conservatives had only whispered. In January, the blogger John Hinderaker, a member of the Powerline collective, asked “what really happened” to Reid. “He looks like he has been in a fight, and not with an elastic band,” wrote Hinderaker. “Some are speculating that he had a run-in with Las Vegas underworld characters. There is zero evidence for that.”

On Saturday, Hinderaker felt compelled to follow up that analysis (“typically the first thing that comes up on Google”) and negate the “zero evidence” claim. “A friend of mine was in Las Vegas a week or two ago,” wrote Hinderaker. “He talked to a number of people there about Reid’s accident, and didn’t find anyone who believed the elastic exercise band story. The common assumption was that the incident resulted, in some fashion, from Reid’s relationship with organized crime. The principal rumor my friend heard was that Reid had promised to obtain some benefit for a group of mobsters. He met with them on New Year’s Day, and broke the bad news that he hadn’t been able to deliver what he promised. When the mobsters complained, Reid (according to the rumor) made a comment that they considered disrespectful, and one of them beat him up.”

Hinderaker did not quite endorse the theory. All he knew was that “it is a more likely story than the elastic exercise band yarn,” and that the national press “refused to investigate the cause of his injuries.”

Over the weekend, as Matthew Yglesias has recounted for Vox, the “mobsters probably beat up Reid” theory migrated from the water cooler to the mainstream. “It’s pretty obvious from the photographs that somebody beat the bejesus out of the soon-to-be-former senator from Nevada,” wrote Michael Walsh in PJMedia. “Has any journalist looked into the specifics of Harry Reid’s exercise equipment accident?” asked Washington Examiner reporter Byron York.

The theory that Reid was attacked, and covered it up with an embarrassing story, is confirmation bias at its finest, relying on a few popular conservative assumptions about the media. One: That members of the media are lazy. Two: That members of the media cover up for Democrats. Three: That the media has avoided covering Reid’s interactions with the mafia, because of reasons one and two.

None of this is compatible with how the story was actually covered—though the timing, around 2014’s elongated New Year’s holiday, meant that the political media was a little less busy than usual, and if anyone has asked for medical records, no one has published them. According to Reid’s office, on New Year’s Day 2015, the senator was using a resistance band when it broke. The morning after, Las Vegas Sun reporter Amber Phillips was out with a story, quoting Reid’s office, which noted that the leader’s security detail had taken him to the hospital. Twenty-one days later, in his first public news conference since the incident, Reid acknowledged “rumors” about what happened but repeated the story of “those large rubber bands” breaking and sending him face-first into “these cabinets.”

There is, indeed, no evidence that mobsters actually broke through Reid’s security detail and worked him over. But there is evidence that reporters were asking questions.

“Here’s what I was able to piece together from people who should know,” says Jon Ralston, a Nevada reporter who has covered Reid for years. “Reid is a fitness nut. He had just moved into his new Vegas house, and didn’t have a place to do his band routine. So he attached it to something in his bathroom, which was a very dumb thing to do, it turns out. The whole mobster thing is just insane. Not just because there is no evidence, but it makes no sense.”

If one were inclined to cross-examine Reid, he might focus on the slight differences in how the objects that hurt him were described. Phillips referred to “exercise equipment,” Reid referred to “cabinets,” and Ralston referred to “something in the bathroom.” Yet in every story, Reid’s equipment broke and he hurt himself.

“Every major news outlet in the country covered the accident and a lot of very aggressive reporters asked a ton of questions about what happened,” says Adam Jentleson, Reid’s spokesman. “But clearly they’re all in the tank.”

All jokes aside, the people who cover Reid can’t understand what makes his story so incredible. Not all injuries are dignified. Far from it—the columns of “oddly enough” news brim with tales of men paralyzed by dumbbells, drowned by swimming pools, or sucked into hot tubs. The “what really happened?” question about Reid assumes that a man who has never tired of telling the story of his near-miss brushes with mafia justice would cover up the story of how he survived a brutal attack—and instead, had to go on TV telling people his “big rubber bands” broke. It would be like Clark Kent telling colleagues that he was out of the office when Superman visited because, well, he had to empty his colostomy bag.

Why, for Limbaugh et al, is the cover-up story believable? It’s because they assume the media might prefer to cover a ridiculous story than to expose the corruption they’re sure Harry Reid is guilty of. The problem: They haven’t done as much work to prove that as reporters did to verify what actually happened to Reid—or as much work as reporters have done, over the years, to vet Reid’s finances and associations.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-03-30/whoa-if-true-harry-reid-s-mobster-fistfight-and-cover-up

Corruption Scandals Led to Harry Reid’s Abrupt “Retirement”

harry reidYou’d never know it from the mainstream media puff pieces of Harry Reid’s sudden retirement, but it was a long string of corruption scandals—including a recent one involving his attorney son—that drove the veteran Nevada senator to abruptly leave public office.

For nearly a decade Judicial Watch has investigated and exposed Reid’s involvement in a multitude of transgressions and JW even warned the Senate Ethics Committee, but not surprisingly, no action was ever taken. On multiple occasions the Senate minority leader appeared on JW’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list for his role in a number of political scandals that got more serious as his seniority and clout in Congress increased.

As far back as 2006 Reid was in hot water for violating Senate rules by concealing a seven-figure payoff on a suspicious land deal orchestrated by a longtime friend known for political bribery and mob ties. The influential senator secretly collected a $1.1 million profit on land he hadn’t personally owned for years. To hide the deal, Reid transferred ownership, legal liability and tax consequences to a company owned by a former casino lawyer who has been investigated by federal authorities. Months earlier Red got busted for accepting gifts from a state agency trying to influence him. In that scheme the lawmaker quietly took very expensive ringside boxing tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission while that state agency was trying to influence him on the sport’s federal regulation.harry reid

In 2012 Reid made JW’s corrupt politician list because he was embroiled in an influence-peddling scandal involving a Chinese “green energy” client of a Nevada law firm run by his son Rory. The senator was one of the Nevada projects most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on its behalf, according to a mainstream news report. Reid’s son was an attorney at the prominent Las Vegas firm that represented the Chinese Company, ENN Energy Group, and helped it locate a 9,000-acre desert site for well below its appraised value from Clark County.

In 2013 Reid was again named to JW’s most corrupt politician list for taking more than $130,000 in illegal campaign funds from a shady donor, Harvey Whittemore, who eventually went to jail. Whittemore hired four of the senator’s sons at a law firm in which he served as senior partner and worked with Reid on huge land deals that required federal legislation. Additionally, Reid sponsored at least $47 million in earmarks that directly benefitted organizations with close ties to one of his sons, Key Reid. The legislator also colluded with President Obama to nix a proposed nuclear waste dump in Yucca Mountain Nevada after U.S. taxpayers spent $15 billion on the project.

harry reidMore recently Reid abused his authority to pressure the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to expedite a $115 million foreign investor visa deal critical to his son’s casino client. Reid got the DHS to override agency procedures to rush through hundreds of visa applications from foreign nationals who helped fund a Las Vegas hotel and casino that hired Rory Reid to provide legal representation for the project, according to a recent news report. The article goes into tremendous detail about the illicit scheme that evidently served as the straw that broke the camel’s back. A few days later Reid said he wouldn’t run for a sixth term in the Senate. His hometown newspaper called it a “surprise announcement.” On his government website, Reid posted a goodbye video saying he did his best though hasn’t been perfect.

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Reid says he’s ‘sightless’ in right eye

WASHINGTON — Sen. Harry Reid says he is “sightless” in his injured right eye, and has grown to accept that his vision loss could become permanent.

In an interview this week, Reid, D-Nev., said he has undergone 11 hours of surgery to repair the eye and reconfigure bones surrounding it that were broken in an exercise accident in his home on New Year’s Day.

“I am sightless in my right eye,” Reid told interviewer Jorge Ramos of the Univision Spanish-language TV network.

“Are you afraid that you might not regain your eyesight?” Reid was asked, according to a transcript of the interview.

“No, I’m over that, ‘cause I can’t see out of my eye, and that’s the way it’s going to be until something comes along that’ll change it,” Reid said.

“Right now, I’ve had 11 hours of surgery,” Reid added. “They’ve tried. I can’t see out of my right eye. And that’s OK, I can live with that.”

Reid said he has no depth perception, making it difficult to go down stairs. He said climbing stairs is not as bad.

“So I’ve been very careful,” he said. “But it’ll adjust; your brain does good things for you.”

Reid, 75, has undergone two rounds of surgery at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., most recently on Feb. 11. He has said doctors have advised him to avoid straining the eye for three months following the surgery.

Reid, the Senate minority leader, was exercising in the bathroom of his home in Henderson when a heavy exercise band he was using in a workout snapped back in his face, spinning him and knocking him back into a cabinet.

The Nevada Democrat was hospitalized overnight at University Medical Center, and was confined to his Washington home for several weeks after he returned to the capital. A bandage over his eye has been replaced by dark sunglasses as his bruises have healed.

Reid announced on March 27 that he planned to retire when his Senate term expires at the end of 2016.

He has said the accident was not a reason for his retirement, but that it did give him and his wife, Landra, time to ponder the future.

Harry Reid considers himself ‘a blessed man’ for his wife

harry's eye surgeryBy DANA BASH CNN

No one who knows Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid from afar would ever describe him as a romantic.

But a little-known driving force for the often gruff and impolitic Nevada Democrat is his 60-year love affair with his wife.

Reid met Landra Gould when he was a junior in high school, and she was a sophomore.

When I asked about Landra during an interview, the usually poker-faced Reid immediately opened up.

“She’s never changed. She’s 74 years old. She could win a beauty contest today. She is the nicest person. She has been a wonderful mother, a terrific wife to me. I wish there was a way I could express to everyone how fortunate I am,” said Reid.

In many ways Reid’s love story mirrors the rest of his Steinbeck-like life history. He was the boy with nothing from nowhere and her father didn’t want her anywhere near Reid.

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Once when he went to pick her up for a date, Landra’s father was so opposed to it, and Reid was so determined, the former boxer got into a fist fight with the man. That’s right: he punched his future father-in-law in the face.

Part of the problem was that she was Jewish, and he — from a truck stop of a town with only brothels and gambling and nothing else — had no religion.

“As our relationship built, her parents came to the realization that it could be something serious and it was a very difficult time, the last few years of courtship, because they of course wanted her to meet somebody Jewish,” Reid told me in 2006, during an interview in his hometown of Searchlight.

The two eloped during college, and finally her parents came around to accepting him.

harry reid“They said we did everything we could to stop the two of you … we’re going to do everything we can to make your lives a success, and they were wonderful,” Reid told me.

Reid and Landra decided to convert to Mormonism, but they always kept a “Mezuzah” on the door to their home, as is the custom in Judaism and, until Landra’s parents died, they always celebrated major Jewish holidays, like Passover, as a family.

As they raised five children and Reid rose through the political ranks in Nevada and in the U.S. Senate, the two have rarely been apart.

In fact while many lawmakers like to socialize and hobnob with other powerful people, Reid almost never did. He always preferred to stay home and have a quiet night with Landra.

Those who know her call her elegant — always beautifully dressed — and a quiet force behind the complicated man from Searchlight, who has served as a constant reminder to Reid of where he came from.

“I am a blessed man to have this 5-foot-tall woman with me all these years,” said Reid.

The speculation begins: Who’s going to replace Harry Reid? NAG Masto?

Harry Reid

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

By Amber Phillips (contact)

From the archives:
Will Nevada falter if Harry Reid loses the Senate majority?

Sen. Harry Reid’s announced retirement leaves a decade-long vacuum in Nevada politics, and pundits immediately turned to who would replace him.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Reid came right out with a favorite: Catherine Cortez Masto, former Nevada attorney general and executive vice chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

“She has a great resume. She has a background that is significantly powerful. I hope she decides to run. If she does, I will help her,” Reid said.

Anyone who runs against Cortez Masto will “be a loser,” Reid continued in a candid interview on Nevada Public Radio.

Cortez Masto, meanwhile, tried to deflect the speculation, saying “today is not the day for politics.”

At a city-sponsored education conference on Hispanic underachievement, speakers — Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman among them — discussed Reid’s surprise announcement and credited him for advancing the interests of the state’s Latino community.

CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

ortez Masto, the event’s keynote speaker, steered clear of the topic of Reid’s retirement during her address.

“Today is a day to thank (Reid) for everything he’s done on behalf of our state,” Cortez Masto said after the speech, declining to comment on Reid’s endorsement. “I’m learning about this as we move along.”

Sources said Las Vegas Democrat Rep. Dina Titus also is “strongly considering” running for Reid’s seat.

Titus, who also gave a brief speech at today’s education conference, did not address a potential candidacy. But Goodman told the crowd that Titus “would make a wonderful U.S. senator.”

Later, in a statement, Titus said she’s “humbled” by calls she’s received to consider running. “This is a decision I will make carefully after talking with family and close friends to ensure it is in the best interest of District 1 and the people of Nevada,” she said.

Another possibility for Democrats: Las Vegas Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick, who is known for her savvy in complex tax issues and ability to work with Republicans. She is finishing her last term in the Legislature and has served since 2004. But she swatted away speculation quickly.

“You can count me out,” she said.

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

On the Republican side, potential candidates to challenge Reid are now reconfiguring their chances in a more even playing field. Nonpartisan political analyst Larry Sabato turned the now-open race from leaning Democratic to a toss up.

GOP candidates in the running include: former state lawmaker Heidi Gansert, Atty. Gen. Adam Laxalt, Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison and state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, a top contender for the Senate seat even while Reid was in the race, indicated earlier this year he didn’t have any intention to run. Aides declined to speculate Friday on how Reid’s retirement could change Sandoval’s political calculus.

nag masto signRoberson, who’s in the middle of a legislative budget battle, said he wouldn’t comment on speculation about 2016.

“For me that’s a distraction from what we’re trying to do here,” he said.

What does Reid think?

“It’s a free country — let them all run,” Reid said when asked on KNPR who he thinks is the strongest Republican candidate.

