March 06, 2015 Carson Shitty Supervisor Brad Bonkowski updates us on the actions taken by the Board of Supervisors at its last meeting.

March 06, 2015 Supervisor Brad Bonkowski updates us on the actions taken by the Board of Supervisors at its last meeting.
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New website – Carson City Movement against Corruption


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They featured the “Judge” Tatro story:

Does Carson City Judge John Tatro really have Domestic Violence and DUI convictions? We will ask the questions and have the local media ask the…

Carson Now blog “You guys want to talk about leadership. Take judge Tatro for example he’s had a couple DUI’s and a couple domestic violences. But he is still one of the carson city appointed judges.” –Ed Meza

judge tatro

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    Not familiar with tatros record but my 2 words apply to him too..
  • Jason Bueno

    I don’t think this kid knows one thing about what he’s talking about.
  • John McGrath

    Edward Id watch what you post it does say you are a state employee that might not fare well with your higher ups.
    judge tatro

    Carrillo, 48, of Las Vegas, and Assemblyman for the 18th district, faces charges of DUI and possessing a firearm while intoxicated. The Assemblyman bailed out of the Carson City Jail early this morning.

    According to the arrest report, officers arrived in the area of North Carson Street and found Carrillo passed out in his running vehicle, vomit outside the car and his hands on the gear shift and the heater on. Officers knocked on the window and he woke up. Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Carrillo, the arrest report states.

    It was determined that because of the vehicle was running and he was in the driver’s seat, with vomit outside the door, that he was under the influence and unable to drive a vehicle. Dispatch informed officers Carrillo has a concealed weapons permit. Officers asked Carillo if he had any firearms.

    Carrillo said he did in his right front pocket. Officers removed a loaded .22 caliber pistol from his right front pocket. He was taken to jail where he submitted to blood samples. Bail was set at $6,137 and he was released this morning.


Nevada Assemblyman Richard Carrillo (Dem) from Las Vegas arrested on DUI charge in Carson Shitty

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo drunk DUICARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — According to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Nevada Assemblyman Richard Carrillo was arrested for DUI and Possession of a Firearm While Intoxicated.

According to the Carson City Sheriff’s arrest record, the reporting officer was sent to North Carson Street early Friday morning — at about 3 a.m. — on a call of a person who had left a bar and was asleep in the driver seat of their vehicle.

The report goes on to say the officer went to the area and observed a white Mazda Miata parked in a parking space on Proctor near North Carson Street. The officer says the car appeared to be running and a Hispanic male adult was asleep in the driver seat. The driver seat was not reclined and the driver had his hand on the gear shift. His foot appeared to be on the pedals. On the ground next to the driver side door, the officer says he found vomit.

The report says the officer began engaging the driver and later identified him as Assemblyman Carrillo, the only person in the vehicle. Carrillo reportedly told the responding officer “he had a few” when asked if he’d been drinking. Carrilllo was then asked to step out of the vehicle, which he did.

The reporting officer says Carrillo was then asked to participate in a series of sobriety tests. The Assemblyman reportedly refused the Preliminary Breath Test (PBT). The responding officer then determined Carrillo was unfit to drive and was placed under arrest. During the arrest, it was determined that Carrillo also had a concealed weapon on his person — the responding officer says the weapon was then confiscated and secured.

Upon arriving at the Carson City Jail, Carrillo agreed to a blood test to determine his alcohol level, according to the report.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office says Carrillo has since been released on bail.

Richard Carrillo

Richard Carrillo DUI

Richard Carrillo dui 2

You Drink, You Drive, You Lose – UMC, 12/9/2011

On December 9, 2011, Richard had the privilege and the honor to attend and speak at You Drink, You Drive, You Lose.  UMC hosts this annual event to bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving.  As a husband, father, grandfather and friend, Richard feels that this kind of program  can help prevent tragedies from happening to his family and friends, as well as the community as a whole.