Reid’s departure will change more dynamics in the race than just the names on the ballot.

For nearly a decade in Washington, Reid has been the symbol of dysfunction for Republicans.

Now, the GOP will lose a punching-bag figure for rallying the base. But it will also give conservatives an opponent who isn’t a seasoned campaign veteran with one of the most formidable political machines in the country.

Running against the Reid machine has always been daunting, said Robert Uithoven, a GOP campaign strategist.

“It always look attractive in the beginning,” he said. “Candidates always go out early with polls that show they are in the lead… But then they go up against the well-funded Democratic party machine and the Reid campaign. Then it becomes much more challenging than when you looked at the initial poll results.”

It still could be, even without Reid publicly at the helm.

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

The Clark County Republican Party fired off a fundraising email today on just that point: Reid may be gone, but “The Harry Reid Machine is still behind the scenes supporting Democratic candidates.”

For casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, the race just got easier. Despite the political differences between he and Reid, the two have a close relationship.

Reid’s absence from the race will now allow one of the world’s richest men to unload his money against Cortez Masto or any other Democrat who may foray into the race, an intimidating obstacle for anyone who wants run.

But local Democrats say Reid’s retirement won’t change their 2016 strategy.

“Just like we would fight for Sen. Reid for his re-election,” said Chris Miller, the chair of the Clark County Democratic party, “we will fight for whoever that is to ensure that seat remains in Democratic hands.”

Las Vegas Sun reporters Ana Ley, Kyle Roerink and Conor Shine contributed to this report.

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK AND AG MASTO

Give ’em the FINGER

Harry Reid’s Big, Complicated Latino Legacy Won’t End When His Career Does

Love or loathe him, Reid played a big role in changing the way the Democratic Party treats immigration politically. And early indications are he’ll back a successor candidate who would be the first Latina senator.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

In the Spring of 2012, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina gathered a group of high-level Latino Democrats and operatives to update them on what they were doing to win support from Latino voters.

“I’m obsessed,” Messina began, according to someone familiar with the meeting, “with the way Harry Reid’s campaign did it in 2010. We’re looking at that very closely.”

Obama would go on to win 71% of the Latino vote, two years after Reid dominated with Hispanics in a tight race against a Tea Party candidate. The lessons from the Nevada senator were implemented.

“I operated based on what I knew and Sen. Reid was my training ground,” said Nathaly Arriola, who worked on Hispanic press for the 2012 Obama campaign, which hired Latino communications strategists a year out from Election Day (instead of two months, as is often the case). The campaign polled Latinos early and often, and booked the president on Hispanic media. “It was a very regional approach to the way we communicated to Latinos and the issues they care about, because it was a winning strategy,” she said.

When Reid exits the U.S. Senate in 2017, he will leave a complex and complicated legacy as an aggressive partisan legislator. He will also leave an equally complex legacy on immigration. Reid is the majority leader who could not pass immigration legislation with majorities in both Houses of Congress, but who pressured President Obama to go around Congress and take unprecedented executive action — an obsessive advocate for DREAMers, and a terse political operator who also used them for political ends.

Reid’s retirement was not a sure thing (before his accident last year, he had given indications he would run again) and came as a surprise to many on the Hill. But as he exits, Reid has also indicated early that he would support former Nevada attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto if she runs for his seat — she would be the country’s first Latina senator, if elected.

“Whoever runs against Catherine, I think will be a loser,” he said in a radio interview this week. “I hope she decides to run. If she does, I’m going to help her.”

Two sources with knowledge of Reid’s plans told BuzzFeed News that even if Reid’s actual retirement was a surprise, his interest in an eventual Cortez Masto candidacy was not. “They really want her in the race, they feel strongly they think she can win. It’s her decision to make but they completely and utterly support her,” one said.

“[Reid] really likes her,” another added. “He has considered her for a long time, she’s a smart individual and somebody that can carry his legacy.”

That help, in a state where Reid’s influence and political machinery looms large, would be substantial. The Democratic women’s group EMILY’s List, which backs pro-choice Democratic female candidates, has also thrown its support behind Masto.

“We are excited about the opportunity to fill this seat with a strong, Democratic woman leader – which would be a first for Nevada,” EMILY’s List spokesperson Marcy Stech said in a statement. “Catherine Cortez Masto has been a fighter for Nevada women and families. She has a bright future and it’s past time to elect the first Latina to the U.S. Senate.”

Cristóbal Alex, the president of the Latino Victory Project, which fundraises for Latino Democratic candidates, also said Reid supporting the former Nevada attorney general is a big deal in a state that is almost 30% Hispanic.

“The way he’s leaving, by highlighting and propelling someone who would be the first Latina U.S. senator, he would help make history and once again give back to the Latino community,” he said.

But Reid remains known first as a partisan. His last race in Nevada was very close; this one will be in a presidential year (better for Democrats), but without Reid’s long history on the ballot (not as good). The state is now governed by Brian Sandoval, a well-liked and more liberal Republican, and groups like the Koch-funded Libre Initiative are pouring resources into Nevada to early returns.

“If he’s backing her, he’s not backing her because she’s Latina, he’s backing her because she has the best chance of retaining that seat,” said Luis Miranda, a former White House official.

Harry Reid has indicated he would support former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto to replace him when he retires. Eric Jamison / AP

The intrinsic politics to Reid’s maneuvering on all issues, in the Latino community and far beyond, don’t undermine the senator’s legacy on immigration, Reid allies say. They credit Reid with changing the Democratic calculus on legal status and citizenship for the undocumented — turning immigration from a divisive wedge issue into a rallying cry for Democrats to coalesce around.

They say he created a pipeline of Latino staffers from inside his office and helped them advance on the Hill, with 15 currently on staff. (“He’s not flying in operatives, he’s breeding them,” Arriola said.) And they trace his work on the Gang of Eight immigration bill, and the introduction and re-introduction of the DREAM Act, as significant markers in the politics of immigration over the last decade.

“On immigration he changed the game,” said former Reid senior adviser Jose Parra. “Polls were showing that touching the DREAM Act was political suicide.”

There is also the unusual role Reid, a senator, played in the executive actions implemented by President Obama in 2012 and 2014. Those actions followed years of either failed efforts to start an immigration legislative process, or gestures at starting a process unlikely to find success with Republicans, or even some Democrats. (In 2010, for instance, when Democrats still controlled both houses but were headed toward a blistering midterm election, Reid developed a habit of saying publicly and in press releases directed toward Spanish-language media that immigration legislation would happen soon, while admitting on Capitol Hill that it would not.)

Both in 2012 and 2014, it became clear that there would be no legislation moved. Reid began pushing the White House to forego Congress and implement what ultimately would be called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the program that delays deportation of some young undocumented immigrants and is the precursor to last year’s executive actions.

Those with knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes say Reid’s staff had worked up memos on how and why the administration should do DACA. The White House pushed back over whether they had legal authority to use prosecutorial discretion with a larger scope, and concerns that it was politically infeasible in the midst of a bitter campaign. At one point, Reid told senior administration staff that if they didn’t do DACA, losing the White House for the party would be on them, according to a source familiar with the exchange. He left a memo from his staff on what they needed to do and walked out.

Reid then took it a step further, going on “Al Punto” with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos — a Spanish-language analogue to “Meet The Press” — and making a declaration of sorts.

“There’s more the president is going to do administratively. And that should happen fairly quickly,” Reid told Ramos on May 13, 2012.

The response from the White House was swift.

nag mastoMiranda, the director of Hispanic media at the time, called Reid’s office yelling and asking why he had said that, according to a source familiar with the period. Miranda laughed when asked about the story, saying he didn’t remember that but that it was probably true.

“DACA was the big issue,” said Arriola, who worked for both Reid and for the Obama campaign. “For Reid to come out strong, he did lead the pack. It was a timeframe when even our Democrat champions were not speaking up on this issue.”

Some Democrats argue he can’t be replaced when it comes to Latino issues, especially immigration, by Sen. Chuck Schumer who is very likely to become the new Democratic leader with Reid’s endorsement.

“Fuck yeah, that’s a loss,” one longtime Latino Democrat said. “Schumer is like Rahm [Emanuel], their priorities are majorities and the bigger picture and if that means sacrificing immigration, so be it. Schumer has been a champion of immigration but also one of the people dragging their feet… Reid is more of a true believer, he stood by it on principle. Schumer is going to do it if it makes sense for the majority.”

Another was more succinct. “I just don’t see Chuck Schumer going to bat for the community like Reid did.”

Complaints about Schumer highlight one of Reid’s most Machiavellian strengths, namely his ability to shape different parts of the party’s views of him on his own terms.

After all, Reid held off on serious efforts at rewriting immigration laws until President Obama wanted it done in 2013. But it is Obama and Schumer — and not the then-leader of the Senate, Reid — who are viewed as dragging their feet.

Harry Reid with DREAMer Astrid Silva, of Las Vegas. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Inside the community of immigration activists, which played a significant role in pushing Obama from the left last year, Reid has his share of admirers.

He has frequently touted the experience of Astrid Silva, a Nevadan who was brought to the country as a child and who speaks highly of the senator, “For the first time I felt like I was protected and that was something I had never felt before.”

Catherine Cortez MastoReid would have a direct impact on Silva’s life in 2011, after her father faced the imminent threat of deportation, which the senator resolved by negotiating with ICE to get a stay of deportation because Carlos Silva had been scammed by a notario, someone who presents themselves as a lawyer, but is not. “His office was the first place I called, I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

There is a political dimension to this: Silva would later be prominently featured during Obama’s event the day after announcing his sweeping 2014 executive actions, because her father is eligible to remain in the country if the program is ultimately implemented (the executive actions have been put on hold as they undergo legal challenge).

That political tension is not lost on the activists. When Gaby Pacheco, a high-profile DREAMer and activist, was asked to speak to the press after the DREAM Act failed in 2010, she was furious. She was angry about the legislation, but she also felt she was being used — a sympathetic face to throw to the media to bash Republicans — when she believed Democrats could have done more to get it passed.

With Reid by her side, she said her piece, but when it was over and the cameras were off, she grabbed Reid by his jacket and pulled him close, startling some of those present. She said Democrats could have done more and he knew that.

Reid, angered, pulled away from Pacheco and walked to the doorway before stopping.

Then he turned around, walked back to her, and hugged her, leaving the room bewildered about what had just happened.

Adrian Carrasquillo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
Contact Adrian Carrasquillo at adrian.c@buzzfeed.com

Harry Reid Secured Subsidies for Aides’ Donors Nevada Dem brags about support for green energy companies as ethics watchdogs suggests influence-peddling

harry reidBY:
March 5, 2015 5:00 am

Corporate donors to a green energy nonprofit operated by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (D., Nev.) former staffers and a current campaign operative have received billions of dollars in federal loan guarantees and grant money as a result of Reid’s advocacy.

Fulcrum Bioenergy began contributing to the Clean Energy Project (CEP) in 2013. One year later, the Nevada Democrat steered tens of millions of dollars in federal grant money to the California biofuel company.

Fulcrum is one of at least nine corporate donors to the Clean Energy Project (CEP) that have secured federal financing for themselves or a client due in part to Reid’s behind-the-scenes advocacy—activity that watchdogs warn could be construed as unethical.

Harry Reid "The JOKER"

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

Rebecca Lambe, Reid’s top political strategist who has been directed by Reid to take the lead in hiring for his 2016 reelection campaign, founded CEP in 2008 and served as its executive director. Reid’s former chief of staff Susan McCue served as CEP’s president at that time. Lambe is now an adviser to CEP, according to her official bio. McCue is a member of its board.

McCue and Lambe also run Senate Majority PAC, a powerhouse Super Pac with close ties to Reid that spent $67 million to elect Senate Democrats last year.

Far from denying a role in steering subsidies to donors to aides’ group, Reid’s office brags about it.

“Senator Reid’s leadership on creating clean energy jobs in Nevada is something we like to talk about at every opportunity and we are glad you have chosen to cover this topic,” Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson said in an emailed statement.

Jentleson pointed to his office’s 2013 staff report on the benefits that green energy companies such as Ormat Geothermal, which Reid helped secure a $350 million loan guarantee, were bringing to Nevada.

A news release on the staff report quoted Lydia Ball, until February CEP’s executive director, about the benefits of an “aggressive clean energy path for Nevada.” It didn’t mention that Ball is a former Reid aide, that Ormat has donated to her organization, or that the company’s president has donated to Reid.

While on Reid’s staff, Ball was in charge of advising Nevada companies on how to obtain financing through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus.

She also helped organize the National Clean Energy Summit, an annual conference cosponsored by Reid and CEP where environmentalists, politicians, and green energy executives discuss the need for more government “investment” in green companies.

Fulcrum contributed to CEP in 2013 and 2014. It attended the 2014 summit, where Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a $105 million grant for the company. The Defense Departmentawarded it another $70 million two weeks later.

The Center for American Progress has sponsored the summit since it was created in 2008. John Podesta, CAP’s founder and former chairman was a CEP board member until at least September 2013. He is expected to work for the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, who was the 2014 summit’s keynote speaker.

The Podesta Group, the lobbying firm founded by Podesta and his brother Tony, began representingFulcrum in April 2014, five months before that year’s CEP summit—and the $175 million in federal grants that followed.

The firm reported lobbying the Executive Office of the President during the third quarter of 2014, when Fulcrum received the grants. That remains the only reporting period in which it has done so.

Reid took credit for delivering the Pentagon’s money. “Senator Reid wrote Secretary [Chuck] Hagel in support of Fulcrum’s grant application earlier this year,” his office said.

Most of CEP’s corporate supporters are companies that have benefitted or stand to benefit from policies that subsidize green energy technologies—policies that Reid routinely pushes for in the Senate.

Their donations to the CEP suggest “a vehicle to promote pay-to-play politics,” says Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, an ethics watchdog group.

“It is run by Reid insiders, funded by those who want Reid’s political favors, and there’s a track record of Reid dispensing favors to those who fund it,” Boehm said in an email. “As the late Senator [Sam] Ervin said, sometimes things are what they look like.”

Asked whether donations to CEP bought or rewarded Reid’s legislative support, Jentleson noted the 5,500 Nevada jobs—temporary, permanent, and “indirect”—created by Reid-supported CEP donors.

“With specific regard to the projects you mention, Senator Reid is extremely proud of his involvement in each one of them,” Jentleson said.

McCue denied that political considerations played any part in donations to CEP or Reid’s efforts to steer subsidies to those donors.

The group “does not do any federal lobbying on behalf of its supporters,” she said in an emailed statement.

“Sen. Reid has long worked to make Nevada the clean energy capital for the country, successfully bringing new companies and thousands of good new jobs to the state,” McCue said. “He would, and will, do that whether they supported CEP or not.”

Good government advocates say donations to independent groups with ties to prominent politicians can raise red flags.

“Gifts from moneyed interests to politicians’ pet charities always merit added scrutiny and concern,” said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics.

“There are innumerable ways that money can be used to help shape policy and one of those is supporting a nonprofit connected to the politician or political operative,” Krumholz said in an interview for a separate story.

CEP did not respond to a request for comment by press time.

The group’s website listed Ormat Geothermal as a donor in 2012, a year after Reid helped it obtain a $350 million loan guarantee. He also helped secure nearly $100 million in federal financing for Nevada Geothermal, which counted Ormat as a contractor.

Reid pressured the Department of the Interior (DOI) to expedite permit approvals for Nevada green energy projects, according to the New York Times. Seven companies eventually received fast-track treatment from DOI, including Ormat, Nevada Geothermal, and CEP donors Abengoa, First Solar, and SolarReserve.

Also at bat for Ormat was Cassidy and Associates, a lobbying firm and CEP donor that boasts Lambe as a senior adviser. Cassidy lobbyist Kai Anderson, Reid’s former deputy chief of staff, continues to represent the company.

During fiscal year 2009, Ormat had three loan-guarantee applications rejected for being “non-competitive.” Cassidy inked its contract with Ormat in April 2009. Five months later, Reid sent a letter to President Obama expressing concern about the slow pace of DOE loan guarantee approvals, though he did not ask for specific projects to be approved.

Ormat received its $350 million loan guarantee in 2011. Reid thanked Obama and then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu in a statement for “for their commitment to putting Nevadans back to work and boosting Nevada’s clean energy economy.”

Another former Reid aide was working behind the scenes to secure that financing. Paul Thomsen, then Ormat’s in-house lobbyist, handled “emerging energy resources, and public land issues” on the senator’s staff. He also starred in a 2010 campaign ad for the senator.

Thomsen is a former lobbyist for Lionel Sawyer & Collins. All four of Reid’s sons have also worked for the firm, as has CEP board member and former Reid staffer Brent Heberlee, who says he “maintains a strong working relationship with the Senate Minority Leader.”

Ormat’s ties to Reid caught the attention of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which began investigating the Obama administration’s support for green energy projects in 2011.

“The strong ties between the company and the Senate Majority leader raise questions about whether the DOE acted in the best interests of the American people when it approved [Ormat’s] loan guarantee,” the committee wrote in a 2012 report.

Internal DOE emails reveal that Reid pressured the department to speed approval of stimulus-funded loan guarantees. One email from Jonathan Silver, who directed DOE’s loan programs office, suggested that Reid was determined to secure pork for Nevada businesses through DOE’s stimulus-funded loan guarantees.

CEP donor SolarReserve was among the companies that took advantage of Reid’s aid in securing financing. He pushed DOE in 2010 to speed approval of a $737 million loan guarantee for the company’s Nevada manufacturing facility.

CEP donor NV Energy, the state’s largest utility, got a $138 million stimulus grant after, Reid said, “I advocated for this funding.” He also touted his work in extending solar power tax credits in announcing that SolarCity, another CEP donor, would build a new manufacturing facility in Nevada.

Some of CEP’s donors are members of the Solar Energy Industries Association, the industry’s trade association. SEIA itself is a CEP donor, and represents a host of other companies that have benefitted from federal green energy policies, including several that Reid has backed.

CEP board member Rose McKinney-James represents Amonix, a solar company that received federal backing after Reid went to bat on its behalf. “I made sure the Recovery Act included almost $6 million in tax credits to help Amonix open this facility,” Reid said in 2010 of the company’s Las Vegas production plant.

Reid has also aided McKinney James client Bombard Renewable Energy. Her clients also include theValley Electric Association, a CEP donor. She sits on the board of MGM Resorts International, according to the company’s website. That company sponsored last year’s summit.

Anti-cronyism watchdogs were skeptical of the benefits of Reid’s dealings.

“Of course these businesses viewed their donations as investments,” said William Yeatman, a senior fellow and energy policy expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“The entire green energy industry—every bit of it—is dependent on political favoritism,” Yeatman said in an email. “And with whom better to curry favor than the Senate Majority Leader—especially during the stimulus era, a period during which oversight was shortchanged for speed of disbursement.”

Sen. Harry Reid received bipartisan cheers and a standing ovation this morning before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began a controversial speech to Congress.

Harry Reid "The JOKER"

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

WASHINGTON — Sen. Harry Reid received bipartisan cheers and a standing ovation this morning before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began a controversial speech to Congress.

“Harry, it’s good to see you on your feet,” said Netanyahu, prompting the Senate minority leader to gingerly stand up from his front-row seat and wave in recognition.

“I guess it’s true what they say, ‘You can’t keep a good man down,’” Netanyahu continued as Reid sat back down and members of Congress from both parties stood and applauded.

Reid is recovering from a New Year’s Day exercise accident in which he broke four ribs, suffered a concussion and has undergone two surgeries to try to restore the vision in his right eye. He missed nearly all of the first month of Congress.

House and Senate lawmakers packed into the House of Representatives chamber this morning to hear Netanyahu blast President Barack Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran in a speech that did not have the White House’s blessing. Some Democrats chose not to attend the speech in protest.

Reid, wearing glasses with his right eye covered, was there.

Reid and Netanyahu have a reported good relationship​, and they exchanged words before the speech.

Still, it was a quite a surprise that the opening line from one of the most controversial and partisan moments in Congress this year would yield a bipartisan standing ovation for one of Washington’s most polarized figures.

All of Nevada’s six-member delegation attended the speech.

Sandoval vs. Reid 2016?

dean hellerSen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., is a vice-chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee.

Part of his duties with the NRSC is finding the best Republican candidate he can to run against Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Las Vegas in the 2016 election cycle.

Reid and Heller work together on many bills for Nevada but in politics, they are commanders in opposing armies.

“It’s all business,” Heller said.brian-sandoval-bong

When asked if the NRSC thinks Gov. Brian Sandoval would be the candidate with the best chance of beating Reid, Heller said:

“He is our ‘A-plus’ candidate, let me say that. He is our ‘A-plus’ candidate.

“It doesn’t mean we don’t have ‘A’ candidates and ‘B’ candidates out there,” Heller said. “But there is no doubt, Gov. Sandoval is our ‘A-plus’ candidate.”

Heller’s comments came during a taping of the Nevada Newsmakers TV program on Thursday.

The interview with Heller, which takes up the entire show, is scheduled to be shown Monday at 11:30 a.m. on KRNV-News 4.

Heller was all in with Sandoval running against Reid.

“Whether or not he decides to run, obviously, at the end of the day, that is up to him,” Heller said. “But boy, I’d love to see him run and truly believe that he would be the premier candidate.”

Heller said GOP groups are actively recruiting Sandoval to run. Sandoval has swatted away any speculation from the media about running against Reid, often saying things like, “I am focused on my job” and “I enjoy being governor.”

Said Heller: “Oh, I have no doubt that there are groups out there trying to sit down with him (Sandoval) to convince him that this would be a good move – from (U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell himself to every other group.”

Heller mentioned three other possibilities for run against Reid, including current state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, former Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and in somewhat of a surprise — former Assembly Minority Leader and Sandoval’s former Chief of Staff, Heidi Gansert of Reno.

“There are a number of candidates that are expressing interest,” Heller said. “Heidi Gansert is another one who I believe is an ‘A’ candidate. We’ll see if former Lt. Gov. Krolicki wants to run. We are not at a loss for candidates. We have a great bench on our (GOP) side, compared to what the Democrats have here today in the state of Nevada.”

Heller talked at length about Roberson. I asked Roberson about running for the U.S. Senate last week, prior to the Heller interview, and he said, “I am focused on the present. I am focused on the job that I’m tasked with right now.”

Heller, however, said Roberson is interested.

“He is another good candidate,” Heller said about Roberson. “I may get a chance to talk to him in a few weeks. I know he has an interest. He wants to get through this Legislature first and I understand that because there are a lot of ups and downs that are going to happen in the next 100 days.”

Yet Roberson would be second-fiddle if the choice was between him or Sandoval, Heller seemed to say.

“But needless to say, I think he (Roberson) is an ‘A’ candidate,” Heller said. “And I think Roberson would agree with me that the governor is the ‘A-plus’ candidate.”

APPARENTLY THERE IS little outrage about Nevada’s 1st U.S. House District Rep. Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, wanting to move the Veterans Administration’s Regional Office from Reno to Las Vegas.

Titus said in a letter to VA Secretary Bob McDonald that an office in Las Vegas would stand a better chance of recruiting the VA’s most talented workers and administrators that are needed to boost the performance of the under-achieving regional office if it were moved to Las Vegas.

“First of all, I really don’t care,” Heller said. “I’m agnostic to where this office is. I want a good office and it (Reno office) is one of the worst performing – if not the worst-performing regional office – in the country.

“If we can fix the backlog (of health-related claims) and if fixing the backlog means that we have to move that office from Reno to Las Vegas, it really doesn’t matter to me,” Heller said. “I just want a regional office that works for veterans here in this state.’

Heller then noted a glaring truth about where most of Nevada’s 300,000 vets live.

“Let’s not kid ourselves,” Heller said. “Most of the veterans we have in this state are in Las Vegas.”

SANDOVAL’S A HISTORY BUFF, so he’ll like this:

The great-grandfather of Assemblywoman Robin Titus, R-Yerington, and Nevada’s first elected governor, Henry G. Blasdel, were partners in a mining venture back in the day.

Blasdel later gave Titus’ great-grandfather his inkwell and pen. It’s now a family heirloom. If Titus’ bill to make the square dance the official state dance of Nevada passes the Legislature, Titus would like something added to the signing ceremony.

“If this (square-dance bill) comes to fruition, I’m going to ask Gov. Sandoval to sign this bill with Gov. Blasdel’s ink pen,” Titus said.

EWAN GREGORY, 94, might be the oldest person I’ve interviewed at the Legislature. She was in Carson City Wednesday as a square-dancer in support of the square dancing bill.

She has the pick of field of gentlemen dancers when she’s out dancing.

“I don’t have a partner but I have my share of dancing,” Gregory said.

Another one of the square dancers in the building that day was Joye Angle-Kincade, daughter of former Assemblywoman and GOP U.S. Senate nominee Sharron Angle.

Reid to staff: Full speed ahead to 2016

Harry Reid "The JOKER"

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

WASHINGTON — Moving to end speculation about his political future, Sen. Harry Reid delivered a message to his staff on Tuesday that he is moving full speed ahead to run for re-election in 2016.

Reid told about 75 staffers from his leadership and Nevada-issue offices that he was definitely running again, according to several aides who attended. The announcement was met with applause, they added.

Although the Nevada Democrat has sought to emphasize he intends to seek a sixth term in the Senate, speculation has continued to persist that he might decide to retire. The unusual all-hands meeting took place a day before Reid, 75, was scheduled to undergo follow-up surgery for the serious eye injury he suffered while working out at home on New Year’s Day.

Speculation further has been fueled by the release of Reid’s latest campaign finance report last week showing he had $1.5 million in the bank as of the end of 2014 — about half of what he showed at the same point before he ran for re-election in 2010.Harry Reid

Democrats say the discrepancy is because Reid spent significant time last year raising major sums for other Democratic senators running for re-election. They maintained there is no thinking that Reid, the Senate minority leader, will not have the money he needs to run a major campaign.

In the latest snapshot illustrating that point, Reid’s campaign report covering the final quarter of 2014 shows he transferred $200,000 in October from his “Friends for Harry Reid” political fund to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that was advising other Democrats in their races.

harry reidFor his 2010 race against Republican Sharron Angle, Reid raised $24.8 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. It is expected a 2016 race would be even more expensive.

Reid’s political allies, including several former aides working as lobbyists, had scheduled at least four money events for him in January and February in a bid to get his 2015 fundraising off to a healthy start. The results of those events won’t be reported until April.

The Reid staff meeting first was reported by Politico. Emerging from the meeting, Reid told a reporter he has directed top campaign aide Rebecca Lambe to move forward on hiring campaign staff including a campaign manager. Reid spokeswoman Kristen Orthman said later in the day Reid would not be commenting on the staff meeting.

Reid is expected to face a tough re-election as the top target of the national Republican Party, and guessing about his intentions has become a pastime in the press and among political professionals.harry reid

An unscientific National Journal poll of Washington “insiders” published last week concluded the Nevada Democrat was the “most vulnerable” incumbent in the view of both Democrats and Republicans.

Talking with reporters on Tuesday, Reid said the recovery from his eye injury “is going fine,” but did not provide details of the follow-up surgery he is scheduled to undergo on Wednesday.

On Jan. 26, doctors in a 3½-hour procedure removed a blood clot from Reid’s right eye, drained additional blood from the front of it and repaired the orbital bones surrounding the eye.

“They’ve done some good work reconstructing my face so the sides both match,” Reid said Tuesday. “Tomorrow they are going to do some other stuff. I hope it all works out well.”

Reid suffered vision loss in his right eye after a heavy elastic band he was stretching during exercise at home in Henderson on New Year’s Day snapped back into his face and knocked him over. He continues to wear a protective cup over the eye kept in place by a long bandage.

Contact Stephens Washington Bureau Chief Steve Tetreault at stetreault@stephensmedia.com or 202-783-1760. Find him on Twitter: @STetreaultDC

GOP stalls in effort to oust Reid

harry reid one eyed bandit

Senate Republicans are unlikely to land their most formidable recruit to take down Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

brian-sandoval-bongWith Gov. Brian Sandoval delaying any decision until summer, his indecision is costing Republicans precious time in their quest to oust the party’s biggest target in 2016.

The popular governor is at the top of wish lists for Nevada and Washington Republicans, but he has suggested he won’t run. Still, Sandoval is unlikely to make a final announcement until after the state’s legislative session concludes.
That has frozen the field for other GOP hopefuls and left national Republicans in a holding pattern.

Sandoval has said he wants to focus on his legislative agenda, one that includes tax increases that has angered the GOP base as much as it has Democrats, and he has all but ruled out a bid.

“Do you really think, if this is my last session as governor, I would propose the things that I proposed last night, thinking I might be on a ballot?” Sandoval asked influential Nevada journalist Jon Ralston in a recent interview.

When pressed by Ralston, Sandoval repeatedly refused to declare that he definitely wouldn’t run. But those close to him say he is focused on getting things done in Nevada and has no desire to commute to Washington to work in a body that has been largely dysfunctional for the past decade.

“The governor is completely focused on the legislative session. I think that will be done before he gives a final decision,” said one Nevada Republican familiar with Sandoval’s thinking. “I don’t think he’s going to run, but I also don’t think he’s ready to say ‘no’ yet.”

Republicans say current Lieutenant Gov. Mark Hutchison and former Lieutenant Gov. Brian Krolicki are both interested in running but won’t make any moves until they’re sure Sandoval is out. The same goes for Nevada state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson (R) and a half-dozen other potential candidates.

“I don’t think Sandoval is going to make a Shermanesque statement until after the session. But he’s showing no interest in running. Something really strange would have to happen for him to run,” Ralston told The Hill. “We won’t know much until the summer.”

Reid’s poll numbers have been underwater in recent surveys, and if Sandoval runs, the governor would likely start out as the favorite.

Republicans still think they can beat the incumbent senator without Sandoval, but they’ll have to nominate a candidate acceptable to swing voters. Most importantly, they need to avoid a costly primary that could produce a flawed candidate like Reid’s 2010 opponent, Tea Partyer Sharron Angle.

However, the entire race could be shaken up if Reid reverses course on running for reelection.

The 75 year-old Democratic leader suffered a bad fall while exercising over the holidays and had to miss work to have one surgery — with another expected — to try to save his eye.

The senator further stirred questions about his commitment to a sixth term in his first press conference after returning, when he made comments that some read as less than definitive.

“I plan to run,” he told reporters in late January. “My staff has continued to review my new campaign. We have quite an operation.”

Reid and his staff have since insisted unequivocally that he’ll be on the ballot in 2016.

“Sen. Reid is running for reelection, period,” said Reid spokeswoman Kristen Orthman.

But his injuries have some close to the senator, a former boxer known for his toughness, worried that there’s a chance that he might not run again.

“The conversations [with Reid staff] both internally and externally are all the same: that he’s running. The official line to friends and family is it’s full steam ahead,” one source close to Reid’s political operation told The Hill. “But in my gut, I’m not sure he does.”

Reid already has much of his campaign team in place. Many of the people who ran his potent field operation in 2010 never left Nevada, staying in the state to help President Obama in 2012 and continuing to work for the state party.

His fundraising operation never stopped churning either. Reid has already been raising cash this year and had close to $1.5 million in the bank at the end of 2014.

Those close to Reid admit that hiring for the rest of his staff has slowed down due to his injury. He had to cancel some candidate interviews for campaign manager and other positions during his recovery.

When he dislocated his shoulder and bruised his face during fall while jogging in 2011, he returned to work the same day. That he missed as much work as he did shows how much pain he was in.

“When he got hurt, everything was kind of put on hold. Reid couldn’t meet with potential staff; he was down for a while. There hasn’t been an update in two weeks or so because of that,” the source close to Reid’s team said of the difference in injuries. “This time, the man was out for weeks. He was in an excruciating amount of pain.”

SOURCE: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/231668-gop-stalls-in-effort-to-oust-reid

Dirty Harry Reid Returns To The Senate And Speaks On The Senate Floor with one eye working

“We should pass a homeland security bill with no strings attached to it,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) after returning to the Senate floor for the first time since injuring himself severely while exercising in his bathroom at home.

“Why should we be dealing with issues that have nothing to do with homeland security? Nothing to do with homeland security?” he added.

Republicans are using the Department of Homeland Security funding bill “to roll back Mr. Obama’s executive actions on immigration — a move Democrats adamantly object to. If Congress doesn’t pass legislation to fund DHS by Feb. 27, the agency won’t be able to pay for some of its core operations”.

Reid has been surrounded by speculation both as to the seriousness of his injuries and his weak approval numbers back at home. Both issues have led to a fair number of media portrayals leaving Reid looking weak, at best. The Senate appearance and strong rhetoric may be as much designed to make Reid look strong, as they are meant to thwart Republicans, who now control the majority in the Senate.

Sen. Harry Reid undergoes surgery on eye

Harry ReidWASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has undergone surgery to remove a blood clot in his right eye and repair bones in his face, injuries from an accident he suffered while exercising more than three weeks ago.

A spokesman said the surgery was successful and doctors are optimistic that the 75-year-old Reid will regain vision in his injured eye, although they are not yet able to say if that will be the case.

Spokesman Adam Jentleson says Reid will recuperate at his home in Washington this week.

Jentleson says that in addition to repairing bones in Reid’s right brow, temple and cheek and removing a blood clot in his right eye, doctors removed additional blood from the front of the eye.

Harvey Whittemore takes it up the ass: Appeals panel upholds Harvey Whittemore campaign finance conviction

harvey whittemore lube


A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Monday upheld the illegal campaign contribution conviction of former political power broker Harvey Whittemore.

Whittemore, 62, was convicted in Reno of unlawfully funneling $133,400 in contributions to the campaign of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Reid wasn’t accused of wrongdoing and did not testify at the federal trial.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel found there was “sufficient evidence” to support Whittemore’s jury conviction.

In a 19-page decision, the three-member panel said Whittemore’s defense theory — denying he had made illegal conduit contributions — was “not supported by law.”

Harvey Whittemore gonna take it up the butt

Harvey Whittemore gonna take it up the butt

Harvey Whittemore gonna take it up the butt. No crime was committed because the people were free to do whatever they wanted with the money, the lawyers contended.

The 9th Circuit panel also said it found that the presiding federal judge in the case, Larry Hicks, adequately provided instructions to the jury explaining the defense theory.

Whittemore’s lawyers argued before the panel in October that that there was no criminal intent on Whittemore’s part and the checks he wrote to his family and employees were unconditional gifts.r sentence at a federal prison camp in Lompoc, Calif.

He was convicted of giving money to family members and employees of his former company, Wingfield Nevada Group, and then using them as conduits for contributions to Reid’s 2007 re-election committee to skirt federal campaign laws.
harry reidFederal prosecutors alleged at the trial that Whittemore met with Reid at an upscale restaurant on the Strip in February 2007 and promised to raise $150,000 for the senator’s re-election campaign.

Whittemore hatched the scheme days before the March 31, 2007, campaign contribution deadline without Reid’s knowledge to fulfill his promise to the senator, one of the most powerful members of Congress, prosecutors alleged.

At the time, Whittemore was developing Coyote Springs, a master-planned community 50 miles from Las Vegas on the Lincoln and Clark county line, and needed congressional help to overcome government hurdles.

The Reno jury found Whittemore guilty of three felony counts: making excessive campaign contributions, making contributions in the name of another and causing Reid to file a false report with the Federal Elections Commission.

The Nevada Supreme Court temporarily suspended Whittemore’s license to practice law because of his conviction.

Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Harry Reid

Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

harry reidU.S. Sen. Harry Reid has temporarily lost vision in his right eye and is under doctor’s orders to stay home after a New Year’s Day exercise accident in which he broke several ribs and bones in his face.

In an interview today on KNPR radio, his first since the accident, Reid said he could miss attending the next week of Congress. Reid worked from home this week.

The Nevada Democrat said the accident came at the end of his three-day-a-week exercise routine, where he aims for 250 sit ups, does “yoga-type stuff” and resistance-band work.

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Reid said he was using the second-strongest band when it snapped “and it catapulted me backwards and to one side, and I crashed into a series of cabinets we have.”

Reid broke multiple bones near his right eye and four ribs as he hit the floor. He also suffered a concussion and said he was lucky his temple missed the cabinets “by just a tiny little bit.”

His right eye is filled with blood and doctors are monitoring the situation, he said. He can take 25-minute walks, but he tries to avoid reading emails and exercise is “out of the question,” he said.

Tests at University Medical Center in Las Vegas found no bleeding in the brain or any other internal bleeding, spokesman Adam Jentleson said.

harry reidAfter flying to Washington, D.C, over the weekend in anticipation of the start of the new Congress, Reid announced an hour before the session started that he’d be working from home. He released a video the first day of the new Republican Senate showing his right eye bandaged and bloody, with bruises on his jaw.

The accident comes as Reid, 75, gears up for a 2016 re-election bid for a sixth term in the Senate.

He said today the accident hasn’t changed his plans on running, even for what is expected to be a tough race.

“No one has question in my physical ability,” Reid said. “I’ve always been confident in my ability fight back.”

Harry Reid "The JOKER"

Harry Reid “The JOKER”

Harry Reid suffers broken facial bones exercising :)


Harry Reid suffers broken facial bones exercising

harry reidSenate Democratic leader Harry Reid broke a number of ribs and bones in his face when a piece of exercise equipment broke at his Nevada home, causing the lawmaker to fall.

In a statement issued Friday, Reid’s office said the 75-year-old senator was hospitalized overnight at University Medical Center in Las Vegas as a precaution. His security detail had initially taken Reid to St. Rose Dominican Hospital near his home in Henderson, Nevada.

The accident occurred when an elastic exercise band broke, striking Reid in the face and causing him to fall, said spokesman Adam Jentleson. Reid struck part of the equipment as he fell, breaking multiple bones near his right eye.

As he hit the floor, he broke several ribs.

Feds Attempting Unlawful UN Land Grab Of 3 Million Acres In Nevada – KrisAnne Hall




Closed Roads · Excluded Trails · Closed to Camping · Closed to Recreational Vehicles · Closed to Motorized Travel · Closed to Livestock Grazing · Restricted Human Hiking · Restricted Horseback Riding · Exclude Group Recreations · Closed to Mineral Development · Closed to Water Access · Closed to Hunting / Target Shooting The Southern Nevada people soon will have less access to their lands than any other people in the history of this country.

Government Crack Down on Self Reliance and Liberty

Uncle Sam Propaganda Poster

We can no longer dismiss these type of events as small localized issues; I believe they’re part of a larger movement to control the way we live. What we are seeing here is a coordinated attack on traditional American values, and an all out assault on the self-reliant lifestyle. They don’t want you to be able to live off your land, they don’t want you to hunt and fish, and they don’t want you to be able to take care of yourself.

I think evidence of this can be seen:

Published on Dec 22, 2014

Visit CountyxCounty.org to learn more about what you can do to help Nevadans stop the federal government from taking 3 million acres of land without due process: http://www.countyxcounty.org/NV/

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The proposed Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). have prompted concerns of how this will affect Bundy Ranch and, most importantly, all of Southern Nevada.

Federal Register / Vol. 79, No.197 Notice – Outlines plans to make the Bundy ranch–and most of the rest of Southern Nevada–Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs). 90 days from October 10th, 2014, these proposals will become federal law without consent from the Nevada State legislature or the people of Southern Nevada.

Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) are human-restricted management areas. ACECs have been a tool used by the federal government to gain further control of large masses of western lands and the resources.

As proposed, nearly 3 million acres in Southern Nevada will be locked away from the people.

This includes most uses on the land (recreational, agricultural or otherwise).

Listed below are just a few of the outlined restriction that come with ACECs: · Closed Roads · Excluded Trails · Closed to Camping · Closed to Recreational Vehicles · Closed to Motorized Travel · Closed to Livestock Grazing · Restricted Human Hiking · Restricted Horseback Riding · Exclude Group Recreations · Closed to Mineral Development · Closed to Water Access · Closed to Hunting / Target Shooting The Southern Nevada people soon will have less access to their lands than any other people in the history of this country.



Battle of Bunkerville 2: BLM to declare 1.8 million acres environmental protection zone

“Retaliation”: Feds Launch New Land Grab Targeting Bundy Family
A federal land grab being imposed under the guise of environmental protection in Southern Nevada has been labeled an act of “deliberate retaliation” by Cliven Bundy, the rancher who was at the center of a standoff between BLM agents and armed militia groups earlier this year.

On Sunday, the Bundy family posted a Facebook entry which asserted that, “the federal government is mounting retaliations against the Bundy family and the Southern Nevada people,” after it was announced that the feds intended to designate around 1.8 million acres of land around their Gold Butte range as critical to the environment.

The initial dispute between Bundy and the feds, which culminated in an armed standoff between BLM agents and Bundy supporters back in April, centered around more than $1 million in grazing fees which authorities claimed Bundy owed stretching back two decades.
The Bundy family asserts that the new draft Resource Management Plan made public by the Bureau of Land Management would place up to 3 million acres of land off limits to recreational use, agriculture or ranching.

“They’re trying to surround us by controlling all the land. People should know they’re doing this without the knowledge of the people who use it,” Carol Bundy told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Days after the standoff came to a head earlier this year, after which the feds were forced to release nearly 400 cattle belonging to Bundy, Nevada Senator Harry Reid labeled Bundy supporters “domestic terrorists” and indicated that the fight was not over.

“From near the beginning of history, tyrannical men have sought to oppress through the control of land and resources, “Control the land and resources, and you have the power to control the people”. There is a direct correlation to land and resources with power and wealth. All major powers in world history have gained their power & wealth by conquering the land and controlling the resources,” states the Bundy Facebook post, adding that Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) “have been a tool used by the federal government to gain further control of large masses of western lands and the resources.”

The BLM’s latest move to seize huge tracts of land surrounding Bundy’s property under the justification of environmental protection suggests that we could witness part two of the ‘Battle of Bunkerville’ sometime over the next few months.
The comment period for the BLM’s new proposal ends on January 7th after a series of public meetings set to begin on Monday.

Watch footage of April’s armed standoff between Bundy supporters and federal authorities below.

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Powder Keg: Cliven Bundy Supporters Openly Warn Feds To Stand Down In 3 Million Acre Land Grab

Get Ready for the Shit the hit the fan…

by Pete Santilli, The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network

The Pete Santilli Show:   Wednesday October 28, 2014 Episode #827

In this episode of  The Pete Santilli Show:  Pete’s back from his little business trip.  We were off air for a couple days, planning for the coming days & weeks of unraveling within the USA.

Today Pete’s main theme was about a story he discovered initially that was published on BeforeItsNews.com titled  FEDS Retaliate Against The Bundy Ranch And Southern Nevada.

In today’s episode, Pete relives the original Bundy Ranch standoff, and he also conveys his belief that a 2nd Bundy Ranch Standoff will ensue if the federal government dares to take the 3 million acres they have recently proposed and published on their website.  Santilli’s comments are important, especially as they relate to the U.S. Constitution.  Article one, section 7 paragraph 17 of the U.S. Constitution specifically prohibits what the U.S. Government can and cannot own as far as land.  Taking 3 million acres from the American people is outright unconstitutional, and Santilli tells Senator Harry Reid, the BLM, the DOJ and every other communist who has infiltrated the U.S. Government that we will not let them take the land from the people of the state of Nevada.  Santilli openly calls for a 2nd Bundy Ranch Standoff in order to defend our constitutional rights as a people.

During the show, Pete Santilli is joined by “Gunny Booda”, the head of security for the Bundy Family and Ranch.  Booda and Santilli are both former United States Marines who have sworn an oath to defend and support the U.S. Constitution, and they do not pull any punches when the discuss how a 2nd Bundy Ranch Standoff will produce an even bigger response than the first — the Constitution still applies, and contrary to BLM Special Agent Daniel P. Love’s recorded conversations with Santilli, the U.S. Constitution applies in the dirt.

Please listen to at least the last conversation Santilli had with Love before the Standoff:   3 – Final Meeting with BLM_04112014  3 – Final Meeting with BLM_04112014

Santilli & Booda also reach out to federal agents, law enforcement and federal officials to be “Constitutional”, and to stand down when confronted by peaceful protestors.  They both agree that each of the Bundy Ranch supporters are peaceful, constitutional and very willing to die defending our God-given rights.  They both encourage all members to the Citizen’s Militia to respond to the call when necessary in order to defend our country at Bundy Ranch.

The warning to the federal government is strern and non-negotiable.

1) The federal government must comply strictly with Article 1,  Section 8, paragraph 17  ”To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;–  The federal government does not own land for any reason outside or or in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

2) If the federal government attempts to seize 3 million acres in Southern Nevada, and local law enforcement does not side with the people of Nevada as in the case leading up to the standoff in April 2014, We The People will have no alternative than to stop them by any means necessary to peacefully defend and support the U.S. Constitution.  If the federal government attempts to harm the American people in any manner with “weapons of war” as they did on April 12th 2014, We The People will have to defend ourselves by any means necessary.  We will not fire a shot unless fired upon, but we make it very clear that the 2nd amendment will be fully exercised in our defense, and as we are obligated to do so by the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

3) 10′s of millions of patriots are literally willing to die to defend our nation from all enemies; foreign and domestic.  Feds and law enforcement need to choose the side of the American people and refuse to continue acting as a domestic enemy.  Officials who have sworn an oath must educate themselves, stand down and be constitutional or face another potential Bundy Ranch stand ranch standoff.

This time around we have a chance to be proactive and avoid the potential loss of life as occurred on April 12th, 2014.  We ask Feds a law enforcement to choose the side of the supreme law of the land, the American people, and future generations of Americans who will benefit from each of us doing the right thing for our country.  STAND DOWN and you will instantly become a true American hero.  Opposing us and firing upon us….would be a very very bad choice.  We proved our intent on April 12th, 2014.  We meant peace, but we were willing to die to defend our God-given rights.  Not one shot was fired, and every singlet person in the canyon benefitted that day — except for BLM Special Agent In Charge Daniel P. Love.  If Daniel P. Love is involved in any way with the taking of 3 million acres, refuse his orders and if the federal government dares an unconstitutional “next time”, let’s all arrest him on the spot for putting all of our lives in danger.


Please feel free to review the original Bundy Ranch Standoff which took place in April 2014.

As millions of Americans are aware, Pete conducted the first major interview with Cliven Bundy on April 8, 2014 (Click here to get right to the interview)

The following day Pete was present at Bundy Ranch and recorded the BLM brutalizing peaceful protestors who set out to stop the BLM’s convoy returning from the desert as they suspected the BLM was killing cattle or destroying infrastructure in violation of the law and their own court order.  The video begins as the BLM convoy was stopped in order to demand a full investigation of the vehicles returning from the area seized by the federal government.  Millions of people around the world viewed and shared this video, and thousands of people came to Bundy Ranch on April 12th to defend the peaceful proctors demanding the cattle and land be freed.

Watch what “We The People” accomplished on April 12th 2014.  The unarmed peaceful protestors were met by the Federal Government’s guns of war, but the protestors were backed up by a credible threat of 2nd amendment patriots of the citizen’s militia.  15805c8d-546a-caac-cc5d-c1abb9261745-banner

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Poof: Casino ethics complaint against Reid disappears

Nobody is saying “cover-up” just yet, but an ethics complaint against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid received by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics nearly a year ago has mysteriously disappeared, and the panel claims it never received it despite a signed receipt.

harry reidThe conservative watchdog group Cause of Action said that it has had to refile the complaint that alleges Reid pressured the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to hasten EB-5 visa application reviews for overseas investors in the SLS Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The group said that Reid’s son Rory and his law firm, Lionel, Sawyer & Collins P.C., were the lawyers for SLS, raising potential conflicts.

According to a letter provided to Secrets, the group sent the original complaint on Oct. 16, 2013. It said that the Senate Ethics Committee received it Dec. 20, and it provided the receipt to prove it.

The committee has been rocked with negative media reporters about poor management, prompting Cause of Action to say sarcastically, “the notion that committee staff may have lost or otherwise misplaced Cause of Action’s complaint against the majority leader is plausible. However, the available evidence contradicts the committee’s claim.”

The group has ties to Koch Industries, a Reid critic.

For good measure, Cause of Action re-sent it’s original letter and provided the basic charge:

“It alleges that Senator Reid violated the Senate’s ethics rules and suggests that the EB-5 visa program, designed to help create jobs for American workers, may be a vehicle for moving foreign money of uncertain provenance into the United States to benefit politicians and their cronies.”

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner’s “Washington Secrets” columnist, can be contacted atpbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.



Harry Reid: ‘Right-wing wackos’ had my mormoan name removed

harry reidSALT LAKE CITY — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a corrupt Mormon,  says he knows who’s responsible for removing his name from an outdoor-recreation center at his alma mater in Utah.

The Nevada Democrat told the Las Vegas Review-Journal (http://bit.ly/1wocuTh ) that “right-wing wackos in Utah” were to blame.

Reid’s name was removed from Southern Utah University’s Outdoor Engagement Center in Cedar City in August, several months after a group of Republicans met with university President Scott Wyatt and made the request to remove it.

Cedar City Councilman Paul Cozzens declined to respond to Reid’s comment, but told The Salt Lake Tribune (http://bit.ly/1GkJRJD ) he and others never sought to embarrass Reid politically by making the request.

Wyatt has said he decided to strike Reid’s name due to confusion about the center’s purpose because no one associated Reid with the outdoors.


Sen. Reid gearing up for 2016 run

harry reidRENO — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is batting down speculation that he won’t run for re-election in 2016.

The 75-year-old Nevada Democrat told a Reno newspaper he’s running and plans to start interviewing candidates for his campaign staff in February.

Reid hasn’t denied a run, but some have speculated that he would retire on account of his age or the health of his wife, Landra.

He told the newspaper he has lots of ideas for a potential campaign manager, but wouldn’t name any names.

Race observers are anxious to learn which Republican will challenge the five-term senator for his seat. They say the race would be highly competitive if popular Gov. Brian Sandoval decides to run.

Sen. Reid quietly moves to block development of 800,000 acres in central Nevada

WASHINGTON — A bill quietly introduced in Congress would restrict mining and energy exploration over a sweeping area of rural Nevada, preserving scenic valleys and buffering a landmark piece of desert artwork.

Sen. Harry Reid last month introduced legislation to withdraw 805,100 acres of federal land in Garden Valley and Coal Valley straddling the Lincoln and Nye county lines, a desolate area bigger than Rhode Island.

The restrictions would not affect current valid land use such as grazing, but it would forbid the Bureau of Land Management from selling any land or granting permits for oil or mineral prospecting. Activities for new geothermal, solar or wind energy development also would be restricted.

The bill would ensure the most significant feature in the 1,250-square-mile area would be “City,” one of the largest earth sculptures ever created. It is roughly the size of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and has taken its creator, noted artist Michael Heizer, more than 40 years to craft.

But conservationists said the withdrawal would have a much broader impact, offering a level of protection to some of Nevada’s more stunning landscapes.

Brian O’Donnell, executive director of the Conservation Lands Foundation, said the area provides habitat for mule deer and Pronghorn antelope, and contains Native American rock shelters and ancient Shoshone and Paiute trails. The withdrawal area includes the White River Narrows, an archaeological district of native rock art.

“When you think of unspoiled basin and range country, this is a place that best fits that description,” O’Donnell said. “These are two of the most scenic valleys in Nevada, two of the most undisturbed, least-roaded, and least populated portions of the state and therefore the country.”

Reid did not respond to a request for comment on the bill. His spokeswoman, Kristen Orthman, said the Nevada Democrat “has long had conversations about how to protect the scenic, natural and cultural values in and around Garden Valley.”

The area once was considered for possible wilderness study but was set aside when Congress debated a Lincoln County land act in 2004. More recently, its natural and historic values prompted the BLM to reject it as a site for fast-tracking solar projects, O’Donnell said.

Reid toured the area in 2007 and has had subsequent conversations with Heizer, whose monumental art project has used bulldozers, cranes and other heavy equipment to reshape a slice of desert into his vision.

“Now that the project is almost complete, this is something that has been discussed for a while, and it made sense to do it,” Orthman said.


Reid introduced the bill Sept. 16, and was the only listed sponsor. Neither Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., nor Rep. Steven Horsford, a House Democrat who represents Nye and Lincoln counties, would comment.

Reid floated a similar proposal in 2010 that would have designated portions of Garden Valley and neighboring Coal Valley as a national conservation area to preserve the area around “City,” said Ed Higbee, chairman of the Lincoln County Commission.

The idea drew opposition from Lincoln County officials then, and likely it will again.

“It is kind of neat stuff,” Higbee said of the “City” complex. But he said it’s hard to swallow restricting development on more than 800,000 acres of a county that is already 98 percent under federal control.

“That’s a huge view-shed,” Higbee said of the proposed withdrawal. “We don’t want that to become a national conservation area.”

The legislation was news to Nye County Commissioner Lorinda Wichman, whose vast district includes all of the county outside of Pahrump. She said she would want to hear from “the folks that live right around” the affected area before she takes a position.

Heizer, who lives in Lincoln County and whose age is given as 69 or 70, specializes in monumental-scale sculptures and pieces of art built out of earthen materials. At the eastern edge of Mormon Mesa near Overton, he displaced 240,000 tons of rock to create “Double Negative” in 1969 and 1970. Visible from space, it consists of two massive trenches, each 50-feet deep by 30 feet wide and spanning 1,500 feet.

Heizer’s “Nine Nevada Depressions” are a series of earthen cuts in dry lake beds around the state, including Jean Dry Lake, Massacre Dry Lake near the ghost town of Vya in Washoe County, and a playa in the Black Rock Desert 100 miles north of Reno.

“City” is Heizer’s lifelong project on private land he acquired about 160 miles northwest of Las Vegas, and about 55 miles west of Pioche. A mile and a half long and 900 feet wide, it comprises five major segments and numerous complexes within each one, made mostly of earth, rocks and concrete and inspired by Native American mound builders and ancient cities of South and Central America. An art critic once described it as “geometric depressions, mounds and plazas linked by unpaved roads.”

“It is perhaps one of the greatest, most ambitious artworks ever attempted,” said Michael Govan, director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art who has helped Heizer seek support for the project. Unlike traditional art and sculpture, people will have to wander through “City” — like they would a real city — to take it all in, he said.

The project could cost as much as $25 million, according to “double negative,” a website devoted to Heizer and his creations. “City” is not open to the public, but Govan said it will be when it is done. He said Heizer is working on final engineering and conservation plans, as the piece is meant to last thousands of years.

Garden Valley has been eyed for several major projects in the years since Heizer started working on his sculpture. In the 1970s and early 1980s, the government planned to crisscross the valley and others nearby with railroad tracks that would carry MX missiles to and from hidden silos. The program was killed by President Ronald Reagan.

More recently, the Department of Energy proposed building a rail line across Garden Valley to carry casks of nuclear waste to the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. Heizer joined Reid in publicly opposing the project.

In one of more than 200 technical protests against the Yucca project the state of Nevada argued the “City” artwork was “a cultural resource of national and international significance” and should not be disturbed.

Contact Stephens Washington Bureau Chief Steve Tetreault at stetreault@stephensmedia.com or 202-783-1760. Find him on Twitter: @STetreaultDC. Contact Henry Brean at hbrean@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-0350. Find him on Twitter: @RefriedBrean.

Dirty Harry Reid rejects Ebola travel ban proposal

harry reidRELATED:

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Friday rejected a call for travel bans from Ebola-ravaged West Africa, suggesting that it was too early for such a move.

“We have a lot of people in Sierra Leone and in places like Liberia who are dual citizens,” the Nevada Democrat said in Henderson. “If there was a ban they would just fly to smaller countries before coming here.”

House Republicans had called for such a travel ban at a congressional hearing Thursday. President Barack Obama rejected the proposal on Friday.

Reid also backed the Obama administration’s approach to the deadly, expressing faith in just-appointed Ebola Czar Ron Klain’s ability to do an “outstanding job” combating the fast-moving disease.

He spoke at the unveiling of a new Regional Transportation Commission mobility training center.

Reid lamented the fact that researchers hadn’t yet come up with a vaccine to defeat the virus, highlighting National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins’ remarks that sequestration cuts had slowed progress on drugs to fight the disease.

He went on to defend Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Dr. Thomas Frieden, who some have called on to resign over the past week.

Reid said it’s “easy to start firing people,” but that there was no need for the CDC director to step down.

Contact James DeHaven at jdehaven@reviewjournal.com or 702-477-3839. Find him on Twitter:@JamesDeHaven

UN: We botched response to the Ebola outbreak


LONDON (AP) — In a draft document, the World Health Organization has acknowledged that it botched attempts to stop the now-spiraling Ebola outbreak in West Africa, blaming factors including incompetent staff and a lack of information.

In the document obtained by The Associated Press, the agency wrote that experts should have realized that traditional infectious disease containment methods wouldn’t work in a region with porous borders and broken health systems.

“Nearly everyone involved in the outbreak response failed to see some fairly plain writing on the wall,” WHO said in the document. “A perfect storm was brewing, ready to burst open in full force.”

The U.N. health agency acknowledged that, at times, even its own bureaucracy was a problem. It noted that the heads of WHO country offices in Africa are “politically motivated appointments” made by the WHO regional director for Africa, Dr. Luis Sambo, who does not answer to the agency’s chief in Geneva, Dr. Margaret Chan.

WHO is the U.N.’s specialized health agency, responsible for setting global health standards and coordinating the global response to disease outbreaks.

The document — a timeline on the Ebola outbreak — was not issued publicly but the AP was told the health agency would be releasing it earlier this week. However, WHO officials said in an email Friday that the timeline would now probably not be released publicly. No official at the agency would comment Friday on the draft report.

Dr. Peter Piot, the co-discoverer of the Ebola virus, agreed in an interview Friday that WHO acted far too slowly, largely because of its Africa office.

“It’s the regional office in Africa that’s the front line,” he said at his office in London. “And they didn’t do anything. That office is really not competent.”

WHO’s other regional directors — the Americas, Southeast Asia, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Pacific — are also not accountable to Geneva and are all elected by their regions.

Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, also questioned why it took WHO five months and 1,000 deaths before the agency declared Ebola an international health emergency in August.

“I called for a state of emergency to be declared in July and for military operations to be deployed,” Piot said. But he said WHO might have been scarred by its experience during the 2009 swine flu pandemic, when it was slammed for hyping the situation.

In late April, during a teleconference on Ebola among infectious disease experts that included WHO officials, Doctors Without Borders and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, questions were raised about the performance of WHO experts, as not all of them bothered to send Ebola reports to WHO headquarters, according to the draft document.

In the timeline, WHO said it was “particularly alarming” that the head of its Guinea office refused to help get visas for an expert Ebola team to come in and that $500,000 in aid was being blocked by administrative hurdles. Guinea, along with Sierra Leone and Liberia, is one of the hardest-hit nations in the current outbreak, with 862 deaths so far blamed on Ebola.

The Ebola outbreak already has killed 4,546 people in West Africa out of at least 9,191 cases. WHO says within two months, there could be new 10,000 cases of Ebola every week unless stronger measures to fight the outbreak are put into place.

When Doctors Without Borders began warning in April that the Ebola outbreak was out of control, a dispute on social media broke out between the charity and a WHO spokesman who insisted the outbreak was under control.

At a meeting of WHO’s network of outbreak experts in June, Dr. Bruce Aylward, normally in charge of polio eradication, alerted Chan about the serious concerns being raised about WHO’s leadership in West Africa. He wrote an email that some of the agency’s partners — including national health agencies and charities — believed the U.N. agency was “compromising rather than aiding” the response to Ebola and that “none of the news about WHO’s performance is good.”

Five days later, Chan received a six-page letter from the agency’s network of experts, spelling out what they saw as severe shortcomings in WHO’s response to the deadly virus.

“This (was) the first news of this sort to reach her,” WHO said in the draft document. “She is shocked.” In the following weeks, the WHO country office heads in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone were all replaced.

Other experts said it was impossible to predict that the initial Ebola cases in Guinea would spark the biggest-ever outbreak of the lethal disease.

“There were a lot of mistakes made by WHO but a lot of the best public health minds would have thought we could handle this in July,” said Michael Osterholm, an infectious diseases expert at the University of Minnesota.

“By the time we realized how bad things were, the genie was already out of the bottle,” he said.

Osterholm said the U.N. health agency was far from the only organization to blame.

“If we fault WHO for the early dropping of the ball, the whole world has dropped the ball in some sense,” he said. “Nobody is to blame because everybody is to blame.”

Meanwhile, Ebola has sent food prices soaring, hurting people’s ability to feed themselves in the three nations hardest hit by the outbreak, the World Food Program said Friday.

Spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs told the AP that food shortages, panic-buying and hoarding have driven up food prices by an average 24 percent in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. The price of cassava, a key staple, doubled in Liberia’s capital of Monrovia between July and August, she said.

In one hopeful note, WHO reported Friday that Senegal, which had only one case of Ebola, was now free of the disease.

1st Dallas nurse with Ebola in fair condition


WASHINGTON (AP) — The first nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola after treating an infected man at a Dallas hospital has been sitting up and eating and has her iPad after being moved to a specialized isolation unit near Washington, officials said Friday.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Friday that Nina Pham’s condition is stable and she is resting comfortably at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. He said she is “in good spirits.”

Pham, 26, arrived shortly before midnight Thursday and was admitted to the clinical studies unit. Doctors said her mother and sister also were in the Washington area.

Pham is being treated by staff specializing in infectious disease and critical care. Workers are monitored as they put on and remove protective clothing and nurses are working in pairs in Pham’s room, with one watching the other to make sure correct procedures are followed. They also limit the amount of time they spend in her room to reduce fatigue.

At a briefing outside NIH, Fauci was asked whether Pham’s condition had changed for the worse since she left Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where she was described as in good condition.

“She’s not deteriorating,” he said. He said that he couldn’t describe the reasons NIH doctors rated her status as “fair” without violating patient confidentiality but that she was fatigued by the journey. Such a condition “implies that she does still have some symptoms,” he said.

Dr. Rick Davey, the deputy clinical director of the NIAID’s division of clinical research who examined Pham, said she is “doing quite well compared to what we were told about her status at the other hospital.”

Fauci said, “We fully intend to have this patient walk out of this hospital.”

Pham flew late Thursday from Dallas to Maryland. She was seen walking gingerly down the stairs of the plane to an awaiting ambulance that brought her to the hospital.

In a video shot Thursday in her Dallas hospital room, she is seen smiling as she sits upright in a hospital bed while a man identified as her treating physician can be heard thanking her for getting well and being part of the volunteer team that took care of Duncan, who died of Ebola last week.

“Come to Maryland. Everybody,” Pham laughs into the camera before wiping away tears with a tissue handed to her by an attendant in full protective gear.

WHO: Ebola death toll rises to 4,546 in hardest-hit countries


GENEVA — The death toll in the Ebola outbreak has risen to 4,546 out of 9,191 known cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

A further 20 cases including eight deaths in Nigeria, and one non-fatal case in Senegal, have also been recorded, it said.

In addition, Spain has recorded one local Ebola infection and the United States has three confirmed cases including one death, the WHO said in its latest update.

The death toll for the three countries with intense transmission of the virus includes 62 more deaths than on Wednesday. There are 239 health workers among the fatalities.

Earlier on Friday, the WHO declared an outbreak in Senegal officially over, after twice the maximum incubation period of 21 days had passed. A similar WHO statement on Nigeria is expected on Monday after the requisite 42 days.

A separate Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo, from a different strain of the virus, has claimed 49 lives out of 68 known cases, the agency said.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Reporter Body-Slammed for Asking Harry Reid Question – ‘How Does Someone On A Gov’t Salary Most of Their Career Accumulate Your Type of Wealth?’

A celebrity reporter whose “gotcha” interviews have captured the likes of former IRS executive Lois Lerner has learned that asking some questions brings a distinctively negative response.

Harry Reid’s bodyguard attacks “Crapitalism” author

kill them all and shit on them

Honest Leadership?

This time it was from a bodyguard for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

As Reid walked away, his protector slammed the reporter, Jason Mattera, who later posted video of the altercation online.

Mattera, who is promoting his new book “Crapitalism,” asked the Democrat senator: “How does someone on a government salary most of their career accumulate your type of wealth?”

Michele Hickford, writing on former Rep. Allen West’s website, commented: “It’s funny how Harry Reid has no problem vilifying the Koch brothers for their wealth, but when it comes to questions about his own, it’s a different story.”

She said Reid “is curiously silent when asked how he amassed so much wealth while serving in government, so one of his bodyguards jumped in to answer – literally – and pinned Mattera against the wall.”

“You can see Mattera’s legs dangling as the heavy hoisted him up,” she said.

“Gee, I guess that was a pretty sensitive question.”

At Human Events, there was advice for anyone considering posing the question “How did Harry Reid become a millionaire?”

It was: “Don’t ask. Seriously, don’t.”

John Hayward said Reid “is not even slightly interested in discussing how he cashed in on his political connections to become very wealthy after a lifetime of ‘public service.’”

“That’s a bit odd, since he spends a great deal of time criticizing other people’s money.”

He noted Reid’s bodyguard reacted “very badly when author Jason Mattera dares to ask one of the questions media is not permitted to ask of the aristocracy.”

Mattera’s video says estimates of Reid’s worth range as high as $6.7 million, after decades in Congress.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/reporter-body-slammed-for-asking-harry-reid-question/#d5aTBaeHetHfOUoJ.99


harry reidDemocrats unwilling to offer support for Reid as leader


A central argument of Warner’s campaign has been that he has been a bipartisan senator, willing to take shots at Republicans and Democrats.

“Listen, I think we could perhaps do better in both parties moving forward,” Warner replied, essentially dodging the question.

Read more

Reid likely to retain clout even if Democrats lose Senate

If Republicans win control of the Senate in November, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would lose the powerful position he has used to help bring federal investment in renewable energy, transportation and defense to Nevada for nearly eight years.

But that doesn’t mean Nevada’s clout would suddenly disappear.

Democratic senators say they would expect Reid to be elected minority leader, which would allow him — and his home state — to retain a great deal of influence in a chamber where the minority party can block the majority’s agenda.

Reid could leverage that power to continue to push his agenda to help diversify Nevada’s economy, analysts said.

“Unless Republicans win 60 votes and gain a filibuster-proof majority, which is doubtful, they would need the support of Democrats to pass anything,” said Fred Lokken, a political science professor at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno. “That’s how (current Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell has been very powerful. The tables would be turned, and the Republicans would be looking to Reid to make deals.”

Reid and other Democratic Senate leaders refuse to publicly concede that they might lose their majority. But Reid’s office made it clear that Reid expects to remain the Democratic leader no matter what happens in the Nov. 4 election.

“He will be leader either way, but Democrats will hold the majority,” said Kristen Orthman, Reid’s press spokeswoman.

The fight for control of the Senate is expected to be a close one. A rash of retirements among veteran Democrats and about a half dozen vulnerable Democratic incumbents in conservative states appear to give Republicans the advantage. But Democrats have so far been outspending Republicans, and even GOP strategist Karl Rove said recently that Democrats could still hang onto a slim majority.

Democratic senators were reluctant to talk publicly about the possibility that they will have to choose a minority leader rather than a majority leader when the new Congress convenes in January.

But privately many senators and their staffs say they expect Reid to be the frontrunner for the job if Democrats lose control of the Senate. Reid served as minority leader for two years before becoming majority leader in 2007.

There has been some speculation that Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., the majority whip and No. 2 Senate leader, or Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., vice chairman of the Democratic Conference, might be contenders for minority leader. There also has been talk that Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., who served twice as chairwoman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, would be a strong candidate.

However, all three senators have repeatedly voiced their support for Reid to continue to lead.

“They will get their opportunity in the future but, for now, I see Senator Reid continuing to get their support,” said Danny Gonzales, a political scientist at Great Basin College in Elko. “Senator Reid is not one to back down from a political fight, and I don’t think anyone is going to take him on.”

Even if Reid is not elected majority or minority leader, the senator still has a lot of chits to cash in from fellow Democratic senators and from President Barack Obama, said Eric Herzik, chairman of the political science department at the University of Nevada, Reno.

“At least for the short-term, there are people who owe him, including Barack Obama,” Herzik said. “Reid helped Obama win Nevada and he has carried water for the president on a number of issues. And there are plenty of fellow Democratic senators for whom he’s fund-raised and campaigned.”

Reid could use those ties to continue to get federal money for Nevada and keep the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump out of the state, the professor said.

But that clout would lessen after a few years if Reid is no longer a leader, Herzik said.

“He would still be a senior member of the Senate but he would no longer control the agenda,” he said. “His power would fade.”

Reid, 74, has said repeatedly that he intends to run for a sixth term in 2016. But if Reid changes his mind or loses the seat, Nevada’s clout will leave with him, Herzik said.

“The problem for Nevada is that, after Reid, nobody in the delegation — Senate or House — has any clout,” he said. “That’s not as insulting as it sounds. The simple fact is that they’re all relatively new. It took Harry Reid a long time to get this powerful.”

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Reid demands apology this time

WASHINGTON — For a change, Sen. Harry Reid found himself Tuesday on the receiving end of another politician’s verbal miscue.

Reid demanded an apology after Louisiana Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy told a reporter Reid “runs the Senate like a plantation.” Cassidy is running for the Senate against Sen. Mary Landrieu and is trying to tie the incumbent to the Senate majority leader from Nevada and to President Barack Obama whenever possible.

“So instead of the world’s greatest deliberative body, it is his personal, sort of, ‘It goes if I say it does, if not it stops,’ Cassidy said of Reid. “Senator Landrieu’s first vote for him to be re-elected means that every other wish for a pro-oil and gas jobs bill is dead. Reid will never allow a pro-oil and gas jobs bill.”

Cassidy’s remark in an interview was published Tuesday by E&E Daily, an energy and environment news site. It triggered a response from Reid.

“With all the things going on in America today, that’s fairly insensitive. That’s really insensitive. Very insensitive,” Reid told reporters. “And if there were ever a statement that deserved an apology, this is it big time.

“I mean, has he been taking lessons from Donald Sterling? Where’d he get this?” Sterling was ousted from ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers and banned from the NBA for life in April after a recording of him making racist comments became public.

Reid is no stranger to the occasional verbal faux pas. Most recently, he apologized last month after telling two Asian-themed jokes in a speech to the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.

But Cassidy showed no sign of backing away from his comment. He said essentially if the shoe fits Reid, he should wear it.

“I wish there was as much offense taken by Harry Reid running the Senate dictatorially, not allowing any votes which he does not personally approve of and the result of which he does not endorse,” the Republican said in a statement. “Any other interpretation of my remarks is a false controversy designed to distract attention from policies which are demonstrably crushing jobs and taking our country in the wrong direction.”

Contact Stephens Washington Bureau Chief Steve Tetreault at stetreault@stephensmedia.com or 202-783-1760. Find him on Twitter: @STetreaultDC.

Ty Robben protests the FBI cover-up of Carson City and Reno Corruption

FBI protest carson city courts

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There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice but there must never be a time when we fail to protest



reno fed court


Have a problem with the Carson City Courts, Sheriff or DA?reno fed court

Call the FBI and the local news sources and demand an investigation, and charges filed against the corrupt licensed criminals like “Judge” Tatro, Sheriff Ken furlong and DA Neail Rombard and his corrupt sidekick Mark Krueger.

We’re also calling all Nevada Senators and Representatives to demand that FBI do their damn job and investigate that rampant corruption and criminal activity including “Acting under the color of Law” and RICO.



  • Backdated court filings.
  • Judge Tatro filing false criminal complaints against Ty Robben.
  • Carson City Sheriff and DA fabricating evidence.
  • Cover ups including MURDER and the Judge Tatro shooting because Tatro had an affair with the shooters mom!
  • NHP editing audio video dash camera footage.
  • DAS operating outside jurisdiction.
  • CCSO poisoning food in the jail, not giving inmates required meds, tainted jail water, etc.
  • And much more.


FBI Color of Law Abuses


U.S. law enforcement officers and other officials like judges, prosecutors, and security guards have been given tremendous power by local, state, and federal government agencies—authority they must have to enforce the law and ensure justice in our country. These powers include the authority to detain and arrest suspects, to search and seize property, to bring criminal charges, to make rulings in court, and to use deadly force in certain situations.

Preventing abuse of this authority, however, is equally necessary to the health of our nation’s democracy. That’s why it’s a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution or U.S. law. “Color of law” simply means that the person is using authority given to him or her by a local, state, or federal government agency.

The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating color of law abuses, which include acts carried out by government officials operating both within and beyond the limits of their lawful authority. Off-duty conduct may be covered if the perpetrator asserted his or her official status in some way.

During 2012, 42 percent of the FBI’s total civil rights caseload involved color of law issues—there were 380 color of law cases opened during the year. Most of the cases involved crimes that fell into into five broad areas:

  • Excessive force;
  • Sexual assaults;
  • False arrest and fabrication of evidence;
  • Deprivation of property; and
  • Failure to keep from harm.

Excessive force: In making arrests, maintaining order, and defending life, law enforcement officers are allowed to use whatever force is “reasonably” necessary. The breadth and scope of the use of force is vast—from just the physical presence of the officer…to the use of deadly force. Violations of federal law occur when it can be shown that the force used was willfully “unreasonable” or “excessive.”

Sexual assaults by officials acting under color of law can happen in jails, during traffic stops, or in other settings where officials might use their position of authority to coerce an individual into sexual compliance. The compliance is generally gained because of a threat of an official action against the person if he or she doesn’t comply.

False arrest and fabrication of evidence: The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right against unreasonable searches or seizures. A law enforcement official using authority provided under the color of law is allowed to stop individuals and, under certain circumstances, to search them and retain their property. It is in the abuse of that discretionary power—such as an unlawful detention or illegal confiscation of property—that a violation of a person’s civil rights may occur.

Fabricating evidence against or falsely arresting an individual also violates the color of law statute, taking away the person’s rights of due process and unreasonable seizure. In the case of deprivation of property, the color of law statute would be violated by unlawfully obtaining or maintaining a person’s property, which oversteps or misapplies the official’s authority.

The Fourteenth Amendment secures the right to due process; the Eighth Amendment prohibits the use of cruel and unusual punishment. During an arrest or detention, these rights can be violated by the use of force amounting to punishment (summary judgment). The person accused of a crime must be allowed the opportunity to have a trial and should not be subjected to punishment without having been afforded the opportunity of the legal process.

Failure to keep from harm: The public counts on its law enforcement officials to protect local communities. If it’s shown that an official willfully failed to keep an individual from harm, that official could be in violation of the color of law statute.

Filing a Complaint

To file a color of law complaint, contact your local FBI office by telephone, in writing, or in person. The following information should be provided:

  • All identifying information for the victim(s);
  • As much identifying information as possible for the subject(s), including position, rank, and agency employed;
  • Date and time of incident;
  • Location of incident;
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witness(es);
  • A complete chronology of events; and
  • Any report numbers and charges with respect to the incident.

You may also contact the United States Attorney’s Office in your district or send a written complaint to:

Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, DC 20530

FBI investigations vary in length. Once our investigation is complete, we forward the findings to the U.S. Attorney’s Office within the local jurisdiction and to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., which decide whether or not to proceed toward prosecution and handle any prosecutions that follow.

Civil Applications

Title 42, U.S.C., Section 14141 makes it unlawful for state or local law enforcement agencies to allow officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or U.S. laws. This law, commonly referred to as the Police Misconduct Statute, gives the Department of Justice authority to seek civil remedies in cases where law enforcement agencies have policies or practices that foster a pattern of misconduct by employees. This action is directed against an agency, not against individual officers. The types of issues which may initiate a pattern and practice investigation include:

  • Lack of supervision/monitoring of officers’ actions;
  • Lack of justification or reporting by officers on incidents involving the use of force;
  • Lack of, or improper training of, officers; and
  • Citizen complaint processes that treat complainants as adversaries.

Under Title 42, U.S.C., Section 1997, the Department of Justice has the ability to initiate civil actions against mental hospitals, retardation facilities, jails, prisons, nursing homes, and juvenile detention facilities when there are allegations of systemic derivations of the constitutional rights of institutionalized persons.

Report Civil Rights Violations


The various Judges(Judge Harold “Hal” G. Albright, Judge Charles McGee and Federal Judge Miranda Du)  involved in the various legal proceedings involving Ty Robben and the Carson City DA Neil Rombardo, Mark Krueger and Judge Tatro have a mandatory duty by law under the Nevada Judaical Code of Conduct and canons to report John Tatro, Neil Rombardo and Mark Krueger to the appropriate authorities. In this case that would be the FBI, the State Bar and the Commission on Judicial Discipline.

Nevada Judaical Code of Conduct:

Rule 2.14.  Disability and Impairment.  A judge having a reasonable belief that the performance of a lawyer or another judge is impaired by drugs or alcohol, or by a mental, emotional, or physical condition, shall take appropriate action, which may include a confidential referral to a lawyer or judicial assistance program.


      [1] “Appropriate action” means action intended and reasonably likely to help the judge or lawyer in question address the problem and prevent harm to the justice system. Depending upon the circumstances, appropriate action may include but is not limited to speaking directly to the impaired person, notifying an individual with supervisory responsibility over the impaired person, or making a referral to an assistance program.

      [2] Taking or initiating corrective action by way of referral to an assistance program may satisfy a judge’s responsibility under this Rule. Assistance programs have many approaches for offering help to impaired judges and lawyers, such as intervention, counseling, or referral to appropriate health care professionals. Depending upon the gravity of the conduct that has come to the judge’s attention, however, the judge may be required to take other action, such as reporting the impaired judge or lawyer to the appropriate authority, agency, or body. See Rule 2.15.

      Rule 2.15.  Responding to Judicial and Lawyer Misconduct.

      (A) A judge having knowledge that another judge has committed a violation of this Code that raises a substantial question regarding the judge’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a judge in other respects shall inform the appropriate authority.

      (B) A judge having knowledge that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question regarding the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects shall inform the appropriate authority.

      (C) A judge who receives information indicating a substantial likelihood that another judge has committed a violation of this Code shall take appropriate action.

      (D) A judge who receives information indicating a substantial likelihood that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct shall take appropriate action.


      [1] Taking action to address known misconduct is a judge’s obligation. Paragraphs (A) and (B) impose an obligation on the judge to report to the appropriate disciplinary authority the known misconduct of another judge or a lawyer that raises a substantial question regarding the honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness of that judge or lawyer. Ignoring or denying known misconduct among one’s judicial colleagues or members of the legal profession undermines a judge’s responsibility to participate in efforts to ensure public respect for the justice system. This Rule limits the reporting obligation to those offenses that an independent judiciary must vigorously endeavor to prevent.

      [2] A judge who does not have actual knowledge that another judge or a lawyer may have committed misconduct but receives information indicating a substantial likelihood of such misconduct, is required to take appropriate action under paragraphs (C) and (D). Appropriate action may include, but is not limited to, communicating directly with the judge who may have violated this Code, communicating with a supervising judge, or reporting the suspected violation to the appropriate authority or other agency or body. Similarly, actions to be taken in response to information indicating that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct may include but are not limited to communicating directly with the lawyer who may have committed the violation or reporting the suspected violation to the appropriate authority or other agency or body.

      Rule 2.16.  Cooperation With Disciplinary Authorities.

      (A) A judge shall cooperate and be candid and honest with judicial and lawyer disciplinary agencies.

      (B) A judge shall not retaliate, directly or indirectly, against a person known or suspected to have assisted or cooperated with an investigation of a judge or a lawyer.


      [1] Cooperation with investigations and proceedings of judicial and lawyer discipline agencies, as required in paragraph (A), instills confidence in judges’ commitment to the integrity of the judicial system and the protection of the public.

      [Added; effective January 19, 2010.]



Dirty Harry Reid: Koch brothers are bad, Sheldon Adelson is not bad

WASHINGTON — In Sen. Harry Reid’s view, the Republican billionaire and politically active free-spending Koch brothers are evil. But he’s OK with Republican billionaire and politically active free-spending Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson.

Reid, the Senate majority leader from Nevada, drew a distinction between the moneyed GOPers during an interview recorded for airing Thursday and Friday. koch bros

“I know Sheldon Adelson. He’s not in this for the money,” Reid said on the “Daily Rundown” when host Chuck Todd asked what makes the Kochs worse than Adelson, or politically active Democratic billionaires George Soros or Tom Steyer.

Adelson spent about $150 million in support of Republican candidates and causes during the 2012 elections. At present he is financing an extensive lobbying campaign in Washington and in various states seeking a ban on gambling over the Internet.

Republican Billionaire Sheldon Adelson jew

Republican Billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Adelson, chairman and chief executive of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., also is a leading and vocal supporter of Israel. He has spent millions on health research and charitable causes in Las Vegas, including more than $25 million on the Adelson Educational Campus.

“He’s in it because he has certain ideological views,” Reid said, referring to Adelson. “Now, Sheldon Adelson’s social views are in keeping with the Democrats. On choice, on all kinds of things. So, Sheldon Adelson don’t pick on him. He’s not in it to make money.”

By contrast, Reid for several months has launched full-throated attacks on Charles and Edward Koch, industrialists whose contributions have propelled Americans For Prosperity, a conservative political organization that spent $122 million in 2012 and has spent more than $30 million on advertising against Democratic Senate candidates so far this year.

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StormCloudsGathering.com: Was Harry Reid involved in the Bundy Ranch Debacle? Sorting through the Rumors & Disinformation

Published on Apr 21, 2014

Harvey Whittemore Prison or payola?

Harvey Whittemore gonna take it up the butt

Harvey Whittemore gonna take it up the butt?

U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks

U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks

This motherfucker needs to go to prison along with most of the corrupt Nevada politicians like his ass licking buddy Harry Reid, judges, DA’s and other assholes committing treason, bribery and other heinous corruption.

From the RGJ:

When U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks decides the punishment for fallen power broker Harvey Whittemore on Monday, he’ll weigh Whittemore’s decades of work at the community and state level with the impact that illegal campaign contributions have on degrading the public’s trust of politics, experts said.

Las Vegas political consultant Sig Rogich said the four-year sentence recommended by the federal prosecutor does not fit the crime and fails to recognize Whittemore’s lifelong commitment to charitable work and community service.harvey whittemore lube

But others, including a probation officer and federal prosecutor, said Whittemore was a wealthy, well-connected and intelligent businessman who manipulated his employees and the system to try to hold onto his political power. They said a prison term would send the message that money does not rule the political landscape in Nevada.

At the end of a three-week trial in May, a federal jury found Whittemore guilty on two counts of making illegal campaign contributions to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2007 and one count of causing Reid to file a false contribution report. The jury deadlocked on a fourth — lying to FBI agents. Prosecutors did not refile that charge.

Federal prosecutors and a federal probation officer recommended a 51-month prison sentence and a $133,400 fine for the 61-year-old former lobbyist and land developer, saying Whittemore’s actions were “conceived in greed, arrogance and the lust for power.”

His crime “affected the voting public at large and struck at the heart of the election process,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Myhre said in his sentencing statement. Whittemore deserves “a period of incarceration as a means to promote respect for the law and to deter future abuses by other individuals seeking improperly to influence the electoral process.”

Whittemore’s lawyers argued their client’s support of charities and volunteer activities, his upstanding character, his commitment to his family and his integrity should make him eligible for probation, a fine and community service — not prison.

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51-month sentence for Whittemore would be over the top – or would it?

harvery whittemore

go to jail
NOTE: We think Harvey and all the other assholes like him need to be in prison for life.The only way to cut out and kill the corruption is to lock these people up, or hang them for high treason. Nevada WATCHDOG.

A federal parole officer has recommended that lobbyist Harvey Whittemore be sentenced to 51 months in prison.

Unbelievable.harvey whittemore lube

That’s one month longer than former Clark County Commissioner Dario Herrera received. Herrera took at least $60,000 in bribes, lied on the witness stand and did other nasty things as well.

I can’t believe U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks of Reno, the trial judge in both cases, will follow the recommendation from Wendy Beckner, a Las Vegas probation officer.

Hicks can’t possibly equate campaign contributions violations by Whittemore with overt corruption by Herrera, who sought not only cash from a strip club owner in exchange for his votes, but was willing to trade his votes for sexual favors.

The 51-month recommendation is not yet officially public, but I trust my source.

Whittemore, a prominent Reno lawyer and lobbyist before he decided to become a Southern Nevada land developer, was found guilty of funnelling $138,000 in campaign contributions through 29 people — family, employees and their spouses — to fulfill a commitment he made to raise $150,000 for U.S.Sen. Harry Reid’s 2008 campaign. In 2007, when Whittemore did it, conduit contributions were a crime.

Image written with Ambient Design LTD Goblin application toolkit.But in 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized any amount of corporate contributions to political action committees. So today, Whittemore could just write a $150,000 check on one of his companies to a PAC, and that would be legal. No need to go through the charade of having others donate.

Whittemore faces a potential of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each of three counts — making unlawful campaign contributions to Reid, making contributions in the name of others and causing a false statement to be made to the Federal Election Commission.

  • Synduatic 5 years ago

    I am related to Harvey Whittemore and know that he does not use his influence to harm or disenfranchise anybody. Instead of attempting to blame Harvey for some of Nevada’s political mishaps by categorizing him as “above the law”, you should look to the state legislators for direction and accountability as they are the group that is responsible for holding people like Harvey Whittemore accountable.

  • phazon25811

    phazon25811 5 years ago

    A lot of corruption goes on in Nevada, and Harry Reid stands alongside Harvey Whittemore. Harvey Whittemore, who takes part in more than 100 Nevada Corporations (making him legally untouchable), is a part of the Lionel Sawyer & Collins law firm, the biggest and most powerful in the state of Nevada, having lobbyist in Carson City, is really untouchable. Both of them are legally above the law for what they have done and continue to do in Nevada. Shame on both of them.

Let’s compare that to what developer Jim Rhodes received for doing the same thing, albeit with smaller sums. Rhodes in 2002 used 14 of his employees to donate $27,000 to the above-mentioned bad guy Herrera, and another $10,000 to Reid. His evil deed was handled civilly, and he settled by paying a $159,000 fine to the FEC.

Ramon DeSage and his company, Cadeau Express, pleaded guilty to using five people to funnel $5,000 to presidential contender Robert Dole in 1996. He and his company paid $205,000 in criminal and civil penalties. He served no time. (This year, DeSage has been charged with defrauding investors out of $190 million and evading $31 million in taxes.)

Ray Novell pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors for arranging for $10,000 in illegal conduit contributions to Dole’s campaign. He and DeLuca Liquor and Wine paid a total of $160,000 in criminal and civil fines for reimbursing the donors, employees and spouses.

Recent sentences in other jurisdictions for conduit contributions have involved larger sums and drew tougher sentences.

A Virginia man who funneled $186,600 to the Obama campaign was sentenced to 28 months and fined $50,000.

Washington lobbyist Paul Magliocchetti made more than $386,000 in conduit contributions to various campaigns over six years. His crimes were described as one of the largest conduit frauds in history. His sentence was 27 months and a $75,000 fine.

Magliocchetti’s illegal contributions were nearly three times that of Whittemore’s, yet he was sentenced to half the time now being sought for Whittemore, a recomendation the judge is not obliged to follow.

How can Whittemore’s crime equal that of Herrera’s, who violated the public’s trust?

I’ve seen Judge Hicks in action and trust his common sense when he sentences Whittemore on Sept. 23. Hicks is not bound by the probation officer’s recommendation or even by what the prosecutors argue for. Judges have flexibility.

But a 51-month prison sentence for Whittemore is over the top.

Jane Ann Morrison’s column appears Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Email her at Jane@reviewjournal.com or call her at (702) 383-0275.

The hypocrisy of Harvey’s prosecution By Sheila Leslie – Yes, …But his illegal actions pale in comparison with the legal bribery and abuse of the system that goes on all around us every day

This article was published on 08.29.13.

The RN&R ran this story on March 3, 2005, when Harvey Whittemore was still at the top of the heap: www.newsreview.com/reno/public-power-private-man/content?oid=24231.


My 10-year-old daughter ran across the parking lot breathless with excitement, waving a hundred dollar bill. Our Girl Scout Troop was selling cookies, and she couldn’t wait to tell me that a man gave them the money but didn’t want the cookies. I was suspicious, of course, and walked with her to the cookie station where another mother told me it was true. Harvey Whittemore just wanted to anonymously support the girls, and graciously peeled off a C-note, declining the goods.

Whittemore before

Whittemore before

This was my first exposure to the grand persona of Harvey Whittemore.

Fast forward 17 years to a disgraced Whittemore, found guilty of three felonies, awaiting sentencing in September. In those intervening years, I had lots of interaction with Harvey, the famous one-name lobbyist, representing Nevada’s most powerful special interests. As a legislator, I sometimes voted against him, but also gratefully accepted his help in getting my agenda through a cranky and recalcitrant state Senate where term limits hadn’t yet taken effect.

The facts of the crime, making excessive campaign contributions to Sen. Harry Reid, are

Whittemore after

Whittemore after

fairly straightforward, leading a reasonable person to the conclusion that Harvey did indeed break the law. He clearly influenced family, friends and co-workers to donate the maximum to Sen. Reid’s re-election campaign, and then reimbursed them through “gifts” which often exceeded the amount donated to the campaign. Harvey truly is a generous man.

Yes, Harvey was wrong to break the campaign laws. But his illegal actions pale in comparison with the legal bribery and abuse of the system that goes on all around us every day.

But despite the ugly set of facts, it’s hard to work up any outrage over Harvey’s crime, when corporations and political action committees brazenly do much worse, albeit legally. Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have opened corporate coffers since the Court ruled that campaign contributions are protected free speech, and therefore immune to restrictions, removing any semblance of fairness or transparency from the process.


Whittemore bribed Pinky

Harvey’s crime was thinking he could go a step further and make straw-man contributions, clearly against the law, calculating his actions would probably go unnoticed by a system that does little to regulate itself. He might have succeeded except for a separate lawsuit by his business partners who pointed the FBI in the right direction.

A smart lawyer, always looking to problem-solve a solution that satisfied everyone, could easily have hidden his contributions through legal means. Instead, Harvey got too comfortable with his wealth and influence, perhaps thinking no one would notice or care.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Myhre told the Reno Gazette-Journal his office was happy with the convictions, helpfully explaining that “these laws exist to protect the election process from undue influence and provide transparency to the voting public.” Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman told reporters the conviction demonstrates the U.S. Justice Department is determined to prosecute people “who use illegal tricks to corrupt our democratic process. … The cornerstones of our campaign finance laws are contribution limits and transparency, and Mr. Whittemore’s crime was designed to undermine both.”

Neither mentioned the corrupting influence of political action committees that don’t have to disclose their donors or corporations that “bundle” their contributions to exceed the limits. These maneuvers are legal, but hardly less corrupting than Harvey’s crime.

Ironically, this case may open the way for unlimited contributions by individuals as it is expected to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Dominic Gentile, Harvey’s lawyer, says the case is far from over. “The U.S. Supreme Court has before it right now the precise issues that were raised by us pretrial, dealing with whether any limits on how much any individual can contribute to a campaign or to a person running for office are unconstitutional.”

Yes, Harvey was wrong to break the campaign laws. But his illegal actions pale in comparison with the legal bribery and abuse of the system that goes on all around us every day.

Where in the World Is Harry Reid?

harry reidAs more lawmakers call on Obama to make a public case before striking Syria, the Senate’s top Democrat is remarkably mum on his position.

In Nevada, some 7,300 miles from Damascus, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got an update on the administration’s position on the Syrian conflict this afternoon.

His aides say the Senate majority leader might be half a world away from the war and half a continent away from Washington, but he’s as plugged into the government’s conversations about how to proceed in Syria as anyone in Congress.

But the Senate’s top Democrat has kept a decidedly low profile as President Obama wrestles with whether to send missiles into Syria after Bashar al-Assad’s government used chemical weapons on its citizens.obbomb2

Indeed, unlike a handful of other Democrats, Reid has not yet said how he prefers the administration to proceed. One of Reid’s top lieutenants and the No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer of New York, attended an intelligence briefing by teleconference on Thursday with U.S. officials and suggested he would back the administration if it chose to launch a strike. (Reid did not join the call, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also did not participate.)

“A limited action to knock out his capability of delivering chemical weapons in the future could be appropriate, but we have to be very careful not to let our involvement escalate,” Schumer said in a statement.

Asked why his lieutenants shared their positions while Reid has not, a Senate Democratic aide said it was too early to formulate a position. “Things are still developing,” the aide said.

The reason for keeping such a low profile, according to former Reid aide Jim Manley, is straightforward. There’s little upside for the majority leader to speak up before the president has made his decision public.

“He’s predisposed to support the president and would urge his colleagues to do so as well,” Manley said.

Still, it seems Reid soon will have to confront a question that’s gaining momentum: Should the president seek congressional authorization before launching a military strike in Syria? A growing number of lawmakers, including at least one Senate Democrat, are clamoring for such an authorization. Rep. Scott Rigell, R-Va., recruited some 140 lawmakers, including 21 Democrats, to sign a petition urging Obama to get congressional authorization for a military strike. Continue reading

2013 Martial Law “Police State” episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air


This is an update on the now-confirmed bizarre cancellation of the “Police State” FEMA camp episode from TruTV’s schedule, which is we now know is due to background pressure.

Alex Jones, a consultant to the show who appears in “Police State”, noticed three weeks ago that the episode was scheduled to air before the then-newest episode on Fridays at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST. Alex knew that encore episodes were consistently replayed over-and-over prior to brand new Friday premiere episodes, so red flags went up when it did not re-air like all the others. Now that more inconsistencies have been documented, Alex made some phone calls to get to the bottom of the matter.

Here’s the “Police State” Episode. Get it out to people while you can:

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Harvey Whittemore guilty of three counts for illegal campaign contributions A federal court jury in Reno has found Harvey Whittemore guilty of three counts of making illegal campaign contibutions

Harvey Whittemore guilty of three counts for illegal campaign contributions

A federal court jury in Reno has found Harvey Whittemore guilty of three counts of making illegal campaign contributions. They will resume deliberations on a charge the lobbyist and developer lied to the FBI.



Harvey Whittemore, left, and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., The jury began deliberating Tuesday afternoon in Whittemore’s trial on allegations of illegal campaign contributions. He is accused of unlawfully funneling $133,000 in contributions to Reid.

Reno Gazette-Journal continuing investigation into Harvey Whittemore’s election campaign activities

Reno Gazette-Journal is continuing the investigation into Harvey Whittemore’s election campaign activities with the RGJ Special Report.

F. Harvey Whittemore (born 17 August 1952) is an American lawyer and businessman in the Reno, Nevada, area.[1] As an influential lobbyist[2] for the gambling, alcohol and tobacco industries, and for his own ventures,[3][4] Whittemore has been called “one of Nevada’s most powerful men”.[1] Whittemore was the president of Coyote Springs Investment, LLC, the land-development company behind Coyote Springs, a controversial[5][6] $30 billion planned golf course community of 160,000 homes on 43,000 acres (170 km2) in the rural Nevada desert.[7][8] Whittemore’s close relationship with Senator Harry Reid came under scrutiny because of perceived legislative and political pressure favors allowing Coyote Springs to overcome regulatory problems.[9][10] In 2012, Whittemore came under grand jury investigation, initiated by the Federal Election Commission, to determine whether he was guilty of breaking federal campaign contribution laws.

We will follow this story and link to news and websites to tell this epic story of Nevada corruption & bribery. This  scandal encompasses the top political figures in Nevada politics including Harry Reid.

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Harvey Whittemore once bounded through Nevada’s Legislature as the embodiment of influence — a lobbyist for casinos and other powerful interests, a lawyer, a gregarious personality and sharp mind. He also was a lucrative campaign contributor for elected officials, which helped open doors.

Whittemore pushed boundaries — one time seeking legislation to allow a private pier to be built at Lake Tahoe for himself and his friends. Sometimes his overreach was literal.

In the 1990s, when the Legislature installed tall glass walls in the Assembly and Senate chambers to separate lawmakers from the public gallery, they became known as “Harvey’s Walls” since they stopped his habit of reaching into the chambers before votes on bills.

On Thursday, Whittemore, in a dark suit and shackles around his ankles, entered a Reno courtroom to offer his not-guilty plea on federal charges of campaign finance law violations and lying to investigators.
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